The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1930
Page 8
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, June 18,1930 BOARD PROCEEDINGS 1 county audTtdr fcg i«. *tfncted to commence eonderrtilatJoii proceedings on n tract of land fof gravel purposes beginning at a point 387.5' east and 1882' nonh of southwest corner of the southeast quarter of Section 82 township 96 north range 80 west of the 6th p. m., thence tt. 801' Iht-r.ce north 3B degrees west a distance of 888.1'. thence south SOI' thehco south 86 degrees east a til stance of B3S.1' to point of beginning containing 2.18 acres., Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Heike.i that be adopted: tliB following resolution Be It resolved bv the board of Supervisors of Kossuth county of Algona, town, that Its deposit claim against the Farmers Savings Bank of Cofwith Town, be assigned to the treasurer or •state for the use and benefit of the state sinking fund tor public deposits a» provided in Chapter 173 of the acts of the Forty-First General Assembly as amended, and that the chairman o'f the board of supervisors ahd county auditor be and they are hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver assignment of said claim as provided herein. Vote—All yes. I The foregoing resolution was pass- I cd as above set out oh the 13th day of May, 19.10. nt a duly called meet' ing: of said hoard. Motion by F'unnemark and second by Morris that A. E. Michel, engineer, be Instructed to make supplemental report as to Including additional lands on Dr. 178 and further proceedings are hereby continued to May 20, 1930, at two p. m. Ayes: all. On motion bonrd adjourned to nine .o'clock a. m.. May 20, 1930. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Algona, Iowa. May 13, 1930, three o'clock p. m.—Board of supervisors of Hancock and Kossuth counties met pursuant to call of auditors. 149 linS 16S<a«d maintenance projects l-2-8*4-S-ftnd 14 as per terms of bid , That Paul & Donnelly of Fort Dodge afe hereby awarded contract for gra- velling secondary road districts Nos 118-147-113-162-84-102 -116- 148-138 -S8- 161-140-14.1-145-14fl-lBO-130 and 121 and mantalnance projects 4-6-7-8-9-10-1112-18, as per terms of bid. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Funriemark that contractors' bond of M, T. McGuIre on projects 1-2-3-4-5-6- 7-8-9-10-14'-12-13-l4-,t5-l6--17-18- 19-20 21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30-31-32, Is heruby approved in the feum of $34,060.00. Ayes: all. _ Motion by Heikeh and second by Morris that bond of McDougal Constr. Co. for $2,800 Is hereby accepted. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that open ditch right of way claim of "James E. and George A. Crawford is hereby allowed and county auditor Is hereby Instructed to refund or abate taxes for 1S27-I928-1989 as case may be. ,, P. A.«K. Jt. N6. 1—.Tomes E. and George A. Crawford—SW& NEU Sec. 88*96-30, 2.88 acres; SEW NE»4, 4.00 acres; NE% NEW, 1.36 acres. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by McDonald that following soldiers' exemptions are hereby allowed: John R. Baggs, Eagle township for Members present: Hancock county— F. J. Oxley, F. J. Urich and O. A. Chrlstensen; Kossuth county—Balgeman, Funnemark, Helken, Morris and McDonald. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that F. J. Oxley act as : chairman of this meeting and Bertha E. Johnson, auditor of Kossuth county, act as secretary. Motion by Morris and second by Chrlstensen that Paul Loomls is hereby employed to check joint drains with Hancock nnd Kossuth counties and also Han.-K.-W. 61-1-145. Ayes: all. Han.-Ko.«s. 5-S7— .Same organization as above. Motion by Balgeman and second by Urich that Wm. Eden be allowed $100.00 as per recommendation of Oxley and Funnemark who were appointed to Investigate tile In re Han.-Koss. 687. Ayes: all. On motion joint boards adjourned to call of auditors. F. J. OXLEY, Chairman. