The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1930
Page 11
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ANNUAL REPORT OF SCHOOL NURSE fhe trppfer fies Moinea-aepublican, June 11,1930 by to* 12 school; v&c a .e?tostsmalipos, 10; septic sore mumps, 9: measles, one in Five Schools in Year. •PONSmECTOMY CLINIC WAS HELD THURS. Per Cent of Keconmiend- ed Dental Work Done. Health Situation Very Good. Number notices sent to parents, 9 number referred to physician, 385: number pupils excluded during illness 335; number referred to dentist, 365; number Perkins cases under observation, 3. Estimate of per cent of school population Immunized against diphtheria by toxin-antitoxin, 76 per cent; vaccinated against small pox, 85 per cent Narrative Report of School Work. Thorough physical inspection wad given to 912 pupils. This includes St. Cecelia's academy. Hdme call* have been made to most urgent cases and parents advised to have corrections made this summer. » about the the year, tions made. PupUs m the number of 378 were done ls glven the 8htck test »y Drs - Oraw- r ' fl ™ ? er cenfc of ford ' Frazer - Wallace ahd Evans. These commendable piece of work was the tonsllectomy clinic which was held Thursday of last week. The clinic was sponsored by the Klwanis club. Tonsils and adenoids of twelve children were removed by two of the club's members, Dr. B. M. Wallace and Dr. C. H. Cretz- toeyer, at the clinic, which was held at the Kossuth hospital. The School nurse's fund this year Included the annual contribution of the Community Club of one hundred dollars, fifty dollars from the Rotary club and ten dollars given by Miss M. J. Coate. Cloth- Ing and bedding were supplied by a number of Algona women and organizations to All the clothing chest. Miss Bonnsetter Is one of the most efficient and thorough school nurses In the state and through her untiring efforts the health situation of Algona schools Is excellent. The five Algona schools she visits Include Central, Bryan^ Third Ward, City Hall, and the Baptist church. Part Time Service Summary. Report of public health nursing for the school year ending May, 1930. No. nurses, one; town, Algona, Iowa; county, no county service; total . , were pupils who had been Immunized Another In the past two years. Seven per cent AffiSHOWTOBEHELD ATEMMETSBURG fhifd Annual Air Tour to Have Balloon Busting Contest, June IS. TGtm WILL NOT Jft ALOONA. First Glider Demonstration Part of State to be Given. Many Crack Pilots. NEWS. v®&^^ Francis Mastersott has been having a siege of the measles. Esther Merkle returned home Tuesday from Milwaukee. Caroline Merkle was a Fort Dodge shopper last Tuesday. Dick Ross of Humboldt was doing business in LuVerne Monday. Mrs. Addle Marshall returned to her home in Cedar, Rapids Sunday. Mrs. Aaron Steussy entertained the Eastern Star lodge Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrsi De Rae Godfrey were Fort Dodge shoppers last Tuesday. W. F. Godfrey arid family were Eagle Grove callers Sunday afternoon. No. schools visited In month, 5; No. No. schools visited In month, 5; ..o. schools serving hot lunches, 1; No. nutrition classes, none; No. class room Inspections, 855; No. class room talks, 57; talks to parents, 1; talks to other groups, Rotarians, 1; meeting attended, nurses and teachers, 3; home visits, 395; bedside care, 8; Instruction, at home calls, 210; hours on records and reports, 18; hours on demonstrations In homes, 10; hours on minor treatments In office, 94; hours in clinic visits to dentist, 10; professional visits to doctors, 48. Total number pupils In schools visited, 1062; total number pupils examined, 912; number pupils all defects of this number reacted to the test, fourteen of this number were re-Immunized and eighty pupils were Immunized for the first time. All local doctors assisted. . Five pupils were taken to Dr. Sawyer and fitted with glasses. Noted marked improvement In their school work. Five-accident cases were taken to hospitals. Two eyes cases were treated by local sihyslcans. Case of a thirteen year old blind boy reported to Mrs. Charming Evans, the state worker for the blind. Mrs. Evans visited the case recently and urged the parents to send child to Vinton. The