The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 10
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SOClBtY and Clubs Mr. and Mrs. Mervla Calvef Stell Mrs - wen* the de « ree fee of America d Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Haas of rlngton, IHlnois, w»re <ruestft « and Mrs. Orant OaSsrTS I ' aWley spent * eek ln st - to two Weeks' Abble Qust of Mobile, Alabama ' *>)=„ t *«» *.• — * »*<.. « " lli uiugnters or . Cedaf swi*^5? B *5 lett ? ae * i ^'*» « Bany te dtotrtrt dep " ty - aattaf *—* £Ha."Bwrst _ since Friday at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Sehultz. Kathertoe Van Ness Is home fferson for a visit with her par' — Bflu Airs, E. J V&ti NGSS ^athertae taught at Jefferson the past D. f. f). Williams F. D Williams, president 6f the __„_ *"— and Miss Jessie MorHson, 10 - C. *. Ogren Tttesday ^I^V^V^W^^Wvvwv^vA^ /*III *ri • -.'-i. •'•**' Call Theatre Brother Died. spent . Irma is ,., Company store. at home clothing «w» ciothlng store. Dallas lister SUmmer ln his fath er's and Miss Martha A a week *j»~% ]£•&?£&£*£ 3fSUC?jS%j?fsS*3 c£°S-?Cr"»«'I aa& TSSB tfxxsut^:, sag?-' * ™" - - f - Uncle ' telbert came home Sunday ' ntf and Chicago where he ' ig after Sunday Thursday morning for Kirks- Missouri, with a patient. They to stay until Sunday. The par- of Mrs. *--' • Chas. Post is the new clerk at the Johnson Hardware and Variety store He and Mrs. Post and son came to of Chicago, were married On Saturday L^ _ ftfteraoon at five o'clock in the Thorn- T. P, dyke-Hilton chapel at Chicago ttnl- versity. Miss Emma Morrison of Chicago and William Morrison of Milwau- ™« b £° th i? *? d i sla & °t the bride - L T ' £-fcarrtogtoh received word ' were the attendants. Mrs. Hex Van Al- day of last week ffiat MmfhS i*t,« I stlne of Ollmore City, another sister of Norfolk, Nebraska!" - -' Johfl ' of the bride, a brother, Clarence, of that day. He was B Chicago and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Nug- years of age, and Si,,?' °h lca ffo were among guests Mr. death was diabetes Williams' sister, Mrs. R. E. Coverdale of ductor for the Maquoketa, was also a guest, follow- I for many years «» is i? f? ,.£ he o5 emony a reception was held daughters and a son at the Stevens' Hotel. Sunday after* number of years a*, tt/*<>iM «A-«. _. u _s <• * *»>••, "j— " I f- t •-"»»•» v* JCttleS tuff Hams flew by I T, They are ona &M£S£lK^tet!M» about *«« te caul had noon Mr. and Mrs. two weeks are »,, now living In the Frank Green tenant house. Tony and Mrs. r , Mrs> family and Mr and Theodore Algona i: Williams was emplo Manor Bank In marriage. Mr. bulldlritt ^fd Cars Have . Ooeders drove to Emmetsburg Sunday where they were guests at the home or Tonys parents, Mr and Mrs. Nick of Is fmrv, AI £ona hospital recov- r.)H<rJ,,T an operation for appendicitis which was performed Thursday * *? by £ lri was born May 30 to Mr TYflVt! XTn*4vH«. u **„_ . * ..*""' **•"* Ooeders. and Mrs. and Mr. Chas. Mendon and and Mrs. Williams home later In the summer. Engagement Announced— n^*f * , dinner glVe " to Santa ««"-«*, California, last week the engagement £1 a ^ roach ,) ng ""TtaW of* Mtes a , o r and Mrs. Norman Crawford at the Al- The baby Is the third ' . gona hospital. fordf Child for the u ner wth his Mrs. Thos flnlshed his school Spend the r< and TT«.*i J * * —-.« *.'*.i.u, TFlilJUIllO Hynds and family of Mason City were guests Memorial Day at the BE erof SBhome ' Chas> Hynds ls a broth- Anna Nelson, daughter of Mrs Alma Nelson, left Wednesday to Join an om- ^ b " S ..l°£ eBe l wh ! ch will spend most of Urlng> Anna last employed at North until recently was on The house was occupied by Mr. and a speaker of Mr. Linnan's £ ^,?