The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1930
Page 3
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jtegtf .Peg Moittea.lteimblioatt. June ii, 1930 ^item Ouinn and A. A. Droessler •»pu;nSS&|j&^.ft&fr,SE a night gowft from tii**ttMr»i Neigh* P^^ Larson, '. «Pe j ^*£*«L%»I« ft^Jflger of the * J " *-" —" - the wedding of his Nem. SWEA CITY NEWS. 9*»MCe09»S»:imi83eC8S»»S^^ Mft. fid. Droessler and son, J Mrs. August Peterson and mother and nephew, Wilfred left Sun- were Estherville visitors on Tuesday where they f ion ol Mr. Huso ^ complicated by pneumonia. L G 5 tl *f an *>n te expected home Wed* home"was"fii'a"stHftn i ?£%*** ? om vtoc&g& wMere he took located where the First National mA °* fa * wwl * to tn « roftrkeW. fbJT?!? IE.*** ^ j l& ahd ^ «* ****** •* «T*rocBjai School Exercise-* I family attended the Lutheran church St. Joseph's parochial school held M!T1CC8 a * Sefleea Sunday afternoon. Lotto Creek Won Two B. B* Game*. Lotts Creek, June 10. Special: The Lotts Creek base ball club won a double day night flower fund. . Held the second eiach month. so- he has been attending] father, J. J. Nurre, drove i - ^ «.- , , n and toade the trt P [and back In one day. i !i nd i ¥?*• ? enry ^PP 6 cn ter£* <!.!£ table !.. of . flve hundred Sun- Thompson who has been bv r\r\*^4Vt IH *i.hfe».1_ ___ ,._„ „. I » BAHCftOPT NEWS. Mrs. ffl^the past monthTs-slo-wry'r^^V-'j number of' Glen Crosley of Ames Is vislthg rela-, — and friends at swea city this . "•»»»»»• The deceased more survived and relatives. . ... . . - - » School picnic i., - ' —-* *.».o, TTUVIU nun will be held on Friday, June 13, at In- the former's slter, Mrs. Mary rTMoore *„,!=.,„„ *,„„,. I ^4 to Arnold . s Pftrk ffl * n'pY™™ Sl 6 ^! 6 !.""?", 0 " wa * rea °hed about *** ." Ed " h - Mrs - Lawier for a here Wednesday. Miss Mabel Howe visited with relatives at Swea City Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. with relatives at day. Schllte Whittemore Sun- the former's and latter's Guide who died sui Dickinson, North Dakota. Crowded Out Last Week) „ „ paVtaB - I though lunch-wouiFhave „ Mesdames T. F. Johnson and August "J if 16 aut <>s. However the „.„.„, Cl ^ terson are at Algona in attendance or Brown Ice Cream Stand offered th*» the farm bureau picnic today. use of his room and equipment free Fred Vlnton of Dallas, Texas, and - h . a -^ on . d > th . e - pa ? ty was soon son, Cecil Of Waterloo were week end guests at the L. A. Haglund home. Vaux of Mt. Ver- the flower, American Beauty; a mott "Truth Conquers." There were sixteen pupils who ^' for penmanship. On Wedding Tripi cnd Bl Kunz °° 1?e8e •*. with his mother fte at tends Col- Mrs. Ammon M. Lease and Burreil Ieft for tTrbana, Iowa, last Friday to briefly on Wednesday of last SSL?" "I vls f fc w » h Datives ne"r Oarman, who Is em- .the Dr. Cretzmeyer home In , . They had been, married the AlRona visited Sunday with her parents, , before at the Little Brown church and Mrs . Richard GarmanT ployed at the Ford plant at Detroit. L Mlss Anna Wes ter has returned home Where they will make their home. They £ rom Ames after having completed her have^ left for their wedding trip to 5T st ,- year at the Iowa State College in Woodburn, Washington, to-visit his - the h 9 me economics department. a!f en . 'i ' Mlss Genevieve Cosgrove who is a Attended Wedding— registered nurse at Mason City, came Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murphy at- Wednesday for a week ' s vacation with tended a wedding Tuesday of his cou- 15ff.P arents ' Mr - a , nd Mra - William Cos- Miss Reglna Berens left Sunday for | Spent Sunday here with his family." „ a „ .^^s^&srsn^l^^^^^S „ °: S-Underkofler left Wednesday fo ' Springfield, Illinois, for a visit wit pleftsure to Needless to some I ' «—v w* ISAAO wu- i trrnvo Margaret Sin- grove< m^re^ 6 TfS 1 " 1 ' 8 church at ou - Superintendent and Mrs. E. R. Swan- IllOPO C.J1T.V A Trifort «««..