The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1930
Page 8
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The Upper Des Molnes-Republlcati, June 11,1930 .._ i: HAOGARtJ & BAC4K7S, Publisher*. as Second Class matter at the pbstotfice at Algona, act of Congress of March 8, 1870. Issued Weekly. under th Subscription Bates in Kossuth County: One Year, Itt Advance ------- -..._, ___ „..*__, _____ ...—_ ________ , ______ .$2.0 CHx Months, In Advance -— — »— ,....»^»....».._^ __________ „ ______ 1.3 Three Months, in Advance -_**, ___ _. t — »». ________________________ _ Subscriptions Outride County $2.60 per year, striVtlyln'advance" Subscriptions continued until paid tor and ordered stopped Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch __ ___ ___ _ Composition 6 cents per inch extra. mobiles and spent for gasoline they would not have known what to do with it. A horse and buggy was a luxury then and an investment of perhaps $200 was necessary. Now everyone 6%ns an automblle, an investment of perhaps $1000. Millions upon millions are Invested in automobiles, radios and other things and yet we yell hard times. If we have hard times, we should lay it to our own extravagance and not to the conditions of the times. News and Comment. 1ARRABEE PLEASED WITH VOTE. Fred Larrabee, who was defeated for the republican nomination for congress to the primary last week by a narrow margin, was very well pleased by the vote given him to Kossuth county and in a friendy note to the Upper Des Molnes-Republican, says: "Some news that is very gratifying to me has just reached this office, that is, that Kossuth county has endorsed my candidacy with something over a hundred votes. We seem to have lost out In the district at large, but it is a matter of much satisfaction to m» to know that my friends to Kossuth county have stayed with me throughout this campaign. for many years I have been going through Kossuth county, stopping at Algona and other places, and regard very -highly the acquaintance that I have to the county. Having land to the county, I also feel much interested there." Mr. Larrabee, whose personal record aa state senator from the Fort Dodge i ~ ' — district for several years, as well as known how easy H was to wln< " have the splendid record made by his fath saved them a lot of mone y- er, the late Wm. Larrabee, as governor of Iowa, gave assurance that he would have made a distinguished congressman has reason to be proud of his large vote and clean campaign. No cheap political tricks were employed by him nor were loud-mouthed paid political workers to his behalf to evidence at the polls primary day. Mr. Larrabee carried Kossuth county in the face of an organized opposition headed by the local bosses and he has cause to feel proud of the showing made here. The Fort edge Messenger says of Senator Larrabee: "We feel that it is an unusual opportunity for the people wuen a man of Mr. Larrabee's character, ability and Intelligence is available for public ser- farm relief »vice. And it is a matter of satisfaction to note that our view of it was concurred to by. the overwnelmtog majority \ The country needs more work, less play, more money and less spending. A decision of the supreme court says it Is lawful to buy booze but an awful crime to sell it. If Dick, Turner and Gilchrlst had Congressman L. J. Dickinson and Family It begins to appear that the wet and dry issue will be prominent in the next presidential campaign platforms. Congressman L. J. Dickinson, who was nominated United States senator at the June primaries and his family. From left to right, they are Call Dickinson, Mrs. Call Dickinson, L. J. Dickinson, Rollin A. Hunter, Mrs. L. J. Dickinson and Mrs. Rollin A. Hunter, who before her recent marriage, was Miss Ruth A. Dickinson. Hard Boiled Guy Sprays Effective for paign, ter all. Arrested at Burt. Three Kinds of Weeds. ^Monitor: R. E. Green, Armstrong til- Spraying with, sodium chlorate is . ^...^...,^1. Av . **. uiccn, luuiauuug m- opraymg W1U1. EOQlUm Cmorate IS Candidates for office are not as black jr, stood on the street corner in Burt the newest and easiest way'of eradicates they were painted during the cam- by /' he Mrs* National Bank Friday ev- tog small patches of Canada thistle. " .... * __ _ °_ __ _ pnina nrpnntHno- f*\ *M*V Vit*n»Ai# *. ,4~t«i- I •n*..—»*»-.»_ 1.1—j—^_j ___a _•- ,: Marshall Watsons Enroute to the Coast. Marshall Watsotf. former - Algpna high school athlete, who coached last were painted during the cam- ^,™ e JT lrst L Nat . ional( Bank Friday ev- tog small patches of Canada thistle, year at Knoxville, Iowa, to the high They are all good fellows af- ^S"***™* "Sf^iSS I'SSS^-^^^^^^SP^^^lff^^ enroute with his wife i ~ ei ° -«•—» «**"ww* a, UJ.UAA. I AawAWHCtmi uuiuwccu U11U. quUUK gruSS} I SdlQOi. IS of alleged liquor with pop. Marshal according to R. H. Porter,, extension the coast \A/ TT Kratlf a «*!• *>e%vrr 4-Vm •.««._ _-JJ u I _1._..i L. ___A1 * i _j. ' • •• ^ • .