The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1930
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H »*j.o» *,»**i, ^ ^T-.J^-rt.jf^-^^^ -Twelve I»agc8 ttPpfift DEM MtttJffeS, 4 Jth tfeAK HEWBLttJAN. sSth , WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11,1930 VOL. 27-^0.51 A. H. S. THIRD IN Between Forty and Fifty Thousand Students Competed Over the State, FERNLEY NOLTE WON FIRST AT IOWA CITY, University Professors Compliment Overmyer on the High School's Educational Standards and Records. A'^ew weeks ago the district aca- aemic contest examinations for high school students were held in the*iocal high school. These papers were sent to ' 'ST^,^ 1 * wasipund that Algona ranked third in the state. Ames high school won first and Mt. Vernon sec- 2 nd ',. There wer e between forty and fi7- ty thousand students who took part in the contests, with such schools as West and East Waterloo, Cedar Rapids Farm Bureau Tour to Ames July 7th. Every year there'is a farm bureau rour to the state college at Ames. A day is set aside, for evet-y county that is to be In the tour. The day set .aside for this year for the Kossuth county tour is July 7,. Froni Seventy to ninety counties are generally represented in these tours, The tours give the farmers a chance to get flrst hand Information of Just what is being done at the Various experiment stations and experimental plots at the college. Arrangements have >een made so that the Kossuth county armers can drive down to Ames on Sunday, July 6, and spend the day looking around the campus, Rooms In the • dormitories will be reserved , for them. . . On June 24 the Algona cow test association will hold its anual tour. Three or four oustanding dairy farms in the county will be visited. A picnic will oe held at noon and some well known speaker will be on hand to give an; Interesting talk to the members. The program is being planned; by,- Claude Wessel and the officers of the association, : ACCIDENT Wizard Balloon Buster THRILLING ACTS TO COME JULY FOURTHl Prince Nelson to Perform Most Thrilling Act Ever Seen on Fair Grounds. i * TROOP TO PRESENT HAZARDOUS STUNTS. Fire Works, Ball Games, Dance and Other Attractions Feature Pro 7 gram for Celebration Here. Verne Roberts, ^ff^ff^^'JK ^> <" • «* FERNLEY NOLTE, Iowa City, and other_'large schools Ijw? 8 an .o»tstanding feature for" the -4th of ( July v celebration, the ~~ Lloyd Bohannons Lose Baby Boy. Friends of Mr. and Mrs.- Lloyd Bohannon .were sorry to learri of the death of their infant son, Lloyd, Jr., who lived but a few hours after birth Monday in one of the hospitals at Ames, The /body was brought, to Algona for ourlal in the Bohannon family lot in :Blvervlew. This was the first child, and the first grandchild for Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bohannon. Lloyd, who was a student at Iowa State College, was graduated Monday with a B. S. degree'in. economic science. He has a.position with the General Elec^°™3 5 i n ?L ma * e ® fllenetad y. 'New FATE PULLS FAST ONE ON BRIDEGROOM' On Way to be Married, He Receives Injuries When Car Turns Turtle. SILVERWARE WAS SCATTERED ON RdAD. t** ***6" owiuui ut?rp uncfiw IB * QUftH}] , best r in the'.state "along "eduoat lines, and that they- -''-•-• • , - catlonal department of the' University of Iowa, has said that he has a very high regard for the standards of the' Algona high school and that the'stud- ents coming from here are among the best in the university. The students' Who' went "down to Iowa City last-week to take part in the relatives/and<friends,fa the south where she jlived before her marriage. .,.V.Ai CO. F. B. PICNIC A LARGE SUCCESS Sam