The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1930 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 3
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TS8.TP* Wfl! ato.uu MA. ntt , Cecil McDonald of Sioux Olty I.AI«*. .^ -- ^ y at oflal Dfty * * 4. Batfcus hoin« on the Km* of Bernard's toother, AMcetlettey. Mrs. llerney and tm suent a few days hem Sylvia Herrand, one of the efficient stenographers in the Sulvu! McMah- - -*t Liatiaa law offices, spent the end in^Afnea visiting her sister, *r ^' i • ucus en . Jensen's mother. MnwHM^J^ 0 hoSliitel - "«» 1 « recovering rapidly. . . _—.• -—.-.» UI ^unaer wns vis- i Or. and Mrs. Lawrence Welp and dw 5S^LSJ22* • hew tlMl T" 68 " tea .TnYiiiti*,* »•«—™* ^» *».-x."™ . .. I ".*'• Mr, Simmons was at one time W. of ••**, ***««*ovi« c*uu soil clrovG Minneapolis IPriday to spend Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baase of Ufa* * 6 **' 6 6nd Mrs. Mlss McMahdh, the daughter H re * Hu * h MoMahonTleft **2- A - W. McQulre and son, Wayne, I _ _ of ^rtmshar spent Sunday at the home Mankato Saturday and spent the day tJ^?' H «8h Herman left Sunday for.*, «. ••** ** -~ -o~~* •S2JS,, whe *g ^e spent several days SL^S af £ H re * Hu * h McMahoa? left •S* tl "JL!** the hom e of her dauBhter s , ft ^ r g ay for ?° wtt «W *here she will .&rs. George Elvidge. a»«Bnwr, vlfllt hef ^^ _ ^^ Leeaey f0 f ^ , Mr. and Mrs. M. * Poo* and ** J W ™ th . or 5 or ?' . at the John Wolfe home. See John Lamuth for Hot Weather Beverages Mr; and Mrs. Clem Haler of Belle-1 i»rt t/% w«i;^"' r-/""" Ci 2*ff«R* «» »«* *** «t the home *± **£'" *"""!*• _ Mr. and Mrs. M. J. drove to Rockford, for a visit with MU f returned Monday. accepted a posl- i r -u «>— • —~«o M«M?UAC*AA AUI but? m tin Salt Company and left Monday for | Marquette, Michigan, where he will Margaret, who WM a freshman to Iowa state Teachers' College Mrs. James McOee went to LuVerne atld * Le8t)er were ' visitors Saturday. the Week end vte ' , -ftlA.*^ j. V -*"**• WAAAAI/Uf WIHJ H) with ulcers of the stomach. • Mr> ? n i& Mrsr ?' L - Bryan aad i Mrs. ahd Mrs. E. E Lee and wt,n,T" t?" ove to Lost ^and Sunday where they spent the day fishing. Miss Esther Lamuth accompanied ner sister, Irene home to Port Dodge and went from there to Ames to spend the week end with her college friends , Clifford Aalfs, salesman for Armour .* Company arrived in Algona Sunday •"w«««g after spending a week's vaca- i Sioux city visiting his parents. Moines Thursday of Borest City and Conlin of La Orange, Illinois, Jess home. ^ e. returned to Des Moines Sun- •* , M f°hane, who lives in Seattle, Washington, was a visitor in Algona on Saturday. He will remain on iSHiS mer township during the sum- Lois Schenck came from Chicago on Friday and spent the week end visit- ons as far as Waterloo where she was L ^ and M* 8 - °- W. Carmean-re- rL a . attendance, to visit a sister. The McMahons ar- ;2 Mied , £° m Leon - lowa , Friday, where ««,«» L~ u * y 1<otte Creek won an rived home Tuesday. * hey ,, vlslte< i wlth Mrs - Carmean's moth- £* £ame from the Iowa Lake team, f. . , i_. . . * . er. Mr and Mrs, Earl Ellntt of Wopir Dy a sc °re of 7 to 0. Batterlrs tnr tr,tt, Ralph Elbert drove to Savanna. Mis- l ford , niinols, retumed with tSe,n^d Cr ^ Were Oscar E X and[°j££ spent the week end here. | Bn ^.