The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1930 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1930
Page 11
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. June 18,1930 Orchestra of five drug pIayed 6t the & r ******* aBd h a« to play there regularly. «.._ ;j—•»• • Peterson and .... j , Edft . a Dorian wei-e in Mason city as delegates to the state Sunday School convention. Mrs. C. D. Ward was to attend later, and give her review of experience at the International,meeting she had attended In Washington. A company of girl friends had en- enjoyed a pleasant; picnic breakfast given in honor of Miss Lllah Shearer Who was. soon to wed James Kelster of Cedar Rapids. The young ladles showered the bride-to-be with an array of culinery articles for her future use In the hew home. The forty-slxth annual Kossuth county normal Institute was to be held hi Algona. County Superintendent 8. J Backus had arranged a fine program With some of the best talent available to conduct the various branches of the Institute work, classes had been so arranged that the teachers could attend the chautauqua programs in the afternoon. The Congregational people had made a good start toward raising a fund to build a parsonage for the Rev. O. H. Holmes. On the Sunday before the paper was published, $2,000 had been raised at the morning service, and there was already on hand another $1000 for the same purpose. The work was to be pushed forward without delay. The marriage licenses included the following: Ihno H. Gerdes and Caroline P. Johnson of Wesley; Robert H Mallow, Kanawha, and Alice May Worder, of Ledyard; Walter H. Allsup of Burt and Ivy Gilbertson of Bancroft; Robert H. Holley of Worthlngton, Minnesota, and Nina E. Marquis of Ledyard; Prank P. Wernli of Hazelton, North Dakota, and Frances N. Kriethe of Burt. • The crowd who took advantage of the short cut through the Call pasture to the Wlallace-Hagenback show which had just been held In Algona near the soft water pond, greatly appreciated the improvements In the shape of a bridge over the creek, and the string of lanips which Mr. Ferguson had fitted up for the accommodation of the public. Such acts as that of Mr Ferguson In making that walk a pleasure were not soon to 3>e forgotten by the thoughtful person. A flre at-St. Joe had destroyed the Nick Gales machine shed, the Bor- mana tolasksmlth shop and the St. Joe hall. , The Gales residence and store and the WaldbilHg house had been saved after a nurd fight. Mr .Gales was the,-principal loser as his machine . _. of Good Hope Man and Bride Now in Chicago* Good [Hop, June 17. Special: Les- Mltchn and hte bride - wi* , Miss Lillian McGrath, returned to their home In Chicago on last Saturday after spending their honeymoon at the home of the groom's parents, Mi. and Mrs. Etna Mitchell. They were mar- Wed on Saturday, June 7, and arrived here on Sunday,. the 8th. Both Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell occupy Important positions with the Bell Telephone Co., the former as chief of switchboard maintenance at the University of Chicago and the latter In a department of arbitration or pacification of the troubles of customers who get wrong numbers, or can't get their party, or "what have you." They will each continue at their respective work. The bride had never before been hi the country and every moment of her stay was filled with interest In getting acquainted with the ' tlon O. Bailey,' clerk" of' election.'.' John Martin, clerk of election iloyd Elston, clerk of election I. A. Thompson, clerk of election "•Irst Natl. Bk., rent county brd. room ....'. Geo. P. Hawcott, ret. ballots & supplies own Burt, rent C. H. ScMroeder, arr. booths. Town Burt, light Geo. C. Hanna, judge of election J. P. Cherland, judge of election L. Marlow, judge of election . M. O. Richards, clerk of election I K. G. Ewoldt, clerk of election K. G. Ewoldt, ret. ballots and , , , , supplies funded the following amounts In Swea ,T. II. Blanchard, rent , ^ „ how, where, and what of farm life. We wish them a life of abundant happiness and success. BOARDPROCECDINGS deorge filbert, clerk of election.. 3.« Robt. R. Smith, judge of election 4.2 Edith Taylor, judge of election 4.2 Thos. Kalii, judge of election.. 4.2 Matt Lamuth, judge of election 2.7 Ma Richardson, Judge of election 2.7 D. D. Paxson, judge of election . ' 2.7 Imelda Dooley, clerk of election 4.2 H. P. Huenhold, clerk of election 4.2 E. J. McEvoy, clerk of election 2.?i R. F. Donovan, cl«rk of election 2.7 Chris Brandt, judge of election 4.8i Fred Boyken, judge of election ' «' Andrew M. Hansen, judge of election L. Oesterreleher, judge" of tlon elec- John Sachau, W. H. Stott, Ernest P. Hansen,"clerk of'eiec- Jiidge of election judge of election 4.SC 2.4 2.40 2.40 4.80 4.80 2,40 —«. «. . ^diuco, viciiv ui CICULIUII .. 