The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1930 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1930
Page 3
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, June 25,1930 BIGGEST Bunch of FIRE CRACKERS in the World FREE! \ Also a Large to the Kiddies Be in front of the Store at 4 o'clock Thursday, July 3 for a ticket FREE, Each child" present will receive a ticket good for a chance on the free goods* We want every boy and girl in Algona to be here* No purchase need be made, Just get your ticket Don't forget Thursday r July 3 4 o'clock Lusby's Safety First Fireworks / Store The Biggest Best and Cheapest line of Fir ex works shown in Algona in 1930 MRS. RAWSON TELLS OF FOREIGN TRAVEL Visited Gibraltar and Malaga Which was One of Moorish Strongholds, LOOKS UPON THE ItUlNS Of CARTHAGE. Takes in Acropolis and Parthenon, Which is the World's Most Famons Ruin, Then Went to turkey. ' A month or two ago the Tipper Des Molnes-Republicah ran an article written by Mrs. E. 3. Rawson while she was traveling in Europe. Mrs, Rawson has kindly consented to give us more information about her trip through southern Europe, Africa and the Holy Land. Mrs. Rawson set sail from New York February 15 and arrived home on April 27. She was the only one from the state of Iowa on the James Baring's cruise. In her last article she stopped Just before she arrived at Gibraltar and she will take up her travels in this article from that point, Saw Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British fortress on the southern edge of Spain and guards the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. The population is a strange mixture of British Tommies, red-fezzed, bare-legged Moors, bearded Jews and Arabs in flowing robes. The tourists were taken.through the fortress and then around the town. ' All the buildings are made of stone and the roads are all cobblestone. It was a magnificent sight "from the boat to se'e the great fortress high above the water. Mildest Climate. Malaga was the next stopping place. It is known to have the mildest climate in all of Europe. The flowers bloom the year around and are very beautiful. The Alcazaba is located in Malaga and it was one of the last Moorish strongholds in Europe. The Paris of Africa. Algiers was next. This city is known as the "Paris of Africa." Its population is a strange mixture of French and Arab, Christian and Mohammedan. The party went through the native settlement with a guide furnished by the tourist agency. They were taken up with the outdoor cafes which lined the streets. 'Ruins of Carthage. From Algiers the tourists, were taken by boat to LaGoulette and from there by train to Tunis. This is also a French city. The Kabash, which is the ancient palace of the Beys, was visited, also the native bazaars were patronized. An auto trip of twenty miles to the scene of the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage was then en- Joyed. The ampitheatre of Carthage was the most beautiful one of its kind in the world. It was the scene of the martyrdom of five nuns In the an cient days and every year on March 7 which was the date It occurred, th Catholics In that country go and pra for-the sisters. The only thing let standing amid .the ruins is a marbl cross about fifty feet high. The Island of Malta. The .island of Malta was next visit e&. This island is rich with historica memories of the' Crusaders of old. I Is also the place where St.. Paul wa "Ship-wrecked, The tourists went to th spot of the shipwreck and held a ser -vice. Malta Is the oldest religlou stronghold of the Crusaders and th Knights of S(j. John. Valetta, thi capital is a town of about fifty thous and inhabitants. The church of S' John is located here and is one of th most beautiful and lavishly decorate of any church In Europe Visit the Acropolis. The party was then taken across th inland sea to Athens In Greece. Th Acropolis was ascended and the Par theon was inspected. This was bull four hundred years before Christ an was the world's most beautiful build Ing. It is now Its most famous nun That was where the ancient Greet worshipped their gods. Going up th Acropolis the merchants- had theto ware all along the sidewalks sellta the goods to the tourists. From th Acropolis the Mars hill was seen. This is where St. Paul preached. The maun tain where Socrates