The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1930
Page 10
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^'S.5>,' v 'j'f.-;- ?|g-..M-;^ -" '••-"'- j j '"- jrWlninr Beggars <^^ ij^y CAN Choose 38,1S30 Marg aret Jackson Copyright by Bobbs-Merclll Co. WNtJ Sirvle* SYNOPSIS CHAPTER I—Renewing a childish attachment, Ernestine Brlceland, of a, Wealthy Chlcagrb family, la tremendously attracted by Will Todd, youthful newspaper artist, son of A not particularly well-to-do carpenter. Her sister Lillian, mors of the conventional type, and aware of the attitude their father -would take toward hla daughter's_ marriage to an impecunious youth, urges Ernestine to end the affair, but the latter, capable of a pas- ylonate attachment, and realizing that In Will Todd 8h« has found her affinity, refuses. CHAPTER It—The love-making progresses swiftly, and finally, largely because of Ernestine's urging, they tnake a "runaway" niarrlage. Brice- 'Jftnd Is Infuriated but helpless, Ernestine being of ape, nnd after n stormy scene the girl, with her husband, leaves iner parents' home. Lorlng- Hamilton, •wealthy young lawyer, long Lillian's suitor, wins her consent to bo his wife. (Continued from last Wednesday.) "Oh, lllll" Ernestine cried, nnd burst luto terrible tears. "Papa, papa," she cried, turning from Lillian to her father, nnd holding out her hands, "don't qnnrrel with us. I can't bear It I love Will, r wanted to innrry him. Let us go ahead with our own married life, now, but don't quarrel with us." "It's you who have broken faith," said papa. "Nofc your mother nnd I. You're put this stranger before us. You can't have both." Ernestine was appalled. We might hare kept them both" here, and taken care of them. Lewis, you'll hare to fnnkc tip your mind to give In, and get him a better job—" The voices trailed off, and an ttp. stalls door closed upon them. Grandmother went stiffly out of the room. Lillian began to more about the room, satisfying her need for ordet by push- fng the chairs In place, straightening the pillows and moving the things on the table. Loring stood by the fire, staring into It, his face flashed, one hand opening and closing nervously. Lillian cnme and spoke to him In a voice which was already like inammn's. "I'm sorry you got into this," she snldi "It's terrible. How can Ernestine act that way? She's the most haphazard thing. But this Is the worst yet. Ijfeel ns though she had ruined herself.' Cut you aren't going to be angry with her, are you, Loring?" "No," he said. "No, I won't be nn- gry with her, Tour mother's right. The family must stand by her." Lillian shuddered a little. "It seems dreadful to me," she said. "Ernestine out somewhere In Chicago, with'that man. I don't see how she can be crazy about him In the first pince, and how she could have married him in the second." Loring reached out his hand nnd ran his fingers down the crepe sleeve of her dress, caught her Dngers nnd held them in his own. "Would you do that much," he fif the kitchen, Will's face turned oh her, AS bright as a triangular^ mirror with the sun on It. His mother was Sitting by the kitchen table, with a warm shawl over her heavy dress. She conltl be up nt times, nnd this morning she had made the effort. Ernestine went to Will's mother, and kissed her. "You mean that I can't come home?" Papa attained a grim smile. "That's what I mean," he said, but now mamma broke In hysterically. "I won't be separated from Ernes- asked wistfully, "If you cured for a man? Would yon defy everything for him?" "I don't know," snld Lillian honestly, "I don't know. 1 want things nice. I want some plan nnd arrangement to my life." "But if the man you cnred for was not—eligible," he persisted, "would you mnrry him nnyhow?" "It's not n fair question," protested Lillian, and then added softly: "I don't know what I would do. Because I've cnred for only one mnn, nnd he has been eligible in every way. So I can't Imagine how 1 would act under other circumstances." There was a little silence, nud then he snld, in n stilled voice: "Is It I, Lillian?" She looked up at him, and his face "1 hope yon didn't get up on our account, mother," she