The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 8
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THE TRAIL Northland Romance by ROBERT W. SERVICE mtutratiom by Irwlu Myera Slic only sbrnr.ii one* the farther. "You won't come, cnrse you; you wont come, you milk-fnced witch, with your great eyes thnt bore holes in me, that turn my henrt to fire, thm make me mad. You won't come. Stand bnck there, yon two, and let the girl come." We shielded her. "Hn I You won't let me get her. fell, it'll be nil the worse for her. Ml nifike her life n hell. I'll bent her. You won't stand back. You, the dark one—don't / know you; haven't I hnted you more than the rlevll hates The Upper Des Moines-Ke^ubUcatt, May 38,1930 "Kerna, is She nods. you ?" Slie does not spenk. I i th«t ^l** 16 contract further providedUib Potratz, board of Rev. .... 8.00 that the purchasers should keen the ?? rl Johnson, board of Rev. .. 2.00 "'-* ' ' I Alt'* Rndljr, board of Rev 4.00 [•• l .1. if. AfcOroffor, twp, trustee .. 22.00 Were '•' ln . HoltzUauor, repairs .... 1 60 F.rlckson Hdwe. Co., supplies .. 6^0 Moo & SJoBren, supplies 1.30 Kohlhnas Hdwe. Co., supplies .. .90 ei nil , , , , ou keep the l •hncMer as I look at her. Her face said premises In repair and pay the " Mle the at the time of sale, and to keep to the purchasers have failed taxes in the sum of $50.00, (Continued from Last Wednesday.) Suddenly "she stopped me. Her hand was on my arm, and she turned toward Gnrry. She held herself ns proudly as n queen. "I want to explain now." she said, "before you both." She pulled from her bosom a little crumpled note, nnd handed it to me. Then, ns I rend It, n great light burst on me. Here it was: "Dear Berna: "For heaven's sake be on your guard. Jack Locnsto is on his way north again. I think he's crazy, i know he'll stick at nothing, and I don't want to see blood split. For your sake, nnd for the sake of one dear to you, be warned. j "In haste, I ( "Viola Lennolr." "1 got it two days ago," she said. 'Oh, I've been distracted with fear. I did not like to show it to you. I've brought you nothing but trouble, and Tve never spoken of him, never once, Ton understand, don't you?" "Yes, little girl. I understand." Is like a preaf burn, in whicn her eyes and teeth gleam whltely. . . . "Oh, Berna, Berna, and It was you that dragged tne out « . .1" My AS lire Butiwerea 03 inning sparKS. J I nave railed to pay the inter^r' see the line of a black girder leap due upon said note in the sum of * out, and hanging over it a limp, 30 charred shape. A moment it hangs j*» •« further notified that the I £ R oo.MnnV, SKwYnV lol'oo uncertainly, then plunges downward , J^! Of 5 ald Property do now elect to ?., A - n>"c'ier, asseWins•...'.'"" iJs'oo into the roasting heart of the pit. SSf^Tf' «£ ^tract „ pro-. &aV & nn sS^'™,' 36: °° _ ^p.. *f,Xf, - "i)" — ^ ncki j-". hianlts i.ou Kceh Bros., supplies 369 '*. '''• Hnvpy, Invest, fees 28.30 ninrn Reynolds, labor clerk's office - . Helen office McMahon, labor'' Tre'a's. 1.60 61.. 00 3.00 X pr ii on £ £ My 16.00 1.60 .60 .80 2.50 And I know it for Locasto. Oh, Berna, Berna, I can't look at her. Why did she do it? It's Pitiful, pitiful. The fire Is spreading. Right and left it swings and leaps In giant strides. All Is pandemonium now. 2*? »** «* '•« jKGr&FZ C h .nlm-edTm n 70 aSaC ! B '. n *'. °. mt ' „, B0 ihn T^nm».« A .. .i _ ' ! * . XOU.DU t-_. ft „.. _ ":- — "« "* me obtitu oi cinimed sififl.70 » ten KA bear tJ r£r 2*7 2? t£ f ^l provlsions of Ohap-U?"" Q«fJ«*y. ***mtois'':::: 6800 ?t, n, t« t «, f e . he Code ' and that Ml d con- iVh,"' N , nT^"' nsse9s ! n ff • • • • moo It? It's tract Will Rtonr) f™.<v,il_j -_-> ... . I •'""'I N - MldWltr. fissrsslno- 1 on nn | Emll Gustafson, repairs . Joe GJelsvick, repairs A. W. Patterson, repairs ., Dr, 78— J. B. CunnlnRham, repairs .... 