The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1930
Page 12
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ts?*f -• , •'< ?>KC*f'~ if^C',';' aA>v -iir - .--".-' > s -3.~. ', ii, - — ? ^^-^a"-^"*-—— r i iirriiinm^Mriiiflmiijiaiiiiii^^ =—»~j»-^~-j—*~ BEING CONSTRUCTED! East of Swea City, Hal* let C6. Contractors, Fire Ann Expert William Cliff, who wad one of the' "«•"«'' •'"•" GaVfe Exhibition* >nor graduates of the local high School with the class of 1930, was awarded a two-year scholarship in thei j<.».ui . ,~-> —«----»,„—«• — ««»- «y|2as--fc- «*•* He^f |Buildiiig Boom Strikes Al-fK^^^^^ crowd of about two MuhdrecF~ people watched him shoot with rifles, pistols Dave Flanagan of Minneapolis, fire arms expert connected with the] Peters Cartridge Company, gave an ex* lOttAKGES MADE THE &OAD, New Grade for Several Miles South of fto«k Island Tracks, Ruined North Kossuth Golf Course Wehler prize for being the best" a¥ round boy in the senior class. Miss Agnes RTce, who is an alumnus | or trie university, was instrumental in getting the scholarship for him. There are only thirty awarded each year and to win one, the student must have an during the . - - —c,-- ~~.. vv . and must take part in other school activities. William plans to enter the university in September gona This Spring After Several Years of .Quiet. and shot guns. They were much impressed with his ability. Many Sales Featured This Month Here. Work is progressing ranld!* «« 01 v. L I? 113 ^ 6ek the Mfldson & Hanson ™ tL^J 1 ™!:. been) 13. .Last Week the Upper Des Motaes- H* 0 ,? 1 * hd no J l ss than a -— a double pace n homes have been constructed . ... _ _ *'"&»•* I fvp Or>A f»«t»r im*4M*t «mur.J.....,_i.f-. * A«_ _ Sampsons Sell Their HOUSE BEING BUILT. I Grading Outfit. Sampson Brothers, who fdr several I years have been successfully operating All Are Modem and Desirable Homes I a road Biding outfit have sold their | • i oni,<r,tv,e«t *„ TIT -H Williams. *&WWUMHWMMf^^ S . . • • : > ••.„*. V -'.'."*' ** . Tat c Off the BaU JdcUf of Tills Voile . fc., NELLY DON And you nave a oleeveless D of Equal Cndpml pess Good Homes Are Badly Needed In the City; Algona, for the first time in several | building i equipment to W. B. Williams. Mr. I Williams is now located at St. Joe and has several contracts in. Kossuth and Humboldt counties. the 1* H. Chrischilles Has Article Published. | Chrischllfes"&'Herbltl or are now under construction in "the! An ? T , Ucle by Tl H ' Chrischilles ap- 01 uenea wnere the »*« 1u „ 1 * — ™ much looked for' clty J , Many other homes have been re? HSSfn? T ^"^T^ ° f ^^ a Mi^o. .(?£ re the Rook Island makes ward to "Two for Onp" wiTtthiM, modeled or repaired and The Priendlv Goods Merchant's Trade Journal, which SB S£ bsf-sstt-s Jss te^g&SS?; MM .« S^SL y „•» sia^f« »"»»'»»«"»i s.sfsjfs.?'-"" ?"•» to the crossing- post, nf I to j east of new grade extends crossing east, through the "ith golf links and on three mile where it crosses the Island and -follows the old road rtmPwi?,*,. e *? ept for several curves ttiat will be straightened. AH of the woHc so far has been between Swea Cltv 1 ana Oerled. TJio paving crew will work west to Swea City from the first crossing east of Swea city and by the I time this ,1s completed they expect to 8fr# e J±*l he J"°i f Jjnks crossing. Phyllis Misbach Was Graduated with Honor. Phyllis Misbach, daughter of Mr. and of airmont the Fairmont lth i ...we IHJ. Chrischilles pointed out that much new paint on numerous old r£ e damage done,to independent mer- houses Algona certainly gives visitors cnants W chain stores was much over a good impression Of the citizens of fu . ' He w ? nt on to ? how that where this city. Jthe independent merchants were live I Among the new homes erected or wllres ihe L met the competition of the 4j._ _._..._ _ *-wvv.** wi. i nf nt*Ati «»tf>l-mit4> *».«n t. 1_>._ *vrt. _ ii " N "^ber nine from Number sixteen on the south The paving crew has just started to work through the golf links and on the Y's I Richard™ 0 fW?