Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 2, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1896
Page 5
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Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. s That'* He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. GREATER Thbii Ever Beyond the shadow of a doubt, our new arrivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson & Klinsici 403 Broadway. Greatest Discovery or trie 19th Century. Dr. tOtWBKMKDY Medicated Air ¥or the Cure or Cutarrh, Asthma and all Pulmonary Disease*, It bafi no eQUal lor Sick and Nertons HMd- Bche, 1,000.000 people die annually from the tbove owned dlaeM*!. WbT flOfldP *D(1 dl6, .wben J Medlcate<l Ur U goatwteedtocuiejou. . Medicated Air and Drug Co., ' Richmond, Ind., .U. 9. A. THE FIRS1 nATlONAl BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAIi $25O,OOO. *. J. Vurdock, Pre«. JT. W. BOP», C«ih. j. P. Brookmoyer, AMt. DIBECTOBS: .. BunkinR In all lt» Department* promptly urt Htoclth.Wer. "strong Bmrv* Fund KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. «10 BROADWAY. me Looansport Humane Society (INCORPOBATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E, S. Illce—Freii. Geo. W. Walter*-Sec, J J. HJldeT>ifttiiilt-Treim. TV. M. Bishop— Humane Officer. X S. Rlc*. 3. C. HiM'liW. F- C. Coolbpugli Geo W Walters, J.J. Hlldebrandt, Peeked Justlca. „ . i^ Adnm», Mrs. W. D, Pratt Mrs. J. N. NeJI. Telephone No. 80. : - .. Beport caiea of cruelty lo Secretary. Disease attacks tlie -weak and debilitated. Keep yourself healthy, and strong by-taklng.Hood'8 SarsapnrUla. . Special sole for two weeks onJboya'. and..! children's schooljsults. 1 ._Parcnt§. should not miss, these bargains.—J. D. Ferguson & ienks,-322 Market street. See the crowds that'cfailr throng the Trade Talace dress goods department. 500 new pieces, added yesterday.. ..Qli,. such beauties and low,, prices. Donlt miss seeing them, or.you ivHl-.regret.lt. Twelve Mile'.'lodge";'I.' <X".'O."_1'\; will give a plcnicjjn'th'e'.tgrove" ea.st of Twelve Mile Saturday; September 12,; ' 188C. The neighboring lodges -have been Invited and a good, time is expected. . • , ,._ ...'I.. TROUBLE AMONG THE DAGOS Brother Seeks the Arrest of Another on Charge of Theft. AVabasli Plalndealcr: A dudlsh looking il:i£O arrived in the city from Logansport this morning and proceeding to the Italian shanty on the river bnuk commenced to raise a racket, by.at- tempting to compel another dngo to give up some old clotlies which ho claimed the bluff hand had stolen from him. Five of the hands state that the Lo- ga;nsport fellow was a brother of .1 mnn charged with theft; that three brothers over here together; that oue of the brothers died aud that the Logansport chap took possetr.lon of the departed brother's money, about forty- three dollars, nnd the one that came here took his old clotlies which were worth comparatively nothing. The Logonsporter wanted^ the officers to arrest the bluff hand unless he paid him thirteen dollars for the property. 'Marshal Frank Moore and Deputy Charles Linos went down to the dago's headquarters with the man. He was confronted by the five of his countrymen, above mentioned,' who' claimed that ho was a brother of the bluff hand, but he denied that he was any relation to him. The Logansport dago had no warrant aud the officers could do nothing -in the matter. They brought the visitor back to the city, or the bluff dagos would have made mince meat of him. THE JURIES DRAWN. The following citizens have been drawn to serve as jurors during the September term of the Cass plrcult court. GRAND JURORS. Isaac Weaver, Miami David Hecker, Noble. M. W. Klstler, Boone. James Humes, Jefferson. Asa Fisher, Jefferson. ^ Rols. Ralston, Clay. ; PETIT JURORS. Alonzo Cover, Bethlehem. John Bindley;!Bethlehem. William H.' Brown, Eel. Israel Berry, Clay. Charles Spry, Eel. David Darlan, Jackson. .T. M. Campbell, Deer Creek. Ed. Whltfleld, Harrison. Otto Stelzer, Eel., John McClosky, Deer fflfcek. Sam Helvle, Eel. George A. Hummell, Washington. Patrick Kearney, Eel. A. J. Shnrts, Tipton. X..7. Ford, Adams. Alt Porter, Clinton. '' A SERIOUS ACCIDENT. John Ilarland Stanley, the