The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1930
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—Ten Pages. UPPER bBS M01NI5S. 44th tiiSAtt THE REPUBLICAN, 38th TEAR' ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 1930 U ROYAL Home Polks Turn Out to Hear His Address and "Welcome Him Home. WINDOW CARDS READ, "WELCOME, 'DICK.' " Spoke of Generous Treatment by the Home Folks and Explained Tariff and Farm Legislation. Congressman L. J. Dickinson arrived iff Algona Friday evening and was given a warm reception by his old friends and neighbors. It was planned to hold his meeting out doors but as the weather was cool the high school auditorium was used. Streets Decorated. The streets were decorated for his home coming with Welcome flags and the business houses displayed large cards reading /'Welcome 'Dick', We're for you." The Algona Military band was out and played a number of selections on the street and later on the high school lawn where a large crowd gathered and later entered the auditorium. Judge Quarton Presided. Judge Quarton served as presiding officer and in a short address told of the standing of Congressman Dickinson with his colleagues at the national•! capital and in other states. He isi recognized as one of the leading states-! men of the nation. After which he presented Mr. Dickinson. Dickinson Speaks. Mr. Dickinson expressed his gratitude to the home people for their interest hi 'behalf of his candidacy for the United States senate. He states thaj it was a great pleasure to get home, with his old 'friends and neigh' bors and'for the opportunities they-had given him TOid for the splendid -support he had always been accorded. those who favor farm relief. He en- dorsed'Hie farm hoard and Chairman Legge Bnd said If given the opportunity they would work out the problem to the advantage of the farmers. Other Industries are protected "by laws and the fanner is. justly due his protection. He reviewed his record as,' congressman and the many obstacles that the men working for farm Teller encountered. DICKINSON AND FRIENDS VOL. 27—No. Memorial Day Program. Boy Scout program for veterans burl ed at sea, at north bridge 8:30 a n in charge of Milton Norton 9:45 to 10:00 at Opera House. Music by Legion orchestra. 10:00 to 11:00 the following propnw will, be given. Loren Minkler. posl commander, presiding. Singing of America by audience. Prayer by Rev. J. L. Coleman Solo by Mrs. A. E. Michel. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by Join Hargreaves. Memorial Day Address by Goldthwaltc of Boone. Thirty seconds of silent prayer. Star Spangled Banner by the audience. Parade to cemetery. Program at cemetery— Memorial Prayer by Post chaplain, Dr. W. A. Fraser. Address, Rev. Hulrfe Depositing of Flowers at veterans' Braves by a. A. R., Spanish-American veterans and American Legion Salute to the Dead. Taps. S. G ALGONA DEFEATED WODEN 13 TOO Local Infield is one of ttie< Frazier Attends Reunion of Friends. Rev. W. A. Frazler returned last Wednesday from a ten clav trip to Oklahoma and Texas. He and three other' men met at Dallas, Texas, for a reunion. The four attended college together and had not had a reunion for flftcen years. One of the men lives in the west, another in the east and the third in Oklahoma. While in the south, Mr. Frazler spent a day at Sherman, Texas, where the mob ran riot, set fire to the court house and burned the negro who was charged With criminal assault of a white woman. Mr. Frazler stated that the southern people scarcely know how to size up the situation themselves. The negro's crime was most brutal and terrible but the Texans themselves were astonished at the overwhelming mob! violence that was shown in his lynch- ng. Mr. Frazier's opinion was that ;he south needed sympathy instead of condemnation in solving the many Droblems which arise out of the racial ALGONA TO HAVE NIGHTO. GAME Crowd of 1500 to 2000 is Expected to Attend the Contest. MONDAY, JUNE 2 IS THE DATE OP GAME. Opponents Furnish Twenty tight Towers, Girl Plays First Base for Them. The Algona Independent base ball cam Is all set to take on the California Owls in u night game on Monday, June 4 at the local diamond,south of tuv/n. Overmeycr, from Livcrmore, will do ho hurling for the local team as Lofty the regular pitcher, will have -itched two games within flve days be- orc. Ovemieyer has a whale of a ccord as a pitcher down around Ptrry, nd the spectators can expect some ood pitching on his part. The local boys expect a crowd of bc- ivecn 1500 to 2,000 