Thompson, Natl. P. B. President and Dr. Weiner Gave Talks. . ST. JOE DEFEATED BY LEDYARD 11 TO 4. Barbecue, Races and Old Time Dance Created Much interest and Everyone Had a Good Time. The farm bureau picnic held yesterday at the fair grounds, was, according to nearly -every one who attended, a great success. Approximately three thousand people attended and all enjoyed a good time watching the races and ball game and hearing some very instructive talks by Sam Thompson, national form bureau president, and Dr. Weiner, a nationally known chemist. Dr. Weiner spoke in the morning and told of the many farmers who'were being fleeced by high pressure salesmen selling fake live stock remedies. He said there were hundrds of these fakes on the market in addition to the many helpful remedies. Dr. Weiner told of how the various states were now developing a state service, with Kansas as the leader, to test all the remedies "and send out reports to the farmers on which remedies to buy. He said that many of the fake remedies were very harmful to the stock and that most of, them were made up of 90 per cent water and the rest chemicals that do not haVe any bearing on the disease It is ; ; used for. Dr. Welne'r's talk was most instructive and created a great deal of interest among the listeners. in the afternoon Sam Thompson spoke on the various problems of the farmers of today, He said that they must stick together and to get better organized II? they expect , to 'keep getting the legislation and protection theynleserve. v The farm bureau is Mrs. Joseph Harig Died on June 4th. Friends of Mrs, Jacob Harig were grieved to hear of her death Wednesday, J^une 4. She had been ailing for a long time and had been gradually sinking with pneumonia for four weeks before her death. Mrs. Hnrlg was well known in Algona and she will be greatly missed by her friends and the children who bestowed such tender care on her during her Illness. Elizabeth Oermann was born in Germany September 21, 18S4, and died at her home in Algona, June 4, at the age of 70 years. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hermann. In 1870 she was united in marriage to Jacob Harig in Germany. In 1883 the young couple came to the United States and settled near St. Benedict where they lived until 1913, when they moved to Algona. Mr, Harig died last December. The following children are left to mourn: Otto of Hollnnclnlc, Minnesota, August, of St. Benedict, Mrs. Charles Stuff- lick of St. Benedict, Mrs. Anna Llck- teig of Cresco, Mrs. Karl Hoffman of Bancroft, Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas, Mrs. C. J. Scanlan and Joseph all of Algona. One brother, August, of Wesley, also survives. The Harig family Is one of the well known and respected families of the county and the children will be given the sympathy of many friends in the loss of their good mother. Funeral services were held Saturday in St. Cecelia's Catholic church in Ali Kona at 9:30, Father T, J. Davern officiating. Burial was in the Catholic cemetery at St. Benedict, Out of town relatives and friends who attended the 'funeral were Mr. Donald Hulse, 16 Year Old Son of M. E. Minister Dies in Collision. CARS LOOK FRONT WHEELS IN ACCIDENT. Dorothy Scllstrom Had Hand Smashed. Occupants of Meyers Car Thrown Through the Windshield. A tragic accident that was a shock to the entire community 'took: place Inst night about ten o'clock, s Donald Hulse, the fifteen year old son of Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hiilse Of::the local Methodist church, was killed and a numbers of others were more or less hurt in a car collision five or six miles south of Sexton, Epworth League Rally. There was an Epworth League rally at LuVerne 'and B, number-of Algona young people were In-attendance. Donald had Just given hjs« address in the Bible story contest! and had Won -first place and the right to be a Contestant at the district meeting at Kanawha next Friday. 