The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1930 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 4
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*ss*s& a ^&&»&****. «*«. j of Ames Is visiting his mother here this week. Mrs. Ohas. Olson Is Shanor home this week. The L. W. Olson family spent day fit Fairmont with friends. Otto Schmidt has traded his home In town here for a form north of Burt. Miss Viola Bl«it>n and Rev. Mrs. Richmann drove to Fort Friday. Mrs. Gertrude Thompson is enjoying a visit from a niece of Minneapolis this week. Mrs. Peterson of West Bend Is vls« Itlng he* daughter, Mrs. D. F. Slaugh* ter, this week. Rev. 3. E. Clifton and Myrort Chipman and Hugh McDonald were at Mud Lake fishing Monday. Mrs. Ray Smith was called to Algona Monday by the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Lowman. The Boy Scouts who were camping at Iowa Lake returned home Saturday. They report a fine time. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin "Alien and daughter spent the week end here at the George Allen home. Helen Moore and Elizabeth Rash visited the L. J. Schmidt home at Corwlth last Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Anna Ambrose of Des Molnes Is visiting at the Fred Lavrens and J6hn Trunkhlll homes this week. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clement and> daughter of Ames spent the week end at the C. H. Blossom home. Kenneth Graham is assisting his grandfahher, J. T. Graham, near Algona with his corn plowing. Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Albright and children of Des Molnes have been visiting friends here the past week. Dr. W. T. Peters and Ed. Stewart were fishing Saturday, but owing to the high wind did not have good luck. Mrs. G. W. Leek of Arnegard, North Dakota, arrived Monday night to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. W. H. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Madison of Paullina came Saturday evening to visit James Foster. They returned to their home Sunday evening. Mrs. O. H. Schmidt, Mrs. F. O. Stowe, and Mrs. James Sewick entertained the Ladles' Aid society at the church on Wednesday afternoon. John Kerr, who has been here at the home of his daughter, Mrs C. o. Smith, is now at Nevada, Iowa, tak- ing'medical treatments. N and Mrs. Donald Blossom of Mlnneap- , oils came down for Decoration Day and were calling, on^old friends. Hollls Tralner'and'a friend of Sparta, Wlsconsto,' cam&4ast-Thursday and spent the week end with his parents, tee. and Mrs. W. T.\Trainer. \. Mr. and Mrs/ Charles Ibster of Du, Juth, Misses, Lucy and Beatrice Whlte- ' .maxuof Minneapolis called at. ~ mt«? *2£L_ 1U i »"«na summer Ktt£r**** «S I*** 11 * 1 fc***^ gave a P*M ** ti»i Bttte park Friday even- "fJ 11 -*»» et «» SMS J- * SW? W"**^^ » ta5 ^flossy** recovering she Is from a recent operation. e « B 5 d ***!• **• L - Sotchklss and Marlam of Wodeti were here for »otchklss and Rev. Lease of Algona *?* tiff *** *« Mariam will a short court at fces Molnes. I T Sunda* was the birthday of Miss I ^fJ? tt £ ftm ,a» d in honor of Owo*: caslott, the following relatives spent *J«» afternoon at the Call state Park n «M Algona where they enjoyed a ' ftnd and and and and Paul Wille of Algona. Memorial services were held at the M. a church. The program consisted of song. "Amercla,1he Beautiful"; talk by Commander W. H. Stewart; . a «f lre ?L by ****• J - E.'Clifton; song) 'Star Spangled Banner"; and the bene- SErt°w Jt ?' Orover was the only Cavil War veteran here able to go to the cemetery. Mrs. Anna Stowe and Mrs. TrunkhUl were the widows of civil War veterans who were able to attend. It was a lovely day for the occasions and a good crowd attended. There will be a children's day program at ten o'clock at the church next Sunday. Mrs. L. E. Potter of Algona and the L. A. and E. C. Potter families visited Sunday with the Win. Baker and Geo McNish families at Kanawha. Leonard Brown of Boone played base ball with the team at Whittemore on Friday and remained for a few days' visit at the home of his sister, Mrs. D D. Sparks. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Engstrom and w,' KT J.'Smltli children will spend two. mother, Mrs. -tittle.'