The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 9
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Candidates Visit With Algona Voters* lntelW ftey SL n g° f ""ST W8S rient was also in the city looking after his chants for the nomination Mr is a host of friends in north who are doing their best to —i nun. in either evenf, "KVia A?^™*™. » good honelt OUR CORNER NEWS. citizen house. ______ ., — •". "• 6""u nuness representing it in the state ~" ~ r- > _,^ —•^•••••M DICKINSON MEN «*««»*»^^ i/iviuiiduii infill gponft <in»*rwT» *nn WO 8 SUPPORT SMITH False Story That He is Tied up with Hammm a Boomerang to Opposition. The Upper Des Moines-Republican, May 28.1930 Hackmans Leave For Tennessee. iSSi^l » I \ < S! orge Hackman th ls an instructor we "t over the Twenty Years Ago. of Milton Dlngley was here from Illi- Vislt with Blends a™ re la- WaS recoverln * tram a seige SMITH A SOUND MAN, GOOD RECOED. Was One of First Members of Legislature to Demand Tax Reform. Des Moines, Iowa, May 22.—The false %%**&*•**& candidate^ - —...».«» ^(AiAuiuatc; J.UT ™m«;V ^ tled up wlth the Hammill campaign has proven a boomerang to -hose who tried to spread the story n order to Injure Smith. Leading supporters of Congressman ±^r^™ff?s£5 Evelyn Crulkshank has just recov ered from a siege of the measles. ,„---;- --»• youngest daughter of th wm. Draytoris came down last Thurs day with the measles. Miss Gertie Eichenberg spent las week at the Mart Elmore home help ing with the house work. Murl Potter has been having trouble with a thumb which he had mashed when a car door was closed on it. The Mart Elmore family enjoyed last week Thursday fishing at Mud Lake Gertrude Eichehberger also joined the Elmore family. The carl Seips family, the Myers family of Ringsted and the Lurhl Fessler family spent Sunday at the J. P Nickerson home. Mr. and Mrs. Lurhl Fessler spent Saturday and Sunday at the J. P. Nickerson home. Mrs. Fessler was formerly Irene Nickerson. Robert and Melvin Walker and John McNiel tried their luck at fishing on Sunday. Fishing seemed very poor at Lost Island Lake. . J. Dickinson was the speaker at the Decoration Day exercises cises at Oermanla. £ adores™ He was reported and patrlot - Arirtt™ ^ eC ° rS W1 sn OW. ™m« , M< Parkers - °f Des Molnes campaign manager for L. J. Dickinson, is a strong supporter of Ed. Smith for governor. Sid. J. Backus, editor of Iteom 13 ™,, 063 fMoin es-Republlcan at Algona, and postmaster in that town of u , u .. 4(i4 uiic*!j LU Wil <3~.«,~ ",;"' arde «t supporter of Ed. smith. Mr. Backus, who is a close to w«wF - ™ey had spent some time porting Smith for governor if he in Watertown. Canton, and Rennsael- thought it did not suit Mr? Dickinson , Melzar had gone to Albany Similar instances over 1 Troy on business. | be cited where strong supporters Congressman Dickinson among le tna farm bureau members are also governor*" 1 ' SmHh ! ° yal SUPP ° rt for A leading farm bureau member from a north central Iowa county, who wn* 'n Des .Moines one day last week .— the following comment concern- Ing Mr. Smith and his candidacy: "Ed. Smith is getting stronger as the „-_ .,..„ wi „„,_ ^majj OI j yiu jj „,„„ «*^ a B ssa 1 * Uihi A «»*£° o W . m- c °rdingley, father of Mrs. J. w to vlsJt n his^ ad made a trlp to Pent ° n ' and Mrs. R. s. Blossom. \lthough Mr. Cordingley had lived in the coun- X 1 ?™ y year l thls triP was his first to I tax p £ Fenton, and it was considerable of a senate ride for a person 78 years of age. ^o man with a strong business record. •>™ like a man whose record in the senate was in the interest of the tax navers. Wh P n a member of the is one of the men to vote for every v voe or €vei"v 'spnri W " WeWer and ment law- which had nothing behind it had gone to Me- ex ,°ePt » J°b for some hanger-on whose was to be paid by ?he tax pa°y! Paul Schneider, who underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Kossuth hospital recently returned home on last week Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robinson drove to Spencer Friday to visit the N. R