The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1930
Page 9
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fflmtQUtmm, &^$&$$&ft$S$&& ffppr S^ Mottt^^pubHcaa, June 11,1980 - MfsV HL B. onrn of Lbtta *•«»< J WO* jfaftm Stab aSiSg 1 ' J&JSLl 11 *! °- °- SftUey of wWe^FfeHfori visitors Saturday burg visitors Saturday. Bearer - -„ — . — »»«Q OI Id of the rain. , Mr W?£ d Mrs - w - E - Stoeber, POV ^ ^ ,. were entertained Ray Stoeber home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kramer Yl W0t*A Cttt*%f4i*« —...__ii. _ i i. • was Oladvs af '. and Mrs. Wilbert Holdorf. Miss Matilda Kressin left i a term of summer school. Wilfred Stdeber returned home after went to Burt for a vMt at the O. ft. Bailey She returned Saturday even- ton went to LuVeme last week Wednes^ day for a visit at the John Wtokle I home. , ~r. and Mrs. M, Wetebftd visited their granddaughter, Verona, at the I no** of Mrs. J. fcresensky, in Algona I ** *$? **«pnpfcMy and 1 wife df cedafr Rapids are Waiting at the hotnfe of Mr Ittufle'ekf 6 father ' 0hftS -"» uto P h «y. •. and Mrs. H, 0, Lindsay and Wttned - -"* WMM. Aiiu*AJ,«,f TV^AYS Cil at the Wm, Tuflej> home in Lakota Sunday, 'eft I Miss Verona Welsbfod went ^ '" hoftie being another the one wh »ch cent * whea hte A/WWW^^ WHITE'S Contest Cash and Tackle Prizes Silver Trophies Every Catch Entered Gets a Prizel — ... it, Meyers and children, Betty Ann, Jean and Dicky, were entertained at the Oliver Stoeber home in Armstrong Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Holdorf and children visited at the home of Mr. Holdorf's father, Wm. Holdorf, at Ceylon Sunday evening. A children's day program Is being prepared for Sunday, June 16, at the Methodist church. The program will begin at eleven o'clock. Mrs. G. M. Miller entertained the Lutheran Aid society of Ringsted at the home of her daughter, Mrs. O.-O, Humphrey, Tuesday afternoon. Giles and son, Gerald of "Steady there" More and more an- 8'«r» Join in this great national iporUng •vent every year. Register here now and tee the rich assortment of trophies for winning catches. If you fish you can win. Use any kind of tackle Catch any kind 'of fish. Come in » get the rufes It costs nothing to enter Service by Sportsman J. C. SMITH REELS "RODS y LI N E S • • BAITS y****®^^ Hylastic Tires New Reduced Prices 29x4.40 Free tube $6.00 30x4.50 Free tube _ _ _ $6,50 30x5.00 Free tube $9.00 Other sizes reduced proportionately Plate^ Glass Your broken auto door and windshield glass replaced while you wait. Satisfaction guaranteed. Joe Greenberg The Lutheran Aid society meeting was held Wednesday in the church parlors. A largo crowd was in attendance Mrs. R. w. Kabelitz was the hostess. Mrs. J, F, Belkln and son, Maurice of Iowa Falls arrived on Tuesday ol last-week for a visit at the home of Superintendent and Mrs. B. D. Bel kin. • ' Miss Mamie Pederson and Miss Virginia Huskamp went to Spencer Monday to attend the extension department of the Iowa State Teachers' College.. ,... " ••.*"• •; '• : .'. • •. •.. Mrs F. H.Bohn and daughter, Mary Ann, were Emmetsburg visitors a few days last week at the home of Mrs Bohn^s parents, Mr. and Mrs,'Nick Goeders., •-. ; •..;' ; .--... .The morning sermon at the Methodist church was delivered by Rev. O B. Mitchell of Armstrong. The even- service was" conducted by Rev. Johnson of Lakota.- y Mr. and Mrs. T. N. McFall and Mr and Mrs. Rex Wolfe and daughter,' Edith, returned Saturday from a week's visit with relatives in Cedar Rapids and other points. Chas. Schemmel of Calmar, Joined his wife who has been visiting at the E.- C. Welsbrod Tiome the-past week, here Sunday. Mr. Schemmel returned home Sunday evening. Mrs. R. O. Goetch and,son, Bobble, drove to Britt Monday. Miss Julia A j n Si.w"!? plier at thafc Pkce, returned with them, and will spend part of her summer vacation here. V . Mr. and Mrs. R. o. Hengel and daughter 1 ,; Virginia May, and VEIdora Hengel.'went to Fort Dodge r Monday Virginia f M»y; had ber.tonslls .removed! »af o».»i ~f^ -" MIB *"»sutn. nos- ital. She is doing nicely. ^j^- fc&d Mesdames Robert Lea- 5i Seffh* 6 ** *^>rt Dodge 4 Sunday, Iso attended the Amusement P&tk^ **££?• Mat ? are t Larson of Eagle Grove S? 1 *? We & at the home «* her daugh! ter. Mrs. Theodore Thompson. Tho Thompsons took her horn? sSnday bl auto spending the day in Eagle Grove! Byers'^mo^her''!