'The meeting-was about half over and Donald. Harrjette: Smith, Dorothy Bellstrom and Bernell Meyers decided to raturri to J Algona 'in the Meyers car. In the meantime Lyle Runchey, son of Wm. Runchey, had token one load to LuVerne and had returned to Algona for • another. In his car, which was a Dodge sedan were Lyle Runchey, Elby Brown of LuVerne, Julia Dearcha and Emma Spongberg. The Runchey car was go- Ned Rooney, Prlmghar, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Scanlan of Rock Valley, and Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Herbst of Hartley. START ON NEW Wheels Locked, ^i In some way, no one la sure as- the cause, the front wt ' cars locked together. <$ which was a model if"" ~—wwj ****>«, VJ>A*«V v**i«jr \4\j v-AiMvj AlaVQ-'tuU take a back seat for any one* as' far i w r ••— m~^~ as education is concerned \ • • -"'"Kara Falls. „.„ » OT v,u, u , WU j, « ttu Dean Packer, who is head of the edu- suar ante e t^jg to bo the. most thrilling .Lt * ^ . . i * .. • . ™»» Aaatnii*a Atm»* nl%».——., __-' •* • . feature ever shown ori - any grounds. In addition to this wonder feat, another Is offered almost in the same class, the Marriott Troupe, who, from a high.steel tower operate on a working model of an airplane and perform aerial stnuts both hazardous and thrlll- '— This act ' - finals of the state exams were: seniors, I *' Th j s aot te entirely, new and is Harry Bishop, Josephine Murtagh, and l5°. m ?° „ °* three lady Performers and Burnell Meyers; Juniors,'Everyal Ad- ALGONA DEFEATED BUFFALO CENTER oaded considerable silver n out slx m »es east town at a reasonable rate of I ' There will also be plenty of other en- Both Teams ams, and Norma Greiner; sophomores, t 2 h f re ^ also be P lent y of other en- Craig Smith, Ardene Devine and Phyl- *ftalnment, including a magnificent Us Parsons; freshmen, Johanna Fiene. d T pla Z]f* '^ e works ' bal1 Barnes, dance, Fernlev Nolte ana wni-ma T?an<»r -n,,,.-. I elc - T «e association was very fortun- Tight Ball Until Eighth Inning. whirled around Ing on pants ^ npt injured.wj bruiset and " '" problems are arising which the farmer must learn to cope' with. Indt- •vidual efforts with,the;vftrious problems of the farm 4 wovM'be foolhardy, yet the men lag on becoming organized. Mr. Thompson said that the progress of agriculture In the future would depend on the way the farmers work to .become organized, and that they cannot get .ahead without organiza- also Fernley Nolte and Norma Raney. Bur-i t , .. ,--• --•; •--* .»«" — nell Meyers, Craig Smith, Ardene De- ^Tu od ng able to se oure the Mc- vine and Phyllis Parsons were con- * , on , shows ' furnishing the enter-l testants there last year also Two nun- F 1 "" on the mid-way, and have i dred and fifty-two high schools took ^ S«2ASj£ %Tgg ALGrONA MADE SEVEN Only the flrst and second places were aamuonal f™ 1 ^ for parking space, a j 1 announced at Iowa City and Fernley J5^ TTJ i?^ n l? sual can be acoom -, Nol'te won first in the General Science jaodated.and it Is hoped that this will class. This was a great honor for him f :? e lar Best celebration In'the history and for the high school. He received ? f the association, ^past records having a gold medal for his efforts. XJniver- surp?assed everything in the state. , sity High, of Iowa City, was allowed to • compete but were called honorary con- FlJr.lri'« «>,-«, testants as they did not enter the state- ' ""^MlSOn wide examinations. Their entrants won a number of firsts but Fernley was high in his class, the Ipwa City contestant taking second. When Dean Kirby of the educational •Ceding apparatus and the car landed tion — -. 