said gently, "but I'm glad yoti are better." The woman looked up at Ernestine, her faded eyes, under the drooping brows, regarding this strange bird thnt had slipped so easily into her nest. How old she looked, thought Ernestine. She was n generation beyond mammn, for she was old with a gentle humility and meekness thnt Ernestine had never met before. There was not In her even the stubbornness that sometimes the meek can use so effectively, Will's father Ernestine could understand. A carpenter, with a gift for woodcutting, he was a skilled nnd able workman and had a great pride In his trade. He wns a tall, thin, stooped man, with a clean-shaved, heavily furrowed face and brightly saturnine, black eyes, which regarded Ernestine with a kind of grim humor. He made her realize without saying so. that he disapproved of their marriage as much as her people did, but that he wns not the man to cry over spilled milk. They could count on his kindness. At breakfast In the bright kitchen. Britfc. They wfll visit there until eft Thursday. Mrs. H'lrschbautn's sister. Airs. Maynard Mall, e&fne after them. Miss ftuth Millet left last Week Tues* day for Clear Lake for a narnplng trip with the Malueg family of Algeria. Ruth returned home Thursday after* noon on the train as shfe was leafing again Friday evening for Lake Geneva where she will attend a Y. W. O. A. convention held there, she will be gone ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven and children, Pearl, Wilbur and fevcrett and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven find their father and grandfather, James Steven of South Dakota, who came last Wednesday attended the Clapsaddle minion picnic Thursday at Storm Lake. There were eighty-four present and all had a good time playing games and visiting. Mr. and Mrs. John Steil and children attended a picnic at the call State Park Sunday, others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gould and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arndorfer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Rutledge and family, Mr and Mrs Joe Rigger and family, Laura Hohenstein, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Oulvertson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jens Sorenson and little daughter. The picnic was celebrating the birthday of Ben Gould. Every one had a good time. very; ill tat sums tons at her home smith of town, is still in it serious condition ftfid hopes for he* recovery are very doubtful. About two hundred adults and children attended the Presbyterian Sunday School picnic which Was held at the grove on the Mrs. Delia M. Srnith home last Tuesday. A reunion of the Poppg family was held at iowa Falls last Thursday. The L. A. Nibs family from Lakota Were in attendance. Mrs. fritz Was formerly Amanda Poppe. were up Ernestine nnd Will made plans. 'Ton are welcome to stay here as long as you like." said Peter Todd, but the two shook their heads. They had already decided to be Independent LAKOTANEWS. at once. (To be Continued.) <&®888m&3&^^ SEXTON NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. A L. Greenfield wrfe Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fflza Trafford at Wesley. was full of suffering, compassionate. "Did you cnre for Ernestine, Lor' ing?" she asked him, but he shook himself quickly. "Ko, no I" he exclaimed. ".Not thnt way. I'm fond of her. She's been tine. I won't permit it," she cried, i J 16 a " ttle sl «ter to me, always. But and went to her younger daughter and I s you r cnre ' or> It: ' s you I want for my wife. Is It possible that you care' for me, Lillian ?' took her in her arms. "Darling, you can come home as long ns rnnmmu lives here. I will see yoti every day. It's ijdreadful. It's hard on all of us, and<It v wiH be terrible for yon. But , mainma'^lU not let her little girl go "Elaine I;' siiiTnapa, but she turned -to, him, M,fnU' l of;angerjis he. ' 'Th'e: r child '"'Is ^married, 1 '- she ex T ' V only t ;a ,rea- •. ~~m * , t ~*f *" "I always have," she answered slrn- ply, and he stared down at her, and again his voice wns queer and strained. "I'm like Ernestine," he said, "what I want ts