- Mildred Sunding. They 'alsovsted with relatives in Algona and returned home Saturday. Arlene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs J H. Fraser has been quite seriously' II for a week with liver and gall bladder trouble. She Is now reported as slowly Improving. Mrs.- Germann and daughter,..Mathilda of St. Benedict, -, % Adams, who'has been .staying •at the-John.Briggs home for some •wmq, was-taken to the. home, of her son, Chas. Adams, In Algona Sunday.' Mrs. Leroy Boettcher and Mrs Gerald Brace-went to EsthervUle Monday •>to meet Mrs. Harold Gould and three •children, 'who will visit,here J for several days.' " ; ••; ' C. E. McDonald of Sioux City drove sever Thursday to spend the week end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. , O. P. McDonald. His wife is visiting In California. C. V. ,Whalen purchased the building occupied by John Gerhardt barber shop arid moved his shop Into the building. John Gerhardt moved his shop into the building vacated by Whalen. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Clemmons of Spencer were here on Decoration Day and called on James Foster. On the way over something broke on their _ Ames; .. gz """^V Tr WX _^.«g,w 4 >».«ftv **^*»»» W. H.' Brandow has beem poor ««some time but he Is'.Jnowv greatly 1m- ---_,. locality aria 1 a, picnic dinner'''"" •*.. iv.'" ^_?*~r . ' ^*w*** v mmicj. firiutty at the Call StateParkand those from a distance were.D. E. Potter wnd fam- B. H, Potter •Vent,'and '.T|e Ladles'Aid mclety met last ^ed- esdawlh 1 • v — f -^ »- T — ^ ~—»« _*. Of ^Potter* Sixteen members and nine guests were present. Eggs gathered on next Sunday are to be sold and the proceeds added to the treasury. Rev. Woods will furnish Good Will bags. Bring your cast oft articles, shoes to be mended, old clothing, and hats, magazines and books to the church or home of the president, Mrs. W. L. Martin. Shipment will be made to the industry at Sioux City where cripples and elderly folks remodel and articles are then sold at a low cost to the poor, thus making these folks self-suporting. Give what you Save, everything will be accepted but tin cans and bottles. The next meeting Is to be held June 25th with. Mrs. C. H. Potter. Irvin Hof Is driving a new DeSoto purchased recently. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Nlssen were here Thursday from Belmond. B. C. Kraft of Renwlck visited at the H. T. Blumer home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kraft visited In the Carr home at Kanawha last Friday. . Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith left on Saturday for petroit, where they expect to buy Chrysler cars. Mr. and Mrs. Agard started Saturday for a month's outing touring the country artd sight-seeing. tt. C. Allen who has been ailing for °V me t»«e. went Thursday to the hospital at-Fort Dodge. Rev. Lange, pastor of the Evangelical church and family are now nicely settled In the parsonage. Delores Wolto from Onawa has returned home. She expects to teach at Onawa again next year, Milton Wolto who has been attending college at Cedar Falls will return home the first of the week. M. J. Godfrey and wife and son, Donald from Chapin visited the W. F Godfrey family last Monday. ^ Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey entertained as their guests Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. John Ramus. Sam Schmidt and family came on Thursday from Minneapolis for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Allen. The Presbyterian Ladies Aid met on Wednesday with Mrs. William Zentner. Mrs. Lee Llchty was assistant hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Kmke and daughter of Clear Lake have rented the Godfrey residence and moved In Saturday. Mrs. F. I. Chapman left Saturday for Chicago to visit Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hagist and family, she expgcTs to be gone about ten days. Mrs. Lloyd King and Mrs. Moore of Omaha came Tuesday for a visit with their sister, Mrs. Wilson Legler and family and father, Charles Konarska. Frank Smith, who lives near Livermore, was operated on for ulcers of the stomach Friday by Doctor Janse and a doctor from Fort Dodge. He Is reported getting along nicely. Harold Woito from Lawton came on Thursday for a short visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wolto. He left Saturday for Cedar Falls accompanied by her sister, Elinor Mae. Mr. and Mrs. Woito drove to Webster City Sunday where they met Elinor Mae, and returned home in the evcn- jing. Those attending the funeral of Pearl Shultz Tuesday were June Krause and family, of Wlnnebago, Minnesota; Mi-. and Mrs. G. E. Roth and son, of McGrath, Minnesota; Dr.