The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 9
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Morris will remain to Mlh h« nMlier' ane 4, 1990 h man Hints this summer, lunch of pie, cake and J* voters at Central school on Monday. cent operation. to' Woden and a niece of *& te a , patlent In the , recovering from a re- ^ s £ h001 ' dlstrict No , met with their teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Scott, for a picnic at the Annti grovei on last Thursday. A lively and happy time Is reported. wy £*? ^ b ^ ght a 7 lved from Dea on last Wednesday evening and will spend, several weeks with her par- JSP' M ?' 1and M"- F erd Albright and Other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reid drove to Vin- eek where thelr daughter, B 8tudent m the illness. Miss Beth Annis is from Miles ~" here mud and rain at Leed?Souto IJa- ] l ave where ' she at Iowa. Miss Annla has w a ^ e r t°° rd ln her work *n the western city -where she has Ween an Instructor la English in the high school. UR CORNER NEWS. The Leslie Walker faintfy are now building a new corn crib. last week Tuesday after eral days at the Mart romo helping with the house work. The Larkin club met last week on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Lewis Lowman, Jr. rnie next meeting will be at the home of MW. Archie Walker. Mrs, Norvill Mitchell and daughter Dorothy, Irene and Hazel Mitchell tried their luck at fishing at the river near Algona last week Monday. Ten fish d Mrs> OIen and ----- jr:.~~~" "• "«"uc«i> ui me ocnooi for the Blind. She returned with them for the summer vacation. Mrs. Ed. Smith, who underwent an emergency operation for mastoid trouble on Sunday night of last week has been discharged from the hospital and is rapidly regaining her normal health. Monday night of last week between a hundred and one hundred and fifty chickens were killed at the Robert Bell farm in this neighborhood. Indications were that marauding dogs were responsible. A nasal operation was performed upon Sumner Parsons last week for the correction of mal-formed turbinals which Were obstructing the nasal passages. He had been able to keep at his Work most of the time. Leona McMahon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McMahon, is at Iowa amlly spent Decoration Day with Mrs. Jenklnson's mother, Mrs. J. F. Schoby. 1 Mrs. Stanley Haase of Mln- _ spent from Memorial Day Sunday at the home of Mrs. Ches- three Mrs> J - °- Resch cov > - - e sons, Leo, John and Eugene of Spirit Lake spent Memorial Day at the Louis Bode home. Mrs. Bode and Mrs. Resch (formerly Anna Dullea) are cousins. .Clty for several days' visit with relatives and friends. She made the Journey down with Attorney S. E. McMahon of'Algona, whose daughter, a student in the university, will return with him. Miss Phoebe Morgan, who arrived recently at the home of her sister, Mrs. O. L. Dlttmer, went to Des Moine; the .week end to be present at the graduation of her nephew, William Morgan from Drake University. Miss --- — •I v*. t ( W A V^UVCftWCfr^ tv, *~ ? ame last we€k for a vlsl * at the Zentner and Strayer homes. She accompanied her brother, Wesley Quinn also of Ottawa, who drove through in his car. They expected to return nome Monday. Miss Eleanor Crulkshank came home Tuesday from Iowa City,, where she Is taking a nurses' training course, to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Crulkshank. Eleanor is the eldest daughter of the Oruikshanks and expects to be home about three weeks. A barn dance was given at the Jens Sorenson home last Saturday evening. The usual group of neighbors were In attendance. A fine time was had by all music being furnished by Art Snyder on the accordlan and his cousin LuVerne played the guitar. Refreshments were served at the close of the evening and were brought by the guests: A picnic was held at the Call State Park Sunday In honor of Mrs. Samuel The Four Corner Mothers and Daughters club will meet Thursday of this week at the home of Mrs. Archie Walker. Roll call will be answered by "Household Hints." Mrs Herman Lindeman, who underwent an operation some time ago at the Kossuth hospital is recovering nicely and hopes to soon be able to leave the hospital. Her home Is at Dakota City. Irene Witham spent