The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, June 11, 1930
Page 6
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The Upper Pea Molnas.KepubliCatt, June 11,1930 fCF sJLJLJ JL AIM uM «>ti>Kt «M_ I Mom ctM, Sodnl ,nd Muni, ---"i n r -^"'-^ " Makes the Crowd Smile* Then Takes the Picture s. .-s sa City, gi-ani consisted of a recitation by Her f* ew to eee!y ' and ft P lano sol ° ^ Evelyn Bode »w . dt ' adevAote j 1 ft column to -tad was closed with a contest, Ethe the details of the Anderson-Bishop Storms winning the prize Twenty- wedding wMch was an elaborate church three members and seven visitors were A ^ , • present. The next meeting on June Anderson, daughter of ll will be with Mrs. Laura Bensehoter! Anderson of Ames flnd assisted by Mrs. Delia Davidson Rol married Thurs- call will be answered by "Duties to 31111 Lutherfl » I™* Club -" *»«!tion of officers wUl ceremony was be held at this meeting. On June 19, I* ? ve °: c l°<* »n the pre- the four rural clubs wUl meet for a >« of mi bout e ^ hty '«fetWes and Joint picnic. friends. The attendants were Lorene M Mrs and Danghters Clnb— of iFort Dodge,"Harrf "B^hop" brolh-'L^L 172110 ," townshlp Mothers and er-of the groom, KennethT Anderson D ,? U( ? ters olub met last Thursday with the bride's brother, an™1 Boyd Penrose Elte f^ eth Schenck. Owing to the rainy of Bhellsburg. Following the ceremony We , at «» 8ftd condltlon °* the roads, a reception Was held to the church S" 1 ? flfteen members «« present. A parlors. The new Mrs Btoop was ± ™™ Ullg WM ^ a " d the fo! - gradUated from the Webster Citv hLh ..«! P , rogram , was given: reading, school and attended Iowa State Teach- r^°!,t ^ Our Club '" by Ada Hoflus : ers' College. For theTast four^± I **• I 8 ?'*"™ of 9 h toa and Silver" by •;tgg!j!. Lj ,- : —courtesy Des Moines Regslter j « ft to right: JE' **• Harrington, Sid J. Backus, j. A. Freeh, W. B. Quartan, L. J. Dickinson, C. E. Chubb, Stay McWhorter of Burt and J. P. Overmyer The picture Was taken at the Peterson studio a few days before £He June primaries at which Congressman L. J. Dickinson was nominated United States senator by the republican party. the rural A 'attended iowi"~Btate~n5o5ei"""taISI ff 8 ? 1 1 ? e next meetlng wm be a iwhioh he was graduated to 1920 H™ ^1 ™ e n * °, f th , e , rural clubs [made a notable record as a track' man ™ Call State Park on June iOM4 . while at Ames. Duringr the past Sea? ,™ e .T? 1 **? m char * e , of the meet- •hiByhas been principal'and coach at " nh«i m ,o« «..„*. ;Moufad City, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs Bishop visited to Algona the first of thd week at the home of Alan's parents, ; Mr. .and Mrs. A. A,, Bishop. Tuesday theyj left for Superior, Wisconsin, and other points to Wisconsin and Minne- is Ada Hoflus, chairman, ... „ Patterson and Lulu Elston. A charge of ten cents will be made for each person attending and there will be no soliciting. Wed at St. Benedict— SSSF^J^Sr B " ° f IMeU Peterson an ICorwith Defeated surprise Party- " Honor Graduate. Algona 3 to 1 A number of friends of Mrs. William *&• and AIrs - A - L - Peterson and son, The Algona ball team was defeated Rlnggenberg held a surprise party on Me " arrived Home from Annapolis on to 1 in a well-played game yesterda Friday night in honor of her birth- Sunday evening. They had been east at the local ball park. The Corwith day. There were four tables of bridge, attending the graduation exercises at team Is made up mostly of all salariet Mrs. F. L. Phillips and Carl Walker the United States Naval academy of players and have a very fast outfit. Al won the prizes. Clerks Hold! Theatre Party- . - . _ ^ -_ — ~ —'-rf •»»« I *"•"»> •"•••» «-•-*• *~vn \f u. v\f+j ^nuv vrwvAll/t fi.1. which Men was a graduate. Mell has gona played their usual tight game In made an enviable record at the aca- the field but were unable to get to Mc- demy, both In athletics and studies. He Cuskey, the Corwith hurler. He struck • UKn.7 AmvBI* AU«^»»>C M. »1 *J*"^ 1 • ., f. ----- ---- — — • — •— I — — ™— ^ T v.. w wa>T*w» A««««»bA* ^A.U OV* U\>(k The Chrlschilles & Herbst clerks and ^f.ff . ^. comma nder during the out nine men, walked four, hit one man helpers T during CbJ T\^for-nfe s^e ?