took the poison hemlock could also be seen from th Acropolis. The party fooik in the stadi um which was supposed to have cos three million dollars and also visited the museums which left most of the party unimpressed. Sail the Dardanelles. The boat then sailed through thi Daranelles, which was the scene o such terrible fighting and loss of life In the temple of Baal are almost as large. Tomb of Saiadtn. Damascus was the next place visited. The Omazzad Mosque, which was once the church Of St. John, is located in Damascus. Also the tomb of Saladin, the Saracen, who defeated the last of the Crusaders, under Richard, the Lion Hearted, is here. The window from which St. Paul was lowered in order to escape the mob was pointed out and alro the house of Ananias where Paul's eyesight was restored was shown the party. The Christian mission school was visited and the pupils were girls from ten to twelve years of age. They were at that time singing psalms. The party took In the brass works and the bazaars of the city and then went up a mountain to obtain a panorama of Damascus. They saw a monument marking the spot where Mohammed came over the mountain and viewed the surrounding land claiming it for his promised land. The land is covered with rocks which have to be removed in order to cultivate. It is very fertile land. The party then motored across the desert and over the Jordan river to Capernium. House of St. Peter. They saw t{ie ruins of the house that once belonged to St. Peter, the first Pope. They took a boat ride on the sea of Galilee, which is about five miles wide at this point and probably twelve or fifteen miles long. It was full of fish which are called Peter's fish. At Bethseda where they stopped for lunch, these flsh were served. From Bethseda they went to Cana which is the place where the Lord turned water into wins. There will be another article on Mrs. Rawson's travels through the Holy Land in the near future. •••••••••••••ft! On With the Dance ~ at Lone Rock. Lone Rock, June 24. Special: — Aspecial election was held last Monday which resulted in favor of the dance hall and skating rink by the votes of 45 to 31. This was considered a good vote as there is only 84 votes in the corporation. The city council met Tuesday night and issued Mr. Sharp a license to operate the dance hall which will be erected on the city lot north of the post office. Mr. Sharp expects to have his pavilion in operation shortly after the Fourth of July. WHITTEMOBE. during the late World War. On the spot is a mounment to the soldiers who lost their lives during the conflict. The party landed at Constantinople, which is now Istamboul. One of the points of interest was the Galala bridge ol which it has been said that if one stands there for one hour someone from every nation in the world will pass by. The Blue Mosque was visited and all the tourists were compelled to put on slippers over their shoes so as not to profane the holy rugs which to American eyes were about as dirty as they could possibly be. Next came a trip through the old home of the sul- ;ans and their wives. . Birthplace of Venus. From Turkey the tourists were taken to the island of Cyprus, which dates mck to over five hundred years before Christ. It is the legendary birthplace of Venus or Aphrodite, the goddess of ove. The scene of Shakespeare's "Othello" was laid on the Island of Cyprus. t Is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean. Cross Lebanon Mountains. Beirut in French Syria was next. The American University was visited here. t was found that the farmers tilled he mountains up to the snow line. The dirt Is red, yellow and black Ini olor. Thence over the Lebanon moun- which are noted for the cedar Mrs. Alfred Bleckwen of Fairville is a patient at the hospital this week. Sylvia Drew went to Estherville on Monday, where she will visit a few days with relatives. Little Dorothy Seymour, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymour Is very ill with the measles this week. Jess Marshall and son, Francis Wolever of Whiting, Mrs. Marshall and son came to Whittemore to spend the week. John Haag left Sunday with a party of men from West Bend for Moosejaw, Canada, where they will spend- ten days. ' Mr. an^ Mrs. Henry. Felder and Mr. and Mrs, jftatt 'Krebsfcach were Sunday visitors at the Jerry Sullivan homo in