2.4{ First Natl. Bank, room rent ,, 2.00 2hrls Brandt, ret. ballots ...... 6.00 Palk Motor Co., rent of room . 7.00 3. H. Falk, arr. booths 1.00 Vfayme L. Peterson, storage . ft. G. A. Sewlck, judge of election Thos. Hawcott, judge of election 1 C. Smith, judge of election .. aaude Hanna, judge of election Ella B, MacArthur, judge of election Geo. P. Hawcott, judge of eieo Wm. Boyken, clerk of election H. E. Rachut, clerk of election L. P. Callles, clerk of election .. room rent ,, ballots (Continued.) 4.00 4.80 4.80 4.80 3.30 3.30 3.30 4.80 4.80 3.80 3.30 1.00 4.90 2.00 2LOO 1.00 6.10 5.10 5.10 6.10 6,10 T „ Erlckson, judge of election .T. H. McGregor, judge of election John Doocy judge of election M. J. Kennedy, clerk of election O. L. Thorson, clerk of election O. L. Thorson, ret. ballots . 0, L. Thorson, rent 1. S 1 . Engessor, judge of election O. R. Jensen, judge of election J. W. Bolllg, judge of election . Thos. O'Donnell, clerk of election C. 1U Gardner, clerk of election O. R. Jensen, ret. ballots L, A. Bolcnus, judge of election pie K. Flow, judge of election A. L. Klelnpeter, judge of election Jurgen C. Skow, Judge of election Ihno A. Gcrdes, Judge of election Ann M. Kunz, judge of elctlon Fred A. Dtekmann, clerk of election A. EJ. Glddlngs, clerk of election Hazel Gerdes, clerk of election Myrtle Lease, clerk of election Die K. Fiom, ret ballots .,..,, Henry Kunz, counting brd. retrt- Wlll Knight, arr. booths Town of Wesley, rent C. C. Baas, Judge of election -. H. P. Schultz, Judge of election Mrs. Wm. Hlgglns, judge of election Wm. Meyer, judge of election , Mrs. W. P. Relmers, Judge of election .......i . H. Flnnell, judge of election ?rank Elbert, clerk of election w. P. Reimers, clerk of election Chas. Seymore, clerk of election Thos. Carmody, clerk of election «.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 (1.00 6.50 3.00 6.30 6.30 6.30 6.30 6.30 5.50 4.80 4.80 3.00 3.00 3.00 U6 4.SQ 3.00 3.00 4.50 3.00 2.00 5.00 B.40 B.40 3.66 B.40 3.60 5.40 B.40 3.60 Theodore Blerstedt, dragging .. lfl.5 Frances McGregor, dragging .. 5.6 Edward Hnggp, dragging .. 1R.7 Wyot Stott. dragging 23.2 W. F. McFarlnnd. dragging 12.7: Joe Ctnk, dragging 3.71 Frank Fox. dragging ".Si Leo G. Studer, dragging 32.2 3.60 I. P. Schultz, ret. ballots 3,00 Town of Whlttomore, rent counting brd. room 6 00 I. H, Flnnell, rent 2.00 ohn Arndorfer, judge of election 5.40 Geo. Clnk, Judge of election ., B.40 sadore Mayer, Judge of election 5.40 . B. Ludwlg, clerk of election 5.40 .If Studer, clerk of election .. 5.40 3. B. Ludwlg, ret. ballots 3.00 M. Wittle, rent 3.00 township on account of being used for road purposes on WV4 SW& Sec. 13-991929 taxes, consl. $3.75. 1928 taxes, consl. $3.35, rd. .18. 1927 taxes, consl. $3.31, rd. .18. 1926 taxes, consl. $2.49, rd. .19. 1925 taxes, consl. $2.71, rd. .17. And county auditor Is Instructed to Issue refund wan-ant. , That taxes of Mrs. Carrie Thompson on Lot, ,Block 6, Cook's Addition Swea City, for the year 1929 is hereby suspended as per recommendation ibf town council, v That Martha Dewel Thorpe Is hereby allowed" $500 soldiers' exemption on Lot 6, Block 222, Call's Addition, Al- F? nn h ? or 1929 and taxes In sum of $20.64 be abated. Ayas: all. ..Motion by McDonald and j second by Hteiken that $6792.69 is the amount of cash counted In county treasurer's office on the morning of June 4. 1930. Ayes: all. • • ' On motion board proceeded with the auditing and allowing of bills as per schedule of claims hereinafter writ ten. SCHEDULE! OH 1 CLAIMS. COUNTY FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel, serv. ,,, .,* Anthony Jondl, bty. N. J. Alexander, bty. ....... Harvey Larson, bty City of Algona, light serv H. R. Gibson, bty 63.90 1.50 1.30 1.60 27.48 4.00 F. W. Thaves, assessing ...... 92!66 Frank Fox, bty. ..-,.... 150 Mrs. Herman A. Carlson; bty. .. 1.50 Hugh Po^t/ freight and' d'ray 4.01 P. J. Helken, com. and sess. ,. 247.25 F. J. Balgeman, com. and sess. 243.00 Olaf Pur.noriark, con-, and sess. 279.70 La'/rence Thorson, judge of el- ffitlon •T,P. Peterson, Judge of election /. P. Cody, 'Judge of election S. Severson, clerk of election.. M. L. Johnson, clerk of election Lawrence Thorson, ret. ballots and supplies O. R. Krause, judge of election J. F. Newel, judge of election John Dempsey, judge of election F. J. -Welsbrod, Judge of election G. B. Johnson, judge of election F. H. Bohn, judge of election.. W. R. Laagre, clerk of election W. E. Stoeber, clerk of election J. A. Schwartz, clerlt of election Hattle Welsbrod, clerk of election F. J. "Weisbrod, ret. ballots and supplies Newel Hdw., rent 6.00 Newel Hdw. arr. booths 2.50 Ely Anderson, Judge of election 6.30 W. A. Hall, judge of election 6.30 F. M. Jacobs, judge of election 6.30 Roy B. Hall, clerk of election 6.30 R. Newton, clerk of election.. 