^t lyeat< - all ^ B IL 88 only one Wgher and ftllowed but t* 1166 wts - Ca you, the T\for-nfe se at the Call sotaj Alan's grandmother, Mrs. Mar- Dorothy Elsenbarth, daughter of Mi. .garet Bishop accompanied them to and Mrs. Isadore Elsenbarth of St Superior here she will visit her son, Benedict and Emll Arndorfer were un- ?'j H 'u B i sllop> Mr ' and Mrs - Bishop Mted in marriage a week ago today at .and children Margaret, Harry, Esther, eight-thirty fa the Catholic church in ;Ruth, John and Jim attended the wed- St. Benedict by the groom's brother -ding; from Algona. airs. Bishop's sis- Father Arndorfer of Charter Oak The .ter, -Miss MatJde "McBrpohi.- of Iowa I bridesmaid was the bride's sister !w £s, wfl ? ako among th e suests at the Christina and the best man was Nick Wedding. Arndorfer, a brother of the groom. Af•*£ the wedding at .Randall, Mr. ter the ceremony a large wedding dta- ,varrs.: Bishop and Margaret* left ner was served at the Eisenbarth home. ' J!?l iT4xas ' where" Margaret A dance was held in the K. of C hall .•married, to B. L. Hilliard, son of !& Algona' Wednesday evening for the and Mrs. Frank HDliard of Otlum- friends and relatives of the young coup- i^fl °^ mony was Performed at Je. They left Friday for Chicago where *,„«* f^? 5 * P arson »ee Saturday they intended to spend a two weeks' *k J' Mr- and Mrs - Bishop as honeymoon before starting housekeeo- uie attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard ta S on the groom's farm near St Senega Dlanned to be married in Dallas, d lot . v nut 1 Because of a law which requires) —::— to B. P. C.'s Hold Meeting-- enjoyed Theatre Ing hours and a" lunch afterwards at I the States Cafe. Missionary Meeting- Postponed— - - , f°^° er 5 the mlddle regtoent Algona, twirler, was hlt.for seven safe- battcrs ' **» and five leaders In the regiment. He Is the was hit by a pitched ball and Scanlan tost rowan to hold this commission In slngled^_Marty went/to third and then the past five or six years. home when the Corwith pitcher over- There will be no Foreign Mission- A class of 403 potential admirals was threw second. Corwith made two runs ary meeting at the home of Mrs. W. graduated this year and out of this In the fifth and one run In the ninth A. Foster Thursday because of the I class Mell stood 77th In scholarship. A poor crowd attended the game as it accident In which Donald HUIse, son I E" 1 ? year the superintendent of the was not advertsied extensively and was of the Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse-, was a jf° e 5 1 y J^tes six letters of commend- scheduled only a few days before The »««« *>«• fin« *»<» *-« n «A -..._fc_»_j»__ _ ... * i . * _ ._ <* «•«•-«-*»» AM*, Killed AIpha-Delphlans Sleet— The Alpha-Delphian atlph for the six most oustandlng grad- box score Is as follows-' uates and Mell was one of thise who t received one. AB BH E In , at WetIcS MeU took a large part, gonham, Ib ...... .......... 