The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1930 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 6
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-.. . . ~""•""— niii i : socfTfra The TrpperJDes Moines-ltepublican, May 28,1930 Wesley News Items f 1 !?" 01 " ?a<*us, The Union townshlo Mother, the nine Daughters club will meet with a * » Alfred Schenclc on Thursday Mrs. Kate Annls win be the " D M s ' Banelfig Party- j i; H l«»i MA»I,»«. ..... » «.,__„.. I A Bridal Shower. A miscellaneous bridal shower was (given for Lena Flathers last Saturday night at the Raymond Hanson home. • <ma«f.,i. -ri.*. JL.— "t — "" i ""•>• «.««: rtnnis win oe the B«i«itont M fs - Theron Hanson was assistant *««ii6« JT S?,. tet the Pfldnatloh hostess. The program wll1 bP « M hostess. The invitations were written ^f«?pft»,^ alIffetS ^. PerWlI . lbeselv - lows: ^Ik, selectton ™f china? and 5!" <» booklet form and gave as a fore^ ed after the dance. Th* «,.*. 4*.,..-. l ver ^ £^ Kai n - ta^ Pictures i c ast for Saturday, May 24. local show- *t,« C(ntry Olub . na Quinn, Carolyn Todd. Leona Lichtef to live with. e e no guest of Sara Doran. The boys who S/l- f 8 ^ ^' BU1 ^ Raney, Kyle Keith. George Kan- v re BloSsom ' No * 8t ™S' **»* ers, fair and warmer. Besides Miss Flathers and her fiance, Howard Hanson, there were about fifty guests present. They were: Raymond, Theron, Carl, Hans and Nels Hanson famlles, Illinois, that his son, Prank, 35 years old, had passed away. He had 'been employed in Chicago. Jack expected to leave Monday night to attend the funeral. Prg mm gan, Joe Sheppard and Lewis Moore." trip tnrou eh the Holy Land. Birthday Surprise Party. Twenty friends of Mr. and Mrs. Carl | Dinner at Country Club— There will be a six-thirty With the fol- I Tom Nelson, Guy M. Butts, Ole Flom, . R. W. I olaf Funnemark, Joe Goetz, Carl Herman, Mrs. | O f Titonka, Lawrence Hanson of . ...f,~ v .. and familes and Rev. C. H. included Moore and William and Minnie Frlmml. on her I The lady guests wrote out thetr favorite recipes for the bride-to-be and the men busied therrfselves writing dlrec- I tlons on 'How to manage a Husband." dinner The guest of honor read them aloud Walker surprised them nt their home ? « Country Club Tuesday evening which furnished much amusement. A in Hobarton Monday evening in honor r ? llowed W bridge. The committee in lunch was served by the hostesses. Miss of Mrs. Walker's birthday, The even- cnar S e Includes Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. Ann- Flathers unwrapped her many gifts Ing was spent at bridge. High scores er - Dr - and M ™. R- H. Crawford, Mr. which proved to be both beautiful and were won by Mrs. Clarence Bergeson a a p - J - Christensen^ Grace useful and B. P. Hynds. The group included a ,? de , V " a , Kouba ' Lucla Wallace, and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Roupe, Mr and W ' Scott Hanna of LuVerne. Mrs. Ben Hynds. Mr. and Mrs Rov — "— Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. BJustrom Shower for Mrs. Peril- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown, Mr and T J 2 mes Coonev , and Margaret Plom each won , a scholarship for the freshman school year given by St. Olaf Col- and Raymond Reid. " -••• — | Johannsen. Country Club Party— The first afternoon Country Club I Tournament and Stair Partr— ?? r 'u °L th _ e ^ season was held Tuesday! „ " *" """ " p fl n!fr a ,?°l f tourname nt Tuesday afternoon I don . Kunz - Lco *aiken- I which was followed by a stag party at' Dacner . J° n « club ' — • at the ed hnfm-n K— _-_ i , w "™° lc ec *«> "«= tumiaeiicement exercise lasc Ton° nn«n m *™*ee, Miss Sophie I Thursday night. Citizenship awards were given to Marjorie Uhlenhake, Ed. Eisenbacher and James Cooney. All base ball boys received letters. They The men of the Country Club held I are: Jam es -- - - t«r bridge. .Mrs. T. P. Harrington was chairman of the committee Which in eluded Mrs.. J. T. Chrischllles, Mrs E J. Murtegh, Mrs. H. E. Rlst, Mrs. W C. Dewel, Mrs. J. P. Overmyer and Mrs D. H. Goeders. Entertains for Visitor- Mrs. N. C. Rice entertained a number of friends for Mrs. Bert Palmer of Springfield, Massachusetts; .who is visiting Algona relatives, at theatre- bridge party Friday evening. The guests saw "The Rogue Song'? and then went to the home of Mrs. Rice where they played bridge at three tobies. Mrs A K. Cliff won the high prize, and Mrs. Palmer received a'guest prize t was tended. About one hundred 8t- James Cooney, Gor- Wllllck, Ed. Eisen- James Ormsby, Enos