«. . _ . I . .. , ,. ' With all respects to Dan Turner, we stilj matatato that Ed. Smith, a mighty good'man, was defeated for the governorship. ___ of people in this county, of people who know Mr. Larrabee and know his real worth. "Mf. Larrabee has the political fault of being too modest, of refusing to indulge to any of the*'clap-trap which .can be used so effectively in garnering 1 votes in an open primary. - That side • of Him, while it made his,many friends just that much more loyal, .undoubted* 'Jy ,cost .him .many; votes 'in more -re-. •«ofe ."sections."' ;i c( , , 1 , ' . U,1'«J W<"U,s -,T J< 1 *Ji ' » > The fanners of Iowa have expressed themselves on the tariff and they evidently appreciated "Dick's" efforts for President Hoover vetoed the pension —_ s.~f *.«».«**•« I u^xw»uu4B vw A.,. AA. *rui «!*,,. cAtvxisiuu i wic uuosb. . watson is a former Irv- saw the proceedings plant pathologist of Iowa State Col- ington boy. He will spend some time I dldnot lege, who is aiding fanners to con- to Logan, TTtah, attendtag a coach- gentle- ducting their campaign against weed ing school and from there will eo to I ..„ was bold and pests. This weed eradication campaign California for a visit with his ' same time secreting the has been adopted as part of the 1930 ers, Ray, who was the depot r P 61 " 50 ?- Futher Inquiry program by practically all Iowa coun- to Irvtagton for?many years by the marshal produced a hostile at- ty farm bureaus. The cost of sodium Wateon is a graduate^ o? the Uni- I titude and the gentleman tried to make chlorate for large areas practically pro- versity of Iowa and won many honors his Protest more effective by a stiff left hibits its use. The cost of one spray- during his four Tears work there He ' to the jaw, whereupon Marshal Stew-I tog for an acre of weed infested-land .. art placed the belligerent under arrest ranges from $10 to $14. h«f« 0 bottle on ta " 6 * bsence bill and congress passed it over his veto. This was his first veto and congress won. Dan Turner was nominated for governor on an income tax issue by a ma- jority'thfltmakes.a state income tax to Iowa mandatory. ^' ' /A report sfl^s you can enemy killed to Chicago for $500. Hundreds have -been taken for a ride for much — i -ii-ir T ~- -— T ~- i outstanding work inf tentaJs to his Mayor C. O. Both quack grass and Canada thistle freshman year- a second cup was aw V. J. Davison, have been killed with two applications arded for the highest scholastic and I "Tr^T^T " T^,"',* 50 ^ 0 and coste> °£ th .^ spr x ay ' From one to two Pounds athletic standtag to the ranks of the h P ™ ™f r V ° IU& f ^^ aP 010 * 168 ' , of oh j° rft t e are dissolved to each gal- freshmen; he held the office of toe he did not recognize the officer as Ion of water and 2% to 5 quarts of the president of Phi Epsllon Kappa toe _ he was an spray are used on each square rod of national education fraternity, and - JOoTto 7 ' Justloe mfested land< ^elected one of the trustees of the admonition to use_his eyesight bet- j but if it is to be used later for spray- office for two years" Ucatlons to fruit or other purposes it should be | He was promoted to the rank of outeidr ™a outsider triying g " 16 aUeged « S 5 MT ™i ™ < w*p«v^e> arfinyvvg gpmnyuAT^jo gratifying to Ijriwa and^the result' of •**•• 'election giving him more votes than „/combined number of his'three opponents, is evidence that not only was hjs'^ome county enthused but toe entire state. It was generally thought that he would succeed but nd one ever, knows Just what will happen to politics 'and there- was more or less suspense/ ,"Uv toe | case of governor, Dan Turner> vote was even a surprise to himself and his friends. Dan got into the campaign early, he had various organizations lined up and at work before his opponent entered the field. Smith, having been a former appointee of Governor Hammill, this worked to his disadvantage. Both are capable men with good clean records, regardless of some of the charges made during the campaign by a few cheap politicians who can only trump up false or imagtoery charges against a candidate. We know Dan Turner and Ed. Smith personally. We supported Smith, but made no attacks upon Mr. Turner. We expect to do everything possible to cooperate with his administration and wish him every success. The congressional fight was clean and honorable and no dirt was thrown by any one of the three candidates Senator Gilchrist will be a fitting successor to Mr. Dickinson and the fact that he did not carry Kossuth county was due to the fact that Mr. Larrabee has many old acquaintances here, owns considerable land in the county and pays taxes here. The credit of the nomination of Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Turner and Mr. Gilchiist is not due to any one organization or newspaper, although some of them claim the credit, but rather to the voters as a whole. In the county the successful candidates received majorities that were convincing