16.00 A. J. Lawler, repairs 16.00 Dr. 80— Frank Welch, repairs 4.00 Hay Marquis, repairs 19.60 Win. Hilferty, repairs 10.( Geo. Looft, repairs 10.0 Dr. 82— B. F. Sharp, labor 25.t C. Albln Peterson, labor .... B.( E. O. Stenstrom, labor 8.0( Dr. 90— Fred Tcmpel, labor 6.2( .T. B. Cunningham, labor .... 2.0 \Vm. Hilferty, labor 8.0 Frank Welch, labor 8.0 Geo. Looft, labor 8.0( Hay Marquis, labor 16.6 Albert Bohl, labor 4.5 A. J. Lawler, labor 2.5( Dr. 98— Joe GJelsvick, In her 1.0 Emll Gustatson, labor 1.0 A. W. Patterson, labor .... I.2( HMbert Severlens, labor .... 13.76 "o A" R' SSlVl 0 -"' «™*et n * .... 2 -- Q jii& ^£&&^ *!**§£** .: Hen ry Andefson, ?rwr.fini'' Ole . repairs :..::: ».oo [IRA GILLILAND AND LILLIAN QILLILAND, By Oabrleison & Cavanaugh^lf £'^ r & "I wanted to save yon, no mntter at what cost Tonight I tried to prevent you going out there, for I feared you might meet him. I knew he was very near. Then, when yon had gone my fear grew and grew. There I sat, thinking over everything. Oh if I oneVh' 1 ! ° Wend ' l thou s ht ''' som e distracted, the phone rang?* 1 'it "was your brother." 'Yes, go on, dear." "He told me he wanted to see me- toe begged me to come at once. I "So! Seems as If I'd Lighted on Pretty Neat of Love-Birds." a saint; hated you worse than bltte poison? These three black years you've balked me, you've kept her from me. Oh, I've itched to bill you -— - — •» VBU*, ut, VLJVI;. j. thought of yon, of your danger, of some terrible mishap. I was terrified. ''I went" times without number, and I've sparec you. But now It's my call. Stand bnck there, stand back I say. Your time's come. Here's where I shoot." His hand leapt up and I saw Ir gripped n revolver. He had me covered. His face was contorted with devilish triumph, nnd I knew he meant to kill. At last, at last my time had come. I saw his fingers twitching on the trigger, I gazed into the hollow horror of that barrel. Mj heart turned to ice. I could not breathe. Oh, for a respite, a moment and Hie ter comes. Suddenly a mob of terror- pondod men comes surging down the street. They bring the long hose line that connects with the pump-station, .. on the river, tt'nter, water is coming. attom eys- to^'on t^ waS VJry 8 uferel NotiC6 ° f Sale Of Bonds." But no water comes. What can be **? c °«nty treasurer of Kossuth ! 'J"? 1 "'" CaYiionV locaT rXjfitJSr' " the matter? Then the dread whisper ™" nt / wl » recelve bids "P tTand I Frl^F^fJSf 11 >$#«£.": goes round that the man in charge of ?? e , rQ £ r sale ' at two oVflock p m., June '-»- Dlekmann ' focal reals- the pumping station has neglected his | Jow«"n™ ffi.5?"!?. !".*!»»». „._, Mej 4.00 65.20 6.25 6.00 2.76 3.60 8.60 18.75 1.76 to the lurid heavens. Women wring their hands and moan; men stand by In n stupor of hopeless agony. And the flre, ns If It knew of its victory, leaps up In a roaring ecstasy of triumph. There Is no hope. The gold-born city is doomed. From where I lie repairs 21.60 repairs 16.06 repairs 10.50 L. rtaskoph & Co., material 3.81 '. 116— Louis Hamlow, repairs 16.00 & nv *f" r ' llls ' repars 17.75 Win. Hilferty, repairs 10.00 Qep. Looft, repairs 10.00 Dr. 157— J. B. Cunningham, repairs .. 4.80 Dr 177— Wler ' repalr8 7 - 4 '° M. T. Huso, est. No. 4 .... 670.87 Herbert Arndorfer, repair 3.00 Wm. Klein, labor 65 75 l & Backus, printing 1 .. 8.60 repair 6.00 4.11 4.00 8.40 Sub" Cunningham, repair rcpalr Sealed bids will be received Sharp, 7>7 ° ' • 100.00 jVed Nurse,' labor "'•' 86.40 Chris Nielsen, labor "I'Sg lajsa » t , H2fif r::: '• :::: :: jJB ). H. VanCamn. lni,n« 34.00 VanCamp labor Taylor, labor Wm. Krause, labor Becker, l^bo Graham, labor , Becker, lbor ' 1 1 .' .' .' .' ' ' ' • raha ..... arms in mad eddies of flame; — tels, dance halls, brothels swathed | ^.W^ 8 Is reserved, nnd smothered in flame of swirling smoke. There The flre is a vast avenger, „.