The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1930 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 3
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• vw - w -<Mvv««cK5QX853: CRissoo KEW& and of $Li *1 ?£ of aumbe r two aiso pic- I S- Jc « ed ,?* the Park Friday. Miss Irene Kellershon of number five faddYtte- & a « 2l e iSi 11 ^^ p ark Saturday. 158 Kt" 1 -" ******* t»»U _t -Laj^.:. T\ M J j^ttjg* Des Moines-Rspublican, May 28.1930 Fr&sef held a at Among the Algona uates are Mildred s« Mgh school Brown, Charlc Worster from I J^J£l he £ ftndJDftu * hters "to" was ^^i? 1 Z* 1 "* 6 **? by Mrs. F. L, fSrtw. to y* 0 **" Twelve members I and six guests were ~ - at the SDeht Sunday e at U were by DonnaJean 186 °>aytori and . ay. or town. and. Sidney John to Mft Pieton, Minnesota, Mon- ald .Tracer of Kanawha was a ' ' Trataer home on he house on his farm southeast ttaymond Strong of Missouri cam Saturday to visit his mother, Mrs. Va vrankin. t, Mlf ^J£. en - e Atetl 8 P ent the week en here with her parents, Rev. and Mrs 8. H. Aten. WWM " W ^^ own Go 1 VVWyVWWWWiM Bab Chick a visit at the a ASMS Broke Hi. Leg, and Sunday. . »• y - ° w Marlow, west last Sunday when the motor- ie was ridlmr fell on him. 1 the machine Bowmanof^be^irnTand^^ ~ ~" IMIQ *AHMQUl-»< CllC ^c—:?. Clifton's mother at Mara- thor this week. Miss Eva Stewart and pupils en- Joyed a picnic on the old Percy hill northeast of town. The church officials and ttietr families enjoyed a picnic dinner at the church Sunday and held a Business meeting afterward. Miss Bernlce Payett of Swea city was a guest at the O. P. McDnoald home several days last week. Dolliver Peters, who has been attending a business college at Elgin, H- linniR In Tinma f/\* n •.MJ...*!..- 1.1.'"." Wtto oul; putting the machine i —-•""•* *«JUEIO, wuo naa through Its paces and In ramlnguMde 1t . endln ? » business coUege at of the cycle to start itThelost Ws P 1018 ' te home for a vacation balance and fell, the heavy machine Members of the Epworth »I niR loo* TT«h «**tll I.— 1^1 -» I tlgtra —• *-* *— -* «• ^- __ will "SUPER CHICKS- TnuU M«rk t&^'jffifitf^^SZ ~"Xtt» ».r*To o piuuiu ut me (jail otat4 nrar Algona Wednesday evening. Mr. Petenoi of Algona haa hPd his hcuse hi the nrrth part of town te- palnted. Be/t Peck did tha work, Dr - J . O- Olapsaddle drove to Mon- KOSS UTH COUNW^rci ERY MONTHx BUYS THIS IDEAL LITTLE HOME Aiwstrong's til arp, this week, Mrs. O. P. McDonald with Mrs. Josephine accompanied 209 East State St., Algona, Iowa. WWUWWWWWS borrower dies the loan is paid in full, so far as his family is concerned • Design No. 19 For $26.18 per wuiuu you cai tote convenient modern home. t«!L° * a^the average monthly payments Just about like rent-the Borrower Is also provided with the ""=. w . x-. ivicjjonaia accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shanor to their home at Eagle Grove Saturday evening. She returned home Monday. Dettman Wednesday afternoon ' "with Mrs. J. W. Dorrance and Mrs Maude Hanna, as assistant hostesses. ,O. p. McDonald and Mr. and • P. Stow attended a shower at _— City Tuesday evening Riven In honor of Miss Bernlce Payett n/r^' ^ n ?, Mr(!> R oetman'of Dolliver, Mr. ana Mrs. James Bewick, and Mr 'f^-iFS' £ ay Or aham,were guests at tfte F. o. Stow home Sunday. Miss Ttebbln lei't Saturday everlng for Chtrago where she wlllTe- sune her work after spending three week's vacation with her mother. T,!