the latter part of last week at the Lewis Lowman home doing the house work. Mrs. Lowman has been 111 for some time and unable to do any work. Irene is granddaughter of the Lowmans. The Carl Seip family spent Friday forenoon at the Clyde Bristol home at Fraftkl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. wr -—-— fcil*y and lady friend of Waterloo cam* Saturday to spend a few days visiting with friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Bert sankey and fain- returned home fly of Galbraith visited Sunday with Mr. Sankey's iister, Mrs. Arthur Riley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe of Rich 'tat were callers Friday at the home — Mrs. Wolfe's sistef, Mrs. Paul Hudson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simmons and Mrs, Orville Harr, all of Rolfe spent one day last week with Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons. Miss Ruth Watson, who has been employed In Rochester, Minnesota, for we past few months, returned to her lome Sunday evening. Gladys Ramus of LuVerne spent the reek end at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Arthur Rlley and family. She returned home Sunday. Harry Felter and George Schumacher of this vicinity spent Sunday even- ng at home of Harry's mother, Mrs. "d. Dltsworth and family. Mrs. Douglas Rlley and children pent Thursday and Friday at the iome of her parents, Mr. and Mrs William Bordwell and family of Livermore. Firman and Bobble Laing, small sons f Mr. and Mrs. Firman Laing of Alrona came Friday to spend a few days ITS WISE TO CHOOSE A SIX -— —- -- -— <v- tr v.w ~^**uw+ *AWA41\^ C*U I - . - ,, ( w •• — '• "—rf •* Burt. They drove to the Selp home at wlth thelr grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Algona In the afternoon. The "Doc" Elmore family of Blue Earth also spent the day at the Setp home in Algona. Carl and Mrs. Elmore are son and daughter respectively of the Selps. The Noble Mitchell family and Edna Walker drove to Fort Dodge to take Mrs. Norvlll Mitchell and daughter, Dorothy to that place, where they were to make connections to return to their home at Falrfleld after spending a week at the Etna Mitchell home. Noble and Norvlll. Mitchell are sons of the latter. Norvlll attended the auto races at Indianapolis, Indiana, while Mrs. Mitchell and daughter were away. home. • A pleasant day brought out a group of thirty guests and members for the meeting of the Ladies' Aid society at the A. M. Gustafson home on last Thursday. Entertaining hostesses were sons, Dale and Erwln, of Algona- and tye and Glen Mrs. Nina Blossom Clement of Ames and daughter, Jane, who have been ...uuioiuv- Jiiii/ei luuiuiB juusi/esses were »"« unuguiier, jane, wno nave been Mesdames Ferd Albright, Don Moore, visiting relatives here and her parents and A. M. Gustafson. The usual pleas- Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Blossom of Burt ant social hour occupied a portion of were guests'of; honor at a picnic held 4:flo ottanmnrm .. I n.f". .hVio On 11 Qt-itt-A nn*.Y* n.._.a_ **i*^ . Others and the afternoon. - *"' J at the Call State Park Sunday" Mr. 'and Mrs. Lyle Morris were to fiSfflg 'SS££*J3L .arrive Monday at Iowa City from Syra- and Mr. and Mrs'. Lloyd Eaton" and cuse, New York, where they have been children of Burt; Mr and Mrs students at Columbia University. Mr. Hofius and daughters of Morris win go from there to Oakland, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hofius" Iowa, for a visit with his parents, but I Union «««"» IRVINGTON NEWS. xys&xs&a^^ Miss Helen Dole spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Menke of Bancroft. Mrs. Ida Riley of this vicniity spent Friday at the home of her son, Arthur Rlley and family. Ralph and Harry Simmons spent Sunday with their parents, Mr and Mrs. George Simmons. Idabelle Felter Spent Monday afternoon and Monday night with her friend, Maxine Devine. The Ladies' Aid society will meet on Thursday, June 8th at the home of Mrs. Lester Wilson, at Algona. Louis Bordwell of Livermore spent Wednesday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Douglas Riley and family. Mrs.' John Frankl and children of Algona. visited Friday .with Mrs. ''- V v !