The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
Page 2
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tfpper HAGGARD Jhtofed as Second Class matter at the postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under the ri : act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Issued WeeJdv . .? AN WADSWORTH UPSETSWJRT TRIAL Subscription Rates in One Year, in Advance Witness, Blazing With Fury, Forces Defense to Quit Cross Examination. fi? 2 ^ p ? r yeai > stric tly in advance? ^. , . . tu P ai d for and ordered stopped Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch Composition B cents per inch extra. IN ASSOCIATED «. h & eb y announce my candidacy fot the office of sheriff of Kossuth county on the republican ticket at the primary election to be held June 2, 1930. Your the Sa ,e of-tSf «-f* *** to".®®^ ** »*«««*****\ the sale of this stock was to be applied. * sain* T 2L fr r^ ! t0 »^°<* I th " e &&« -KSSTrt < fcS%£ t« !™ , t u 0l i hlm * wanted to talk on the republican ticket at the urimarv He ?^v ± th f e h »t ads . of the company, election to be held June 2, wSoitoS .MB r/lOJT TTIO r/i f VIM A MO....J _ l_ _• ».- • I 4r4*4>«tH^J. ^_ii« • . • j *. "•»'»"*• * v/w* VOTE FOR "DICK." For the first time in her history Kossuth county has a candidate for the United States senate. It is an honor to the community to have so able and competent a man as Congressman Dick- Larrabee Regarded as "Home" Man. Crane, president. But he wasn't in" He then took me to see E. B. bill INDUSTRIES TRIAL. rWoKe that Moore was one of' his best salesmen and that he stood J ba£k of every word he said. 1 | Firm Crashed In November, 1928 Selling tarpe Amount of Stock t am a candidate for sheriff on the republican ticket-Prank Green . 3&-tf I FOR AUDITOR. 8L S?*£5? ^efraudrwatehed^lseK^ * *"** him- Jealousies every repuHHcan voter Kossuth county should cast a vote next Monday for Mr. Dickinson. That he Is the most able man goes argument. He has for twelve years labored Incessantly for agriculture In the house against, odds that would have discouraged many men. His effoi have not only brought results, but I e. I men and his £ congress to succeed Dickinson I £fS«^ be a close race with oa *„„„ I witnesses In the Associated Industries, er, he told her they were changing Kossuth county, Iowa?subject to the hoc "-< ' "-- I Plans to enlarge It for more crpyts, shf | IS" ??..«» republican voters at thl FLC WERS FOR race with three OU uu, Tn/ , M . M,^? eMd « s ™^^*™'™ to „» rf ,j * -- - s Practically a candidate, and with his splendid think ^ nat ° r from ls the —__ , , Wadsworth, ver T „. , i In 1827 at which'Dill, Crane I . 'Ji ^dsworth, two and Flynn were present, she said. 1 ~~ to Den- I 'Crane and Plynn ran the that she | she testified. 'Dill sat ni the E. JOHNSON. .—BERTHA 42-49 I of ed issue in the east, the home manufacturers and monopolies. His chief opponent is Governor John i „, , f Hammill. Prank Lund of Webster Citv g t yenrs ' is also a candidate but it is certain he take tt^-i" stands absolutely no chance of secur- to the Ing the nomination. Conseourntiv n much of is unquestioned, his He has all of the late • - -«v..*i, in c miv wm. Lamibee, combined with ™ experience in the state i especially well fitted to shoes of "Dick" when he a FOR REPRESENTATIVE. ember 1928 The following write up 'Crane told how much profit had 3<Mf ' of the trial together with Mrs. Wads- been made by Crown Hill in 1927-how — -, *£ CimCf Bp P eared ta the May much stock had been sold and how i edition of the "Rocky Mountain much money was on hand ! ,-s of Denver: | • -There are no oustandlng bills that FOIl REPrtESENTATIVE. News "An I *^ *i t — «»v« 10 vviy UJUoc ... . - to the «eart of Mr. Larrabee, and bv mill and no man ever ran for .national mai V he Is regarded much as a home or state office in Iowa who was as {r andidate - Kossuth will give him a unpopular as is the governor In north- £ andsome indorsement. Mr. Larrabee era Iowa. With Dickinson in the sen- p^ t n££ d Ws flnal st atcment from i a close." said the«s P third of the senators are men formerlysat in the house as colleagues I in s the past few weeks and months of Mr. Dickinson. If the farmers of J have traveled in every one of the this state know a true friend they £ ourteen c °"nties in this district. I will recognize that virtue in "Dick" e talked wlth n lar ^ e number of Governor Hammill or Prank Lund can men a ? wome n, representing various „,. .. *imiiv jjuna can onrf „„*!....