parents are planning to send him soon. Two families were reported to Mr. Newvllle, truant officer, as they were not sending children to school. One father was returned to Minnesota by the county when the father applied for medical treatment. The-family were not legal residents. A fourteen year old boy was returned to us from Toledo where he had been committed for several years because of poor guardianship at home. He is very poor in his school work, and should be working. A fifteen year old girl who was do- Ma"ny Algona people are planning to attend the air show at Emmetsburg where more than sixty planes will soar ut of the clouds and drope one by one n the Emmetsburg airport Wednesday, June 18th, shortly after noon. The how will not stop In Algona as was first planned because the field is too small for some of the large planes traveling with tho tour this year. On that day, Emmetsburg will hold the interest of the entire state as the pilots in the third annual Iowa air tour stop there and attempt to shatter speed records over the three*mile course laid out on the airport. Also special stunt artists will give daring aerial maneuvers, performing stunts never seen on the airport before. Barrel rolls, loops, falling leafs, wingovers, vertical banks, figure eights and dog fights in the air, will be demonstrated before one of the largest ah- crowds in this part of the state. Committee members are expecting one of the largest crowds ever assembled at Emmetsburg. Some of the crack flyers in the United .States have entered the air tour and special interest has been-aroused over the final event on the program. In this,event, the 24-mile free for all, planes specially built for racing, stream lined to the last minute detail,'and with powerful motors, will roar around the pylons built on the field, races are thrilling to watch. ing very poor seventh grade work and was out of school much of the time without reason was advised to go to work. She Is doing house worlc for a family near Titonka at the present time. • Relief Fond 1929-1930. Balance on hand, May 3, 1929 $ 38.88 Community club, annual con- \ tribution 100.00 Rotary Club 50.00 Miss Minnie J. Coate 10.00 Dividend from closed bank Refund on money loaned 9.86 fly about ten feet from the ground and circle -a triangular course 'and make vertical banks at the pylons, towers which mark the course. A large purse has attracted some of the corrected, 547. Defects Weight, 1% under Weight 10% under ...Weight 20% over A V Total No. Cor- Number rectlons Hearing , Teeth - .... Nasal Breathing ., Tonsils and throat Glands Skin Orthopedic .50 140 4 4 140 '", 2 365 94 229 44 6 4 20 62 275. 96 $208.74 . 5.00 $213.74 Posture 80 Systematic (symptoms .2 Mental (symptoms of) . 4 Goiter , 2 Communicable diseases—Shick .50 7.50 3.35 1.50 '3.85 3.20 .65 .50 2,54 test COSIDENE will absolutely stop Coccldosis. It will stop and prevent many ol the other diarrheas.and bowel disorders. Contains more digestive acids than Buttermilk. Sold by t - • A, W. Behrends Hatchery H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Pbona 298, Algontf, Towm Long DtftUnc* Hauling. Every load Insured aniiut loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. Disbursements.' 1929 Sept. 12, Bedroom slippers . .$ Oct. 3, glasses Oct. 23, school books .... Oct.. 23, tooth brushes .... Decaff, " 1 ClOthing'72'fi-T";'?.-.T7t Dec. '5; suit' and coveralls Dec. 5, hair cuts Dec. 6, note books Dec. 18, 6 pairs mittens .. Dec. 18, dental work 2.00 1930 Jan. 16, 3 coveralls, 2 pr. overshoes 7.61 Jan. 16, overcoat 6.50 Jan. 16, shoes and overshoes . 4.48 Jan. 29, clothing 7.85 Jan. 24, prescribed medication 1.10 Jan. 24, clothing 14.93 Jan. 29, shoes 2.73 Jan. 29, drawing book ...... .25 Jan. 31, glasses 6.00 Feb. 6, prescribed medication .. .60 Feb. 20, clothing 3.25 Feb. 20, school work book and paste- ,. Feb. 20, shoes and stockings .. 2.28 Feb. 20, .prescribed medication.. .35 Feb. 26, second hand books .. 1.35 Mar 5, coveralls 1.70 Mar. 5, shoes and hose 10.30 Mar. 5, clothing 1.96 Mar, 5, hair cuts 2.00 Mar. 5, clothing 2.25 Mar. 6, shoes, rubbers, hose ... 3.10 tfar. 6, shoes and hose ,. 2.38 Jar. 7, shoes and hose 2.80 Mar. 7, clothing 2.25 Mar. 7, note books .. 