>••+- < Matchless FLAVOR that everyone loves! Nature gives it to BUTTER alone! S OMEHOW, everyone llkee butter and enjoys its creamy richness, appreciates that touch of luxury it seems to give, It is always pleasing ... it always adda extra goodness no matter bow it's- used . , . and it can't be counterfeited. Yes, butter la one of the really good things of life, and one that all can afford to enjoy. But, butter has more than matchless flavor. It supplies health elements—Vitamin "A" which builds resistance to colds and similar ailments (particularly In children)—and VI, tamln "D" which helps build bone etruc- ture and sound teeth. There's health In every pat of butter and H pays to use It for that reason alone. Use butter freely on your table and In your cooking. It gives you double value for your money, because its creamy richness Is always enjoyed and its food values are vital to health. UNRJVALLED IN FLAVOR. AND FOOD VALUE feoplf who try 10 uvt »«w cinu fa ^ UMd . HI foohn, ei g r lbfnl . «'««. On UM , lu Bert for m, moo,; ta low*. tUi pouwl.fooliik i pol. Ity uJu, doubW wii |, ^» iw»-b«ll« (unlUn oi rood ,U., vlu) K, Wlh . Tb , ^ «mwl un of bguir d«nWM tl» ,uu ol Iron, " -* f«tor Simmons. Word was received by Mrs. A. M. Lemkee of the birth of a baBy girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meurer of Wesley Friday. Mrs. Meurer will be remembered better as Miss Josephine Brass, who was a former teacher here. Dick Wilson, Mrs. Rosa Spurgeon and daughter, Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. William Rutledge spent Saturday evening and Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cox and family. Mrs. Cox is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rutledge Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilhelmi and daughter, Beverly, who have recently been making their home in Jollet, Illinois, returned to Irvington Thursday. They intend to move onto a farm near Bancroft. Mrs. Wilhelmi was formerly known as Doris Schichtl. Word was received by Mrs. U. B Frankl and Margaret Mulligan Saturday, that their mother, Mrs Pat Mulligan, who underwent an operation for gall stones at Rochester a few weeks ago, returned to her home in Bancroft Saturday. She is getting along as well as can be expected. Eugene BlytHe, smallest son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Blythe met with the misfortune of getting his arm caught in the clothes wringer Saturday. While his mother was washing he attempted to run an article through the wringer, which caught his hand in the rollers. No bones were broken. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond King and family of Whittemore and Mr. and Mrs. Seward Thornton and son, Roland of Whittemore spent the week end at the Frank Thornton home. Mr. and Mrs. J Howard King and family of Emmetsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Thornton of Armstrong and Mr and Mrs. Charles Shipley and family of LuVerne also spent Sunday at- the Thorntoa^ home. " . • • ' , CHEVROLET'S New Service Policy wins nationwide approval On January 1st of this year, the Chevrolet Motor Company announced a new service policy—the most liberal ever offered in connection with a low- prlced automobile. Immediately it was greeted with enthusiasm by Chevrolet buyers everywhere —because its many unusual features materially add to the economy and lasting satisfaction of Chevrolet ownership. Briefly, it provides— —for free inspection and adjustment at the 500- mile mark, 'and free inspections every 1000 miles thereafter. —for free replacement of any ROADSTER 4?J The Coach or Coup* *565 Th* Sport Roaditir*555 Tht Sport Coupe. . (655 Traekn Light Delivery Dellvtry. IJ9J? /u Ton Cht vHth Cab, tilSi Roottitt tttro) ALL PRICES P. O. B. F/ 'O OR PHAETON Tht Club Sedan . . . 