The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, June 25, 1930
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-Twelve Pages tJPPfitt DES MOIN8S, 44th TEAT*' JRBPUBLttiAN, 88th fEAR ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25,1930 VOL. 28—Ko. 2 ji\^' FOURTH OF JULY TO BE BIGGEST EVER King of Tight Wire Walk- Rural Clubs Meld ers to be Here and Give An Exhibition. BANCROFT TO PLAY ALGONA IN BASEBALL, .All Kinds of Attractions win be Seen, and the Fireworks will be Better Than Ever. The annual Fourth of July celebration oft the Kossuth - county fair grounds has become known as one of the biggest and best in the whole country. Arrangements for this year's celebration are booming along -at a fast j .pace and it will be one of the best ' ever attempted. Most of the features rSO far j lined uji are guaranteed of an excellent character, and it will be something to amuse, excite and thrill every .. sperson that passes through the fair ground gates.. • The king of all tight-wire walkers, Prince Nelson, has been-secured to amuse the crowd with his hazardous exhibitions. In Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Prince Nelson stepped on a tight wire stretched from the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain 1950 feet--above the ground, the wire was 000 feet long, and walked forth as nonchalantly as if he were taking a stroll on-State street in Algona. Among other Statures-are the Hubert Dyer & Co., who guarantee. to drive away the blues. A girl revue, the four Montfort'Sisters, -will furnish music as it should be played, ;and the Captain Marriott troop is something entirely new In the "way -of 'hazardous offerings. Bancroft and Algona will cross bats on the new tall diamond. There will be racing, continuous dancing and something doing every -minute. When you consider the list of attractions offered at the price, 'just the price of an ordinary ban-game "it would seem that the Kossuth county fair grounds Is the place to- spend .the fourth. •. In addition to all 'the above, there will be a special fireworks feature for young and old. The "Fourth of July is a special day 3nr31reworks and considering the program of safety the country as a 4 whole is-trying to "achieve; the '"' J J '~'': the Joint Meeting. A joint meeting of the four rural clubs neighboring Algona met at the Call State Park fast Thursday afternoon. The following program was given: song, by Evelyn Bode Of Plum Creek, accompanied On the piano by Mrs. Frank Zender; dance and song by Georgia Ann Geigel of Cresco, "accompanied on the piano by Evelyn Bode play, "Coats and Petticoats" was one of the main attractions and was under the capable direction of LuElla Potter It proved to be quite a hit. The cast of characters was as follows: Mrs. Haldeman, Sadie Potter, Cresco; Mary Kain Lola Scuffham, Plum Creek; Ruth Robinson, ^Leona Mitchell, Four Corner club; Mrs. Harold Patterson and Christine Gould, Union. A piano solo was given by Evelyn Cruikshank of the Four Corner club; musical reading by Mrs. W. T. Peters of Burt, Union club, accompanied on the piano by Bernlce Godden. Two hundred ladles Were present. Ice cream and wafers were served at the close of the' program. The ladies were grouped according to the month of their birthdays. \ September the most'favored. The Nelson Music house courteously furnished a piano for the occasion arid L. M. Merirtt furnished the chairs without charge. The committee as well as the club members appreciate- these acts of kindness shown them on these memorable occasions. The committee in charge was Ada Hofius, Union, Lel'a Gardner, .Plum Creek, Mrs. Thea Haldeman, Cresco, and Mrs. Roy Lowman, Four Corner club as chairmen of 'their respective clubs. The Union club acted as hostess this year and next year the-Four Corner Mothers and Daughters club will be hostess. tar-Old Vet Views Air Armada TWO HUNDRED AT TELEPHONE OFFICE Open House Friday Draws Large Crowd t>f -Visitors . at Telephone Co. TWO GIRLS ON —Courtesy Des Moines Register. D. A. Haggard, oldest settler in Kossuth , county visited the air show at "Wesley last Wednesday when the Good Will; Air, tour stopped there. George Yates, photographer for the Register & Tribune, and president of the Iowa Aeronautics Association, snapped Mr Sf gafr ?' s P! oture as be stood along-' side of the Good News II at Wesley. Thursday's Concert. placeT'andit minds of the parents, Priscilla Southga^e to Teach in Minnesota. Miss Priscilla Southgate, youngest daughter of Rev. -and'Mrs. B. M. Southgate, formerly "of Algona, now of Britt, has accepted n -position as physical education director of the grade schools