1.00 April 16, books .' 2.30 May 1, dental work 6.00 May 2, shoes 5.75 8, glasses • 5.00 best pilots in the country. Besides this raJce other thrilling events will be held. Air races for Mono- coupes, for planes powered wffh motors between 100 and 200 horsepower, dead stick landing contest, Walloon busting contest and a thrilling looping contest are some of the thrilling events. ' Gilder Demonstration. During the ah- show, the citizens of this section of the state will witness the first glider demonstration. The glider .has recently been brought to the limelight since the flights made by the Lindberghs. It has been taking the country by storm. Gliders i are being built everywhere. Gilder clubs have been organized. Plane 1 manufacturers have turned to producing, gliders. Now the people of Emmetsburg and nearby towns ,-will be able to watch, one in flight. -The demonstration calls for student flying', showing how 'students The air tour committee Hopes to i have more than one glider to the tour JOHNNY LIVINGSTON. Editor Coleman spent a few „„,„ last week in Waterloo with relatives. Miss Mary Allen and Alta Sidall of Laurens were here Monday on business. The Patterson families held their family reunion at the Goldfleld park Sunday. Ole Skiye from Owl Lake, has gone to Norway and Europe to spend the summer. George Stoddard and family of Renwick spent Sunday with the Wm. Biging family. Miss Ferne Allen Is home from Iowa Falls where she attended school the past year. Mrs. Mae Moore and Mrs. Lloyd King returned last week to their home in Omaha. Mike Wegner of Fort Dodge Is a guest of his daughter, Mrs. Stripling, this week. . Florence Ramus is the new operator in the telephone exchange. Miss Mary Klasse has resigned. H. C. Allen went to Fort Dodge on Weahesflay for treatments in the hospital at that place. Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Huber and son, Elwin from Averila, Iowa, visited with friends hi town last week. These Florence Hof returned home last Pilots week after a three weeks' visit with friends in Avoca, Missouri. Mrs. Harvey Rogers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Nettie Von Draska, this week. Mrs. Lee Lichty and Mrs. Zentner were the hostesses to the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid last Wednesday. Charles Lichty and daughter, Grace and Lee Lichty and family spent Sunday with relatives in Toledo. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O'Connell and children from Chicago are visiting at the W. H. Ellis home this week. The Boy Scouts are en joying themselves in Fort Dodge at the meet. Several went down Saturday night. Guy Benedict spent a few days last week with his father, H. S t Benedict, in Minneapolis and a sister, Mrs. Newville. The Camp Fire girls have fixed up the basement under the State Ban and will hereafter hold their meetings there. . Ray Feltls and family. Miss Geni Potter-of~near*Renwlck and^ Blanch Thiel of Renwick spent Sunday in Clear Lake. • Mr. and Mrs, Carl Johnson entertained Mr. and Mrs. John Vought am daughters, Janora and Helena, a week ago Sunday. Miss Greta Hoag, who has been teaching near LuVerne, returned to her home in Bradgate Friday evening of last week. Margaret Miller is working in the telephone exchange hi Bancroft. Mrs Richards Is taking her vacation and has gone to Colorado. Mrs. Reyman and children returned Saturday from Larchwood where they spent the past three weeks with the parents of Mrs. Reyman, The J. J. club met *t the city hall Tuesday afternoon. Refreshments were served late in the afternoon to which the husbands were invited. MANY BUSINESSES Experience of large fleet owners reveal* the unusual reliability and economy of the new A SIGNIFICANT TRIBUTE to the value of J\ tho new Ford is found hi its increasing use by Federal, state and city gov- crnments and by Inrgc industrial companies which keep careful dny-by-dny cost records. In most instances, the Ford has been chosen only after exhaustive tests of every factor that contributes to good performance—-speed, power, safety, comfort, low cost of operation and up-kcep, reliability and long life. Prominent among the companies using the Ford are the Associated Companies of the Bell System, Armour