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, Auditor's office. May 20, 1930.—Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met purusant to adjournment with allmem- Ibers present Motion by Morris and second by Helken that resignation of Edna V Colander, flrst deputy auditor is here- toy accepted. Ayes: all. This being the time heretofore flx- *d for gravelling secondary roads districts Nos. 149-118-147-113-152-64-102115-148-138-93-151-140- 144-145 -146-150130-121-105 and maintenance project No. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 -8-9-10-11-12 -13-14, olds received, opened and read. On motion Helken and second by Funnemark that awarding of contracts Is hereby continued to one o'clock p. m. On motion board adj'ourned to one o'clock p,:m. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion by Funnemark and second • by Helken that-W/B. Williams of Al- grona is hereby awarded contract for graveling secondary road districts Nos. $1800 for 1930; J. M. Hardgrove, Algona Ihborporated, for 1980. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that following refunds are hereby allowed: Ben Farrow $2.60 delinquent dog tax for 1927, Lakota Incorporated. John Schallln $6.20 road tax on Stt WH Sec. 2-96-30 for 1927. Geo. H. Vrooman $13.67 road tax on S% SW}4 and SB% Sec. 7-100-27 for 1927. That John J. Budlong be refunded $60.73 assessment on Secondary Road No. 57 on NW>4 NWH, SW?4 NW«, NWH SWH, SWVi SW'4 Sec. 9-97-27 on account of being paid twice. That consolidated tax of $6.38 of been duly certified bv the county auditor to the Iowa State Highway Commission of the state of Iowa, and Whereas '.the amount, na'ture and condition of the Indebtedness of salt! county. Including the primary road bonds herein authorized to be Issued, now are, and were at the time said election was held and at the time sftld election was called, such that, according to the last previous state and county tax lists, no portion of Sold County Is or was chargeable with taxes to pay county indebtedness exceeding the constitutional or statutory limitations, and Whereas by virtue of Section 4755- A 14, Code of 1927, said bonds when Issued are general obligations of the county, and subject to being refunded by the Issuing of county refunding bonds, thereby subjecting all taxable >roperty of the county to an unlimited ox to pay the principal nnd Interest >f said bonds, as and when the same become due, and .Whereas of the bonds (n the aggregate amount of $1,500,000 thus legally lUthorlzed by the aforesaid election $1.135,000 have been Issued, leaving a balance of $365,000 unissued, and Whereas In order to meet the construction cost of improving a portion I of the primary road system of said county it is now necessary to provide for the Issuance of bonds authorized at the aforesaid elefctlott to the amount of $36S,000. No*-, therefdre. be It resolved by the board of supervisors of the county of Kossuth In the state of Iowa: Section 1. That in pursuance of and In conformity with the authority derived from the election referred to in the preamble of this resolution, there are hereby authorized to he issued 365 negotiable primary road bonds of said county of one thousand dollars ($1,000) each, numbered consecutively from 1136 to 1500, both numbers Inclusive, to be dated the flrst day of July, 1930. each bearing Interest from and after the date thereof until paid at the rate of ..per cent per annum, payable annually on the flrst day of May In each year, such Interest to b» evidenced by negotiable coupons attached to each bond, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of the Un- ted States of America at the office of he county treasurer of said county In he city of Algona and the state of owa. , Said bonds shall become due and pay- ble In their numerical order as fol- o ws: only Chevrolet Dealers sell 0f£ 1 hat counts Alfred