4 00 1 The AlDha-DelDhian snrfPtv triir I T , e pa, , ...... .......... Julia Bourne is . on Magazine Staff. three years on the lacrosse team. This I Hm > ** • • • • 3 year Mell won the academy golf cham- Scanlan, 3b 4 plonshlp. He was a member of the Butler, c 3 Algona high school class of 1925 and Pearson, If 3 captained the football team which won | Y 1118011 ' rf 3 [ the state championship In 1925. Men has been assigned to the U. B. Monday evenlngthe B. P. c,s as i'whrtr» .thfto.iif 11 Mo ~ I marshmallows. &£&&WR-&l'BS&y °!the .......w.,, ^.c^uj,: ,1TUC10 i6Uqy$.naye an mpoHnrr nf *Ko „ .'apaAmentr Mr^afirfjMfei-rashb^'rcVr^S 6 ™ yea / tened hbma'the'fli^.Wtnl^elTrtS^,;;^? ^ te ^Marearet'^as-wadimfifi frr,iT^*»;. *° *" e home or the -ilMn^fe?lfi;Wlft^*-^S>^J t Mr^ M and;Mrs.;r,,Wll State Park. the the fire As this was new officers were were then taken .and hostess . P.,..Walker, was most pleasant- games and' conversation: . daughter of Mr. h«f SrtS I** J> B ^?? e ° f Lone Bocfc 'l snlp k" in toe western fleet. He must Unaccepted a position on the staff I spend approximately two years to toe before he will be permitted to 0 0 0 0 o Watts ....i o Totals 29 1 CORWITH .. AB R H E Cayou, p .3 M. E. Picnic Here Tuesday, June 17. The Algona^tethodlst district picnic will be held at the fab- ground's In Algona, Tuesday, June 17. The picnic is a sequel to one in which representatives from the sixty churches- In the district participated two years ago. The demand for another picnic of the same kind inspired the Men's Brotherhood to sponsor the picnic for this year. There will be band and chorus music, and music by a men's chorus as well as by the Cotton Blossom Singers from Plney Woods School to Mis» souri. Outstanding speakers of the state have been Invited to appear on the program. Another feature of the day will be a parade similar to the one which was such a success two years ago. There will be an exhibit of work done by the various departments of the hurches. A number of competitive ;ames have been planned for a con- «st. of the "Successful Farming" maga- „-, _ . society lira. Fred Geigel on The itesponse, Bible verses on lp"; talk, "Pentecost, It's ...i __. , '•" Mrs - O. B. Murtagh; solo, jMiss Helen Coleman; talk, "Philippine Islands, Modern Filipino Youth," also any current events from these islands, Mrs. Leota Geigel. Royal Neighbors Party— . ^e Royal Neighbors will hold a party Thursday night after lodge Each .memfcer 2s enttttted to Invite three guests. Lodge will open at eight o'clock Some of the members of the ,club ara fhe'sum- L ._ .. !,-,-,- - club 1 of , Union/ township met with Elsie Dugan'May 28 and ' program was given: / Memorial-.da5r reading by Ida Winkle- •petjding; .'.'The Blue and the Gray," by L,ulu Dugan;,spng and dance by Helen' Bejjrends;,* A.tray'iunch was served by tro hostess.- The next meeting will be held at the home of Mary Sarchett, June 13. The present meeting was scheduled ahead of time as the usual club day fell on Decoration Day. Entertained for Friend- Miss Meredith Lathrop entertained a few friends of Miss Philomena Quinn at a dinner party Sunday. Philomena was graduated from the nurses' training school i! at-lowa City in June and is home for^a'short visit before returning to Iowa 1 -City to finish up her course. • ii ' Legion Auxiliary — The Kossuth county American Legion Auxiliary will hold its quarterly meeting in the Methodist church at sham Thew» mm C B ,, ""^ " lce «"H m me jvieinoaisc cnurcn at snaip. There will be a small charge. Hurt two o'clock Tuesday, June 17th. vertise Now Jbr Business Upper Des JMoines-Republican ztoe, _ Miss Bourne Is" a graduate of the Algona. high school with the class of 1925 and of Iowa -State College with the class of 1930. She majored to home economics. The following article was taken from the "Successful Farming": Born and Beared on- an ,Iowa., farm, a, pupil of-a rural school, and'famous for 4-H'club activities Just like many of our younger Successful Farming friends,'are some, of v the characteristics of Julia Bourne. Because yulia was; a very v Interested -,._". \WB flSad, her«.