The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1930
Page 10
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The Upper Pes MolflM.ReptibHG&ii, June 11,1930 Beggars CAN Choose Margaret Jackson , . A lady, ««« going td mhrrr taring H*M. " . - - - — both of us, but ljll choice. He's in his father's practice, t believe he wahts to be a idge. Don't you remember him?" "A big blond boy? He was ai- nest grown when we were kids, fres, him. He treated me with I : "=""=uj UB r HUD. tie treated me with an air of weary patlwice. I hated film. Ctivrtghl by Sobb«-Men-lll Co. servlo* SYNOPSIS CHAPTER i—Jionswln* a childish attachment, Ernestine Brlciland" of a wealthy Chicixg-fe famlljr. Is trfsmend ously_attr«ct«d by TOM Todd, <! " 1Bna son of a . carpenter. Her sls- S f ^ th * conventional ahlf. . l.!.***** 8 attitude their father would take toward his daughter's marriage to ah impecunious ?°, uth A u . r ff s F ra «*»ne to enS the af- 6ut 'h* latter, capable of a * n l tn ' ! . hm « nt . « nd > reallzln ff (Conthiued fromjast Wednesday.) \Ton can get action Into onef of ffiSse things. I.,ook here," Ue had been busy with n soft pencil on the .edge of the stiff menu card, nnd he showed Ernestine now n sketch of a cat, sitting there looking nt the fish list, 'licit- Ing bis whiskers—a predatory hungry Tom. She laughed Involuntarily, and her eyes filled with admiration. "I see what you mean," she eald. "It's a new kind of art,, like jazz Is n new kind of music. I know what you're trying to get at, and you do It, too. It's disrespectful though—don't you think?" He wns entranced with her understanding. "Of course it's disrespectful," he said robustly. "Why not? I think the time has come for a little healthy disrespect. We'll show them." He was very compelling. Ernestine's look of admiration was extravagant, and he' was becoming a little drunk with it. "I've .done several column heads. Tou watch the flrst page of the second half of the Sun. I always put n little cat's fiead down In one corner of my Bluff. We're not allowed to sign our things, .b'rit, yon can Identify mine If you watclf the paper. The fellows nil encourage me, and my boss does, too." H6 looked at'her for a long moment and then exclaimed j?^ „. "Gosh, It's ^goodfib,'talk to you moifflna •^iWXulilSJS—STi«i J. T_. ft ' ,, . y —. T y _ «JCrnesuna ; f Tpn «al of made an awful fuss because they dragged me to the lake that summer?' |8he told him. «i wanted^ stay In wlth yon ' ana tj ? e Practical of leavlnB ° <*"<* behind We should have more - We were renl ~"*V , -ITiu. ..,._„ "( - ** A boy never forgets kindness? he ' eald soberly. »v ou were so good to me and always took my part." "But, will, you aid something you never knew, for me. You told me one day a thing r ve never forgotten. I thought your brace gave you a won- .derful advantage, in the way of a lever to get your own will, and you ^corned, me for g^lj a Bought;, It vould be taking advantage, fflfl said. I ve never forgotten that. You were the one who taught me to be sport, Jng." • ._ v t ,._^,.'T-;rvvrv .*!5i«?r!?&T/— ~ -»-*—*. * • in, ,.'•-'-.•*•' mi,iF -»-—*. * • in,, ,.-'-.••' -..e spell was cast. The mysterious bonds of spiritual understanding were . forged. . -. i -,...,,, .^....rr, ....s^-:-- 1 ' ' "You're nwf'Iy pretty, Ernestine, You were a cuto kid— but fat. I can remember what round cheeks you had. But now your checks slope down In that perfect line." He touched the line of her cheek with n tentative forefinger, then quickly withdrew his hand and flushed. "Dark eyes, dark hair and pale clear skin. What more could a girl want, unless it la such perfect bony 'structure? You'd be pretty anyway, dark or thin, or pale or Hushed, because it's real— deep. Now you're blushing— and that gray coat." lie laughed delightedly, and the deep color Buffused Ernestine's cheeks at his personalities. But aho was not displeased, only smiled at hli-i. "Aren't you glad we knew each other when we were kids?" he said to her. "It makes us seem so much closer now." They swayed together and fell Into a warm hypnotic silence. Ills little finger brushed her hand, us he knocked his ashes Into the tray the- waitress had placed for him, and at ouco they rose, talking nnd laughing artificially. Ernestine felt the need to masquer' ado her bright joy In him. She