love." She put up her fair 'sweet face, and he kissed her placid lips. "I love you, Loring," she assured him.., and 'he took her roughly Into his '•you hurt me," she, complained in a nni0 "* """" ' ' Everett Steven visited from Wednesday until Friday at the home of his aunt, Mrs. .Lloyd Muckey, in Algona, Her own wns visiting with .his cousins. Richard Wadleigh, who has been ill for some time is still in a critical condition. His parents have a trained nurse to Oare for him now. The usual Saturday evening entertainment was held at the John Steil home last Saturday evening. The evening' was spent in dancing and refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. John Carlson, northeast of town, returned home last week on Thursday from Burlington and Jefferson, where they had spent about ten days visiting with relatives. The Sexton young people's" gospe team drove to Wesley Sunday evenin where they had charge of the even tag church services. The pastor, Rev C. H. Moore, is on his vacation. Lois Miller spent from Tuesday tt Alfred Baum or Lacrosse, Wisconsin, Is here visiting his parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Baum. Mrs. Catherine Winter was on. the sick list several days last week, but Is able to be up again. The Donald Zoller family of Mason City were here last week visiting with relatives and friends. Quite a number from here went to Wesley and Mason City last week to take in the air circus. ' Harold Finn arrived here last week from Chicago for a two weeks' visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. Fred Park was up from Algona Jast Wednesday visiting at "the home of Mr. and Mrs, Frank Mfller. Miss Mae Slaba of Buffalo Center spent several days here the past week with her cousin. Miss Gertrude Dreesman. The Lutheran Sunday School pupils enjoyed a picnic at the J. A. Meyer grove west of town, last Sunday afternoon. Miss Irma Wendell, Mlss~Anna Seibold, Leonard Selbold and Harold Finn were Mason City visitors last week Tuesday. »f. and Mrs. fe. L-. r from Clear Lake last week visiting with friends and looking after their farm north of town which is occupied by the Harm Gentle family. Mrs. Catherine winter passed away Monday morning at her home hefe, having had a stroke of paralysis on Saturday,. No funeral arrangements have been made at this time. Mrs. M, I. AJlen' accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Peter Pazottr and little son of Belmond are here visiting at the V. A. Dreesman home. Mrs. Pazour was formerly Miss Mildred Allen. Wade H. Ball returned Sunday from Laredo,. Missouri, where he had been for the past ten days, having been called home by the serious illness of his father who passed away on June 13. The E. R. Worley family left early Sunday morning and met with friend from Rihgsrtted at KairmonU From there they went to northern Minnesota where they expected to spend a wee fishing. The dally vacation Bible school he! by the Methodist and Presbyterlai churches in the basement of the Pres byterlan church, closed Friday. A dem onstration was given at Ihe church on Sunday evening. . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson and children of Algona were visitors her one day last week. Mr. Peterson was taking an enforced lay-off, having hur his hand, running a board through i while sawing wood. Miss Bernice Norton of Algona was a visitor one day last week at the home of Mrs. Julitt Wortman. Miss Norton taught in the public school here thp past two years, but this next year she will teach In Alaska. The young people of the Presbyterian Christian Endeavor enjoyed a picnic supper Friday evening 'at :the Call State Park at Algona, In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Winter, who were recently married. MAINTENANCE FUND Express Agency express .—.— —i— Floyd S Richards labor — «.- I.OUI8 Scott dragg-ing _ Henry Fox dragrglng —*.—i- Hill Dtisfh dragging B R Intermill dragging Jny GocldeH dragging -._»-Frank Rk-bhoff, drag-Bins -- . Peter N ThllgeS dragging „•_ tire Service t'c supplies and v labor :iij._^i .ii_i P C Dahl repairs .«.____^.™ J M Blatichard repairs _^_;.^_ OlbKs-Cook Trncldr Co supplies etc -.