The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1930 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1930
Page 12
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The Upper Des Moinee-ReplibliCait, June 18,1930 DAN LONG, JR., GIVEN FIVE YEARS WHfTTEMORE MAN Hobarton Store Wins COMMITTED SUICIDE f »«**> «*>.«*»* a****. »»** Former Algona ed From Ft. Madisen and Recaptured in Minn. Mb HABIT 01? WHILE INTOXICATED. WM Given Sentence of one Year from Spencer. Made a tmsty and Then Escaped. Dan Long, Jr., is now serving a five year term at Fort Madison. He was a faihilar figure In this vicinity and for a number of years was engaged in horse buying. He is considered one of the best Judges of horses in the country and his services were much in demand by horse dealers in the east. Dan's only fault is his appetite for booze. He is Pheasants Charged With Much Damage* j Bancroft Register: The Gabel Bros; of hear Ledyard recently finished the work of replanting fifty acres of corn the seed having been taken by the, I^V^KIMI ui uie f-tu-iue» \JCUCHU >4, , t -^ 4 pheasants, ChrisGelhaus In the same Alphonse Everh&ft Drank s^re at Hobarton, won a trip to Phila-1 BUfVey t0 06 Made Vif.tntt.V fOnlontorl & fht^tn.nin.n fl.Ul^^" * * "'""• " fJi c *« 1 » I J-1~1,4- „. It. ,_..!„.l.^i t- *..U ,J.. • sale distributors of the Philco radio, have announced that R. D. Bjustrom, proprietor of the Fanners' General AL60NA MAY GET FEDERAL BUILDING ! vicinity replanted a thirty-acre field and Robert Curtis about twenty acres. Pheasants are repotted as much more plentiful this spring than they were last spring and owing to the cold weather and the fact that the corn sprouted slowly, the pheasants have been doing a great deal of damage. Many farmers have tried furnishing feed for them in order to keep them from digging up the sprouted corn and apparently this has worked out Two Ounces of Carbolic Acid Monday. DOMESTIC TROUBLES mer in Several North Iowa Cities* delphia or its equivalent in cash, giv- eh by the Philco company for those who sold the most radios during a sales contest from February i to April 30. There were eight different classes and Algona and Vicinity was in the class of from three to five thousand popu-, ....... i - . - „«_. ~ *, lation. All the Philco dealers in the ALGONA ONE OF AND DRINK CAUSE. | ^S^SSf-^ M *" A My> I PREFERRED CLASS. Mr. Bjustrom was high man in every class up to the 20,000 class with the fairly successfully when the corn has L ,. w . , „,., _ .. _ . exception of one dealer, and stood fifth L... ., „„, «•„*•. «««.„««. been left on the ear. **« Note for Wife. Bought Poison place in the state taklng ln al , the Elliott Bill Passed by Congress He- Wm. Schadendorf, who lives west of Oerled scattered ( ear corn around his field and had fairly good results. Others tried feeding the pheasants shelled corn and they apparently were | not particularly interested In it. May 20. Inquest Was Held This Morning:. Alphonse Everhart of towns and cities. This is indeed a great record and Mr. Sjustrom is to be congratulated. He has built up a fine store in the five years he has been in Hobarton and his many friends Whittemore | wish him continued success. ccntly Authorizes Expenditures for Public Buildings. . not a criminal but rather his own worst enemy. Game birds are a great thing for committed suicide by drinking two the community, but when they become ourees of carbolic acid Monday. As numerous enough to destroy the seed near as can be learnc.i he committed Blind Bov Ttinp* corn In entire fields, the situation is the deed Monday an.1 he was not found ""»• " v f * unco a serious one and throws too great a until this morning. He was a tiler and ' burden on the farmers who feed them. I is reported to have been a drinking Possibly a longer open season next fall I man. He and his wife had trouble „_ would have a beneficial effect on the and she left home and went to a City to spend the summer with his this summer by the department num- situation. Many farmers are shoot- I son, who lives on a farm, Everhart was parents who live near Algona. William ! ber more than 1,600, it was said. They ing the birds and letting them lie I evidently living alone. This morning I is blind, but in spite of his handicap " " " Mason City Globe Gazette: Plans are well under way for surveys this sumer of nearly every city In Iowa with postal receipts of more than $20,_. i 