> -iT-^j,-. —-—«theTiegtaning, She started: by being president of her local 4-H club, then it seemed that being .president became a habit-with her,"slnce she headed her county and state ',4-H« club organization-with that Utje^at .Intervals during her club career. Then a final hOnor'came when she was chosen president of the 4-H club on her college campus, along with many other honors which came to her during her senior year. "Last year Julia was sent with another representative from Iowa to the 4-H leadership training school at the Interstate Exposition at Springfield Massachusetts. These were not merely honors generously bestowed upon Julia but true recognitions of merit which came as a result of her eagerness to learn and be part of all worthwhile activities. "Another interesting experience which would have thrilled every girl was her opportunity to live in Rome for several months. This came through a to do so. Mell's many Algona friends are glad of the honors he has won an< wish him success as a naval officer. At the, JTospital. 4 Parents at the Kossuth hospital this weekjaret Mrs. lone. Bacon of, Burt, Wednesday; O. Llndeman of 'Humboldt. ' These pa> nente «re recovered and have .returned to their homes. Mrs. Anton-,Didricksen ,and baby are also at home now having left the hospital v Saturday. Other patients are Mrs. Ernest Raney of Humboldt, who was admitted Friday as a medical patient; Herman Dau who is also a medical patient;John Goetz of Wesley underwent a minor operation Wednesday. Howard Blanchard of Lone Rock was operated on Monday for appendicitis. Carl Spongberg had his tonsils removed Tuesday. _ Dennis Goeders and Donald Reeves had then- tonsils removed Tuesday Mrs. Ben Schrauth and baby of Wesley were able to go to their home at Wesley Friday. Mrs. Schrauth had a Caesarian operation performed two weeks ago and made a rapid recovery Dr. Cretzmeyer was the surgeon. ,, . of Agriculture there the year after Julia was a sophomore at Iowa State College. We are eager for you to know Julia, since she is the new member of the Successful Fanning staff and will assist to the Junior Department'" Lakota Were Hart, If .4 Francis, rf .3 Balrd, 3b 5 Thro, ss 5 Hauk, ,2b 4 McClurg Ib ' ..5 Shipman, cf 3 McCuskey, p 3" Ryan, rf ; i Totals 37 lam Broderson 'Pied Tuesday. Sam Broderson, a well • known and highly respected farmer and old settler of Union township died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Otto Laabs, to Union townshto yesterday. Mr. Broderson. had been in falling health for several years but was able to ac- 01 company Mr. Laabs to Algona last Saturday. His death came quietly and peacefully as he slept. He was born in Germany and was to his eighty- fourth year. Two daughters, MSrs. Otto Laabs and Mrs. Roy Haag, live here. Several sons also survive, one Mr. aftrf Mrs. JSorB 1 FrBcli started housekeeping Monday fit apartments in the house of Mrs. Pafgffira on North Jones Street. Richard Vaughan arrived fiotne frdni Columbia College to Dtibuque last week and is now etttpldyed in the Kohlhaas hardware store. He will go back to Columbia iiext fall. F, J. Meehan of Inver ardve. Minnesota, and Suzanne Meehan of Rock island, Illinois, spent Tuesday night and Wednesday visiting their aunt, Mrs. Susan G. Barry and other relatives, Father t. J. Davern left Sunday for the anual retreat of the priests of thte district at Sioux City. He expects to "be gone. Tile nearest priest to Algona is the one at the hospital to Fort Dodge, Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Burrows came* Monday/ for a visit of a week at the home of Mrs. Burrows' Jjarents, Mr, and Mrs. C. 0. Wright. Rev. Burrows has a charge at Oakland which he fills while attending the seminary at. Omaha, . Mrs Robert Woelffer of Watertown, Wisconsin, came Saturday for a visit with her stster-in*law, Mrs. J. O. Kresensky. She is a sister of the late Mr Kresensky. Mrs, Kresensky has not been to the best of health the past few months. Mrs. Hans Sbrensen'came home on Sunday from Eagle Grove where she had, spent a few days visiting Mrs Christensen. , Mrs. N. O. Rice took Mrs. Sorensen and Mrs. William Hagerhorst to Eagle Grove last. week. Mrs Hagerhorst had been visiting the Rices. J. E. Qutoh and daughter, Mary, of Oelwein and Mrsi. WSUtam« ^Mo- Sweeney of Cedar Rapids visited on Monday with their cousin, Mrs. A. c. Mrs. willey also Tehtertalned some friends;, " and Jklrsj Henry 3 11 Were Wedded in Little Brown Church. • Lone Rock, June 10, Special: ,,Wed- Sdward Blanchard and Lucille New-" >rough Tyere united In marriage by Rev, Kent. They were attended by ;heir parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Jlanchard and Mr.