6.30 Ray B. Hall, ret. ballots 7.CO B. H. Locke, cleaning room and arr. booths , 4.00 Ubbe Winter, judge of election 0.00 J. A. Sleeper, Judge of election 6.00 C. K. Rippentropp, judge of election o.OO T. Bbekelman, clerk of election 6.00 3. H. Meyer, clerk of election 600 B. H. Meyer, ret. ballots and supplies 6.00 3. H. Meyer, rent and cleaning ?. H. 2.00 . Edwards, Judge of . election 6.00 Joseph H. Schaller, Judge of election 6.00 B. Ludwlg, arr. booths 1.60 4.00 J - C. Mawdsley, Judge of election 5.10 3.00 Matilda Godfrey, judge of elec- x tlon 6.10 6.40 Henry Weber, judge of election 5.10 6.40 Hugh Raney, clerk of election .. G.lo 6.40 M. L. Honey, clerk of election 5.10 5.40 Hugh Raney, ret. ballots 3.00 6.40 Peter Elbert, judge of election 6.30 Albert Potratz, Judge of election fi.30 7.00 Herm nelsner, judge of election 0.30 4.50 John Kohlwes, clerk of election 6.110 2.70 Geo. Wlnkol, clerk of election 6.,'iO 2.70 Peter Elbert, rot. ballots 3.10 4.50 Peter Elbert, arr. booths 300 4.50 J. C. McEnroe, judge of election 0.00 2.70 Alfred Jergenson, Judge of elec- 4.50 lion 6.00 4.60 Roscoe I. Mawdsley, Judge of ol- 2.70 ection g.OO Walter H. Klamp, clerk of elec- 2.70 tlon o.OO M. L. McEnroe, clerk of election 0.00 5.00 Walter Klamp, ret. ballots 3.00 Mrs. Ethel. Gardner, rent .... 2.00 Roscoe I. Mawdsley, arr. booths . 2.00 A. M. Gustafson, judge of election 6.00 T. A. Reed, Judge of election .. 6,00 James Coady, Judge of election 6.00 W. C. Nelson, clerk of election 6.00 D. P. Moore, clerk of election . 6.00 T. A. Reed, ret. ballots 3.00 L. C. Hutchins, judge of elec- „ tlon 4.80 Henry Eschoid, judge of election 4.80 Roy L. Wadlelgh, Judge of election ;.. 4. S (, Chas. H. Aman, clerk of election 4.80 F. J. Gllmore, clerk of election . 4.80 . L. C. Hutchison, ret. ballots .... 2.60 C. M. Beisch, rent, arr. booths, storage 5.50 A. J. Brown, dragging 45.Of Michel Keller, dragging 24.00 Julius Walters, dragging 18.75 Henry Anderson, dragging .... 11.4. Harold E. Nelson, dragging ... 6.75 Mike Besph. dragging 3.00 Frank Dlers, dragging 30.75 Chns. Tfanselman, dragging .. A. L. Jordan, dragging ........ 15.00 A. E. Weaver, dragging 36.38 Jacob Hofbauer. dragging .... 0.38 Holcomb A WaUentlne, dragging 14.£5 H, E, Nelson, dragging 5.83 Lyle Blnlr. dragging 26.24 Calvin Rlppentrop. dragging .. 42.76 Maynard Sohn, dragging , 30.00 O. R. Olson, dragging 29.2f Wm. Snclchor, dragging 10.50 Christ Rerg. dragging 42.00 John Cnssem, dragging 12.40 John Simmons, dragging ...... 30.7f Peter Beenkon, dragging 46.87 Will Rlrklefs, haul gravel .... 173.30 Wm. L. Tobln, dragging 15.00 C. E. Kollnsch, dragging 18.31 Ward & dooti:, dragging Jacob Hofbauer, dragging .... 3B.26 Peterson Bros., dragging 40.50 John Frldores, dragging 44.62 Melvln Cody, dragging 9.75 Donald Jacobs, dragging 33.00 Edw. Zwlefel, dragging- 19.12 L. D. Potter, dragging 9.37 Fred ButtorfleUH dragging .. 12.00 Hugh Butterfleld, dragging 39.00 Ernest Jesse, dragging 32.75 Paul Zlclske, dragging IS.flO C. C. Baum, dragging 29.75 Frank R. Shipley, dragging .... 18.00 Frank R. Shipley, dragging .... 6.75 John W. Bruce, labor 26.00 L. E. Muellcd, dragging 69.85 Oscnr Earing, pnti-olnmn .... 164. Kfi Alton Pettlt, dragging Hans W, Nlclson, labor 93.2n Hlldreth Pettlt, labor 6.1)0 Carl Watson, labor .... 43.50 .T. F. Qulnn, patrolman C. A.-'L,amorcux, patrolman ... 125.00 Ole Oerdes. labor 4-1.00 John M. Phillips, patrolman .. 67.05 C. 10. Mprnch, patrolman 157.55 Clyde Senders, patrolman 16.00 J. H. Montgomery, patrolman .. 108.00 Qco. F. Graham, labor 01.00 Frank Welch, rrpnlr Wm. Hllferty, repair Geo. Looft, repair ... Ray A. Marquis, repair Dr. Ifil— E. J. Palmer, repair . Dr. IBS- Ray A. Marquis, repair \> m. Hllferty, repair , Frank Welch, repair . George Looft, repair .. Dr. 177— A. E. Michel, engr. . F. H. Lathrop, Inhor I A. Gerdes, labor . E. L. Schatib, labor , Dr, Sub 7 of 4— A. J. Lnwlcr, repairs 3.25 2.00 2.00 2.00 3.50 10.50 9.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 2.60 61.75 7.00 10.00 J. Sub Cunningham, of 60— repairs 2.00 Ed. Baker. 1 H.-K. 2-86— A. J. ti J V n -. Cunningham^ repairs •H. K. 3-46— Mutt Lnux, repairs H.-1C. 5-S7— Geo. Onken, repairs John Lelnlnger, repairs . 1. -A.