< T r , . never fill the bill. Mr. occupations and activities. - grafied est nghter for agriculture in the na- est which has been shown in my candi- tion. He is criticized for voting for da °y and the many voluntary expres- the tariff bill by Mr. Hammill. When so .?t of good wl]1 and encouragement It Is realized that the members of con- w ^ J have Teceiv "*- My only regret gress from agricultural states are small penally 2 s V I ^ Uty to meet and to number and greatly outnumbered this district, Because or th by eastern representatives, it is a mat- of the Tenth district this lls ter of compromise In many instances auburn-haired worrjan rode I rough shod over rules of court procedure yesterday in the Associated Industries,. _ „„,„. Inc., trial and her wrath blazed with 'Are you sure Crane such fury that defense attorneys aban- things?' Graves questioned don her cross-examination. 'The stock 'Of course I am,' she retorted -i subscription blank I signed didn't say sat there and kept stenognmhto notes fnWhl ° Ut the * P uttln * the m °™y ° f everything that was Sd And I into their own pockets for feathering have a witness to prove it' their own nests,' the witness screamed. She related how a Denver attorney The court room was tense. The wit- to whom Moore took her showed her •« .Mrs. Jean Bushnell Wadsworth, a letter from a minister telling about Broadway, leaned forward in Dill. ^ the witness box. She gave the impression she was Just waiting for Har- er rir a aii«.,.»i. ij •"••""IB i"i nur- ", .^u».»«v.v., anu oaiu uias Jjen- ry a Si evrsteiri, of defense coun- ver should be proud to have him in sel to ask another question so she its midst. It said he could pounce upon it as would a tiger |'servative promoter. \.._ 'He told me that no matte"r"what I hereby announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for state representative of the 85th district sub- Ject to the will of the voters of Kossuth county. Your support will be ap- predated.—George D. Moulton, Ledyard, Iowa. FOR SUPERVISOR. First District. * h ereby announce that I will be a I candidate on the republican ticket for Strict No. THE DEPARTED On Decoration Day, let us help you remember your departed loved ones. Some may have given their beloved in war, and some in peace, but to all we will extend the memory o± their existence. Mowers are Nature's medium ior this sentiment. We will make up any suitable floral piece and de- Jiver it to you or to the cemetery. We wire flowers everywhere for this purpose. We urge that you place plant aud cut flower orders early. Algona Greenhouses Phone 305 Algona, Iowa. 48-49 upon his prey. 'It said he was d wonderful promot- of ». Kossuth coun ty at the primary ';:', she testified, 'and said that Den- ectlon to be held June 2, 1930. Your VOTE FOB impos- Snaps Back Answer. ' I merely asked you if you had signed^ one of these subscription blanks your stock,' the happened to the subsidiary firms it °° Uld • afiect Crown Hill at all.' Gives "Sales Talk". nttr>r-nar, co »^ i C7~ "— -•«•<•>., we i —»«^ugh Mrs. Wadsworth was the sC'L^^^ l moothest tones, most spectacular witness yet to and the present tariff law protects I.." 1 "ke people. I like to visit with agriculture more than any tariff law! em> to compare views, and to dls- representative the envoy , we ever had. One authority states ° us t ^ h ,, them the problems which that If the tariff on butter and eggs £?5 ron T ^n 0 ' us ' If lBet to Wash- h«d not been raised, fanners would K fh™^° ^.t be gating but fifteen cents for toelr of any £££? ™ butter and egKs. Any how, "Dick? idea of S repr with every other Iowa congress- federal congessT one ,„_ . .*--- — answer be- the witness stand, there were fore he scarcely had finished. moments of intense interestT to ywter'- ori / es 7 and , her eyes blazed-'I sign- day's proceedings. y edit as I would for any honorable firm. Al. S. Clayton, former manaeer of I have bought bonds before,' she add- the Colorado Springs office of thf corn- ' Her fingers shot out and pointed to stein held in his hands. . blan .*. which Silver- in gold when his division support will be appreciated.—John H I Fraser of Blverdale Twp. . 37-0 I herefcy announced my candidacy for supervisor on the democratic ticket for supervisor of district No. 1. Your vote wm be appreciated.-JOHN P. MJSBSCH. 