The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 8
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to now? ne If nrttaifta W o tt!d DC as ------ •* W*,M« U t/VLJJUUSlj C #agon seat, she had gone him and bit father. The the juuverne uin Die« In Detroit,) 16,Junes. Special:Mwsf ma»«»i daughter of _MP. • *« *he h Bast yeaf and todW ftttm teM O ^WM.lX3tlV>et i which he lived had seemed to he? ..*e the little house on the plains In I i""" Bae naa p«sse a awfl » satnM<i« i the story of The Wonderful wizard of £ e »« »*• WaS* beloved by luwnd 0«. He hftd given Ernestine a pine j^* h6r - sh e was born to jSVeraej hrt't 4 ^ ° tt U>> Ond> after * h . e """* ' ^—*- cofi - du - ct ^- f ** m WHITER 1J hAfrAa Mnrrnrel w. M the people y ou find every day about ; you. When the daughter of a well-to-do family makes a runaway match with th« carnen. n orthw^WemenrTt o°f £? ca«» or the southward motenSnt I downtown. She would stay whe«Tsbe upper floor and Into the room with the walls crowded with brass and metal relief work. Crowded, small, dart tables were Set with colored linen run nt>T*a A fr K»&.U. *_•_« ... p.™* v. K7. QUUltB, TOO SlS* I *°SL. of MeOrath, of I not Jects. The theme Is has provided Inspiration ever "iT"' pods began to elnir X* since •Write. «na norellstft to KXSJS'S^X. with !freedom of for. and to con- «isa'^-,ssia HS°sr-IHF^ r ^ enough. Ernestine tn«m, 1 nas nostiirtn ™" llne knew « strnnjre nosiajgitt. She waheaed at ni«n,"t I filled with the need to use her iffi more actively. s fts And then, she met H'lll. had last seen him, but she knew him at once when she encountered him on Michigan boulevard one Xovember after the Armistice. It was s -'••""wiv of tfte author t/> «r*^* "" ES-H'^F£— (their stTeB*?**-™ -^^ «^n»Sh all ening with dusk, will stood with his shoulders against the great granite blocks of the library, looking out over the heads of other people, into the mysterious beauty of the clouds. She stopped and looked nt him, and her heart missed a beat lest this be some stranger who might respond too DOln/V frt her efn**n T»..i. _t. _ _. I Call Me Up (5B*|SS?2MSas SHHi, g on MlcW gan boulevard - K?*t 1 D0t seen Wm slnc e they were JOOth children, and the attachment she '"- him " »*«« his long nervous Wacfc e es his and his Intense concentration confirmed her recognition of him. It was his old stare. When she approached him and touched his arm. his glance came back from the clouds and rested on her face, and he smiled. His smile was whole countenance Saturday ~**" T » uu» vmrut; For Fenton Team. i | *-wii«ii, June 3rd. Special Cm-•__ I I mates fell on Mittag for twelve htfe including five doubles and Jw,« «,Jf' y*V« star t«I the scoring In the™* ISdK? S?, d S UWIng *»<> teftflS. I I fif uatlce sacrificed and Eieler ba»«i «« . """ "«""" »ua lamiiy I Her. m the f 01 , r ,h . .,„., E ^ I Mrs. Thos. .Lowm^, ^ Orogan S GenevWo cn nn i m .^ B V y ^"™~ WW """"""- -nun TTTi 'of ex near ler Tn «,»T *£ y wanQ er and Eig- ~ ""' uv 01 J^rs. Kltzman. Other. JSSf at ettch other> smfung - remem - "But how about your brace?" she tt «t ti,i^' " Were you ab 'e to discard ,?o • ' ns you expected?" Sooner. But walking without It was a staggering business for a year or so, I can tell. HI never be a *K= aeZ. ur *«nton « « « SS5SS.-W-1 » - Original Notice, and* •> v ^,? loan ' who £« y STM-Bafte,- — « >*._ - dednr T*m a ? ema ™ier retu ceasr Falls Sunday afternoon. Wells accompanied them and eacn of you are hereby noti- at the petKion of the platottff L Jve entit.!(*rf ««».