-._» i_^.i Bert Uoflden dragging -.— CONSTRUCTION FUND At T McGuire, grading est t 4507 R" Al T McGutre grading eat 2 12-12 00 M T MeOi'lre grading- est 3 JltO 00 J 04 2 76 29 36 i) 75 88 85 S3 26 9 37 6 25 !i 00 6!) B7 11 %6 83 7B SC 35 1082 02 S 80 Lwerne IneornoWlleti: OolW old increased 11 pef dents heifers yeaf -old increase^ 80 pet cent, swea .Cfty incorporated heifers one- year old decreased 27 per cent. Ayes: All, . , Resolved! Tftat count? auditor is fiers by ordered and dfireeted to I«Sue %aP»- rants 'tor all frills allowed" al this ftifiet- Ing- AS shown by the 'Schedule of' Claims" hereinbefors written as Jjel 1 vote on each individual bill, Ayetli Ail*. On motion Board adjourned to elgrhtt o'clock A. M, June 10, i»30. BfiftTMA & JO Cotlhty 'her.'^IEbls'isfmy I moment,'and'he released ier andstoo'd _j f t sura, 1 If '.won't "b'e Aiding \her hand gentlyl< '„ " v ; S 1 „,„„,„ ,„ Jmte:glrJ,go.,pot ' :"Ijf*jurt love,"'he said agafii with l E -P lonIcIn J - -«---- -"•«• ufce Tpqlgnaricy, and LilUan aSsm-ed him'in Sunday last week at the Alex Miller home near Lucerne, she went hom last from the' M, away,'.too,',, g, to See "iSraies-"' , . 4 i,-„,-,.~, W have her here." •• 'Of "course'papa was helpless, and he Bald -so -with a shrug. "Mamma, 1 , 1 -sajid Ernestine, "I am willing ,to take the responsibility' for" jay, marriage. After all,"it's I who /married .Will." ?',", "Not you alone," saw mamma vlg- t ,0rously, "The whole family has married him, and we may as well realize it. For nobody marries Just one of the Bricelands. We are all going to .stand together, always. Papa, we will nave to make the best of it. The mar. riage will have to stand." Papa would not look at her, nor answer. "We'll have to go," sold Will. "Goodby, darling," said mamma, and embraced her. "I'll see you soon." "Goodby, papa," Ernestine faltered, but papa held his stubborn attitude. "I'll have to go upstairs and get some things," murmured Ernestine, as they went into t!ie hall, Lillian went upstairs with Ernestine. Mamma cauie out and put her hand on Will's arm. "lie good to her," she Implored. "It you cau't take care of her, if she's not happy, let her come back." "I will, Mrs. Uric-eland," he said soberly, "l appreciate what you have done." , Mamma wept afresh. "It Is hard fur her father. He worships her. You must understand him. It is a terrible blow to him. He will come around" The girls came flown the stairs, and after a moment Ernestine and Will were out in the dark street again, with her small dressing case in Will's hands. The family stood about in the living room in stricken silence. The silence Ic.sted for some moments, then Mrs. Urlceland turned to her husband. "You should never have let her go oft tike that," she salO reproachfully "What will she do?" "I had no Intention of letting her BO, If you hadn't Interfered," he exclaimed. "I was only threatening her with the loss of the family, in order to get her to stay here—to gain a little time." "She wouldn't have done it," said Lillian. "She's too crazy about him. It probably was her idea that they get , , ._ Miss Lavlna Brunswold of Lake Mills ... .-3 - brJ S h t ,voice that she loved I spent a few days last week at ttoe How- MHt"r~""; T——*-T——,——' —•--- -prd-Andrewa.hame-siorthwest of town. Lavina Is a, sister of Mrs. Andrews. She CHAPTER III Strange Country It seemed a natural thing to Ernestine, however it seemed to the others, to waken on her marriage morning, in the little back bedroom of the tiny house where the Todds had lived all their married life. She was instantly wide awake and oriented. Perhaps It was the close tangle of Will's arms about her that made everything normal. Perhaps the delicious consciousness of new happiness had never entirely been lost in sleep. It did not matter at all about the family now. Thinking of everything, Ernestine felt In her heart something new about Will. Added to her romantic love for him was something really more wonderful: a sound thing—respect. Ho had behaved admirably. She was filled with a transport of tenderness, a strong conviction of having done well. Now. at last, life had begun for her. The chrysalis of girl- You