^?™'/ 1 ' A £ n and John E mest left Tuesday for Aberdeen, South Dakota, where she will visit her sister, Mrs W. A. Barnes and a brother, Robert Enia Pet ~-~~ U) **i»iii C i/u mm xieien Schrader, Florence Stow and Dorothy Stewart. ^_The Boy Scouts held a meeting of the court of honor at the Presbyterian church last Thursday evening. The following program was given: processional, Marilda Pratt; Invocation, Rev. S. H. Aten; trumpet solo, Edwin Manus- address on Scouting, G. W. Patterson- music, Miss Price of Storm Lake; court of honor, awarding of second class badges; piano solo, Marilda Pratt;aw- ardlng of first class ranks; candle ceremony; reading by Darel Riddle; awdrd- mg of merit badges; music by Miss Price. A good crowd attended the program. The funds were used for expenses on the Boy Scout camping trip to Iowa Lake. team crossed bats at Rodman Satern families received -'"" ' --" ofLuella I Mrs. Co.n |Pran k "j en ta. erparentS ' Mr - and auL a »f d ^ S ~ Sklnn( ; r of Algona --- r «***V«Acw y ctUKI Blue Earth Friday. ~ " Campbell and .Charles Schemmel of Calmar, vlslt- ed here at the LeRoy Boettcher and George Boettcher homes last Tuesday ' '"^•^^^^^-^-^^v^^^w^^Tu^wMww^ycw WEST BEND NEWS. B. T. Stover was a Rodman visitor on Sunday afternoon. —0 ™ «**• j a i/i ., --— f —^«.w** w MO automatical-- «?* u £, for not more than 12 ««" We co-operate with local ™ and conduct all" ' Mr. and'Mrs. F. o. stow, Mr. and I Jay Graham-, (attended the funeral^of 1™?™°,}!? ^^eareuther at Titonka last Friday afternoon. son, Earl Haynes, and family. 'Miss Alma Krelmeyer returned-on Sunday from her home at Ackley. Rev. Zimmerman attended the ball game in Rodman Tuesday afternoon. I contestants!, except the The Gerhart children have been hav- WWCh had Only one ta the ——'• ing a siege of the measles the past Rev. Zimmerman preached the bac- week - calaureate-sermon to the graduates^ •.»_ „ . — . . i the West Bend *••-*- -• . "™ M5 ° OI evening. Music week Mrs. E. L. Hayne and daughter, Marr Botsford Lumber Co. BETTER BUILDINGS l\ J"; POOL, Manager Goldthwaite For Cong i wsuued the commencement'exe^clses at Lone Rock Thursday night. MlssWlese I has a niece In the graduating class. _Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shanor of Eagle GJove spent reveial days her-3 last week disposing of the household goods of Aln,^ T prs Mary Shci.or. Thev also rented Algona, Iowa. I the house lo W. T. Tracer? Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hallock of Eagle Grove came up to attend commencement exercises here. They have a s. . . ayne and daugh garet were Fort Dodge visitors Mrs. H R . Bell-and.Mr. and were Algona, visitor* ,on and Mrs. W. E. White spent - - — ">"~"n»u of Whlttler, Call- r,o«, l> o£ '^"raday afternoon for her " ome : fhe was called here by the sudden death of her father, Fred[Jenks. Mrs. A. J. Galagan and Mrs. Jessa- Une Weinberger spent last Sunday at Minneapolis visiting their niece and cousin. They returned home on Moa- - Robert Johns and 8 on to Newton last Sunday after having spent a week here with relatives and t of will work for them again. Mr. and Mrs. Charles chlldren are little t"«« ouuaay. Mrs. Pugsley wa« ter of the Dewitt brothers here, and attending the funeral" Johns' father, Fred Jenks. Mr. and Mrs. O O. Engelby i calling on Miss Helen Barfar of ^a- Kota Sunday evening. Miss Bargar has been teaching this year at QUlett Ornwa and will return there again nertye^r! fnfU? ^ elster '?" Th^'Jay afternoon £° « h S me at Los Angeles, Califor- with h?