F. Sehultz, Ledyarcl, Incorporated, for 1929 be abated on account of being erroneously assessed. That R. J. Welp be refunded 50c county poll, Ramsey township for 1929 and 60c county poll, Bancroft Incorporated for 1929 on account of having paid same In Bancroft Independent, Greenwood. Ayes: all. Supervisor Helken introduced and read the resolution next hereinafter set out and moved Its adoption, seconded by Supervisors Morris, and after du consideration thereof by the board th chairman put the question upon the adoption of said resolution, and the roll being called, the following nam ed supervisors voted: Ayes: F. J. Helken, Chas. Morris Olaf Funnemark, W. E. McDonald, F J. Balgeman. Nays: none; WJiereupon the chairman declared said resolution duly adopted as follows, to-wlt: RESOLUTION. Providing for the Issuance of Primary Road Bonds 'of Kossuth County, Iowa, in the sum of $366.000. Whereas the county of Kossuth, In the state of Iowa, Is a body corporated NUMBERS— Bonds Nos. 1136 to 1171 Incl Bonds Nos. 1172 to 1207 Incl Bonds Nos. 1208 to 1243 Incl Bonds Nos, 1244 to 1279 Incl •. Bonds Nos. 1280 to 1315 Incl Bonds Nos. 1318 to 1361 Inol Bonds Nos. 1352 to 1387 Incl.. Bonds Nos. 1388 to 1423 Incl Bonds Nos. 1424 to 1459 Incl Bondn Nos. 1460 to 1500 Incl Denomination $1,000 $36,000 36,000 36.000 ,-., 36,000 38,000 Date of Maturity May 1, 1986 .... May 1, 193* May 1, 1938 .... May 1, 1939 May 1, 1949 36,000 May I, 1941 36.000 May 1, 1942 36,000 May 1, 19'43 36,000 May 1, 1944 41,000 May 1, 1946 Quality am See your Chevrolet dealer first «/-.••••.. * «/ duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws and constitution of the state of Iowa, and , Whereas at a special election In said county legally called by the board of supervisors of said county for the purpose hereinafter set out and legally held and conducted on the 22nd day of July, 1919, pursuant to legal, sufficient and timely notice, duly given by publication once each week for at least two consecutive weeks before said election in all of the official newspapers of ' the county, however, reserving the right and option to retire bonds number 1172 to 1500 Inclusive, In numerical order on any Interest paying date on and after May 1, 1936. Section 2. That upon presentation at the olTlce of the county treasurer of any of said bonds, same may be registered as to ownership In the name of the owner on the books of said county treasurer, such registration to be noted on the reverse side of the bonds by the treasurer, and thereafter the principal of such registered bonds shall be payable only to the registered holder, his legal representatives or assigns. Such registered bonds shall be transferable to another registered holder, or back to bearer, only upon presentation to the county treasurer with a legal assignment duly acknowledged.or approved. Such registration of any of said bonds shall not affect the negotiability of the coupons attached to said bonds, but such coupons shall continue transferable by delivery merely. Section 3. That bonds and coupons thereto .attached hereby authorized shall respectively be In form and recitals substantially as follows, to-wlt: (Form of Bond). No $1.000.00 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF IOWA, COUNTY OF PRIMARY ROAD BOND The county of in the state Section 4. That each of said bonds shall be registered by the county treasurer as to date, amount, rate of In- I terest and maturity and a certificate " evidencing each registration shall be endorsed on the back of each bond In substantially the following form: STATE OF IOWA ) County of f "fc- I hereby certify that this bond had been registered by me In a book kept for that purpose in my office, such registration showing the date, amount, rate of Interest, nnd maturity of said bond, all as of the flrst day of July, 1930. 