was acting like a moon-struck high school girl, acting as though she hail never talked to a man bi-fare Well she hadn't. Not like this, certainly.' ,S| 10 Imd listened to plenty of them ravine about themselves, and explaining (he technicalities of footlmll, but she had never taken part In such a salls'fyln- conversation. But she dissembled as they left the tearoom and turned toward the newspaper plain. It was dork now, nnd the streets were crowded with lionieeoinu W()rh . ers, 80 they Instinctively drew close together. She asked after his mother in a formal tone. "She'H never be well," he told her eorrowfully, and nt once her sympathy drew tbejn b««';; Into Intimacy. He tried to put the conversation back Into place, i'JHow'i your. J?retty_ sister Lillian?" -»• «--- — -• •-*/. * "<iic:u IJ111I, He used to teise you and pull your ' S?. }** h *. P« fer « Lillian, he's (thanged, for he always noticed you, I admit 1 was simply jealous. H« had the run ot the house, and 1 was an outsider and treated well only because t was a kid." "Why, Will, that's not a bit nice of you to say," she protested, and he laughed good-naturedly. Both of them knew It was true. "Is your mother just the same? She had such a pleasant voice, but she was bossy. Kind of a queen, I admired her tremendously- She fitted entirely my Juvenile notions of a grand lady." Ernestine laughed now. "There's nobody like mamma for managing every one," she admitted. They came to the Sun offices, and as they went In through the squirrel age, the rhythmic crash of great presses came muffled to Ernestine's ears. Will took her over the whole "place. "Upstairs and downstairs, nnd In my •Inrty's Chamber," he said. Jn the syndicate rooms he' Intro- •duced her to half a dozen young men •who were much Impressed with her youth and beauty. He showed her the etool :he sat on, the work on his "board. Mr. Poole came out and shook hands with her, nnd she wns conscious of disappointment. He was n hnge, untidy old man. with fat cheeks that had fallen n little, and n shiny bald head. Bnt Ms eyes were Intelligent, his voice was very hind. She felt that she might like him, If she could only know him. Will's vanity seemed excessive. .Although she knew he was proud to show her, he was none the less proud of himself. But It wns like the" vanity of a capable child, not nt all displeasing. Not until they got Into the street agnln-dld Ernestine realize that they had walked all over the big plant with their fingers Interlaced. But she clung to him now shamelessly. He wns such an old friend. She was filled with strong reluctance that this vivid hour should end. He said goodby at the bus, without mentioning another meeting. Ernestine could not let It go at that "But you must come to see me," she said, as the conductor waited Impatiently for her to board the bus. He WAS not her lorer. What wag the matter-with him? Lillian cane In from her room, which adjoined Ernestine's, and th« younger sister looked at Ihe elder on* with old bnt ever-fresh admiration. "Lorlng was klddiflf we," she told herself. "Of course hl's crazy abont Lillian." Lillian was ash bleed, *nd very lovely. Her eyes were a hind of deep violet, serene calm eyes, and her Hps were thin and bright red, beautifully cut Her nose was patrician, her skin a clear milky white. Ernestine SfiTe from tffrl5slty. tt ft time of day pjccloslreiy the property ot wom&n la marojws world, tt would never have occurred t« msram* tfi*t * tore affair wold bate proceeded dnrtng A secession of for*- and she Wore just enough roUfi* to give her a faint ros« color and make her eyes more lovely. The two girls plnJiged at once Into tha conversation of sisters, without beginning or end. "I've been to the matinee with Sndle and Jnel, Sadie's seen Dftlnncey's show ten times. She's as crazy as she con be. Imagine falling In love with an actor. She's Written him letters and letters. Bnt he won't see her." "She Is kind of old for that line." said Ernestine, perched on the edge of her bed, a silk stocking In her hands. "I saw Will Todd today." "Will Todd? Who Is lie?" Ernestine reminded her, and Lll- llan admitted that she remembered. "He's charming," Ernestine said. "I thought I'd ask mamma to invite him here for tea some afternoon, or for dinner, some night when he doesn't work." Lillian stared, then