eight-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stanley who lives just across the line In Carroll county, met with a very painful and quite serious accident last Friday while accompanying his father to the cider mill with a load of apples. Mr. Stanley stopped the team anil stepped off the- wagon. ,The son stood upon tlie load, when the team started and he wns thrown to the ground anil the heavily loaded wagon passed over his head. He was picked up by his father and carried to the residence of A neighbor and medical aid was summoned. His injuries were dressed and 'no further trouble is anticipated, unless brain fever sets In. Fred Davis, of Ferguson & Jenks' clothing store, has In his possession a souvenir of the inaugural of William Henry Harrison in 1840. It Is made of soft metal, w/th the national capitol and an inscription which Is too badly ^abraded to be read j on the sides. It was found by a boy near Georgetown a few days ago. . Mr. Davis is very proud of the relic. ' Sound Honey Democrats at Indianapolis. Delegates Present From Nearly Every State in the Union ; Democratic Elector and Two Members of State Executive com. ; mlttee Resign. .: Indianapolis, Sept, •: l Without blare of trumphetsithe rcpres-. cutatives of the sound • money Deiiid- crncy of the country liave como to"lii-' cllannpolls to put before the people 'n declaration of principles and uominiHo? candidates tlmt will stand for 'Hies* principles on election day. Thcre'ii'us' thus far been uo slioutlng for candidates, by marching clubs, but for tweiV- 1 ty-fpnr hours every through train to the city hns brought Democrats from the four points of the compass who' 'h^ fuse to support the principles and can 1 didates of the Chicago convention: ; It' will-be n convention not only representative as to territory. but as to intelligence. Those men who have been Identified with the movement since its inception a little over a mouth ngo point with pride to the men who are here and who will be here tomorrow, and declare that the substance or the Democratic party will he represented in the convention when it is called, to order" tomorrow at noon. There are Sena-' tors, who have ser».ed in Congress with 1 distinction, ex-Governors of States, ex- 1 members of the Democratic National committee, and scores of the most' successful business men iu the country' in the crowd that is 'waiting for the opening- of the convention. While there will not be so many people here as at the convention that nom- " Inated McKinley and Hobart, or at that where Bryan and Sewall were named, the working force of the con-' vontlou will rank with the men who oc-' cupied seats in either of those conventions. Many of the men wlio .siit 'In the Chicago convention as delegates, and who raised their voices in protest as the successive steps indicated in thV program of that gathering were taken, will . be conspicuous in tomorrow's convention. Men who were chairmen of State delegations In that convention will occupy the same positions of honor here. In the Chicago convention their suggestions worn bisseis; here these men will be the foremost ones In the councils that -map out the work of the convention. ' This afternoon more than two-thirds of the states were represented, and there were on the desks of .the executive officers of the National Democratic party organization telegrams conveying the information that other states were on the way, and would be 'here tonight, or early tomorrow morning. Many Democrats who are not delegates to the convention are aecompanyj Ing the. delegates from the .near-by., states, and from some of the distant states, have come men who have beei^ sufficiently interested In the new party to come as onlookers nnd lend moral support to the movement. When the' managers pf the party look back to' July 20, the day on whlcn four indiantt' sound money men met in this city niid" upon their own responsibility sent'1'rf representative sound money Democrats' In ten Middle Western states an "invlta^" tion to meet In Chicago three days later.