™ d l on ° f .^lo Center vis-' , Tlerney, Algona. parents of a son born ThiH^f n ar ? f Wo "JOMT",""* t"f" wceK - BC lne nome of Anna tQ,,iu«."V"u """""" °""" ner scn ooi i.HS 7il £»?&£;»^» ?u? ^ 0 a"^™ !Sr ™»'»s"» K " elt child. ' te is their first | °"™ "* 6 _" =^uoi graauates. this year. /™ r . Io wa Palls where they Wallace to Aubrey Bonham announced. They are to be mar- riea August 2 to Mtaneapolls. Miss Wallace and her parents are to take a trip up the coast and across Canada and will meet Mr. Bonham to Minneapolis for the wedding. After the wedding the couple will go to Bemidji, Minnesota, for a two weeks' honeymoon before they return to Aleona whpi-n thm» will make their home y Miss Wallace attended school In Santa Clara and has been teaching school since graduating. Mr. Bonham is a graduate of the State Teachers' Col- i.i 1 ? 118 ,* 1111 has been coach high school for the past two oi rrom afteenTo seventy-flve dollars. Formal Opening of Elbert Garage Saturday. years. dies will be given purchase of one will be special £ pa * tf'ancy c an . fl New^News-Second showing any. ,? Ff D " JtjNE 10-11 sophisticated modern comedy. with afh^nvf ey arrived-Thursday from from Friday u ;•?.*. ^untawsrtww. I ». «« their fa J C of the Graham' link-Freeh Wedding Anhonnced- rJr riend ^ ofu Miss Lennice Ltok and ta^,™ F TS.T ere sur Pr'sed last week ™,i earn of their marriage which took SriS P ece "J ber 22 - to Minnesota, The bride is a daughter of D. A Link of City who operates a feed mm at Syr£?^aSi3S£ Joe Cosgrove to Sell Grading Outfit. I Joe Cosgrove, who has been road grading business for a years Is disposing- of his; recently sold his mules. At "'fo* a 1 " 68 * ° ast ' ^ ade by the ^an NewjralWngNewsand^ THE SCREEN'S SMARTEST COMEDY! was a graduate last week with the anTMr S19 T 3 \ D £ e * tte s °* °f Mr? and Mrs. J. A. Freeh. He was erad »*?•?. *L"*»* wghThoK • IOOK __j , — -"B«"<» jjigu scnooi in £%*£ ?f.,Lakota, was to Al- Ro*^™™™** * ** Mb. Gordon Dewel Mrs. Iowa friends Dally lowan, S. " ' year. He • ™ — "«" ^"*JV1UJCI sjogren grocery store — :t '^ —^-«~« *v v ^-' 4 ? ^fc^-;,.»^ r r - - --" Tierney-Holtzbaner Nuptials— ° f SSS^L^Fy- FoUow^Ttoe 6 papers there. Bloom Store to Have an Informal Opening, j ^SS£/S&£ ffiffifcl &^ e ^een.added CTaInewl Thr D Thursday Persons who and nine. The evening tte.b^a5b7/lfii^S e » ^Crty'jnd oieaF^ "~ r'« tO jyork anjj enis his school S^f^^"^ , 1 driv e to Grina u ter her daughter, Doris ™ •.saa'E'WEsrca •«*..<«.«. ss.'sra.taEg: 'SSra-liSfSS! n The event was a family reunion. Mrs. E. J. Rawson returned summer, ee. will b e em- * tl * Lon ^Bros' grocery this. i -» » i*:Ss«ilSi5»"«£ 1 "'""I"*! tot - i* i —«•—". S «^r^';, atAthe '^Dln^ . recovered, play mates. pneumonia, but has prac- »«ort rm« _ j. __. . . *^ The two Bettys are ™ from where she has been teaching the SS? n^ r f ° r , a J islfc *"* her Bother and other relatives before going Boulder, Colorado, where she wffl tend summer school. She has attended summer school at Boulder before to tea'ch. rres ' tne Holy Land. to She r, groups in nearby small towns and her talk Is always met with pleasure and hearty appwclBtlon. sh l ^"^ toterestlng experiences which she relates with humor and one gains a clear impression from her descriptions. Karel Horan, who has been here from Hollywood, California, for the past fe? Tnh < went to at Joseph, Missouri, Saturday to spend a few days with her husband who had ai nf h° tne f an °P eratlon ^r the removal of his tonsils the day before. Mr Barn on the old S. H. McNutt Farm Burns. Washf «[n6hed-by-a new Radiola^e 6 high wind and rain which accompanied tt^Sa? 9 PWty to break U P « arller .: : ! -'•••. ; ,.'