«__ *_*i. i «__ «_ . _ • • v * "^"«*** 5S5SS!!", ga , th , ered - ^^ le «" tome"- I the sale of "books, diately for Minneapolis on a wedding trip and upon their return will be located either in Albert Le a or Cedar Rapids, where he will have headquar- *— •• agent for the Frigidaire Corn- ,, • „ , i Herma n Ostercamp was the re- of a cheol£ lrom the Woman's magazine publishers last week, ***" A Pleasant Meeting— The home of Mrs Wm Mrs. H. J. Braley Alson, Carmen Ethel drove to Emmons, Mmne- friends. • Mr and Mrs. Roy Richardson anc. family of Algona were Bancroft visitors Sunday. Richard Underkofler began work on Monday morning with A. H. Foth. the plumber. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lynch are the proud parents of a baby boy born on Wednesday. John Boyer of New Richland Minnesota, spent Sunday with his father Andrew Boyer. Mr, and Mrs Louis Pape of New Vienna are visiting at the Frank Fangman home this week. Joe" Welp, Frank Recker and Andrew Berens left.Monday for northern Minnesota, on a few days' fishing trip. Ed. Droessler John Menke, Wm Vaske and .son, Clarence, attended a befet growers' meeting at Britt Wednes- Ambrose Welp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter welp of Humboldt is visiting at the home of Mrs. J. H. Welp this week* The Misses Margaret Hansen and Kutn Looft returned from Ames where they were attending school the past year. • and Mrs. Alphouse Fangman and "i of Algona spent Sunday at the Fangman and " „„„...> it. - ' ot Wesley will spend the summer at the A. H Funhs home. Mr. and Mrs;.Nick Gaul and children of Alton spent the week end with relatives here. months. summer mu money with an establishment of this 2W«; *n th e Purchase of merchan- < " 8C - Following lunch and between showers the party made their way from one Place of amusement to another visiting the roller skating rink? the Dodge-ms", the roller colter and the Tun House," with Its tricky devices Lutheran Is in progress at the Baptist and Methodist a good enrollment In all Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Smith drove to was that . . . Dr. and Mrs. Peters of Burt and ? orth .!: leld on Monday, to get their daughter, Mary Le^ were Bancroft da ,V ghter ' Esth er, who Is a Carleton *rln44-A«« Tn_l-I_. __ «—•«•« i ri«ll*m.*. r>fi«<4nvt i. Visitors Friday. college student. Miss Doris McCoy returned from Des M rs. Anna Larson, girls' club leader Molnes Wednesday where she has been of the Swea 4-H girls and Gladys Bera attending rnllpiro nf tho .Qmoo i_Ti «i..u __j »», * ^ ° attending college. — •• —- - —— »" *« ««A*V« v^ *n\iyo jaci it of the Swea 4-H club and Misses Dor- r. . home by ten o'clock or be- wh '? h j? *?20,000.00. hits off the five pitchers used toy Fett- ton. The score was Lotts Oreett IS and Fenton 4. The batteries were, fdif Lotts Creek Mlttag, Earing and Kres- sln; for Fenton, Alderson, HtUskamp, Leudtke, Hendrickson and Wander, pitchers and Munch, catcher. After this game Lotts Creek played- St. Joe on the same diamond in a seven inning game resulting In a victory for Lotts Creek by the score of B to 7. The bat- terles for this game were Lotts Creek, Earing, Mlttag and Marlow. Kruecker pitched for St. Joe. Lotts Creek will Fenton next Sunday at the Lotts picnic at Lotts Creek, Notice. To whom It may concern: You are hereby notified that at two-thirty o'clock p. m., on the 26th day of June 1930, at the office of the Secretary of the board of directors of the Independent School District of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, there will be conducted a hearing on the proposed plans and specifications, and proposed form of contract, which have heretofore been adopted by the school district of Algona, Iowa, for the erection and completion of a junior and senior high school building, the estimated cost of r, .- , . - Certainly a lot of thrills were packed within the compass of fourteen hours of time. Wo don't want to seem to brag about our own but It Is a credit to this group of young peole tha young people that we *. with thcm on nn out- that they have not excited favor- comment among proprietors of P, la . ces .and others because of their good behavior. able Mrs. Eugdne Erickson and daughter, ? 