The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1930
Page 1
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—Twelve Page* IOWA, WEDNESDAY. JtJNE 4, 1930 Ko. BO DICKINSON WINS BY LARGE MAJORITY™-™'" Dr. Weiner, Nationa.11v _ _ _ ^ .B. (Hurt Woman Suddenly Saturday. • - - Dan Turner Wins Governor Nomination. Larra bee Carries County, Gilchrist Winsjn the Congressional District. [ALGONA WON TWO GAMES LAST WEE Congressman •, had a majority in every precinct in the county and Larrabee Carried Kossuth County Known Chemist, to Give Talk on Livestock. NATIONAL PRESIDENT TO SPEAK IN P. M. Barbecue Sandwiches Will be Served at Noon. All Kinds of Sports and Music Will be Enjoyed. Burt, June 3. Special: Mrs. W. H. Smith died Saturday afternoon at her home here. She suffered a stroke ear- %t i' n -1 v Thursday morning and was uncon-1 • Nationally *° 10I f " nt " he £ death. This was a rtnrwiHi an * «Pfc««. •n . - . * Breat shock to her friends and family ^Orwl "1 and TllOmpSOn De '.. T.rt HLiTra ES Sne hari hpon In crX/ir* tt nn t*i* --j I she had been in good health and I was feeling as well as usual when she she retired the night before. Grace Cleary was born April 4, 1867, at Virginia, Wisconsin, where she lived until I | she was fourteen years of age when feated 5 to 4 and 17 to 3 Friday and Sunday. - — „ „„.„ „..,; O icw to woman- (•"•IvrJclT GrAME WAS yT, a on Sa£t l W u S? rw 2 RAINED OUT MONDAY. UnitGd ft"* mni»HorMk t-n \XT TT *-«.,—iAt_ I I They Hammill Congratulated "Dick " >^^^^^^^^^^ Notes on Kossuth County Vote. ' they lived until March, 1919, when they moved to Burt. After living here for eight years they moved back on the farm and were there for three years and had only moved back to then- home here three months ago. Besides her husband nine children are left to mourn, namely: Mrs. Erma Leek of This Season. Thompson Put up No Opposition. by the com- Kossuth county farm be held at the fair -- *June 10, under thei -» -»«.«v*jr. n-.uo. j^i-um jjees 011 j —, ~ "* ** *"^"»v««n uay game of the Kossuth county farm Arnegard, North Dakota: Bay W and £5 Wlnnta 8 from Thompson 17 to 3 I TTfmtn* A n™ii.t- • ••_. _I. . * I T^rlP trama ntlt-V* 4-t._ , . _ • *- base ba " ~, t n. ~ . past week, defeating Cor- wl 5 to 4 ln a Memorial day game Prizes Were Awarded at Commencement. A large crowd attended the commencement exercises at the Call Theatre last Thursday night. The commencement address given by President Mossman of Mornlngslde College 1 Sioux City was full of interesting am instructive thoughts and was general ly well-liked. A number of prizes were given out-to the pupils who did the best work throughout the year. The P E O prize of twenty-nve dollars for the four years' best work in English was awarded to Lonetta Howie A wist watch given by Fred Wehler to thc best all around girl was won by Harriett Smith. William Cliff won the watch for the best all around boy. The Goeders prize of fifteen dollars to the best all around girl was given to Alberta Groseribaclv Stanley Orelner won the ten dollar D. A. R. prize for the best history student. Ella Zumach SS?-«? e *^ d ?L 1 ???! ftn . so 9 let ? r D r lze of fl ve grade ™ 0mpson ' natlonal farm over Moul ton. for second term by 449 votes — —' — vnuwvM'f AUCVJT vy niAU Henry A. Smith, Mrs. Floyd Duncan Mrs. Tom Trenary, Harold Smith, and Olive of_Burt; Mrs. Fred Laabs of Lakota; Mrs. Glen Sperry of Minnesota and fourteen grandchildren. Mrs: Smith was a loving mother and a kind neighbor, one who will be greatly miss- on V\\t n 11 • "Cii*** «*«.*i _-. i Warbnrton by,832 votes county recorder over Mrs. Harriet erson and E. T. Burbanh ere as constables over Joe And- -ndldates for the office of .. Captain Saunders but the nomination'wffl A •¥¥ A»«.~. a « * -*«»w *uc,yUUV13IlHOILr* *«JBWW^iWf, ,-C * S- ^fcJ? rv~-—""T 4>yKfe W O. BreakenriiiffA fnm«.,i» «*_i. -._:r^'.• . ' " ', • •&•>', S^Lfc^^^?