married first. She meant H. couldn't have kept her." "Uow much do you suppose ho earns, on the Sun?" asked mamma, and Loring answered: "Probably anywhere from twenty- five to forty dollars a week." At that papa threw up his hands In a gesture of despair ami turned to leave the room, but he looked back at his wife darkly. "If you had stood by me," he said to her, "If we had all stood together, we could have held her here. You went back on me, both you nnd Lillian. It gave thorn courage. Now, you can think of her, God knows where, with that upstart." He went luto the ball, and mamma followed him, her bright persistent voice coming down the stair: thauldn't Mam 1st. them. go. hood was broken, and she was emerged into womanhood. She had become real. Always now, Will would he here beside her at the beginning of every day. Gravely she considered this, and sent up u wordless prayer that she might be a good wife. Some one was moving about In the kitchen, and she heard the rattle of coala In the kitchen grate. How close and small the house was. Each sound came through the thin walls distinctly. Ernestine realized that she would have to close the window, and she essayed to rise, nut nt the llrst move- rnent Will's arms tightened about her, though he did not waken. Ernestine extricated herself and got up with u swift strong movement. "You have to work today, Will," she said in such n wifely tone that lie laughed and looked up at her adoringly. "I suppose now I've got somebody even worse than my mother about making me get up," he said, and then added, "Iley, wait, I'll get you some warm water," for Ernestine was washing her face In the basin that stood on a small waslistanO near the door. Hut the water out of the pitcher! which had stood all night with the cold wind blowing through the open window upon it, was cold and invigorating. Will shaved In the kitchen, and Ernestine could hear his voice, In an affectionate murmur, talking to some one. Uofore the small wavy mirror, she applied her make-up, looking at herself sharply. She arranged her sleek soft hair, proud of its thickness and texture. What was there In her face? Was she different this morning? She must not be different. She powdered again, and rubbed some of the scarlet off her lips, which were as red us cherries under the Up salve. She made the bed neatly and set the room in order, packed up her belongings. The smell of coffee and the sound of the percolator made her feel faint. She had eaten nothing the evening before.. returned home on the bus Friday morning. Miss Leola Hun* is spending this week at the home of her parents. She will have her adenoids and tonsils removed Tuesday morning at Algona. She will return to the Gilbert home some time next week. Qeorge Olsen, August Kirschbaum James Elaine and Richard Miller left early Monday morning for Rush Lake near Riceville, Minnesota, on a fishW trip. They will be gone the greater part of the week. Mr. Nattress, former Morningside college student, who is now farming the Morningside farm north of Wesley, took charge of the church services here and at Wesley Sunday morning He delivered a very fine talk. Mrs. August Kirschbaum and children, Kathryn and Leo, left Monday evening for the home of her parents ! Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Eisenman, near • The Edward Hulterstrum family of Baraboo, Wisconsin, are here visiting with relatives in this vicinity and at Bancroft. John Liesveld~returned home Monday morning from Chicago, where he had spent four weeks visiting with relatives and friends. Members and friends of the Lincoln township farm bureau enjoyed a picnic George Ailts and son, George, Jr.. drove to Wagner, South Dakota, last week for a visit at the home' of the former's son, Ben. Mrs. Ailts, who had been there taking care of a new grandson, returned home with them Friday. The Harm Don^Je family went to Rochester, Minnesota, last • week one day to visit Mrs. Frank Dontje, who underwent an operation for gall stones. The little son of the Edward DontJes M T McGuire grrndlng- est 't M T McGuire grading est 0 At T McGuire grading est 8 J A Roberts bridge Jules Siefert (Trading- ... F S Norton & Son lath O J Ka.schmitter right-of- way i.i.i—„ . , ^ Ave G Simpson right-of-way James and George Crawford right-of-way ^i»___i^_^ Chas K Roupe rlght-of-war A Hutchison J ft fees ^>.