- and take such steps as m«gnt ••seem-' necessary to preserve the Integrity:- of !' the Democratic party, they arc di»'' posed to regard the movement ns,i)n.e^, nomenal. They say ft great national,-; party, with a compact organization .In.; nearly every state, never .before sprang, into life in one mouth. "If any one is, ikeptlcal ns to the vitality of ..this movement, call to mind what lifts bqen done in thirty days,'-' said John R. Wll- j ;on, secretary of the National commit. tee. ' . . . ... The Union station has been thronged with people all day, and this afternoon there was a great crush there. All of the trains that are due between 11 and 12 o'clock were late, -and arrived about o'clock. There were several special trains, and all of the regulars carried extra cars, and the result -was that the place was packed as It .was the day of the Natlonal.Encampmcnt of the G. A. R. The playing bands and the sllout-' Ing men made the place pandemonium. ' AN E'LECTOR RESIGNS. • > .. . IfiicluMfatent Leather Dress Shoes for Ladies 1st Choice Of Otto's very Finest Tan Shoes. High or Low Cut for Ladies. $1.98 j These include our Very Finest, Former Price $4.00. (- •!-.': v i ':''•.• ' * \ r.l5c for Children's Waists. 15c for Boys' Knee Pants on First floor for the Greater Convenience of our Lady patrons. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course " IfettoiWt'rom' 'Charles I', riol and ,T;uues Kench, resigning from the exec- litlve committee of the silver wing, of tiie State Democracy. Both were gold Democttttsvfcel'ore the Chicago eonveii- tio-n-;'biif'uu'til this sound money move- ifient developed were accounted "In line" forihe 'Chicago, ticker. Mr. Holt: sbiiglit't.o''bind"them-to its support, it li sirid,. by giving them ofTiciftl station :i ! iid party work. The sound money movement, however, has caused a ticket to be forthcoming more to their lik- •Iiig, and they assign. this as their rea- n for. resigning. ... - jTlie letter of Mri Reach is as follows: f'Aftor'chf'efliil thought and close consideration of the political situation, I have decided to resign -my position as n 'member of the' executive committee. I Jain : extl ; emoly sorry that after years of! 'close 'association with the regular Democratic organization that our party hits* arrived at a point where I must cli'oose foetweon-a minority advocating Democratic principles, as I understand t-liiem,- hudMed by the men I 'have fol- loxved all niy:l!f<-,'or follow a majority thfit has' 'repudiated the Democratic N;jtional ; «dmluistration and now advo- ealtes what-il believe are undemocratic principles.; Having made up my mind to'east'my-lot'With the minority, I feel Chit- lit is but just to you that I hand in my resignation, -which I hereby do. I -wish-to' thank you for your kind- neks -In .'honoring me when making up yoiir committee and to express regret that'the situation makes this step necessary:" • When M. Plel was seen a.bout his Designation he said: 'i resigned both because I have not time /;td' devote to the work that the position would lay upon me, arid par- :icularly because I am not in sympathy with i the Chicago platform. I do not bel'Jeve In free coinage of silver." ' ' WOHEN IN CAriPAIGN. rjARCHINQ CLUB FORMED. ' ' ;aj)t.'will Chase Will Command j a String TlcKinley Troop. '"Ai campaign'" marching club .was or- '' ' "' at the riuk .last night by the of,the Logausport McKin- loy tolub. The.club starts Its existence \Vlfti ^•membership of fifty-nine, and tnlsj tffl) be increased to one hundred. %id Organization was completed by the 'iectigu'of the-following officers:' ! Cl)aluman—Al Bryer. Sejcueitary—Robert Knight. Tijeiisurer—William McKee. i&tpt. WiU-filiasCv formerly the com- ilfUdlug officer of the once-famous JfiI iara,. company, the. Logan Greys, •wtin 1 uiian.i.^io'iisly cJaoseu captain of the ';niar|:h!iig"ciub,,jand it is the intention Democrat Who Could Not Make ..the. Free Silver Medfclne Stay Down, ...,,. Indianapolis, Sept. ],—Special;—A' dispatch.from Valparaiso today no-: nounces that William E. Kelley,"one Of; the Presidential. Electors of the-Dem ; ; ocratlc party In the Tenth Congressiony al district, has resigned. Iir'it Jetter to the chairman of the Democratic' State 'committee he arinouhces;'that he- Is not In sympathy with the platfbrrii' of the Chicago convention, and because'; lie can not support the nomlnees'df ttiaV convention, resigns from the electoral" ticket. -His place will' be filled By 'the'' State committee. A ,' ' ; •''•"'• Chairman Holt w*as in a'disturbed 1 state of m'lnd this n'fternoon because ,,, itlfbrm. |he meinbers and drill: tlie . ; military style. The ary. Ifunjls "^or the maintenance ..of te"'or'gaiiti!ation,wlll be raised by auIgsJDrjption.