laughed. "If you want to see him again, If you i want an nlthlr with him, don't tell mamma," slie advised Ernestine, "or that will be the end of It. A little lame boy about the house one summer Is quite a different matter from an attractive grown man. Mamma will make him miserable." Ernestine considered this. "1 don't see why." she said stubbornly. "Certainly-you see, darling," said Mlllan. _ "We are not to have any Ir- re f ulq ^M- s nmv - We are to marry." - "Wett? gold Ernestine, "what of It? Ton canj. marry unless you're nsked. I can benfrlends with Will wlthoul marrying him, can't I?" "I doubt It," said Lillian calmly "Ton always go to such • extremes, Ernestine. You are always blunder- Ing around, taking such awful chances nnd making wild friends. You've been spoiled and have had your way about lots of things. Bat this Is one thing ^ou can't have." Ernestine pooh-poohed Lillian, but felt at the same time that she would say nothing about Will just now. "Beth's going to be married. She's going to marry Johnnie Allison." "I'm not surprised, are you?" nsked Ernestine, thinking of Will's gestures —the way he moved his hands continually. "No, Tm not "surprised, rt's Just what she wanted. One ought to know And * love affair was what ft rapidly became, Ernestine could not proton* tire time with will etjotigh to ml he?, and Ms eagerness soon matched then outrode, her own. His enthus lasiH, his energy were compelling, «n< Ettoesthw felt th« rousing ftnd «tlr ring of her «wn personality in tonch with his. Within a week she was des peratcly In tote. She had no room for any thought «nd feeling bnt those which concerned Will Todd. Presently sh« realized that the termination of their friendship would be a true catastrophe, and with this realization she began to practice secrecy with skllt and determination. One blowy, gusty Sunday morning In December she had escaped church and tn«t him and talked, hand In hand, as they always talked, quickly, starredly. Eventually « little silence fell between them, and In Its nmgic, without speaking a word, they turned and kissed each other, and smiled a little dimly and leaned together. The touch of lips, nnd then the pressure of cheek to cheek wns magic. His nrms slipped about her, and for a long, long time they sat In a swing of joy. j There was no word spoken, no promise, but Ernestine knew now that she must tell mamma. The family wns home from church when she renched the house, sitting In the big living room, nil of them engrossed In gossip,. Mnmmn looked at Ernestine sharply. "Why didn't you come to church?" "I went for n walk," evaded Ernestine, nnd her face flamed with color, for they all looked nt her, nnd she felt that Will's love-making wns visible upon her. Mamma said no more, however, and Lllflnn turned to her with the news. "You remember I told you Sndle Hall was In love with the actor. Lon Delnncey?" Ernestine nodded, nnd I.ll- Hnn said with some satisfaction. "Well she finally succeeded In meeting him, nnd they were married last night. Every one was talking about It In church .this morning." "Well, what of It?" said Ernestine. She can marry him, can't she?" "Ernestine!" said her father sternly. "You know It Isn't suitable." He was a big man, a little too stout, with a handsome florid face. His brown ti*T, TfS Ihongli Wondering whethe* t'd SDMI hit mind or Bet . Wheh he left her. h« kissed her again and agate awl Mid oddly, "Remember me," ai though It were farewell. ™ n tt& yftfl tdlftdPrOW, ml6 Wnl& pered to him, and turned her fuf collar op Against the wind. But *h* did not see him the next day, although she waited at their rende*vo«s for an hour past the Utoe. Nor the next day. By tlie third day she was fitted with deep dismay and fear. Alt sorts of questions whirled through her mind. Perhaps he had tired of her. It might be that the affair had run out for him, that he ing Morhlntsld* at Slou* City the past year retittned home last week. Sunday was the birthday of R, F. Hawcott and a number of relatives were entertained in honor ot the wea< sion. fh« t American Legion Ausaiiafy win hold their convention at the Metho* dtet church here oa, Tuesday ol next week, wou«» ouoiujr returned Monday to iis home at st. Louis, after spending the 'isast week at the W, H, Smith lome. Charles Schemmel came from cal- mw