„ ts wrath the iniquity of the" tender" oln is swept away. 9.00 1.45 5.53 14.05 4.40 farmers Elev rn o . Itifllpii; p IpipS^:^ 1 f$l'SS'SH:;;iJ || *?55?»". labor •nr — -T** -_*"•'-'*-'«*"* l U. iaDOr C AA fes &%.. te::;;;;;; ?I bonds. Dated May 17, 1930. went 1 She paused a moment, as if the recital was Infinitely painful to her, then she went on. "I found my way to his room. My mind was full of you, of that man 01 how to save you. I did not think of my self, of my position. At first I was too agitated to speak. He bade ,me sit down, compose myself. His •Banner was qnlet, grave. Again fetred for yon. He asked me to ex- cus« Urn for a moment, and left the .room. He seemed to be gone an age, while 1 sat there, trying to fight down my terror. The suspense was Wiling me, ^Then he came back. He closed ,*ana looked the floor. All at once I heard a step outside, a knock. -Hush J go In there,' h. said. He opened the door. I heard him speaking to some one. I waited, then yon burst In on me. xou know the rest" yes." Tve he pulled the trigger, and, at the same instant, Garry sprang at. him 1 What bad happened? The shot rang in my ears. I was still stand- Ing there. I felt no wound. I felt no pain. Then, as I stared at my enemy, I heard a heavy .falL Ah, God 1 there at my feet lay Garry, lay In a huddled, quivering heap, lay on his face, and in his fair hair I saw a dark stain start and spread. Then, In a moment, I realised what mv brother had done. I fell on my knees beside him. "Garry, Garry J" I moaned. I heard Berna scream, and I saw that Locasto was coming for me. He was a man The gold-born city is doomed. Yet, as I lay there, it seemed to me llke...^ . «._ _ — J?= r^vsri, 1 -: BOARD PROCEEDINGS ght, incorruptlble-a great city, -*iw proud and p homing hearts, ity nnd pence. "Beloved, erlng mist some hot tears felt n kiss breathing In my ear. "Oh, my dear, my dear!" she said. "I've only brought you sorrow anal. Motion "by' "Pu^nemark and second) claimed' pain, but you've brought me love, that & .-° rr ' 8 - *>'- furth s r conslderatftn I M™-_ EMnoF , es Roupe Grocery's^Tpp? es Advance Publishing Co , bd ' pro P%iiiS5:£• •- jffiji^ss^sgy';;;;;; ii : i|^^! h .= •*«>•«* Kenneth Kuchenreuther hW''' 1U 'SA X" *-* a S° a *' fugging " *?'iX Hill Butter TiVh A o,',«' 'Ai' • • • • • 12.70 45.00 «r * ^°ayp Dragging 19 70 I plies ~«wij' v^u., sup- " no longer. He had killed. He was a brute, a fury, a devil, mad with the Jnot-of slaughter, with a snarl he dashed at me. Again I thought •o hard, to be nice to him f or yow sake. I liked him; I wanted to be ^,^. M a slster> bllt n e v er an unfaithful thought has entered my head never a wrong feeling sullied my heart rve been true to you" "Oh, my dear, iny d ea rl" T "Lf" 1 !*, 0 bring yon hn PPlness. but aSjrt!ts?tjre had never met" She turned to Garry. great wrong. I ^ neve^forg"^ it KB??" S ° nOWl and leave ™ «» not see his fTe. 1 ""*' S ° that ' Coul<1 "Can you not forgive?" he groaned. She shook her head sadly «NO T am afraid I can never forgi've," ' 'Can I do nothing to atone?" I was opening the door to leave him mhH must be-that you can do nothing. to me 8 - neV6r " W0rd ' She turned "Come, my husband, we will go" was opening the d forever. step coming up the stairs, a^heavv hurried treud. I looked down a moment, then I pushed her back into the room. "Be prepared, Berna," I 8aW qulet . ly; "here comes Locasto" There we waited, Garry and I, and beside us Berna. We heard that heavy tread come up, ,, p the creak- Ing stairway, stumble a moment then pause on the landing. There was something ominous, something nrec- nant in that pause. The steps halted wavered a little, then, inflexible