1 J hy , Chrls tensen and Alice Nagel of Margaret, left Saturday for Mason City * he Harrison 4-H club left Monday for if, for a few days' visit with relatives Ames - where the y wln attend a week's 8 Mrs. Walter Welp and children of SeSS '° n ° f 4 " H olub work K^ B1 J, e »£ Su ? dav at the M. A. Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Eckholm spent Saunders and Mrs. J. H. Welp homes, the week end at Grlnnell where they The Misses Walburga Rahe and Es- attended the graduation exercises of ther Hutchlnson left Tuesday for Speh- thelr son ' Wendell. They were accom- cer where they will attend summer P anle d home by Wendell and Madelyn, «Vt/«O I M»ll« f trill «v*M»._I Xl_~l_ it __ T * ohool. . who will spend their vacation at Swea Miss Ethel McFadden of Algona visit- y§ d with Bancroft friends Saturday. She The Swea City Boy Scouts of Troon was a former teacher in the public No. 33 were in attendance at the round- ch °° 1 here - «P at Fort Dodge on Friday night. Ray Mr. and Mrs. John Wllmus and fam- Sperbeek" H. Myhr, R. A. Braventlar R y of St. Paul, spent last week at the A - Haglund, G. B. Pearson, G. Knelson' iome of the former's mother, Mrs An- and Scoutmaster Rev. Geo Selmans ,_ ,„„__.._ i were also Jn attendance> • on Mr. and Mrs. Anton Thale and aughter, Mary, of Bellevue, left Monday's visit at the ™ , Victor f a aytonWhalen, JohnGerhart Monday with her father, w. D. Kearns O f Burt for Chicago to spend wnoHv-H «- ,-F eoU BaUey - I*Boy two w ? ek8 vkittaK with her sister and Boetteher, Gerald Brace, Erwln Schwie- olao with friends In Milwaukee, tert and Harold Gould. They were all '.h^rf f iSr °f « h iJT ortnlgbt1 ^ clu ^<* WlUCll JVxTSt «*o***•*»*» ^•—•i—i!'—i-. • 'Mrs. Henry, 'present. -' •Teians Visit Here— ,. T . Wingert and M. Johnson and son, Herbert of of Spencer spent Sunday afternoon at the local telephone exchange. Dr., and Mrs. Karl. Hoffman were !? ^i* 0 "? Wednesday because of the deattuof the,latter's toother, Mrs. «<», jHarJg., ., ^ - ,*k ^ LAKOTA NEWS. , . Mission, Texas, arrived Thursday for a A Broup of members plan to attend the with relatives and friends. The county meeting at Burt next Tuesday Amercan LeglnAuxUarytied at West rooms in the Kleinpeter building. Wingert before going to Dub'uque and .Wisconsin for a visit. They.expei be gone from home three weeks •Johnson and Herbert will .visit' «« daughters, Mrs. Silas Skow and Mrs daughters, Mrs. Silas Skow and Mrs. Joe Bentele. Hold Family Dinner- Tu "*« r afternoon at ch urch. She had died ather ome ln Mr, and Mrs. Anderson of South ££>&?• ^ ltto ? a * ^ M. A. Saun; Russell Winter visited relatives over night at Mason City last Thursday. Mrs. Fred Park of 'Algona 5 was a caller Friday at the Frank Miller home. -M*- and Mrs. Guy Beemer and'son, Bobby spent the week end with'iela- . at Albert Lea. "• ^ noon. She was seven years old The guests enjoyed an afternoon of outdoor games and a six o'clock dinner was served by her mother, Mrs. Buell Pearson. H. K. Hutchison has completed decorating the Interior or the M. E. LEDYABD NEWS. Joe Jenks of Bancroft was a business caller here Tuesday. Ed. Halverson was transacting business at Algona Tuesday. Earl Vincent of Algona was a business caller here Wednesday. W. A Dutton of Algona was transacting business here Monday. Rev. Johnson of Lakota was calling on friends here Friday afternoon. Eli Boudrye of Granada was calling at the D. A. Carpenter home here on Priaay. At said hearing any Interested person may appear and file objections to the proposed plans, specifications or contract form, or cost of such improvement. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this llth day of June, 1030. T. P. HARRINGTON President, Board of Education. MARY E. MITCHELL. Secretary, Board of Education. f CHI the Scores M. E, Brotherhood on Thursday night A banquet will be served at the church Over a hundred-delegates are expected to attend, , •*- j ^££C^?«S!?,. Iaf t.