/? ln , ff to Swea clt y tu ™ west' n at the Wink-el corner at the north edge of Bancroft and go west on the Seneca road three or four miles then north to Swea City. The road is still open north to the Rock Island and east to Lakota will ££5J£ f?onfBancro a ft detOUr> Phyllis Misbach. prominent in all activties in the Fairmont high school and one of the most popular students stores without great loss. Where the merchants still did business as they fifty or sixty years ago, chain i_ , — . ----- fv^***«.» ouuuuitui S °° ' has Won the honor of of1930 ' acc ordlng to jK! B . radtod Misbach main^rage for the nearly completed are those of Joel Herbst and Walter Lorenz on South Thorington street; Irving Seeman and | „„ ,, t «, «.„,--_ t j it . Henry Johannesen, Jr., H. R Cowan e ? ou i that the effect of the & Son, all in the north part of the store had made lts mark city; John Daub, on East CoUege street; Walter Good, in the south part "* the city; Mrs. C. B Barry on <S ,Voile fills, as nothing else can do, H certain place in the summer ward* robe—simple enough to wear downtown, dressy enough for afternoon or informal evening, and unsurpassed, in coolness and practicality, Particularly this new model that really is two costumes in OHe. The voile is as sheer and soft as chiffon. perfect rating of 4. hlgh sch001 but two tenths behind the Play to fee Given 8 at Call State Parlf. -^^eeting was held at the home of s Gusta Patterson in Algona Monday evening for those who will take part in ^ -ft pl&ylet to be given by the four rural "clubs at'a Joint meeting to be held at isi, IS. J^? te Park ln Ateom June 18th. Christine; Gould and Gusta Patterson wiU Teprestot Union township to this-jjlaylefcf'Oo'ats and Petticoats" Each club wiMontrfBute two membera Jfor.the cast|.^TM3oiifciaubs are the Pool Was Opened Phillips and the new Catholic parsonage on east North Street. Prank Kohlhas purchased the two Longley houses across the Milwaukee railroad tracks on North Hall street and will move them to the lots west of the Bryant school where he will make modern homes out of both of them. Algona could use many other modern, mode ate sized homes and a number of tra eling men in this territory would mo to Algona if they could obtain sui able houses. LOCAL NEWS. on Last Sunday. Tfie swimming pool was opened Sunday afternoon. offlciallly Quite a but it was"too"cold for the who contented themselves the antics of the kids The come out with then- teeth but when asked how the Would reply that it was Main Street Gets Kerosene Bath A new method of. sprinkling th streets^ was discovered last Monda whPn „„„ of Peterson's delivery trucks . Corners, t aatf There is some cleaning up to do i? A,. w taprovements to be but the pool will be open every ^ruln^chC.^ P °° le ' & ^ f u to ! he lamp « > W ^ State Bank - In ner the petcock on the kerosene tank on and the kerosene spout t?riTep started on his Mark Boyles Move was f » ue without knowing he was giving the main street a free sprinkling The council should thank either Julius or £ urnlsh ed the kerosene ta the Demonstration of r» ^. . • De ? oratui * »* ^Perienced -decorator the where he Physician in one pe<UfttrtQ wards ln O ne of the torge .nospitate there. John intends " ta until" his parents, , u Superintendent and Mra. Wm! Shirley arrive. They intend to be gone three weeks, leaving late this month. Dr. Larry Mosbach to Practice at Humboldt. Larry Mosbach was graduated Mons?Jf n m ,, the vetertaar y school at Iowa State College. He will open an office for the pactice i of veterinary medicine at Humboldt the flrst of next week. Larry is the son of Mr. and Mrs Ed Mosbach of Whittemore. Epworth League Convention, June 13. The annual convention of the Epworth Leagues of Algona district will be held at Kanawha Frirjaj), June 13. A good program has been provided including a Bible Story contest, Mr. and Mrs, Nine Marriage Licenses Issued Since June First. Nine marriage lisenses were issued in the county clerk's office so far this month, so it seems that June has not lost its popularity for marriages. The licenses were issued to John Schrieber, Ottosen, ftnc} .Eunice Smith, Bradgate; RaymondX Winter, Lakota and Edna Erstle/, Lakota; Carl Peterson and Orpha IVIichels, both of Windom, Minnesota, Paul Relmon, Lakota, and