Robinson family, parents of Chester but found no one at home. Many patrons of this community en joyed the rural school day program a Good Hope Friday. Races, picnic din ner and an afternoon program were features of the day. Mrs. Edith Rich went to the Jack Light home near Burt last week Tuesday, but was called home last week Thursday because of the operation of Mrs. Herman Lindeman. Miss Mildred Robinson, who has spent some time at the Herman Lindeman home at Dakota City returned last week Tuesday evening instead of Sunday as was stated in this column last week. The school in district number seven, Union township closed Friday. The rural school days program at Good Hope was the feature of the day. Miss Beulah Carlisle of Whittemore was the teacher at'the school this year. Louis Lowmnn, Jr., and Mrs. Roy Lowman are daughters-in-law of the Lowmans. Mrs. Herman Lindeman of Humboldt was taken to the Kossuth hospital at Algona last week Wednesday evening and underwent an operation for gall stones Thursday morning. Mrs Lindeman is doing as well as can be expected, she was accompanied there by her husband and a sister of Mr Lindeman and Miss Mildred Robinson' Mrs. Lindeman will remain here for some time, Mrs. Lindeman was formerly Miss Elsie Drayton Bouquet for Supt. Wm. Shirley. Mlnney. of Mrs. Wehler's niece, Miss M rs. Wehler remained in Mc- McBride _ . . , Released from Jail. ss SSffSS-JSTB sSLfffFf^XS Five Hundred was thl SuStoTtta oil nS? ™ ^ ani3 WDrlrea ™ out ot Burt - °- of our city, were Jn- Participants at the Shriners' in Fort Dodge recently, VEhey .'here In Dr. Peter's auoto at>out «leven -a. m., stopped at Humboldt for dinner, and were In Fort Dodge In time for afternoon Shriners' parade leaving Fort Dodge after the night session the trio were home In time to^et several hours rest before the laborsof the next day commenced. The editorial comment was, "Surely these auto mach- dlstance when propcr - : behavior. Coprt House Trees Gel Tiiinrning. The trees m the court house lawn aaye been trimmed up and made t i™ keeping with the lawn whlc »e to good rBhane as soon as th ™ s rrass gets to growing on the new dlr has been spread over the eas Deputy 'Sheriff .-Everett Harris ir K d ^ Work a few davs week chopping oijj 'the .limbs CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ATTORNEYS AT T. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank BIfc. ALGONA, IOWA. J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. 4IUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. J. W. Sullivan s. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SDLUVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. ———••"*», IOWA. CAPITAL & SCBMiUS Officers: 170,0* E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-w Algona, Iowa . H. R Rist, President. deni H< Wad6wrth ' P"'st Vice Presl dent S< Buchanan> Second Vice Presl. J. 0. Auner, Cashier. E. J McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. L. O. Reding, Asst. Cashier. *.. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. _ Directors; w v R n t r T Hl Wadsworth H f'nnn J ' W> Wads wor H. J. Bode ii. j. Van Ness O. 8. Buchanan The John Gettman family drove to Buffalo Center Sunday, May 18 and spent the day. They found no relatives at home at that place so drove to Fairmont, Minnesota, and spent the day with a sister of Mr. Gettman, who lives there. Pupils pf the school of district number six, Union township enjoyed a picnic at the Call State Park last Thursday. Later In the afternoon they went *» the Tourist Park in Algona for a short while. Irene Mitchell is the teacher of the school. Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mitchell and 1 daughters, Marjorie and Donna Jean and Mrs. Jessie Mitchell drove to Fort Dodge Sunday to get Mrs. N. G. Mitch-' ell and daughter, Dorothy of Falrfield, who are going to spend a week at the Etna Mitchell home' N. G. Mitchell is a son of the Etna Mitchell lam- Mrs. Cora Smith, Mrs. Louis Low- 5? an - £*••*£*• R °y Lowman and Mrs. i Everett Witham spent last week Tues- : day at the Louis Lowman home. They spent the day cleaning house for Mrs. w ~ou, V"' Count y Superlntend- -- Wm. Shirley was a business visitor lere Friday. Mr Slilrley is well liked here and his many friends were more han pleased that he was again select- d as the county superintendent at the meeting of the heads of the countv chool boards last week. Campaign to Conserve Iowa Wild Flowers. Grinnell, Iowa, May 23.