0 »«.««.Air- or less di bruisi5 h nnH UI?8 t tI l an S 08 more , H S. also talked on the distribution from the wrXrt™ ,!, 5* the glass of the crops - The unnecessary curb ith tered and WM b JU I? W6re Shat " dlstrlbutlon m ^ be eliminated The ' I ? ili .on to the broken being Gymnasium and Auditorium Two Stories High. Fifteen Class Rooms Beside Special Depts. ~~ s'ao;, i -- «»- -»"»*». •"«: uuiieuesssry euro i A hearing on the proposed nlans were shat- of distribution must be eliminated. The I specifications and the form of con-' ,he Alcrnnn i Droducer should hnvo tho o a ,, as to tne j tract which have so far been adopted that the b v the school district for the Junlor- In its purpose to (senior high school to be erected In Alon a permanent eona during the coming year, will be to give the farm- neld at the Harrington t injured were, tail farm home wh medical aid was gona. Drs. Wai ponded but D fifteen ll s „ m , SeC ° n<1 *"""> ta Mr, sproule) and , League .» *. «, . .«_ tesraBtssa9S4r« =s,frH£S oniT ht g ° na a «er Jnterei st among the people attending 000. Of this amount $185,000 was vot- m a e lcnIc A on ° Titonka on Sunday. West in Home County. him and the It ;s to of the fact that Algona was always a vote of 202 to 5 high In educational work and that 5 for Lund. Two thirds President Jessup of the university had cincts In Kossuth county gave also remarked that the local school son 2,1129, Hammill 151 Lund was one of the top notchers educa- is a tionally. Mr. Overmyer Is one of the ~ best known educators In the state and and i they will recall on their picnic A large hole was dug "in I ed in the "bond" issue" ora'Tew^montha ground and the beef put in this on ago. There was on hand a scnool £ it. w° naS ^ an l 0C °I ere J * lth ... a te^.^15? ° f « 18 ' 000 a " d $22,000 in . before tftey never regained conscio'usness. Father Arrives Too Late. '- ^ e "¥ calle<l rfrom Lu,. but was too Jate to see hin son bef or e he p a88 V «way° M ed £l atptBe . n " on was giyen fp the ones that d Jt ,^ n i tney ^ere brought to with the exception of Dorothy M f the Heiter rest years on Three Contracts. for the new school by all who are posted on the work of keeping a school up to standard. Algona should be congratulated on having Mr, Overmyer and Miss Coate working with the pupils. • The students drove to Iowa City Sunday and returned Wednesday. The boys stayed at the Quadrangle and the girls at Currier Hall dormitory. They all reported a wonderful tjtoie 'and were greatly impressed with the university,:. \ Has Finger Shot When Pistol Explodes. N Chas. Post, who is employed at the j Johnson hardware had an unfortunate accident Friday evening while cleaning a pistol. He had put in a new spring which was too tight, with the result .that the gun went' off, firing the shot thj-oug the Index finger of his , Jeft hand. The bone was not injur- - - — «j yours i -• " number or local butchers on TJlrce Contracts. (and two the first scratches and others assisted with the carving. c were inscribed About six eiris mnrip nr> tvi«» ,.0,,^ I be on the . - „. ..-., Algona n^delb^h?^^ SWtft t on I SS^S wSS^nd P fl^S ^\^^^K^j]? scores of the game with two pany. The younfe Mdv f Phon 5 Com- there was a ball game between Led- There will be alternative bids from "on, Harriette is a dauS ?f 4 ta T -.. two errors by Buffalo Center, understood to bf a U« q iS?, taon was ^ rd , and B i Joe which was won by the contractors bidding on the general Smith and Dorothy is a da 1B hf» Neal pitchers, worked hard and each steering apparatus of ^ M "l s< The S?