The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 2
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SHOWS FINE GROWTH One Year, in Advance fill Months, in Advnneu t.^^^^ Stows Months, in Advance ^^^I^- *~~ : -—-—..—- 1.2 Sn bscriptions Outside Obtinty'^ioVet'year"'"'""""" * subscriptions continued ttftf tiuffifiSSt u™.™, . Display Advertising, Site Per Inch • Composition 6 cents fcer inch extra. Tlffi OLD HOME TOWW. The best town in the world is old home town. If you don't believe and the a " ttfty h«t «,«*, Jl may ** 8ood stores I »ent commonly "heard expressed con- but they are different. Then comes <*mtog the fourth annual Rural School a hankering and homesickness to see day , whlch on last Friday brought to- the old familiar faces and to hear the e j 16 ! a crowd of between two hundred voices of old friends. In the old home S!i fl fty and three hundre" town everyone known ««»*»„»..«,, „«- I ?i?? activitiesof the day were U Ml Good Hope. Every fnird Farmer in the County is a Member of the Farm Bureau, recently received by OaUy the I1SOO additional" fSr "iSSTmT^ 1928 means an additional 2800 mem- I r 6 ^ *? r , tnftfc m °P tl1 to *<>*«• The fol* ~ * an Construction Company Moves to Good Hope. Good fiepe, May 21 special: Yesterday between the hours of noon and si* o'clock a young village sprang up at the county gravel pit on the Will MeMahortfarm. It was the occasion of the moving in of the ft. j. cook road constru«tlon"outflt of Port Dodge which Is one member of the IOWA LEADS IK FARM BTOEAU WOHK.I|a^S^^£K^|SrET5rHpf 5 the American Farm fitmuui VM^M^ *?.2.^*5. P. the county by all these Tourist Travel Has Started Tourist trawl haft started now tha the schools have closed and every day sees many foreign cars passing through the dp. The Atywsa tourist A which Id known as one of the cleanest aid best equipped parks in the state has had numerous visitors and as formerly will be a popular place for the traveltotf public. A^ -.-.—--American Farm Bureau Federation headquarters from any single state in 2600 New Members Were Taken Into yea ^. pafit ' We th °usht that last I YnrtnT.n'a **n***u j»4i. +^*. _ ^ L , .... , . i , . . the Farm Bureau In Iowa Daring May 1930. Over two hundreds Kossuth coun- y farmers have had " payment was very remarkable. out Una to our amazement that the 1 1 ^ tt?" 1 !^ todav te substantially larger than the one sent in last month. 1 am also pleased to observe that your i w f ™.» »««*A«^«. ¥Tt»4WAA Wfl-S GX1 — +=« «, i. ,_ schools are bet- Joyed together by groups composed of ter, the churches are better and the families from the various schooldis- npmes are more cozy and more home trlcts> some ^finished athletic contests *«• wer e completed. These were succeeded The older ciMwns who make their \,L . set P r °8famo f the day, consist- dally trips to the store and nost of ^,° f a Va 5 lety of musl cal numbers, j.-- .. - . owjre ana post Of- I retuilnp-K. nnrt nlava «t,f „„ i™ 4.1— «_ with to m ? re , than greater than u sent farm bureau must do mem- the result of Work spring in Kossuth excellent evidence of paid up list will near the nine hun «"™ja on uus spring in Kossuth dred mark for 11930 This nipatin that fSU"Y "? glven excellent evidence of . , only seen In the home town. Even for spelling, exhibits and other con- the "kiddles" are different. They are tests - The address of the afternoon cleaner and more polite When any y Rev ' Aten of the Presbyterian church one starts knocki ' of Burt> w hlehly lns Pirational and ha PP y ma nner one starts knocking the' home town give them some of this dope to think' about and invite them to try living la some other town. There is no town In the world quite as good as Algona. We have everything they have in the large cities except street cars and the cities are trying to get rid of them. We have the best shows, one of the finest golf courses to the state, a new swimming pool, a beautiful state park and several other pretty parks, paved streets, nice homes and congenial and characteristic of this popular gentleman. The presentation of diplomas to the graduating class was done by County Superintendent Shirley with brief congratulatory and informing remarks The class comprised the following to Algona Girls Attend Wa-Tan-Ye Meeting A number of the members of the Algona chapter of the Wa-Tan-Ye club attended the annual convention which was held