- and Mrs. J. E. Shultz, and Dr. and Mrs. C. S Shultz of Pella, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs Wm. Shaper, State Center; Mrs. Clarence Bnrbanfc, Marshalltown; Frank Nathoff and Jack Klata, Detroit, Ml- cfaigan; Mr. andJMrs. Frank Black and famfly'and GeargtftBlack of Garner; 3ave Strait^ ancf fafailly, Tltonka; Mr. and Mrs. Frank «*<%•, and Mi-, and Mra^ George Mace' "^ " ** %• - , r *®Godfiey,.MBS?iDeRae Oodx St. tXtern Rffrtr»ott r ntwY dauffhtGT^ - Bobby! E 4:-«j'-£ Prices of Ford Cars y ' •-- i; '** '"-"- • : . '•' ; '•-".' • • J '.jr '"'-.-.. • ' j '„ *' Effective June 2 S .''-.' .-...- - - * j?j * Reductions Range from $5 to $25. Following Are the New Prices for Ford Cars and Trucks Standard Coupe __.,.__ $495 Sport Coupe 525 DeLuxe Coupe ---__-.._ ^ 545 Tudor Sedan ...... 1 _.._._________ ~" 495 Three-Window Fordor Sedan _ _ 600 DeLuxe Sedan _ _ _ _ _ _________ 640 Town Sedan -.—. — _____ 66Q Cabriolet _____~~~r' 625 "Roadster _______r_ 435 *Phaeton , 449 Pick-up Open Cab -III" II _~ 425 Pidc-up Closed Cab ,...$455 Model A Panel Delivery _ ^ B70 DeLuxe Delivery 545 Station Wagon j 640 Model A Chassis IJI~ 345 Model AA Truck Chassis, T3!£-Incli Wheel Base 510 Model A A Truck Chassis, 157-Iitich Wheel Base 535 Model A A Panel Delivery _ 780 *There Has Been No Change in the Price of tn« Roadster and Phaeton. All Prices F. O. B. Detroit It has always been the custom of the Ford Motor Company/f opast on to the Public a. ranW ly as possible the advantages of economies effected in manufacbire; P P ' d " T ^l\*T^ a T!^ Wei consistent with the liigh standards of quality maintained in all Ford products. consistent KENT MOTOR COMPANY uttended;,B,;Wj§aday party for Mrs. WB; -.Potter near Renwick last Wednesday, Mayi?28. Mrs. Potter suffered a sevcre-jrtrote six years ago April 21st and.bas/plnce been ( her bed. "Be.frechments were served to the guests numbering sixteen in an. Her daughters, Mrs. George Stoddard, Mrs. P. H. Thiel, Mrs Dean Castleman, Mrs Pelt% Mrs. Ki-utzBlnger and 'Gtenie were present. Mrs. Fred Markman and Mrs. Bannlck, neighbors were also guests. Rev. W. H. Lease of Algona gave a very interesting talk at the Memorial exercises Friday. The clarinet solo by Richard Niver and the reading by Harold Llchty, also the music by the girls' glee club was enjoyed by the crowd. The election of officers took place at the close of the program. D. C. Ellis was elected president, Scott Hanna, vice president, and Fern Bigings, secretary and treasurer. Over Mison and family Pay .Thompson Cfrove; Everett .^^^o^. of Runabout; >Mr. and Mrs: er£of .AmeBSr Ray Fe •Jenwtefc; Mtaj, -Kate from Humboldt; Mrs. .^m.Braa} Mr. and Mrs. William lyiey and^daigh- ,er, Ida Riley and nephew, CteSiVrwiw COME TO THE Informal Opening of BLOOM'S NEW STORE THURSDAY, JUNE 5 The grand opening of Bloom's new store brings to you a new institution—a new shopping center—for the entire tamily— a place where you can meet your friends—chat with them—and be sure of finding the very latest in wearing apparel. This store is open to the people of Algona and vicinity on the evening of June 5th from seven to nine p. m. No merchandise will be sold. The store will be open for public inspection only. Come and hear the band concert and ALGONA, - ntal expenses., Th^from out of nattendbr wa»tad>Mra/ Ed. «««i West Bend; .Mr. and Mrs. O. J, stephensoa and^daughter from Algona; xev. George A." Hanna and wife' from Minnesota; Mr. and Mrs. Grant of -one Rock and Mr. and Mrs. Wain and family from Fort Dodge. •M. JUBeumann, .granddaughter, them .the August «~w. .