The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 18, 1930
Page 2
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, 1950 Utoitwl Publishers. •ntettd as Second Class matte* at the tfoatoffiee at Algona, Iowa, under thei » ; act of. Congress of March S, 1879. Issued Weekly. The Political Game Washington, June il. Special in a too personal and thorough investig- Mason City Gioge Gazette: The senate foreign relations committee's report to- atlon of conditions under the eigh* teenth amendment. With Mr. Brook- Subscription fcates in Kossuth County: One Year, In Advance -.^4. ^ .. _ _.$2.001 ??" a i e . , of the nomination of Hanford | ibly be entertained. The only way to day "without recommendation" to the hart no such horrid notion could poss- Bfat Months, in Advance * A A MacNider of Mason City to be minister I to Canada is regarded as foreshadow- Subscriptions Outside County, $2.60 per year, strictlv~in~advan7p" Subscriptions continued tnW paid P !or *nd ordered stopped Display Advertising, 30c Per inch Composition B cents per Inch extra. which anything of alcoholic content . — — -_o——™ — »„.„.,.«.,«./IT -. to which anything could be got into •60 in a fight on the floor. It was imposs- Mr. Brookhart's system would be first ible to predict the -outcome, however, to chloroform him and then use a senators admitted. Senator Brookhart syringe. He sniffs suspiciously at the did hot appear before the committee in cold tea served to the senate restauf opposition to the nomination, resting ant. SUNDAY IN ALOONA. TAKING A Bid TOLL, The automobile, one of the greatest Inventions of today, a few years go considered as a luxury, how classed as & and even southern Minnesota „,>.., necessity, is taking a tremendous toll. Sunday thousands visit the Ambrose Every day, week to and Week out, A. Call State Park, one of the most thousands of deaths occur besides many I beautiful parks in Iowa. Here they on the letter of protest which he has j submitted to Senator Borah, chair-1 I man. Some Interesting slants on the Brook- I The Love is Reciprocated. "The cause for Mr. Brookhart's pain' ed expression is far removed from pro* Algona is growing to be a great re- part-MacNider flare-up occasioned by hlb "? n ' but intimately connected with ». 1.1 V BiuwuiK w ae a great re- .. ^ ......tA.", Inrilnnterf rifearmrntral nt tJOlitlcS. It Is dllR pnt.lfplv tn t.he txiro- sort for people living in northern Iowa J?f Ts ±^ £l££?*£L*^SSSS 0 !* 1 ^ T, very the Iowa banker's appointment to the ministership of Canada are made by tt spaper correspondents. George P. Authler, for instance, It is due entirely to the powerful effort necessary to restrain his feelings over the appointment by Mr. Hoover of Col. Hanford MacNider as minister to Canada. Colonel MacNid- er comes from Mr. Brookhart's state being maimed ahd cflppledt Every can picnic and the entire family can raises the question of how Congress- ahd ***• Brookhart bears for the colo- InAMlllM 1« u^^lu^ it. _ i _«• *u_fc.iA i ._ I . . . " —«" i _ - - _ ° _ _ I vinl f-ria 0n*vi*i lst*m nvt<4 ttff*.fit-tr\-t* l* n locality Is paying the toll. Within the I enjoy themselves, for a day clo'se to I mah " L . J - Dickinson, victor for the past few weeks three deaths have re- Nature with no dangers to mar a senatoria l nomination this month, may suited from accidents la Kossuth coun- peaceful and pleasant outing. The i? 6 , a£ ? ct< ;. d by the situation as it is un• - • • swimming pool is also a large drawing AiSan fine ut, f ' *'" ^ against card and many come to Algona to or with the Hoover . com- bathe In this modern and convenient I ing with no thought of a penalty. | pool with every accommodation. Authler writes: of stopping it. have the same love and affection he gila monsters. Perhaps this gives these conspicuous reptilian representatives slightly the worse of the comparison, as It is certain!!' ;true that Mr. Brookhart loathes and despises Colonel MacNider to the ex We have laws regulating automobile After a day spent to the parks, a "The Brookhart attitude has the fur- treme llmit of a nature capable of con- drivtog with numerous rules, yet they swim in the pool,'another hour may be ther Merest that it is directed against s .,« /S loathing and despising, are violated without fear. Most ac- spent at the movie show where clean Ma cNlder, who supported Daniel Steck, 1 Further, there is no -•«-' cidents occur through the violation of and wholesome talking pictures may I dem ° crat ' *- ' ' some law, perhaps that of reckless | be seen. Algona is a different city "" " °' driving being the most violated. Oc- from what it was a year ago. Before casionally an accident is described