und as the majority rules, they should be elected. We expect to support the nominees Of the recent primary to the best of our ability. A FAST AGE. We are living in the fastest age of the world's history. New inventions, new discoveries, something new every day is being made. The past hundred years has seen marvelous developments in science and many theories advanced at that time and thought by learned minds as impossible have been proven true. People, a few years ago, observed the Sabbath as a day of rest and to break the monotony of sitting at home, they attended church. Today, the.plans are made on Monday for the following Sunday and it generally is a trip somewhere, one hundred, two hundred or even more miles from home to the car. We talk of hard times, the scarcity of money and wonder what the final result will be. Most people with an automobile are spending more money every week for gasoline and automobile expenses, than it cost to maintain the average family for a week to the days gone by. If toe people of this country had had one-tenth as much money twenty-five years ago as is now invested to auto- M " J s less toan'that"amourit. "i lu£iJ?9V.'iif**-****"-'* 1 ^*- *4* * <• *• - - • , ;--4J • •' •berets more-gasoline-and oil ; J There products on toe market than ever before, yet gas stays up around twenty cents. Farmers, there is a reason. Dr. Stelner of Grinnell says fifty per cent of the college students should stay at home. A good many fond papas and mammas realize this is true. When Iowa had mud roads toe eastern papers advertised it to the world. Now we have the best roads of any western state and but little is said. Bishop Cannon of the Methodist church is having trobules of his own. He was charged with bucking the stock markets and now he Is to bad with congress for refusing to testify. Iowa leads the world to a lot of things and now a Council Bluffs girl is proclaimed the best speller to the United States. That is an honor greater than Babe Ruth holds, even if it does not pay as well. The Marshalltown Times-Republican suggests making flower gardens on the shoulders along the paving. That would be pretty, but what is the poor farmer driving a team going to do when two damfool auto drivers come racing down the paving? Come Over Seth, and Have One. Whtttemore Champion: The editor of ^ Algona'Bepubllcatt,last week penned an editorial in defense of the lowly dandelion, recommending that people eat iir as a healthful food to the shape of greens. He says that some people even make good wine ,out of the blossoms. It must be that he was speak- Weather Bad, Band Concert Called Off. Owing to the inclement weather last Thursday night the band concert was called off. There will be one this Thursday providing the weather permits. A good crowd should attend and give the boys a hand. The band's personnel is as follows' Vernon Spongberg, L. H. Guderian, Fred Bartholomew and Leonard Smith cornets; C. W. Nlcoulln, R. P. Norton, George Spongberg, Helmuth Huenhold, Glen Raney and A. T. Tweet, clarinets; Harry Spongberg and Henry Becker, piccolo and flute; Elmer Kelly, T. L. Larson, and William Gaskill, altos; Lester Lease, Albin Spongberg, Wilbur Zeigler and Vernon Hohn, trombones; R. H. Guderian and A. Guehl, bass; Frank Ostrum and Lawrence Gillespie, drum and traps. C. H. Johnson is the director. Editor Sperbeck's Father was Injured. Swea City Herald: O. F. Sperbeck, who was driving from his home at Iowa Falls to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Saturday, ran Into the ditch with his Chevrolet six near Rock Rapids, and suffered a broken right arm and a badly bruised shoulder and hip. One of the rear tires on the car went flat and the machine was. thrown into the ditch. After getting a new wheel put onto the car, Mr. Sperbeck drove back to Spirit Lake where his injuries received attention. Sunday he was driven to Swea City by his brother-in-law, Frank Weed, of Orleans, He spent the night here with his son, Bay Sperbeck, and the next day was driven to his home at Iowa Falls, by a neighbor, otto Knode, purnp repair man on the Bock Island, who happened to be at Lakota a few hours Monday afternoon. from first hand information and wrote toe editorial right after he had taken a liberal helping of the wine. If he Is such a firm believer to the dandelion as a health food we were perfectly willing that he should cometo our lawn and pick all he wants. We can ganrantee him enough so he will live to be older than Methuselah A few years ago people were scrapping as to who brought the first dandelions to Iowa. It was a doubtful honor, and were we guilty we would be ashamed to look a home owner to toe face. Largest Crowd Ever Visits Park Sunday. Park Custodian Paul Wille reports that the Call State Park had over 1900 visitors a week ago Sunday. This was the biggest list that has ever been out there since the Diamond Jubilee The visitors were from all over Iowa including Ottumwa, Sioux City and