last week Monday and Tuesday at Cherokee. Stella Mae Breen Laura Mitchell and Margaret Palmer outfits will be approximately one hund* dred miles" says Supervisor MeDon» aid, and is Said to be the biggest contract for such work ever let in the state. The work, which will be done In this neighborhood by the Cook outfit will include the resurfacing of six miles of road, running south past Good Hope parsonage on which will be spread 500 yards of gravel to the mile; six miles of new work to be done on the road running north from the central school and the road running east and north from the Will Dodds corner to connect with gravel already spread on H 16 ro&d running south from Lone Bock There will also be extensive patching done on the gravel road running west past central school from No. 16. This, with the exception of a few short but quite important stretches will put this section of the township in excellent shape. It is hoped these weak links may be taken care of next year In connection with some much needed work which is likely to be done I In the eastern part of the township This road district is under obligation to Supervisor MfcDonald for the efficient and diligent, manner in which he Is looking after the work of the district. Much Corn Ha* Been Replanted. This spring has been an unusual spring and the month of Mav was very cold. The result on many corn fields was disastrous and considerable corn did not grbWi This with the damage made by worms on the corn that did grow made it necessary for much replanting In numerous fields. The com that is now up and growing shows a pretty good stand and while a bumper crop is hardly expected, the prospects are fairly good. Notice of Sale of Bonds, The count? treasure? gf county MO receive feidt tip Offer fof sale, at t«8 6|loeU £ m,, 13,1930, fat the court house at W fito&ry saw i, 1689, denemlnatloh ft* interest payable annually, optional oa any interest paying date en of &f7 te? May 1, 1938, afid dated to mature 136,000 annually on May l In each of ftf-MISM''** 1M4 » »a*to*lfe> and $41,000 in 1645. . sealed bids will be received uj> to the Hour of calling for open bids, after open bids are In, seated bids will be opened,. teach bidder must file certified or cashier's check drawn in favor of the county treasurer In ah amount not less han three per cent of the amount of bonds offered/ Ifcight to reject any of all bids is reserved. • , ,' Approving opinion 6f dnapnian 1 '* cutler of Chicago will be furnished by the county, purchaser to furnish blank bonds. Dated May.», 1630, M „ . H. N, ttRtfsa, 49*60 Treasurer Kossuth County. For Your Safety—BLOCK SIGNALS friendly people. Boost for your home town. gratulation, Milo Ward, Mervln Gardner, Evelyn Dodds, Bemadine Mahoney, Clarence Loss, Ward Winkle, and Donald Thompson. We greatly regret that we were unable this week to present much detailed Information which should be a part of this report. Need- the Anna club. Buss, THE PHEASANT AGAIN. The pheasant is again in bad with less to say that the success of this day was due to the tireless efforts of the officers and committees of the Mothers and Daughters club and school board and to the pride of teachers and -_ „.„. PUPite which Inspired them to produce a number of farmers, who declare that *2 e VMy ° f w h ioh they are cap,;; / "onTtrnTUVS 3r/-re**? r «**-»x - :• .;«i^i»taSu.SIii£! $%££%'&££ to the "*• 1 -L * f*" 58 a™ » Is reported that some have I township next year- rv.- , been shot There Is no question but "" ~ ;. , ' that pheasants, especially when they > - become more numerous In certain locations, do considerable damage and on •'_, the other hand, there is no question but V that ^ey do M a sense earn their ^I-'i living?- by the destruction of bugs and ^;,, '' wormf'ta the fields.,'>wa game laws 1 •, are to a large extent a Joke, A one, Mary Fraser; number two, Helen McMahon; number three, Miss Margaret Dodds; number four, Gertrude Sage; number five, Ruth Fraser; number six, Irene Mitchell; number seven, not filled yet. Miss Adris Peterson, who taught district number three In the year just closed, goes to number seven district of Fenton township with . Johnson and Mrs. Howard Platt. Monday evening Rev. Perkins of Council Bluffs, who Is the author of the'Rolary code of ethics, spoke to the girls on "The Female of the Species." The Rotary club took the girls on together with