-^, t, B Movey.constable's fees ._ B T. Outrank constable's fees DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND C .R Schoby indemnity J3RA1NAGE FUNDS Drain No. 61 John S Crowell repair and labor , Drain No 69 J Al Blanclmrd material Drain No 82 1215 Oil •I(IS 30 1530 00 201 53 100 00 11 95 115 00 115 00 116 00 US 00 e oo 05 2 15 131 41 G 34 3 17 C3 93 l-Tohn W Bruce relnying- tile Drnin No 83 A A Moser repairs «nml lit- bar A A Moser labor _ _ Drain Mo 00 Clarence H Cooper lufoor Di-uin No 93 A J I/tuvler labor i. J B Cuiining-hnm repair JJrnhi ..'o 17? •I A[ Moore commissioner Htunboldt Gravel & Tile Co Tile material 1705 72 Drain .No EK4 •111 7 48 5 23 2C 2 3 1 -10 22 00 Auditor's Office 8 o'clock A. M,' June 10. 1930 Board of Supervisors of Kosstitft County met pursuant to adjournment with ail members present; The Board of Supervisors .as an ex- offlclo Board oj County Canvasser^ proceeded to open the poll books and canvass the returns from each vbtlfigf precinct of the County as shown by the Poll Books returned from the several election precincts and the follow* Injf is a statement of the names of the- candidates nominated by the Primary Election of the CoUhty and Sub-Division thereof, and a statement of the title of the office for which they are nominated; and a statement of the offices fdr which no nominations were made at'- the-. PrU* mary Election held 6ti the 2nd day, of June, A. D.V 193'0! Republican . Democratic Nominations -' \ Nominations- Auditor' Hcrthn E, Johnson Nona Troasurer H. N. Kruse None Clerk D. C< Clark Orton Laura Paine Becorder None 2 GO 4 21 Rny Smith repairs Drain No D D No 3-46 C F Aferten labor ___ Drain No HK Jt 2 Wm R Lutss repair _ Drain No Trl 84 J M Blanchard material _. 2 60 o'clock m p t ' 0 Ai Doard ad J° ul ' ne d to one One o'clock P. M, Board met pursuant to adjournment with all present. Motion McDonald and 2nd by Morris the following personal property "*'"" "- -"-' as follows for Su-ine Increased be year 1030. Buffalo township; 11 per cent. ncreased cent. tow ,nslilp: Mules two year old cent; 3 ,. _ „.„„cent; cows decreased""?' v per C ™~ c ^ nt ,° wnflhip! Swin <s Increased township: Mules two year old 36 per cent pe J cent ' steers years '»' Fenton township: Colts two years old c -eased 6 per cent mule nc 22 per cent." German township: 3 per centj is also at the hospital in Mason City aH9B ?!'5 nce " t ' tairiror +,-00try,™*.- * I Hebron towi per ^cent^ mules two yeara cent; swine In- Swine increased township: swine Increased 21 , Gnr t 6 Jl woo 'l tow nshlp: Swine Increos- er cent. last Friday at the home of Mr. anc Mrs. Julius Jensen. Victor Tripp, who was at Rake on Thursday selling popcorn at the Legion celebration had the misfortune to have his popcorn machine burn. Herman Wirtjes, Sr., last week closed a deal for & farm one and one-half miles south east of Woden recently, the price being $98.00 per acre.- Rev. A. F. Boese and Ernest Christ returned home last week from Mln- leapolis, where they attended a meeting of the Lutheran synod. The Methodists have finished shing- ing the -'roof and they also put a new basement under the building which was dedicatee Sunday. Andrew Jansen has been going, about ;he past few days with one of his eyes in a bandage. One of the small blood vessels in the eye has broken. Mrs. August Gutknecht entertained he ladies' missionary society at her lome Thursday afternoon. She was ssisted by her daughter, Emma. Mrs. George Steinmetz of Biceville, owa, and Mrs. Marc 'Moore and two aughters of Algona were here Sunday, guests at the John Llesveld home. Mia Jessie Bockholt who has been taking treatments? Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Murray and son. Dennis of this place, and Mr. and Mrs. Hanson and son, Woodrow, Mrs. Ralph Robinson of Forest City, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen and , little daughter of Lake City, made up a party, who left Sunday for Rush Lake/Minnesota, where they will spend a week fishing. BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office • ,"• ' llune 9. 