fans at the game. Two rows of benches will be put around the cclf.e of the diamond In addition to the bleachers that have already been erected. The diamond is sandy and rain before five o'clock of the evening of the game will not do any harm. The traveling team carries Its own lighting equipment and will erect twenty light towuivs at various places around thn diamond. The manager guarantees that no fly ball can be hit high enough so that It under the lights. cannot been seen They also carry A Rabbit Fights Off an Eagle near Burt. Last Sunday as Archie Hutchison and Jofi4iMisbach were driving up to Ar- chje's ,farm? two -miles east of Burt they saw something unusual to say the least. An "oonrio" „„ an ex t reme iy down ssue. HILL'S HITTING Talks on Tariff "Bill. He spoke of the tariff "bill now pending in the senate and illustrated the tariff >y a fence 'between a pasture-and a field of alfalfa. The better the fence, the 'better the -protection to 'the crop. American farm products should he raised for home consumption. Iowa is the great Tjread basket of the nation and it is a great privilege to live in I m 'the first this wonderful states In the east, where SENSATIONAL. Woden Played Ragged Ball All Through when the Woden 25° u e . Woden habitants depend upon their pay checks for a living. When the factories 'dose they often suffer hardships of hu but in Iowa, hunger is "unknown jvssfsswia ™r;v e0a ut i** s .°° re ^i* ™KML the Game Making Eight Errors. Woden by a score of game played at a large crowd of Algona took the lead on three runs anfl one W Bonham, the singled and reached ran to third was drawn in the . , .- - 1 very strenuously-to losing its young one and was leaping up at the "eagle" in the regular Dempsey manner. The battle ground was an, oat field and the action lasted for nearly fifteen minutes. The eagle would swoop down from the sky and make a dive for the young rabbit. The rabbits kept Tunning for nearly a mile according to Archie, with the parent Jumping up and clawing at the eagle at every swoop The eagle finally gave up In disgust and left the scene and the parent rabbit flopped over exhausted. Archie swears this Is a true story and calls on Joe as a witness. And they claim prohibition is a success CANDIDATES WHO SEEK NOMINATIONS - ( *"" * » Much Interest Develops in Two Take Out Passports for Europe. Two passports have been issued In' the county clerk's office. One was to Ole-'*Allison, -a retired farmer living In'Algona and one to Hulda Fritzmeier .of LuVerne. Allison? left Tuesday for I nf en . satisfactory. The wheat farmers' were Sror directed to raise less wheat and more corn and other products. The cotton growers were advised to do the same. The wheat farmers profited, Trot the districts. He spoke of the tariff on hutter and other dairy products. The dairy organization asked for a fifteen I three cent tariff and by much work a com- fl v bails promise was effected and a fourteen out cent tariff was secured. Meat, butter, The eggs and milk are imported in large «„« making quantities into the United States. Mr.' • -• maklng Havner, who is campaigning and making speeches for his opponent, Mr Dickinson said, attacked his record and said he had nothing to do with the tariff on black strap molasses, a refuse from sugar cane and used in the manufacture of alcohol and other things. Mr. Dickinson said he was one of the committee who helped outline the bill and that Mr. Havner's statement was not true. Speaks of Labor. The labor troubles in the east are due largely to the increasing uses of machinery. Factories install machines that throw many out of employment. He spoke of China cities where rails were laid for street cars and when it was realized that street cars would throw thousands of coolies out of employment, they were never used. This, he said, solved the labor problem in that nation and President Hoover's tu.». g ° then on Algona Wm f0r an Former Algona Man Married in Colorado. Friends of the late Milton Starr family in Algona last week received announcements of the marriage of Robert H. Starr and Mrs. Orpha W. King Sunday, May 18. Robert, the oldest of the Starr boys, left Algona with Candidates SENATOR AND GOV. FIGHTS BITTER. Contests for County Offices Waxes Warm as the Campaign Draws to a Close. The last week of the campaign for the primary election gives evidence of much interest by the voters of Kossuth county. Especially is the candidacy of L. J. Dickinson for United States sena- vederf,', _ 'Off?? many, Mr. Allison came to this country 49 