000 a year, unless It has recently been PianOS for S. U. I. Provided with a' new federal building, the post office department announced William Hahle is home from Iowa today. The surveys to be undertaken where they fall in an attempt to pro- H. F. Helmke and R. H. Finnell dis- tect their crops. DAN LONG, JR. Dan Long was arrested several times for driving a car while intoxicated. The first offense several years ago caused his arrest near Hobarton. He was sent •to the inebriate department at Chero. kee. About two years ago he was Dr. Kenefick Honored by Medical Association. Drs. M. J. Kenefick, R. H. Crawford and C. H. Cretzmeyer attended the Twin Lakes medical meeting at Rockwell City last week. Eleven counties of this vicinity and west are included in the association. The program was furnished by a clinic from Rochester of which Dr. Wm. J. Mayo was in charge. | covered the body of Everhart, lying partly on the bed with his feet upon the floor, pipe in hand, dead. A two ounce bottle labeled carbolic acid was found nearby and it was learned that he had purchased the poison May 20. A note was found which had evidently been written Monday morning shortly after he had been seen alive for the last time which read: " Dear Wife: This note will tell you that I have love for you and you wil be sorry for the way you used me as tills is my last day in this world." Coroner Laird being away, Countj Attorney Shumway called an inquesl Dr. Kenefick was elected president of I and a verdict of suicide was returned, the association for the coming year to The unfortunate man was about six- succeed Dr. W. W. Bowen of Fort ty-five years old and leaves the wife, Dodjre. Dr. W. T. Peters and Dr. J. two sons and two daughters. G. Clapsaddle of Burt also attended the meetings. The plan for next year's program is to have a homecoming for Ha]h«»r<r CiaracrA fr» all former Iowa doctors and physicians I " elOer& ^^rag 6 lo who have achieved distinction and to have them put on a program. Storm Friday Does Move Next Week. The Helberg Garage will move the I last of next week to the building formerly occupied by the Elbert Garage, I which Mr. Helberg recently purchased. at Swea. The inside of the building has been has completed three years of college work, two years at Cedar Falls and one at the University of Iowa. Next year he will begin his first year of law at the university, He Is art expert piano tuner, and has been employed by the university the past year to tune the! pianos. He was chosen for the posi tion over several others who made ap plication. He is spending the summe at home and is tuning pianos. His ad appears in another part of this paper. white washed, and other improvements Sea City, June 17. Special: This are being made. The building which £ain a^sted*r tSelf^e a^d ^J™* ™J«« ££ • series of M, Helberg. has been occupying_has fined by Judge Davidson. He was alsc arrested once in Floyd county. Som time *8ilittlq s over a year ago he was arrested at, and 4 sea: Madison, tcer on the same charge ' f one year at For 'jtnade a trusty anc was arrestec i ii»i/ w ,, i nuu^'- J -~ Ki ' ii '* i "' a 'wlttua flve'l _ ^SS? ^^goof^hls-one^eaiTterm f#f" was ttK^&&&itt& one of thr substantial farmers of feegunty ^nd, he -will be missed by 3h ^ft t fl»awT*5 park ftte&tetaAiL Oftajiw was born in 1856 i,'Wisconsin, and died " home near LIvermore. . .,. -tour -years of age at T««O" »v. ot u hls death - He cam e to ^ Iowa when h.e-was twenty-one years oj age. He wag married in 1882. Be,, . his wife he leaves a daughter, ?«5jner, who lives in Minnesota. 11 sdn, William, Wl?9 is at home and another son, who lives at Corwith " jFuneral service? were held Satu'rd&« |t the.home ftnd bUi'ial was at Corwith. Rev. I. F. Metcalf of the Nazarene church in Algona ofliciated. He was assisted by Rev. Wiggins of Mason storms en Friday. On Friday morning been rented to the Algona Motor Sales a hail storm struck about two miles of which Sam Klassie of Renwick is north of town doing considerable owner, damage to gardens, strawberry patches and killing chickens. Mrs. Ed. Berggren lost 200 spring chicks. Progress Bancroft Man Gets of the growth of corn was hindered, "" 11V1 "* «• *"«*" v»cw» Missionary From India to Speak Here. Miss Eva Carpenter, who has spent fifteen years in India doing missionary work in connection with the Nazarene church, will be here June 30, and will tell of her experiences. The lecture