^Way for Los and ^ mother of Mrs - George Oster- Mr. and Mrs. Eli Goodnow of Algona spent from Friday until Sunday With then- daughter Mrs. Herman Ostercamp. Their son, Emory expects to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf and Mr. spend his summer vacation with the ana Mrs. Gerald Brace and son of Ostercamps. Raymond Wolfe and N. J. .Merrill returned Wednesday from St. Cloud Minnesota, where they attended to business matters. Mr and Mrs. Ben Hellman and children of New Richland, Minnesota, spent Atldre w Hellman and a garden spread over a three-quarters ouumivanc> of an acre of land and takes much pride Mrs - Jose Ph T. Meuerer and infant In his beautiful lawn and roses which daughter, Cheryl Ann, returned home --- "" ------- ' ....... at this time are in full bloom. Visit Grandparents— • Clarence and Marie Rltehmier of from the Algona hospital last Saturday. Mfss Lorraine Arndorfer of St Benedict .is assitlngg with house work -" this time. Mrs. Bertha Looft and daughter, p^ an aughter. an STuder. They drove to Fort Dodge Mar £ a .r efc , made numerous trips to Ma- Friday to get their sister, Edna ^who son . olt y last week to consult Dr. Beem' rn s Scholtes homes, Mrs. Peter Gaul of California spent the past week at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Bemhard and with other relatives and friends. ard u " de , rkofl er and Raymond returned from Omaha Saturday where they have been attending Crelghton College the past nine months. Mrs Eugene Erickson and daughter Margaret, returned from Mason City on Saturday ;. wherf they spent the past week visiting, relatives and friends Miss Isabel Kadow of Sebeka. Minnesota^ left Monday for her home after a week's visit at the homes of her Qles, Ed., A. A. and Mike Droessler Miss Julia M. Liesveldt 'was at Mason City Thursday where she attended the commencement. Rev. A. Howe and daughter of Buffalo Center, were here Sunday calllne on Rev. V. O. Johnson. A large crowd attended the Children's Day exercises at the Presbyterian church last Sunday morning. Virgil Lewis, who has been at Iowa City for some time, attending college arrived home for a few weeks' visit. Mrs. F. W. Baum and Mrs. A F Boese entertained the Lutheran Aid at the church parlors last Wednesday Tabe Loats is visiting at the homes of his sister, the Mesdames Michael Winter and Earl Goodnow at Mason City this week, Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer Jr, John Meyer, Sr., and J. A. Meyer returned home Thursday from a few days' visit aj; Waterloo. Mlss Henrietta Klelst went to Garner Friday evening to spend a week or M t» ~^~ar —l. - is a delegate to the national! convention of the Federated clubs, which Is being held at Denver, Colorado; and,- she expects to spend two days at the convention GOOD HOPE NEWS. .. had been there for treatments. „.. ta making some progress, but, the tub for the drainage of the abcessed lun has not been removed. Dr, Guy And erson former Wesley boy, now of Ack ley, Is her home physician. Attended Wedding— The Joseph Hauptmann and John Richter familes attended the wedding . of Mlss Gertrude Klesel, daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klesel, to Verner Young at the St. Boniface Church, at Garner Tuesday morning, John Richter Jr., and Miss Vera Young, cousins of the bridegroom, were their attendants. After the wedding cermony a sumptuous wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents to a host of guests. Visits Mother- Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Monson and family of Garner and Edward Monson of Buffalo Center were here,Friday evening to wish their mother a happy birthday. Edward brought a huge cake, beautifully decorated in pink and white with the Inscription of "Mother" on the top. Oscar and his family moved to Garner from Marshalltown on Memorial Day and is working in the oil business there, Goes to Rochester— Dr, and Mrs Kenneth Ferguson drove up from their home in Ames Saturday | night to stay until Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Jacob John* son. On Sunday morning they drove to Rochester where •P I er in regard to an imbedded wisdom tooth from which Margaret had been suffering for some time. Mr. and Mrs, Marlon Staplin of Brit visited at the Carl Hanson home las week, Mrs. Staplin will be remembered