years ago when he- was three years old. He has a brother In Norway whom he has. never seen. He has not decided Just When he will returh Miss Fritzmeier is a daughter of F C. Fritzmeier of LuVerne. She is a teacher and is going abroad with a travel class from Drake University The class will sail June 13 and will be gone for three months. They will visit England, France and Germany. JENSEN ENDORSED BYDAIRYINTERESTS " tj ' ***"*••-' •' ;V ' \T\ J. H. Jensen is Given Goqfl i!aA.3fati£jS&& »4is 800 feet of canvas to put around the park. The Owls have a girl playing first base who is supposed to be a wizard on the Initial sack. The Owls are mak- . ing a tour of southern Minnesota and northern Iowa and go from Algona to play, In Fairmont, Minnesota. The game here will-<s tart at eight o'clock and no doubt some of the election returns will be glven,'at-the game. Thin is a good chance f<?r,iocal fans to see a night contest*-w|thoUt 'going to Des Molnes and they*,,wJlMUao be supporting the .home* 1 teamvi ?. > Manager. Vlnson .Announces -, that thwftjrtll Eleven Students to Go to State Contest Five boys and six girls from the Al the family Corey, Col, in 1908, where and settled at former « and Watts. Bonham, Hill, talented editor of the Algona Republl- The_ hitting | can, and later of the Upper Des Moin- es-Repuhlican, established a fruit ranch. Since the death of the parents «.*--«• and Arthur Starr have con- 8nd recelved sev ' v« error, making ducted.the fruit ranch very success's catches of fully and have made their fruit known well, striking over a wide section, shipping their ap- '"•* fl ve hits. Pies in carloads for the best trade in the the big cities. The many old fr n ,,f«<,i.i c o- , —Algona of the Starr family in Algona will outfielders had a day of rest not mak- extend their congratulations and best ing a single put out. The fans who wishes to him and his wife miss these games are missing the playing of one of the snappiest infields in , this part of the country when their Detour home team takes the field. The dia- ' i>cwur mond has been worked on all spring and is in fine shape for the fast nlav- Ing, ' The California Owls play here on June in a ' ' ' TU L r» i F *• nrOUgh Bancroft. , Hlg 5 wa yjn en were bus y the „„„„ ««_..„„_'1^7-" Lle •""<«•» alter- be busily eneaeed on -Nn a !»*.,.«..,„ largest votes ever accorded a candidate m his home county. For governor the fight evidently /lies between Ed. M Smith and Dan Turner, both of whom are campaigning diligently and untiringly. This Is also of much interest to the voters of Iowa. Five candidates are seeking nomination to the United States senate, four of them on the republican ticket On the ballot Frank J. Lund of Hamilton county is listed flrst. William O Payne of Polk county, is second; L. J Dickinson, of Kossuth county, thiiu and John Hammill of Hancock county, fourth Daniel F. steck of Wspellc, county is the democratic candidate. Candidates for the gubernatorial nominations are in the second column They are Ed. M. Smith, of Madison county; Dan W. Turner of Adams county, and Otto Lange of Dubuque county republicans and Fred P. Hagemann of Bremer county, democrat. Candidates for Congress. Three mighty good men are running for congress and so far the campaign has been free from dirty politics. Any one of these candidates are of con- state aca , — ------ the auspice of the state university. They are th winners of the district academic mee Which was held in Algona a week o so ago. They are as follows: Burnel Meyers, Everyal Adams, Craig Smith A, Aidine Harry Raney Devine, Norma Parsons Greiner and Josephine Murtagh. The boys will stay m the quadrangle and the girls in Currier hall. The examinations will take place from Monday noon until Tuesday noon and pupils from all over the state will take part. Last year Algona did exceptionally well and it is hoped that this year the contestants will do even better First Band Concert on Thursday Night. The first band concert of the season will be held on the court house square Thursday evening at eight o'clock. There are fences constructed around VOTED FOE TAX ON MABGrARINE. Bill Passed House by Large Majority But Was Killed By Sifting Committee In the Senate. Represntotive J. H. Jensen of Kossuth county, who is a candidate In the June primary for re-election to the Iowa legislature, has received a number of splendid endorsements from farm bureau men and others who have watched his votes in the last session of the legislature. The following ]*t ter was received last week by the