SundajTafter Mrs. Schemmel who has been visiting here the past two had never Intended to mak« more than I ^iit,» a sweetheart out of her. ' But she had only to think of his ****• H - A - Whltehill visited several George .At.taMijmtt. tea* tali Tenis a?te»ew on tb§ settee* Sworn to flf his la assisting with the , fttitit irf Mm, Jdha Osb&m and 11 at he* h&«e la Sewft Mtod . Wllberg is assisting With the hsus* •JWl 0110 11UU WI11J IU IUIIJK ,U1 IJ1S I " ™ "• B T »«v\/»»**» T*t»VCU OCVV^EM bright honorable face W know Ihnt I d *J* "»* *«* at home of he* dautfh- there wns some other reason behind SV/™ 1 " ster JohnSon ' ***** %*** his attitude. She had only to think r™"' of his eager kisses to know that h* Mr, and Mrs. W. A. Ladendorf, Mrs. cared. She called him on the tele-l John Alien, Miss Lola Allen and Ray- phone «t his home, at ten o'clock, fits ™° nd Bartlett spent Sunday at Inter- TinftlAt* BtlBttrAMkft t%t\A *tntA IM • IM^M I J&KGttj ' wbrk. Mrs i island Andeftsott .. Wftterloo fttid Miss Madelia Aadet&fe e ^* hme Wednesday to vt&Ifc Anderson at th&r home. mother answered and said, In »olc«, that he was sleSepJng, . Mr. and Mrs, W. f, Bourne went td Ames.Sunday to to present Monday when then- daughter, Miss Julia, was f graduated. . The Home Guard girls will meet on Saturday afternoon at home, of Phyllis Clifton with Arlene Daniels as assistant hostess.. Mr. and Mrs. O, F. Kraushaar arid daughter, who have been visiting at the O. P. McDonald home left Sunday for | Lawrence, Kansas. Misses Whitney and Warner accompanied by Mrs. J. H. Graham Went to Des Molnes last Thursday. They re| turned home Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Charles Beatty of Sa- llna, Kansas, called at the Ous Thaves home Monday morning; Dr. Beatty is I a cousin of Mrs. Thaves. . Osbotm MM, wu& o*»ge srewei are hastcssea the Methodist Ladies' Aid Mr. and Mrs. ft. L. Rossman and"" son, Refine, will make their annual trh> to Mew York Mate to spend their summer vacation. Mr, fcossman Intend* to oversee the erection of a new faarn. on his mother's farm. Mrs. Albert Enis of "Ames" is i-etuiw- tog to her home tomorrow. She ha* been visiting-at the home of her parents, the Jans Halversons, for the'past two weeks. She came especially to see her sister, Esther, graduate. Mrs. Lewis and daughter, Ella, of- Algona, Wire guests of Mrs. Louise Thompson Monday.; Mrs. Lewis and Mrs.;Thbmpson are sisters. > Paul Clarke of Chicigo and Franklin and Hazel Clarke ,pf Claypool, In- diana,rhaye:,beenxvisitirig at the home of tnpft* Yi*tn1a-.t3n*», nr..*.i» ••- i "But You Know Just How Papa Would React to Will Todd." "Would you waken him. It's Im portent," she said, nnd stood shaking „ people in .this community have season tickets ^to the .chautauqua In Ringsted, which',is being held-every afternoon and .evening. for the-first four days of this weak. Thus far it telffiZf ~ very taterestlng ^ ea - A 4-H club was recently organized by Miss Vivian Potter and1 Mrs^S Cage. It has fifteen .charter members and more are expected to'Join. Most of the members weht to the club-picnic at Algona -last Thursday." The club will have a,-meeting 'on Saturday, ./' " The Norwegian Lutheran Ladies' Aid ^•^^l^'C^^raceiand soii; r^^-J 3 "*- 116 ^ 016 ?^ a\ir steed , of toeh^ uncle Clarke. observed at the portant" she said, nnd stood shaking and Mr. 'and Mrs. Fred\Ringsdorf went In the telephone booth, until she heard to Wes Jey. Sunday and : spent the day hla vnl/>a hnelpOT «.<4-u », . I With : fchf*'-Int.fon'a foflnavi' nr r% **t-a . eyes were warm and kind, but his big nose wns acquisitive, his mouth stern nnd hard, a man of brilliant mind, bul limited by prejudices. "It Is her money he wonts," said papa, "and nothing else. The girl's a , his voice, husfcy with sleep. "This Is Ernestine," she said, trembling. t the latter-'s father; W. P. Old' • ""' " " • " • -- . •-, .- . - - -. Mr .and, Mrs. H. 6.,Buell were in crowd of the near nelghbofs^were present. The Ladies' Aid will meet next Thursday atfernobn, June 12, at the O. M. Thompson home. The Lutheran Willing Workers so- '' r ..2 r ° nt to 8ee 7 on "Sain, Will"." "" ' what one wants. I do. We talked vaguely. His mind ab °ut it today." to wort I "1 can tell you what you want inia up Some day." ' J without talking ; to you about It," said quickly along. Her l' Ern e a tlne with sisterly decision. "Ton T »««*V«MJ UiUUg. Qt$r I " •>•*»* aJai^Jjr UCl'JZllUU. ZOU ig, and her heart was I want a honse ^ Hubbard Woods, ,or was'extrnordlnarlly I else oa * of those big co-operativeft '" If only such j owl >ed. apartments 6n the drive, near Anq^.you jwant a - llmo- ricb (handsome husband.'