^ a f shspen l several weeks here with his mother, who has been serious- health D ° W Bl ° Wly "Baling her Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Sperry were business callers at Renwlck Tuesday Mr. Snomr la +„ u« 1.1 ,_:v^^r™ Br * sohO01 Week End <* d in-T j ""*•*"•=!• OIAIJV, ana a nepnew. Edwin Paine, in the graduating class! L«- Mr W and Mra> Ben Olstedt, Mr. and I EssBsra s ^. j n&s I "--"xlast Wednesday and Thursday Mr. Stromen Is a brother of Mrs. Mor- J ness* Mf- Johnson and Melbert .Thoman were Whittemore visitors Sunday afternoon. Harry Simmons of Whittemore was a visitor at the William Riley home on Saturday. The Presbyterian Aid society will meet with Mrs. Earl Dixon Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs Claude Miller "and daughter of near Plover were West Bend Sunday will e , AlVln V ' Euge 5 e Pord - Marie bunn, and prophecy ° W was one of read and a features of Boone County presents the only candidate for tbe south ern tier of counties. Publisher and farm owner. Advocate of agriculture relief for support of farm board. Candidate qualified to serve as a successor to L. J. Dickinson. Godden went for an if;.« f annle Albright accompanieci tl cm to low i City to vls't a daughter who Is a paueni at the hospifcaj. >y Scouts accempnni- ald Wler and M. E. Monday morning for "3 they will spend a a go~od"tim7. """• camping and flaring of'«,—Si" ---«" *•«*» spent Friday I school, at the .Sloan home. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Simmons Harold spent Sunday at the Orvilie Harr home near Rolfe. xMr. and Mrs. Charles Simmons of near Rolfe called at the Win Riley nome Monday morning. Paul Minger of Phoenix, Arizona, Is *", " I " 1 * 1 "- °* "" -- Metzger home enjoy the afternoon entertain! for the. past year. Next ylar Indorsed by Central Labor Body Typographical Union- Musician's Union Veterans of Foreign Wars Boone Rotary Club Boilemakers' Union Boone Chamber of Commerce It is impossible for Mr. Gold-1 Winsome and Nelda Volentine"pTan"to thwaite to visit everybody in attend summe r school at cedar Fails, the district, but your vote L^J£* »&!: °™* '.stow of DOI- Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Louis Krug at-1 tended the funeral of Mrs. Pugsley at Cylinder Sunday afternoon. ' •—™~ v »w**«MMj^gu£«W^ LEDYARD NEWS. i here Thursday. .Work shirts, fih go at each wC Men's Athletic union suits ^_' Children's union OA Suits at wC Men's work shoes, plain toes, $3.50 O yin values, now **.rKJ Men's broadcloth dress shirts, $2.00 QO values, now «/OC 175 pair straps, pumps, and blondes, values to $6.00 ^ i "*?••* Boys'blouses, now go at ^3 Poys' overalls now go at Children's Overalls, $1 values ,' WCen'sBockford in soxs at 1UC 49c st * r > 69c 3oys' Caps now go at _ • — — "• • *M* V \S T WA J %J\J\J^. Y iJ_l I ——-»,. -^wvtbVJt j. 01J.Q, the district, but your vote ,,}"' and , ¥*• 0rvUle stow of DOI- June 2nd would be *™~"^"WS^JJ* A9- ?tow ciated. appre- home. - TheyW move to" LakeflSw, Minnesota, where Orvllle will sell Wear RV01« allimlm.m *.UJ_ 1* '•*''** GOLDTHWAITE FOR CONGRESS CLUB ,_ VVWV(J , TA »^ tc ^^4 V111C Will i Ever aluminum this summer. He'has the agency for the northern half of Jackson county. .