dairy- mnn of tr^c.n..4-v. L.. , . v *"* 1 0' had parked It Murtagh residence to the east. . She went uvto'icfall on the Murtaetes and the bra&r failed to hold" TheC car, which, :la * heavy one" stBrted-- down the nlU, gaintag momentum at . every turn of tb ? wh eel, Whenthe th tne ditch td»* il it decided to turn off into t-h« which was full of mil* Kohlhaas wrecker, a Ford, and nine' Kossuth county endorsing the Jill offered in the last general alsem- )ly. The letter was written by C. Bech- elheimer, secretary of the Iowa Creamery Secretaries' and Managers' Asso- iation, from their Waterloo office' To Kossuth County Dairymen: Dur- ng the last session of our state legis- ature, a bill was presented calling for tax of I'/i cent per pound on 11 margarine sold in the state This bill was actively supported by ot only the dairy organizations of the ate, but many other farm groups, it elng the dairymen's contention that since they were paying, through licenses and other fees, approximately $30000 per year toward the support of the department of agriculture, that our competitors should at least do someth ig toward suporting that department There are, on the statute books of the mud. "Fortunately 1 the" car was damaged but we imagine that much time elapses. e " *^*^*W Rll • IJMMUB|I| W , ( ' I Dr. Hale Shirley to go '•' to St. Louis Hospital. expects to spend about a month s ome special pediatric work at the °? lto i; July flr«t he wl t ouis where he will be resin , 2- °f th He plans in th ^ the largest St o be there noon, May 30 at 2:45 p. m. Stores to Close for 'Memorial Day. . engaged on No. 9 between Lakota and Swea City and traffic from the east will be routed south of La| kota "•- "- ~ " west Algona stores will be closed navine „..„„ „ „„„«„„ .xv~, C i 0 , ™ da / m observance of Memorial Day. kel corner m,t suggestion that public works be speed- „? ? rugl srocery and hardware stores T^^ C V^ ^tfic ed up to give employment; to labor H 1 be °P en until ten o'clock in the ££? traffic west would help the problem here. ' mornlnff - h » k th « "* h °™ """ •- -'-— ' Ke tram ° west Mr. Dickinson made no personal tacks upon his opponents but emphasized the fact that a "green" senator would have little opportunity to do anything for his constituents. Ke stated that Iowa has had few senators, that he has served longer as n ^ m « 8 f _ east and Spirit The detours will be ....- kept in first class condition by the highway commission at all times gressional size, and many voters regret that they can not vote for all of them.. Fred Larrabee appears to have the edge in Kossuth county because of his wide acquaintance and of his land holdings here. The other candidates are Fred O. Gilchrist of Laurens and S. G. Goldthwaite of Boone. The County Ticket. The contestants for county auditor ,. ---—• «.«^^.^, diuuiiu -...v.*v, mu, un MIC statute the newly made lawn so that it will our state, at least four laws reeula not be tramped on. There are approxJ- ins the manufacture and sale of ma, mately twenty-five members in the earme. which are administered ^L™^' °* £»•?"• ™?««I Up-rtm«.t of agrlSre teled ma, th " J«*™ton. A good crowd shouVdZ able Time and e^pens Te tend the concert as the boys have the administration of these am an spent much time getting ready for it U Is only fair that the nanuSure ° n a " die " ce ma a some fine music. audience may be assured of and distributors' of ^argSe pay their just share of this expense Your representative, J. H. Jensen ha supported this measure, and it wa passed in the house by in the sifting sen- Sf rtha E ' Johnson i/nubb. Charles E Men Had Good Luck Fishing. Ml>8 « B - E, Norton Four candidates aspire to be sheriff' Hovey, Perry A. Phillips, Frank O. Riddle. It is that this contest will go to the convention. Tony Goeders s a candidate for the democratic W. Green and O. thought by many John Beiser, L. W QUlesnie ' ' , . congressman from the Tenth district Duryea, Uoyd ' Philips and r than any other man as Senator Dolli- McFadden awived home Saturday af- ver was raised to the senate after hav- ter a week's fishing at Oass Lake Min Ing served as congressman eleven years nesota. They reported a fine 'catch and that this was his twelfth year. It and brought home over fifty fish The is the first time that Kossuth county largest was a nine 'and one-half nound Ijas had an opportunity to have a Vn- northern pike. Last Thursday theboys Jted States senator and W may be him- said there was quite a snow and hail. dreds of years before another oppor- storm in that