^ 18 * 8 ' ^^ **"• fTfWn £lim«4a** ••Hi.ii tfUtifJ-*. -- *"*"'*'II > tending school there during the past ^•SSbfflSS? WUh relaUveS ha^^a^ 8 ' t? 08 Bc «*off are the nappy parents of another boy CHEESE—-Wisconsin Longhorn, full cream, per pound 22c JELL-0, four packages for _ STRING BEANS, No. 2 size, 2 cans _ HONEY, two cakes for .25c 29c 23c RICE KRISPIES, 91^ two packages for ;____ «*C MACARONI, SPAGHETTI. OC- or NOODLES, 4 pkgs. ^«* c CORN, HOMINY, KRAUT, & 07- PUMPKIN, regular size, 3 cans^' C I McLaughlin's Bulk Coffee, none better, again reduced. No. 333, three pounds 65c, No. 99£, 2 Ibs. 75c. w**™**^^ WEST BEND NEWS. spen » ve 8< >««e of ° hanCe to 80 fishing. nt were Tom Reid at Points In north; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jen- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arndorfer anrf and Sylvester attend- i ance at the K ^ of c. last Wednesday evening given by 80111 Em " JJohrilEspe, who was<a former section foreman, is again employed in that .capacity, by Jibe 0« & N; W. Company and will move his family into the sec$on house this week Tuesday. Mrs, P. H. Eigler went to Whittemore Monday to meet her sister, Mrs. Cora DeGraw of Jefferson. Mrs. DeGraw has sold her property in Jefferson and is looking for a place to locate. Mr -and Mrs. Henry Jentz and daughter, Iren«, left'by way of Whlt- temor.e Tuesday for their home in Colorado Springs, after a two week's visit with relatives and friends here. Prank Bailey took his daughter, Mar- Jorie and Maxine Weisbrod to Algona Monday morning where they will take a chartered bus to Ames, They will at;end the short course as delegates of the 4-H club. Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Krause celebrated his birthday Saturday afternoon. Ten of his friends were invited to help him celebrate the ev- nt. He was eight years old and re- reshments were served at four o'clock. Mrs. E. T. Gerkln and daughter, Lala and. a friend drove, over from Sioux Qity^Priday afternoon, Mrs. Qerkin will remain at home for the week whjle Lala and her friend returned Sunday. They report Rev, Gerkln is slowly improving, Sunday dinner guests at the Glen P^vf 10 " 16 were Mr - and Mrs. p . Jenklnson, parents of Glen, Mr ™ , Mrs ; i r Austm Gar dner and son Ronald, Mr. and Mrs. ieonard Cruik- fv 0 w2 d T daughters ' M" 00 * ^ Iowa ity, and Jane- and Marjorie. Chester Bailey Is one of Union's champion hog raisers. He has 111 little pigs saved from thirteen sows and still has seventeen more sows to hear from, making a total of thirty brood sows. We believe they will keep Ohes- ter quite busy. Mr. Bailey is also assisted by Mr. DIxon, but more help 'may be necessary to care for so many hogs vwuwuv " Will be here before long We have a complete line of HAY OARJMEBS Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Denker and family of Lester arrived for a visit at the home oj Mrs. Denver's parents, Mr and Mrs. w. J. Weisbrod, Sunday. Mr! Denker returned home Sunday. Mrs Denker and the children remained for a longer visit. Mr and Mrs. -L. J. Weisbrod and .daughter, Gladys, and Vivian Glaus went to Mankato, Minnesota, Friday. The girls remained there where th*y have employment for tho summer months. Mr, and Mrs. Weisbrod returned home the same day, Mr. and Mrs, P. o. Bailey- accompanied by Tom Ford of Falrville, were summoned to Triumph, Minnesota, to see I. Gappa, a brother of Mrs. Bailey, who is very seriously W with infection of the kidney, before be left for Rochester, Minnesota, for treatment, Miss Lou Bassett of Sheldon arrived at the^W, J, Weisbrod home Saturday. Sunday morning she was accompanied by Florence Weisbrod to Iowa City, where they wlU attend summer school. The girls havje been room mates while teaching In the Sheldon school the past few years. r Mr. and Mrs. Pmer Welsbrod entertained the following dinner guests Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Weisbrod and son, Melvln pf Ringsted; Mr. and Mrs-, E. A. Weisbrod, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Welsbrod and children, Maxlne, Ha?el and Maurice, and the Misses Verna and Lueila ' - Audrey Potter of Seneca came on Wednesday of, last week and assisted with the duties at the o. H Potter home. . i ' The B. H. Potter .family .of Seneca spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Alta Stiles and Audrey remained for a few days' vist. . '.