1665 The Sedan *675 The Special Sedan . *725 (6 wire tfhitelt standard) Chatth. t3t!t Sedan uth. tS20t IHTon Chaitti r Delivery (Pick-up bo» H40. kCTORY, FLINT, MICH. material —including both parts and labor—that may prove defective, within the terms of the standard warranty, —that this replacement will be carried out by any Chevrolet dealer in the United States—regardless of where the owner may have traveled during the warranty period. Backing this policy is one of the largest service organizations in the automotive industry—consistlrv, of over 10,000 authorized Chevrolet dealer service stations in the United States alone. Come in! Learn all the ot her reasons 'why it's wise to choose a Chevrolet Six! CHEVROLET SIX Kohlhaas Bros. Distributors, Algona Boderlck Motor Co., Lone Rock ' Fisher Motor Co., Tltonka Folrot & Sohattscbnelde^'^itttemore Service Motor Co., Burt John Hauptman, Wesley Ooetach U03$' z %}bV Teuton SIX-CYLINDER SMOOTHNESS AT LOWW^OST • Maynard Guderlant small 'son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Guderlan, met with the misfortune Tuesday of breaking his arm Just above the elbow, He and his little friend, Kenneth Bockes, were going to play horse. Seeing something on a shelf in the tool house which he wanted to play horse with, he climbed up to get it, but lost control of himself and fell. He was rushed to the hospital and an x-ray picture was taken, but it was found .that only one bone was broken. He is now getting along nicely. "RECOMMENDING KONJOLATOALL" SAYSJWPPYMAN "To New Medicine is Due all Credit," Says New Franken Man. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF IOWA. • Des Mojnes. Annual Certlflofttc of Publication. ( Of the Farmers Union Mutual Insur ance Company, located at Des.Moine In the state of Iowa., ,,o W 5« r !i a ?' *£ e ab °vt>,named company has filed in the Insurance Departmen or Iowa, •• a sworn statement showing its condition on the .thirty-first day o December, 1929, In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 404, Title 20 o the Code of Iowa relating to Insuranc e Companies; and whereas said Insur ance Company has complied with tto laws of this state relating to insur ance, Therefore In pursuance of law, 1 Ray Yenter, Commissioner of Insurance, do hereby certify that said insurance company Is authorized to transact the business of Fire and Lightning Tornado; Windstorm and Cyclone- Motor Vehicles insurance in the state of Iowa, as required by law, until the first day of April, 1931. Turther certify that on December . 1929, the statement shows— #•££? *£*%*_ A ™t* -$283,781.30 2d. Total Liabilities, Except v, .................. h. Surplus over all Liabilities ............... j-j.i_ f~ - -••••««•««»»,.. 5th. Surplus as regards poli- 273,587.40 Lillian GUliland entered Into a contract with Ed. Zimbelman and Ellen Zimbelman, husband and wife, for the purchase and sole ol the flowing described real estate, to-wit; ', Lot Eleven (11) In Block,Five (8), Bancroft, Iowa, together with 'all flx- turos and stock belonging-to Ira GiUi- land and Lillian Oilllland • then upon said premises; that by -the terms of. said contract the said Ed. Zimbelman and Ellen Zimbelman agreed'to pay M the purchase price 'for the above de^ scribed real estate the sum of $5700.00. said contract providing for a cash payment in the sum of $1462.00 and the balance thereof was evidenced by a note In the sum of $4238.00, due at the rate of $50.00 or more per month thereafter. Said contract further providing that the unpaid portion of the purchase price to draw Interest at the rate of five per cent per annum ant provides further that in the event tha ™,1 £ P urch asers of the same fall to make their payments under the terms and provisons of said contract "that the se lers might at their election forfeit said contract. That the contract further provided hat the purchasers should keep the aid premises in repair and pay the In- m r n nS / n / 1 H als ? 1obngatlons whlch were W?,« 6 ^ e of sale ' and to fc eep he taxes on the real estate ' M , "C"« •a? : W EipM^Cf • • #,$)•!'*<•** n ~ at the'Alg({Hotel from Mb* ' _ Eveninggi \ ./ ..--».*»<w*| .«. nc*VC J1C.IU P unto set my hand and affixed my sea of office at Des Molnes, this first day of April, 1930. SEAL) RAY YENTER, 0 Commissioner of Insurance. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF IOWA. Des Molnes. Annual Certificate of Publication. Of the Druggists' Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa, located at Algona in the state of Iowa. Whereas, the above named company has filed In the Insurance Department till. That the purchasers have failed o pay the taxes in the sum of $50 00 he repairs in the sum of $200.00 in-' "ranee ta£n sum of $20.00 and the have failed to pay^ne Interest' now due upon said note In the sum of Mil - JU. You are further notified that the iiers or said property do now elect to VM H al l? Caincel sald cont ract as provided under the laws of the state of SrM£ 2Z?