The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 10
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Refreshment Stand at Swimming Pool. Mrs, F. L. Tribbrt will open The Life Saver, a refreshment stand, at the s^nimlng pool on Friday, May SO. Shi wu sell pies, confections and cigars and tfflll run the stand throughout the season. Algona Markets. The Upper Pes Moines-Sepublican, May 28,1930 Corn Oats , , .$ .67 . .31 . .40 . 9.30 19-.15 18-.12 ROTARY HELD A PATRIOTIC PROGRAM! . -. Roostm • < Rev - W. A Month End SPECIALS Gave j WWVWW| ^^ I Fine Address on Patriotism and World Peace. WASH FABRICS 29c 39c 59c SILK $1.39 $1.59 $1.89 •» v" •' • - • Short Lengths of Silk and \ Wash Fabrics ' We have planned a. month end, clearance in our silk and wash goods and have gone through the entire stock and selected all short lengths of most desirable materials for women's, misses' and children's garments, ensembles, blouses and pajamas, and have .marked each for your convenience and ' m. the ab'ove price groups, (VETERANS OF THREE WARS WERE PRESENT.! j notary Club to Alternate Meetings Be- | tween Hotel and Country Clnb. Emmetsbnrg Rotarians Here. Rev. W. A. Frazier gave a fine patriotic address in honor of Memorial Day at the Rotary luncheon Monday He made a plea for world peace and sald ... the °u«°°k was more favorable this time for universal peace than ever before in the history of the world Following former wars it was custom- fhn h°!'n W « lt ,!!, rs and s P eakers to laud the battlefield scenes and the bravery of contestants but today all take a different view and while they honor the soldiers for their patriotism and bravery, it is with a feeling that it will, never occur again. A few years ago many writers and speakers told about the next war, but during the past few years this expression is seldom heard His father. Rev. Frazier stated, was n Confederate soldier, and that his birth occurred in Tennessee. Oh a recent UIp to the far souhtwest he came to no borderland and the thought that we are nil one nation with no north and no south was a pleasant thought The people of the south as well as the people of the north realize and appreciate the advantages of a United States. He paid a glowing tribute to the veterans of the Civil War, the opamsh-American and the World War Expressions that these men went 'to battle because of being drafted onlv were false and they fought for ideals and principle. Guests of Honor. D. A. Haggard, one of the two surviv- 1 F v f era " s of the Civil War still •alive in Kossuth county, the other be ng Jay Grover of Burt, who was unable to be present, and Paul Wille a veteran of the Spanish-American war! were guests of honor as were the Rotary veterans of the World War It was stated 15 veterans of the Spanish American war now live In the county 9 -- wnom live here. Banker Jark- Edge and A. R. McDonald, manager of a store, both Whittemore RoSns were visitors. During the absence of President A. L Peterson, vice president, M. p. Haggard presided. The lunrh- eons will be held this summer in New Ai«m. hotel and tne count,^ £ Ju £ next week at the MMMMHWVM^^ J.H. JENSEN For State Representative JENSEN'S PLATFORM Commis8ion to more fu "y P rt >tect and conserve our wild life and natural re- 2. Favors a net income tax to replace burdensome levies upon property and such changes in other laws as needed to correct inequalities in assessing of property/ changes 3. Opposed to a General Sales Tax. What Fellow Legislators Say of Jensen Terrill, Iowa, February 28, 1930 — Relative to the record of Hon. 'j. H. Jensen of Kossuth county in the last general assembly I feel that on the whole it is a very creditable one. Being a farmer myself, it is natural that I should look upon legislation from that standpoint. I do not recall a single instance where Mi Jensen's vote and mine differed on matters that directly affected agrl culture. He aligned himself with and consistently stayed, by the group which attempted to keep down state expenditures. He was consistently on the job and missed very few vote on bills of any character. J discussed different matters of legislation with him at different times and he always appeared to be well informed and voted his own convictions at all times. Yours very .truly, (Signed) Francis Johnson, Representative from Dickinson county. Buying Obituary of Mrs, Louisa Heinsohn. Mrs. Louisa Efelnsohn was hnm <n New York Clty.'-JaSfarTlS W61 meS S to £5"1 yo « s old her * arents m °°Sh» « *' J?catln * at Jefferson, where f^8* ew to womanhood. She was united in marriage In 1882 to C. H Hein- taiBM* J Z?t r y n and came to Algona In 1888 which has since been her home, except for the past two years when she Tnrt w u s Angeles w "h her sons Prank and Walter. Mr. Heinsohn died several years ago. Mrs. Heinsohn died ™ mfhcanc ^ after an lllness »' several months. The remains were brought to Algona where funeral services were heW last Sunday in the German Lutheran church. Rev. Dubbe officiating Joice, Iowa, February 17th, 1930. —Hon. J. H. Jensen, state representative of Kossuth county, and a member of the House of Representatives of the 43rd General Assembly of Iowa, was active hi the Economy Bloc of the House, and demonstrated that he was in sympathy with any reduction In state expendi- tures where it was advisable to make a reduction. He was concerned about the interests of the fann- ers and voted to the best Interests of his constituency. Respectfully, (Signed) S. R. Torgeson, Representative from Worth county. (Banker). Burt, Iowa, May 9, 1930.