The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1930
Page 8
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.-t,»-u^. .•^**^-. The tTppet Dfes Moines-ftepublican, June 26, twenty Yeats Ago. Mr. sad Mrs. Bert Norton were the proud parents of ft fine baby boy, The Methodist gave a hard time social party In the church parlors and everyone enjoyed a large evening, Margaret Rutherford Came home from North Dakota to spend the summer. She was teaching school in that state. Young Hepburn Ingham had arrived in Algona from his home lii Des Moines for a visit with his grandparents, Capt, And Mrs. W. H. Ingham. Anton Anderson had Started work Oil the addition to his house In the north part of town. O. W. McMurray and C. M. Daily were doing the work. Mrs. Clarence Blackford arid son oi Fayettevllte. Arkansas, were in Algona visiting relatives. They planned to stay for the remainder of the Summer, Mrs. Elizabeth Zuill of, Whitewater, Wisconsin, was spending some time in Algona visiting with relatives at the Purvis, Nlcoulin and Oalbraith homes, A movement was on foot to erect a "new and stylish" band stand on the court house lawn as a credit to the city and also a great convenience to the band. Dutton & Sorenson, who were proprietors of one of the local grocery stores at that time purchased a 160- acre farm near Bancroft paying $70 an acre for it. Fred Heckart, one of the brightest young men in the Algona high school graduating class of the year, had been \ named as alternate for the appointment as cadet at the United States Naval academy at Annapolis. s,w. on On 73rd Birthday. Livermore Gazette: There was an enjoyable picnic last Sunday at the 3. W. Devine home, the occasion being the seventy-third birthday of B. w. Devine, The relatives that gathered numbered 63, and consisted of Mr. Devine's estimable wife, four sons, three daughters-in-law, seven grand children, sister-in-law* Mrs. James Devine with her six sons, three daughters, one son-maw, Hal Skilling, four daughters-in- aw, thirteen grandchildren; her fam- ly all were present except one granddaughter, Sasgret Skilling, who is In school In Cedar Falls. Mrs. Frank Devine, sister-in-law, one son and three daughters; Frank Dunphy and wife With two daughters; Geo. Dunphy and Sister Miss Anna Dunphy; Tony Kajewski and wife and four children; Joseph Kajewski and wife; Mrs. Frank Owens and son, Herbert; also Miss Bernice Ludwlg, sister of Mrs. Tony Kajewski and Elenor Callahan, sister-in-law of Geo. Dunphy. Tables were set on the lawn and a real old fashioned picnic dinner was served- The day was ideal and everything was fine. The occasion was somewhat of a surprise, when the guests arrived with the large cake Mr. Devine began to think there was something. unusual about to happen, but previous to that he had no knowledge. The picnic was planned by his daughters-in-law. There were eleven nephews, seven nieces, and twenty grand nephews and nieces. It -was sure one grand reunion and there is likely to be many more of them. piano solb, Evelyn Crulkshank; solo, Evelyn Bode. A play entiled "Coa*ts and Petticoats" was given with the following cast of characters: Lawrence Danbieg, Mrs. Harold Patterson: Madge, his wife, Mary Kain; Josephine, his sister, Sadie Potter; Misses Prudence and Priscilla Pringle his maiden aunts, Mrs. Thea Haldeman and Irene Mitchell; Pauline Pemberton, Ruth Robinson; Rebekah Randolph, Lola Seuffham; Nora, the maid, 'Christine Gould. LuElla Potter coached the play and the acts all did well. This play was also given Saturday at the Potter family reunion. Ice cream and waf- | ers were served. The use of chairs was donated by Mr. Merrltt and the piano by the Nelson Music Co. The piano Mrs. Oeorgs Hanna went to Iowa City this week to see her daughter Mrs. Swisher who underwent an operation at the hospital Tuesday. The Misses Florence and Edna Hint entertained sixty of their friends a their home last Sunday evening. Re freshments .were served at a late hour Sylvia Becker left Friday night for a month's visit with her mother, Mrs Arthur O'Neil at Neilvlile, Wisconsin and with the Barker families at Monroe. \ The annual Children's Day program Was given Sunday in the Evangelical chuich at ten-thirty, A baptismal service for children Was given at the same hour. was left for the Potter and Miner family reunions. ?