°_ r Iowa La ke Buchanan and Bu- had been in a hospital there for about two weeks, recovering from an operation. They returned Sunday by way of Dawson, where they visited with Mrs. Elbert's sister, Mrs. Arthur Randolph. Mrs. Elbert is improving nicely. Mrs. Lulu Richards, chief operator of chanan. «. , ' ,T . aor o « „ the local telephone exchange, left on ,._„£,» ftnd M f s - Harley Shellito and Sunday for a week's vacation which she dau fhters and Mr. Shellito's mother will ™™ cam l BANCROFT NEWS. ed in Algona a few years ago. Miss Anna Murtagh returned Tuesday from Iowa City to spend the sum- , mer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs c MrB - Joe Doleschal is on the sick list B. Murtagh. Anna was graduated on tlus weekt Monday from the State University. Mrs. Theodore Haxmeyer and daugh- Ed. _Nortz and Pat Poy of Brecken- ter ' s u&le, and son of LeMars visited Aimena, California, arrived Saturday ridge, Minnesota, were visitors at the over Sunday at the John and Matt for a visit at the home of the former's I. M. Plnnell home Sunday. Mr Nortz Nemmers homes. parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Loner- will spend in Colorado and Missouri. Her sister, Miss Margaret Miller of LuVerne, will assist at the office during her absence. Peter Wilhelmi and son, Gerald, returned from JolJet, Illinois, Thursday where they attended the funeral of the former's brother-ln-la.w. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilhelmi and daughter returned with him and will remain here for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lonergan and daughter and Francis Lonergan of Aimena, California, arrived Saturday • -»«»ma4 w o UlUwIlcr .^d^rtSf^rgs^-^ 1 The Flaig & Sprank Implement Com- hSffi 1 ? 4 he sale of a hay load « Whltford Bros.; side delivery rake I ch , rader : two-row cumvators and a " Mrs. E. F. Tuthill of Cedar Palls and Mrs. Mary Plynn of Oelweln are visiting at the" home of Mrs. William --— — WKUCUUiJ. AM.*! J.^Ui.l>6 was formerly a boy living near Corwlth put now is a successful lumberman. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Froehle and-son I "•»•*"» «*" "»c »i of St. Paul were Algona 'visitors Sat- Carf on this week, urday. Mr. and Mrs. Froehle are for- Miss Loretta MerrUl returned from m^ Banoroft folks and Mrs. Froehle Minneapolis Friday where she spent win be remembered as Miss Ethel Ow- the past few weeks visiting with rela- The Simon and George Hlrner fam- xi??... of '.Wesley and Mr. and Mrs. , . . . . | gan. Francis will stay here and will be employed in the Carmean drug store f™- t tlvator to Delbert Hanna. George Sutton and his mother Mrs 5* n l Mrs ^f 1IIIan Worthington and daughters, Edith and Hulda, left Mon- M£ n ^5 nl 2?,* 0 l; Jollet> IIllnols ' to v 's» Mrs. Worthington's daughter, Mrs Harley Olson and family. ,°ni?<ft S^ lley Island ' New Style Lager old Style Ginger Ale, Old Style Lemon Soda, Pox Head Health Brew. All" Mgh class beverages. Just unloaded two car loads. Two more car loads coining soon. See the miniature windmill advertising Jving of Clubs. 