-K. 1-— Aifred \Volter, repairs repairs ]2.00 repairs 21.47 23.80 18.08 T.8C* .9t 6.60 Rpsolvpii: Tlmt I ho county auditor is hereby or<lf>rrd nml directed to InSUe- warrants for all bills allowed at thlff meeting a* shown by the "Scheduler of CInims lioroinl oforo written as pet- vole on cnch individual bill. Ayes: fit I. On de- board adjourned "Sine BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. When in need of glasses have your eyes thoroughly examined by DR. F. E. SAWYER Eye «•"* SP^WW Aigona, Iowa 'eter Mertz, Judge of election ;_; —- — ~- T— --I •»".»•«• unu acoo. A t u, i \j *•».»*• *>*.w* ku, juvif^a ui. aicut-iuil •* Chas. Morris, com. and sess. .. 284,40 I Henry Henrickson, clerk of elec- W. E. McDonald, com. and sess. 233.00 ' t!on Spear & McVey; grading .' 132:30 Spear & McVey, repair and care of Jawn 8.00 wagons, was jf-the CJwro ihall had been insured. The cause of the fire was unkown. The buildings ' were'"to be rebuilt. Noah Williamson had sold his interest in the Algona Marble Works to the Eldora Granite Works of Eldora, and the local establishment was to be continued under the name of the Algona Granite Works as a branch factory of the Eldora establishment. Mr. Williamson reserved the right to complete the contracts he already had, which would keep him busy until in August. He was then to remain with the firm for about a year. Grant Jordan was to be In charge of the Algona business. The pltai was to install quite a little new equipment. 4.00 .90 .80 2.00 46.26 .90 .90 .60 (40 1.40 1.50 .40 A. M. Qustafson, twp. trustee Eleanor Intermlll,. bty. ...., Ralph .Harms, bty. ; . " D. L.:Leftort, bd. of review .. Bancroft Register, board proceeding, amt. claimed J51.79 .. Kenneth Carlson, byt Richard Gray, bty; Alvin Meyer, bty. '.'.'.'.'.'. H, B.' Seely, bty. ..',.. Henry Steoker, bty. ...,.;..,. Ronald Heetland, - bty. . John R. Sleper, bty Leland Thaves, bty. . P. A. Newvflle, hauling and setl ting up el. booths « 60 VV, C. Nelson, twp. 4,'flO J- F. Gllmore, twp. trustee .9.00 •Hi w. ICrusOj officQ oxp&nso 27188 ••[•A- McDonald, del. tax coll.".! 34!fi3 Alfred Christ, bty 159 «• J- Dutton, trim, trees ...... 42ioo Martha Harris, labor 13.50 M. L. Mann, assessing 12000 " "" ' 101^22 29.70 5.00 10.00 28.25 6.00 0.30 6.30 G.30 6.30 fl.30 3.00 H .R. Cowan' & Son, paving Vera E. Sohwietert, labor Prof, and Mrs. J. P. Overmyer had entertained a group of little tots and their parents at a dinner in honor of the ftrst birthday of their daughter, June Adele. The following clever in- .vHattan on a postal with June Adele's picture in one corner had been sent to 1 each of the children, .Dear little -One: I'm going to have a party, Mother tells me that I may, She said that I might ask you •To come over a while and play. Your jnama and you are to come at three, Your papa to come at five, And then we'll have a little dinner As soon tts you all arrive. Your friend, June Adele Overyer." Young Folks Wed in Chicago. Hobart, June 16. Special: Lester E. Mitchell and Lillian McGrath of Chicago were married Jutte 7, in Chicago. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs, James Poley, sister and husband, Of Mrs. Mitchell. The bride was dressed in pink crepe and carried a bouquet of white sweet peas. The bridesmaid wore a dress of orchid crepe and carried a bouquet of orchid sweet peas. The home in Chicago where the wedding dinner was served to the tame diate family of the bride was prettily decorated, The couple then left for a week's honeymoon at the Etna Mitchell home near Algona, spending Saturday, evening at Manchester, Iowa. They left for their home on 82nd St. Chicago last Saturday. Mr. Mitchell has been switchboard maintainer at the University of Chicago for about three years and Mrs. Mitchell has been a telephone operator for five -. . ,, , HfcU* Ul » UJ1 V, felt 111 111 Advance Pub. Co.. supplies Alice M. Hutchins, labor, Supt office .,,., Mrs. P. A. Corey, labor, Vee.'office Crescent Printing: "Co., supplies A.H. Krause, brd. of review T V Weisbrod, brd. of review . J. A. McDonald, del. tax coll. . P. H. Lathrop, prel. Dr. 178 lahor Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies . A 5, ?i. 9. a ' ry ' printing ballots 497,8' A. E. Michel, engr. prel. Dr. 178 61.0 C. Herman, brd. of review Tom Kaln, brd. of review'.' Art Crulokshank, twp. trustee Chas. Taylor, brd. of review P. J. Weisbrod, brd. of review Bertha E. Johnson, office expense W. E. Stoeber, brd. of review . Prank Geigel, brd. of review .. R. G. Richardson, brd, of review Checkometer Sales Co., supplies T. A. Reid, twp. trustee .. Mary K. Sands, labor, treas. office L. E. Hovey, bd. pris Herman Krause, brd. of review Chas, H. Newel, brd. of review . *. uu Wm. Shirley, expense «6 64 Rudolph Fisher, bty * 12 50 Koch Brothers, supplies 7s'«4 J. I. Holcomb & Co., supplies .. 