^^^^ hlgh,^ The Supervisor Fight. " Hinlz Family to wUl speak at 1:15 p. m. Dr7 WeineV a chemist of national reputation, has been secured to -speak at ten-thirty £LS eJm £ rni S g ' For aU Persons in- cu «y a". J?'unerai services were con- terested directly or hidh-ectly in live- ' ducted by Rev. S. H. Aten at the Pres- Dou°lt^ w?f 'ii, Ca m e L • sheep - pl e s or I ^ t ? r } an chur c h Tuesday afternoon and poultry, his talk will be of extreme in- burial was made in the Burt cemetery terest. He has examined hundreds of . remedies and feeds and his candid op- Mr. Ql .r r> .... inion as expressed brings out matters Weather Permitting. of interest to every stockman. ' ~ — Barbecue sandwiches and coffee will be served free starting at eleven-thir- hnVj 716 ^ ee L wU1 be P re P a «d in real barbecue fashion on the will be carved by cutters. T1 }5 Grant township quartet wdll , spealctag program andttie ruraTorch^! tras wUl give a short concert at the same time and also later in the af- frirEw 1 ^- tho ? e who may not care foBow the sport program. Ball games, men's races; Shetland popy races, sports for the young and ow, men and women, boys and girls ^SfOfffg*" ° & " ed by all. Funeral services were con- Pool to Open Sunday. Mayor Ogren announces that if the Permits the finishing of the ° """* a-iiuiiipjiuil J. f tO O The game with the California Owls was M "~>"-- 1 on account of the rain storm 3vening. No later date wau available at this time, but it is thought this team will again be in this territory in a few weeks, Algona Students Win College Degrees. at one o'clock. The filtering plant has been running and everything will be in readiness for the opening Pumps have been turned on and the pool is now filled. The lifeguard, Walter Fraser, is expected home from Ames, where he is attending college, ana as soon as he arrives the pool will opened. William Poole will again Ostrtim. Both year, use of iv™ Algonians who were graduated from colleges and universities this week and next include: Catherine Kain at of Wisconsin; Georgia ™ ,; 0r<5 ColleBe - Rocktod, Illinois; Mell Peterson, U. S Nav- MnM^ 6 " 1 ^ L . eslle Samp and Maurice McMahon, Creighton University; Lloyd Bohannon and Julia Bourne at Ames; r ,i°tn Beh . Imer , at the Chicago Physical S«rZ £'%! m l S , chool; Ann Murtagh, Harold Falkenhainer, June Adele Overmyer and- Ruth McMahon at the University of Iowa and The Doctor Prices to Leave for Europe. Dr. and Mrs. J. o. P. Price will leave Algona Monday, June 9, for New York City. They will spend a day in Washington, D. a, looking over the sights and on June 13 will sail for Europe on the "Lapland" to attend the international congress of the American Veterinary association. The Prices will land in Cherbourg, France, and from there will go to, Paris. After a few days there they Intend to go to England and visit with relatives, and then will rejoin their party for the congress. When this is over the association will make a tour of the British Isles before returning to the United States some time in August The many friends of the Prices Wish them a bon voyage. NEW GRAND STAND TALKEDOVER TOES; About Twenty-five Men Met to Discuss Ways to Put Over New Grand Stand. WILL COST $14,000 AND SEAT 3,000. Will Probably Sell Certificates Bearing Six Per Cent Interest ,to People of County. any",,/ one Emmetsburg Too Strict About Parking. Emmetsburg lately has,btjen jsb fltrtct 5 bout * helr Parking of cars thWthey h - 1MK259I,' H"- t " YW> o r -flv,e.j? h° w ete*wen$y,4fl B^MHs, Wek^teoaiHftei 1 'and toWffiBtaf^wffipi ticket, non-transferable, TAti'a cooenM 4-l n 1»t ..iij ' Little Johnson Boy, ' n '« , 9* ed ° n Sunda y- 1 picture""show^toV^ewhew ifflS5&*^^sss**f»>* afif*.