<f&&y&&a3^^ LUVERNE NEWS, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Beassler were Fort Dodge callers last Saturday. A son was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronbach last Sunday. Mrs., Fred Wolfe entertained the Presbyterian ladies last Wednesday. J. E. Ray sold out his half interest In the Algona Steam Laundry to his partner, W. H. Lacy, who is still the owner. Mr. Ray's business interests in Nora Springs compelled him to make the change. Miss Elsie Kilbourne was given the position of pipe organist in the Methodist church for another year. She left for Chicago to take a post graduate course for a month under a noted musician. County Attorney and Mrs. L. J. Dick- Inson and family had spent several days in Des Moines where Mr. Dickinson attended the state meeting of the the county attorneys. The Dickinsons made the trip in their new E. M. F. touring car. gsx®wy&&i^^ CRESCO NEWS. William C. Hahle recntly home from the University of Iowa at Iowa City, and also a piano tuner, tuned the piano at the local church one day the past week. Mrs, Thomas Metcalf enjoyed a visit last week Wednesday from her daughter, Mrs. Lucille Holdorf and family of Fenton. They all visited with relatives in Algona. The Mothers and Daughters club is to meet July 12th with Mrs. D. D. Sparks. Roll will be answere with a favorite tree or flower. A paper on "Interesting Facts on National Forests" will be given by Mrs. Homer Lindhorst. "Iowa" will be sung by the members and baskets and trays are to be woven. Wm. Leonard of Monango, North Dakota, was a visitor last week Wednesday at the home of his niece, Mrs. Mrs. Archie Sanford and Olive Ogles by were Fort DodgFshoppers Tuesday. Harold Stephenson and family were calling on friends in LuVerne Sunday H. B. Coleman went to Des Moines Friday for a few days' visit with some friends. Mrs. William Marty entertained the Women's Home Missionary society last Wednesday. Sarah Blumer is spending her vacation at the home of her mother, Mrs. Joe Blumer. Theo. Chrischilles and Fernley Nicoulin had returned from Belolt, Wis- Douglas Wildln, and nephew, Lloyd consul, where they had been attend- I Phillips. Mrs. Cora Miller lately of Ing college and were planning to spend Yankton, South Dakota, and daughter the summer at home. Arthur Fergu- Maurine, of Mason City were .visitors , fibn had also returned for the sum- | taf_ same ^ day at the L v ja/i'phillips , mer, He had been attending Dart' mouth College. , -— — — — —. ,«.. .mm,^ home, having come hereto attend the I" ^ ^ -£ , ^ 4 The ,~Fr$l \Behlmer home was the ,.; scene of-a 'flre'when one of the child' ren tipped, .'over^.a lighted gasoline , wc w •> stove. :The'h5pniiWas ablaze in an in- church, • stant but the quick/help of the fire * .department and the neighbors saved • the .'house .from anyj serious damage. ' The child was not Injured.. ,» V While returning to their home '.,.-. vest of Whittemore Mrs. JamesjRaw- • son ; and daughter had had a ? fortunate experience when thMr horse ' i«M^iindtoey\were tjspwn from injured and it was thought that she would be some time recovering, Her daughter received a gash on her head. funeral of Fred PhiHlps. Mr. Leonard returned home/hiursday evening and he told thejjrflter the John Manning family fooperly residing here on the Gilmqtj^farm across from the ived from Monanga four _ . to Eugene, Oregon. The eld- .estjaaughter, Mrs. Charles Guessness ted In North Dakota, and the eld- son; Fred, and wife, went'to Oregon, last fall. , Fred took sick, on the way out with typhoid fever and was unable to work for four months. He worked for Mr. Leonard for nine years. . The Four-H clubs were well represented at the picnic Thursday at the Ambrose Call State Park. The following program was given with Mrs. John Rich president of the Four' Corners Carl Goetch of Cedar Falls was hi LuVerne Wednesday.. He is visiting at the parental Goetch home. The cemetery association will have their next meeting at the home of Mrs. William Miller July tenth. Mr. and Mrs. Leland from. Denver, Colorado, visited relatives in Livermore and LuVerne Saturday and Sunday. tives in Cedar Rapids. Doris expects to ;ives in Cedar Rapids Dor expects to enter Coe College the ensuing year. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nelson from joldfield were Sunday guests at the Harry Von Draska home last week. Paul Stoble and Marie Heimen were married Wednesday at seven o'clock in the Catholic church at St. Benedict, r Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hanselman and Mrs. Earl Craig from Mason City, who has been caring for Mrs. Joe Craig of Livermore returned to her home last week. Mrs. Craig has been ill with pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Gardner, Mrs. Milo Gardner and children ahd their maid left Saturday for Watertowrij South Dakota, for several days' Visit with relatives. William Ramus has purchased the large store building on southwest main street and wQT repair the living rooms for rent and a garage In the front part rental and a garage in the front part of the building. j An injury to one of Wm Molding's eyes caused by a friendly scuffle necessitated the services of a doctor who removed a small piece of a finger nail aiu •aonoanrt no fm.Sno.tq pmj ipw& eye has now improved. Mrs. Shaffer, elderly lady and mother of Mrs. Spooner, was painfully injured in an autombile wreck Friday night at Fort Dodge. She is in the Fort Dodge hospital with a broken collar bone and other injuries. After the Virst Twenty-five Thousand THE VALUE of sound design, good materials and careful craftsmanship is especially apparent in the new Ford after the first twenty-five thousand miles. Long, continuous service emphasizes its mechanical reliability and economy of operation and tip-keep. As you drive the Ford through many months and years you will develop an increasing pride iu its appearance and a growing respect for the substantial worth that has been built into it. From every standpoint—in everything that goes to .make a good automobile'-—you will know that you have made a far-seeing, satisfactory purchase. "Wherever you go^ you hear enthusiastic praise of the car and this significant, oft-repeated phrase—-"I'm glad I bought a Ford." OUR CORNER NEWS.' two sons and Henry Rlstau drove to Geneseo, Illinois, for a week's visit with relatives. . Gwendolyn Hoofnagle returned to her home in Dawson Friday after a three weeks' visit at the Roy Masterson home. Glenn Godfrey and family returned to their home in Fort Dodge Sunday after spending, a week with relatives In LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. John Bomell went to Hampton Thursday where Mrs. Bommell will take treatments In the Hampton hospital. The Misses Ruth Lichty and Gwenetha Jones gave a party Friday even- Ing for their friends at the Jones home. A merry time is reported. Ti This test is an lye-opener Crowded Out Last Week.) Lester, Alfred, Bernice and Marie, children of the Albert Walkers, were ill last week with a slight attack of the flu. The Good Hope choir met last week Tuesday evening at the 'Good Hope parsonage to work on the music for the Children's Day program. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lowman, Mildred Robinson and Iris Lowman tried their luck fishing at Lost Island Friday. They were Joined by N. R. Robinson of Spencer. They again went fishing on Saturday evening. Leona, daughter of the Albert Walker family, went to the James Walker home near Whittemore last week Wednesday" to help with the house work for some time. The Walkers are having some building done on their farm at this time. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mitchell, of Chicago, Mrs. Jessie Mitchell and Irene and Hazel Mitchell tried their luck fishing at Mud Lake last week Wednesday. Sixty-three fish were caught The former spent the week at the Etna Mitchell home. , , "George Rich has been seriously 111 since a week ago Saturday when he had a stroke. Miss Madison, a nurse came'to the Rich home last week to care for Mr. Rich. The latter showed some improvement.! George Francis, son of the Wm. Riches, was also 111 last week with the flu. About thirty members of the Four Comer Young People's organization were entertained at the James Walker home near Whittemore. A lawn I party had been planned but was chang- I ed to a house party due to the rain. Five hundred and other games were played. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Klleger and two children of West Bend were visitors. Wm. Drayton has been seriously 111 for some time with pneumonia, but is now improving^. Miss Josephine Dittmer came to the Drayton home last week Tuesday to act as nurse for Mr. Drayton. Evelyn Crniksliank helped even to hard* bailed mechanics «X7TE HAN an engine on 50 hour tests under exactly W the same conditions with various brands of motor oil, including New Iso-Vis; At the end of each period every bit of carbon was removed and accurately measured. New Iso-Vis actually deposited 50% lf-ia carbon than tie average deposit of the better grade oiii tested. But this is only one of the results of the special refining process by which this new type oil is made. It lubricates effectively at low temperatures and all the way up to temperatures far beyond the highest on your gauge; Moreover, New Iso-Vis is the only motor oil th; • •will not thin out in your crankcase. New Iso-Vi* , actually as heavy and oily when you drain it (. .1, when you first put it in. Any Standard Oil dealer or station attendant will drain your crankcase, flush and refill with N«w Iso-Vis; ON THE LEFT i* the carbon from New Iso- Vis in a fair comparison with thacfromotheroils; This low carbon formation saves )ou money. eettoartnealmitpro. ^~" •- « if dttcedhoitrneter&nittgfi-Of- f \ /i eves—giving it an efficiency V I \/i Wbicb & exceeded only&yNw / WJ l lu-VbTtoprkeisXtaqiMrt. / * J~\ TAMPANS O Ifc COMPANY (Indiana* AMAZED OVER FINE RESETS FROMKONJOLA Racine Lady Glad of Opportunity to Tell About New Medicine. A FORD owner in New York tells of a 13,000-mile trip across the United States and back in sixty days and says "the car was extremely economical to operate, comfortable and speedy." A grateful father tells how the Triplex shatter-proof glass windshield, saved his wife and children from serious injury. ^ To test tires, a large company drove a new Ford day and night, for an average of 500 miles every twenty-four hours. It was etill giving satisfactory service after 105,000 miles. A Ford car that had fallen into Fcrnan Lake was submerged for twelve days before being raised. After a new battery and carburetor bowl were installed,itwa8 driven back to Spokane under its own power. Many police departments have written . of the special advantages of the Ford in crowded traffic because of its alert, speed, acceleration, and ease of control. An increasing number of fleet owners are also purchasing the Ford because their cost figures have given conclusive proof of its economy of operation and up-keep. In addition to important triumphs in Germany, France and Italy, the Ford won isix out of seven leading places in a contest in Finland, first and second in the Raf aela races in Argentina, first and second in the run from Copenhagcn-to-Parls-to-Copen- hagen, three gold medals in England, first ranking in the durability test over the* tortuous Amancaes road in Peru, and first place in the 1930 reliability run conducted by the Royal Automobile Club of Sweden. This contest was an exceptionally severe test of endurance and sturdy con* struction because it was held in the dead of whiter and covered 600 miles of steady running over enow-covered country roads and mountainous hills. NEW LOW FOR I» PHICES Roadster . . .' $435 Phaeton . • »\ 440 Coupe ......... 495 Tudor Sedan 495 Sport Coupe ....... 525 De Luxe Coupe* 545 -f .•~-.«..~.»\.. :—r.ii.^^'^'lKliuii i i nrii.i iii-uiuuJlLm/ n Three-window Fordor Sedan . , •- ~<50o Convertible Cabriolet .... 625 De Luxe Phaeton. . . . . . 625 De Luxe Sedan . . . . . . 640 Town Sedan . . ... . . 660 AU price* /. o. b. Detroit, plui freight and delivery. Bumper* and if sire tire extra, at loucott. FORD MOTOR COMPANY MRS. JOHN ACER. "I think Konjola is a wonderful medicine and I was surprised and delighted at the prompt results I obtained," said Mrs. John Ager, 1323 Center street, Racine. "I had no idea any medicine could act so quickly. For six or seven years my hands were In a very bad condition. They were numb and I often had to/ put them In hot water In order to start the circulation. I had little strength in my fingers and they were cold all the time. "Today I am feeling flne, I have not taken Konjola since last fall and the wonderful results are still apparent. I really never expected to have relief. I have recommended Konjola to many people and to have this opportunity for telling every one Is real pleasure." Konjola does work quickly as the experience of Mrs. Ager proves, It is usually best, however, to take a full treatment of this great medicine. From four to eight weeks of. time is usually the surest method of finding complete relief, Konjola is sold in Algona, Iowa, at B. W. Lusby drug store and by all the best druggists in all towns throughout this entire section.