the Commercial 'club them cars for a tour of the *h - ~, , - second day of the convention the girls were given a luncheon by the Commercial club. The Wa-Tan-Ye club has chapters In South Dakota, Illinois and Iowa, making up a membership of over four hundred members In sixteen clubs. Myrtle Raymond of Charles City was elected national president of tne club for the coming year The next convention will be held at Clear Lake. The Algona club Hopes to have the convention here some time in the next few years. Farm Bureau Held Achievement Day. Burl May 27. Special: The farm bureau held their sixth annual achieve., ment day at the Presbyterian church Tuesday of last week with M«. J H Warburton presiding. Ten townships talks were given by Mrs WessePthe home demonstration agent, E. R kor- Crowded Out Last Week.) rison, county agent, F L Rversnn ««• county farm bureau president and de- to. J and '}***• Jiunes Wler «««-- monstratlons by Buffalo, Grant Led- „*? Peterson on Sun- [WHITTEMOBE NEWS.! and Harrison 'town- WM rved to 25 °- the Mary sra enjoyed a vis sls £"* L «Verne, Swea and iSttand townships. Portland township won first £,*£?„ Withta dem °nstration of basket | m ^?5 pu ! °? by_ Mrs. Alfred God- d two New York for a visit with her parents Mrs. MacCarthy. . West Bend and Whlttemore Smith, which I glon Posts will have a Memorial fair later. Mrs. Pro^m Friday afternoon. All buslnTss of and Home Track Meet Was'Held Friday. an advance In salary. We shall hate .. and feeds these pheasants, | to los e her •from the neighborhood for he.shouldrMllone.Jielsrab'ject/she^has-.the qualifications ^of a nnel^^ 0 ^*^^^ Ellsworth Richardson gave an address.'j houses will close for the afternoon™ Fenton H. S. Loses to Rodman 3 to Special: In a tight) 'Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pertl have - Barnes of Rod- returned from their wedding trio tenf™, r,^ I mm soon be at h ta ™g« ™P season i ore the local year for «Hiad was held Kitten Ball Games fi** ated.' The ikltten ball team ._ ' ^»_ — i «»«»• »w» vuv wuuujr i *•*« wuau^cwu v,ii mitten pan team they, should >be protected In a reason- defeated the HonneJ team Wednesday ' ~" M " 'enable manner. At .any rate they are pretty birds and destroy much insect and worm life that la also destructive to the'crops. It is a known fac't that If It were not for our bird life, it would be Impossible for plant life, Including fruits to exist because of Insects and worms. - ' / Hews and Comment. 2!*S«lf*« ^ »e-AttflSto Park. ^ -under adverse con- the heavy -wind that' track events was slow but the field events came through with fairly'good distances* v This year Coach Bonham was handicapped through lack of material and most of the men were' Inexperienced. He looked forward to next year and devoted much time to the younger boys who are coming up and the prospect for a good team next year topks very bright. It takes time to ,, com f,_ a good traok man'and nearly all of the members this year had never participated in a race. All of the winners of first places in the meet Friday will be back next year with the exception of one man, Llndhorst. Samp night, May 21, at .the Athletic Park by toe score of 9 to 0. The Oil team had tne best of the argument all the way through the contest and they'looked like one of the teams to be in the running for the championship of the league at the end of the season. They have a number of heavy hitters and good fielders. Honnel was handicapped by some of the regular players not show- Ing up for the game. The Oils put across three runs In the first Inning and were never In danger from then on. Neville pitched for the winners and Johannsen for the losers. L. A. Miner was the umpire The Hill Supply kitten ball team defeated the Kossuth County State Bank team Friday night by the score of 9 to 7. Both teams were hitting freely and it was an interesting game to watch. Two or three home runs were hit|; one with bases loaded. Errors coupled with hard hitting In the pinches was what won the game. Ernest Qodfredson pitched for the losers' and Don Smith for the winners, Howard Beardsley and A. E. Anderson were the efficient umpires. The Standard Oil kitten ball team played the Cresco team Sunday at the Athletic park and won by the score of 7 to 8. Rising's home run featured the game. Neville pitched for the winners and Smith for the losers. Monday night the American Legion team played the Hormel team and won by the score of 8 to 3. The feature of the game was a long home run over the right fielder's head by Bonham of the Legion team. The game was marred by many" errors on the part of the Hormel team, at least four runs were made by the Legion men through errors. Samp pitched for the Legion ventured"in£T nean !