Franzen and Wlneert. The basket ball boys receiving letters are: James Cooney, James Lloyd, Gordon Kunz, Leo Wllllck, Kenneth Robinson, Enos Franzen, Alfred Nelson and Wingert. | The girls' basket ball team who won letters were: Dorothy Krause, Irene Call Memorial Plot to be Beautified I Haynes, Beuna Niewald, AnnVsienier" w w^ A^cauuueu. and Mary Sherman. Virginia Benton, George C. Call came up from Sioux Cecelia Eisenbacher and Ruth Mary City last week and spent a couple Kunz received miniature loving cups for of days getting the work started on | declamatory work, the levelling and landscaplug of the Asa Call memorial park, which he so, ...... generously donated to the city of Al- A11 the mem bers of the senior class gona last year. The old Call man- nave made <I uit e definite plans for their Ion has been razed by Hal Cowan futures. James Cooney, valedictorian, and the basement Is now being filled and only boy ln tne class ' P lans to a 'arid the grounds brought to grade tend Iowa state College at Ames, tak- Mr. Call has not definitely decided up- M" g a course ln electrical engineering; Miss Frances Arthur of Randalia, Is here visiting her cousins, the P. c Haynes girls. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft visited her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johannsen at Bancroft Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Christensen of Burt were guests at the home of Mrs. Axel Johnson Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hanson of Thompson spent Sunday with his mother, Mrs. N. E. Hanson. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schrauth at the Kossuth hospital at Algona last Friday. August Diekmann has returned to his home at Boyd after a seven weeks' visit with his son, Fred and family. The Methodist Ladies' Aid met this Wednesday at the P. c. Haynes home. Mrs. C. H. Moore was assistant hostess. Buttermaker Klilsholm and Emil Wester attended a buttermakers' meeting at Dolliver last Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Seefeld announce the birth of a baby girl born last Wednesday night. They also have a boy. Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Ferguson and ! j two children of Ames spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob I Johnson. The study room, two bedrooms and i the upstairs hall at the Methodist par- ionage are receiving a new coat of paper this week. ' Fifteen dollars was cleared by the I Ladles' Aid last Tuesday morning the May breakfast given In tJhe at Senior Class Plans. on the exact plan of beautifying the I Martna Haynes will attend a business plot, but will plant a lilac hedge on the north and east lines and has -in college beginning next fall; Donna 3ruls e and Cecelia Eisenbacher will both A luncheon was served. —::— Opening- C. C. Party— . The opening Country Club nartv nf mlnd the IiVying of cement waiksTwlth I teach , ln f u f al schools, Donna having the season was held at the club ho,,^ I seats and sulta *>le shrubbery surround- a contract to teach the O. E. Miller Thursday evening AboutTone hundred r lg the stone marking the site of the school four miles north of town and and fifty peS attended A™e^' flrsth - aW - e s - chool ~ slx mUes soutn; o'clock dinner was followed by bridge Marie Wehler and E. A. McMahon won / nf CL 1118 ? p , rlzes - About ten-thirty the I bridge tables were put aside for their.-, T"T; -, dance, special features of which were / to Ward INorman Goes a tag dance and a broom dance. ^ by his father ' the late ° f f ° UtlderS Woman's Club Program— The Woman's club held Its last meet- tag of the season at the Library Friday evening. Miss Carrie Durant spoke to Alma, Michigan. Edward Norman, son of Mr. and Mrs Oscar Norman, has been transferee Dorothy Haverly will go to Fort Dodge In August to commence a nurses' training course at the hospital and Mira Studer will enter the Mayo hospital at Rochester for a nurses' course; Mar- from the Swift Lima, and Illustrated her talk with slides. Taere,were two dances by some of the Digh school girls. A business meeting plant in leave Lima May 24th.""He~ : haTbeen with Swift & Company for nearly sev- new plant in Ardmore, Oklahoma. , FfelDAY, MAI so. 1 DECORATIONDAX Matinee ay one p.'m.'and'every twi hours. £ ' ' The entire show on the Hvln screen. The electrifying, heart breaking, whoopee-packed drama o n shady lady who fought to dowu he past for a clean love the world de nled her. 