region. tunity comes. He stated |}iat he was — --very appreciative of wlwt had been they passed, all of whom had a good d,one and that beJ»op«J for the same W 9f4 'or their home candidate. Early . ------ 1 ,_ ^ ---- ,__--,-„._ ' support In the coming'election. I*?t for Eastern Saturday morning he left for loo where be brwuhmfeTm £ to Visit in Alaska. Mrs. B. E. Norton left Saturday for Ketchikan, Alaska, for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. William Pa.rnell, who nas been there for a couple of years. Mrs. recorder office. Skunks Stole Plants From Graves Recently. Some low-lived skunks in the guise I £ e i fN ° doubt "^"ar'Tegislation "w'i'f of human beings have been stealing be before ou '' next assembly, and dairy- flowers and plants from the graves in ? cn '. as wel1 as other farmers, should Riverview cemetery for the past week inqu j re into the attitude which theh or so They stole the peony plant * en * to ™™* representatives would take from the George Hohenberger lot last tow , ard ^^ation of this kind, week and according to the sexton a , J', 011 want le eislation which will number of other plants have been dis- elve the dall 'y Industry in this state S^L,.^™ wh " would de8e-|S nr ??{|^Jl^.«»n..y™ «hould sup- past Laura Paine for the On the way, Mrs. NortorT wUl'stop °n opposition' Seattle for a visit with another dautrh- opposltlon ' Leon M. Merritt is the opponent of w. E. Laird for coroner n,°th Un £ Tl : e asurer H, N. Kruse, Clerk of the Courts Clark Orton and County Attorney G. D. Shumway have no . - .., „•,•;. another daughter, Mrs. Ralph Loss. She expects to *" gene frpm Algona until early next A d_ftughter, Bernice, who taught the r tn Lakota has accepted a as teacher in Ketcblkan for fall. leave ace some time in August and '' Township Offices. _In Algona four candidates have fll- ed for the office of constable. They A " derson - Griffin, O. O wi - ' . Wright and E. T. Burbank. W. O. Danson and L. A' Winkei nr» the candidates for the republican nomi! nation for the Justice of the graves in that manner is no bet- P ° r J tlle men who nave shown. — "-- old time ghouls who prey-1 P erform8 "ce that they are with ed on the bodies buried in the ceme- ' teries. A charge of buckshot in the rear seat would be a flit punishment for their nefarious activities. Algona Man Observes 91st Birthday. M Dt A V Ha eeard was ninety-one years old yesterday and the event was celebrated by f family dinner party at the home of his son, M. P. Haggard During the day Mr. Haggard received many letters and cards from old friendsTand their good wishes gave him much pleas- ur «' Mr Haggard wishes to thankaU Kossuth County Should Vote for Capt. Saunders. Young Cowles in a Divorce Suit. HT by the dal] y Papers that Mrs. Gardner Cowles, Jr., of Des Moin" Younf Young granted a div01 ' ». Cowles is a son of Mr. and e1 ' Cowles ' and Is the managing editor of the Des Molnes Regis£L,° f l? iCh his father ls the P»b- lishei Mrs. Cowles is n daughter of Dean Curtiss of the State Agricultural College at Ames. The couple were married at Ames November 3, 1926, the m fc he PoPu'ai' candidates for office is Captain Wm. E. G. Saun- ciers of Emmetsburg for secretary of ttate. Kossuth county owes Captain Saunders a debt of gratitude for sectr- ing for them the beautiful Ambrose C Call state park and it will be appreciation to give to him a large vote In J? 6 -?* 1 ^* Prlmary - Oaptaln Saunders is an able man well qualified for the position. He is a veteran of the Span- , nf one of the most notable events of the social season. The divorce suit was not contested. Runs Into Cowj Car Attached. Gle . nn , Li "e, who lives in Minnesota, was driving on the paving about four illes east of Algona Sunday when he an into a cow belonging to C E Dierich. Dietirch was driving some' cows cioss the road when the accident hap- ened He came to Algona and got out ™ SL attachment on Ling's car for $100 The case will come up in court next September unless settled before war - and ready ,,,- y to assist in all movement for the betterment of the state as a whole Jim Walton Visits Friends in Algona. •Jim Walton of Newton was calling on Algona friends yesterday. Jim now has a bakery at Newton and looks well and prosperous. After leaving Algona the waltons lived for several years at San Antonio, Texas, but recently returned ^ wa . °« d Mr. Walton again enter- the bakery busuwss «id is enjoying a fine trade.\JimV many Algona. mends are always glad to greet WmT*

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