—The six wild lowers shown in the accompanying il- ustration are receiving special atten- on in the flower-conservation cam- >aign begun here by Prof. Henry S Conrad, head of the botany depart- S h* Or , lnne n college. The campaign has been approved by the fish and game department of the state of ?£ Wa jj£ e J, owa Acade my of Science, j *u Flower Preservation society mu a Conservation association The adder's tongue (1280) is sometimes called the dog-tooth violet, although it is unlike a violet except in that it nods over at the top of th foTV « ls really a "tt'e illy, simi tor to the Easter lily except in size It is not satisfactory for bouquets, sine it closes up every night, but is on of the most attractive of the earl spring flowers when found in its natur ai setting. The columbine or honeysuckle (1281 otTl a height of aboufc two fee and has many scattered flowers, eacl having five coral red tubes with yellow mouths. The columbine is abundant in Iowa woods, but wilts quickly when picked. nsSwi J ady>S f llpper or cpyrldium (1282) is now in bloom. This flower has a curious sac or 'slipper" which ierves as an insect trap. This device forces insects to become daubed with pollen which they carry to other flow- rs, making possible the formation of fa* in buying Used Care See ijow Chevrolet Dealer... f» tctmtmttel Trarupert USED CARS Chevrolet dealers offer you an exceptional S&fF. SftStX!^^™ fthSwTrk w cars. part of their The showy orchis (1283) is found In .he deepest, shadiest woods, rooted deep n leaf mold. The stalk is four or five inches tall, with two broad leaves rising slightly from the ground. The flower is not abundant and does not use or rs. Louis Lowman, who has been ill and unable to do much work for some time. Mrs Smith and Mrs. Witham are daughters of the Lowmans and Mrs IN BED FOR 3 MONTHS-THEN KONJOLAWON Cedar Eapids Man Small Fortune Seeking Belief. —— .. -UM. AU **uu auuilUo survive transplanting. The fringed orchid (1284) grows in wet places and reaches a height of from two to four feet. It has at the l°v? 1 f a lo , ng> loose ' oytodrlcal column of white flowers These flowers attract moths and other Insects to effect -pollination. The yellow puccoon (1285) becomes scarcer each year, persisting mainly to strips of prairie along the railroads 1 ££? not stand transplanting easi- underground parts of this Bower. Official Notice. Before the Board of Railroad Commissioners. To the Citizens of Kossuth county: Notice is hereby given that a petition for a franchise to erect, use and maintain poles, wires, guy wires, towers, cables, conduits and other fixtures and appliances for the purpose of conducting electricity for lighting, power ^ *cL ea H nnB Proses has been filed by the Central States Electric Com- P*"?' Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the onice of the board of railroad commissioners <QI the state of Iowa; that said petition asks the right to construct and maintain said electric transmission line 1928 Chevrolet Landau Go see this car Inspect its flne Duco finish—Its spotless upholstery—its excellent tires |ind complete equipment. Compare its unequalled low price Act quickly todny—before it's too late. • 1926 Model T Ford Fordor Provides ample space for 5 passengers. Motor has "been thoroughly reconditioned. Not a scratch on the body. Sold "with an O. K. that counts." Iv h e C rv fa h?,v^ VP 1 ? that Co"""" tag assures «very ouyer til at each used car bearinxf It has been thoroughly reconditioned by expert mechanics to give thousands of miles of de. pendable, economical service. SPECTACULAR VALUES 3days ONLY?