- * A Children's Day program was given here Sunday' and next Sunday members and friends of the Sunday School are to enjoy picnic dinner at the Call State Park. Mrs. W. L. Martin of Algona received word Friday that her father, George Bell of Streeter, North Dakota, had suffered a light stroke. He has been quite ill for four, weeks. Mary Wildln of Des Monies came home Sunday afternoon, spending the night at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. wildin. She was accompanied by Miss Mildred McOHrr of Danbury. Tho girls are in the educational extension service and are working this week at West Bend and next week at Mallard. Mrs. Alta Stiles spent Wednesday and Thursday with her mother, Mrs. Martha Potter, in Algona. While entering the car Thursday she fell to the walk in front of the Akre store and suffered severely for several days. She was able to sit up Sunday. At this vrltlng she is reported as more com- ortabie. She is a sufferer from arthritis and the fall bruised one side quite badly. Her mother, Mrs. Potter, is with her. P. P. Cuplin is having his residence painted this week. G. J. Ditzel of Spencer was a business visitor in town Thursday. Marjorie Williams spent the past week in Rodman visiting relatives. Bert Clemens spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Riley and family, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Maxwell and Bobby of Algona were calling in town Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Williams and family spent Sunday at the Dave Shaw home near Rodman. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Knyper and family of Rodman attended church services in West Bend Sunday. Ray Miller drove to Cedar Falls on Tuesday to spend the summer at the Iowa State Teachers' College. Mr. and Mrs. Charles' Carter of Rodman spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Carter's mother, Mrs. J. D. Watson. Mrs. J. O. Scurr and baby returned home with her parents to Marshalltown for a visit. They spent Saturday at the Scurr home. Miss Lynnette Robinson is spending her vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs. Marion Law/ She attended Simpson College the past year. Buddy Edwards took suddenly ill with pneumonia'Saturday. He ran a temperature -of 104 during tho day. His friends are hoping for his recovery. Miss Lydla- Frelden, who taught in .the' Iowa, Fate public schools theipast year, is spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. Frelden. " Miss Flossfe~ f Stagmani J who taught the past year in the Ottumwa schools returned the 1 last of the-Week to spend her vacation .with her'mother, Mrs. H. Stagman. Mrs. W. E. White spent the past week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Peter Smith near Mallard. She returned home Friday., accompanied by her granddaughter. The Presbyterian Aids society will meet at the home of Mrs. E. L Hayne Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. *A. B Carter will be assistant hostesses Everybody will be welcome, Dan Banwart took his daughter Clara, to the hospital at Rochester fo consultation with the doctors there in regard to her health. His daughte was left deaf after a slego of spina meningitis, Mr, and Mrs, P, J. Dewitt returned Sunday from Olarksville, where they spent the past week visiting with thei old friends and neighbors, Mr. and Mrs J. S. Spencer and family, who now live at that place. ST. BENEDICT NEWS.! Rev. B. H. Loeffelholtz left Monday afternoon for Sioux City on retreat. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Eich and family spend Sunday afternoon at Crystal Lake fishing. Mr. and Mrs. John Ludwlg of Garner spent Sunday at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Greg Studer. Mrs. Wm, Welner was subject to a gull stone operation at the Kossuth hospital last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George Arndorfer and family and Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Venteicher spent Sunday at Milford. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fehr drove to Elmore Sunday and spent the afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Garman. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Arndorfer left ast Friday on their wedding trip of several weeks to Morgan, Minnesota, and other points. Herbert and Caroline Arndorfer, Mr. and Mrs. George Arndorfer and Mrs. A. J. Fehr drove to Mason City Saturday on business. Announcement of the approaching marriage of Julian Seller, son of kit. and Mrs. Henry Seller, to Catherine Dons of Wesley was made at the church here Sunday. Mrs. Wm. Arndorfer and daughter, Marie, Mrs. Joseph Rahm, Br., Mrs. Martin Rahm and Mrs. John Huschka drove to Wesley Monday afternoon to visit with some friends Presbyterian Church. Morning worship from ten to twelve, morning subject, "A Morsel of Meat." Evening theme, "Suffering Humanity." All are welcome who will worship with us. German Lutheran Church, Corner of North Wooster and East Elm street. H. Dubbe, pastor. There will be English services on Sunday at ten o'clock. The Mothers and Daughters club of Cresco was