- former by the score of " to 4 - ? 1 ac ?i^ or the wre cklng of the Cen- E - B. Sellstrom It j ^i uSdSJSSK ^ ed wonderful sunnm-f-. nn^Mo tht., I f.n f, rt .,Mt: p __ at H 8 °* tne car had giv- The game was close until the last inn- tral building. Bids will also he re both cars carriPd HnwiiV i rst ° Qd th been in g when the Ledyard bats began to p eived from wrecking companies on Julia Dearchs is a riin B f^ Ura ? c J function and they overcame St. Joe's tearing down the building. ry Dearchs and Emm» R« °u Hon " i e , ad , and won * h ? &™. In addition to WJW °'* °" the , destruction of Central a daughter O t. AlbWpongK g " all kinds of w 1 Piobably start about the first of L The sympathy of everyone foes m ,t xuut, i-uues ior ooys, gins and men £"'£, The Plan is-to have the new to the bereaved famiiu nifrf t ?u a !?l w ?^]-, a _? le , eatln e con ^, ™<* bulldine c ^P'eted by May 1, mi. ones who were concent nftheVd" DickT "»r^ wTnder^TuVortVtsrde this' « fflSTOS.^? K n ai I ^±^J5f±£! t ±?.'5S t fi I supposed * «-d v . lously but back, Golf Tournament at Ft. Dodge June 23. , ..... ---------eleven cars of Algona fans counted at Buffalo Center Sunday who followed follows: " was as The annual North Central Iowa golf B onham h ^ B tournament is to be held on the Fort w^tS. ,'K "'' • ' l5 ° ° ° Dodge Country Club June 23 to V Watts - 2b • • -• 4 0 l o «u Dodge Country Club June 23 to 25 . Sft *** 2b "•• ............... 4 The course will be open for practice ot u M ..... ', ............... 5 on Sunday, June 22, and the vWtln| SSSffi 81 ^ " ......... " >5 players will be the guests of the Fort at ' ' ' ' ............. 4 ° Dodge golfers at a stag party at the '•T-F*» Ttp**"**' *•*« *«hf4«u n W **W ***J*4* ed, but the finger was badly torn. The Posts, have lived in Algona but a short time, Mr. Ppst expected to be back at work the middle of the week. Algona Lady in Missouri Hospital. Mrs. John Parr was taken to a hospital at Kirksville, . Missouri, last week, wijire she underwent an opera- won, .pr, p wight Andrews and Mr. Barr %pgompan^d her. Dr. Andrews returned fiJojidRy^nd stated that she ^could be expected in ajbg\it two weeks. I ' 3 ° ° } •* 0 Q 0 —v*- w -i— «» — WV**Q & »* vy av blip i nnfinn _ ' Country Club the following evening v£* ' ,' "• 4 ° The 18-hole qualifying round will be Xl" s °"' nr| 4 ° played Monday, June 23, and match •n?'*. 1 ?' • 4 ° Play I? epheduled for Tuesday and io «u0 38 2 "'" J """ J '--entry fee; Is $3 and) BTJFFALQ, CENTER AB R - •••• 3 0 >«:.« •«•-•• .....4 o l ° were *«Wit, : OHOM f_ ^ rr *"^T7^'l •* VVV*HV*<lf A A **>**.. 4 be represent^ Johnson, ss ..." ••••-••••» \a >-lrt»tfV* TA».A I v^ ««> "V_ •""••• .•*'***. >. i ( *X ed in this contest for the north Iowa P. Elman If i chamnlonshin. . ;,_:::„?"'{* •••• •* championship. ,, il Blue, Earth £ojfew to be Here Sunday, Algona golfers will take\m the Blue Earth team in a tournament at the local county Club next Sunday, Emmetsburg was supposed to come, but owing to some K, of 0, 4oinra that day' they will be unable to be present. On June 22, Algona goes to Clear Lake ' ' ' -T"-"I V" •*<**l><*. .«.«,,*( Knutson, ?b ....... 4 Gerdes, lb ..;.... ,"" 4 Larson, of 4 0 T_. Hanson, o '."'A ' here to Glenwood daughter. Plans Practically Completed. plans are Practical- make their went from visit another McGee Was Found race, three,-legged race, nail driving contest, hog calling contest, tug of i war, Shetland pony race, a horse race ,„ and a mule race. I * y After supper there was an old time dance In the Floral Hall that was en-I „.. v- jr.. — "* */TO mumes, -me joyed by a large crowd. Every one Ji Du "dmg is to cover about three i..n»*. 