* —MB ^=« drawing" room window streaming on to his Jace. and Ernestine paused, surprised, gfie was filUed -'"• aa Inward dismay for she had T.I-W 8e§5? him l}ke this. His face, usually complacent, was keen now, tils blue eyes were brilliant sparks, iis whole countenance quickened and flred. His voice, when he spoke again, bad a barely perceptible quaver. "Why were you running, Ernestine? You're still a kid half the time. When 'leard you running, I knew it was *•<". •' • •*?"., TV ** .«, yifmn. •?-,..._ 4^ VAiljT DIlMj I —p.—• , aJflaUy.occur^ Jowntgwa.^ P^'i* ',,',!, H j sine,, and a ncn .nandsome h % StandJtog on their I y ° u 'W sot It all planned out" . -g ; 'her, waiting for L- "ty r detall," agreed Lillian, unper- up the^ steps, and Loring] turned. - f Pretty much as you named i there; big and fair and '*• I*«lint Lorlng, for myself—" Jif h^-dark coat, with the ^"""-- J -— , _„.„, Lorrie. Have to rush In. I'm late. Are you Just leaving?" He looked dqw£ at her. the light nm fh« ^. A ».i *" H*™* " . . • ^ —"T — — *»••£, ±\Jl AUJTOV11—™ , „ - "Why don't yon ask him?" exploded Ernestine, her feelings a confusion of resentment that Lillian had showed her the fallacy of her own dream of hurt for her sister, that Loring should hav6 be.«a ejjch o fool, of scorn for tkgge plotters. ' !2 probably won't need to," Lllllan answered, and went on, before Ernestine could interrupt her again: "if not Loring, then somebody much like him. I merely mentioned him as an example. After I've been married a few yearsj I want j» son, and If I get along nlceiy, I wouldn't mind a daughter. I wnnt everything right A man who Is already a member of good clubs, so that the money he makes will 'Ji ke . U 9 i? tn <? r '8ht direction, and we won't have to stand and watt. All right, go on and hoot, I know what I want, anyhow, and that's more than JSH Know," Sue looked «( Ernestine with sonle severity, and added darkly: "What's more, I'll get it. Watch me." Ernestine could see Lllllan as she .had planned it all out". A correct house, n correct husband, perhaps even fl correct baby or two, The same old. business aver ana aver, with correct people coming nnd going nnd Loring stalking handsomely about. Not for her. She knew what she wanted. She wanted love! She wanted something not mentioned on Lillian's list. She wanted passionate, romantic love. She wanted adventure, an Inevitable great adventure. Suddenly she stood trembling, her heart beating with great strong strokes. She wns terrified with the intensity of her feeling, with the vivid almost material picture of will Todd's violent personality before her. One person, one In all the world, and never anybody else. She wanted love, and all her wakening Instincts warned her I hat she had found It. o —™ -...c 64,, Q u fool, and was not brought up properly, or she would never have done such a thing." Lorlng put In his oar. He was always there on Sundays, thought Ernestine, who was tired of having him around. • • "Any man who urges a girl to keep her love .affair a secret from her folks Is a blackguard, and a girrmay as well realize it first as last No real rL W ^. d ° "? a " tWn S-~ He wonld •"=• . «".^«uu,iYirB. ±1. w. Bueu were in ,-*"" -uumeran wmmg workers so- At once there was an electric si- Des Molnes last week where they at- £ let y met at the home of H N Wil- lence, and then he said, In a voice teuded the Flower show. Mr. Buell al- ber S, Jr. in Ringsted last Saturday now thoroughly awake: !° attended an alumni reunion at Ames Si? 6 " 10011 - A lar se crowd attended "Well?" I Saturday, , I The mcet.ino' man n«n««j _u.u j She could have cried. "What's the Mr. and Mrs. Archie Dundas from matter. Will? Aren't you going to see near ^hmont were guests of Mr and me again?" Mrs. J. H. Graham recently. J$rs. Dun- ,, - . I /4a« mnn •* • , _ _• ^_ _' ^-- . "Why Were You Running, Ernestine?" you, because my hourt begun to run, too." "Nonsense," sold Ernestine briskly, but he was persistent. "1 was just going away, dlsap- lolnted that I hadn't seen you, and "ere I have you alone for u moment at last. I've been wanting to tell you low beautiful you are, since you're ,'.