as the nurse who cared for Mrs, Han- un- ;wo at the home of her niece, Mrs » «, ' | Henry Schmitt. Miss Beulah Bell arrived Bernice Dodds and Settle Turner are just recovering from a ten day siege of the measles. Mr. and Mrs. William Treptow were dinner guests at the William Turner home on last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Madson and family of LuVerne visited at the home of Mr. Madson's brother Carl Madson, on Sunday. A. Carpenter's brother, who has seen In California spent Friday visiting n Ledyard. . Miss Mary Adams of Algona was vls- tlng her siter, Mrs. C. O..Engelby her ast Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Anderson spen he ; week end here visiting Mr. Anjier, Mr. and Mrs.,Otto Lange' and fam »/ w,? 1 ?? 01 * spenfc Sunday at th Max Nitz home, . Several frbm~h>re attended the fun Ber ias.f - . Henry 'Lpgemani-a here last P lum ber, has con- week Thursday from Zearing and is trn i u' .' , n- rng an s tracted a job with A. J. Berens to i n - working in the post office while Mrs stall a new hot water furnace and • ' oil , son and her daughter, "Lottie, during their illness two years ago, Mrs. Raymond Hanson and two children returned home Sunday from Burlington where she had gone two weeks ago to attend the funeral of an aunt, Mrs. Anderson. She visited her mother, Mrs. Mary Dahlene, most of the time. Nathan Studer daughter, Emma, and son, Ben G., drove to Mason City on Tuesday to further consult Dr O'Brien n regard to Mr. Studer's eyes. He discovered an ulcer on the affected eye n !S? *l? s been covered by a compress all the time. Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Bergeson and Shirley Ann of Hobart spent Sunday at the Ernest Hutchison home. In the f ternoon they drove to the farm northwest of Britt where Otto Nelson is mployed and visited for several hours with the Nelsons. The fifteen year old son of Mr. and is taking a vacation. u..» H t j.i —-. •••"*•• **+***t*vo cum im --.—.~~ •« vun.«*iJ5 » vttutiuun. b ri D ±l e " ^^ reSWenCe - •**«-."* Wesley Warburton of the wprfr ^ f ^1 °£ Waverl y spent Topeka, Kansas, arrived here last week ent* Mr •! * £ i * h ? me of hls P ar - K OI \?: vm at the home of the former's ^' w an , d Mrs> Matt Nemmers. He brother, J. H. Warbudton east of town Mai * *"* ** *** Place ' L A ^'^ "^e Wolf Song'• was put on Martin Krapp and Lawrence Kock- *>? A. E. Ogren last week for the bene- ™ •""""- 1 load of cattle to ?* °? the M. E. Aid and was well at- They cleared about seventy moved to town I.. Mrs - Marquis of Ledyard was a vis nm, «r ,- ,^ purchased the Bar- J tor at the A. Q. smith home Saturday ney Wessel residence and will now make the commencement exercises. Her ^vA^] 16 ,!: 6 - Herson ' Ber n a r d will R!! ce . »"»?» Liesveldt was one o M f . Chlcago Saturday. Mr. Krapp and . Matt Boyer accompanied the shipment, dollars. P ^ S< ?' w- Mitche11 - w ' f e of the former Good Hope pastor, was a guest of Rev. and Mrs, Wood on Friday afternoon and evening. The John Reid family went to Fort with the oldest son, Harvey, who ' ^ ployed in one of the movie there. tives and friends here Sunday. Mr. and MTS..R. j. Campbell and. children of Seneca were cajlfeg it trte Ed. Campbell 1 home here FrWay'af- ternoon. D. A, Carpenter, L, J. Worden, Hay Marquis and Clifford Jenks attended £ T^day? 3 ^ ^ at Falmont The Dave L. Curtis Vaudeville Company Is showing here. They showed three nights last week and will show three night this week. The M. E. Ladies' Aid met last Thursday with Mrs. Peter Jorgensen. A small crowd was present owing to the bad weather and muddy roads. and Mrs. George Dunn and are visiting his parents in Murray Underkofler of Britt is running the garage during his ab- Boudrye & Carpenter sponsored a £ e ,f ™ v /° at l he 5? h001 house Mon- Company r fllms were Internatlon al Harvester stay rathe f the graduates. . itrs. Robert Ward escaped with a few ninor scratches Sunday morning when e lost control of his ear near the Ju- us Hanson fsirm. He was coming to nvra to get hjs grandmother Mrs. Price, when the Accident occurred, The Cotton Blossom