4-— J.1 1-- 1 _. . -" .. I LimPK PS mitrtV* r.» n «_ i* I dent. Bom in B iM d ^£ ul «. was b ° r " May 15, . went to their homes convinced that it was one of the most successful pic- .« ,,«« w**v wi i/iic ui,/D(, auuuesaiui pic- ',4-1, j,7—. ° *»»u GfuiiiiAaium and nics ever held and all are waiting for « aud «°"Uin are located on the flrst the one next year. , *™ and are two stories high. Class Iowa Looks Good ly complete at the present time. They lots fn i??? ? ulse was born M °y 15, were drawn by Proudfool Rawson ' J \ Hol8tei n. Iowa. He was the nl Uer K ^, Tnomas of Oes Moines Ti« Csf^h 11 ^ ,° f Eev " and Mrs - O. V new building is to cover about three £ ! T ^ Hulse famU y m °v«d to Al- times as much space as the present lesfdpf th f ''° m Kin 8sley, Iowa, building. The gymnasium and brorh^ p P a 1 nts ' Donuld ' eaves °"» Itorlum are located on the A™? I b i°!, h . e /',*»"»' «»» '» in the government in Washington, D. C ; Vashti •" -en teaching, but who is s summer at home ancJ a student at Morningside but who is also at home this . ss rooms surround the two departments on both the first and second ' fl<»r are about fifteen class rooms ll l£ 8 P, eofal departments which i £*' nmnuai training department Mrs. Lonese Staley, who has been Physics and chemistry laboratories' making her home in Chicago for the tvvo libl- ary rooms, the commercial de-' ?ast few years, and who has been P artm °nt and others. There will also spending a few wteeks visiting her I a pri mni '" <in"o»»-—^ ,.. ,, daughter, Mrs, Hazel Olson, at Forest b " u ding. ., to have her Upper Des tfoines-Republican changed back to Chicago, as she is returning '" <., that to Web|ter pity. J left party ?e never m week Ws jKSS&aS^ T«SS m week his whereabouts weie a myK ,a<W » is not yet known whether he WM ,000 struck by a car or slugged as LhS ,000 m%bt have paused W%Sl5r£ ' * Staley says further: "I have enjoyed my visit here so much, as it was the flrst visit since seven years ago Old Iowa looks so good I hate to leav'e.Vand I must have the paper so I can keep i on p track of the folks' doings." ' L° t ^ y Cotton Blossoms to Sing at Baptist The Cotton Blossom singers, stuc!- ents from the PIney Woods, School sing h, , . sng , Mw Baptist church next Tuesday evefi. Jng. June 17th at eight o'clock Ad- accepted. to free, An * • ---f, r*w *J«-4Vl Otl . ... 1:30 at the Methodist here. Rev. W. H. Lease will , mov , mini s t P ™ US ™ teC L by , 1 nilmber of other department in the newffiSSS afIchaK " the " IIW Auditorium to Seat 900. cla^smaTes oT'o'onaW "' Tll'ef 8 ^ «£?„ ^ ditQrium WU1 see t appimi- Clifford Worster, Chester wildin, Mei— nons _ I( . WJJ1 be ar(;J Irill Parsons. Erwln Malucg Fw-nlev The gyni is well light- R wiohey and Emery Qrossnbaoli -'- J The build- ° uf ' of town relatives who are expect> that the f? , to Attend the funeral are: Mr and T .„,... are only n/ s ; °- E - Everett, Clairmoiit, Iowa- leaving the second V ro ^. es ^ r ,°- °., Moville, iowa : joi'jvindows in the gym. i ."• Hu 'se, Oes Moines; Mrs. Clara «. assembly room. ** * e B° to press whether the broth" the letting of the f'- Bft . ul - w "l be able to attend the rv representatives runeral or not. ,.. „.» bricks to con-1 — -, . L walls which may be in- AlflWiB H/ratVUa+r. the board of directors inborn '* W w 0na «l»«fetS i- selection of brick. The Date * -W j to be of brick and stone Barlev 3 1 fireproof. Basic floors are HOM 40 frith steel 1 g I be with maple. I Roosters * ** i,JfV-

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