^and .'the. following com- mjft^e' was.'jappolnted to. solicit funds ' ',;',Chii{i;uih'ij',"'WIHlara McKee; ji'j.'nrjk'^wigart', .Lee.Pitch. Fran: Capt. Frank Rln- '.glebJn, Ed'Howell. r-Tlifc club wil.I meet regularly every .Xiiesjjay evening' hie'renfter, and before 'jtlie (iunpalgn has become two 1 weeks ','oidor- will;!be.:J-ead.v to-.act.as t-scort-to '.the J s[ie:ikcrs who will address the peo- •lile.of tills section from time tO'.time. ' TJiVre will be a number of big rallies in.'.ti)isi*rtttiou of t.he"st:ate before the campaign, closes, and the Logansport MfiK{nItiy..cIub .will be well represented ' in,' tluj mn i^hing club. ANNUAL .MEETING. ijaniial meeting of Hie W: C. T: '.U'.-] to elect, oaicers,. will occur at tlie 'ir^A;^ jjq t . {i jo 'Friendless, Wednesday. f_pr, ali ofticers\and 'superintendents to • ""'' " ll-'he, woA of each "department ifie'.for .the. .yean. By 'brder of 'Preside^',' ,/'•:•'•'. -E.,L. GRABLE. N.OTICE; ••• .-:" ti C. ;-T.:. L T . The annual meet'lA|jnrjil,,be held Sept. 2d Instead of ' noticed, ri; The'ieo^uty .board, of education' held 'a'^ii^Stfng ycsterdny at the office of County Superintendent CorpeH. Prominent Characters Who Will Work for Sound Money. The following circular letter was issued yesterday by the Woman's Republic/in association: Chicago, 111., Sept. 1, ISO?. To Republican Women: The honorable recognition given to women by the National Republican committee should be acknowledged by them in embracing the present opportunity to serve the Republican party and the country. Never were there more powerful rind obvious motives for persistent and united effort among women than now. Morality and unity, the indispensable supports of the home and the nation, are being assailed. Where is security for the future honesty of.our sons if they are now taught the lessons of repudiation? Where is security for our national union that cost us suffering and blood. if partisan misrepresentation and Intrigue alienate the South and West from the North and East? In the name of good faith and honesty, of union nnd prosperity, we urge women everywhere to help maintain the nation's honor and unity. This can be done most effectively by united effort In forming woman's Republican clubs, or McKiuley and Hobart clubs or Sound Money clubs, where women can meet and discuss the great issues of the campaign and can consult as to plans and methods of influencing voters. In connection' with and under the supervision of the National Republican .Committee, the woman's branch of the work has opened headquarters in the Auditorium Annex, Chicago, where all. communications to^me should 'be addressed^ I shall be pleased to communicate with'any person relative to any phase of the work and to furnish campaign literature and constitutions for the formation of local clubs. I shall soon be speaking on the Republican platform for McKlnley and Hobart and hope to meet many of you personally. Tours' Sincerely, .T. EI/LEN FOSTER. Republican Meetings. • ANNOUNCEMENT. Mr. George Gonser, who has charge of the circulation'department of The .Tonrnol, will also attend to general collections for The Journal. There is quite an amount outstanding, and The Journal company will esteem it a favor if bills are promptly paid when presented. THE LOGANSfORT JOURNAL CO. A new feature of the State Fair, Sept. 14 to 10, will be the scientific demonstration of the X-rays by Prof. Dayton C, Miller of the. Case Applied School of Science. Prof. Miller's work in this line has brought the best results of any experimentalist, not excepting Edison, and in his work at the State Fair he will be equipped with every appliance for perfect and successful results. This Is a great opportunity for the student, teacher and especially for the doctor or surgeon. When you take Simmons Liver Regu- lator'this Spring for your blood, and for Malaria be sure to note how well It works, and how.fluickly you find yourselves, improved in health aud spirit. "I was induced to try Simmons JLiver. Regulator', -and its action was quick and thorough. It imparted a brisk and ^vJgoroufJ.