40 . tf j FOE CORONER. I am a candidate for coroner on the I republican ticket at the June primary! and would value your support.—W. E. Charles flindley —For— Lah-d. 43-tf. contest. v except one, did the very best L al >ly, energetically, and at afittaS ' they could under the conditions and looks .voted ftastae bill, although it wad not Who **acqy what they wanted. Remember 9 vote for Lund is a vote ft* Hammill and when you enter fee .ISfT^SS?, ft.cross opposite .the name States ejear . ' a-mari the whole naV non honors and respects. '' BE A GOOD LOSER. Somebody, and several of them, are going to be defeated for the nomination to some office to which they aspire next Monday, it may be your favorite candidate, perhaps a personal friend, and they will probably be greatly disappointed. There Is no greater evidence of being a real honest-to-God Wrteman than In being a good loser. After the nominations are made by the republicans, the election Is almost certain. The nomination is evidence that a majority of the voters who took part In the election wanted these candidates as nominees. One of the principles of a democratic form of government is to abide by the decision of the majori- ^ the dls susting things in the disgruntled politician who sore because of election results Somebody has to be defeated in an election, all can not be successful, and the voters should realize this and think how they would feel had their candidate been successful and the opponent should bolt the ticket. A good politician takes defeat gracefully and manlv even if it does hurt. Another thing' every voter has a God-given right to his opinion. There should be no sore spots between neighbors and friends over an election. Everybody should feel that a political enemy can be 'a social friend and remember that the man elected to office is your officer as well as he is of the man who helped to elect him. the Interests of the him there. That 'At the outest of" this campaign, I ^fS my u vlews on «WloulfaSaAn Met ,I have been close to the farm arm operation Is mj as It has been t for faJr *£ ts crooked-they're crooked, Mrs. Ina Baker Smith, one of the B ivpr.tfn ,„ A * „. Colorado Springs saleswomen, testified Silverstein walked to the counsel under examination By Ralph J. Cum- table. Then turing, he smiled and mings, chief deputy district attornev announced there would be no further that she made $24000 ' attorney, cross-examination.' • ., .„, Purchased Stock. He had asked but three questions all directed toward the subscription Mrs. Wadsworth's attitude even examlntion by Joseph attorney, Is News and Comment. agriculture is' placed on a basis of equality with other Industries, which was the pledge of the last republican national convention. To those who think the farmer Is weakening, let us send out the word, 'we have just begun to fight ' ^" I , am proud to have received the enthusiastic endorsement in this campaign of numerous laboring men. I am proud, too, to have received the voluntary and whole-hearted endorsement of ex-service men of my home town, of men who know me intimately and who know of my sincere interest in t he «; Not to prolong this statement I will but add that to the countless people of this district who in one way or another during this campaign have shown their faith In me, I wish to express my sincere appreciation. 1 Woman's Club Gives Books to Library. At their meeting Friday evening the Algona Woman's club voted to present the Library with a two volume book on Outlines of Art and The Lincoln Library in two volumes. Earlier in the year they gave the Library Compton s Encyclopedia in ten volumes. This set is used a great deal by both high school pupils and those In the grades. At the meeting Friday evening Miss Durant gave a very interesting and in- instructive talk on "Modern American Artists." The talk was illustrated by stereppticon slides and was much enjoyed by the audience. Two fancy dances were given by a group of high school girls dressed in costume. A pleasant social hour followed the program and light refreshments were served by the committee in charge hnnl' T'VHT 3 havin[? one or mor e books that they are willing to give to aic. m the County Library Demonstra- Hawk county nre burst its bonds. She related she had purchased $1000 worth of Crown Hill Cemetery stock In November, 1927, after W H Moore, a salesman, had described for her the excellent qualities of the investment. 