as doom, on they cume toward us The next Instant the door was thrown open, and Locasto slood In the en trance. Even in that brief moment I was struck by the change lu him He seemed to have aged by twenty years He limped, uud I noticed his left hand was gloved. From under his bristling brows he glared at us. As he swayed there he minded me of an evil beast, « savace creature, a mad. desperate laugh of a flend, he stepped 0 into'tile room. "Sol Seems ns if I'd lighted on a pretty nest of love-birds. )I 0 | ho! my Bweetl You're not satisfied with one lover, you must have two \v e il you are going to be satisfied with one from now on, and that's Jack Locasto Ive stood enough from you vou white-faced Jade. You've haunted me .you've put some kind of a spell on me. You've lured me back to this land, and now I'm going to have you or die I Stand out away from .those two. stand out, I say! March out of that door." he was going to shoot, but no! Ha raised the heavy revolver and brought It crushing down on my head. I felt the Wow fall, and with It my strength seemed to shoot out of me. My legs were paralyzed. I could not move. And, as I lay there in a misty daze, he advanced on Berna. His bands were stretched ont to clutch her; a moment more and he would have her In his arms, a moment—ah 1 with a suddenness that was like a flash she had raised the heavy reading lamp and dashed It In his face. I heard his shriek of fear; I saw him fall as the thing crashed between his eyes; I saw the flames spurt and leap. High in the air he rose, awful In his agony. He was In a shroud of fire; he was In a pool of flame. He around. She was gone I "Berna I" was no Then me. I never saw her again. looked . •- p. m. board met i --Adjournment with all f oGn t. I" Again I cried, but there Henc°e t n 0 th a t y w.^ rr ^ , a , nd seco "d by "** ' ~ ""'• a great weakness came ove per- howled like a dog and the bed. fell over on Then suddenly the oil-soaked bedding caught The curtains seemed to leap and change into flame. As he rolled and roared in his agony the blaze ran up the walls, and caught the root Help, help 1 the room was afire was burning up. Fire! Fire! Out in the corridor I heard a great running about, shouting of men screaming of women. The whole place seemed to be alive, panic-stricken, frenzied with fear. Everything was in flames now, burning Dercelv J? adly 'J? nd ther e was no stopping them. The hotel wns burning, and I too, must burn. What a horrible end 1 Oh, If 1 could only do something! But I could not move. From the waist down I was like a dead man. Where was Kerna? Pray God she was safe I could not cry for aid. The room was reeling round and round I was falut, dizzy, helpless. Some one was trying to save me, was dragging my body across the floor. Consciousness left me, and It rr d , f ^. ng f 81 "" '"a Btupor. THE LAST It Is 'finished, i have wrltten here the story of my life, or of that portion of It which means everything to me, for the rest means nothing. Now that It Is done, I too have done, so I sit me down and wait For what am I waiting? A divine miracle haps. Somehow I feel I will see her again, somehow, somewhere. Surely God would not reveal to as the shining light of the Great Reality only to plunge us again into outer darkness 1 Love cannot be in vain. I will not believe it Somehow, somewhere 1 So In the glow of the great peat flre I sit me down nnd wait, and the faith grows in me that she will come to me again; that I will feel the soft caress of her hand upon my pillow that I will hear her vqlce all tuned to tenderness, that I will see through my tear-blinded eyes her sweet compassionate face. Somehow, somewhere 1 eyes and wait. • • » know she * • 133—Martin Jensen— Sec. 34-98-30 <eler I fill ship Ays an con « tab 'e in Greenwood acce ,Pted and Jacob ap ^° Inted constable Greenwood town- n P« ' hh vacancv y in R. A. »JUB.UU IBlKftlir '" """"amaker, draB«rlnir JBOB I Ind nn J? n « """J- 18 32.65 s*^js--rs •filerna&isaft.':!!;! iMllsH-MEH;™ »!? ^f fl fV, ner Co., gas ' IgoIsS '' Co ^ Sas , 159.33 Gns Co., gas 177 la -» |||5=«^»=:«'« =•0 j^jcv. <jo., zuel ... I»«K f'" 1 •";""'• araggrinK . ~ " of'22 Biros., prov. c»'?? L °ren Bvoro. /i?o^"?