/ Bodge sedan 1926 Chevrolet sedan 2-192G Chev. coaches 1926 Buick Maste coach Ford truck Chevrolet touring- car 2-1928 Cliov. trucks -Ford liulor 2.Ford coupes 1927 Chevrolet coach Kohlhaas Bros. "ant/ MODELS You and each of you are hereby notified that the petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled action will be on file in the office of the clerk of the district court of the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, on or before September 12th, 1930, claiming of you that he Is the absolute and unqualified owner In fee simple of the above described premises; that he si credibly Informed and believes that all of the above named defendants Including the unknown claimants of the above described premises; that he Is credibly Jn- thereto adverse to plaintiff's estate therein, and asking that plaintiffs title and estate to and to said premises be Rupture Shield Expert Coining quieted and established in him, and that each and all of said unknown claimants and other defendants be barred and forever stopped from having or claiming any right, title or interest whatsoever in or to said real estate or any part thereof adverse to plaintiff, and for such other and further relief as to the court may seem Just and equitable to the premises, and fend before noon of the second day of the next term of said court, It being the September, 1030 tern 'thareof, to be begun and held at the court house in Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 22nd day of September, A. p., 1030, default will be entered against you and ludffmanf. nnri riaj*t*AA *.am4M« A ^i W_I_^L u an judgment and decree ^rendered against •streams and private lands: Beginning approximately at the L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office to Quinby Building. Phone 180 ALGONA. IOWA. Oaylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY -. „ ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building Algona, Iowa Phone 68 PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS DR. H. L. McCORKLE DENTIST Office over Long Bros. Grocery Business Phone 811 • Residence. 801 ALGONA, IOWA DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Chrlstensen Store. Phones: Business 166, Residence, 47f ALGONA. IOWA. .,m*jS. -1Sr^"I'juuAuiiHsely at tne northeast (NE) norner of the northwest (NW) quarter of the northwest (NW) quarter of the northwest (NW) quar- SLf° f fl Sect /S£ twelve (12) - township ninety-five (95) north (N), range twenty-eight (28) west (W) of the fifth P M., Kossuth county, Iowa; thence west I tW) on the highway on the north (N) line of said section twelve (12) and section eleven (11), said township and I£ n ! :e jJl dlstance of approximately seven-tenths (.7) of a mile, and beginning approximately at the northeast (NE) corner of the northwest (NW) quarter of the northeast (NE) quarter of section twenty-four (24), said town- snip and range; thence west (W) on the highway on the north (N) line of said section twenty-four (24), a distance of approximately one-half (%) of a mile. Beginning at the southeast (SE) corner of section seven (7) tnwnchin ninety-five (95) north (N) 7ange twenty-seven (27) west (W) of the fvT V^ p ,l m ' ; tnence north (N) on the highway on the east line (E) line of said section seven (7), a distance of at the Algona Hotel from 10 o ——» ••. v w,*. Aj, \jm j^< a. m. to 4 p. m._ Evenings by Telephone Appointment Only. ONE DAY ONLY. No Charge for Consultation. I SUCCessful The "Perfect Retention Shields" n ° _ i i . — ** **""*«**ico weight you lift. They THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone 850 KENEFIOK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Pr. Keneflck. g? .. Dr. Crawford, 115 0. H. CRETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office In J. Galbraith Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No calls made after 0:30 p. m. ALGONA, IOWA. Office Phone, 310. Residence, WALTER FRASER, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Quinby ALQONA, IOWA. 9B. W. D. ANDREWS. --op»thlo Physician * Iw, Now Md TbrotT vpNffHMi "&*£**!