- and Mrs. A. D. fewbrough. This popular young coupe are well known ha this community. Mrs.-Blanchard Is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough and was graduated from the Lone Rock ilgh school this spring. Mr, Blanchard s the oldest son of: Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard. He Is also a graduate of the Lone Rock high school, being graduated in 1926 and since then has >een farming with his father. After the wedding ceremony the bride and groom took a wedding trip to Clear -,ake, Cedar Falls, and Humboldt, re- urnincr to the M. E. Blanchard home where they will make their home. Their many friends here wish them much uccess and happiness. Fenton Farmer Builds New Home. Fenton, June 10. Special: A new ten room house is being erected by Kd Weisbrod on his half section farm two and one half miles southeast of Fenton. The structure will be 30x32 with a large cemented outside coal bin to the north. They are connected with the high line and will have built-in refrigeration, electric stove and all modern appliance.s The walls are all being built with the wool packing, and many other new features are being used. No expense is being spared to make it modern in every detail. Martin Hantleman and his crew have the contract and expect to have it ready for occupancy before cold weather. The old house was moved back and the present one is being built on 'the old site. Four years ago their barn burned to the ground and Mr. Weisbrod had "^ h£ md badly burned while in combat with the fire. Later he got the same nand in the cornhusker and it was necessary to amputate all but the thumb and forefinger. He has not allowed the handicap to interfere with his work to any extent. Immediately after the barn burned a new 34x72 otructure was built to take its place, Compile Data on Non-Resident Cases. Mrs. Elinor Button, county welfare worker, attended a meeting of a committee of which she is chairman, at Estherville last Thursday. The committee's purpose was to compile data on statistics received on non-resident problems. The data is to be used for a report to be given before the county officers' meeting which is to be held *" > "~ " ~ The ques- . . . —- manner in which non-resident cases have been handled in counties all over the state The non-resident who asks for help from the county, involves many problems. Many times he is returned to his original county for aid, but the travel expenses are quite an item, and the situation presents many complications. Married June 4th. Lakota, June 10. Special: On Wednesday afternoon June 4, at four o'clock occurred the wedding of two popular and well-known young people of Lakota, Miss Edna Estle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Estle and Raymond Winters, son of Mr. and Mrs Charles Winters. ' To the strains of Lohengrin's Wedding March played by Mrs. O. H. Frerking the young couple and their attendants, Miss Gertrude Wortman and Russell Winters took their places to the living room of the Presbyterian manse where the pastor, the Rev. O. H Frerking, spoke the sacred words 'which united the young people in the holy bonds of matrimony. During the ceremony, Mrs. Frerking played "O Promise Me' and "I Love You Truly". Only the Immediate relatives witnessed the ceremony Miss Estle is a very sweet and capable young woman, held to high regard by all who know her and will be