-own. Where have you been? Your B Is shining. I could see H luminous u tlio dark street. Ernestine—don't l)o silly, rm trying to tell you I care for you—I—" She pulled uway from him with determination, "You're the silly one," she !JtUd Impatiently, "And dumb, us well." She passed him quickly, uiid closed the door behind her, shutting out his handsome, desirous face. In her room, dressing for dinner, she was furious with blui for Intruding on the enchantment of her hour with Will. Didn't he know, that he bad made himself conspicuous, all last „-.. „„.,. his_ ftttentions^io. yillajij h« ,,» looked > at he said It, With such 'meaning- toil Ernestine felt a faint dismay. ' "But how ridiculous," she exclaimed you all-know, every one of you. that If she had told her folks of her infatuation, they would have carried her off to Europe, or had him forced out of town. They would have separated them Instantly." "But that's why she ought to tell her people," said papa. "No girl can trust her. own Judgment, when she gets out of her own class. Her people know best, and she should confide In them." • , All this while mamma had been watching Ernestine. Mamma was so pretty, with her violet eyes, and smooth fair hair, and her slender vlg- orous body. But mamma was sharp , "Neither of my girls Would do such a thing," she said now-''In her soft quick voice, bnt with a meaning that Ernestine and LJJiian 'both 'sensed "I am sure that neither of •my > |lttle girls would do such a thing to me—have a secret love affair., W.ould either of " '''' me again?' "Where are yon?" "I'm at the drug- store, at Wilson and Sheridan." "I'll be there within an hour," he told her. He had not had breakfast, he said, shaking hands with her formally when they met They went Into a little white tiled coffee shop, and he ordered his breakfast aud sat opposite her in .silent waiting. He looked terrible. His .1face, of ten .white, was,"ravaged, and —-, burned.^ But'he was-, calm. • —.-OTUVMH »**\*v**w*jr» AV^iu* JL/UJU~ das was formerly Ailss Dehnert and I lived here for some time Mr. and Mrs. o. Lekk have returned to then- home at Arnegard, North Dakota. They were caUed her to attend the funeral of Mrs. Leek's mother, Mrs. W. H. Smith. Mrs. Ida Anderson returned home on Saturday from Hartley here she visited her brother. She will leave 1 Friday for Indiana, wherejshe will visit her daugh- •fcAT TUTl*a "Dneta YVT«u.»«._. ^^ , ter, Mrs. Ross* Reaver., ' The meeting was opened with devotions. The secretarys report foUowed, next the business questions were discussed and then everyone began work. A dejicous. luncheon was served and everyone left for their homes. The society will meet again Saturday, June 28 at the John Osboro home. s - ' j — f ——-™w-»| y-.y*u+\» knew that the', initiative rested on her. • - ' ~ ~ • • "What's the matter,. Will?" she asked him, trembling again,, and hat- WHITTEMOEE NEWSJ Ing-herself for It. he such a slave. "Your mother phoned day." . ^Mammal" . ;/ ^•' (To be Continued.) Mrs. William Wegener and children are here from Clinton for a visit atr the August Schattechnelder home\ andjto. William Wier and their and Ro homes, me yester- "Pon't be nutty, mamma," advised Lillian, and Ernestine was silent turned' to I think CHAPTER II The Lady Promises Again and again Kmestlne resolved to tell riminnm all about Will, but again and again her confidences faltered before mamma's bright energy before mamma's staccato bosslncss It was really her first secret from her family, and she did nut feel right nliout It. Of course she was old enough to have a friend If she wanted one, n friend other own choosing but Lillian's iitlltmlo that she was having an "affair," u romance on the side p-arely for the thrill of it, dismayed her. i'et she couldn't tell mamma and an Incident occurred which sealed her silence. She hud culled Will on the telephone the next morning after her encounter with him on the street, 'and that had been the beginning of an absorbing intimacy. He worked In the afternoon and at night six days a week. He had nothing better to do with bis forenoons and his luncheon hour tbau share them with Ernestine. Bu{ the very time of these