will be held in the local Nazarene church on East McGregor street at eight o'clock. She wil tell of how she Alined the confidence of the natives hrough medicine and administering to the sick, and of starring the first Sunday School in a mud hut. She superintended the building of the first Nazarene church in India. Miss Carpenter is an interesting speaker and no doubt a large crowd will hear her message. , so it is hard to tell of the exact damage .done to crops. On -Friday, evening about eight p. m. heavy -wind „ storm-, accompanied by , downpour^'of rajr> did <- considerable ' damage houses and ,-3 afrtto'e o. ~' A 6wn and brooder .chickens: .were killed '—rfplace: Just west^of S'were blown'down.' Ten Years in Pen. are the result of the Elliott bill passed last month authorizing expenditure of $115,000 for new post office buildings, mainly in the smaller cities of the country. Others to be Surveyed. First-class offices, which are those with annual postal receipts of $40,000 or more, will be inspected by a personal representative of the department it was stated. Cities in North Iowa which come within this classification and have not been provided with a public building under the program authorized earlier. Include Charles City, Decorah and Waverly. The remaining cities, having receipts between $30,000 and $40,000 annually, will be surveyed by means of the postmaster in each office, who will submit detailed data to the department. Offices falling In this ciassification include Algona, Denison, LeMars, Sac City, Sheldon and Storm Lake. Some of these will have preferred status because of a recommendation ast year by the joint public buildings jommittee that they should have new >uildings. These cities were Waverly, Storm Lake, Algona and Sheldon. The department will not be able to provide new buildings hi all cities surveyed, even under the new Elliott bill appropriation. The surveys this summer, however, will furnish a basis for carrying the programs for national building to be authorized in future years. Tiny Washafclfe Are Colorful—Cute $1.25 to $2.95 They're so fresh, so crisp and so summery and cool." Printed . and plain materials fashion them into many distinctive styles that the little Miss will feel proud to own. Seventh Day Adventist. Elder E. G. Olsen, who started and milt the Seventh Day Adventist church here over forty-seven years ago, wiJ preach at the church Thursday nigh of this week at eight o'clock. Every body Is welcome. Morten Pederson leader. Union township, June 17. Special During the storm last Friday consid- Henry Gerdes, Jr., of Bancroft, was I erable damage was done in Union. A sentenced to ten years in the reforma- j granary on the farm tenanted bv How- Wind Storm Damages .- ^ „ Property in Union. McG ' e «"J J^ 8 ™ Good Fight Sunday. Sexton Gwlliarries Iowa City Kfcan. Sexton, ,Jfune 17, .Special: The Sexon Epworth League girls gave a show- ir Friday afternoon, at the home of <Sxe, A. L. Greenfield in honor of Lora 3Jseri, who was to be married Monday, tine 16th at twelve o'clock at the home f her parents, Mr, and Mrs. George Olsen, northwest of town. The bride- rroom was Ray Thomas of Iowa City, They left Sexton Monday afternoon on he bus for Iowa City where they will •nake their home. The bridesmaid was tliss Ha Olsen, sister of the bride, and ~'8SUe Huff gcted as best man. Those Mending the wedding were close rea- ives of the family. tory at Anamosa yesterday by Judge Fred Lovrein at Humboldt for statutory rape. Gerdes, who is married, and the father of three children, was arrested April 21 and has been In the county, jail since tbat time. He filed a written plea of guilty yesterday and was then taken to Humboldt where he received bis sentence. Shumways Return from Their California Trip. County Attorney and Mrs, G D Shumway returned Thursday from their trip to California. They drove to the coast about a month ago. Mr Shumway's mother, Mrs. D. F. Shumway and her daughter, Margaret of Sutherland, who had been in California for several months, returned home with them. They made the trip in Mrs. D. F. Shumway's car Lotts Creek Won Over Fenton 5 to 6. Lone Rock, June 17. Special: The Lotts Creek ball club was in rare form Sunday and defeated Fenton 5 to 0. This was the third game between these two teams this year. Lotts Creek has won two games and Fenton has won one. Mittag pitched for Lotts Creek Sunday and struck out eleven of