^foeling. It. is an rexcejleut .remedy."^1..R. Hiland. ^ roo, Iowa. • • Republican speakingswill be held at the following places in Cass county: Frank Swigart wiil speak at Ford's school house, Jefferson township, Saturday, Sept. 5th. Thursday evening, Sept. 3. Frank Swigart will, speak to the' McKinley club at Hoover's school hougo. Wednesday evening, Sept. % D. C. Justice will speak at Adamsboro to the . McKiuley club of West Miami township. Friday evening, Sept. -1. Geeo. Funk will speak to the Clay township club at Oak Grove school house. Saturday evening, Sept 5. A Miller will speak,i,it Clymers. Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock there will be a pole raising seven miles north on the Michigan pike in Bethlehem township where S. T. McConnell will speak. Saturday evening, Sept. 0, Orlando Powell will address the McKinley club at Michaels' school house, Bethlehem township. Wednesday evening, Sept, 0. Center school house, Noble township, Geo. W. Walters. Monday evening, Sept. 14, Metea, Geo. W. Steele, W. T. Wilson, J. G. Meek. Tuesday evening, Sept 15, Young America, Geo. W. Steele, W. T. Wil-. son, J. B. Smith. . Wednesday evening, Sept. 16, Galveston, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, E. B. McConnell. Thursday evening, Sept. 17, Walton, Geo. W. Steele, D: B. McConnell,-Claiid Bishop. Friday evening, Sept IS, . ,Center scliool house, Washington township, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, Geo. Walters: Saturday evening, Sept 10, Twelve Mile, Geo. W..Steele, Geo. Funk, Mayor ' McKee. • • ' • Monday evening, Sept 21, Waverly, Geo, W, Steele, S. T. McConnell, Mayor McKee. ' Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, Clymers, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, -Vf: T. Wilson. . .. Wednesdny evening, Sept 23, West Sand Ridge school bouse, Noble town- • ship, Geo. W. Steele, Col. Cromer, Frank Swlgart • • • • Thursday .evening, Sept 24, Lucerne, Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myers, Geo:' Funk. ' FrTDay evening, Sept 25, Calloway school house, Jefferson- township, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Frank Swigart. Saturday evening, Sept 20, Roynl Center, Geo. W. SteeJe, Q. A. Myers, D. B. McConnell. The State Fnir comes but once a year aud since the low rate prevails for the entire week, it is a good time to take •the fall vacation and take advantage of various attractions the city offers at that time. It costs nothing to make Leave the money as it is—It i: only a Medium of exchange. Tht changing of it will not make more business or times better. Why should it? How can you make more actual business by catling six inches a foot, or, if silver would rise to par, by calling a foot a foot? Supply and demand make business. What difference can it make in the demand and supply if vou change the medium of exchange? You can ruin business by making the Medium of exchange doubtful, as free silver would do, but you cannot help it that way, If you are going to paper your, dining room, hall or parlor with fine paper it will pay .you to call and see me. There has been-poor demnnd for the finer .cla«s of wall paper during the past season. Therefore our object is to, .reduce -tbis class of goods. Best 30-inch Ingrains only 25 cents a double roil. All 75 cent papers reduced io 35 and 40 cents, at Moynihan's Sixth street wall paper store. Gus Wandrei, of Lonp Cliff celebrated: the. nineteen t.n anniversary of his birth at his home on tlie Westside on last Saturday night. Music by the entries.at the fair and many readers^ J.ong Cliff orchestra was enjoyed by a can well afford to take exhibits and large number of the friends'of Mr. make their interest more intense, and Wandrei and a most oujoyaWe time the trip more profitable. x _.,.w«s reported. Subscribe for The Journal. Subscribe for Tbc Journal.

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