as the park "wos opened, the swimming unavoidable with no blame attached pool built or Sunday shows permitted to any one as was the case last week, th e town was deserted every Sunday. yet the fact remains that there oc curred a terrible accident causing the death of a splendid young man anc permanent injuries to others. Perhaps both drivers were to blame, they musl have been, else a collsion would nol have taken place on a wide and level highway. An automobile driver can not be too cautious, there is .no telling what the other driver expects to do and no chances should be taken. However, they are taken and fre- qently accidents occur. a f _^ The recent fatal accident should be| lng some tbtog for their°neighbors and Nearly every one went to some other place where they could pleasantly spend the day. About the only people seen were those passing through Algona on their way to some resort. Now they stop to Algona and usually spend the day. Every Sunday sees thousands of strangers in the city and the streets are lined with automobiles from every section. It is not a financial graft, but 'ew being benefitted financially, but t gives the people of Kossuth county he pleasure of knowing they are do- defeated Brookhart during the last Coolidge campaign and pre-1 .._ cipitates an issue in Iowa politics grow- ' ese himself, fully reciprocates Brookhartian sentiments. Coling out of the recent primary Brook- onel MacN1 der was a strong Coolidge hart, who has fought the tariff sup- man and a stron S Dawes man and Is ported Representative L J Dickinson I f stron S Hoover man. He represents who had voted for the Hawley bill! " "•"— while Represntative Cole of Iowa has endeavored to make out of the Iowa primary, evidence of indorsement of the Hawley tariff bill for which Mr. Dickinson voted, Senator Brookhart is of the opinion that the voters of Iowa accept-i.,.,.., . ., --• — • ed the challenge put out by certain but ll has been greatly intensified to- Hammlll managers and that a vote for """ "" l ~ —"•—Dickinson was a vote for, Brookhart. Sees Indorsement of Self. in Iowa the conservative republican faction as opposed to the insurgent, progressive, liberal, radical, or whatever you choose to call the republicanism of Mr. Brookhart, The Brookhart feeling against the MacNiders to the father, now dead, ward the son. Between republicans like the MacNiders and republicans like Brookhart there is a far wider gap and a much bitterer antagonism than "On this assumption, Senator Brook- between any democrat and any repub- hart sees in the victory of Dickinson lioan who voted for the Hawley bill, a statewide indorsement of himself, a mem- lesson to others, but will it? Every at the same time afford a decent man- tariff and who probably ne a uerson enters on v.™ |ner to which the Vonnu fnib-o nt «,„ I acralnst the moncuve, tv. takes his life „ _ the vast and increasing traffic, reck-, Jess and careless driving, it Is a mir- ' a acle that more accidents do not occur, and it is evidence that a large majori- will Steck Ranks Second. to Colonel MacNider, prob- and de- the dangers automobile trip to and from far distant resort. People who ^ .^ 6 « „,„.,!„,- attend church may also find uo n, wn ty of automobile drivers both" old*'and I * Tece P tt ™ and friendly greeting to any | posiUon^or^Senator young are exceptionally cool headed .inf ° ° Ur churcnes . where they will alsoj of the president handling a car where traffic is heavy! r a eood sermon, and danger prevails. HIO /mo ,y,° te I splses most hls democratic colleagui the MacNider flaht ffiSS Damel Frederlc Steck. Mr. Steck is art taS^™^*^,!?^ ^he first democratic senator from Iowa takes a Podtlon which will ln CX " fifty years " in ' He tan against Mr. when the lAFollette MacNider. or that " candida cy, embraced by Brookhart, had " plit Io r re P«Wicans up one side and dOW the mlddle - He was MacNider type. Brookhart Igot the News and Comment. [Crops Were Destroyed Near Bancroft, i Senator Steck, the democrat has «i ^ifirate, but Steck made a contest ready made the Issue beTw^en hta afd a j? d after a y ear ° f Zs™*8 was seat,-^ i?h " storm - —" -VUVITUWU *UU* CM-1U Dickinson one of the tariff and to the MacNider issue sees an opportunity to i W u d bring back to himself the support of' the --™ P - U • ° anS W ° V0ted for hta m Close vote ' ,, B ' o ° kaa rt was "" rlght and U an Good Program Held in Good Mope Church. Good Hope, June 17. Special: Under the direction of ft committee composed of Mrs. James Knoll, Mrs. Jake Smith, Miss Evelyn Crulkshank and Mrs. Mart Eimore, a program of exceptional qua!" ity and interest was presented at Good Hope church on last Sunday in