—. her daughter Dakota, at. present. , _ ., " * MJ-. ai i. u. Kongsback and son, Quen- son were 6 in WfnnODrtfo Tr1»ll-l nn . •'•Vtlo I lVa.4 H «_J Mr. and Mrs. L, j Worden at Swea •LOOM'S STOR FAMILY OUTFITTERS Mrs. Sam Montag went to Emmets£™& Tue l day afternoon to see her brother, who was ill with the measles. . . , L Bev - and Mrs. E. E. Zimmerman and school is out out of town teach- Daughters attended the commencement ave returned to their homes. Miss ? xer clses at Rodman Thursday even- ers Went to hnr Vtmna of nr.ii. I ing. —- —-ww. ttf wuu uui* ui bown teacn- ers have returned to their homes Miss S?« w ^u nt toiher home at Welton; Miss Needham to Rockford, Illinois Helen Johnstone to' Mt. Ayr ' This season of the year everyone is on their feet more than usual. Warm weather is coming on and it behooves everybody to see that their feet are well fitted with a pair of well balanced slippers. It pays well In comfort, peace of mind and efficiency |We are having a special sale of arch support slippers All our $5.00 and $6.00 arch slippers go at ¥3.95. Choice of the store, any size any color, 3 to 9 and AA to EEE at $3.95. ' We are sell lots of them. People are taking more Interest In paring for their feet. An ounce of prevention Is worth a pound pf cure. Now is the time to fit your feet so they will stay to good Your choice of any $5.00, or $6.00 arch support slipper in the Store at $3.95. We have other arch support lines at $345 $250 and a wonderful line at $3.98. ' * Jimmie Neville WESBQSMAH .- Afcon,, to™. rior to Gravity. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Trlmmel left Saturday for Lake Mills, Wisconsin. teTand 'Mi^-pearT « SflfflE home. y afternoon at the Sloan sim™' Orv l lle Harr and M™- Ohas Simmons of near Rolfe spent Wed- nesriav afternoon at the ~- - WHITE'S s - £tf*urdoy " "*" •" •** ** VUllilJIlK nii;n"*fvrr'" 0 * " part of hls vacation. . Upon their return next fall they will | have rooms at the home of Mrs. Ellen Hanna. Mrs. Louis Krug and Mrs. Harold took their little niece, who her home -• — • -• —Av^wAtctiu (save a break — FVlday moraiiig to thle senior class of 1930. They were served at four tables, the decorations being their class colors of yellow and white. This was also the birthday of Helen ant Harriett Schrader and they were presented with a yellow and white birthday cake which was made by Mrs McDonald. Misses opal Schrader and In serving the •iJ^.ffgoSf'^siffia l^£^«^^-'rA\ Rev. Thomas Lutman of Humboldt delivered a flne address at thTcom- fe°™ a Sr^l^lfven gSVdTve -** fidwta^atorJfaQdftSoS ^ 8tt ' mond RidOle, Weiiey 8eSr4, home Sunday. *•*• and Mrs. A. D. deal and daugh- i Tth y> ,f pent Wednesday after- the^mme ^ ° SCar RUey ^tended I ^)lfe high school Thursday evening 6 James Sage was one of the graduates.' "~ ' -- Melvln OOK •Bartlett Pears, No. 10 size Italian Prunes, No. 10 size Bed Pitted Ghenies No. 10 size Bacon, sugar cured, per pound Lemons, 300 Salmon, one pound ' size, per dozen 'Cocoanut, one Pickles, quart, 'sweet, for pound bags EXTRA SPECIAL-One No. 2# size can^A B n P Q i. v and one package of Kellogg' 8 Rice KV? B rSa 1 ,f l G *?? a " hea * sjlce d W halves tor

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