and Company, The Borden Company, Continental Baking Corporation, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, General Electric Company, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Kellogg Company, Knickerbocker Ice Company, Morton Salt Company, Pillsbury Flour Mills Company, Tho Procter and Gamble Company, and Swift & Company. Each of these companies uses a largo number of Ford cars and trucks. The Associated Companies of the Bell System use more than eight thousand. Modern business moves at a fast pace and it needs the Ford. Daily, in countless ways and places, it helps to speed the production and delivery of the world's goods and extend the useful service of men and companies. Constant, steady operation over many thousands of miles emphasizes the advantages of the sound design of the Ford car, its high quality of materials, and unusual accuracy in manufacturing. Beneath its graceful lines and beautiful colors there is a high degree of mechanical excellence. An example of the value built into tho Ford is the use of more than twenty ball nnd roller bearings. They are hidden within the car and you may never sco them. Yet they play nn important part In satisfactory, economical performance. Their function is similar to the jewels oC a fine watch. Throughout tho Ford chassis, a ball or roller bearing is used at every place where it is needed to reduce frictldni and wear and give smooth, reliable me* chonicnl operation. ^ At many points, as on the transmission: counter-shaft, clutch release, fan and pump shaft, nnd front drive shaft, these ball and roller bearings are used where less costly types of bearings might bo considered adequate. Additional instances of the high! quality built into the Ford are the extensive use of steel forgings, fully enclosed four-wheel brakes, Rustless) Steel, four Houdaille double-acting hy. draulic shock absorbers, aluminum pistons, chrome silicon alloy valves* torque-tube drive, tlirec-quartcr floating rear axle, and the Triplex shatter-proofi glass windshield. The Ford policy has always been to use the best possible material for eacH part and then, through large produo* tion, give it to the public at low cost. W.E.Ward The latest patterns in Wall Paper, Painting, Decorating and Paper Hanging. May 9, glasses 5.00 May 23, shoes 2.98 Total disbursements .$150.56 Balance on hand May 28,1930 . 63.18 Kiwanis Child Welfare Fund. At a meeting in November the Kiwanis club voted that $10.00 a month be contributed to the school nurse to be used for underprivileged children. This fund was left intact and will be used for a tonsil clinic conducted by two of its professional members, Dr. Cretzmeyer and Dr. Wallace. , Twelve children had their tonsils and adenoids removed Thursday of last week at a clinic at the Kossuth hospital which was sponsored by the Kiwanis club, Dr. R.-M. Wallace and Dr. O. H. Cretzmeyer, members of the club doing the work. . Livingston of Waterloo, winner of the national air tour in 1929, will be one of the crack pilots to appear at Emmetsburg, - June 18, in the air show. Livingston is one of the best known Iowa pilots. He has probably won more prize money at air shows over the country than any other pilot. Verne Roberts, another well known pilot, will take an active part in the balloon busting contest. PIEROINB PAINS JMATIflH URAIQIA lEUMITI* LUMBAOO Clothing ana Bedding Given. Clothin? and bedding were supplied by the following individual people and organizations, as complete as packages were marked. A number of contributors are not here named as clothingjs often left unmarked at the office when the nurse is out pi the office. Mrs. Joseph Auner, Mrs. Bert Deal, Mrs. Nita Isaacson, Mrs. Dennis Goeders, Mrs. Henry Dearchs, Mrs. E. J. Me- Evoy, Mrs. Roy Keen, Mrs. Metear Haggard, Mrs, T. H, Ohrisohilles, Mrs. George Godfrey, Mrs. Joseph Greenberg, Mrg. A, T. Tweet, Mrs. O, T, Olsen, Mrs. Harold CHlmore, Mrs. Fred Peterson, Lola Preesman, Mrs, w. K. Mrs. C, E. Heise, Mrs. Glen Haase, Caroline Wernet, one quilt. Organization donating were as follows; Wa-Tan-Ye club, five quilts; Catholic ladies, one double quilt, P. E. O.; and German Lutheran ladles, one The Asa Brayton family and Mrs. Floyd Hobbs and daughter, Mavis, of Huxley spent a few days at the Wm. Brayton home near Renwick recently. Miss Hulda Fritzemier will spend the next three months in England, France and Germany. She expects to leave NEW LOW coup* . t • ' V 4. W. « FOB* PBICES - '. " * '^ I SJ l«i.T ,, 1 r, s * Tndor Sidu v» •m • • t » ,"?», D.Lau Sodu Taint S«dM !»