* s ? me others, team and Johannsen for the Honnel. ^en on th™t candy . "^chen. From cnen on the party must have become a he gave up buiTone bit. On the othe hand, Barnes was Bit hard but grea hto out . This game saw five Senton athletes play their last game for Jflen- ton - The are Leudtke, Oeronsln, War- u ,,_, L , - the track squad but will be eligible for football. The winners of the events Friday and the time and distances are as follows: 100 yard dash, 11:5—Raney 220 yard dash, 24:5—Blossom; 440 yard <?ash, 58-Samp; 120 high hurdles, 20- Millcr; 120 low hurdles, 1ft— iind- horat; one half mile, 2:12—Moore; one mile, 5:05—Jordan; pole vault, 10' 6"— Cowan and Biirtis tied; high Jump, 5' a —Ostrum, Kanouff and Burtls tied- broad Jump, 10'—Blossom; Javelin, 130' —Cowan; shot put, 37'—Cowan; discus, OH'—Tvvnrow »•—i 08'—Cowan. Jimmie Neville Loses His Nightshirt/ It has been rumored about on the rialto that Jimmie Neville, the popular and sporty shoe man, was caught in a Entertained Relative* and Friends Sunday. Good Hope, May 27. Special:' A^group consisting of Mr. and Mrs W j Bourne, Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Peters and daughter, Mary LeeT of Burt, Bates Stott and Miss Catherine Madson, who are members of the Bourne household Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barrickman and children of Algona, and Rev. and Mrs Allen Wood and the former's sister, Mrs. Mary D. Moore of Boulder, Colorado, partlcpated In the celebration of birthday anniversaries at the Bourne home on Sunday afternoon. The guests of honor were Mr. Bourne, Mr. Stott, and Mary Lee Peters, the latter attaining her fifth birthday. Following a sumptuous and delightful repast at one o'clock the afternoon was spent In social converse. Late In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. W. L Whitney of Algona dropped In to add' their congratulations. The affair was a very happy one. i Monogram Club Initiated Five Members. h 1 high school Anyhow, the public got an earful of tariff and Income tax during the campaign. This is "We told you so" week with some and with others "How did that happen?" When a man knocks his home town he knocks himself and his friends The best town In the world is the home town. Some of the fellows who neglected to vote are going to be the biggest kickers when things don't go their way in congress and the legislature. It's going to be a bitter pill for some of the candidates to vote for their victorious opponent in the general election but time heals all wounds. There has been over two thousand new laws passed in the United States in the last three years. How can a fellow avoid breaking a few of them? Farmers were more interested in getting their com fields cultivated, even if prices are low, than they are In the , primary election. Can you blame them? , F , en t°n, May 27. Special—A ninth inning six-run rally climaxed by Ald_. , . erson's long home run into left field The appointment of Hanford Mac- gave Fenton an 11 to 10 victory over Nider as minister to Canada is pleas- East Chain here Sunday. Kucker of Ing to his many friends in Iowa. There Fen ton and Robinson of East Chain Is a future for "Jack" in the nation's hooked U P in a Pitchers' battle, which history lasted until the ninth inning. Going into the ninth with the scored tied at 5 to 5 ,East Chain scored five times - ^, That salary grab has become a live f °r what appeared a victory. And then I P na were Quests at the James Coady I for the coming'year "Miss°CoadV t ninth inning rally. The first siv home Sunday evening. * to teach elsewhere' y Timothy O'Brien and daughter" iSary' Joyce, aU of Lawler, spent the week end at the home of Mrs. James O'Brien. vMrs. Mark Olson and two daughters Mary Elolse and Patricia-^^' Deftniatility it at tssentiat in the oil that guards your car, at in train tig- Hals. That is why so «, — Your Engine NORTHLAND OIL emit— prfced crude ° a In the , «• strenphened by un° usually thorough refining. A» a result, Northland OU is more « «*<»« to