."' ' l1 '..- 1 ' "ii • M. E. Ladles' Aid— '•>''•; Arthur Helberg to Run two Garages. ! SS1 in «wSSI awSuasasaS? 1 * SATUKDAY SPECMlTjUNB! 7~ Matinee at l p. m . and every two hours. Price I0c-30c to sSo Regular prices after 6:30 p. m. Buddy Rogers With his girl friend Jean Arthur WeUman's cloud climbing Like another "Wings.", BuddrR rh* o. f° ne Eagle aiid his mate. e airplane romance. Action to w«" '^ A dartng ' da shtag wa> n Was the, woman he loved ? Talking Comedy. fhK *« M S? NDAY ' W™ 8 ""91 i^f^fV-^* 1116 ?. on e P. m. and different, London with the garage to about a weVk « ten matches to the hay mow. when their hnf 5? ayto|t base bal1 Joseph of the Western League Bt this summer. He will be unable to tke par to the games for e games for several days. Green is clerking at tv,ru rng a the Johnson variety store. For the last blen atter » City where the Jatter was a shoe repair man. He Is now going on the road for a leather company, i ind they expect to re urn to Algona when they can find a house ' Mrs". !- they assistance. She at nelghbor « and the Alrrn nn *! ">-'B»*UUia UI1Q tug Algona fire company, but on account of the dry weather the barn wa SSEf W ? en the flre Department ^fd and could not be saved. Mr Hmp^S" «** hauling ^avel at toe £± ^5?_ ^"^d ?nd if he had was to ar ar- Thrrf E : fLadle8 ' Aid will meet on Thusrday afternoon, June Sth, at the church parlors at three o'clock. It fe the annual election, of officers and all members are urged to be present. In- Van Ness Car in • ' i '; • Bad Smash-up. stead of ed at the close . luncheon will be serv- v j u > of Attorney E. Van Ness had the misfortune of having a new Dodge sedan badly i T™ ff , ln v, an accl ^ nt J"' week. It seems that he was driving north on HJ Bhway No. 16 when a Ford touring c charge. , . Chalrman of the thrbustam meet-' niarrdrlven by Harold Speraw of"Liv^ Mrs. W. P. Hemp-1 ™°f e :J? amJe .-° nto , the roa d from thei to Birthday Party— •"* and 1 ^/^? Dau ' daughter of Mr. fmfr^f M3£** m Dau - celebrated her fourth birthday Wednesday .with a »'Sl h " «***: ThTguests were ^S^JS^^^^K ;.* iu Into the and crash„.,. , -- —Ness car. The Ford, which was of ancient vtotage, from aU reports fell completely apart. i Joy, Some- a night to I Loretta Youag /William Austin , , JUNE 12-18 Alice White JackMulHall Ford Sterling "THE SHOW GUBL IN HOLLYWOOD^' Also Talking News—New. ot .SPECIAL, JUNE 14 - at 1:30 and everv tmn hours. A great talking wesTera W ° Hoot Gibson . iTS 1 !?^r^^T Day ' ^ e on - ^^^^a^other'^^ ^daT & liff-JS J«l 2SS-.S.S2 SMi?ySM Reddy only, 2Bc box,' Good. • Phone 276 m 883-37 49-HfT burned but a hog^thsome young pigs', the d ^f ^T^J$$ — Ma^eT escaped, however, the calf was sugntiy injured. S. E McMahnn announcement which cc SS^HP a* the ^rm and^tem- 5KS^ ^L aI L th ^ .^nds is .l", 8 ! 11 ? 0 ""?™ 6 . 111 which comes nintpQ hiiHrii"" — »»•"• oiiu contem- Do«?hi» o g a new barn as soon as | possible. Some grain as a the wed- to Joseph Hy and mends. He is employed by "a bonding company in Hollywood and his trip east was In the intersts of company. He made the trip by Mrs. E. O, Hartman and children pick, Joyce and Bobbie, returned1 tho latter part of the week 'to the r homo at.JanesvllIe. WisconUn, after a few days' visit with old friends. Dick had to be back to join his class which j, graduating. He wished to be here and see his old class mates graciu ,te and ™ * DOC l° r Hartman had bus ness n Chicago, the family decided they ecu d accompany him as far as the city, come on to Algona, and join him in Chicago at the completion of his business t& %L'J^y». W L. Martin motored Friday morning brinc- • son, Clyde, of the ua,ua 5SO on as|Ha n r! B °wh^h en MoMah on vu Josepn ""'" <h '" ! "™ * ^ »„„,„,«, to A to ».