the Fenton batters, pitching one of his best games this year. There was a large crowd in attendance as this was Lotts Creek's annual picnic. Wonder of Fenton connected for a three base hit, the longest hit of the day. The batteries for Lotts Creek were Mittag and Kressin and for Fenton, Kuecker, Alclerson and Peters. Low Priced WASHER Will OVTWASH 9 out of 10 (y«i, 19 out ol 20) of the hifkett priced tiojfc-tub ntiluit on lU (R*Hc«t, B»cled by the un/imi/ej gu«r- titi*« bond of one ol dit oldeil «nd of »H wwhtr manufacture. («lon cW faii, hi Miit w 0. W. Erickson Hardware Plione 274, Algona M. E. Brotherhood Met in Swea City. Swea City, June 17. Special- The district Brotherhood of the Methodist , church met at the Methodist church in Swea City on, Thursday evening with about forty delegates from the different churches in the district in attendance A banquet was served by the Methodist Ladies' Aid, Dr. Miller of Fairmont gave the address. The Methodist orchestra furnished the music and the Isenberg quartet sang several songs. This quartet is very popular and are always a drawing card on any program. Rev. Miller of Fairmont gave an inspiring talk. Titonka Boy Suffers Injury to Eye. Herman Pannkuk of Titonka suiTer- ecl a painful injury Saturday afternoon to Ills right eye. He is the youngest son o! Mr, and Mrs. Sever Pannkuk He had, gone to a gravel pit near Union Slough in company with some other boys to go swimming. While standing on the bank he was hit by a rod- tossed by one of the other boys He was taken to Mason City for treatment with the hope of saving the eye. Has Thumb and Two Fingers Shot Off. Lakota, June 17. Special: Wilbur Wirtjes, the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wirtjes, had an accident last week Tuesday, which caused the loss of a thumb and two fingers on his right hand, While plowing he had a shot gun on the plow and in some manner it was discharged and caused the above mentioned accident. Algona To Play at Ledyard Sunday. Manager H. M. Vinson of the Algona ball team, announces that the next ball game will be between Al gona and Ledyard at Ledyard next Sunday. The locals were trying to have the" game transferred to Algona but were unable to do so. In view of the fact that Algona has been playing such a fast brand of ball it is hoped that a good many of the local fans will trek to Ledyard Sunday and support the team. D. H. Goeders Wins Casting Contest. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Goeders drove to Estherville Saturday evening to be overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kepler. Sunday the two couples drove to Okoboji Lake, where they attended the Will H. Dilg meeting. Mr. Goeders won first place in the casting contest which was held by the fishermen. Mr. and Mrs. George Elbert also attended the meeting. ... __ tenanted by How- Strayer was blown down and -destroyed; a "cattle shed on the place farmed by Mark Sarchett was also damaged. We understand considerable damage was done to the former Morrow home, now owned by H. A Bates. Numerous trees and branches' were broken and blown down besides other minor damages.^ Mell Peterson Told of Battle Ships. Ensign Mell Peterson was a guest of the Rotary club Monday which met at the Country Club and gave a very interesting talk on the navy and the guns that are used. Mell has been assigned to the U. S. S. New York, and will Join the crew on the western coast about July 15th for a cruise. H WUlingham and President Swanson of the Emmetsburg club were visitors. Tom Should be Given Fat Job. Garner Signal: "Tom Way, politician and promoter, was visiting friends in Hancock county last Thursday, stopping it many of the towns in the county :o congratllate leaders for the successful outcome of the campaign in be- rialf of Turner for governor. Mr. Way served as manager of the Dan Turner campaign and was in charge of headquarters in Des Moines. It seems that two amorous swains undertook, to settle their differences over a girl SundajMiight, by resorting to flsticuffs^^The'i'battle took place about ten o'clock on the W. O. Vigars front lawn. It was witnessed by friends of the couple and many of the residents roundabout. Few loud and hard smacl were taken by both parties and then they resorted to wrestling tactics. - One the spectators happened to, mention that the officers were down to referee. the fight and immediately the participants faded from