«Jsenman and Mrs', uas te«tfn^^Slg aU J$ 3fcJ#£&iM&&^*Z i Stdckwel ntK^ um tome fcmtffu^ .. . gtoadlnnel honor of Mr - and Icago: Mr. Algona, Jerome Hawkins north of town shelled corn Monday. August Kirschbaum is on the sick list this week with throat trouble. Mr. and Mrs Lou Gouge attended the the old time dance at Titonka Tuesday evening. Grandma Steil -is suffering from an nfectlon in her right hand, but at his writing she Is getting along nice- Mr, and Mrs. Fred Stell of northeast of town and A. J. Harms of Portland were Sunday dinner guests at the Jerry Willis home at Burt. . Mf- an d Mrs. Harry McCall and two children of Britt spent Tuesday afternoon at the Mack Wise home east of town to see the new baby. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Steven and family of near Corwith spent Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs Harvey Steven north of town/ The men are brothers. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Johnson of Ells- "rth stopped for a short visit here the home of Mr. and Mrs. B E Saunders Friday evening while on their «mv h« m » ftom atten(Jlng Me ^ oria i of Wesley, and son, James, of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore •Hotn children. Arnold Hench ancTMjp' IS Mrs. Charles Barrickman and two children and Florence Nelson' of Al rttte *" 18 thirty -° ne prewnt Mr, and Mrs. C. L. Eisenmann, Mr and Mrs. Chester Elsenman and three JX£ °L Br H t> , Mrs - Maynard Nail and baby, Mrs. Julia easier and Kathryn and Leo Kirschbaum were dinner guests at the August Kirschbaum home- Tuesday of last week. Mr. and Mrs Chester Eisenman and children and p. L. Elsenman stopped on their, way home at the Mack Wise home to see the new baby. The Wise family form- famil ^tehbors to the, Bsenmao, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, 'north ot town, received word Saturday afternoon thathis mother, Mr* Walter Mr. Mr Mr - and Mrs, Fred Stell northeast ma Steil, William Stell and fam- steu an 1 Mr. •i Greenfield spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hammond, north of Wesley. They came after her Friday and she returned home Sunday evening. They all drove 0 6Ce the Llttle oom* s Stor< Thursday Evening, 7 to 9 o'CJock Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Falkner of Chicago spent Memorial Day with her mother,, Mrs. Dora FerriganJ They came on the train Friday morning and returned to Chicago Saturday evening. Bernadlne Mahoney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mahoney, weat home with then) for a visit, VACATION BARGAIN f • •' - to ;. ; : ~": : Chicago Friday, June 13th ««,*» .../ uof iiuiue- ur J3UCT Borer 50X- fertng ^from a stroke- since 1 Thursday „ Ray Smltb Vtetttag wittk Mfr ami she Buys .Barber Shop in Buffalo Center. OP'iirst^whp hj*8 been a popular /hasjipught i this"* T*y****. ',• •*••••••» o if ipftny Au^yuuB ttmi patrons will be sorry, to have him leave Algona. Sftrah Wise, Herman and Nei ' JS? H re - w °y d Steven drove Friday to attend the Memorla Day services held there. Mrs DrusUla turned home with them Friday but was called on a case Sun- W*™ 0 "ear Woden to nurse who • Kathryn and Leo Kirsohbaum who spent last week with fthe5 SS? ents, Mr. end Mi's. o. L. Eisemnan of 3ritt, returned home Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Mftynwd jfiS, Trip Good on all trains. Good in sleeping cars on payment for space occupied. (Returning Tickets will be honored for return to reach starting point by midnight, June 30. Lots to See—Jjpt§ t9 dp{, on & . Vacation to Chicago, For further particulars ask the Ticket, Agents. TW MILWAUKEE R0AP Build Your Fences NOW! Now is the time to build new fences and replace broken and decayed posts. Soon you'U be -"swamped" with other work. ; TMs season put in posts that seldom need re- placemfent—put in Long-Bell Oreosoted Yellow Pine Posts. They last a lifetime. We have them, iry a few; convince yourself of their superiority. ' When you consider their strength and lasting qualities, these posts are the most economical of all Qome in and see them, or drop us a card for literature that tells all about them. F.S. Norton & Son Iowa.. It pays for us to' stress the unusual quality of our hat cleaning. Those who use it regu- ir llats ' .Pff^ies only if the fabric is • tf "that favorite tie" is simply «uueu L out of shape—and that's usually the case—we can make it surprisingly new -again. Add much more wear and pleasure-^ But Worthwhile Service We'll ^le^n it spotlessly and remoye all wring 'pne or Phone 637,

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