Singers TJM, - and M ^ s ' A. H. Foth and sons, Th , e A - Q- Smith family attended a Robert and Thomas, Mrs. Peter Becker "j unl °n of the Smith family at Webster ""» son, Larence, spent Sunday at Clt y Sunday. Mr. Smith and daughter r -ne Charles Foth home at Ashton The Lorraine, accompanied relatives hnmp ra men are brothers. to Winterset for a visit. Miss Harriett Thies, who has beenL Mr \ and Mrs - Irvto Wortman re»fn f £ Ch001 , at Perry *h e P ast year t " rned home last Thursday from Oin- eturned home last week where she will ftanatl Ohio, where they had been at- ^r*" 0 " wlth her Parents, fading a meeting of the genera, as- I sembly ^ 8 o ten Mr. and Mrs. H, Thies. Marjorie Sherman and Cellna.Ray returned Thuijsday from SW PauL ,, iMr - and Mrs. Charles Eggerth and where they were attending St. Oath; " ttle *?"• Edward, left the latter part erines academy. Mlss Ray's home Is °J U $ week for Des Moines, where rooval pf a goiter. BJs motfcer at Ajnes j guson's stay at the hospital. flM Operation— f Johp, Goetz wets taken to the Kos- S mw hoipit»j last wednssday wftfre • ,^JHl*Brweot m Pperation for a. sey I V8A &b|@ to Mt( WB 'mflrt'fli--'-"'-* . in San Juan, Porto Rica. Mr. , Mrs - Eggerth will enter a hospital The taken there fo<r an spending several weeks with his cousins, Jimmie, Don, and Merrill, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Don Moore. Mr. and Mrs, W. J. Bourne drove to Ames on Saturday of last week to participate in the graduation exercises at Io .wa State College for the class of which their daughter, Julia is a member. They returned home Tuesday. Twenty-five members of the Young I People's Sunday School class of Good Hope, accompanied by Rev. and Mrs , Allen Wood and the former's sister Mrs. Israel Moore went to Arnold's Park for a picnic on Wednesday of last Munnrfo T r,~ a wonderful time. Mallnda La Cour and Laura Black of )n!fti . lnes P en t Sunday here visit- Ingtheir mother, Mrs. Wm. La Cour which are now selling at the MOM- low-price lerel, one alone—the now Dexter Speedcx— stands out ubove all the others because of its thoroughly substantial construction, fa aililtlloa to mor-ilte and cner-quallty part* tlirou.lKHU, the Doxter Spradcx , V» mo * 1 complete Mt of •Impla "loke-up«" ever offered on a WMhor to fake up normal wear u the yean paw. piUKorKeoiuKW Delta Bp*.. ''.'•Prices^ and Terms j'j ' '" Price Without Sacrifice $99.50 0. W. Erickson Hardware L. J. Nelson, Mgr. Phone 274. Algona, Iowa. Mrs. Don Moore accompanied Mrs. I Annls and Mlss Beth Annls to Iowa City on last Thursday where she ex- jecte to undergo a clinical examination for diagnosis of an illness from which she has suffered for many months. Aa^ ro «c°.^f»c| aa ™ okee where they visited with their L The Methodist Ladies' Aid mem-i daughter, Mrs. George Hess, and with bers w* their familes enjoyed a picnic' bers Other relatives and friends supper last Wednesday evening it was . lends hope that she may d U f IS' « nd ,~ M f *' H ?F y . Alson of Fox- . to be held at the F. G Torine home but on account of the rain was held at the Woodman hall. Gutknecht drove to Mason 0ity Friday and remained until 11:59 m - l » ome after • ^w days- at the home of the former's sister, Mrs, Eugene Erjcfcson. * Mary D 0yle dwr from Prairie d.n where she ta tart wwi: Rw. .to afteate »t Children's Day is to be observed at "" Hope on next Sunday and a fine 7 prepared. Some num- Oresco Sunday School . . a fine program on last I Sunday will be presented at the Good Hope program. We will be happy to welcome all who are interested Mrs. O. B. Mitchell and son, Arthur Of Armstrong and Miss Harriet Schram Of Titonka have been guests at the James Knoll home for the past ten ffiEL.3*» !«**•!!§ ^turned home oS J them Arthur morning COACH EXCURSION ONLY S8.OO ?^ J Spend Sunday, June 15, in CHICAGO over the greatest'Park and[BoulevardI 1™^™?^ b " S r ', de Splendid attractions at the theatres d ^"^ '" the world ' Children Half Fare „ „ No Baggage Checked BASEBALL-White Sox vs. Boston Chicago & North Western Ry.

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