«. »»*JfcfMHMflSrtw fbfflWi. OSriMi MT, RwJdenot, m . ' JCWA. DR. p. E. WALLEY: Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zender & Caldwell's Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79. Residence 657-W ALGONA. IOWA. INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LAOF Phone 698 ALGONA, IOWA, w. State 8, MORTICIAN L. M. MERRITT Mortician A Funeral Director. Phone No. n. ALQONA, IOWA. VETERINARIAN. I* W, fOX, Vtterfeftrla* AJsonj* offtcf «t the old pp. Office phone 478-W; Will have ALOONA, IQWA. MR. VERNON A. KELCHNER. "For three months I was confined to my bed because of stomach and kidney disorders," said Mr. Vernon A. Kelchner, 138 F. Avenue, West, Cedar Rapids. "Even after that seige, I was forced to bed for two or three weeks at a time. I spent a small fortune in search for health, but nothing seem- i ^ «°i ?1 any Bood ' As soon as had finished a meal, I was attacked by terrible pains. Then my kidneys became disordered and brought on severe back pains. Nervousness followed and I became a physical wreck "I secured several bottles of Kon- Jola and started the treatment. I began to grow better almost immediately and my friends remarked upon my improved appearance. My stomach was cleansed and invigorated and my diges- "Vjtter what I ate, I was not troubled with pains. My kidneys and nerves were restored to normal activity. Today, I am well and happy, I know this sounds impossible but every word is the truth" Konjola works with the important functionary organs of the body, it drives the poisons from the svstpm regulates the prgans of eJimlnation and brings abundant and glorious relief. ~~wv. u .» ocvcii t,u, u, wsiance or approximately two-tenths (.2) of a mile and beginning at a point near the northwest (NW) corner of section sixteen j 16 ^, 6 ^ township and range; ''"" on the highway on the — ,-., ™. w of said section sixteen v*w a distance of approximately three- tenths (.3) of a mile. The board of railroad commissioners has fixed the llth day of June, 1930 ten (10) a. m. in its offices at Des Moines. Iowa, as time and place for hearing said petition. Any objections to the granting of such franchise must be In writing and filed in triplicate with this board at least five (5) days before date of hearing. The board suggests that the ob- markably short the weak tissues (the real cause of rupture) so that they frequently re cover their previous natural retaining power, needing no further outside sup constipation often caused bv° C ^ promptly disappear. have been obtained not o^l^wUlTrp- cont and ""*• *••>>-- =•--- • - SULLIVAN, MOMAHQN & Unless you appear thereto and de- Summer ELK CLEANERS N. W. Iowa's finest Cleaners Phono 330-Wo call for and SL. but also ones. Ingenious recently perfected devices are now holding ruptures flrmly which heretofore never had been retained. No elastic belts nor fllthv are used. y I guarantee the durability of my ab- •in^iw c,,, nnt „„., moistl|re - * " u -, --— —«.v» uMsscova WlitU WIG OD- Jector be represented at the hearing act foMt° ne Wh ° haS fuu ' auth °rity tS Dated at Des Moines, Iowa, May 12, Original Notice. i the district court of Iowa, in and Kossuth county. September term, plaintiff, vs. Kenneth unknown claimants „,.„_. (S%) of the KTnrthv H* wKM^tozrKVteitffit*®SFJW*I w th * Noith S££ZS " e * bt '"^* Sfe^aSiff fflRSf ^ Board of Railroad Commissioners of the State of Iowa. Attest: GEO. L. McCAUGHAN, Pile E-1544. Secretary. 48-49 75%' of ruptured children recover fZTm te i y throu ? n expert mechanical | treatment.according to statistics. Do not waste your money on widelv advertised mall order contraptions You cannot fit yourself. »-*ou| C. F. REDLICII, Rupture Appliance I Expert, Home office, 535 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minnesota 49-50' FISH, FISH, BOYS PIERCING PAINS Stinging PHHossly ^ RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA NEURITIS LUMBAGO Limber up your stilt jolnti «nd t back, tw tan, f9 the i this space 1 contest. of a Service by Sportsman S

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