Carrie Anderson LuVernle; Arthur Ernst, Rutland, and Gertrude Hauck Humboldt. ast;<'week. demonstrations in and. He" save • special' painting vases, .lamps and other articles, blending the leverjal-jjojors of paint together to give a marpled" effect which was very attractive. He also gave expert advice on,various interior decorating problems. Lou DeGraw is in Missouri this week looking after some land he owns. Richard Vaughan is taking his place at the Kohlhaas'Hardware while he is gone. Miss Helen Harwood of Clarion visited last week at the home of her brother, Burt. Miss Harwood received her M. A. degree from the Columbia School of Journalism in Missouri this June, and will now be associated with her father, who is editor of the Wright County Monitor at Clarion. Miss Clara Amesbury was in town the first of the week visiting Algona friends. Miss Amesbury and her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Amesbury, returned to Iowa the last of May from Glendale, California, where they have been iving the past two years. Miss Ames- mry is making her headquarters at Mankato with her mother who is ill. Miss Bernice Hargreaves is spend- ng the summer on a chautauqua cir- uit of the United Chautauquas of 3es Molnes which will take her into en different states. Bernice taught at Webster City last year. In the fall he will go to Charles City to teach, ernice is superintendent of the cir- uit with which she is traveling. She did the same work last year. 'Mr., and Mrs. Lewis Rist and son, Richard, came ^Tuesday of last week fpr^a. visit at the home of Lewis' ^ e 2^ D I-.^¥FS-. A -L.Blst Lewis of schools at ^ _,„ x. -* , t»rpast-year,- and win return there In the fall. Miss Emily, Rist, who lias teen teaching at Mendon, BUnois,, the .past year is also f*n*Mn UT*._.1^ **• t. _. . A — _i.' " ~~~~ WWWWWWWW Methodist Church. .Vacation Bible School is making fine progress with about eighty children enrolled. Next Sunday evening at seven- thirty o'clock a demonstration of the work of the school given at the church. Tuesday, June 17 by the county, purchaser to furnish blank bonds. : „ .Dated "'May 17, 1930.. ' ' H. N, KKUSE,,/ , 49 - so Treasurer Kossuth County. .Olympic Berth? Old Lady—Captain, will youi please, come down and see what's the matter with my stateroom? . It%Jump!np is the date of the home. Merle of .Minneapolis June Overmeyer to Teach in Oskaloosa. June Adele Overmyer leaves Sunday for Iowa City, where she will take a six weeks course in Latin. She was graduated from the university last week and will be head of the French department in the Oskaloosa high school for the coming year. She will also have a few classes in Latin. June Adele has a fine record at the university and her position for next year Algona Men Spend Week End Fishing. A number of local men spent the week end fishing at the lakes in Minnesota and Iowa. Among them were A. E. Anderson, Bert Deal, C R LaBarre and H. E. Rist at Lake Keronis, in Minnesota; H. J. Lacy and D T Nugent at Trumble Lake, near Ruth-' ven; Dennis Goeders and J. S Auner at Amber Lake, Minnesota.' Most of the boys reported good fishing. Wind Moves House and Tears up Trees. The house on the John Kohlwes farm, a mile and a half south of Lotts Creek, was moved a few inches off the foundation by the high wind last week Large trees were also torn up. Adam Lieb reported that his chicken house was also moved. is a visitor atrthe Rist home this week. He expects to return to Minneapolis on Friday. Societies and Clubs. Last day Gamble Sale—Special Saturday, June 14th, 5 piece V-check punch and chisel set 19c. Hack saw 75c two cell flashlight, complete 51 45c. Ford Offers New De Luxe Sedan Luhoshos Have Reunion^— A number of the orignial members of the Luhosho Camp Fire group had a picnic at the Call State Park Monday evening. The girls included Mrs Don Allen of Davenport, Helen Vinson, Jane Vincent, Mrs Lewis Reding, Mrs. G. B. Turner, of Algona, Mrs Maurice Cullen, of Whittemore, Mrs R. A. Burrows of Oakland, and Mrs! B. A. Thorpe of AIgona» who was guardian of the group. Country Club Party— The afternoon bridge party at the Country Club was attended