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Amazing low prices for 3 days only of Iowa, for value received, promises :o pay to bearer, or If this bond be registered as to ownership, then to the registered holder hereof the sum of One Thousand Dollars on the flrst day of May, 19 with interest on said um from the date hereof until paid, or until this bond shall have been call- d, at the rate of per cent >er annum, payable annually on the Irst day of May of each year, on pre- entatlon and surrender of the Inter- the county, the last of which "publi cations was more than flve days prlo to the date of such election, all in strict compliance with Chapter 24] Code of Iowa, 1927, a majority of th voters of said county voted in lega and sufficient form and terms In favor of the issuance of bonds in the aggregate amount not exceeding $1,600,000 to defray the cost of improving the primary road system of said county, and Whereas the said returns of said election have been canvassed by this board of supervisors and the fact of the authorization of said bonds has * Insurance a special claim' paying service. 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In the city of , state of Iowa, and for the prompt payment of the principal and interest hereof when due and for the levy of taxes sufficient therefor, the full faith, credit and revenues of said county are hereby Irrevocable pledged. This bond is one of a series of bonds ssued by said county pursuant to and n strict compliance with the provi- ilons of Chapter 241, Code of Iowa, -927, and all law amendatory and supplemental thereto, and In conformity with a resolution, of the board of sup- rvisors of saidf county duly passed, or the purpose ijof, improving a p<>r- lon of the primary.'road system of said ounty as duly authorized by a major- ty of the voters' of said county,- vot- ng at an election legally called ;>tjy (SEE (SB'' SB El «*Slt SBEBB IBBBE IBBBB 661 Hello Iowa! irkwoo FOURTH AND WALNUT* DE8 MOINES, IOWA Iowa's newest and finest hold. 300 rooms, all with bath, electric fans, every convenience. Fireproof. Popular coffee shop, artificially cooled. Rates: #12.50 and #3.00. 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The registration of his bond shall not affect the negotlabl- Ity of the coupons hereto attached, which shall continue negotiable by delivery merely, notwithstanding regls- ratlon hereof. And It is hereby certified and recited: That all acts, conditions and things required by the constitution and laws of the state of Iowa to be done precedent to and In the Issuance of this bond, were and have been properly had done and performed in regular and due orm and time as required by law; that adequate provision has been made for '.he payment of the principal and In- eresc of this bond as the same will >eeome due, and that the total Indebt- dness of said county including this loud, does not exceed the constitutional or statutory limitations. In testimony whereof, said county, jy Its board of supervisors, has caused this bond to be signed by the chairman of said board, and countersigned by the county auditor, with the sea), of said county affixed and the coupons hereto attached to be executed with the facsimile signature of the county auditor, and said county auditor, by the execution of this bond, does adopt as anrl for his own proper signature, his facsimile signature appearing on each of said coupons, all as of the flrst day of July, 1930. Chairman of board' of SupervisoVs'. Countersigned: County Auditor '.'.'