entertained Thursday by Mrs. D, A. Teeter, Roll call was answered by flag quotations. A Flag Day program was arranged by Mrs Oliver Bakken. America was sung by all with LuElla Potter, pianist. Two short articles on Henry Mosler's conception of our flag, The Birthplace of Old Glory, The American Flag House and the Betsy Ross Memorial were read by Mrs. W, L. Martin. Piano solos were played by Rena BakkenJ A readings The Flag Betsy Made was given by Delpha Halsrud. A recitation, The Soldier's Hour, was given by Kenneth and Oriel Bakken and another by Keith Moore and Rena Bakken. Other numbers on the program were a piano duet and a song by Marie Frank! and Mayne Moore. A comforter was tied. The four rural clubs surrounding Algona will hold tlledr annual joint meeting June Jflth at the Call State Park LuElla Potter is coaching a number for the play, The Presbyterian parsnoage was given a coat of paint last week. The first coat was put on last fall but owing to the cold weather, the second coat was not put on. The bouse makes a very neat appearance since being finished. The Misses Malinda and Sallna Han- tjewan arrived home to spend the sum- Bjr vacation. MaUnda »tjj teach at ye*?Jested at Qtoose 0. Last week tfcey drove tQ D^uqujaTor a visit with some They were former teachers at " ^om the?e they wswj to on their regular meeting day Thursday afternoon. The meeting was opened by an appropriate song by all Mrs Wllbert Holdorf had charge of the devotionals. Names wero drawn by the mystery mothers for the coming year. A banquet is to be held held for-them at the end of the year, when the names will be divulged. Other business was disposed of after which a short program was rendered. This was opened by a violin solo by Hazel Weisbrod accompanied at the piano by her sister, Maxlne. This was followed by an am- ng on? act play, entitled, 'How to — »," given bV the Mesdames R, S 1 9? e ^?' 4-H. ftteyers, F. H. Eigler, 0. a, Humphrey, Ohas. Welsbrod, Frank McFaJi, and B. A. Welsbrod. MUS}Q was rendered by the Wetsbrod - < - t — ana the Lord's prayer was re. fat the program °fe luncheon was ,,.-„ W68' ftwwbat ejected due ft {fee Walter Williams returned home on Friday evening from his school duties. He has been teaching in the Grant vocational school In Cedar Rapids the past two years. He expects to spend the summer with his mother Mrs. T. W. Williams. Rev. Zimmerman and family drove to Des Moines Monday morning, where their sons, Gordon and Donald attended the carrier's convention put on by the Register & Tribune. The two boys are the carriers here and deserved an outing of this kind. Miss Wilma Slaughter and Miss Rose Peterson came to West Bend Friday from Burt and brought Mrs. Paul Pet- ereon to the home of her son, N. J Peterson, where she makes her home! She has been spending a few days at the Slaughter home. Mrs Adolph Montag drove to Emmetsburg. Friday afternoon to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Brodigan. The family are quarantined for the scarlet fever and Harold Brodigan, who had been at the Montag home, returned to his home with her, Juanlta Hanson entertained fourteen of her school friends at a birthday party at her home Wednesday afternoon. The afternoon was spent playing games after which refreshments were served, Juanita received a number of pretty and useful gifts from her friends. . A flne Children's Day program was given at the Presbyterian church Sunday morning by the children, Songs, recitations and a pageant were given. Mrs, Vohs with the violin, Mr. Vohs with the saxophone and Mr. Miller with the cornet and Quentln Kongsback at the piano was a combination hard to beat hi music. A large crowd of par- enw and friends were present. The regular attendants wish these people might •"""- eyerx Sunday and help out with STORAGE FUR REMODELING AND REPAIRING We have a connection with Marshall & Swift of Mason City to handle our fur work for us. It will pay you to store your fur coat and have it-insured against moths, fire and theft at a small cost. Send us your Bugs and Drapes. Let us clean house for you. Elk Cleaners N. W. Iowa's Largest and Finest Cleaners since '09 Phone 330. • deal. More Bargains £l- b ?°U ro _ m , oh . Ic . a So where I a big shoe bought a I made some wonderful buys and will have them 011 sain as soon as they arrive, Tfound 60 dozen more and they> Jimmie Neville S MILOi OP A Auto tops dressed while you wait, $1.00 and UP This too guaranteed to waterproof and We'th* ffAt^d AU Work on Tops and Signs Guaranteed. Two doors north of Call Theatre In fw ofsSiVBwfte

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