'He told me 100,000 shares would be sold, she said. 'He said they carried six per cent and a nice dividend In addition. He took me to see the mauso- • == ======= Scout Program Like Four-Wheel Brakes. LuVerne News: The scouting program was well summed up this month in one of the popular magazines as a four-wheel brake system. If the author will grant the idea of discipline and not retarding action we will agree with him. He named those brakes as Physical Fitness, General Education, Vocational Guidance and Character. This is possible through hikes, summer camps, the expanse of scouting instruction, the merit badge system which introduces vocations, and character depends upon the troop program and leadership. Scout roundup will be held at Port Dodge Friday evening, June 6th, in the evening. by selling .Crown Hill stock. She was a saleswoman froiri January, '27, until October, 1928, she said. Her 1 commission, the defense pointed out amounted to more than $1,000 a month. She declared she was Instructed, and so Informed prospects, that 75 per cent of money raised from the sale of Crown Hill, stock would go to build the Tower of Memories; The-other 25 per cent was to be paid in commissions, she said. There were 300,000 shares of Crown Hill common stock, she said, and 100,000 were to be sold to ere rt the mausoleum. 'If you can't sell this stock to your own father and mother, to a man or woman over 90, or to a baby in the cradle, then you shouldn't be working 'or us,' she said she was told by Jas. G. ?itton, sales supervisor.' FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. I hereby announce my candidacy for I HJSn 6 °5 £. e P?* 06 on toe "publican ticketat the June primaries.—L. A. WINKED. 45-tf FOR RECORDER. for county recorder and would be glad of your support at the candidacy for •** ,- recorder sub- Ject to the decision of the republican voters at the June primaries. Your support will be PAINE. appreclated-LAURA 48-49 FOR CONSTABLE. A vote for Lund is a vote for Hammill, so vote for "Dick." One Iowa senator got cold feet and returned $500 to the state that he had drawn for expenses. Others may follow. Next week we will be able to tell you what happened but we will not promise to tell you why or how it happened. It strikes us that it might be a good thing to get and use that new fangled lie detector on some of our political candidates. Every well read farmer has faith in the farm board and Mr. Legge. If they are given half a chance they will make a good showing. Dwlght Morrow, "Lindy's father-in- law, Is developing into a first grade politician. He lives in wet New Jersey and has come out for senator on a wet platform. Al™ T V - e A1 ?° fnaJ L , lbr ary. Mrs. Sanders was appointed the committee to take charge of these books. Children's books, recent books, standard fiction and non-fiction are desired. An Iowa firm offers to rebind any books that may need it free July first AU b °° kS Sh ° UW be " l ^ John Fox Now in Coaching Role. The Algona high school has acquired "Dick" makes some of Havner's state- much llnuon athletic coach in the P^.ffixs-srs pitching horse shoes. Every impossible with a on the grounds across from the Pantatorium. John does this for he pure love of the sport and not for any monetary consideration. He is one of the few men in the world who put forth their athletic endeavors for nothing, not excepting the college ath- stock is Mr. Havner which was proven when he wanted to be governor. Taxes, taxes, taves Is about all we need as Register. Scout summer camp at Port Dodge Scout Camp from June 16th to 28th a period of real fun for $10, with a splendid, profitable program, swimming and scouting; every convenience for sanitation and medical attention, and an honest to goodness real time. Ten dollars covers the entire bill, $1.00 of which must be paid in form of registration before June 1st. Scouts see your scout leader immediately. Ringsted Editor Visited Algona. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Anderson of Ringsted were visitors in Algona on Thursday. Mr. Anderson is editor of WPP ,, ,„ ,„„ „ . the Ringsted Dispatch and Mrs. Ander- Rf nfo ™, ne ' ?