Armstrong. Dr. McCreery, Merrill Rawson, Father Gearin and C. L. Cavanaugh were in northern Minnesota for several days last week on a fishing trip. Mrs. Leo Swanson and son, Rex, have gone to El Paso, Illinois, to visit a sister of Mrs. Swanson. She was accompanied by her brother of Estherville. Prof. H. W. Behnke of the Lutheran parochial school and Mrs. Behnke went to Roselle, Illinois, where they will vis- It two -months. Their daughter, Gertrude, has been in Roselle for two years where she Is employed. Mr, 'Mikes, father of Mrs. Bert Shell- meyer returned to his home in West Bend after spending several months in the Black Hills, South Dakota, seeking relief from asthma. Mr. Mikes feels very 1 much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hicks and their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Harold Hicks of Diibuque are TJisiting- with, relatives liere this week. They came to attend the wedding of Mrs. Glen Hicks' niece Xucinda Hantleman at Fenton. Mrs. Hicks was formerly Miss Wershpan of •this place. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Weir, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weir and Mr. and Mrs. "William Littleton spent Sunday at the William Blasey home in Rockwell City. Mrs. M. C Weir's brother, James Brayton and his wife of Kankakee, Illinois, were at the Blasey home on Sunday, also Mrs. Weir's daughter. Mr. and Mrs. H. Meyer and Mr. and and Mrs. Henry Meyer and Mr. and Mrs, H. F. Baas were at Fenton Tuesday attending the marriage of their n'iece Luoinda Hantleman. The groom Is a Lutheran minister with a parish In South Dakota. Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Baas attended a shower at the home of Mrs. Ed. Kressin of Fenton, which was given for the bride. • •••••^••••••••••••••••••••••^••••••••••••ll Cheap Bread Cheats Boys and Girls There IS a Difference in Bread Children can't enjoy healthful happy growth on cheap bread because bread is their most important food. Children whose mothers thoughfully serve Dairy Maid Bread are the children who lead in school and in play. Dairy Maid is extra nourishing be- cause it contains the best ingredients money can buy. For extra wholesome nourishment,,,; for full-value and true economy, try Daily Maid Bread. Thousands are Are you? [ona Dairy "The Bread with, a Fla'tor." lly of Austin, Minnesota, were visiting relatives and friends here over the week end. LONE BOOK NEWS. irees. There are only about four hun- red left and these are enclosed so as o keep them from harm. There Is a temple of Jupiter In Baalbek which was built by King Soloman also one or his many wive? and one to the sun. The enclosing wall pf the town has the largest block pf stone that has ever been quarried. It is seventy feet «nd weighs ?8,QOO tons, Six rocks Ralph Wolfe of Waterloo spent the week end with his sister, Mrs. Calvin Householder. Mrs. Kate Hawk, Mrs. Stebrltz and laughters spent Sunday at the Chas, Hawk home. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Kearns and aughter spent Sunday at the Herman Dau home at Algona. Mervin Marlow purchased a sport Chevrolet roadster from the Roderick uto Company last week. Russell Thompson returned home last Wednesday from Florida where he has een for the past few months. The show for Saturday, June 28, is The Ship from Shanghai." with Conad Nagle and Carmel Myers. Freeman Wolfe of Fenton came on Sunday to visit at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Calvin Householder, Mrs. G. A. White of Sioux City spent Friday at the E. E. Kearns home. Mrs. White is a sister-in-law of Mrs. Kearns. Chris Haas purchased a new Chevrolet coach from the Ooetch & Priebe Motor Company $t Fenton last week. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Seefeldt and fam- The local school bpard has secured Miss Pauline Lewis of New Sharon to teach music in the local school next year. George Manus of Forreston, Illinois, the future coach and instructor in the local school, was here on business last Wednesday. Willis Davidson of Mason City visited with ,hls sisters, Mrs. L. R. Roderick and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt here last Wednesday, Mrs. Robert Padgett and children of Algona spent last Thursday at the home of her parents, Mr. .and Mrs. Wm. Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Angus Cotton and family of Chicago came Friday to visit at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, came Saturday to visit at the home of Mrs. Brown's aunt, Mrs. Kate Hawk. Mrs. Harley Shellito and daughter, Norma, of Ames, came Sautrday to visit at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N, L. Cotton. W. A. Cameron went to Austin, Minnesota, last Saturday to visit his daughter, Mrs. Clinton LaBarre and returned home Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Schaeffer of Atlanta, Georgia, came Friday to visit at the W. T. Fish home. Mr. Schaeffer is a nephew of Mrs. Fish. Mrs. Glen Sharp is in charge of her parents' cafe at Fenton during their absence. Mr, and Mrs. John Dempsey are visiting in southern Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zoller and daughter of Mason City spent Thursday at the home of Mr. Zoller's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zoller. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Leeper and family of Cudahy, Wisconsin, came Friday to visit at the Harry Rahn home. Mr. Leeper is a brother of Mrs. Rahn. Delbert Sharp and Bert Goden of Burt went to Illinois and Milwaukee last week Monday to look for gravel contracts. They returned home Friday. Mrs. Kate Hawk, Mrs. Stebritz and daughters went to Fenton Sunday to visit Mrs. Hawk's sister, Mrs. Henry Warner, who has been ill for the past week. Harlan Blanchard who has been attending business college at Waterloo, came home a week ago Friday for a week's vacation and returned to Waterloo Sunday. August Lampe, Hildreth and Woodrow Pettlt and Clarence Macumber returned home Tuesday night from a fishing trip at Pine River, Minnesota. They reported excellent fishing. Mrs. 0. M. Umsted of Lone Rock and Henry Lindsay of Fenton drove to Carroll Saturday to bring back Mrs. Lindsay and son who have been visiting there. They returned home Sunday. W. G. Flaig went to Emmetsburg lasi Wednesday to see the Iowa Good Will Air Tour and also to look over the big Standard Oil plane which was there Mr. Flaig drives the Standard oil truck here. Miss Marie Krause went to Manson last Wednesday where a miscellaneous shower was held In her honor at the home of her future husband's aunt She received many beautiful and useful gifts. Wm. Nelson received word last week of the death of his brother, Albert Nelson, who died at Rochester, Minnesota, of double pneumonia. Mr. Nelson's home is at Britt, and he leaves a wife and two children. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt drove to Sheffield last Thursday where they visited with Mrs. Dransfeldt's mother, Mrs. Margaret Davidson. Georgetta Davidson returned home with them on Thursday evening. Mrs. Chas. Morris and daughter, Vera, and Mrs. Jay Godden, and daughter, Esther, were called to Freeport, Illinois, last Tuesday on account of the serious Illness of an aunt of Mrs. Godden and Mrs. Morris. Miss Alice* Angus has ben ed to teach Bible school at Hoprig, near Graettineer and Is now conductinie the school. Her father, Bert Angus/and Mrs. Lawrence Dittmert Grace jand Lillian Angus drove over Sunday to visit her, Mr. and Mrs. L, B. Hollister and family and Miss Alma Madison left consin, where they will visit relatives- Saturday morning for Oshkosh, Wis- and attend a wedding of a niece of Mrs. Hollister. They expect to be gone a week. The Lotts Creek ball club met defeat at the hands of the Rlngsted ball team at Ringsted Sunday, the score being 6 to 3. The batteries were: for Lotts Creek Mittag, Earing, Kressin and Marlow, and for Ringsted, Erickson and Hostrum. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Wagner and family left Saturday for Milwaukee, Menasha, and Antigo, Wisconsin, where they will visit relatives, Mrs Lillian Worthlngton is doing the house work during their absence. They expect to return home in two weeks. Mrs. John Kerr went to Eagle Grove Friday evening where she met her randdaughter, Miss Maurlne Stuart of Washington, D. C., Monday morn- ng. Miss Stuart will remain with ler grandparents this summer. • • • • • • • Bargains USED CABS 1926 Model T Forclor 1926 Master Buick coach Ford tiulor Two Ford coupes Ford truck 1926 Chevrolet coach 2-1928 Chevrolet trucks OIL AND GREASE Kohlhaas Bros. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa. ,i ••^ t

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