by about forty members. There were ten tables of bridge. Mrs. H. W. Pletch won first prize and Mrs. Dana Paxson, second. Mrs. H. L. Gilmore was chairman of the committee, which included Mrs. C. R. LaBarre, Mrs M. J Streit and Mrs. John Frankl. . Highs Entertain Lows— The high score members of Mrs. J. W. Mangan's bridge club entertained the low score members at an evening party at the Mangan home Monday evening. Mrs. L. E. Hovey won the high prize, and Mrs. H. W. Jackman won the low prize, Entertained at Country Club- Mrs. T. H. Chrlschilles, Mrs. W B. Quarton, Mrs. H. R. Cowan and Mrs. L, C. Nugent entertained about eighty women at a bridge luncheon at the Country Club this afternoon. Entertained Idle Hour Club- Mrs. W. E. McDonald entertained the Idle Hour bridge club at her home Monday evening. *Mrs. Prank Mathes won the high prize, and Mrs, Laura Paine won the second high. Algona district picnic. Our Sunday School Board has voted to have a float and vre anticipate that many other schools and churches from over the district will be 'fittingly represented. There will be appropriate speaking and various types of games and contests The picnic will be at the fair grounds' in Algona. • Mrs. W. A. Foster will be hostess to the Woman's Foreign Missionary society this week Thursday afternoon " The Standard Bearer girls meet this week with Alberta Grosenbach. i f! Baptist Church. "Christ's Ministry of Healing" will be the subject considered a,t the morn- ing'service in the Baptist church -In the evening the pastor will rive a- chalk talk sermon-from thr words, "''I will lift up' mine eyes unto the hills," Ail are made welcome,—Prank H. Webster, minister. • -' , • •about forcibly>-Vnnconve^^vlnce. Notice of Sale of Bonds.; The county treasurer ofV Kossuth county will' receive bids up to and offer for sale, at two o'clock p. m., June 18, 1930, at the court bouse in Algona, Iowa, $385,000 Primary Road Bonds dated July 1, 193Q, denomination $1,000, interest payable annually, optipn'a on any interest paying date on or after May .1, 1936, and dated to mature $36,000 annually on May 1 in each of the years 1936 to 1944, inclusive, and $41,000 in-1945. Sealed bids will be received up to the hour of calling for open bids, after open bids are in, sealed bids will be opened Each bidder must file certified or cashier's check drawn in favor of the county treasurer in an amount not less than three per cent of the, amount of bonds offered. Right to reject any or all bids is reserved. Approving opinion of Chapman & Cutler of Chicago will be furnished CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid in advance. 3c if charged. Caih must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 25c. Bee supplies, get them of <G, E. Van Dorston. 51-3 FOR RENT—Room in modern house. Call 51-J, si-tf FOR SALE—Two houses, one modern with garage, $3200.00, one house with double garage, light and water, Ford De Luxe Sedan Pe Uxe Sedan, recently added to the Ford line, U designed fpr those who desire dlstlnctivenegs and unusual cpmfort in an automobile. The Interior Is In Vltlng »nd rpomy with wide doors to both compartments, Absence pf rear quarter windows gives the car R »trlk(ijg,Individuality and affords privacy to the occupants. tnbrjlQf trimmings and appointments are luxurious UpholttiBry i« either In brown mohair or a deep tan Bedford pord patterned after that used In high-priced cars Other refinements Include arm rests for the rear seat mahogany finished garnish mouldln 8 s on the windows and beneath the windshield, flexible robe rail and hardware In an attractive pattern. The front seat Is adjustable within a range of four nches to suit the convenience and comfort of the driver hUdu^t q ?' Ck l y a " d •"" )f by « <fnal1 ' '"WMPletiow handle In the front center of the seat just above the flpor. The De Luxe Sedan, like other Ford bpdy types, c«n UA I -1 --••»• m VIM WVV/ */V**f Vll obtained in any one of several color combinations. Nazarene Church. Sunday School at 9:45, lesson title, "Jesus on the Cross." Golden text, "Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy was joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God t " (Heb. 12:2). Morning worship at eleven a. m. with sermon by the pastor. Text, Hebrews 2:3, "How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him." Evangelistic, service at eight o'clock, Prayer and Bible study Wednesday evening at eight o'clock. You are welcome to our services.