_^ 26.261 Clark, prov. ?? ' n - — „„ .... iiuoj^i IO.1, IIlCU. Dundee £oop. Co., prov. Merrill Bros. Co., prov Jos. Menke, prov. 8H81 SS^V^hS^ 1 ^? 8 ^"' Bi: all. tlon on Lots Algona for come, I opened my eyes again some one was still tugging at me. We were going down the stairway, an,] on all Fides of us were sheets of hipping flume. I was wrapped in a blanket. How had It got there? Who so desperately. trylng PU to" < lift t me! staggering a f cw , )nccs wlth mo< slunibllng blindly on? Brave one, one, whoever you be! Ah, Berna, my dear, my dearl knew you would return; I knew knew. Come to me, little one. I'm tired, so tired. Put your arms around me, girl; kiss me, kiss me. I'm weak and 111, but now you've come I'll soon be well again. You won't leave me any more; will you, honey? Oh, It's good to have you once again!* I< seems like a dream. Kiss me once more, sweetheart. It's all so cold and dark. Put your arms around me. . . . Oh, Berna, Berna, light of my life, I knew all would come right at last —beyond dreaming last I . the mists, beyond the at last, dear love, at >o I Save yourself while yet there U l me. Leave me to my fate. But, oh the iigony of it to burn, to bum I Another desperate effort uud we uro almost at the door. Oil, my res- c»er. a lust frenzied effort I We are almost at the iloor. Then I am lifted up und we both tumble out into the street. Not a second too soon, for, HUe u savage beast foiled of its prey, a blast of ilauie shoots after us, and the doorway is a gulf of blazing wrath. . I am lying in the snow, lying on a blanket, and some one holds my head. Notice of Forfeiture. To Ed. Zimbelman and Ellen ZimbelHUte: HUSband and Wlfe ' and ™any >u and each of you are hereby notl- that on or about the first day of * A „ , 929) Ira GUllland y n ° dr entered into a contract Zimbelman and Ellen Zimbelman, husband and wife, for the purchase and sale of the following described real estate, to-wlt: Lot Eleven (11) in Block Five (5) Bancroft, Iowa, together with all fixtures and stock belonging to Ira Gllli- land and Lillian Gilliland then upon said premises; that by the terms of said contract the said Ed. Zimbelman ana Ellen Zimbelman agreed to pay as the purchase price for the above described real estate the sum of $5700.00 ?^ Ct » ?"_ V1 W«:»««* pay-' Me- by that Funnemark °ls , amt. claimed J17.50 T. B. FUND. William Sandt. Indemn. cattle INSANE FUND herb — , " ""is «•• uitjf) £ claims hereinafter SCHEDULE OP CLAIMS COUNTY ~-----^ 101Sl 88 •' N serv W ?^ ern o r eli a8 Tl!. 8l Ca. 'to Gerald Coleman, bty "°bert Etherlngtorf, f , uly ...... "Sht serv, asaesslng assessing ... ,1, 1.80 148.00 68.65 1.30 1.00 38.96 160.00 100.42 assessng RIM nevlno, bty lobcrt 156.00 92.00 48.00 72.00 18.45 1.40 77.08 1.20 I obert Ktherlngrton. 'bty 130 'jmory Ooodnow, bty .....'.'" ' HA ii. Ai. Smith, co. engr. . •••• on ,-*x Hclken, com. & seas' ;haa. Morris, n SUm of $1462 -°° balance thereof was evidenced by u note in the sum of $4238.00, due at the rate of $50.00 or more per month there- fri» r ;h.? a i£ contracfc further providing that the unpaid portion of the purchase price to draw interest at the rate of five per cent per annum and provides further that in the event that the said purchasers of the same fail to make their payments under the terms and provisons of said contract'that the Belters might at their election forfeit said contract. , r\ T rn\ «M««II, 1 w it. n us tee ?' •[•'• rV' OI ,' eso , n ' twp - trustee . i «,Pi £ Iunrtl tw]) - trustee... .'