8 John Lamutfa ALGONA,* IOWA. tives and friends. Dr. and Mrs. O. H. Beemls of Minneapolis visited with friends here on LONE BOOK NEWS. - . w ren e on n tbe Nlck wm e er prlda y- ne was the local dentist here business. w'"rti«*i/n* »4> 4-t«« I fWn«**» ««« *. Anw . H «. ! Mr. and Mrs. G A. to and son on LEATHE OLID THrougKoul *OOD PLUMPt/p/>£R STOCK Soi£-LEATHER SOLID LEATHER HEEL - —— -j V...U.V* av the twenty-one years ago. ,S a , te -l a £.J u . nda y ta honor of | The thirteen year, old son of Mr. and Mrs. Keoprath ran a nail throjigh the Thursday, June 12. The Ladles' Mite society will meet a the home of Mrs. Wm. Chrlstensen on palm of his right hand Saturday. Dr. >»JS»?| D evine dressed the wound. Miss Sylvarla Haupert who has been teaching school near St. Joe for the at Elbow Lake, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Froehle and sons, Victor, Paul and Owen, of St Paul spent the past week with Bancroft relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mescher and child Miss Bertha Blanchard, who is attending teachers' college at Cedar Falls came home Friday. Gladys Nelson went to Humboldt on _ mi/ HW u^u«.«bk Mr AWVV ViCVJiJ sister, Mrs. Howard Jacobson. The Sharp graveling crew Is resurfacing the roads between Lone Rock and Burt and also the Fenton road. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen and family, went to Fort Dodge Friday to spend ren of Emory, South Dakota, spentThe Se day visiC wftff SW* week end at the homes of Mrs. F. X.' -- y vlsltlne witn relatives. Mescher and A. A. Droessler. Mrs. Jake Huertz of LeMars and her son ,John of Los Angeles, California, left .Saturday for their home after a ^week's'-visit with friends here. and Mrs.. Henry Murray and returned -home Sunday ies, where he has been £-„* , pa f! two weeks takln B treat- m ,rn f f ° r r, hls eyes> He ex P eots *o return to pes Moines in a few weeks w nave his eyes examined again. .Last Friday the Fanton town base ball team defeated Lotts Creek by a score or 7 to 4 on the local diamond before a large crowd. The batteries for Fenton were Alderson and Haase and for Lotts Creek, Mittag and Kressln. Last week the many friends of Lester Dacken, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank a patient at the sanitarium at a post card shower in ™, «« — birthday. Lester received over fifty cards from his friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Allen and daughter of Minneapolis spent Saturday here visiting among friends. Mrs. Aliens parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wolfe, who went to California last summer, are now located in Minneapolis. Mrs. Watson Shlck and son, Charles, and her father, C. H. Lingefelter, went - Lament last Thursday to spend De- $*«x»x»x^^ Longs^ Grocery in seasou - Sunshine briiigs happiness. Be sure to order some Sunshine into youu home. This is the Sunshine store, the quality cakes, always fresh. Remember to ask for our profit-sharing coupons. Hundreds of splendid premiums gif en Margaret Nelson and Velma"volen- I £ Lamoi jt last Thursday to spend weeks to Barnes of Blue Earth 1 were 1 ; visitors at '• .0 "" Jimmie Neville W arrf^wx w A «.» / THE SHOE MAN Algona, Iowa. qf the sra; raowier, £Mrs "bora c Hunt and L,'otherfrelatlyes.and "friends. - •', Mr. .'and Mrs,'Bernard O'Brien and baby, of Whitteipbre were visiting-a 5; the home'of;,the tetter's parents, Mr i and Mrs. Peter Mathias, recently. Mrs. Mary Delany and daughters " Edrls and Delores of Fort Dodge spent Thursday with their daughter and sister, Mrs. L. F. Kennedy and family Mr, and Mrs. Raymond Wilhelmi and Mr. and Mrs. Owens and daughter, Della Barbara, of Clinton visited at the Peter Wilhelmi home over the week