sight and "hightailed" it away from the bloody battlefield. Baptist Church. Russell Cook Was "Marked Highways" will be the sub| Ject of the morning sermon at the Bap- Fin«»rl at Titonlfj* ' tlst church next Sunday. Beginning r meu <tt i uuiiita. j Sunday evening there will be union Russell Cook, who drives a Hormel Sun day evening services during the summer. The first of these will be in meat truck, was fined at Titonka Saturday, charged with speeding. He states that he was accused of driving forty miles an hour but two witness called testified that he was driving seventeen or eighteen miles an hour. Tonsil Clinic Held at Algona Hospital. A tonsil clinic was held Wednesday at the Algona hospital wljen five school children had their tonsilc removed. The work was done at the recommendation of the cchool nurse for children whose parents were unable to have the children's tonsils removed. Barn Burned When Struck by Lightning A barn on the John Ricklef farm near Titonka was struck by lightning early Saturday morning and burned, the entire contents being destroyed, consisting of hay, harness and so forth. The County Mutual protected Mr. Ilicklef. . the Baptist church with Rev. J. L. Coleman, pastor of the Presbyterian church, as preacher. These services are for the whole community, and we cordially invite you to attend this opening service. Hours of service, eleven a. m. and eight p. m.—Frank H. Webster, minister. Algona Markets. $ .05 >/ a 28 Vi Hogs ".'/.'.. ,' 925 Efc'KS 16-.20 Hens 12-.16 Roosters 07-.08 Temperature for Week. High Low Rain Nazarene Church. Sunday School at 0:45 a. m., lesson title, "The Risen Lord and the Great Commission." Golden text, "Go, ye, therefore and teach all nations." (Matt. 28:19). What is the result? The resurrection has proved that this movement is not dead, that it is still much alive and that it is alive forevermore, having behind it a resurrected life, it must, it will go, All doubts as to its permanency have now been banished, what other thing would Jesus be expected to do under these conditions than commission His disciples to go to work at the task of world evangelism; the resurrection necessitates this commission; it would be a disappointment had it not been given. I Morning worship at eleven. Sermon | by the pastor. Evangelistic service in the evening at eight p. m. Wednesday evening prayer and Bible study at eight. You are welcome to worship with us, —I. F. Metcalf, pastor. Wednesday .............. 77 Thursday ................ 82 Friday ................... 83 Saturday ................. 83 Sunday ................. 79 .72 Monday Tuesday ................. 70 54 57 .68 56 .29 55 .85 54 52 University Students to Fort Crook, Nebraska. Three Iowa University students, Virgil Lewis, of Lakota, Sandford Stoddard of Shell Rock and Russel Nies of Charles City came Friday and stayed over night at the T. P. Harrington home. Saturday the boys, accompanied by Robert Harrington, who is also an [owa student, left for Fort Crook at Omaha. They will take a six weeks course in a military training camp there. Mr. Lewis was editor of the Student paper at Iowa City, The Daily lowan Oh, Boy, what a drive. Complete set — 4 club and bag $5.95. Gamble's Senior 75c golf ball 59c. Repaints 25c. Blue Ribbon Matched Irons $3,85,— Gamble Stores. 52 CLASSIFIED ADS, The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid In advance, 3c if charged. Cash must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 26c. German Lutheran Church. Corner of North Wooster and East Elm street. H. Dubbe, pastor. No services Sunday as the pastor will preach at Terril, Iowa. On June 29th there will be German services with celebration of holy communion. Announcements for communion will be received on Thursday, June 26, afternoon and evening. • Freparatory.-services begin ,at nine- thirty, and regular services at ten o'clock. Notice of Application. For Authority to Sell Certain Real Eg-' WANTED— Young man of 21 wants job on farm. Call 210, Elm Street, Algona, Iowa. 52 WANT TO RENT— Small house for family of three. Call 230. 52 FOB BENT—Modern Phone 489 or 55, • apartment. 52 Bee supplies, get them of G. E. Van Dorston. 51-3 FOB BENT— Room in modern house. Call51-J. 51-tf FOB SALE—Two houses, one modern with garage, $3200,00, one house with double garage, light and water, $1500.—Andrew Peterson, phone 318. 