• Se ,\ vlc 'f' twp. trustee !eo. P. Hawcott, twn clerk jeo WInkel, twp. trustee ' >• Ji.^Johnson, twp. trustee ..' v* n' R *= 5( ' or ^' twp. trustee ! iiV '.''• "''over, twp. trustee .,, i"' 2 cn wlet.ert, twp. trustee ... i" i?' T^M""' . tw »- clork •••• r iV'T, elly ' twp. trustee rVi I 'il lfe ' e(!80r . twp. trustee";! '/£,Y!.v B r 0 , rnlann ' twp ' trustee ileiiry Bormann, twp. trustee V" iV ''nrdiier, twp. clerk .... J. H. Praaor. twp. trustee . 20.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 12.00 4.00 4.00 12.00 4.00 Qrover,' drag|in| BERTHA E. JOHNSON. County Auditor. prov. .:. . ......... , . . Prank Trevett, prov 20.47 14.10 Park. adv. salary et Bros., suppries ...." Pourage, labor ...... innn Grocery, prov. ..... • 2178 Km f rihi Kraft Mlsbaeh S r n' ., uppes .. i Oeo. Holtzbauer, repairs ....... 14 , City of Algona, supplie Herman Schneider, loss of chick" ndependence State Hospital, care patients »e Hospital for Epileptics', "Wood- t ward, care patients ....".;. 8083 State Juvenile Home, Toledo care patients *««>uw, Iow * Soldiers' Orphan8'"Hom'e, care patients ' 110 fi o Cherokee State Hospital, cafe patients State Sanitarium, Oakd'a'le,' 'cafe patients goo In r-h l n'i tion £? r p «eble"'Minded Children, Glenwood, care pa- tlen ts 88.42 COURT FUND. A'' •5'. I f9 vey - 8her - fe es 136.40 A. .Hutchison, J. p. fees 900 Albert Ogren, mayor fees .... g.60 ?' & Newvllle, const, fees 3.60 L. K. Hovey, sher. fees 94.36 C. Behrman, J. p. fees 3.60 Clark Orton, clerk fees 7.75 Carl Dahlhauser, const, fees ,. 2.95 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND ' Co., frt SPJ" i Sf "• "• n >< "-"'i irt. Kibert Garage, storage etc aa . la "Jpear & McVey, grading 70.00 John Swalve, tiling 282 Spear & McVey. grading 231.'8 Sperbeck Prt. Co., notice 22.8( Sperbeck Prtg. Co., notice 27.30 Miverne News, notice 37 2 Burt Monitor, notice 133 Bancroft Register, notice 123 HaBparrl & Backus, notice .... 12 9i North Kossuth Record, notice . 73 7i J. A. Schwartz, notice 87! Sturdlvant Puhl. Co., notice I^ee O. Wolfe, notice ... Advance Puhl. Cfi., notice ..;; Kohlhaas Hdwe. Co., hdwe Moore & Moore, tile nnd cement Independence Corr. Culvert Co culverts 106G IB Wheeler Lbr. Bridge & Sup'.'Co., lumber 92841 Oliver Bakken, gras .'.'.'.' 27.'fl9 DRAINAGE FUNDS. Dr. 3— Wm. Hllforty, repairs Geo. I.,ooft, repairs Ray Marquis, repairs K. O. Stenstrom, repairs ,. A. w. Patterson, repairs .. 1'jmil Gustafson, repairs .... C. Albln Peterson, repairs 21.60 2181 2o'40 4.95 6 6< iff if iii i,,7"' llv l'- trustee .... 400 O N n hl v", lp8 ' tw P- clerk • • • 4 00 • twp. trustee . twp. clerk .... _ ..— ,>. trustee ....'.' „ n a f°' b , oar<1 °f «ev. ., i-*mii y nP r ^ ley ' bo <»rd of Rev. W Wester, board of Rev A. L. Klelnpeter, board of Rev '' 4.00 8,00 8.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 4.00 0.00 9.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.60 D Hllbert" Severiens! 1 repairs' '.'.'.'. Jl.'go Humboldt Qravol & Tile material 1152 A. A. Mosher, repairs .'' 10080 n?i, P? lmor ' repairs io.'52 Theo. Kenne, repairs 50.15 JJ". do-— A - J- Lawler, repairs 2.75 J. B. Cunningham, repairs .. 2.0( D 42— repairs •-- >r B 6»^- PaImer ' repalra 16.50 Frank Welch, repairs 2200 Ray Marquis, repairs ... , 41 Geo. I.ooft, repairs 22 D] Wm. Jfllferty, repairs';;.'.';;.'.' 10.' MAR6ARET WEYMOUTH JACKSON COPYRIGHT Ht BOBPS-MERRILL CO. wuasenvice able, worm-hearted all it is Amerleiin. in ti™ n n »«* w wnT 1 "! 8 ' re P al " 24.60 Wm. Hilferty, repairs J! Geo Looft, repairs J|; sincere, faithful a repj atory, rea , ——. The Upper Des Moines-Republican

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