I end. Miss Bosella Mathias, who has a position as stenographer at Nevada, Iowa, arrived home last week for a visit with her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Peter Mathias. Neil Garry left Saturday for Emmetsburg where he has another position. For the past two years he has been employed at the Carmean drug company. . uiu B Jacob Grethan «^&t3SS^JS8Sg* darihav^^ffi^^^ **"<* s^-efc^^ Longs' Gro ^ tW 1$ i- L wiir. ——-*«"*«»*^jkpv last,Friday from^Brkhix has'— i • - - °" •jfalls „ vMjie;, iasi;,;wei daughter, Mrs Frank ily. „•* * A. 'man, • • past few ^1'enter tM jowa sUnltarium and hosT g of a doc- Pital for treatments.Si Th^v AvnA«<: +» ., and was under4he care^of a dZlPM for t^atmentt^The7'e^ct U to "' ' ' ^ t'ci be yhere two "weeks??SWord has heenl ' Elvidge spent' Decoration ' 'bay received theft Tie 1 - islgetting along nice- iis brother. Wm wuri^™ n _t T,...! I Iv and stnnri fhA ti-ir, t n <*i,, .„„« ™iiu i.« iTT." "i" 011 Decoration Day "«»YOU wm<, ne W4ge?nng aioni with his brother, Wm. Elvidge at Burt ly and stood * h e trip fairly well. &nCl fllSO fl.r.f'janriori i-'hn *njr«.« AU i^^ I A «.i..~_i* . , . r vices a iSrp attellded toe Memorial •«> miscellaneous,shower was held at A. D. Newbrough home in honor ,, A - , v™ *>, u. «eworougn nome in honor Mrs. Albert Wlrtjes returned to her ° f thelr daughter, Lucille, who is to, nome from the Kossuth hospital at "^come the bride of Edward Blanchard tTLh Week Thul<s day with her f on ,. of Mr - and Mrs| M. E. Blanchard ttle b aby. in the near future. Besides the many The American Legion Auxiliary will U? ^ andb eautu'ul gifts a mock wed- meet Wednesday, June 11. at tS Le- dl ? g , wa l neld after wh ich a delight- KeTmstrS ^ *** ^ "*&•£* "" ""^ to to ^ aW^a-jarift bgK ' S?SS WAgST 18 " ^^S^h^iffi^^fSS t ihRe ™^^^^^«« Albert Hutchinson went to Chi S?m rl ° k i a ^ ham; Mrs - otto Jen sen, a h ,_ h E H . , SSSTWRSB'fflM ?P'« a *3ffi SSSSSi: Sm- ^"".S 1 ".™'•• to "- - - Jlfth car of hogs this year his water pall; Lyle Schuller, two bushels ™£ lghf ?S h ? 01 team by the lop-, . Mrs. Haxley Shelllto and ivr, «,,„, .2 ^'^1 ^ ™** Whitford, 5 Z °U! ^!u.^?" e Ro <* 4 o'fmoSf- ^ - d »• Bhelli- gliaf^,^ ™ ey ™**C OS motner nrpn*-. fn T7n/.u nn 4.— «» I ° ' Sene- i-slded i was the last teams. three hits out oTtlree ^^5 tim wx i wT* •.••'/5. v sm '.??. swv*y\ m 'te-mr-'mw: •>»• v.»v. Coats Half Price An assortment iof about sixty 1930 spring coats ?:! that are made from the season's popular fabrics in • both plain and mixtures, ; ' $36,00 Coats, now .,$17,50 , now '. |18,00 Oo»ti, cinct 14ICI SS ?r-^ ttWlVfiKfi ' ••»'•.•*••*.«»••* .•«ii^' • /• "V t . • ^ • • 'rt;-.-, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, ^elT? tJ£=? *»J G ! ea ' Semi - An » Ml Ganne»t EveLt' JSrir• SUITS Our entire stock of tailored suits, including the popular Print* ess gaments. Jfc es,erve.4« HALF PRICE CHRISTENSEN BROS. CO. 'Algona's Garment Center*' HATS A splendid group of women's hats at a mere fraction of their worth. While they last $1,00 EACH »•«•.: N*»5 .M. Dresses Half Price Over 100 silk dresses are offered at half price, made iroin plain silk erepe and also prints, in styles that fl_re all highly desirable. .Nearly all sizes. $29.78 Dresses now $14.88 $19.75 Dresses now $ 9.88 $11,76 Dpesses now $ 5.88 tygbLx^m

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