—The Iowa Farm Bureau Federation scan quite closely the work of the different legislators. In a recent letter the secretary of that organization writes me that Representative J. H. Jensen's record is very satisfactory. I was especially pleased to observe that In the tax battles and again In the fight between our dairy people and the oleomargarine Interests the adroit propaganda put out by our enemies had no effect on Representative Jensen. He was loyal 'to his constituents. Sincerely, (Signed) G. W. Patterson. Des Moines, Iowa, May 3, 1930.— Honorable J. H. Jensen, State Repre- enatlve of Kossuth county, was a member o.f the Forty-third General Assembly of Iowa, of which I also was a member. I always regarded Mr. Jensen as ne of the good, substantial members f the House of Representatives. He was seldom if ever, absent from th sessions and was always on the jo as his record on the votes taken wil show. He was always active In be (half of the Interests of agrlcultur and advocated economy in state expenditures. Wherever he and I differed on an> measures or issues before the General Assembly, I always found him courteous and fair hi upholding his position. (Signed) Frank C Byers, Representative from Linn County. (Lawyer.) Pocahontas, Iowa, March 5,1930.— 'Representative J. H. Jensen Is one of those legislators who certainly rates being classed with the courageous type or the kind that makes his own decisions and votes them. By that I do not mean to leave the impression that he does not work with anyone and plays a lone hand for that is far from the fact. Rather, tie was one of the fifty or so members of the house who aligned himself with the progressive group and when convinced that the program was right he played straight through to victory or defeat. His willingness to vote his convic- iions In the face of bitter opposi- ion was plainly shown when he vot- ed to empower the Elections Committee of the House with the authority to investigate the campaign expenditures of Governor John Hammill. In the program of the so-called "Economy Bloc," Representative Jensen was a strong factor. As the appropriation cuts were offered by that organization, his vote was always rightfully counted on by his colleagues, who, for several sessions, have kept state expenditures at a minimum, in the face of a "highly organized administration machine, which has sought more and more of the taxpayers' money to spend. If any member of the House Is to be credited with adhering to the policy of economy in governmental expenditure, Representative Jensen deserves the recognition. .' The House of the 44th General Assembly needs men like the Kos- mth county legislator. The greater hen- experience In legislation, the more valuable they will be, and It s the sincere hope of his colleagues n the progressive faction of the House, that Representative Jenen be returned by his constituents whom he has served so faithfully. Signed) Byron G. Allen, Represen- atlve from Pocahontas county. Vote for a Candidate Who Has the Agricultural Interests at Heart as Evidenced by These Letters WWWWAM/WWMWUVWWVW'i For used cars see F. A. Corev or o, survlve - Henry Jentz r ?P rln es: William and Fred « * ™ u enton ' The two sons ' ^ank and Walter, accompanied the remains of their mother to Algona and left for their home In Los Angeles Tuesday noon. . ' Fur Coat Chrischilles & Herbst One Day Sale Thurs. May 29 n re P resenti ng Newton Annis, De ? 01 Vurrier, will be at this store one " ' Jf you are interested in a now fur coat for- next winter, cuinc n, Jm d see Ihe nc\v styles. Prices are considerably Jo\ver and you will got the best selected skins on your early purchases. All selling will be done through the store. You will receive he careful and painstaking service which lias made this a popular fur coat store for many years. J One Day Only Thurs. May 29 Dodge Caravan Visited in Algona. The Dodge caravan stopped in Algona Thursday. There were nine cars Including several trucks, one of which carried a steam calliope. The men I stayed here all night, and went from here to Burt. They had been out on the tour all week. The Elbert Garage was their headquarters here. Fifty Took Eighth Grade Exams. Monday. About fifty children of the rural schools finished up their eighth grade examinations Monday at the Legion hall. Most of them took make un examinations; others were unable to take them before because of illness [Woman Keeps Her Purse from Thieves. Last Thursday evening about nine o'clock two thugs cornered Mrs. Floyd Bllsborough near the Dr. A. L. Rls home on North Thorlngton street. Ihey attempted to take away her pocket booi by force. She resisted and screamed This scared them and they ran toward the business part of town. It was so dark that Mrs. Bilsboruogh could not see what the miscreants looked like anc she did not report the occurrence until the next morning. The officers had so little to go on that they say It will be almost Impossible to get any clues They think probably that they are the ones who have been breaking