'LADIES OF LEISUEE with ' Barbara Stan-wick The sensational, talked-about new dramatic discovery. Lowell Sherman Ralph Graves Marie Prevost Every critic—eyery theatre-goer proclaims it the most daring, shocking y frank talking drama ever made Ladies of Leisure metrits 30 famous movie critics advise you to see "Ladles of Leisure." "Ladies of Leisure merits your attendance." "Most entertaining." "A picture not to be missed" "You will be repaid" "This is a Nifty". "A superb picture." ^Better Than the Play." "It is a pleasure to recommend It" "Unifornay absorbing," "Wins highest rating." "Strangely beautiful, and moving.' "A four-star screen feature." SATURDAY SPECIAL, MAY 31 1:30 matinee and every two hours The laugh sensation of the Age! WANTED—Young man, good looking, willing to be coworomised Oh, my goodness! Advertising for a love partner It's scandalous. But that was the only way this'good- Jooking girl could get the million dollars she inherited. And just to make it harder two maiden aunts were looking for a family scandal to break the will. Laughing? We're roaring. And so .are the thousands of merry mirth- lovers who have seen It. with Loretta Young Doug. Fairbanks, Jr. Louise Fazenda Otis Harlan Eddie Nugent < ' SUNDAY, JUNEi. Matniee 1 p. m. and every two hours Novarro sings" six songs. You'll learn love from him garet Flom will go to St. Olaf College; Virginia Benton to Iowa City where she will have part time work and study and Beverly Kerrins leaves June 23 for Kalamazoo, Michigan, for a course In occupational therapy in preparation for employment at the state home and training school. Farm Bureau Meeting. A farm bureau meeting was held on Friday night at the George Pommer school house and the attendance was unusually, good. Music was furnished >y the Wesley township, rural orches- ra and by Fred, Diekmann who played wo selections oh=hla piano accotdlan 3terk Qrton v o*rAlgpna, gaye^an jihtey- itor. George'lyatterson gave an 'la- tructlve lecture full of good pointers on Ipcal and state politics. Visits Relatives. Mrs. William Hutchinson .spent several days, last week end visiting sons and daughters at Fort Dodge, Hobart and Grinnell. Her son, Lloyd and daughter, Mrs. Ralph Faircloth, live at Grinnell, a daughter, Mrs Lillle Benskin, lives at Laurel; a daughter. Mrs NOVARRO Wait till he croon's "Into My Heart " Let Me Give You Love" and other magic melodies. Wait till he lives again this romance of daring love— bold adventure-Youth calling to Youth MON., TUBS., WED., JUNE 2-3-4 Tuesday matinee 2:30 prices lOc- 30c. All lor fun and fun for all btory and songs by Irving Berlin. . Carl Chalstrum lives at Fort Dodge and a daughter, Mrs. Clarence Bergeson at Hobart. She also had occasion to see a sister, Mrs. Leota Holt who lives at New Sharon. Teachers Go Home. The Wesley public school closed Friday and the teachers have all left for their respective homes. Prof, and Mrs Swanson are at Blockton, visiting her parents; Miss McConnell at Mediapolls; Prof. Klooz at Sumner; Miss Beck at Bellevue; Miss Conrad at Wayland and Miss Rcimer at Edgewood. All the teachers have signed contracts to return next September. To Attend Summer School. church basement. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thlssen of Water- j loo spent Sunday at the Edward Haupt- I mann home. Mrs. Thlssen was formerly Clara Hauptmann. The St. Joseph's parochial school will I close next. week. A school picnic will be held Monday and the school play will be given Friday, June 6. Miss Mildred Benton returned home I Friday night from Holsteln after a successful year of teaching in the kindergarten department in the schools. Marie Harris, who taught at the Her- | man Carlson school the past year, has gone to Algona to spend the summer with her sister, Mrs. Homer Anderson. Mrs. Ray Carlson of Paullina spent I a day last week visiting her friend, Miss Louise Hauptley. She was on her way to Davenport on a business trip. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. August Garman. Jr., last Thursday. The little fellow was given the name of John James and was .baptized on Sunday. Mrs. Joseph Loebig and two children of Algona are visiting at the Chas. Loebig home. They make their home with their folks, the Frandsen's of Algona. Miss Irene Gelshecker who- taught the fifth and sixth grades here last year has accepted a position in the LuVerne schools for the coming school year. Several families from Wesley attended the Corwith senior class play last Friday night. The play was entitled, Climbing Roses", and was very well given. ;;-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murphy attended a family reunion bf'faer relar tives at the Ed.'Miller home at There were forty fela- Mlss Valeria Mayer of Waterloo, who has Just finished a year of teaching In the Keota school, came Saturday nigh 1 ; for a few days' visit with her friend Mrs. John Hutchison. Miss Mayer who taught seventh and eighth grades here last year, expects to attend summer school at Cedar Falls and will return to Keota in the fall to resume her teaching. Class Play was Good. The class play, "The Yellow Shadow," was given last Tuesday night at the Bell Theatre and drew a packed house. The play was very good and so many of the characters called for unusual talent which the cast furnished with great ability. The 1930 seniors were an unusually good dramatic class inasmuch as all ranked high in past declamatory work. Surprise Party. A group of Royal Neighbors met at -he lodge hall Friday afternoon where they sprung a pleasant birthday surprise party on Mrs. H. J. Braley and lams Sunday, tives present. Miss Emma Studer, Miss Susie Pfeff- ner, Mrs. Julius Kunz, Mrs. Otto Kunz and Mrs. Ed. Kunz attended a Catholic daughters of America initiation at Fort Dodge Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba, Jr., drove to Cottonwood, Minnesota, early Sunday morning to spend the day with her parents, the Melvolds. They returned home the same evening. The Congregational church met this Wednesday afternoon at the Ole Flom home. Mrs. Jorgen Skow led the meeting and the lesson was taken from the seventeenth chapter of the book of Acts. Paul Erdrnan and his helper Is employed at Clear Lake this week getting in readiness the house recently purchased by Lou Kutschara who will move to their new home In the near future. 8 . . Mrs. William Henderson. The afternoon was joyfully whlled away and after a delicious lunch the honored ladies were presented with'*wall mirrors as a remembrance of the day. Return from Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Ben F Felt returned home Sunday from Rockledge, Florida where they had been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Earl Ranck, since the Mrs. Rae Hutchison and Mrs. Brant Asa drove to Waterloo Saturday to rent a house and make arrangements for the Hutchison family who plan to move there next week. Mr. Hutchison has employment in Waterloo. . "" leu Pearly Haynes celebrated his eighth birthday last Wednesday by Inviting In a dozen playmates after school. After several hours of play lunch was served and the little folks all went merrily to their homes. Kendrlck Kerrins, twelve year old son of John Kerrins, arrived from Pleasanton last week to make his home this summer with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kerrins. He made the trip alone by bus and Charles met him at Garner. Mrs. Fred Amesbury and daughter Clara of Algona who had been in Glendale, California, for the winter, have returned and are visiting at the John Amesbury home here before commencing housekeeping at their home in Al- jona. The Woman's Foreign Missionary so' * U L meet Thursday afternoon A TRIBUTE TO CAPT.W.E.G. SAUNDERS OF EMMETSBURG A few of Captam Saunders friends in this county are taking this opportunity of calling the attention of the voters b£ Kossuth county to his candidacy for the office of Secretary of State. Captain Saunders, a Spanish-American war veteran, has always devoted a large share of his time to all movements for the development of this section of the state and during the last few years has done some so exceptionally fine work in preserving some of Iowa's beauty spots, btate Parks— all without compensation to him. as , r ° Ugh ^P^" Saunders' interest that Call Park bnma W f- SUnderh > P6rS ° nal direction that ifc ^ been made into a recreation, spot for our people, second to none. and nei COUntv Wish hi forts to w n - r v rorts to win the nomination for Secretary of State. ef- don>t to jxl W. E. G. Saunders !> Vat'. For Secretary of State I. E. Wortman, Lakota. E. R. Worley, Lakota Dr. W. T. Peters, Burt. Scott Hanna, LuVerne. Seth Calry, Whittemore. .Arthur Murray, Bancroft Lev! Wiemer, Ledyard. ' Lee O. Wolfe, Titonka. Frank Thompson, Swea City Julius Kunz, Wesley. R. A. Haglund, Swea City F. H. Elgler, Fenton. M. P. Weaver, Algona M. P. Haggard, Algona. Ed. Rlst, Algona. 