*&tffe ?WRS i- i ell j\ *\ i T ^^^r>* u iFo7ttier^lgpria.Man, !,*** ^JuSrtTO i£*Wgr caused / some A!gon>. ve been gobg-over there About twenty-five men were present at a supper and meeting of the Fair Association Tuesday night at' the Congregational church. Most of the men epresented townships Ja the; county, with a sprinkling of Algona men. Juius Kunz, president of-the fair asso- iation, called the meeting to order and! rave thc following figures in regard to- the old stand and the new one which is being contemplated for next fall. The new one will cost approximately^ $14,000 and will seat 3,000 people.' It will be built on the west side of the race track and will face the east. It will be built so that sections may be added on to it in order to accommodate increasing crowds that will come in the future. Three acres of land were added to the grounds last winter when some of the Wellendorf property to the west of the grounds was purchased, and about 5,000 yards of dirt has been moved-in, the quarter stretch and all 4Jt this' has been paid for. - ' '*> 1f ^ > * T. p. Harrington/ii^i^jjesb<8ec*e- * tary of the boardkitSWonvtb kW*HSHSfcM. ry Bode. SI •>l' ' , "<v ; K|| t.v'a •&., >4 *V* «MU~ L,*W» —FC»» •.A^M^AAUf JLvAVACf I a lormer Algona man: "Tacoma', Washington, -r- 1 ^m*,w f A.C*tl.AUjr i _ __ „ nr a , fl .^th fifteen swims,-$2.25, The use "of May 26.— | showers only will be ten cents and tow- ~^ *""• M" w QOClC 4.1 U, . ss^asJBr^AB SSSf&S^f houses a robta ' s dAered N Kl Cle ^°wa^^^ thehr . ag Hintz-s old home, tag's death On week days, except holidays and other special occasions children under fifteen will be given bath house and swimming poo^ privileges from ten- ty in the morning until noon free 411 3 i?,^ s not lncl u^e suit and towel'. ..--_ —„„„„ ^ U .AII cnudren under ten vears of S -Trdi n r tendent Wh ° K^'f be acoom P a nied by I responsible order. | adult. Th* nnni ro m be open-from ten me-thirty until succumbed toetttes andSpne» w,as strickentten services-were-field a« WD -^um B « wo o'clock on'TUesday,- Ji»he;3, Rev. Allen Wood of Good Hope- church offic at- ond'Jhejr auggestioh • W. « AWW9. chWrmenJ! |fof Jhe-- ' m &6&t9.y ,,^J.p ahduldl- ^nwnjjfet^ - ifijjr^" -• ~~™"I J*F»*K attack pf „ Ith which he i,; ago. Funeral e'home at two . .--„— — move has seemd uie best thing advisable although the work is being well carried on this season by I , Wipam Broesder,, who is working for Mrs. Mittag. Mrs. Mittag and her daughters will move to town early next spring. It is -uncertain at this writing I who will move on to the Hintz farm but we understand that there is talk now of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Hintz and I ™Ci i..;. ,"** entering HPW.MI 5«; u^auuag sna .r,:"" v ;•."*'• •" nuasioie, aon't even move msnip which is Mrs. in*.,, „ K.'.HJ? aays a K° he brolce the other cars on the same track Tint • m *-. . sat^^B'^^^^^ass&jaiSSr 10 ?^ management of the „„ „ *= ar sentence to the penitentiary the robins can fly The car has hooV, Smaj ove has seemri tho u . ? Brand larceny, charee. hut imo «„,. i on th« utrHna O i nn « »»-.. o,, ueen »~ in Students Arrive Home from School. (Among the local students who arriv |Si52ESrB&a7,S! fe\« D '".s,as ISirS"'^^^^ A -".° . M »" 8 h required the - rf , man next day at of course made'a seconJH metsburg necessary, ..Thfe of parking strictness that ?^* wa , y J ron \ ft,town. ?Ww The ( ,, a theater at Emmetsburg JUasJost several good customers -from I -Tl—>TT^| rover, , Has was one year. He is " —~~ *** ®S6» &nd tlis spn- undoubtedly mean "life." :e Behlmer to Go to Baltimore. Smash-up Tuesday. While C. McGinnis was drivlnt* home from fishing last night aboutWhto new Ford sedan was run into by a Tripp from Tltonka. The pened about two miles east »i «r"V" on * fte m «ln highway Mr ±^"^^1^"? ««* «>§ the y other on the work. There is also some talk of Mr, and Mrs. Ed. Hackbarth taking the place for next season. Mrs. Hackbarth was formerly Miss Martha Hintz. Sexton Girl Given Farewell Party. Sexton, June 3rd. Special Cor.:-,| A farewell surprise party was given i for Mildred Kutschara at her home Saturday evening by the Sexton Epworth League. Mildred left Tuesday I morning for Cedar Falls where she i will attend college for the coming year. Those attending the party were: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven, Leo and Pearl Steven, Neva Olsen, Herman and Nell Wist, Richard Miller, Ray Huff, Evelyn and Raymond Fisher, Sarah, Neeling, George Olsen, Genevieve Arndorf- j er and Arthur Killian. Games were played on the lawn after which lunch was served. Everyone had an enjoyable time. . Miller Talked at Bancroft Friday. Alice TJehlmer, daughter of Mr ^^er^c^^^^ E^*« * *. T,— *«iJUifco ne cave a VPI-V ^^5?..