«. s«un .' . , . ,^, + . .£-, JKWO- ;, ,",;> -, FORD MOTOR COMPANY I ??* Melvln Walker tried fishing her. Fourteen members were nresont 1?S5 Lak , e , a ™* a ?° Sun <tey and also four vlsitorT.C R^V nKfm' rought back a satisfactory report. The John Sabin family and Mrs Edith Rich tried their luck at fishing t Lost Island last week Wednesday They report fishing being very good. Mrs. John Rich has been having a Ifficult time with infection and a weed quilt. Incidental Work. Where county funds were involved, cases were fererred to Mrs. Eleanor Button, county welfare worker. Under the able direction of Mrs. L. W. Keith, chairman of the Civics department of the Woman's .club forty- two families were remembered with flre a week a 8° Saturday night as the Christmas baskets. Organizations who supplied baskets were the Epsicopal ladles, Mrs. Long's Camp Fire girls, Normal training class, Opportunity club, Wa-lfcn-'Ye club, Kiwanis club, Legion Auxiliary, American Legion, D. A, R.; Mrs. Harry Godden, Congregational Sunday School class,, Methodist Sunday School classes, German Lutheran ladies, Swedish Lutheran ladies, Presbyterians, Baptist ladles, w, q. T. U., Catholic ladies, Woman's club and Royal Neighbors. Miss Wallace's pupils remembered (he sick children at the Kossuth hos-1 pita! with fruit. Miss Godfrey's an old gentleman "who is an invalid with friuts and Jellies at this time. Milk was sent to four homes by the iwanis club and from money derived from the sale of the Christmas peals. The school nurse expresses her sincere appa.recia.ttoA to/ a}l organizations and to ihdjvldu,a], people jntereptwi, who WJft»P|sjary ffitags to family were at Renwick doing their usual Saturday night purchasing. The fire was of unknown origin. By the time they returned home the entire Inside of the house and also the furniture had been destroyed. (•OUR CORNER NEWS. The Larkin club met Monday after- June 15 with a party from Drake Uni-! poisoning in one foot. Miss Ruth Rich verstty. The LuVerne parochial school closed Friday of last week. The pupils were treated to a picnic with good thing to eat. Games were played and a gen eral good time is reported. A miscellaneous shower was given June tenth at the George Merkle home in honor of the approaching marriage of Mr. Markle's daughter, Caroline. She received many valuable and useful presents. Peter Peterson, seventy-two years of age, died at the Algona hospital last Tuesday and the funeraj services were held in the Presbyterian church Thursday afternoon. Rev. A. J. Koonce was In charge and interment was made in the LuVerne cemetery. The home of Dick Heftl, who lives north of Renwick, was damaged by John Rich is doing the housework while Mrs. Rich is ill. George Rich has been seriously ill at the home of his brother, Wm., since Saturday evening. A light stroke is reported as the cause of his Illness. Mr Rich is showing some improvement. Marjorie, the eldest daughter of the Wm. Draytons came down last week Wednesday with the measles. We think this community will surely be Immune to measles in a short time at the rate the cases are appearing. About fifty members of the Four Corner Young People's organization were entertained at the Arch Walger home in the form of a lawn party Fri- dlay evening. Many outdoor games 'urnlshed entertainment. Mrs Orville Varner was a guest. Mrs. Herman Lindeman came to the Chester Robinson home after being at the Kossuth hospital for more than two weeks, following an operation. Mrs. jindeman will remain at the Robinson lome some time before returning to her home at Dakota City. Considerable damage was done in his community last week Tuesday night by the heavy wind. The silo was )lown down and the roof of the barn emoved at the Everett Witham home; garage door was torn off at the Carl Seip farm, a hay rack and wagon was turned over at the Etna Mitchell farm. Many limbs and threes were also four