- Dy -M? e ,: a " 5 ;, c .- 5eZvS e S'"" ngs »S""« ten E ""««'»«> w«a™.a. r - 5A K r^^sr!S!sSH= zstyslst ^.-^'-- -• -• - _. — — «••»»«**, KJUULJ.4 F •*, ey were euests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sherman ri,.^ r AH CheSter u Dutton ' thelr niece, Mildied Adams, who makes her home with them and Mr. and Mrs. John Dutton and baby, all of Omaha, visited Algona ^^^n^^J^d^^mDecorS at the Hutchins home. Mrs A H Former Algona Boy Was Graduated. I Ba P««t Ladies- Aid- Richard Lampright, oldest son. of Dav unfil «5,,v,j , "euorauon „,——•«*« ^amprignt, oldest rS™ • ? a s -»"-- ? ^Ts^^arsL^jifi ffiM ™«^a^»^^^."!i^^"s=^«*^JSff3^ s&^aasjpc-- =«ffjss-aras? are •"^•Jr-" oi i raT ^ e T ! , B ^ ptlsfc Ladies> Ald society will Sias&'JSse's.TSj Mrs T. R. Pickard, Mrs. Sills, , held at the Teachers' College"auditor? Tr^Ah £*"?»• their fc ,,^68 "?« Present class there H «»« M^'o^ry Society to Eagle tag home their Radio-Victor Corporation of America £f ^f dfin ' NeW Jersey ' he bein t' sent to Chicago on company business. Friday being a holiday Clyde spent Pridav evening with friends to Port Dodge and SatmWay afternoonj and night' with Theta Xi brothers at Iowa State College at Ames. Accompanied by his brother, Lloyd, they returned Sunday morning and Clyde returned to chi- oftgo Sunday night to return to Camden after bustoees was conjpleted The Martins called on the O. R. Hoit'fam- Uy at Eft|Je Owe. Mr. Holt, the , . . Graham store there, -, as aslant w? n- son M =; Toii« J »v..».iouii, uiejr „.„ nln , t — —, H^VOBUI, uiass mere I -»«~.u«i« l jr oocieiy— 5°.^^^^ ^ ** Pan to leave soon for Paris Califnr Rlf>h <""' T ----Hill. Whova *-V. rt in .. . .. ' ^WUIUI- nia, where they win be , ager here un^I.a ysar'e.go. city after a long - - funeral was held on Hat man y were ri o e id P t rentS ° f *"" ™^' Creek, where they were held to ^Lh now. fifty an invalid. about ^hJS La mpright is at present as He a f n ?^ anager of the 8tft te Theatre SBtrhpU f a pandson of Mrs. Nannie Setchell of Algona. Lewis R. Kresen?' a ^ ormer Algona boy is principal of this high school and during the prograni gave the presentation of thl class Ho is a son of Mrs. J. o. Kre- fensky and brother of Alfred " " by the Prices are lowered again on Tires and Batteries. 2Bx4.4Q G & j Endurance 60 Hand Society— The Helping Hand society of the H« r f by ffi a " church will meey t Thurs —!^Mllton Nortons Entertain— and Mrs Milton Norton enter- ri ^ elve , ftlends at » slx-tWrty dinner Thursday evening The tog was spent at ' V, B. C. The w. B. 0, will meet Tuesday 41 Wlllson, Algona. Wants, For, Sale, Etc, SALE—Medium size store refrigerator In good orders-White?![ Gro- GO WANTED-qeneral housework °re~ fer steady job. Hie month of brides is here and we have made " Kirch's Laundry. Phone 287. A GOOD Tip-one of our special vacation accident policies. Real twn- small cose. Phone We ore now showing the largest line of furniture Insurance Agency. Come in and look over this fine 4u. threshing machtoe-A B. tappe, new stock -Algona Ins. Agency, phpne 55. 80 Call club membere—you •tire joa, 0,1, w,.u»t " EXOHANGH! YOUB OLD FOB N?W AT Auto- Insurance--Algo "--- 55 • BO lusuronce Agency

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