Ames. There were also out of state cars from Minneapolis. Everyone said that the park was one of the most beautiful and well-keot narks they had ever been in. This was a tribute to Mr. Wille who is a verv efficient custodian. Breakenridge Won Senator Nomination. W. 3. Breakenridgo. former state senator from this district, was nominated for state senator in Tama county Four candidates were in the field Mr Breakenridge recevled 1347 votes while his three opponents received 683 621 and 210 votes. This vote gave'him about forty-seven per cent of the entire vote. This is taken from a semiofficial report of the Tama county election with two or three precincts to hear from, but there is evidently no question of his nomination. E. C. McMahon Opens Law Office Here. E. C. McMahon, who has been in the Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan law offices for the past two years has opened up an office of his own over the Christensen store. He is a nephew of H. ii. McMahon and a son of Mrs. Nellie McMahon, who came to Algona from Emmetsburg a year or so ago Mr. McMahon is a graduate of Creighton University. Hackmam Back From Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. George Hackman and George Hackman, Jr., arrived in Algona last Thursday from Knoxville Tennessee, where George is an instructor in electricity in the Park Junior high school. Mr. and Mrs. Hackman went down on the train to meet George and drove back with him via Louisville Kentucky, and Decatur, Illinois, where they visited relatives. George reports that the corn in Tennessee is knee high and grain is in the shock. He expects to stay in Algona most of the summer . _ . — i — • —. -—. «_ v**«# U*UV^J.0*ur* sn £ ubs - . „ „ ' Watson was Instrumental to helping The first application of, the spray the university place first to athletics should be made Just before .toe bios-1 at the training camp'to Ft Snelltog soms are ready to open, or, when toe] by .being a member of toe track, base- plants are heading out. When Jthe new baU'and tennis teams.. He is a mem- shoots are four to six inches high they ber of the Sigma Chi fraternity, should be sprayed again."The best 1 •*• "wwawy. results are obtained when' toe soil moisture content "is high. u 'Sodium chlorate has also been used with success by -a few farmers on poison Ivy 8Jo.d buckrush. Sodium chlorate is cafe f to handle to toe metal container In which ii comes, but after it is opened extreme care should be exercised not to get organic matter, chaff or dirt mixed with it. Clothes, wagons or any article saturated with the solution may be set afire easily after the liquid has dried For this reason, toe sodium chlorate should not be used to any form near buildings. Spray machinery shoulc be well painted and clothes which have been saturated with the spray shoulc be washed before they are worn. Interesting Letters on Display Here. Three letters and a post card have been on display to the window of the the Algona Insurance Agency, one of which was carried by Lindbergh on the first flight to the South American mail service. The other two letters and the card came from Germany on the Graf Zeppelin, which landed a week or so ago in Lakehurst, New Jersey. One letter had been mailed by Al Falkenhainer to his grandson, Tasker, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Falken- hainer. The postage on this amounted to $2.60. A sister of Mr. Falkenhata- er, who lives in, Milwaukee, sent him the post card which cost for the round trin, $1.33. The other [letter from Germany came to his sister from friends living to Germany, the postage of which cost something over two dollars. The letters created much interest among Algona people. Base Ball Dance Drew Good Crowd. Quite a large crowd attended the benefit baseball dance at 'the fair grounds Thursday night to spite of the Inclement weather. The ball team has been putting up a great brand of ball so far this season but the outside games have not been very greatly patronized, although people have been supporting the team in great shape. Register Good News Plane was Here. The Register & Tribune plane, Good News, dropped into Algona June 2 and took a picture of L. J. Dickinson as he was casting his vote to the presence of a number of friends. From there it went to Mason City where other pictures were taken, one of them when Mr. Dickinson's mother was voting. Bowling Trophy on Display in Hub. The Hub Recreation Parlor has an attractive bowling trophy on display to their window. It is a silver loving cup with a bowler on the top. The names of the members of the teams which won the championship for the past three years are engraved on the cup. The winner this year was Nick's Shiners and pictures of the team are also shown to the window. To permft* nently win the cup the team must wto two years in succession. Much to- terest is shown to Algona to bowling and there is intense rivalry between the various teams. - Fine Compliments. Titonka Topic: Mrs. Alice ^Tierney and George Holtzbauer of Algona were married Tuesday morning, June 3rd, at St< Cecelia^ church. \ The wedding ceremony was performed by toe Rev. Father Davern. Mr Holtzbauer is a plumber by trade and has lived most of his life to Algona. Mrs. Tierney lived to Titonka for a number of years and moved from here to Algona with her mother, Mrs. A. Cosgrove. She has been employed to the Goeders store since she left Titonka and has .a wide circle of friends over the entire county. We have known Mrs. Tierney well for many years and to our circle of friends we have no one for whom we have a higher regard. She is an excellent woman and highly deserves toe happiness which comes to her to her new home. To her and her husband we extend congratulations and desire for them their full measure of happiness and contentment to the years that are to come. Mr. and Mrs. Holtzbauer are spending a week to Chicago after which they will be at home to their friends at 114 South Minnesota street. Ordinance No. 220. An ordinance providing for minimizing and eliminating radio interference and providing penalties. Be it ordained by the city council of she city of Algona, Iowa; Section 1 That it is unlawful for any person to Jlirprtswrt kftpa Wafer outefylass Try this Test Hold an ordinary drinking glan upside down in an empiy pan, Then fill the pan wiih water. Notice (hat, no matter how wet the outside of the glass becomes, the inside remains dry. This demonstrates an unchangeable law of physics ' that water cannot enter unless the air is first displaced. The BuckstafF Burial Vault works on the wme "air seal" principle. It is a large metal bell It keeps put ground waters by air pressure, just like the drinking glass. It is guaranteed to protect the casket underground for 99 years. We «r« alert constantly foe ldea» am} methods which will bring greater aolaco to our customers In their hour of sorrow. The Buck.taff Burial y»ulc i» ju,t i jnore feature of put c and sympathetic funeral THE81PYAL PURPLE Sold exclusive LAiBD ft Mrs. Relmer, Assistant Phones operate or be responsible for the op eration, of ant fctfichtoe, apparatus of equipment, generating or causing high frequency oscillations such tt to interfere with radio reception of broadcasting, with out providing for the eli- mumtion of such Interference, to far as possible. Section 2. Any person violating any provisions of Section 1 hereof, shall be punishable by a fine of not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00), or imprisonment to the jail for a period not exceeding thirty (30) days. Section 3. All .ordinances and parts of ordinances inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed. Section 4. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect after its publication, as provided by law. Adopted this SBth day 6f May, 1630. «. .tfM'llitiMM A. OQHEN, Mayor* Attest: ADAH CAms&N, Git? Clerk, 81 Honesty and Ability ft Family Trait. Swea City Hetald: Indicating the- Larrflbee sentiment to this bailiwick i» the attitude of on6 aged voter. This ' elderly mail remarked that when he settled to northwest KoSSUth he bought his farm from the late Governor Lar« rabee. The transaction was so satis* factory to every way that the aged citizen announced that he wad going-, to vote for the late governor's BOA for congressman. Airplane Races IOWA AIR TOUR EMMETSBURG, IA. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18 Two p. m. $500 IN PRIZES 50 AIRPLANES See the Nation's Best Pilots In Five Spectacular Races Special 24 Mile Free-for-AU Race on Three Mile . Closed Course * Run Race Horse Style Thrilling Air Stunts—Daring Parachute Drop See Iowa's First Glider Demonstration Parking Space for 5,000 Cars on Field DON'T MISS THIS THRILLING EVENT Admission SOc Children Under 10 Free It Costs Less to Go By Telephone LONG DISTANCE RATES ARE ioag distant* UUphon* rota for colls twtwetn certain points hov» bMft reduced four times in little more than three years. The cost of telephoning between cities Is now lower than ever before. , The table below shows the reductions made in representative day ctation-to-stotion rota (when you ailc to talk with anyone available at the called telephone) from this exchange: TO 1926 Day Station-to. Station Rate 1926 Cherokee ,55 Mankato, Minn. 60 Adel • 70 Rochester, Minn, , .80 Des Homes .,,75 Sioux City , ;.. ,80 Independence 35 Minneapolis 100 Cedar Rapids ....... i............. 100 Iowa City j 15 Kansas City .. , xso Milwaukee ,,...,., 210 Wit TODAY . Day Station-to. Station Rat* Present BO 50 60 65 65 70 75 80 85 90 130 150 Rates stiown ore lor thr**HnI«ute commotion These reductions are In accordance with the aim of this Company... to furniih the bet): Ulephon* «»r- vice at the Itatt cot* con«iit»nt with financial safety, NORTHWESTERN BELI, TELEPHONE COMPANY Hello r ^P 'HHR, 'iWB- ^W^'--.sP ^». ^WB^^ 1 .- ?^JRJF • FOURTH ANP WAWIUT* l?Cf MOINMb IOWA awe*

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