'T. P. Harrington, Algona. W. C. Dewel, Algona. F. D. Williams, Algona, Al. Falkenhalner, Algona. .J. W. Haggard, Algona. S. J. Backus, Algona. Songs Jolson sings "Let Me Sing *™ r ™ HaPPy." "To My Mammy," The call of the South," "Knights it the Road," "Across the Breakfast lable Looking at You." Mr. Jolson also sing old favorites. ,'OMING SUN. & MON., JUNE 8-9 Marie Dressier Polly Moran "CAUGHT SHORT" middle of December, return trip of 1760 They made the , - miles in seven days, making a stop of a day and a half at Barrington, Illinois, and Oelweln with relatives. To Go to Iowa City. Prof. Edwin Klooz will accompany Marjorie Uhlenhake, Maurine Hanson and Ruth Garman to Iowa City June 1, to be present for the state academic contest which is to be given there on Monday. These girls placed two firsts and one second in the district contest at Algona. Brother Dies In Illinois. Jack Cruise received word Sunday night from his brother, Mike, at Piano, with Mrs. Herman Ostercamp. The society's meeting day is the last Friday n each month, but due to Memorial Jay, the meeting will be held one day Mrs. Elwood Haynes and four child•en and Harley Haynes arrived Saturday night from Las Vegas, New Mexico, to spend the summer with her mother, Mrs. N. E. Hanson and at the Pearl C. Haynes home. The trip was made in four days. James Hodges returned Wednesday to Van Hook, North Dakota, to attend to business matters in connection with the hardware concern which he sold last fall before going to California and Iowa. His wife will remain here indefinitely with her mother, Mrs. Nellie Turgeson. Three patrons of the Wesley creamery received checks totaling over $100 for the past month. They are- Geo Hildman, $199.81; Wallace Donovan,' $193.58; F. W. Plumb, $148.06. The next high seven are: L. F. and Tom Wingert, George Hlrner, John Arndorfer, Henry Haverly, Alf Studer, J. P. Studer and W. J. Frlmml. Miss Clara Ritchmeler granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Studer, is the Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge, who receive their diplomas Thursday night. There are fifteen graduates. Her sister, Edna, who has been very sick the past two months, was taken to her home near Iowa Falls to recuperate, Fire in Cobs Burns Whittemore Home. Whittemore, May 27. Special: The country home of James Wler was badly damaged by fire Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Wier had gone to church about seven-thirty and their son, Wm., was getting some cattle that were out along the road when he noticed the smoke coming out the basement windows. He went at once to the neighbors for aid and the general alarm was given. It was not long before a large enough crowd had gathered to bring the fire under control. The fire seemed to have originated in the pile of cobs and It Is' thought to have been caused by spontaneous combustion. The entire north wall of the basement where ;he cobs were stored was burned and ;he fire had eaten Its way outside In two different places. The Joists were also burned as was a sheep lined coat which Mr. Wier had hung In the furnace room. The fire was coming through onto the flrst floor when the volunteer fire fighters brought It into control. Beside the damage the fire did, the water soaked the furnishings on the flrst floor and the smoke ruined the walls which had just been redecorated. All food supplies, even the potatoes in the basement had been smoked so badly that none can be eaten. They had their summer meat put away and Mrs. Wler had a large amount of baked goods and all were ruined by the smoke. This makes the third fire for these people, two large barns burning within six years. The Wiers feel very grateful to the neigh- hnvo mVirt U,, *U«i.. _.-i_,- _ *»v*5»* -- • ^— "^-™^™«™^ Sharp B|]y8 Iowa I »!,„ n O •!• Lake Dance Pavilion. Bancroft Register: Glen Sharp of n £ R °5 k has Purchased the dance pavilion that has been used for several years at Iowa Lake. Mr. SharJ wU the pavilion to Lone Rock and ° ld « we ? kly dances - Commencing shortly after June 1st. He also plans on eaoh evenm ex « the Crest Staggered Steel shaft clubs Irons *6.25-woods $7.75. Gamble's S & G. golf balls 39c. GILCHRIST for , night selected for dances. The pavilion wm . ^ completely overhauled, redecorated and otherwise put to first class CONGRESS You, too, can yell "Forel" If you use I Victor Radio Portable Phonographs The latest in records. (Call at The Radio Shop 116 North Thorington Phone 371. SENATOR FRED C. GILCHRIST of Laureni, Iowa HAS A NOTABLE RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT IN THE STATE SENATE FOR EIGHT IfEARS. ENPORSEO BY HIS COLLEAGUES IN THE SENATE, BY LABOR AND ACRI. CULTURAL LEADERS.

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