a splendid helpmate for her equally esteemed husband. Their many friends wish them every good thing in their married life, happiness, wealth and rrlendltoes. They will go to housekeeping on the Charles Winters farm They left on Friday for Pomeroy to spend a week at the O. H. Frerking cottage at Twin Lakes. Local Jeweler Shows Largest Strap Watch. The largest strap watch in the world, now being shown in the window of Fred W. Wehler & Company, is a most unusual display. It is a replica, many times enlarged, of the Illinois "Beau Brummel", strap watch. The statue of Liberty would flnd it quite a comfortable fit—and an accurate timekeeper also, for one of the feature* about this 'large wfetch is that it keeps accurate time. It is driven by an electric clock movement, whose tiny motor regularly winds the spring to a constant tension. The Illinois escapement provides the accurate timekeeping mechanism which gives the big "Beau Brummel" the preclson of the chonometer. Besides being a very unique window display this large Illinois watch model Is an example of the perfection to which modern watchmaking has attained. . of them residing In Canada and an- diana other in Montana. The date of the' funeral has not been set as the rela- Miller" and two 'daughters of-Madison, South Dakota, 'Monday. : ; V. B. Trlpp and his brother-in-law, Clarence Kelly, left for: then- home in Beloit, Thursday after visitinK-JV J Hertig. Mr, Kelly and Mr. Herfig worked together thirty-two years ago and it was the first tune they had been together since that time. Mr. Tripp also visited other Algona friends. Oliver ; Beckwlth, came yesterday for a month's visit with, '.his 'daughter, Mrs. Jess Willey. . He .spent the winter In Park Rapids, Minnesota, 'with another daughter, Mrs. Bertha Ketman. Mr. Beckwith is a veteran of the Civil War and will celebrate his ninetieth birthday in August. Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Dillion of Val- praiso, Indiana, will return to their home Thursday. Mrs. Dillon is a sister of Mrs. W. E. Kaiii and they have been visiting here for the past two weeks. Bill and Jack Kain, sons of the W. E. Kains, will accompany them and will spend a few weeks In In- tives are awaiting, word from the sons The funeral will be held /at ,the Ger- man'Lutheran church and burial made in Lotts Creek.' Little Betty Burtls, who last week Council Members . ., _ on a tour Friday of some-of the towns around Algona- which' have done resurface paving in the last few years. ?. L. Leffert, R. G. Richardson, Thps. Kain, and <3has.f Taylor made the trip, md visited «at Rockwell City, Fort 3odge, Webster City and other points At Webster City-the resurface work ms been to for some time, and has iroved satisfactory. The men made .he tour to help them determine what must be done with the paving in Algona. Something will have to be done with State street paving to the near uture, particularly at the east end. tome of the side-streets are also show- ng much wear, and should be repaired >efore the sub-surface begins to go to pieces. ™"« in Des Moines~June tionalres deal with the Kitten Ball Results for the Past Week. The results of the kitten ball games for the past week are as follows: Standard Oil beat Hill Supply 9 to 7 Neville pitched for the Oils and Kohlwes and Smith for Hill. K. O. Bank defeated the Legion 8 to 3. Godfredson pitched for the Bank, Samp and Cowan for the Legion. Standard Oil won from the Legion 12 to 3, Neville pitched for the winners and Samp and Cowan for the losers. The Oils played a team from Irvington Sunday tvnd won by a score of 7 to 5. The best game of the season so far was the game between the Standard Oil team ancf the HU1 Supply. The Hills led until the last two innings when the Oils went on a hitting spree All the way through the game both teams were hitting the ball all over the lot but good fielding kept down the «« re f T ^ pl , aying of the Hm broth - ?.