of.' Eveleth, Minnesota, which has a highly developed educational system. Priscilla has oeen director of physical education for the Y. W, O. A, at Marshalltown for the last two years, and planned to remain there -next year, but the new position was so much more attractive that she decided to accept it. Priscilla builfPup a big -program at the "Y" In swlmmina gymnasium, folk dancing classes and other activities..and it Is with regret that the'board accepted her resignation. She -also worked half time as physical n> " 'or In the grade schools at Marshalltown. She will assume her new -position September first. Priscilla has also been signally honored by the national TT.'W.C. A. which has asked her to act as recreation director at the Business and Industrial Girls' conference which is to be held at Okoboji July '15 to 25. The swimming activities of the "Y" will be carried on for the ten days lay the senior •life savers who have been trained by Miss Southgate. Manager L. G. 'Nemmers, Assisted T>y Efficient Group:of Operators Give Unexcelled Service. About two hundred persons \\ visited the Algona telephone exchange of the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company Friday, during the hours of open house. Manager L. G. Nemmers and others conducted groups of various numbers through the local office, explaining the different mechanisms and- equipment. Only after a visit to the office Is fit possible to have an Idea of the great amount of work necessary to Install and operate telephonl exchange office. The company was from April 15 to November 28, > of the same year installing and wiring the equipment for the local exchange which is located over the Runchey grocery store, The present office was opened, December 15, The Algona Military Band will giv its- weekly concert Thursday evening at "ttie court house square. There are eleyen numbers on the program which is. given 'belowj , . of Dayton' .Panella Pox trot, . ve f a Little Paith In Warren . . Tone Poem, Simplicity ..Dorothy Lee Indian Dance, Tonawanda ..Wlndland Pantasle, My Old Kentucky Home •••-. .......... ......,..'.. ..... Dalby •March,sAnchpr's Aweigh ;:. : ; Zimmerman .Valse . caprice?: .. .". ....... :'. Pulton A Bull in a China Shop ____ Holmes March, Stars and Stripes Forever .'. • ••"••• ...... ..... .......'...... Sousa 1924. Algona Phones Number 1045. The office has equipment for 1,000 town lines on its switchboard with plenty of space to add more as the occasion demands. At present 1045 phones are In use in town. The double party lines enable the company to han- Lone Rock Man Ships Prize Cattle, ^ Lone Rock, June 24. Special: Pi M. .Christensen 81 Son shipped fourteen head of show cattle Wednesday to Mi- riot, North Dakota, where they will enter them in the cattle exhibits there. They are expected to be on exhibit until late this fall at the cattle shows and fairs.' Pred Thompson and Everett Black will be herdsmen with the cattle this summer. Mr, Christensen has purchased a new herd bull from. Henry Kuhlman of North pjatte, Nebraska, owner of the Buffalo BUI ranch at that place. Mr, Christensen and son have exhibited thejr show cattle at, many fairs and expositions for the past six years and have won many prizes on their Polled Hereford cattle. die more phones on less lines, are 482 rural phones. There In the central office there Is equipment for ten operators. Prom position number one to six the girls handle the long distance calls only, Two girls are in charge of the local calls at one time and one girl takes care of the rural calls. Rural Equipment Complicated. The rural -equipment involves the greatest amount of mechanism. Over 3,000,000 separate weldings were necessary to connect the pieces used in constructing the rural equipment In the local office. The operators usually work "In two hour shifts termissions. Algonians Attend Rotary" International. Al Palkenhalner, L. E. Linnan, Mr. and'Mrs. Walter Lorenz, Mr. and Mrs. Pred "Wehler, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Dewel and H. M. Hauberg are in Chicago this week attending the Rotary International covention. Mr. and lyirs. Eugene Murtagh, are also in Chicago Jbr the .Botary convention. Mr. and Mrs. Murtagh were married in> Paris three years ago after Mrs. Murtagh had attended the Rotary International at Ostend," Belgium M as secretary to Mr. Rogers,'/of San Antonio, who was at i the time president of tho Rotary J the United,States..All Algonians ar expected hdnie the last of the week Mrs. Hauberg accompanied Mr. Hau berg as far as Davenport where she is visiting reUtlyes. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Mathes wre <also In Chicago and were planning to attend the Rotary meeting The eleventh district held a banque and ball at the LaSa'lle hotel Tuesday evening. Will F. Walkers Leare for South America. . Mr. and Mrs. Will P. ,Walk'er' left today, Wednesday, for a ,trlp to South America to visit their son,' Phillip. They Intended to make a stop in Cedar Rapids for a day 'oOa and visit trleir ' daughter and '.then go to Washington "'' ------ *--•• ^ and then to New York,'/They wfll sail on the "American Legion," July 11 The first stop will be in Bermuda fo a few days and thence down the east ern coast of South America with stop at ,Rlo de Janeiro, Santos and the Buenos Aires where Phillip 1 is located The trip will take about eighteen days ?hillip Walker is supervising audito r or the General Motors Corporation In South America and Africa. He ha ;o visit Africa once a year and loo] over the plant on that continent. The Walkers will probably be horn some time in October and Mr. Walk sr sajd he would write a description of their travels for the readers of th Upper Des Moines-Republican. KOSSUTH COUNTY SAFETYCOUNCIL County, City and Township Officers Met Friday Eve to Organize for Safety. WILL ENDEAVOR TO ENFORCE LIGHT LAWS Entire County to Cooperate In Statewide Move for Safe Automobile Driving:, The Kossuth County Safety Council was organized last Friday at a meet- ng held at the court house. Every town In the county was represnted except Fenton and LuVerne and twenty- hree county, city and township officers vere present including mayors, mar- halls and constables. The meeting tvas conducted by Sheriff Hovey, Coun- y Attorney Shumway and State In- pector Moulds. Mr. Moulds explain- .d the light laws and also the uses of paper number plates. A State-Wide Movement. A move for safer driving will be made all over the state and Kossuth county is one of the first to organize a Safety Council, whloh invokes the cooperation of every town in the county. A move is said to be under way to give the highway commission the authority to regulate automobile lights, brakes and driving but the opinion exists that they now have enough authority and this power should rest with the sheriff and local officers. Dimmers, Lights and Brakes. The drive will be made during the season to make driving safer, especially at night by the use of dimmers and the abolishing of glare lights. Sheriff Hovey has procured 5,000 windshield stickers that read "For Safe Driving Use Dimmers, Have Lights and Brakes Tested." Everyone should procure one of these stickers for their car and cooperate with the authorities to make driving safer. Another meeting will be called soon to discuss this important matter. with fifteen minute in* During the peak time of Boy Injured When Kicked by Horse, Seneca, June 34. Special: Me}v}n Norland was kicked by a horse Tuesday morning. He was Immediately taken to Emmetsburg to a doctor. It was found, that one of his floating ribs was pushed In, injurylng the tissues around his Intestines. He remained in Emmetsburg until Thursday. Mrs. Norland and daughter, Lois May, stayed with him. H* Gerdes, Jr., Was Taken to Anamosa. < H, Gerdes,' Jr., of Bancroft, who was recently given * ten year sentence to the reformat^,, A, Anampsa by the Judge of the dJn**$ pourt on the the day when the greatest number of calls are coming in at the office, every operator's chair is filled. When the phones are not as busy, hot as many girls are in the office. A special raech- anisnv keeps count of the calls that come Jn and at what time they come in, so that tRe manager knows at just what time it is necessary to have the full quota of operators at hand, and at what' time the number may be cut down. The girls work on an eight hour basis. < JVIuyme Betts, Chief Operator. Miss Mayme Belts, who has been with the local exchange for the past elveen years is chief operator, Miss Grace Turner is the night chief operator. Dorothy Mangan is commercial clerk. L, p. Almstedt is desk man. The operators include the following; Berniqe Garrison, May Harris, Lillian Kressin, Olivia Kressin, May Runge, Maud Sellchnow, Erma Hanegan, Lucile Peterson, Evelyn Toothma,n. Gertrude Kuechenreuther, Violet Collinson, Elizabeth fjeepher,' Bernlee storm, Priseilla Loss, and Mrs. Julia Benson, night operator. W, P, Burn Has Operation. W. p.''H.urri, the well known River* daje farmer, has been at Rochester for sever*} weeks where foe underwent an fpr bladder trouble. At Dr. W, E. Kain Has Been Quite 111. Dr. W, EV.KaJn has been confined to the Algona.:hospital since last Friday when he had seventeen teeth extracted The doctor has not been Jn the