celebration Of Children's Osy\ The fofni of the program Was as follows f Piano Instrumental .Evelyn Crulkshank Song ;.., choir Scripture and Prayer i , « fcev. Allen Wood A Welcome . .Betty and Letty Safchett Welcome ., Margaret Krioll Three Cheers for Spring Merrill Zwiefel Song, Smiles and Sunbeams .,.,,..., — Primary Dept,. The Flowers Part Oharlene Rath Don't be Late Betty Turner What I'd Like Howard Sarchett The Great Book Divine Merrill Moore, Eugene Broderson, Durwood St. John, James Dodds, and Charles Mlttag I Think So, Too ...... Leo Eimore Song Choir God's Word .Willard and Willis Mitchell What the Bee Said .Norma Reser Children's Day Lois Gardner What I Can Do Marian St. John Drill and Dialogue >........... Boys' and girls' class (Mrs Smith) Tiny Boy - Merrill Moore Song sabin Children Remarks and Offering ....Rev. Wood A Demonstration Mary Crulkshank and Mildred Eimore Forget-me-nots Helen Walker Grandfather's View Alden Reid Playlet Dorothy Reid, Dorothy Qustafson, Trella Gardner and Prances Sorenson. Song Zelda and Dorothy Reid God is Love Helen St. John Needed Jimmy Don Moore To a Bird BernJ.ce Dodds God's Way .Garlyn Reser A Boy's Idea .Ivan Gustafson Recitation Mildred Eimore S on S choir Benediction. A good crowd turned out to hear this fine program and to enjoy the/ beatl- ful decorations which had been prepared by the young people's class, assisted by their teacher, Mrs. Wood, and her sister, Mrs. Moore. Hindering circumstances prevented Willard and Willis Mitchell, the Sabin children, Charlene Rath, James Dodds, and Betty Turner from taking then- parts in the program, the two latter being kept away by illness. James Dodds is a sufferer this week from an attack of the measles and Betty Turner was taken to the doctor for treatment o* a n^il wound to her foot. Algeria Motor Sale* Lease* Helberg Garage, The Aigonft Motor Safe* has rented the Meiterg garage jfiald* ing south of the Aigotta Hotel, and will mv6 into ft about the first «f July. They intfftd ta keep- the old Notttn Westc-ra Engine faetdry' bulldlliff on last State stet aft a storage pises. Mils te fao% thelf jpfesmt This cOBiplWy was formerly in the building south 6f the court house, which is now e&mplea by George S3* ' Algofiian Joih*; Cattle 1*9! tfcs fatft jtfiTssfiiTe!*9» **_!... 3^** ,_« »r-.. * J »,,J..sfcL»_, .fc.. i._bloZ^r,7 ______ , ....... „,„ of HoisteiM esttie- Belong td the asse . ffiefiWeft Sire. admitted td t!» eatlofi drganiSfttldh iowaas.werfe -to ths Wotld, FMHWWJWWU^^ I jjg^..^-_ ..jt -_ , —. J l - .. . . .- - i •"« Fishing Contest iM f - kJ m *L te oftU8ht to > Hy Waters and m uat be Strict accordance with the laws o! that locality. ~ IS £LIoiBL&--Ahy resident living to Kossuth county and i to the contest. No cost whatever to register wen-* tte the afc plaoe piSPLAY— All fish entered In contest must be kept In this Business over the day, or not to exceed 24 hours lot (low. same will be Iced and taken care of by the of ' not covered ; Prizes Of fered CLASS A TOUe B1Ue spllt tembo ° » ASS - Sha ^Peare, tTncle Sam reel, value $2.50. . CLASS B the i I _* i •• ••*• ** U VVAAJL/UIUCU DV Hall Billie Sunday will speak at the Spen- P 8 "** 1 hundreds of dollars of damaw , cer chautauqua June 26. We hope the uL^ 0 !? 1 ?* ^P 8 ^d Pastures north- i ; spencer editors go to hear him. *S (( '1£?L£* SH*^*. Mi * ta senate chamber, soothed his sore and savage breast, he misses his guess. b sec- teck's O* campaign for United States sen- ,-If the next legislature should pass -a 1 law 'prohibiting 'candidates for office from making speeches and talk- Ing over radios, wouldn't It be a funny campaign? Senator Bteck attacks the tariff law to, his campaign. Senator Brookhart alBO_ opposes it. Isn't it pleasant to know, that Iowa's two senators agree upon one thing. The ultimate conclusion on the recent election results is that the people of Iowa want Dick in the senate and Turner to the governor's chair, regardless of the tariff or income tax. A German recently won the heavy weight championship. We think this is the first time a German ever held It, but it won't be long until some Irishman comes along and puts him to sleep. Otto Lange, Dubuque's defeated candidate for governor, 'says he will oppose Senator Brookhart for the nomination two years hence and will run on a wet platform. We are afraid it will be a long time between drinks. Editor Roberts of the Britt Tribune to last week's issue has a long editorial telling why Hammill was defeated for United States senator. Why the sour grapes? Iowa voters want "Dick" in the senate and to the senate he will 60. Mexican Given 15 Days for Drunkenness. Joe Flores, age 20, a