.Co.) Iowa. (Form of Coupon). No j - • • • • County, Iowa.' On May 1, 19 , the treasurer of ; County, Iowa, will pay to "tarer Dollars at the office of the county treasurer Iowa, for annual (or months') yiterest on Its primary road, dated No .' ! County Auditor. Section K That the bonds hereby authorized shall be signed by the chairman of the board of supervisors and countersigned by the county auditor, and sealed with the county seal, nnd the Interest coupons thereto attached shall be executed with the facsimile signature of the county auditor, and said officials are, hereby authorized and directed so to execute raid bonds and coupons, and when so executed, they shall be delivered to the county treasurer, and that said county treasurer be and Is hereby dfrected to register said bonds as hereinbefore provided in Section 4 hereof and to sell, In accordance with the provisions of law, all of said bonds, credit the proceeds to the primary road bond fund and use- said fund only for the purpose of redeeming warrants duly authorized and drawn In payment of cost of Improving the primary road system of sold county pursuant to aforesaid election and for no other purpose whatsoever. In the event the county treasurer is unable to sell said bonds at par plus accrued Interest, he Is hereby directed to apply any part or all of said bonds in payment of any warrants duly authorized and Issued In payment of the cost of Improving the primary road system of said county, all as provided by Section 4755-A 13, Code of 1927. Section 7. That In conformity with the law there shall he and there Is hereby levied and there shall be collected each year a tax upon all the taxable property in the county, in addition to the levy authorized for other purposes, a sufficient sum to pay the Interest on the bonds.hereby authorized as and when'the some becomes due, •and also to create and maintain a: sinking fund which shall be sufficient to discharge the principal of said bonds at their maturity, and the moneys arls- hg from such levies shall be known, as he Primary road bond redemption and nterest fund, and shall be used for the payment of Interest coupons and bonds 1926 Chevrolet Sedan 1926 Model T Fordor Completely equipped —carefully checked and put to condition, "with an OK that counts.' 1 Has been thoroughly reconditioned and is sold "with an O. K. that counts." 1926 Chevrolet Coach See this car. ccllent tires equipment. 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Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that Helken is hereby appointed as a committee to have repairs made on Drainage 125. Ayes: all. Motion Helken and second by Funnemark that McDonald Is hereby appointed as a committee to have repairs made on Drainage 161. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that resolution be adopted approving engineer's supplemental report and the 20th day of June, is hereby fixed as date for hearing on same and further proceedings continued to June 20, 1930, at ten o'clock a. m. Ayes: all. (See record for resolution.) Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemark that county auditor Is hereby instructed to notify M. T. Huso, contractor and bondsmen to proceed with completion of work on Drainage 177 as per djre.ctlon of A. E. Michel, Engineer. Ayes. all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Helken that county auditor Is hereby Instructed to notify Allen Burkholder, contractor and bondsmen and W. W. Codner, contractor and bondsmen to make repairs on Drainage 86 In accordance with terms of maintenance bond. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that resolution be adopted fixing July 10th, 1930 at 1:30 p. m. as time for hearing on assessment on Drainage 177. Ayes: all. (See record for resolution). On motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that further consideration of bids on Dr. 157 Is hereby continued to June 12th, 1930 at two p. m. On motion board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. June 3, 1930. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. COUNTING BOARD Mrs. P.,jL..M[cArthur .,•*, .H. Thompson G.eo. P. Hawcott "-....,,., Jess McDonald Maud Hanna- ' ' "»'<:-^ -; '.< Ctesco township ..................... G. W. Brown ...;..... .M. N. Phillips EaVTEbne Rock (Burt twp.) ........ Harry Sabln Phil Roethler , Geo. Hanna ..., Lem Marlow ,., f Merle Richards, Homer LIndhorst ; . . . .Karl Bwoldt John T. Cherland . horson- . :- t -.Simon, Seyerson ' ' < ' *~ :« - J^T-T- Morris that the 'following Judges and clerks be appointed to serve on election boards June 2, 1930 I'lllJIAHV ELECTION. June 2, 1930. Auditor's oiflee, May 13, 1930.—Board of supervisors of Kossnth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by McDonald and second by PRECINCT— Algonu First Ward B . „. Beardsley ....Mrs. Geo. Mrs. W. E. McDonald Mrs. Earl Dalzlel Hoy Richardson COUNTING BOARD Mrs. G. B. Malone ...... Geo, J. Elbert A. D. Richards ........ Guy Mantor E. W. Lusby Algona Second Ward Mrs. W. E. Kaln .... J. A. McDonald . Mrs. C. F. Lathrop ..., D. L. Leffert Mrs. S. Engler COUNTING BOARD E, J. Gllmore L. E. Llnnan Frank Geleel p. p. Zerfass Will Gllbride **«»*. Aleona Third Ward Tom Kaln Joel Herbst Chas. Taylor ....Mrs. J, J.-Dopley Robert R. Smith COUNTING BOARD Matt Lamuth R. F. Donovan Mrs. Dana Paxbon B, J. McBvoj Mrs. Ida 8. Richardson Aleona Fourth Ward Earl Vincent Mrs. P. D. Monlux John Haggard C. Herman Vallle M. Trlbon COUNTING BOARD ) J. L. Bonar M,- P- Weaver J. F. Overmyer ,.C. B. Murtagh . R. A. Palmer ° Buffalo township Fred Boyken ',..B. P. Hansen Chris Brandt Wm. Boyken Geo. Hansen. Sr. COUNTING BOARD John Sachan Herman Rachut Wm. stott Leonard Dailies _ . . i L. Oegterelcher Burt tpwnshlp c. C. Smith C. O. Bailey Tlios. Hawcott John Martin ....... . H. Bewick "^* •-•'S^i*w*«n«ss' . _ . . i\ .Paul- COdy .. , . , ,, • Fenton township ., Fred Welsbrod W. E. LUage I Gaylord Johnson .,.,,,. ,W. E. Stoeber • Gus Krause COUNTING BOARD John Dempsey ..'....J. A. Schwartz ' Fred Bohn ......Mrs. H. P. Welsbrod . _ , , i John Newel Lone Rock (Fenton Twp) P. M. Chrlstensen Alex Radig" Geo. C. Pettlt H, F. Mittag -,_..,. , Jos. Lynch Garfleld township j oe Schaller ....Henry Hendrlckson ' Ed. Edwards J, P. Morsoh _, . . i Pete Mertz Grant township W. A. Hall Ray B; Hall • EH Anderson ......Richard Newton _ . . 1 F. M. Jacobs German township ,,.., ubbe Winter .',..,.,,.., .B. HI Meyer C. K. Rlppentrop . ...John Bockelman _ John Sleper r Greenwood township Jake Keller .,.......,John Nemmers , .A. Fangrnan J. A. Nyman F. J. Hatten -, COUNTING BOARD . J. H>_ Sheridan Geo. Nyman Mrs. Roy Hutton ,. Frank-Coyne „„.... , Mrs. Geo. Carmean Harrison township Peter Looft J; J; Anderson ,.. ; A. H. Hundeby ,.Mrs. Manila Sperbeck^^ J. E. Kelly COUNTING BOARD , C. A. Rohlin S. P: Eckfcolm Ed. Hammond B; t. 'Weaver „ . ' Geo. E. Butterfleld Hebron township H.O.Larson .R. C. Baum Lewis Erick ,.. .JEt, e. Lunnltiff Irvlngton township ,.,', J. (VMawdsfey , .-.Hugh Raney . Geo. Godfrey ..... Henry Weber „ ., Roney i, Sexton (Irvington twp.) ,...,,...,... Roy Wadleigh J!, F.-Othnore Richard Garman ........... ....Ctae. Aroan » , Henry Eischa.idi Ledyard township Geo, Moulton „,..„.,, Ud, Christ Ed. Looft ..,,....,,...... O«o. Hagge • Chas. Finn' , , , ., ' COUNTING BOAJU!> ' D. A. Carpejitqr ,,........Leon Worden . \V\n. Flynn. .............. Del Brown : Alfred Schuttz; Lincoln township , Bert Codier .....Paul Hertzke B. F. Edwards ,,..v Henry Bicker '• J. H.. Warburton Lakota (Ledyard twp.) .............. Robert Hamilton ..Mrs, W. M. Turley , Aug. Gutkneoht ....Mrs, Chas. Lewis Peter Hans COUNTING BOARD _ . Wm. Baum..., T, E, Wortman • Mrs. W. Rouenau Mrs. Jennie Gutknecht H. D. Mussman LuVerne township .,....,.,,.,.,.,.,. G. F. Chambers H. C, Allen Franh DeVItt 0. H. Llohty F. Jv Chapman COUNTING BOARD F. K. Olapsaddle Arthur Hof On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. ,' '-, One o clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with' 1 all members present. • ' ' Auditor's office. June 8, 1930.—Board of supervisors af Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. , • * Board proceeded to- audit and allow • bills:,. t"i^i ,'">- '• '• '»'•.<. .*„>W^iSt--.