and entering houses in Algona during the past week. For Sheriff Frank W. Green Your vote will be appreciated. Poppy Day Was a Large Success. The American Legion Auxiliary put on the best poppy drive last Saturday that they have ever experienced. Approximately fifteen hundred poppies were sold and the receipts totalled about $150. There were no large donations. A few dollar donations were the largest and nearly everyone gave a clime or more. The drive lasted from nine in the morning, Saturday, until nine at night. Some one will be at the door of the Call theatre Friday selling the poppies to anyone who did not have the chance to purchase them last Saturday. Thirteen members of the Auxiliary were on the strees selling the popples and Mrs. William Hawcott was the chairman for this part of the work Twenty-five per cent of the local proceeds goes to the headquarters to be used in child welfare work. The seventy-five per cent that is left is divided between the local post of the American Legion and the Auxiliary, to help veterans or their families locally 01 throughout the state. It is a good work and the ladies are to be commended on their success in selling so many of the poppies. Flowers for Memorial Day. Algona children are requested by the w. R. C. to bring either cut or wild flowers to the Legion hall Thursday between the hours of one and five o'clock p. m. The W. R. C. will mee at the Legion hall at 9:15 Friday morn Ing. Date of Auxiliary Meeting Changed The American Legion Auxiliary meet, ing will be held In Burt, June 17 Instead of June 10 as was previously announced. iCorrection. In an article in last week's paper t was stated that Mrs. Alfred Jergensen and a Mr. Weydert had had an auto accident at the Intersection of Thorlng- ton and State streets when Mrs. Jergensen ran into the Weydert car. From the article it would seem that Mrs Jergensen was wholly to blame but Mr. Weydert made a U-turn BO quickly that she could not bring her car to a stop before the cars collldsd and like many other auto accident it was perhaps unavoidable. A Memorial day trip? What a feeling of security a spare tube brings— a tube for every tire at Gamble stores. estate I am offering the late Grace K. Beane residence for sale, for $5000.00. Hot water heat, two complete apartments and baths. Rents for $60.00 per month.—E. J. Murtagh, Executor. 48-50 FARM LOANS AT 5i/ 4 % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MURTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. 48-50 FOR SALE—In order to close the ^ ' M Car Full of Children Crashes at Whittemore. Whittemore, May 27. Special: Mary Gappa had her car badly damaged last Friday when she had a head-on collsion with another car on the road Just east of Emmetsburg. Miss Gappa was taking a load of children, who were attending Geneva Walters' school, to Lost Island on a picnic. Miss Walters' who was ahead with some of the children, slacked down and in order to avoid hitting her, Miss Gappa turned to the left just as another car was passing. The Gappa car had a wheel and fender torn off and the other car also had a wheel and fender torn off and the front end wrecked. Miss Walters' car's rear fender was also bent. Wants. For Sale, Etc. WANTED—Clean rags at this office. Free Shooting Exhibitk FOR RENT-Furnished rooms, one I block south of Central school building ' - 1 —Mrs. C. D. Fellows. 49-tf | Private piano and voice lessons For , further information phone 715.—Helen Coleman. 49* "~FOR RENT—Very desirable office quarters. Call Upper Des Moines- Republican, 230. 4v_tf FOR SALE—Two all modern houses. One new five room, another nhie room. Terms can be arranged. Inquire W. O. Good. Phone 276 or 832-J. 49-50* D. W. Flanigan, world's greatest marksman, will be here, Tuesday, June 3rd. The shooting- exhibition which he will give will be held at the Algona Gun Club grounds at two o'clock. Everybody is invited. Tuesday, June 3 at two o'clock. Kohihaas Hardware Shall tutor pupils who failed in grades and high school.—Helen McEnroe. Phone 661. 49 $25.00 reward for the arrest of per-" son who stole peony plant from my cemetery lot.—George Hohenberger. 49* FOR BENT—Sleeping rooms. Cal Upper Des Moines-Republlcan, 230. 49 FOR SALE—Cheap. One two row Rock Island corn plow, used but'little First $75.00 takes It. See A. K. Cliff phone 577-W. 49 Card,of Thanks. We wish to express sincere thanks to the friends and neighbors for their kindness during the illness and death of our mother/~The Kuchenreuther family. 49* FOR RENT—Very desirable office quarters. Call Upper Des Moines-Re- publlcan, 230. 47-tf Rustic chairs and settees built from natura wood. Also sharpen tools. Lester Willson, Algona. 49.50 1>AWN MOWERS—Second hand lawn mowers bought and sold. I have good machines for sale, cheap. Lawn mowers sharpened and repaired.—Matt Holtzbauer. 49* * '»*'^^ r> '^ v »vTrv*-^»VFV*VTV»V»U T VrV»WT FORD Bargain Week '22 Ford coupe __$10.00 '24 Ford coupe __$40.00 : '24 Ford touring $25.00 '24 Ford tudor _-_$50.0p '26 Ford -wtedster $40.00 '25 Ford tudor ___80.00 '26 Ford tudor __$120.00 '27 Ohev; sedan $185.00 28 Essex sedan -$275.00 '28 Ford coupe -$300.00 %9 Ford tudor -$400,00 '29 Chev. 6 coach $400.00 Kent Motor Co. Easy Terms. Phone 434. Algona,^wa.

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