-» ^JJJr 1 ."" m - fcit i. »•«="», uuui ine ninth whpn I *"» r encs, Mr and Mm T«V,—r^ i., "* ^^ -*««~I*BU uiem. up into different lines and i "? so > l can ^11. ru never be a Voff his face seemed warmer, I f hnm Plon, and the American army had I to go to Prance without me, but nearer. nn3 e1 , 10 ; Ernestln e." he said In a natural tone. "Did you get .the bird She^Iaughed with delight. "•"I, you are Incomparable, ihaklng • hands iT^-, "• e'*" 1 ^ was the masterful I •»«•.. j •~*MUOU rTiaay. S=? «SSSaHS __,_. JSiTiiJUS£ 3 S?j < *i we »- "ally. I never thn k of it any more. It's such a darned InteresUng old world to kick around In, without wa Irvfngton Girls Have Birthday Parties. s&msaase •* —-•••**> * AAbC near Algona: OaU state was When Lillian had i •" -*•* »t t*o I. We ,nH OndleSS nnrnil,. « J-utre Was dSncllia Oll^ g™" ana -«•'- - - -"-^V4 in «ii "QIU .--, group on the North side of 25S? "" s - nlmost - iis b »" •• did. Sonio of — liecoujlng du, und aligning thoinm; will Standard Oil Wins From K. C. Bank. The Standard Oil kitten ball team defeated the K. O . Bank team last Wednesday night by the score of u to 6. The game was a free-hitting contest and a number of errors by the ithe '7~Mj"~ *"""•*»'<*»»»„'»' person al- Indoow and though ^ie wna toll '• "?t atttU-robnat,, Yet ie gave Impression of energy, mental than physical. He seemed to Ernestine to be positively electrical, the most alive person she had ever Known. He put his hand within her arm and turned her southward, so that they walked shoulder to shoulder "Nary a letter," he answered -l see now why I have spent all these years misunderstanding you. And you wrote me! My heart was broken" when I was ten. I've never trusted a woman since." She laughed at his nonsense, but with a certain catch at her throat When she was eight years old he made a beautiful book of colored bird pic tures for her und bound It. He had brought It from far out on the Northwest side of Chicago, where he lived to her home in Sherman Park. She *]- a , d - be 9 n It dancing school that afte, and had ne Y §r 59 en Me? It S66h)s dreadful Hint you snoul never have been thanked for the boo I wanted to go to Sco you again, hu no on?, would take me. nut I 8 pci a whole month's allowance on a go EOOUB box of stationery with a hug Bold K on every page, and I waste '»ost of it before I hud a letter per fr-ct enough to send you " tirti i . * * he *• OKtBLV R-~fttinot*In^(«*A "(iw -T/vs* m*« '"•k j *•» "^mHiy A tpf Bt_ t ^««ikj* > *j — ^ * 7 »*• c.j fi< 'WJ^' a -^ s t I 'Tve'bWn^^ry!^ 110111106 ^^ ™'&-^^'*^,8kWlagrO& J,^?-;0««» Ohrismatf-andrL,,,^ uail StntA DO^L. «_j "•" "' "'e tlon: Yo BH lormed and believes that «it „/*»,.. scribed thereto s; that he taeSSSSSy In- dr^s T?ST»<er ana gave a flne ad- ff «brk7»T" • f y ie pnt Jt - tt -VM 'Wfflw» {.Metzen and1'itoteW'St SSrfi-SBaAft one In Chicago knew h "°n comic strip in "• a feature was -tlmt « -that s a nearer —j. ever see, in a newspaper, i around a ' to ——--• ***** CUM4 JXUt family of Lakota. A bu-htday party was given at the M. L. Roney home In honor of SWrlev daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. P BonU' who celebrated her fifth Urthibyan Oames were played and luncheon was served later ta the afte?- Hin^i wu term thereof, to ra^*- 00 !? 