- " •»"-*«» >« ers for the losers was sensational. Somebody who was the Their batting and fielding did much to all probability wante4 to «« „ keep their team to the running. 'did not want to vWttMtop. Fenton 4-H Club Girls Win Prizes. iFenton, June 1\. • Special;, About thirty from here attended the 4-H club rally at the Ambrose Call State Park at Algona Wednesday. The Fenton Forwards won second place in the music memory contest. No member received one hundred percent perfect. Eight received ninety-nine per cent, five of whom were Fenton members. Numbers were drawn for the prizes, the first, a box of stationery, engraved with the 4-H club emblem, went to Marlyf Jensen; second prize, a piece of sheel music, entitled "Dreaming" was drawji by Vivian Glaus, both being Fenton members. The picnic dinner was served in the shelter house and the program was also given inside on account of the uncertain weather, Earl Vincent's Car Stolen and Found, Earl Vincent's Ford coupe was stolen Thursday night from its parking place east of the Haggard & Palkenhainer insurance office, The car was found the next day to the ditch near Sexton. It was not damaged to any extent. ladio Interference Now an Offense. The local council has passed an ordinance providing a $100,.toe and a thirty day Jail sentence for persons who knowingly operate electrical equipment which Interferes with radio reception Nearly all towns now have such an ordinance. This one was .modeled after the one recently passed in Mason City. Dr. Bonnstetter Locates at Wesley. Dr. Frank Bonnstetter, son of Mr Martin Bonnstetter of this has located at Wesley where he will open a veterinary office, Dr. Bonnstetter has been in the employ of the was critically ill with pneumonia, is now on the road to recovery^ The little nine year old girl is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Burtls, and Is the pet of the North Thorihgton street neighborhood, and there Is much re-' Jolctog at her recovery from the dangerous sickness., < ,ot. (4M*wvu 3 yji<jr,,spent ounaay au rae*A. J. Hertig,home here. " Mrs, Clossorv Is a daughter of the Hertigs. E. O. Hertig of Buffalo Center 'also spent Sunday here. He will go to Iowa Sunday to bring back his wife and baby who are there .visiting. . Miss Dorothy Whitney will leave on Sunday to company with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. w, L. Whitney, for Minneapolis, where she will attend summer school at the University of Minnesota of which she Is a graduate, Dorothy taught last year as Jasper, Minnesota. Next year she will teach at Lakefleld, Minnesota, which is near Jackson. Dorothy came home about two weeks ago from Jasper. Mrs. Don Allen of Davenport visited .n Algona the first of the week with her mother, Mrs. J. c. Kresensky and other relatives. She left Tuesday for Traer where she was to spend a day or two with her husband's parents. She is expected to Alsona some time Thursday. Mrs. Allen, who was before her marriage Miss Mildred-Kresensky, is personal director of the Peters & Van Maur store at Davenport, r To Kossuth County Voters. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I express my thanks to the voters of Kossuth county for the splendid vote I received in the primary election. I will do my utmost to fill the office of coroner with credit Very respectfully, p; M. Merritt, ' Last chance Saturday, June 14th, to buy Champion X spark plugs at 39c. Gallon outing jug, 79o. 8-lnch pipe wrench 49c. Kapok official Diamond ball 79c.--Ganible stores. Bl Will Lead for Summer Wear A statement you '11 not question when you see these new beauties-graceful in outline, SSctivf e »?F to wear, ^ya pair on and you'H notS able to bear not purchasing them, They're T almost $5 to $6.50 Christemen Bros. Cp,

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