23,'flO J. L. Malloy, labor 2.25 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., primary ele. supplies .,..: '.103030 Midland Chemical Lab., supplies 6.0 3.0 10.1 1.0 1.0 86.8 6.0 54.4 4.00 6.0 4,00 6.00 .1.00 44,93 1.00 6.00 4.00 62.50 4.-00 81.00 12.00 1.00 1.00 Hug-gard & Backus, brd. pro. 13.00 l«g'67' 150 l'36 ' Advance Pub. Co., brd, pro, . . G. P. Towne, labor Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies ....!! Geo. Hansen, labor Otto Nelson, labor ! Bolsford Lumber Co., supplies Service Lab., supplies B. Penning, mileage .,, Emll Wester, mileage , J. C. Skow, mileage Geo. Moulton, mileage 2 60 Mrs, J. H. Warner, mileage ;... 2.60 \V. If. Stott, mileage 2.20 1.70 12000 John P. Mersch, clerk of election ....... . . . . ; .............. (joo John P. M'ersoh, ret. ballots } and*. supplies , . ................ G.OO Ida E. Larson, Judge- of election. 5.40 J- E. Kelly, Judge of 'election" "'5:40 E. I. Hammond, judge of election 5.40 Chas. A. Rohlln, Judge of eleo- __ tlon ..,. .i . . .................. 3 go Geo. n. Butterfleld, Judge of el, ' ection ............... ' "' 390 Peter Looft, Judge of election : 3^90 J. 'J, Anderson, clerk of elec- ,• 540 3. - 90 3,90 6.00 4.50 .0.00 fi.OO 6.00 6.00 0.00 7.40 1,00 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.60 3.00 jiamle J.' 'sperfteckV clerk' of' ei- ' eotlon f' •£• .Weaver,'clerk of election S. P. Eckholm,'clerk of election „,„„ J. E. Kelly, ret ballots o.OO Vivian Klnney, rent .. J. J. Anderson, arr. booths Thos. Berg, judge of election .. H. O. Larson, Judge of election L. W. Enrich, Judge of election R. C..Baum, clerk of election ..' H. C. Lunning, clerk of election H. C. Lunning, ret. ballots H. C. Lunning, arr. booths § el iv C A, P , ettlt ' *"<tee Of election P. M. Christensen, judge of election •,, Alex Radlg, Judge of election.'.' H. F, Mittag, clerk of election Joe Lynch, clerk of election . Geo. C. Pettlt, ret. ballots .... American Legion, rent „.,,„ Alex Radlg, arr, booths i 00 , . ........ Frank Devltt, Judge of election G. F. Chambers, Judge of election F. I. Chapman, Judge of election T tiV 5 a S 01 ]' ^ee of election fe W ; ?? f> J u<J ee» of election .. Frank Clapsaddle, Judge of election ....">..,.,-..... - H; Lichty, clerk of election.'.' O. Allen,-'.cleric of election A J? L li? n 'y. clerk of election Arthur Hof, clerk of election .. A. J, Easpn L rer, ballots 4:50 4.60 4.50 3.00 3.00 G. W. Brown, judge of election Harry Sabln, Judge of election A. E. Clayton, judge of elctlon M. N. Phillips, clerk of election Phil Roethler, clerk of election Harry Sabln, ret. ballots .... POOR FUND. •<.-, Mrs. Elinor T. Sutton, transportation 17.60 Jos. P. Menke, prov 620 Ellis Runcheyi prov. 3i28 Paul Hilpert, labor ., 240 R. A. Clark, prov, ., ;..•' 14.86 Roupe's• Grocery, prov. .-..:....'.; J '8.00 H. R. Zumach, prov, ,:.,....,. 7000 Merrll Bros., prov. i T 67.01i E. L. Hansen, prov. 14.94 A. A. Drocssler, prov, ,,, 22.16 Algona, Creamery, prov. ...... 12 50 Mrs. Hattle Llohllter, prov. .. 980 Whlte'p grocery, provt 44.92 Nicholas Gales Est., prov 3983 R. A. Clark, prov. 14.86 A. Wl Jureens, prov 510 German Valley Store, prov. .... 10 69 Farmers Elevator, fuel 1 28'lO H. Kulander, med. aid .. 25.00 Dr. H. At Olson, med. aid .... 7.00 W. T. Peters, med. aid ... Kossuth Hospital, med. aid .. Laird & Reimer, funeral exp. .. Kobjhaas Brothers, supplies .. Mrs. Elinor T. Sutton, office exp. Oscar Norman, repairs and labor C. G. Dourte, rent Rhoba Gaylor, rent '... iz uu John Spllles, rent s'.OO Van A. Hansen, care poor .... 30 00 Botsford Lbr. Co.. supplies .... 10016 International Chemllcal Co., supplies Fred Park, adv. salary, misc...' Cut Price Grocery, prov IB oo Fairmont Nursery, mu-sery stock 235.40 Geo. Holtzbauer, repairs and labor O. W. F. A. Slcincr, patrolman ...... 94. RO Elmer Ewlng, patrolman ...... 112.50 Renldor Kronslnga, patrolman . 100.00 John 8. Nelson, patrolman .... 112.05 Kohlhaas Hdw., supplies ..... >. 13.70 Erlckson Hdw., supplies ...... 0.28 Beed Hdw., supplies .......... 17.33 H. D. Clapsaddle, repairs ...... 5.S(i Goo. Hanson, labor .......... 2.35 Norton Mach. Works, supplies and labor .................... 270. BB M. M. Morrow, supplies ........ 27.25 A. H. Hundeby, repairs ...... 30.30 Falk Motor Co., repairs and labor ........................ 29.15 Kohlhaas Bros., repairs and labor ............... .......... 40.95 LuVerne Auto Co., labor ........ 0.35 Stanley McDonald, labor ...... 4.80 C. G. Lyckman, labor ........ 3.60 Emll Gustafson, labor ........ 