1 * 7 ' Iowa ' on t|0eptember, A. D; 193Q- »^f«ed against you ans e rendered against 40-01 «"""«' address -body should have noi me Hut let mo thank you now for hook, will, it was beautiful I always treasured it. It was the o'uij "wig l had given to me that the elver made with his own hands" "Won't thank me yet," ho sn id her Into nn entrance and , nnl -•"••° was no game on Frklav on HP count of it being Memorial Da? ami there was also none on Monday because of the night baseball game between the Algona Greyhounds and the California m , ' flooding • - ' IJe hlld Bh ™y" smiled f. 1111 "'; 1 '* 1 * When he WM a * child sTrn " H ' sht » was because he was lmt he SIUlled «" sweetly, but any ragoTuMho'rton 1 ^ . tllG CUriH ' ntt '»" s • T ua a brlghi f« r what he did d °" ars a wee "And I'd do I a regular boss. Haa Two Children by Caeaarean Operation. M. 1 "- and Mrs. Bernard Schrauth of Sexton are the parents of a boy born Friday at the Kossuth hospital D? ^. tl.*uat< MA»^ MH «.^^ „ ~. ^•a a Caesar-, the mother — — — ^»»v* W|JW4 I meyer has Schrauth. performer J for Mrs. . away, if you'llVwUh rn dmg you around tho plant, and snow you iho big presses, and introduce you tho Mr. j'oole, and the fellows In the i art room." ] n «!n°, I !!'V' er , l . lorl . J!0llwl<lcn 'nK- home of Mrs. John Stover da^htPr"^^ 11 ?- M> T - M^n and aaugnter, Oharlene, and " Up Much Corn. According to Clark Orton, the county Si'J"^ *"»«» to the Swea City ° n the ^ e °* the fields for to eat. The birds have imr own iifo H .,fj, ,j| m . , f.. t .]~~ Umt «| 10 was out of school [II H | ° '"'vo a good lime un- ri^KF^ 1 ^" 1 -"^!-^ u J J i 11* I l/nir .1..II i._ . •••*»» Interests a Presbyterian Church, Morning study hour for all The hour of worship-will be given to thl Fred Wlrtz drove to Cedar Palls on Saturday after their furniture. - - Tire inspection Service >T^RE LIFE may be great- x Iy increased by proper care. When we equip your car with Firestones we help you get all the miles built into your tires.. Periodical Examination We will inspect your tires regularly without charge; Check inflation pressures; examine for cuts and imbedded nails, glass, etc; ruck>nd HUB Owners Our "Proposal of Service" lowers operating costs and increasef tire mileages. Call for our booklet. No obliga- m <cw FIRESTOIVJE IIALLOOIV Surpasses in strength, toughness and traction any passenger tire ever built. Trade in your old tires today. ' " '.drawn by tho strong _.., ,, Ulllt bl '°U8ht thorn so close en, u'rff." y ° U wcro «"'"« 'o IK. a nnV'f'i lH! , 8 "'" 1 ""' ftt>S W "y Couldn't ""U tne Art Institute I I want tn i»» cartoonist. Tvo (ll.scovored t mt vou ^r n ::±^^ w «''^ bowel disorders. ^t^ButesSEj^^ Sold by A. W. Behreuds Hatchery f eip high seat and eter—. room he was to be a color , llt ,«i.- Hut tho birds you made for me hen von «.„.,, OI1 , t .. Ior Die, when I was in scnool, at Lake Forest, and ho prnJsefl •«,i. wouldn<t take anything for It." Will brushed Hie blras aside TniDa- Ueutly, v "Kid stuff," he told her. "Have you seen these little shadow figures, Just * Jr. h l»i llnw !, for bo<J y «n"J "nibst (Continued Next Wednesday)? u A11 members and friends of the ^urch •» reqjjested to Joto with mends to this observance. vw'^WMWXXIXOX^^ WEST BEND NEWS. Bode. ?oo°f 5 U SL" ldi °««« > . - Mab «^ took SSj^SSrcas! Testin * ~.. Charging Gas— Oil — Lubrication Coinplote Service Brake Testing Adjusting Kelining Tire Service Station Glen McMurray Plio»e 856, "Vic" Lowe the a home the Mrs ' Tom Heite» and epent JK* 0 **, te tne P ro »<J owner of It'wwk 1 Car> P"" 118 * 8 Ernest Krueger of Grand' IfiflC lUVttn^t*'! a7 T% ******. The Presbyterian AW society -,,_. .„.„»„ Green of Humboldt Memorial day to west Bend: Mrs. Goolda Wooley of Nevada came ^fiSSW JS° 6pend th ^ week end very l&wh^ m , oth f, r ' ****• Bw very swan, where a family gatherhiu numberwig t.wenty.four metT for• tha day, . .. . dv* w«o Mrs. J. W, id Mre, jrohn wujjajns were "••mber who attended a E ...„,-— 4<jnio at the Dan home at m - j - - - *^* ooon. a $°*»O5tt3»»»3a^^ , before Greenberj

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