Mexican beet weeder living near Ledyard, was arrested Saturday evening in Ledyard and was brought to Algona by Deputy Sher iff Everett Harris. He was chargec. with intoxication and was given fifteen days in jail by Justice w. C. Dan son. The sentence was such that h< could go back to Ledyard and work ii the field as this is the time for weed- tog the beets and as Flores had a wife to support, the authorities were lenien With him. He must pay the costs of $10.75. Flores became very pugilistic to Ledyard while he was fortified with liquid refreshments and tried his prowess on one of the citizens of the town He was, according to Harris, a very pitiable looking object when the citizen got through with him. of about corn and fifteen acres of oats. At the Joe Rapp farm fifty acres of oats and practically his entire corn S op '» ^ed. When this was written Monday, Mr Rapp estimated that he had at least fifty acres of water with! drainage itatakes chance for , e relief. Hail as well as water caused damage there. Bert Quton lost at least 80 acres of crops from hail and water, Andrew Fangman 20 acres, George Foth 80 acres, H. A. Seward to' the neighborhood of 200 acres, O. L. McCoy, between 15 and 20 acres, Mike Rustemeyer 20 acres, J. B. Schiltz 30 acres and Fred Tigges 30 acres of crops and his pasture land was so flooded that he had to take his stock to some of his neighbors until the water subsides. In places the hail was several inches deep and the crops are pounded into the ground. On the west edge of the John Menke farm hail destroyed a field of rye and other crops suffered to some extent. Fortunately the storm did not cover a very large territory but the farmers to the hail ridden and flooded district have suffered a serious loss. P, Did John Catch Any Fish? Lakota Cor. Bancroft Register: A few of the neighbors north of town took a day off and wont fishing last Wednesday. After roll call it was discovered that all answered to the name of John, and the funny part of it is that all live within one and one-half miles of each other along a straight road Those present were John Roelf- 6ema, John Wirtjes, Sr., John Wirtjes, Jr., John Furst and John Winter. And, believe it or not, while all these Johns were out fishing three more Johns, namely John Ites, John Winter, Sr., and John Winter, Jr., had remained at home,'also within the mile and a half limit of the Johns' highway. Invited to Inspect Telephone Office. Open house will be held at the local telephone office on Friday, June 20 it was announced today by L G Nemmers, local manager for the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company. The hours will be from ten a. m. to nine m. Residents of Algona and the entire community are invited to visit the central office during the open house, Mr Nemmers explained. Guides will be on hand to take the visitors through the building and to point out and explain ,?, interes ting equipment, all of which will be seen in operation. "The latch string is always out at the telephone office," Mr. Nemmers explained, "but we are making special efforts to welcome as many visitors at the telephone office as possible on June 20. The open house is part of our efforts to explain our business to the public, and I feel sure that the people of Algona will be interested in seeing the equipment in operation and becoming better acquainted with the people that service them." Young Business Man Weds School Teacher. Tltonka Topic: Miss Jeanette Wei- may awaken and if he does not 'his break with the senator involves a good many political possibilities. "Those who are to touch with the Iowa situation profess to foresee that Mr. Dickinson will be forced to make a decision as to whether he Is going through the campaign as well as through the primary, as a Brookhart candidate, ^or whether he will run "on his own." Acceptance of the Brookhart leadership now, it is pointed out would involve considerable dependence upon the present Iowa republican senator if Dickinson should be elected. The situation is interpreted here as meaning the Iowa senatorial fight will cotinue right up to the election." Kent's Comment Reprinted. Another interesting appraisal of the situation is contained to a dispatch by Frank Kent, prominent political writer, to the Baltimore Sun, of which he is a member of the managing board It follows: "That puffed, swollen look noted these last few days upon the chaste and charming countenance of Senator Smith Wildman Brookhart, of Iowa is not due, as some might suppose, either to bee stings or poison ivy. "Seen on the faces of some dry "senators it might be taken as evidence of Smith Brookhart. He gnashed/ his teeth, nursed