12.00 A. J. Lnwlcr, labor .......... 6. BO J. B. Cunningham, labor .... 4.40 Jack Lynch, labor ......... , . . 4.05 A. W. Patterson, labor ........ 10.00 Josef GJclsvlclc, labor ........ 10.00 Alfred Walter, labor .......... 6.00 Paul Phillips, labor .......... 10.00 Verne Mollnder, haul prravol . . . 37.93 Fred Nurse, haul gravel ........ 176.70 P. C. Haynes, haul gravel .... V0.44 Ivan Elliott, haul gravel ...... 23.60 Bert Godden, haul gravel .... 175.10 Ed. Droessler, check, gravel . . • 6B.OO Chris F. Nielsen, check gravel . . 9. CO Geo. Eden, gravel pit ........ 327.00 Interstate Power Co., light Co. sheds ..... ................... 7.05 Central States .Co., light co. sheds .85 WllCord Const. Co., supplies . . 212.04 J. A. Roberts, labor ............ 346.00 J. A. Roberts, labor ...... ;. 90.00 A. W. Steussy, labor .......... 2.00 J. D. Adams Co., supplies .... 82.99 Iowa' St. Highway Com., supplies 117.08 Iowa Mach,' ;&f Supply Co., gravel ••sereeri .•••-.!»•&£'&•.• ............... Olaf Funnemark, repairs .,..'< Dukehorf Ma6h; Co., supplies 5.25 264.50 86.00 10.32 3.85 14.65 10.00 12.00 17.50 91.77 ., Ind. Cor. CillvertvCo., culverts. Barton-Werner;' Co.,, supplies . Statea Cafe, meals! Lathrop & Weaver, title Cert. .Peerless .Oil Co;, gas and oil Mld;-Con. Petrp;rrCorp.. gas ... Champllh Ref.-Co., gas Rabe Oil Co,, gas and bit 33.60 '< 2,22 68.65 70.94 5.68 2770 - 2.00 636.51 1.74 336.46 5.85 ^ Week End in Chicago at the COMFORTABLE GREAT NORTHERN . Ind. Oil & Gas Co., gas .. ...... 152.65 Oliver Bakken, gras Standard Oil Co., ' gas . ..... DRAINAGE FUND. Dr. 4— Tom Pederson, relay tile ., Dr. 4— : Ray A. Marquis, labor .... Dr. 4 — 7 32.29 21.98 50.00' 5.00 3.00 4.60 4.50 3.00 3.00 5.00 Town of LuVerne, rent o.OO H. C. Allen, arr. booths August Gutknecht, Judge of election ,,.,,, Peter Hans, Judge of election' '.'. Robert Hamilton, Judge of election ,...,.,.,,. Wm. Baum, judge of election'! '. John E. Smith,- Judge of election H. D, Mussman, Judge of election .,.,...,,,.,,. Edna L. Turley, clerk ..,;,.' " !! Marena F. Lewis, clerk /BO Jennie Gutkneoht, .clerk s'oo Laimi. Rosenau, clerk 3)00 1.00 4.60 4,50 4,50 3.00 3.00 3.00 J.JQ John J, E. Schuler, mileage .SinUli, mileage 2.40 3.00 A. G. Farrlngton, mileage ", ', ', ', ', '. s.'jji) Jj. A. Vlpond, mileage .41 J. M. Fleming, mileage 1^2 M. J. Gales, mileage 1.2 H. H. Dreyer, mileage 2,0 Peter Koliaseli, mileage i'« W. S. Hunt, mileage ... '' Edw. Hauptman, mileage , Divert Mlchaelseii, mileage .... 2 70 Clem J. DIers, mileage z 3( Joseph Wadlolgh, mileage 1.21 Jesse Lindebak, mileage 3.0( Tom Berg, mileage s.8( Lewis MeWhortor, mileage .... 1'oC Nels Swanson, mileage ,. 351 Lottie J. Kaln, Judge of election 5.10 Susie Kngler, judge of election 6 10 DoMaude LatUrop, Judge of election 510 a. J. Gllmore, judge of election 3.90 Frank Gelge], judge of election 3.90 Wm. H. Qilbrlde, judge of elec- ; tlOn 3.90 D. L. Loffert, clerk of election 5.10 J. A. McDonald, clerk of election 6 10 Elizabeth J. Holmes, clerk of el- • oction 300 P. P. Eerfazz, clerk -of election 8 90 Vallle M. Trlbon, Judge of election , 460 E. L. Vincent, judge of election 4.50 J. H. Haggard, Judge of election?! 4,60 Mrs. Monlux, clerk of election 4.60 C. Herman, clerk of election . 4.60 J. L. Bonar, judge of election .. 8.00 n. A. Palmer, Judge of election 3.00 B. A, Browuell, judge of election 5.00 C. B. Murtagh, clerk of election 3.00 M, P. Weaver, clerlt of election 8.00 E, H, Beardsley, Judge of election 6,10 R. G. Richardson, Judge of election ......,.,. gin Aden McDonald, judge of election August Gu.tknecht, ret. ballots I. D. Mussman, rent .. 1 F. Edwards, Judge of election H, Warburton, Judge of election ,, •awl Hertzke, Judge o'f'electl'o'n 3ert Coder. Judge of election .. Jenry Repker, Judge of election 'aul Hertzke, ret, ballots Mrs. Henry Patterson, -, rent, cleaning- ana lights ...,..., 50 6.00 6.00 5.70 5.70 6.70 5.70 5.70 6.0 Paul Hertzke, arr. booths . . Geo. D, Moulton, judge of election g' lasT F 'nn. Judge of" election Ed. Looft, Judge of election .. D. A. Carpenter, judge of election W>n. Flynn, Judge of election'! SS°'' Hasse, clerk of election Ed. Christ, clerk of election A. F. Schultz, clerk of election Leon Worden, clerk of election . Geo, Hagge, ret. ballots and tol. call , Geo. Dunn, rent ..,....'.'.'.'.'.','' Fred Bauman, arr. booths .. W. H. Sohwietert, Judge of election ,, W> * E ' G'' 0 ™ 1 '. Judge of election D. M. Stewart, Judge of election S;, ?'