visitors, Mrs. Roy Bjustrum and daughter, Dorothy, and Mrs. Carl Walker and son, Charles, all of Ho barton. The next meeting will be held this week Thursday at the home o Mrs. Arthur Cruikshank. A spelling contest among all members will be thi main feature of the program IRVINGTON NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson and children attend the ball game which was held at Wesley Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons spent Sunday at tho home of Mr. and Herbert Staley and family at Burt. Mrs. Clifford Schrader spent Saturday evening at the home of her sister, Mrs. Roy Blythe, and family. Harry Felter of this vicinity was a callers at the home of his mother, Mrs Edward DItsworth and family recently' spent Monday evening at the home"of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton family, Eugene Blythe, who had his and arm noon at the home of Mrs. Violet Walk- | broken offat'numerU' places.' er. w youngest daughter of the Wra. Draytons has Just recvoered from the measles. Wm. Draytons has Just recovered from for some time, but the dootpre have iUness. Mrs. LoulS yet to tremble Who has beep UJ <* Wttte recovery Those of this community who attended the Young People's Sunday School class of Good Hope picnic at Okobojl last week Wednesday were: Irene, Loretta, Grace and Robert Walker, Irene, Maxine and Hazel Mitchell, Evelyn Orutkshank, Bernard Platt, and John McNeil, There were about thirty in all who attended the picnic. Rev. and Mrs. AUen Wood acted as chaper- Ferguson, Mrs, Eugene echeniel, Mrs. B. A, aeju-Jfib; Mjrs, .M, J, Kejjeflck, Mi's. Harry Godden, Mrs. p. 8. John- spa, Mrs. W, J. Payn,<J, Mrs. James ille, Mrs, J. F Oyermyer, Mr* P, Mrjj, gelm* Samp Mr S .'0, Corners Mothers aa4 Daughters met last week Thursday afc the p| Mrs. Archie walker, ROJI call "Hauseijoid ^y^,« A J# frtWtt fey pearl caught in the wringer of a washing machine last week, is gradually to- proving. * Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Shipley and family of Fairmont spent Friday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Frank Thornton and family. j Mr. and Mrs. David King and family of this vicinity spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons. Mrs. John FrankI and children of Algona were callers Sunday afternoon at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Mrs. Ida RUey and Mr. and Mrs Otto Ramus and family of LuVerne spent Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Arthur Riley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Sever Ohristensen of Algona spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. OhrMensen's sister, Mrs R. M. Watson, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and children spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Spurgeon's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rutledge of this vicinity. Mr, and Mrs. Douglas Riley 'and children spent Sunday at the home of Mrs Riley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bordwell and family of Uvermore! Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilllng, Jr., of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon of this vicinity spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs Fred Dole and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and daughter, Cecil, and Lucile Dole spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of ;heir son, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Thornton and family of Mason City. V. J. Schichtl, who has been ill with leart trouble all winter is now Improv- ng. He was a business caller at Al- ;ona one day the past week, this being ils first time away from home since he has been sick. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Decker and hildren of Bode, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Decker and children of Whittemore nd Mr. and Mrs. John Kenilder and imily of Britt, Iowa, spent Sunday at he home of Mrs. Rosa Spurgeou. Qualities of Balsam Fir Tho wood of the balsam l\r Is very light in color, and,-being odorless, Is very suitable for boxes intended for packing food materials. Wool Get our price before you dispose or your wooj.

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