best After his developed of health for some time, teeth were extracted he pneumonia and has been very ill but at this writing was feeling somewhat improved, His many friends wish him a quick recovery, Hutchisons Return Vacation Trip. Mr. and Mrs, A. Hutchison returned home Monday from a two wees' vacation trip., .They visited relatives in Des Moines^ pedar Rapids and spent the major portion of the time at the home of tJieir daughter, Mrs. Quin- oy Drummond in West Chicago. They also drove to South Bend, Indiana, and visited St. Marys of Notre Dame where Mrs. Hutchison attended school fifty years ago. Archie says that business conditions j n Chicago and northern Indiana are very bad and there la much unemployment. Fernley Nicoulin Vice President of Bank. Fernley Ntcoulin, former Algonian, now of Beverly Hills, California, was recently made vice president of the First National Bank of Beverly Hills. He went t» California several years ago, ar,d has b>en associated with the bank for the past few years. Mr. M* ooulln and. hja mother, Mrs. J. P. Nl- cc-ulln yiilted in Algona last summer., Neighbors Have Row Over Cattle. Matt Faber and Adolph and Louis Fuhrman of the St. .Joe neighborhood -fere brought before Justice Danson on aturday on information filed by J. H. Thilges. They were charged with assault and battery. According to the authorities some of the Faber cattle got into the Thilees pasture and when an attempt to settle up was made tfie parties had a regular free for all Involving the different families. Faber and Louis Fuhrman were discharged but Adolph Fuhrman was fined ten dollars and one-third of the costs. Former Algona Woman Buried Here. The funeral of Mrs. William Kehoe' of Minneapolis was held Monday mowing in St. Cecelia's Catholic church here. Father T. J, Davern officiated. Mrs. Kehoe died in Minneapolis last Thursday. She formerly, lived near Al- sona moving to Minneapolis in 1911 She leaves to sons Emmet and Adlore Mrs. Kehoe as a sister of Leo Miller nd Mrs. Henry Sphick who live near Algona. She was also a sister of the ate Chris Miller. Algona Lady Was Injured in Wreck. Mrs, J, E. Jennings was eriously injured Monday evening when their car turned over near the Irvington corner south of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings were returning home from Irvington. " " ' turned?' fag" an watching the cars 'he ran into' loose gravel and his car turned over. Mrs. Jennings was seriously bruised about the back and body and was taken to I the hospital. Mr, Jennings received some «bad cuts on his, knee, "hip and and shoulder but was about town on Tuesday morning. The. car was badly damaged. ALGONA DEFEATED LEDYARD 2 TO I Clear Lake Defeats Algona in Golf. About -twenty of the local golfers Journeyed to Clear Lake last Sunday and held a tournament with golfers -here. Clear Lake hnd some crack slayers and won by the score of 35 to 24. A number of the local players en- loyed dinner at the Clear Lake club house. Next Sunday Webster City will come to Algona for a. tournament. Dr. C. L. Mcade, Mason City, and Selby Brahms, Garner, both membero of the Clear Lake club tied for low score, each having an 83, John Haggard, Algona, placed low for Algono with an 86 on 18 holes, Don Smith of Algona also brought home a rc- narkablc score. He made'a 42 on one round. To do this he made blrdios on two holes, that is a score of two on hole number two and a scare of ;hree on hole number three. Ward E. Baker, Dodges Point, pinced second for Clear Lake with an 84. 3arn Burned Near Lone Rock Last Week. Lone Rock, June 24, Special: Last 'uesday morning the barn on the Jas. lyan farm, four miles northeast of ione Rock caught on fire from an un- nown origin and was completely de- troyed. There was only a few loads of ay in the barn. The fire siren was lown and a number of cars went out nd because of their quick work the om crib with 4,000 bushels of corn saved. The Albert Olsen family ves in the house and the farm Is perated by J. T. Cherland and son and s owned by a Fort Dodge man. CO. BOYS ATTEND 4-H SHORT COURSE lear Joe Lilly, Big Game Hunter of Des Moines, Tell of Africa, , COUNTY POUE-H ENROLLMENT THIRD; Mrs. Michael Winter Dies at Lakota. Mrs. Michael Whiter of Lakota died 'any Monday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. R. Lewis, at Lakota. She was eighty-nine years ol age at the time of her death. She had a stroke Saturday from which she never regained consciousness. The funeral was held today at the Presbyterian church in Lakota. Miss Olive Lewis who is employed at the Chrischilles & Herbst store, is a granddaughter of Vinners m Boys'" County Fair to