^ Mann ' cle »'k of election,. Will Ringsdorf, clerk of election Will Sohwletort, ret. ballots W. H. Schwletert, arr. booth rent, and clean S. H ™ S '^ Freea , rkl 2 udfre « f election Ed. Droessler, Judge of election Anton Stork, Judge of election . Jos. Rahe, clerk of election ,. John Hellman, clerk of election John Hellman, storing; booths 13d. Droessler, ret. ballots ,. Diem J. .Diers, cleaning school.. Morton Mach. Works, repairs .. Henry Bormann, Judge of election John Priders, Judge of "eiec- ion ,„ M, Thllges. Judge of election'! Wm. Runchey, cleric of election John Bormann, clerk of election John Bormann, ret. ballots .... Aaron W. Steussy, Judge of election fJn'onLelijh, Judge of election S 1 J A Kohlhaas, Judge of election E. O. Green, clerk of election John Bormann, clerk of election Rim 0 ?,,^; Steusay, ret. ballots. *.uu S'. ra , k^fft',"S^ 8 •••„•••. LOO i.o 5.1 6.1 6.1 3.6 3.6 6.10 5.10 3.60 3.60 6.65 6.00 1.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 4,40 4.00 5.40 5.40 6.40 6.40 5,40 2.00 5.00 2,00 8.65 Erickson, supplies 6.53 „ „ Geigel, seed corn .. 20.00 M. M. Morrow, supplies 9 50 Guderian & Bleser, mdse 6 88 Dr. W, T. Peters, med. aid .... 92.25 INSANE FUND. L. E. Hovey, convey patient .. 35.00 Clark Orton, clerk's fee 17,25 C. H. Cretzmeyer, com ».oo A. Hutchison, com 9.00 Dr. R. M. Wallace, expert wit. 4.10 COURT FUND R. K. Davidson, court reportor 182.48 R. A. Palmer, court bailiff 45.00 A. Hutchlsom j. p. fees 19,00 L. E. Hovey, slier.' fees 77.05 W. G. Stroeble, wit. fee 330 G. W. Stroeble, wit. fee 3 30 Walter H. Steward, marshal fees 8.15 Tom Trainer, wit. fee 1.50 Mike Bear, wit. fee f 50 Virgil Schrader, wit. fee 1,60 L. B. Hovey, convey patient , 29.76 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND. J. A. Roberts, bridge J. A. Roberts, bridge .... Hans Schubert, gravel .... Don T. Nugent, asst. engr. Arthur Nordsrtum, rodman , Milton MoFadden, rodman Hines & Heitland, grading Wheeler Lbr. Bridge & Supply Co., lumber 616 G9 M, T. McGuIre, grading !! 1167 48 Barton-Warner Co., dynamite and caps 507 7B Ferdinand Albright, right of way' 10 Pit 26.00 ROAD MAINTENANCE. J. E. McEnroe, material and labor 2' 50 A. J. Blerstedt, dragging '!!.'.' is.'eo Railway Express Co., express .. 2.70 Agt, M. & St. L. Ry, Co., freight 116 Ry. Express Co., express 2 70 Co. Treas. Hancock Co., taxes on gravel pit 720 r > Josef GJelsvick, labor 2.50 Dr. 4— A. W. Patterson, labor 2.BO Dr. 4— Emil Gustafson, labor 3.00 Dr. 4— Geo. Looft, repair , 2.00 Wm. Hllferty, repair ........ 2.00 Frank Welch, repair 2.00 Chas. Kollasch, repair 12.00 Dr. 6— Geo. Onken, labor 76.25 Dr. 9— -F. H. Lathrop, labor i 1.60 A, E. Michel, engr 12.00 E. J. Palmer, labor 42.00 Mike Besch, labor 21.40 Joseph Bosch, labor 8.40 Dr. 12— Ray A, Marquis, repair 3,76 Frank Welch, repair 2.00 Geo. Looft, repair 2.00 Wm. Hllferty, repair 2.00 Dr. 23—T Emll Gustafson, repair 21.00 A, W, Patterson, repair 17.60 Josef GJelsvick, repair 17.50 Dr. 27— - Geo. Looft| repairs 2.00 Ray A. Marquis, repairs 4.60 tfs, , - ' - f , , VletupacongonlalMrty,twoormora couples come to Chicago for • larfc. take In the theatres or movie palaces/ service will nuke arrangements In aa vance for your party, write for free copy of "This Week in Chicago" which Is a complete entertainment gujde. Wew»' enjoy taklng terestliimakfngyourv enjoyable. JACKSON, DEARBORN, QlHNCY, STS. Thos. H. Sadler, Manager. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. fj . 263.SO . 245.70 .1350.00 . 175.00 . 77.00 . 78.75 750.60 Wm. Hilferty, repairs Frank Welch, repairs ... Dr. 33— A. J. Lawler, repairs J. B. Cunningham, repairs . Dr. 39— Josef GJelsvick, repairs ... A. W. Patterson, repairs Dr. 40— A. E. Michel, engr P. II. Lathrop, labor Dr. 42— Botsford Lbr. Co., material Dr. 45— Geo. Onken, repair Dr. 68— Geo. Looft, repair Hay A. Marquis, repair .... Prank Welch, repair 2.00 2.00 1.75 1.20 2.50 3.00 7.00 .75 3.00 28.25 10.00 39.00 10,00 ATTORNEYS AT LAW T. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinso HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk ALGONA, IOWA. J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention, ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON II. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. Bert Shellmeyer, patrolman B. D. McDonald, patrolman Wm. O. Ludwlg, patrolman Barney McBrldo, labor . . Ted Hoover, dragging' , . , Elmer Hacller, dragging . . . John L. Itoinus, dragging Trimble, dragging . , Lappe, dragging .. U>yd 125.00 125.00 108.00 1C.OO 4!).87 7.12 10.13 20.26 25.09 22.60 17.25 dragging .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 28.84 A. Laabs, dragging 18.75 Thomas Berg, dragging 2 2 60 A i X. Gustafson. dragging V. P. VaHke, dragging Carl 1''. Anlikor. drac-trlne- Anllkor, esse Harms, dragging 5.