— Adv. 2 Mrs. Drayton with the house work las week Tuesday. Miss Irene Walker went to Drayton home Wednesday to help with the house work. Mildred and James, daughter and son respectively of Mr. and Mrs. Mart Elmore were pleasantly surprised on Saturday evening when a, few friends came hi the evening to help them celebrate their birthdays, which had been a few days before. Those present were Durwood and Sherwood Potter; Pauline Seip; Leo and Edith Sabin; Raymond, Lester, Alfred and Helen Walker; Rudolph and Anthony Elbert; Wilfred, Durwood, Helen and Marion St. John; Thelma and lona Wltham; Wil- Jard and Willis Mitchell and Verona, Evelyn and Vedora Clatt of LuVerne. The afternoon was spent in playing games after which served. a luncheon was IBVINGTON NEWS. Crowded Out Last Week.) Ralph Lee and sons of this vicinity went on a fishing trip to Mud Lake Sunday, Dick Wilson, Mrs. Rosa Spurgeon and daughter, Mildred, were visitors at Clear Lake Sunday. Howard Wood of LuVerne spent the week end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. > Faul pudson and family, The Ladies' Aid society met ThurS' day afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lester Wilson of Algona. Ralph Sinunons of Cresco spent Sun* day at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons. Miss Maxlne Devine of Galbraith spent Thursday evening at the home of her friend, IdabeUe Felter. A Children's Day program given by the Sunday School classes was held at the church Sunday morning. Miss Dorothy Shultz oi' this vicinity has been spending the past week at the home of Mre. U. p. PranW. Alfred Nelson and sons of Whltte- more spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs, T. B, Wickwire and fam^ uy. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Remus and family of LU veme spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rlley sad Mr. and Mrs. Ray Butterfield of tftte vicinity spent Sunday at the home of Ray's parents, Butterfield. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mr. and tyrs. John Prankl ahd family of Algona were callers at the home of Mrs. Frankl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Mr, and Mrs. Edward Wolf spent Saturday afternoon at the Paul Hudson home. Mrs. Hudson land Mrs. Wolf are sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and family spent Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Howard King and family of Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. David Christian and family of Port Dodge spent Sunday at the home of David's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Mr. and Mr* J< fc, Malloy and daughter, Margaret, of Algona spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T, E. Wickwire and family. Mr. and Mrs, Steve Loss and family Of this vicinity spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenco Decker and family of Bode. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dutton and daughter, Corlnne, of Algona spent Sunday at the home of Mrs Dutton'a brother, Fred Dole, and family. Mr. and Mrs, Firm Lang and children of Algona spent one evening the past week at the home of Mrs. Lalng's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and family spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Spurgeon's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Skilling and family of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riley and children spent Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Rileyls parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bordwell, and family of Livermore. Mrs. Frank Thornton left Tuesday for Sioux City, where she will spend a ' a few days with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Henry Shipley, She will also via. It other relatives and friends there ello Iowa! WOO FOURTH ^N3 WAW*UT* PE9 MOINCS, IOWA newe* «K| finest botd, 300 rooms «U with fan* ifeop, artificially «*»!«* *?9ifrt

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