—I. P, Metcalf, pastor. $1500.—Andrew Peterson, phone 316, 51 MAGINE'a dull stocking wears much longer sheer that I •,> '11.95. • *2.5O • *2.95 . ItY Hard to believe but It's fruel Phoenix "dulSheer" Stockings carry an imported, •hearer-than-they-really-are appearancel They actuaHy sheathe r the ankle In a illky film as Intangible a^W^hadow-ond fhey wear moc/i /anger/ ^ In the newest jhadesl WWWWAft/WUWW Thirty Thousand W. O. W. : Veterans Honored Celebrating 40 Years of Service FOR RENT—Two furnished housekeeping rooms.—<J. E. Van Dorston 61* LOST—Coin purse, and money. Finder please return to this office. 51* Silverslde Park has installed a dock into deep water to flish off of. Come, License, Minnows, Refreshments, free picnic tables, etc. Baby Chicks. 51-52 USED CARS—All overhauled', not a cough in a carload, plenty to choose from. See A. P. Corey, 108 E. McGregor St. Phone 563. LOST—Between Ringsted and Mason City on Wo, 18 and 18, large green metal salt case, containing men's clothing between eleven-thirty p. m, and two a. m, Sunday night. Wire collect to H. L. Rouse, New Hampton, Thirty thousand members tije Woodmen of the World hav - received service medals' Bignifyln that they have been members o tb" V/oodmen of the World fo twonty-flvo years or more, W. A Praser, president of the Woodmen of the World, announced today. The thirty thousandth meda v;as recently presented at a meet ing of the Port King Camp, No 14. at Oscala, Florida. The Woodmen of the World wil be forty ^ears old on June 6 o this year. The twenty-five year medals have been given out to veterans of the V/oodmen of the World for the past fourteen years, the flrsl medal being given in 1918, "When we first started giving med- lowa. Reward. 51 Automatic Retocarnctfoa There U no such Insect 98 (he last' tiou»e fly. Kill him o thousand times and he come* back, meaner tlian ever. —Toledo Blade. "Algona's Wife Saving Station."-Kirch's Laundry. Phone 867, so>tf WANTED—Clean rags at this office to Our association has had als out veterans of our assopia- tion. we ; never dreamt that we would be using thirty thousand of the service Pins," said W. A. Praser. Will rent furnished home July, \ist and September to reliable couple Phone 608-W. FAEW LOANS AT 6>/ 4 % WTEBE8T City residences and farms fpr sale. List your property with us. MUBTAQU BBOTREB6, Licensed Real Estate Brokers. i 50-tf n R 135 members forty years ago "The pioneers O f tbe pf Jwr. Wood, WMf8centiy > Declared 104.6% solvent. It holds invest* merits and securities of more than $100,000,000 with gross assets totaling approximately $128,000,000." Membership Half million The membership of the Woodmen of the World is now estimated at approximately one-half million and the organization has paid in death losses and disability benefits during its forty years of existence approximately $176,. 000,000, Two of .the largest enterprises that have placed the Woodmen of the World in the foremost ranks of progressive fraternal insurance societies are the War Memorial Hospital at San Antonio, Tex., and the radio statin WOW in the headquarters building at Omaha, Neb The War Memorial Hospital is a million dollar structure and has laJcen in thousands of sjck mem- 0 « r H fl JLl tW 5 ned them out healthy and able to go back to their 'amlljes to enjoy life. WoocUnen of tjho World Station was built in 1823, •t. has become one of the most popular radio stations in th« Dotted States. President Praser developed the idea of the Woodmen of the World Radio Congraw, Jon, a religious congregation of adlo listeners, which la the j arg . fit to the world, '•• 8 one-half million, Hopes to Issue 100,000 I hope that the Woodi the WorW will some day estimated at of issue 1nn 100,000 twenty-five year Pin* to its members "S association rapidly.

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