51* Silverside Park has installed a dock into deep water to flish off of. Come. License, Minnows, Refreshments, free picnic tables, etc. Baby Chicks. 51-52 USED CABS—All overhauled', not a cough in a carload, plenty to choose from. See A. F. Corey, 108 E. McGregor St. Phone 663. 52 "Algona's Wife Saving Station."-Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267. 50-tf , In Equity No. 12383. . In the district court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county, t,. A Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the state of Iowa, plaintiff, vs. County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, defendant. To all persons interested in the receivership of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, and to whom it may concern: You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the application of L. A. Andrew receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, asking that he be authorized to Join with the 'First National Bank, of Burt, Iowa, and the Peoples Savings Bank, of St. Benedict, Iowa, In selling the following described real estate situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, to-wit: The North 51 feet of the south 94 feet of that part of Lots Six (6), Seven (7) and Eight (8) in Block One Hundred Eighty-six (186), Call's Addition to Algona, Iowa, lying East of Diagonal Strret, to C. W. Bjustrom, of Al- ;ona, Iowa, for the sum of Thirteen Hundred Fifty Dollars ($1350.00) according to the terms and conditions set out in said application to which r ou are referred for further particulars. You-are further notified that the waring' on said , application will be had at the court house in Algona, Iowa, on the 25th day of June, A. D. 1930, at two o'clock p. rrf., of said day at which time you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why an order should not be entered authorizing said sale L. A. ANDREW, Receiver of the County Savings 1 Bank, Algona, Iowa. By R, H. MILLER, Examiner in GAINS 10 POUNDS FEELS BETTER THANJN YEARS Sioux City Man Enthusiastic About Medicine/Five Bottles Brought Health. Charge. 52 MR. FRED A. DAILEY. "I suffered for five years with stomach trouble and a general run down, condition," said Fred A. Dailey, 514 West Sixth street, Sioux City, Iowa. "I had little appetite and such food as I was able to eat soured in my stomach. I had attacks of indigestion that were frequent and severe. Finally I began to lose weight and strength and I realized that something had to be done. I tried many medicines and treatments without finding any relief. Fortunately, a friend recommended Konjola to me at this time. I can never express my appreciation for all this great medicine did for me. Although it has been over a month since I finished my fifth bottle of Konjola, not a single ailment of mine has returned. My appetite has greatly improved and, best of all, my food agrees with me. Indigestion and sour stomach are things of the past. I have gained ten pounds and feel better than I have in years." From four to eight bottles of Kon- jola have done for thousands of men and women just what it did for Mr. Dailey. Konjola Is sold in Algona, Iowa, at E, W, Lusby drug store, and by all the test druggists in all towns throughout this entire section. — Adv. 62 ftWWWUVWWVW^^ see Correction. Last week In our local column we published an item about "Milo Durant" moving his paint shop from the building north of the Little Cook Shop to the Boettcher building on North Thorington street. The name should have been Seeley instead of Durant. Mr, Seeley has been in Algona for some time, and hla good workmanship has caused his business to increase. His shop is now located in the back part of the building occupied by flen. Bynds. WANTED—Olean rags at this office. Will rent furnished home July, August and September to reliable couple Phone 508-W. 60-tf FARM LOANS AT &>A% INTEREST fIty residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MUBTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. BQ-tf They didn't realize it cost so little. Gamble's House Paint goes as far- covers as well—it's guaranteed, 12.30 per gal., 5 gal. lots, 52 a In 10 uccuis! v 0 You'll hardly believe your eye*I No »teck- Ing you've ever worn has looked so beautifully sheer— or mgde your ankle look so beautifully slim! And these Phoenix dull «tockings wear much /pnger/ For evening and daytime wear In the newest shades.

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