the hard- driving that " <lk dOW or dteary oiF It 1. fin . y o t . the finest protection money can buy for your engine— yet in coat per mile it is moat economical. THE BARTLEB-SHEPHERO OU. CO. WATERLOO. IOWA ,- re staley of Chicago are guested toe home of Mrs Grace Staley has been In » R toough> the^c, T G^bhart^were,, there . * Laird & Reimer Have Monthly Magazine. Laird & Reimer are putting out a Pure Pennsylvania MOTOR OIL PERMIT N0.88 advice< Farmers Ibr.' Co. Fenton Home OH Co. ... C. E. Rohlin "'"/ <• •••• Fen ™ n Swea City Motor Co. ......... V. |*"» «ty I-orenz Serv. Sta Swea City . Wesley no *MI tablishments In the state. one who cares e 'naiUng list. The by a ften m Indlan- Belmer have one of undertaking es- bad fix one night this week. It seems wicked paddles, that Jlmmie was In Britt combining club of tht „ leld an initiation of "five new members Friday night Lunch was served afterwards at the States , Sw n, f Wa f ^P? 1 ^ 1 that the Initiates did most of their eating while stand<"" — as some of the members wielded Fenton Won from 11 to 10. - , .- M ^™, ii ^, „ . . - an d Mrs. John Scholtes and I trine sophisticated, because, in the £ hudren - William Richard and Nataline shuffle. Jimmie lost his night shirt. M* rie - of Bancroft were guests Sun- Wp °^°" -™* oj the girls around MfT »» the home of Mrs Scholtes' they did with it but he m °ther, Mrs. David Keefe. Mrs I i „, ., °f luck> he couldn't find it. Scholtes was before her marriage Miss | Wonder what he told his wife? Ruth Keefe. The Scholtes family is farming near Bancroft. £ L M , iS ? , J f UlIa Coady closed her school •-••' Jn district number five, Irvington town- M?l Wee ^, Wednesday w «h a Picnic for the children which was held at _ „ __ the school house. This is also the can- Crowded Out Last Week.) I ter scho °l — J -- - - ' and Mrs. Wm Steinbach of Al- Issue. Before the general election the tha t ninth inning rally. The first six state treasury will no doubt he en-1 ^"t 011 , m en hit safely and then with riched several of a guilty conscience, evening. elsewhere ' fore the fielder got to the ball. The ™? B , usy Bee club met with Esther £hoo? in SSSS° " W °?1 S ad J oln ing the The Fergusons seem to think they base rullllln g ^ Mlcklick, local out- Stanle Wednesday instead of Friday Miss OPrtJf,T^ y W i th thelr tea cher, Jan have a deed to the governorship of fl elder ' was outstanding as ho stole all ?£ accolln t of Friday being Memorial of LOHP Texas. "Pa" was disbarred from be-1 Ule way ar ^ und the diamond twice. | Da ^ ' ) n io as ing a candidate and now "Ma" announces that she will be a candidate. Cement Layer in Swea f f . • » T n \ vviiuierr.ore, Mi Of Largest Ul U. S. George Pugsley of Cylinder Woman Died Recently at Whittemore. Whitterr.ore, May 27. Special: Mrs, "" ' " , Cylinder passed away way commission intend to and up to he plc- bers looking for a location. Pupils attending St. Cecelia's academy at Algona, enjoyed a oicntc at tho school Monday and thl , achooULed Tuesday for the summer vacation Francis Winkel and Lucille Bode w eie among those who completed the eighth last week with I district until March first of last vear completing the bar- This concluded the school activities for Des Molnes. He Is now | thls vw and the pupils were ed for their summer vacation. William and Joe Becker and their — Mrs Laura Hohensteui enter- about forty neighbors at their 1 farm home last Saturday ev- Uinch was served which was by the guests. The Beckers r,! 0 ^! 0 ' being congenial i U and Mra Chester Bailey left last Friday morning for Minneapol" for a visit with their daughter. Mrs SS e L Haase and her husband. They returned home Monday. Mrs Haase was formerly Merle Bailey and wal and as an extra treat they served their and h sides the bounteous lunch- Cards and dancing were the entertainment of the Beggars Can yChoose % MARGARET WEYMOUTH JACKSON Art is a jealous mistress. The difficulty with which Ernestine adjusts her own desires to the consuming flame of Will's genius is Absorbing. Ambition culminates in drama, a great disgrace threatens, a sacrifice is made. The author frankly loves her characters and makes you share this genuine affection. Read This New Serial in eek End in HOTEL JACKSON, DEARBORN. QUINCY, i TJiQs,H, Sadler, Molnes. Republican Beginning Today PR* F, E. SAWYER

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