engagements made Later, alone, Lillian Ernestine eagerly. "You'd better come across. the folks are on to you." "You haven't told them?" . x _... "Of course not," said Lillian Impatiently. "It's your own business: But Krnestlne, you aren't really going to' fall In love with him, are you? Paon would be furious." Ernestine shook the bright tears from her eyes nnd smiled at Lillian After a moment, Lillian went on uncertainly, "Lorlng saw you yesterday morning lie asked me who the young man was and I told him, but nsked him not to mention It. Still lie may tell. He's awfully fond of you, Ernestine. He's always telling me that you are Just like a little sister to him. He might feel It his duty to tell pn pa about you and Will." "lint there's nothing about Will that anybody could object to," protested Krnestlne. "I'm not engaged to him but If I should become engaged J don't see who could care. He's fin u nnd good and gentle. He's brave, too u real man." Lillian shook her head. "It's your funeral," slie sold, with tlio heartless lulssez-fuire of her gun(.•ration, which feared, above all tilings, that It might become Its brother's keeper. "Hut you know Just how pupa would react to Will Todd. He's the son of papa's old carpenter. He's .-Mrs. Clifford Holding was on the sick .. list the past week, E. E. Paine drove to Eagle Grove on business Saturday night. Mrs Frank Bahllng Is visiting a eis- ter at Grand Rapids, Michigan, this week D. F, Slaughter left Monday for Independence to visit his mother this week. <.•=»,, it in i one ... _, . ., _ ', again,, and hat- ^J^ 3 ' ? aul ^QCauley came home last It was awful to ^^ aAay i* 0 ™* 36 * Moiries where she awiui to had been afc a hospltal sereral waeks for treatment. Arlene Stewart is as- sistuig at the McCauley home. Mrs. Paul Kriethe and twO children went to Rochester, Minnesota, Saturday to visit Mr. Kriethe, who Is at the hospital there. Mrs. Kriethe and Wic children returned home on Monday Mfcs Sellna Clifton is expected to arrive soon from England, where she has been spending a year with her parents. Miss Clifton has made her home tere with her uncle, Thomas Hawcott for several years. W. D. Kearns and daughter, Mrs. Wm. Carman, willjeave Saturday night lor a two weeks' vacation trip to Chicago and Milwaukee, where Mr. Kearns will visit his children, Mrs. Ida Yeager will take care of the poultry house during his absence. The Cotton Blossom Singers from the Piney Woods school drew a fair • and , John Edward Fandal Is from Oreighton in _^ t I "•*» **«cy wuuua cuiiuoi drew a iai The bu-thday circle met Thursday crowd Thursday night at the Presby afternoon at the home of Mrs. Squire' terian church. Their songs and read Hudson. Infffl nroi<A An4/\.,a^ u« «n ~ TU^I. =-•:;;±'»»a•*"•« asS-jarSUfTrffs Hudson. Miss Irene Aten is home from her year's work at Beuna Vista College In Little Marie, daughter of Mr and Mrs, Bert Oodden, Is ill again with pneumonia. Several of the Hurt Odd Fellows went to LuVerne Monday night on a booster trip. James Foster purchased a Chevrolet car at the Motor Service Company garage last week. A number from here attended an Eporth League rally at LuVerne on Tuesday night. Vernon Cooper of Titonka called at the home of his uncle, E. A. Hansen Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bader of Nora Springs were guests at the George Allen home Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. H, A Lattimer of Bancroft were guests at the Leonard Sheldon home Saturday. Miss Ellen Schryver is at Boulder, Colorado, where she is attending the University of Colorado, Mr. and Mrs. J, D. McDonald are visiting with relatives at v Redfleld, South Dakota, this week. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ringsdorf were guests Sunday of Mrs. Myrtle Ringsdorf and sons at Bancroft. Frank Bailey and family of Fen- _„-„_. «„„» MW4+QU MMVt *Wt*>*^ ings were enjoyed by all. Pictures were also shown of the school buildings. Russell Ohipman spent the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chlpman. On Sunday he left in company with two other forestry students of Ames, Mr. Potter and Mr. Giffon for Oregon where they all have Jobs. -.,. ;.;.: s Memorial services were held Sunday by the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. A short program was given at the hall consisting of an address by Rev, J, E. Clifton and services were then held at the cemetery and the graves of all Odd Fellows and Rebekahs were decorated. Mrs. John Allen of Manhattan, Kansas, and daughter. Miss Lola Allen of Pittsburg, Kansas, ar§ visiting at the home pf their cousin, Mrs, W. A. Ladendorf, Miss Allen' is principal of the high school at Pittsburg. Mr, Allen expects to come after his wife and daughter In a week. and he's not very strong— there's nothing but objections to such an Idea, Ernestine. Anyhow, I can't see why you could let yourself even think of such a thing us getting engaged. Imagine taking a 'chance like that 1" Will suld nothing about marriage, He was full of talk, overflowing with his own vitality, enraptured with Ernestine's beauty and aearnesa. On* day, however, when they had gone for their usual walk north along the lake ehore, he teemed oddly silent and thoughtful, oca at timeg be jooied at Bailey home Friday evening. A. D. Waide of Sutherland la vi»lt- ing his aunt Mrs. Mame Hoflus and the Lloyd Elston family this week. Mr. and Mrs, M. E. Polheums are visiting rel&ttves af- Chicago, Peorja, and other points in Illinois this weefe, Mr. and Mrs. Q, E, Ptersol of Storm Lake were dinner guests of Dr, and Mrs, W, T. peters Saturday M*, spd Mrs. OJiajrlea B and phaeton ot Algona were guests Sunday at the Pr. W- 7, Peters home. PheJps, who has bw« attend- The anual farm bureau plpnio was held at Algona June io. The Jensen Brothers recently (purchased a second hand Ford coupe , omaha. Rosella Higgins and Marcella Fandal have returned from Clarke College, Dubuque, where they have been attending school. Henry Behnke spent his vacation last week from the Zumach meat market at Bennett with his brother, Edwin Behnke, and family. Bertha Boweris-Skow W Emmetsburff left Tuesday for Mt, Horeb, Wisconsin where she was called by the serious illness of .her father. The Fathers C. P. Sweeney and P. P. Gearin are to Sioux City this week attending the annual retreat given for the priests of the diocese. Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan are here ' from Chicago for a visit with Mrs. Ryan's father, Edward Burke and Mr, Ryan's sister, Mrs, L, B, Smith. Bernard Schrier has sold bis Rite- Way Grocery to Ernest Phillips of Liv- 'ermpre. Mr, and Mrs. Phillips have moved here and taken possession of the store. ( Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seymour attended a surprise party Sunday evening ifrhonor P f the birthday of Mre. Seymour's sister, who lives in West Bend, Mrs. Maurice Cullen entertained a group of children from Algona last Friday evening in honor of Miss Helen Vincent. The guest of honor was given a shower of gifts, The Methodist Ladies' Aid are meeting Thursday afternoon of this week at the home of Mrs. Ray Carlisle, who will be assisted in serving by Mrs. Carl " Ebert and Miss Hattie Simpson. • A prenuptial shower was given Sun.- day afternoon at the academy hall in honor of Miss Margaret Elbert whose marriage to Arneld Woodcock of Buffalo Center takes place next week. Local relatives have received word: of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. jpe Hayes of Tacoma, Washington. .Mr. Hayes is a son of Mrs Nell Hayes, fprmer whittemore resident. Mr. and Mrs, Herrnan Gade accompanied by their daughter, Meta Gade a nurse living in Lincoln, Nebraska went to Hampton, where Mrs, Gade entered the- Lutheran hospital for examination, Miss Helen Fan-ell is home from Forest City for a three weeks' vacation- are attending the trrad. I uation exwctees at HarVftrd frZwheV; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lynch are the their son will be graduated re prpud parents of a baby boy bom Tues. M ,_ p . „ „ * H ™ reu ' day Jim? 8, t.,2,5' Pe T r % ftg haB b «W entertain- Mr. and Mrs. Etaer Beck's Jittle et* £d ^fAA&^°^ nrjse «» * ^ —» Harriet Jenson is wprking for Mrs, 1 °n 0 . M ! deUa ' Minnesota, is also WgWSt -Hansen. The H ft nsens have ta * hwe . small toby girl, jp. and Mrs. John Erue entertained Mr ft»4 Jfrs. Harold. Gaefcsch and SJ*f»».wS«Wjtf "latiyes at '• * * 89% Date of Waterloo spent the week end. with Mr. and Mrs, EarJ Qsborn. Leo Orey was 19 a wreck at (he §aju, *W.5«5K_8*lHlljr ,»»>*- 8«« W 1, but I honor ' wests.

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