««Lta»tnicUve talk to th '*** ,?Wd 0 to' aebt . te the tlme- Proposition be- Bert Norton Quits Wesley Lumber Co, tn WeS f 63 l', June 3l s P eBl «l- - Bert Nor«Z. f i 8011 ?' who has beeen manager of the James A. Smith lumber company the past two years, has hand^L w ls .^ esi e natlon which wUl be-1 . -. — "»«« D UJB moiion mat a come effective July 1. - His successor Airman be appointed for each town. has nnt. hpnn rlaftr,tt«i.. -j. , shin anrt ho nV,A__-j __7i. i-.v " wwu». I or" six years, n, A ; Et 'v clayton '"wiffuie suggesciwi that a show pavilion tie, built «$» an* « ia t it would bring largeTes'^te W ^ 0McD °n a ld made the mottoff that a --- - --, -. .,„ Du^-Bwur i cna irman be appointed for each town- hn? A'"," n deflnlt ely made known, shlp an ,l be charged with $50000 worth" bu( L« is expected that Alfred Erdmaii ?, f cert ifioates to be sold, and to Sve of Curlew former Wesley man, will be M* 6 ? 1 ten ^ay in which to do it Thl promoted to the positon. Mr, Norton's Qchalrman ?' the township tori buiSS , ^*? £? toh -! ka . n . Alaska, to hould be nstructed to w^ork w«h^ta! • WnrHn l d be U P. to the fair bow . Harrington amended the motion i -- take care of the way in which finances were handled'that tt they should be the ofies to appoint"thS salesman of the certificates was in favor of this. The fair officers have been very , , o w,n aU ? hter ', Mrs - WUllam Parn ell. PI K S T° vlsit another daughter, ' ?^ alph Loss at Seattle, Washing- on. Miss Bernice Norton, who taught choo at Lakota the past year has ccepted a teaching position at Ketchian for the coming school year ' TABLE OP VOTES BY TOWNS AND Tony Goeders Attends Insurance Convention.] Mr, and Mrs. Tony Ooeders returned Friday from west Ba,den, Indiana, i where they Jhad attended a convention of New York Life insurance men who had sold $200,000 worth of insurance In the past year, in the central and western branches. There .were about WQOuwho received the free trip for selling the stated amount of insurance. On their way home they visited 8 number of points of interest and also attended" the Kentucky derby races at i Louisville. The Qoeders were accompanied by Mr, and Mrs. Ed. Balvenson of Qtty. • I Fined $15 and CoaU *~- DrunJcennesjt • " 'tee Primary Day Was the Hottest Yet. Algona, FirSTWard Agona, Second Ward" Algona, Third Ward Algona, Fourth Buffalo 32 49 34| 120| 201 108 113) 283 98 135 111 120 59| 80 115| 1461 84 . Lone Rock (Burt) Fenton 29 121 261 65 7| 38 32| 731 33| 43 30| 161 171 149 40| 38 80| 171) 84| 109| 33| 61) Lone Rock (Fenton) Lotts Creek LuVerae Pluhi Creek Portland PraWe Ramsey iliverdale 13| 75 7 59 11 48 461 121 Sexton Sherman 46J 21| 401 20| 46| 58) Union Wesley WWttempre ' 955118639,121080061168 wm*imlmo®%$ *v, i «rv— """ fought it out with Mr M±.?? "S* day Would a ^ee with wi. Merritt. Here are the high and ow figures for the past week: tfay 28 .., day 29 tfay 30 May 31 !!.'!.'!."" June 1 June 2 .71 .'so .88 43 40 36 43 54 55 (Grade Across the River Now Finished. (Memorial Day Services Held on Friday A. M. u erade connecting highway S1 Weenjthe ^notion*with slx- Pavlng on 18 northeast of i11 i • ""•"•Hiwaite, Usher, gave a fine address Legionairres paraded to theTemeto™ (sjM&ssj'sssas? 82 Fined $10.00 and Costs l-^=f^£=S Algona First Ward ... Algona Second Ward Algona Third Ward Algona Fourth Ward Total • i*/S;iS';S^'' ; ''i i: f'.;, :i paved, many through School Graduation. - . by Kev. J. D Fisch members of the class were: Her-' " E,rwin Kahe, Walter Will- Rohi 1 MUle *;' Dorothy McCIeish, Ethel 2° bln ^ n '. E .!ther Hutchison, Ella ca?Coyne, and Isabel //.» *V ,,M

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