™*™. ° f .9"ap°- ONE Bkisr ONLY; '% No Charge for Consultation ' Re(U1Ch> the pert s ex- "f erfeot Retention Shields" hold .._-— -~«,u^o vme real cause or f"P fcur f> so that they frequently recover their previous natural retaining Power, needing no further outside sup- Mr ' ^ mach * rouble ' backache Zd he Code - and said coS- f , - i sa co- tract will stand forfeited and cancelled by operation of law unless you and each of you within thirty days (30) days after the completed service of this no- now Pf n rf H rl ? 4 Jl e terms and conditions now in defau t as provided In said contract, and in addition thereto pay thfs 16 "*• ° f the Servlce ot i««*o mcu in me insurance Department «uwi». of Iowa, a sworn statement showing I IRA GI LLILAND AND LILLIAN its condifclnrt nn fbo tViiftt,_«.«**• ^i— _« i /ITT T TV « «»^ MR. WILLIAM TILLIARD. "For three years I suffered, with ever growing intensity, from indigestion and the accumulation of gases after meals " said Mr. William Tilliard New Franken, near Green Bay. I bloated to a distressing degree and the resultant tains often made it impossible for me a do my dally work, I frequently ound myself unable to sleep and my appetite became very poor. My strength and energy grew steadily less and al- hough I tried several medicines, none of them appeared to help me. "The first bottle of Konjola began making a new man of me. By the time I had finished the second bottle, I found myself supping -souhdly and uninterruptedly and my appetite had Algona C<M>p0r$^ Crtanwiy Co, wuuwi * uyi,ciuy mm my appetite naa JH.—£ — , returned to normal. I now eat heart- 4t ?; 1l ?, urplus over a11 Lla ~ its condition on the thirty-first day of December, Ifi29, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 404, Title 20, of the Code of Iowa, relating to Insur ance Companies; and whereas said In surance Company has complied wit the laws of this state relating to in surance, Therefore, in pursuance of law, I Ray Yenter, Commissioner of Insur ance, do hereby certify that said Insur ante Company is authorized to trans act the business of Fire and Lightning Motor Vehicles; Tornado, Windstorm and Cyclone Insurance in the state of Iowa, as required by law, until the first day of April, 1931. I further certify that on December 31st, 1929, the statement shows— 1st. Total Admitted Assets .$27314877 2d. Total Liabilities, Except C a £ ltal 112,756.41 GILLILAND, ' — ""-"•-• v« **w*A**t*4, *, A1VSW V(4<V 1JC«MV"* I ily and enjoy my meals for the food certainly agrees with me I no longer suffer from gas in my stomach and bloating Is a thing of the past. I no longer suffer from the sensation of a lump In my stomach as soon as food enters it. I have gained strength and energy." Although Konjola frequently overcomes ailments almost like magto, most ""• '- »i°wr tawtawl From billties 160,392.36 5th. Surplus as regards Policyholders ; .,. 160,39236 In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office at Des Molnes, this first day of April, 1930. (SEAL) RAY YENTER, 60 Commissioner of Insurance. Notice of Forfeiture, To Ed. Zimbelman and Ellen Zlmbel- «Wjij t Husband. an4 wife, and Harry Wh pf you are hereby notl- P. 192.9,% OWlland' attorneys. 48-51 cent and not fully developed ruptures ones 80 Wlth th * ° Id ' tons «*lert5 Ingenious, recently perfected devices are now holding ruptures firmly which he ^, to f? ret . ne y e r, ha(1 been retained. fUthy I guarantee the durability of my molsture proof -" 75% of ruptured children recover completely through expert mechanical treatment according to statistics Do not waste your money on widely advertised mail order contraptions. You cannot flt yourself. C. F. BEDLICH, Rupture Appliance Expert, Home office, 535 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minnesota ........ 49-50* BARGAINS USED CARS 1926 Chevrolet sedan 2-192G Chev. coaciies 192G Buick Master coacli 1926 Model T fordor 1927 Chevrolet coach Chevrolet touring' oar 2-1928 Chev. trucks Ford tudor 2 Ford coupes Ford truck ALCOHOL, OIL AWD GREASE Kohlhaas Bros. , Iowa.

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