his wounds, rushed back to Iowa and was almost immediately re-elected by a smashing „ majority. Since then he and Mr. Steck have sat in the senate, but with no .endearing contact. Mr. Steck wasrrenQminated by the democrats today, but no one thinks he can be re-elected. The gratification, however, that Mr. Brookhart has over this fact is utterly destroyed by the appointment of the loathed and despised MacNider. That is a poisonous dose, indeed. Interest Is keen over what he will do about it. "If Mr. Brookhart takes the ground that Colonel MacNider is "personally objectionable" to him, he may be rejected. Senatorial courtesy has made that the custom. Mr. Brookhart might be sustained by the solid democratic and progressive votes, which would be enough. On the other hand, he may not fight at all. He may swallow the dose. It may occur to him that he comes up himself for re-nomination to 1932, and that MacNider is an unforgiving man with a considerable Iowa influence. It may seem good politics to be sick now rather than sorry later. Sometimes ideas like this occur to the noblest of our great progressive" heroes. Will Drayton is Improving in Health. Good Hope, June 17. Special: His many friends will be delighted to learn of the improved k condition of William Drayton, who, has' been dangerously ill the past ten days with pneumonia. He is sufficiently recovered that he is able to sit up for a short time each day and the nurse, Miss Josie Dlttmer of Algona, has gone off the case In .addition to his own illness the',two _"_'.'__'___" _jSi prevailing During his illness neighbors' got * t£ gether for the cultivation of his corn and the proup, busily engaged over his rolling acres, made a picture of activity which provided quite a thrill. Pif- ty s tw.o head of horses in addition to ! a^'tractor cultivator, were used to the operation. PIKE—Shakespeare Marhoff level wind reel, LARGEST GREAT NORTHERN PIKE-Shakespeare standard prof • fessional reel, value/$10.00, rr -*- 1 •—— -•" •- ow*uu«wu yrui Total value $3430; CLASS C $ 25 J I ' DE ' Gn ' I ^ Shakespeare> Favorite sput bambo ° rod - G 5 S o CKOPPIE - Snakes P ear e. Manlstee split bamboo fly rod, ° rlterlan level wtadtag reel - value $5oo, CLASS D AKGEST.OATFISH-Shakespeare, Ideal level winding reel, value ^ G . E fnn BULUIEAD ~ Shakespeare ' Leafier reel, value $2.00. Total • r J.C. SMITH Mr. Krause is a former student at Waldorf College and at present is associated with his mother, Mrs. Kate Krause in conducting the -store at German Valley. Mr. and Mrs. Krause plan to leave Friday on a wedding trip which will take them to Minneapolis, northern Minnesota, North Dakota and on the return trip through South Dakota They will be away about two weeks and on their return will be at home at German Valley where Mr. Krause will continue in the mercantile business. The marriage o/ Mr. Krause and Miss Welhousen unites two of the best families in this community. Both are exemplary.young people who by their conduct and influence typify the finest things in young manhood and womanhood. We wish them well. Shame on You, Ben Southgate. housen, oldest daughter of Mr Mrs. William Welhousen, and ' and Carl Krause, only son of Mrs. Kate Krause were married at five-thirty Wednesday afternoon, June 11, at the home of the bride's parents. The double ring ceremony was performed by Rev. L. C Gartner in the presence of the immediate families of the bridal couple. The bride wore a dress of pale blue georgette and carried pink roses. She was attended by her sister, Miss Anna Welhousen, who also wore blue The rroom and his attendant, Wilbur Wel- housen, wore suits of dark blue Mrs. Krauee is a graduate of the TiUmka high school and has also at- «nded Hie Iowa State Teachers' Col- ege at Cedar Falls. For several years he has been engaged in tennhing In he rural schools of the county where her work has been very successful Rev. and Mrs. B. M. Southgate "travel right along." They went to Peoria, Illinois, where on June 2nd Mr Southgate presided at the wedding of a friend. Following the wedding they went to the home of their son and when they awoke Tuesday morning another grandchild had appeared. Mr. Southgate gets a lot of "kick" out of telling of his experiences of a wedding at night and a baby in the morning, but before he finishes the story he explains that it required two couples to accomplish all this. Newspaper Has a Tender Spot. Titonka Topic: The hardest fight put up for congressman by any newspaper was by the Advance. That paper spent hundreds of dollars in space for Gilchrist yet Larrabee carried the county. Column after column of space was used to praise Gilchrist but not a word