*. moitoniipoitra^adjourned -.. "'"^ L, Llcbty ' A. J. Bason ,.. J. f Mrs, Irvlh Hof Lotts Creek township Peter Elbert John Kohlwes , | Oeo; Wlnkel ,.,,...,A. Potratz i Herman Rlesner > Plum Creek township .,,..,, ,.. Rqgooe Mawdsley ,..., .Walter Klamp , J. E. McEnroe ...... M. L. McEnroe * • Alfred Jergenson. Portland township .,,,.,,,,. D. M. Stewart .,.,, E. O, Mann W, H, Bchwietert ,.,. W. W. Ringsdorf I W. BJ. Grover Prairie township ..................... John Arndorfer ....G. B. Ludwlg, Jr. I Geo. Cink ,.,, ....,, AH Btuder • Isadora Meyer Ramsey township Anton Stork .....John Hellman -•;'•- ( Ed. Droessler .,.,, ,... Joe Rahe I J. S. Freeark RIverdale township ...,...,..,.,..,.. John; Frlederes John Borman I Henry Borman ,,,Wra, Runchey . J. H, Fraser Seneca township ,, I. F. Engessor ........O. L. Gardner i Otto R. Jensen .,..,,. ,J. Vf. Bolllg i Tom O'Donnell ° Springfield township , G. B. Risk ,.,.Fred Logeman i Louis Anderson , Fred Sutton ' . • John Haas Sherman township ,,,,,..., John Geishecker B. C Green o. L. Thorson M. f. Kenne4y ,W. 0. Nelson OKS,p/van,->Mi'.,.. « T 7-3- •.;•' v^r . e o'clock p. t nL, board mefpursuarlt'' to adjournment with all members pre- \ sent - , • --" On motion, Helken and second by " McDonald that further hearing on' Drainage ,148' Is hereby continued to September 8, t»30. Ayes:'all. ' On motion board adjourned to nine * o'clock a. m., June 4, 1930. June 4, £830.—Board of supervisors of Kossuth ttounty met pursuant. to adjournment with all members present Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that appdlntment of H. B. Bart-< lett sooond deputy auditor is hereby approved aad salary fixed at $90.00 • per month, and bond for $3000.00 is hereby approved. Ayes: all, MQttoni by Morris and second by Helken that Mrs. Marie Duncan of Cylinder, Iowa, Is hereby given a poor allowance of $16.00 per, month, commencing June 1, 1930, and Mrs. Eliza Odall's allowance for $8.00 per month la- haceby continued to January 1, IflSi Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Morris that 1 report of. F. Parks, steward of county farm, for March and/ April. 1930, is hereby approved. Ayes: alt Motion by McDonald and second by Hatken that construction, bond of Paul & Donnelly on Secondary Maintenance, Projects and Secondary Road Districts 121-130-160-146-146-144-140-161-93- 118147-118-162-64-102-115-148-138 Is hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and -second by Funnemark that McDonald is hereby appointed as • a committee to make repairs on Drainage 114, Ayes: all. •'Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemark that Morris is hereby appointed as a committee to make repairs on E.-K. Jt Drainage No. 2, Ayes; all. On motion board adjourned to one, o'clock p. m. One o'clock' p. m. board met PUJN suant tp adjournment with all members present Motion Morris and second by HeSte- en that the following refunds and BUS. pensions-are hereby allowed: That road,poll tax and penalty of W, C, Good for 1920, Algona VneorJ porated, be abated on account of being erroneously tasad, s That personal taxes of Jos, J. Sherman for 1934; Seneca township, are hereby abated in sum of $lte6 con. 'solldated and .67 road, and penalty on »n 0n ,,nt of being erroneously assessed. D, Fults of Swea City be re(Continued on Inside of Back Page,) H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algoni, . load insured W, Eqdp drayingr » Hnultog, nst los» or diet to do •!] kladi o* M-tf Swea township ..... ................. John Doocy '' „, ,, Union town.hip ...................... T. ARe»a w , t . Wesley town.hlp .................... . K. Worn' ........ Fred A. DJekman e COUNTING BOARD Whittemore towwsh.p ................ J 1 w. p. COUNTING BOARD Mr». W,, F. Reimem Thorna* Carmody Aye,- all Aye "'* a will COSIDENE '- ! absolutely stop ft will atop aijd the otber bowel disorders, tains more digestive than ButtenntUf. 3914 by A, W,

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