Attend Waterloo Dairy Congress. ____,_^_ 1 J 5 ' (By John L, Thorngren, County Club Agent,) Six Kossuth county boys attended the anual boys' 4-H 'short course held at Iowa State College, .June 10-17-18. A total of 422 boys and 53 leaders, from 64 counties were present,- The boys attending from Kossuth county were as Game Was Marred by Much Quarreling and Arguing Over Umpiring, CAYOU STRUCK OUT FIFTEEN BATTERS. Algona Is Now (n First Place, No Park* Ing Will be Allowed Outside the Local Ball Pork. Algona is now in undisputed first place in the North Iowa League as the result of winning over Ledyard Sunday by a score of 2 to 1. Although the game was close and the winner in doubt until the last man was out it was featured by arguments, quarrels and poor umpiring. Ledyard threatened to change tnc situation in the ninth Inning when with two out, the batter was safe on an error at first, gained second base on an error and came home on a single for the only Ledyard score, The , batter that singled took second an the throw to the plate and stole third. He was out stealing in an attempt to reach home with the tying 1 run. .'-.-• Cayou had the batters puzzled at all , ' times and received credit, for fifteen strike-outs. He allowed but five hits. Algona batters were just as helpless, getting only four hits. Errors played a part in the scoring of both runs as did a base on balls, Both teams worked hard in the field by making inany hard and fast plays for the support of their pitcher. Next Sunday Algona plays Elmore here in the last game of the first half of the season. By winning this game Algona will be the league champions.: The second half season opens July 13. > The winners of each half will plait to a three game series at the close of the regular season. The team'that is successful In this series will plons for the entire The road to the , state park has beemi pn.ball, game? dr~~' necessary'to relie. the county sheriff''hap'mi cham- rk'land the . ' th can*, become 'so ' parldngTlgns to'placZ along, the high way. This road" will 'also be patrolled,. The fans 'are requested 'to'.parlE tHelr cars Inside ' Algona ,.-.. Titonkfe .".'. Bancroft; ,. Ledyard .. Goes to Indiana as Sorority Delegate. Mabel Earl Coleman left Tuesday night for West Baden, Indiana, to at- end the national Zeta Tau Alpha sor- rlty convention, June 26 to 30, as jresident and official delegate of Beta Zeta chapter at Iowa State College. En- oute to West Baden she will spend Vednesday in Chicago as guest of the hicago Zetas. On the way home she nil spend a few days in Chicago vis- GaylorVitzthum, Wesley; Carl Hanselman, Livermore, and Billy Dodds, Algona. J 3& -, Emmetsburg Democrat Air The Emmetsburg Democrat last week ing friends, ome July. 5. She expects to return Nine Year Old Girls Start "Handy Store." Wayside stands and suburban groc- ries are all the go these days and the orth Thorlngton street children have .town that they are abreast of the mes by starting a "Handy Store" on no A, D, Burtis lawn. Little nine- ear-old Betty Burtis and Barbara aggard are the proprietors and the :ore opened for business yesterday Corning. The little girls believe in advertising and are passing out a little hand bill like this: Kohlhaas Houses Being Moved. Frank Kohlhaas expects to get both of his houses moved from across the Milwaukee railroad to his lots just west of the Bryant building this week. One of the houses is to be occupied by Mr and Mrs. Joe Harig and the other by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reimer. They will be finished by the first of September. Quite a little red tape is necessary to On Monday evening the boys attend- Issued a 24-page air tour edition in ed a 4-H pow-wow In North woods, honor of the visit of the Iowa air tour near the campus at Ames, where they fleet of planes to that city on Wed- were served barbecued beef, and where nesday. A crowd of 8,00, people was they heard Indian legends around a attracted to Erametsburg to see the air«-. campfire. Following registration most Planes, and the event was a notable, of Monday was taken up with study one. Editor Branagan is one of the of selection, feeding, fitting and show- best known" and most enterprising edT- ing of livestock and studies of crops tors In northern Iowa, and his son and crop production. W. T. Branagan, is following In his Dr. D. W. Morehouse, president of footsteps. The air tour edition of the Drake University talked on "What We Democrat was a very creditable -pro- Know About Plants" at a general us- ductlon. The younger Mr. Branaeah sembly Tuesday morning. The rest of Joined the air tour at Wesley upon iri- Tuesday