was said about whether or not Senator Gilchrist voted for or took the "Grab" money. That "Salary Grab" issue is a tender spot with the Advance Methodist Pastor Visits in Good Hope Good Hope, June 17. Special: Th Rev. Victor Schuldt, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church of Ware Iowa, and Miss Ruth Hulse of Algona were callers at the William Treptow home on Sunday evening.. Victor is the youngest son of Rev, Schultd, a former^ German Methodist pastor a Burt, and is one of several brothers who are in the Methodist ministry/He is to leave Iowa soon for a visit with his parents at their home to Louisiana and in the fall will go east for a course of study in Boston Theological Seminary. High Line Goes From St. Joe to West Bend, The franchise has been granted to the Central States Electric Company to put in a high line from the st Joe vicinity to West Bend. This is only a branch of the network of approximately 250 miles of line that the company is planning on putting to northern Iowa. The line, starts from the Charles Brown farm northwest of Livermore and runs close to West Bend. The :arraers along the line have already >egun to set their poles to connect with he main line. It is understood that here was much opposition to the high ine in the West Bend territory. Two Cars Collide on North Jones Street. A car driven by Vernon Meyers, a farmer living near Algona, was smashed up quite badly in a collision with th^fnt ml 1 b ? a man " ftmed Heider- scheidt. The Meyers car was coming into Algona on North Jones street, and the other car according to the authorities was coming from the east and failed to observe the stop sign. No one was hurt and the matter was adjusted to the satisfaction of both par- "Ladies Men" Now Winners in Politics. Lakota Record: Bill RlqTdefs, the truck operator-marshaU, deputy sheriff, dairyman of Titonka was to town Sunday attending the show and took dinner with his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bruer. We asked Bill some months ago about running him for sheriff, but he said he had his bands full the way it was. However, when we talked with him the other day and he told how many carloads of tile he had contracted to unload and deliver during the hot weather he said he believed that by the time another election date rolled around he would be ready to consider the proposition. Bill doesn't lack the nerve when it is man to man but Is not quite sure of his standing with the lady voters. Algona Youth Gets Ten Days in Jail, Wade Coon of Algona, was, given ten days in the county Jail by Mayor Ogren Monday, for drunkeness. It seems that Wade was overcome by King Alcohol while promenading on a motorcycle, Sunday night, near the Milwaukee depot. The fumes of the oil of Joy overcame him and he could not keep astride the wheel which went into the ditch and dumped him alongside while the motor gently expired to keep Wade company until he had slept off the effects. Marshal NewvUle was called by one of the nearby residents and he concluded that Wade had bet- ;er sleep it off to Jail rather than to ;he dltph alongside bis faithless steed, LuVerne Young Folks Happily Wedded. Lu Verne, June 16. Special: A pretty wedding was solemnized last Thursday when Miss Carolyn Merkle, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Mertle and Walter Hefti were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents near LuVerne. Misa Merkle wore pink georgette and the couple was attended by Esther Merkle, sls- ;er of the bride and Gilbert Hefti, a irother of the groom. Mrs. Louis Merkle played the wedding march Mr. and Mrs. Hefti were presented rtth a new Nash sedan by the parents f the groom and soon after the wedding ceremony the happy couple left for Clear Lake where they visited a brother of the bride, leaving there on Friday for New Glarus for an extended visit with relatives. vuvwywywwwvw There is economy in BALANCED FARMING ROTATE CROPS and LIVE STOCK Protect growing crops-—Feed for Profit—Hog down after Harvest SEE US For Guaranteed Zinc Insulated ROVAL FENCE F. S. Norton & Son Phone 229 Algona, Iowa argains in USED CARS _ $3? Boys Leave for Jobs of Summer in Montana, i P a , rro ^ d Newvllle and John Hough left last week for Kallspel, Montana where they will spend the summer The boys are taking forestry at the f ow , a State College at Ames and w™ '' oo lyta Jpord coupe ___ 1924 Ford touring, . 1925 Ford coupe ,_ 1926 Ford touring,. 1926 Ford tudor ._ 1928 Ford coupe., 1 926 Chevrolet sedan 1928 Chevrolet coach 1928 Chevrolet *edan $3oo ' «pee Q ab and farm body $250 Payments, KENT MOTOR CO. Algona,

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