° Ais a student at Iowa son manages A. L. HP hart „ T .,,n^ \» lal0 College at Ames and cannot ha Music by the Grant township quartet and rural orchestras. Ball games, sports of all kinds, pony races, mule races, hog calling contest horse shoe pitching, post driving contest, kitten ball games, etc. will make up the program. Old time dance will be held in the evening. Concession stands are to be operated with assistance of 4-H club folks. I am a candidate for the nomination of constable on the republican ticket, your 'Upport-JOE at am a candl date for constable at the June primary. Your vote will be appreciated.—L. T. GRIFFIN. 48-49 I I am a candidate for the republican nomination for constable. I will appreciate your support.—C. C. WRIGHT. . 491 Secretary of State Republican Primaries June 2nd In public service more than 15 years. A Friend of the Farmer Labor Leader and Manager in U. S. Veterans' Bureau A capable and competent Executive Efficient, Honest, Patriotic World War Veteran Served as a private in France and Belgii HE SERVED YOU THEN- VOTE FOB HIM NOW! rum. Register Plane Visits Algona. The Register & Tribune airplane, Good News" was a visitor at the Algona airport Saturday afternoon for a few minutes. ~ - - aha Friday. They had been at Om This plane sails over Iowa every day, carrying a photographer who takes pictures and makes reports of incidents occurring In Iowa for publication in the Des Moines Daily fv tir*i(>f ^-n-. -"-.r Pool to Open About First Week in June. The swimming pool will be open about the first week in June. It i" being filled with water now and there is some painting to do around it like painting the house and depth signs. A sidewalk must be built around the house Walter Praser, who was ap? pointed life guard again this season, *" bhereiiome the first manages A. L. He had a Lund sticker on his car when he drove into "Dick's" home town. When he left his car was well decorated with Dick'b cards. A. L. stated that he knew he would have some fun over Lund's sticker but that he was a democrat and had taken no part in the fight. However, he is friendly to Dick and the Ringsted Dispatch is carrying some Dickinson stories. ments look like campaign lies. Anyhow, Iowa people do not take much governor with guts enough to veto some of the many unnecessary appropriations. Farm Bureau to Have a Picnic. Plans are almost completed for the Kossuth county farmers' picnic sponsored by the farm bureau to be held June 10 at the county fair grounds bam H. Thompson, national farm bureau president of Chicago, who is recognized as one of America's strongest farm leaders will speak at one p m. Dr. Weiner consulting chemist of City, who is well known as an authority on Nostrums and will come in the interests of better livestock farmers will speak at ten-thirty am Free barbecub sandwiches of real beef and free coffee at noon; beef to be roasted on the grounds in real barbecue style, the buns to be spread with Iowa State Brand butter. and cannot be is out. Miss Hilma be In charge of the dressing room this year The man attendant has not been definitely decided upon at this writing. The di%%? t «L5£** meetin e .™««tay a11 the and For CONGRESS 10th District nnw prob ems that have arisen and will also decide on the definite opening date Political Announcements, FOR TREASURER. The undersigned hereby announces himself as a candidate for the nomination for oflice of county treasurer, priraary FOB SHERIFF. f 1 " 10 *""* that I will be "«K" date for the oflice of sheriff pi ossyth county on the republican Icket at the primary election to to held June 2nd, iwo. Your Bupport wSS be appreclBted-L. B. TOVWVlMf Insurance Headquarters We maintain a special claim paying service. All losses on our policies are handled direct from our insurance offices here at Algona, SPECIAL LOW BATES ON AUTOMOBILE AND TRUCK INSURANCE. Liability, property damage, collision, fire, theft and windstorm protection at the lowest possible cost. Truck cargo insurance included. Call on us for rates for your next expiring policy. The Algona Insurance Agency T? I ,o"Rr»vr»»/A A T •¥-* i7^ . *' 0. R. aarre Al. Falkenhamer. First Door North of Iowa State Bank,. Algona, Iowa. 29 E. O. W. Phone 55 Frederic Larrabee of Fort Dodge Republican Primary, June 2, 1930 Farm Operator Business Man Former State Senator !!«.•; (•IBB Opening May 28 The Vote for the man who possesses both the practical and legislative experience to best serve the people of this district. FOURTH AND WAI.KUT* D E8 MOINE9 , (UWA THESHELDON-MUNN M 9.T^'?«OMPSON ' ami inane. HOTEL OTEL ROGERS. Blooming ton, III. PRESIPENT, low*

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