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 4.10 6.40 6.40 5.40 6.40 6.40 4.00 Evelyn Makme, Judge of election A. D. Richards, Judge of election E. W. Lusby, Judge of election Haze) Dalzlel, clerk of election., Leora St. Jphu, clerk of election H. p. Hutchins, cleric of election E.10 3.60 8.60 8.60 6.10 6. JO $.10 , . ..... Guy B. Risk, juagre of election . John Haas, Judge of election . , Louis Anderson, judge of election . . , ..... .,,,,., ....... ... H. Watts, clerk of election E. Duttpn, olerk ft election Guy B, Risk, ret. ballots . ..... 0. O. Anderson, rent , ......... Pred B. Putton, arr, booths .... 5.40 6.10 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.60 3.00 2.00 «38 gl'38 2100 .. •« Andrew Karels, labor ' ' ' 9R«s Don Moore, labor ...'.. ....... goo *°wa St. Highway Com., " tax paid Co, Treas ............... 135673 Sharp Bros haul gravel ...... 103692 942 & Schattschneide'r',' 'sup- Pol rot piles Geo. Hanson',' supplies' ^ ., s Garland Co., paint 139 S? Advance Pub. Co., notice .'." -360 Loren Byers, dragging ..;...!: 3675 i 4 rank ReibllOff. tiraa-irlne-. g QQ Sandt. 01 go : : Wm. Hllferty, repair 10^00 Dr. CO— Geo. Looft, repair 42.00 Prank Welch, repair 22.on Wm. Hllferty, repair 38.00 Ray A. Marquis, repair 43.60 Dr. 69— Josef Gjelsvlck, repair .... 16.00 Emll Gustafson, repair 18.00 A. W. Patterson, repair .... 15.00 A. J. Lawler, repair lft.10 J. B. Cunningham, repair .... 12 00 Dr. 80— Frank Welch, repair 10.00 Win. Hllferty, repair 10.00 Geo. Looft, repair 10.00 Kay A. Marauls, repair 19.00 A. K. Michel, engr 10.00 A. K. Michel, engr 30,00 P. H. Lathrop, labor 3,00 John W. Bruce, repair .... 6.00 P. IT. Lathrop, labor ...... 2.25 A. K. Michel, engr 23.00 Dr. 84— E. J. Palmer, repair 10.50 1'- 85~—— Prank Welch, repair 19'0 Hay A. Marquis, repair 3700 Wm. Hilferty, repair 1930 Goo. Loft, repair 22.00 A. E. Michel, enerr 9.00 J. B. Cunningham, repair .... 2400 A. J. Lawler, repair 30.00 Dr. 90—Ray A. Marquis, repair .. Win. Hilferty, repair Prank Welch, repair .... Geo. Looft, repair John B. Isonrand, repair Lathan Worker, repair . Stephen n. Tjaden, labor , C. H. Cooper, repair J. B. Cunningham, labor ... A. J. Lawler, repair Goo. Onken, repair Dr. 106— *?. J. Palmer, Dr, 110— Otto Ramus, repair 900 Louis Hamlou, repair 62'flO Humboldt Gravel & Tile Co., tilt? 4 Krt J. W. Sullivan s. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. B. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALQONA, IOWA CAPITAL & SURPLUS '. Officers: <* H. E, Rist, President, dent Wodswor 'h, First Vice dent. 8 ' Buchanan - 8ec °nd Vice J. S. Auner, Cashier. • fc. J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier, o. Reding, Asst. Cashier s- A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier T _ . Directors: J. Bode Presl- Preft- I H. H, B. Rist S. Auner O. S. Buchanan T. H. Wadswortlr J. W. Wadsworth J. Van Ness L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Quinby Building. Phone 180 ALGONA, IOWA. Qaylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly 8IIUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building Alannn T«_ « Algona, Iowa DR. H. L. McCORKLE DENTIST Office over Long Bros. Business Phone 811 R S e ALGONA, IQWA DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Ph™n °, ver chrl *tensen Store. Phones: Business 166. Residence, 470 ALGONA. IOWA. DR. P. E. WALLEY. PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS 4.50 2.00 2.00 2.00 36.00 80.50 6.20 80.00 30.60 7.'70 repair 10.00 THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone 250 KENEFICK is CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Dr. Keneflck, 57 .. Dr. Crawford. US C. H. CHETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office In J. Galbraith Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No calls made after 9:30 p. m. ALGONA, IOWA. Office Phone, 310. Residence, «44. WALTER FRASEB, M. ». PHYSICIAN AND STJBQBON Office In Quinby Building. No. 14 phone No. ALQONA, IOWA. DR. W, O. Orteojwthio Physician & Surgeon «ye, Ear, Nose and Throat Obstetrics Located over Hub Recreation Parlor, Phones. Office 187, Residence, 989. ALQONA, IOWA. Lo Wc*l ThelapyVobsteS 011 Located over Zendcr & OaldwelJ's Clothing Store. Phones-Office 79. Residence 657-w ALGONA, IOWA. "*—^Ss=:^— . . .... INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS p . CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 698 107 w. State Bl ALGONA, IOWA. , . MORTICIAN L. M. MERRITT Mortician A Funeral Director. Phone No. n. ALGONA, IOWA. VETERINARIAN. L. W. FOX, Vetertaariu e** at the old Dr. Sayert 1 'i' t. ALQONA, IOWA.

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