was taken up with livestock vitation and made the trip to Emmets- and crops Judging and illustrated talks burg in the big Staholind. He seems on plant propagation, foods and nutri- to be "air-minded" and it may be that tion and birds and snakes. Joe Lilly | the Democrat will soon have a "Good of Des Moines, big game hunter, talked to the boys and their leaders on big game hunting in Africa at the annual News" plane of its own, banquet Tuesday night. Wednesday | New Catholic Priest Assigned to St. Joe. HANDY STORE. North Thorington. Algona, Iowa. Run by Barbara Haggard and Betty Burtis PLEASE COME AND BUY. On Burtis Front Lawn. Pat McEnroe and Betty and Jean Murtagh apparently have an interest lu the store and Pat is acting as "barker/' They report that business is opening uo pretty good. * aring the buildings across the track on the Thorington crossing. A num- ser of the section men have to be on the job and it is necessary to make a fifty dollar deposit before the buildings can be moved across the track. Sexton Man Now in Trouble Here. Phillip Amanof Sexton was arrested Monday by Sheriff Hovey and is charged with illegaf transportation of liquor. He was brought to Algona and Justice Danson placed his bond at $1 000, and fixed the time for his hearing Thursday at nine a, in. wa's taken up with work at the experimental plots of the agronomy farm and at the dairy and poultry farms, 4-H Enrollment Large. Enrollments in boys' and girls' 4-H Rev. Father George Theobold, who has been the Catholic priest nt the Humboldt church, for the past two club work in Kossuth county, according years, has been assigned to the nas- to the last report, totalled 439. This torafe of the St. Joe church and has ranks Kossuth third among the coun- taken charge. Father Berper who has ties of the state, enrollments being ex- .been the priest at St Joe 'for some ceeded only by Black Hawk and Linn years, died at a hospital in Dubiinue a counties. week ago. Father Berger had resign- Plans are now under way to prepare ed the pastorate at St Joe some several boys' dairy demonstration teams months ago on account of ill health to compete at the county fair, Septem- ' ber 1 to 5th. Demonstrations under Over 12,000 Visit Call State Park. Custpdian Paul Wille of the Call State Park reports that something over 13,000 visitors have been entertained at the park during the month of June so far. This park is known far and wide as one of the finest in Iowa and nany travelers stop off for a view of the historic spot Mr. Wille takes a personal pride in keeping the park up to the highest standard, and should be given full credit. consideration are: production of clean milk; eliminating separator losses; selection of dairy animals and value of cow test associations. A team shall consist of two members and the demonstration must not be over thirty minutes in length. The winning Kossuth county team will compete at the Waterloo Dairy cattle congress with expenses paid. Birthday Party Held Last Sunday. Persons totalling forty-nine met on Sunday afternoon at the E. C. Potter home in honor of Mrs. Mabel (Win) Potter's birthday. Her tome is in Spencer. Those present were Dr. L. R. Potter and family, Sac City; Mrs. James Reid, Celia and John, also Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stark and baby of Hector, Minnesota; Mrs. Ellen Potter, Chicago; D. E. Potter, Port Dodge; the Ray Miner family, of Meridan; O. L. Miller and family, St. Benedict; Mesdames Mae Milter and Martha Potter, Algona; the Btiles and A. E. Claytons, P. L. Millers, and the H. L., C. H., L. A, md It. D. Potters and Ward Mc- Whorters of Clear Lake. New Automobile Numbers Are Here. County Treasurer H. N. Kruse received the Kossuth county automobile number plates for 1931 this week. They are on a white back ground with blue numbers and of the same size as last year's plates. Kossuth county will continue to have number fifty-five and no change will be made in the number of any county. Any one may purchase* plates at any time during the season, but they must be procured before January first to avoid penalty. Former Whittemore Boy Was Married. Whittemore, June 34. Special: The marriage of Sylvester Ehlers of Madison, Wisconsin, to Miss Blanche Haberman took place Tuesday at the home of the bride's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Haberman in Osakfs, Minnesota. The honeymoon is being spent at the Hab!Sf n nS? W8 « e at P ark Rapids, Miuae. sota. The groom is a son of Mrs Henry Meyer, of Whltteraar£ Ifeis &*, man of the East Side Ne,ws at Madison, where the youn^ wuple wflTbea^

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