1630 Board of Supervisors of Kosfsuth County, Iowa, met in regular session with all. members present, and'proceed- ecl witn the reading- or minutes of last regular session and all adjourned. «i Pf bT °- n township: Mules three year old Increased ^ per cent. • m,i7,! nsrton , t ** wl "">lp: Colts two year old nereosed 4 per cent; mules ° year old Increased 7 per cent; mules 1 yea |J. J. Cooler ' ' Tony Goeders- . None On motion McDonald and 2nd that minutes he approved as read. Ay. ;,. On motion Board proceeded to and allow hills. year steers old increased Go per cent; rear old decreased ID per cent- swln decreased 17 per cent. ' Ledyard township ; Col ts two year oW increased 15 per -cent; mules tw years old increased 15 per cent. ' Lotts Creek township: Colts 1 yea old increased 33 per cent: colts *wo ye«r* o!<r increased' 18 per cent: mules 1 year old Increased U por cent; mule e two jears old increased 33 per cent . - . --—**«*-to M uw >*W* \i\ mt.lcs three years old decreased. 7 cent.' SteerS * ° la SCHEDULE OP CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Amt. Allowed H M Smith sal oo ensrr $ 300 00 Walter Guertln trust fund „ 194 45 P A Lonersran plat books I_ Perkins Bros Co books Vetersen & Scluvartz publishing notice J M Blanchard attending- Co Supt convention _, Sheriff Carroll Co serv notice drain No 17& V 1, Anderson attending Co Supt Convention POOR FUND •' S Norton & Son fuel 5r L O Baker medical aid 'eter Borman Jr provisions Kennedy .pros Co provisions hos Akre provisions Jims Thams provisions 18 00 315 00 15 90 1 60 1 35 2 60 30 01 6 00 47 OS 30 32 20 (if> 22 00 Luverne' township: Heifers two years old Increased J,7 per cent; steers two years old increased 24. per cent Plum -Creek townsnlp: Steers two years old increased 11 per cent. Portland township: Swine increased 15 per cent. Hamsey township: Mules two years old increased 26 per cent; swine increased 19 per cent; Hlverdule township: Swine Increased 17 per cent. Sherman township: Steers two years old increased 22 per cent. Sprmetleld township: Colts l year old Increased 60 per cent: colts two years old Increased 27 per cent; mules 1 year old increased 60 per cent; heifers one year old increased 26 per cent- heifers two yearn old Increased 1C per cent: steers I yqar old increased 26 per cent; steers two years old increased 60 per cent. Swea township: Swine increased 12 per ,centi Wesley township increased swine 9 per cent. Bancroft incorporated: Horses three yours old increased GO per cent. Fenton Incorporated: Horses three years old Increased 50 per cent. Lakota Incorporated; Horses three years old increased 69 per cent. Sheriff L. E. Hovey Coj Attorney Gaylord D. Shumwny Coroner Leon Jt. Merrltt None Supervisor, Dlst/ No, 1 F. J. iBalg-emnn John PJ Mersch ' Supervisor, Dlst. No. 3 Olaf Funncmark Win. Cosgrove- Supervisor, Dlst. No. 6 P. J, Helken None State Representative J. II. Jensen A K, Bottnstetter- Auditor's Office ITuno 12 1930 Board of Supervisors of Koasuth County mot pursuant to adjournment* with all members present* Motion McDonald and -nd by Morris that (ippllcatlon- of Frankl Brothers of Irvlngton for permit to sell cigarettes Is hereby approved and Co. Auditor Is lipruby instructed to issue license as provided by , law. anil bond for $1,000 is hereby approved. Ayes: All Motion by Morris and 2nd by Helken that Maintenance bdnd of HUinboldt Gravvl & Tile Company on Dr.' 177 Is hereby approved. Ayes: AH. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock P. Jf. One o'eloojj: P. ,M. Board met pursuant to adlournment with all members present. On motion by Funnemark and 2nd by McDonald that further consideration of bids on Dr. 157 is hereby continued to" June 20, 1930. Supervisor P. J, Helken Introduced and read the resolution entitled "Keso- utlon Confirming- Sale and Award of (366.000.00 Primary Road Bonds of Kossiith County, Iowa," next hereinafter set out and moved its adoption, seconded by Supervisor Chas. Jlorrls nnd after due consideration thereof by ha Board, the chairman put the aues- lon upon the adoption or said resolu- lon, the roll being called the follow- nff supervisors voted: Aye: P. J. Heiken Chas. Morri.o \V. E. MeDMialfl Olaf Funnemark Nay: RESOLUTION Confirming Sale and. Award, of $365,000.00 Primary Road . -Bonds of Kossuth County, '•> Iowa WHEREAS, the County Treasurer ctt Kossuth County, has this day reported 'his action and dolners with respect to- the sale of $365,000,00 primary "~— 'TebasuHrQi road WHEREAS, this Board of Supervisors has duly considered said report, and being- fully advised In the premises,! Now. Therefore Bo It RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa: Section 1, That all action heretofore taken with respect to the advertising and calling- for bids for the purchase of ironds of Kossuth County, as hereinbefore referred to, ,be and the same is hereby ratified, confirmed and approved by this Board of Supervisors. Section 2 That the proposal of Iowa Des Moines Company of Des Molnes, la, for the purchase of said bonds, ns reported by the County Treasurer of said County, Is hereby determined as be- ngr the hlg-hest and best bid, and the. action of the County Treasurer in awarding- said bonds to said bidderj Je and is .hereby ratified, confirmed and approved by this Board, Passed this 12th day of June, 1930i F. J. BALGEMAN, Chairman. Board of Supervisors, ttost: BERTHA E. JOHNSON. County Auditor, on motion Board adjourned to 10 'clock A, Mj, Juno 20, 1930, BERTHA E. JOHNSON. County Auditor. HEPUKLICA.V DOMINATIONS TOWXSHIP OFFICERS I'rcelnct ALCiOXA UUP PALO HURT C'KKSCO BAULK FENTON GAUKIELD fi'Blt.MAN Hit. A NT IIAKTUSON IIKIJUON IltViNUTON LKI'JYAKn LINCOLN" I.OTTS CRKEK LU VEHXK PI.HM CREBIC I'OltTLANU 1'HAIltIIO RAMSEY UIVHRDALH SUN EC A SIIMRMAN SI'KIXGFIKLD SWKA CNIO.V \VKSI, ICY \VIUTTKMOrtH Jiistlct- or the I'euce (W. C. Danson (L. A. Wlnkel II. A. .lennlners- W. J. Davidson CJncob Mongrel (vV. A. Curneron John Fuber fhrls 'Behrman (fosuph M. Dye J. L. Vanx Oliver Marriuis C'oiiKiiello L. Hannu Ed Hopkins !•-'. F. Rah in Mnrlin L/irson Ilino Gcerdos Con.stnlilo L. T. Griffin C. c. wrlerht \Vm. Ricklefs W. H. Stewart Wm. Burt Prod Flals Hasmus Olson Wm, Blomster Henry Mussman Grover Rentz Lclu Gardner ./. O. Johnson Wm. Knlg-ht Adam Lutslnger 1YOMI.YATIO.VS TOWNSHIP OWICEUs June 2, 1030 Jiiftllve of the Pence Countable J. If. .Sheridan J.-iko Keller ' A I.COXA i:l'|.'|.'ALO uricr t'RKSCO F.A(JLH i''i';.s"j'ox <iAHFIIOr,D CHItMAN GRANT UUKK.VU'OOIl HAHIUSOX HI-:i!RO.V IHVIXCiTDN UOIIYAUD LINCOLN LlViTS CHEEK LU VEMNE PLUM CUKIOK 1'DK'I'LAND i'UAlUlH HAMSEY HIVKItDALE -SENKCA SHERMAN Kl'HINGKIELD ' ' SW13A UNiON WEHUEY WHITTEMOBH M. P, McDonnell On motion the 'Board adjourned to nine o'clock A. M. Juno 12, 1930. Trustee 1031 term Harry Sahln J- P. Peterson G, B. Johnson C. K, Rlppentrop Frank Jacobs Tfliomas Bergr Geo. Moulton Blames Warburton Ceo. J. Wlnkel Frank Clupsaddle Henry Bailey Isftrtore Meyer John Freeark Henry Borman Lou In Cast John Haas O; A. Jensen Olaf Floin If* F. Schultz Touiulilp Trustee Term Uculiinliie 103} TriiMtee 1032 Terni Andrew Hansen Chester Robinson Lawrence Thorson Ubbe Winters Eli Anderson H. C. Larson Henry Eischeid Aiiff. Gutknecht I'niil Hertzke C. F. Chambers Roscoe Mnwdsley E, B. DJttmer Ed Droeasler John Frleders O. R. Jensen G, 43, Risk A. M. Gustafson I'crni 1082 Herman Harms Schuller Andrew Fangman • Tounvliip Clerk B.-P, Hanson Geo. Hawcott M. N. Phillips M. L. Johnson • L. B, Holllster Henry Henrickson J. Bockelman Ray B, Hall J. J. Anderson H. C. Lunnlng Geo. Haergre Bert Coder H. C. Allen Walter Klamp E, O, Mann C.-'JL Ludwier John Heilman Chris Nelson Fred Dutton O, L. Thoreson Wm. CY Nelson Fred Diekmnn W. I-\ Helmers Clerk Mlko We verier Ray E, Hanson R. F. Hawcott Eleanor Potter O, w, Berg-BTen F, C. Weg-oner Carl p. Anliker H. Ubbon Paul Selberff L, A. Barslou P. A. Selvlff A, J. Seller J. 14 Smith W. H, Patterson A. L, Boaworth Hush McEnroe t), V, Schweitert J, N. Ludwlff Henry Fox Wmj Runehey Chris Dahl L, A. Johnson ' Chns. Haas S. A. Butcher W, J. Boyrne Wash Harris Henry Kiepper \V, P. Vaske Andrew Elberfc Henry Nelson BERTHA 8, JQliNSpN, cpu^ty

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