The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1930
Page 10
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several days. Miss Irene Aten spent the week end here with her parents. Mrs. L. W. Olson entertained the Sewing circle Thursday afternoon. Mr. attd; Mrs. Earl Shanor of Eagle drove were here Monday on business. The Fortnightly club met at the 0, O. Bailey home last Wednesday evening. Mrs. b. F. Slaughter is getting along nicely after an operation for appendicitis. • .. .. i ; ..... . .. ' Rev. Coleman of Algona called at the home of Rev. and Mrs. 8. H. Aten Friday. Mrs. C. C. Smith is at the home of - her father, John Kerr, who has been ill again. Miss Verna Stewart had her tonsils removed last week and has been quite ill since. Mrs. Anna Kriethe has been 111 the end here at the home of their son, Donald Wler. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Melnzer spent Sunday at Fort Dodge with Mr. Meln- i zer's mother. j BeV. S. H. Aten will give a talk at Good Hope Friday at a meeting of the four district schools. The L. W. Olson family drove to Hardy Suhday where they visited a brother of Mr. Olson. Rev. S. H. Aten and Rev. S. M. Gladstone were at Rolfe Wednesday where they attended a meeting. Miss Aleda Toebbin left Saturday for Chicago after spending a week's vacation here with her mother. Mrs. Duckmanton and grandson, Bil- r ~* """ "fcntuon lor tail Si recovering nicely at Rochester. the rural letter h ft J eld at the home Tuesday evening program enjoved ' held and a fln «n A Schenck lunch *as served Dr. and Mrs. Ole Jacobson of tinger visited at the O. Turley and Mrs. Har- of , 8 * ea olt y ^tended . . . sotilety meeting Friday afternoon. Mrs. Warburtoh is acahdl* in* /?w d6 Ji nty /f oMer fthd WftS *<**51 ^* « the Crests of her office. Mrs Turley is a former Fenton resl- d ent and visited with many of her old rlends. was form. acco »Panled them c spent the week end. banquet was held imr - tS h001 house Wednesday even^fit. « Mes were set fof 84 a «d the decorations were yellow and white A * at th» Bt the « **& Oeoi * e Rockwood of Mln »£sota, spent Sunday Sffl lth home. y Waa - - ——j .WHS Oi* oi>ai AD --.. j, uhder the direction of Mrs. Wessel, home demonstration en ladles were present. day will be held at Burt Burt people were shocked about v« Drapers were apout eleven years ago when Draper was at the head of our . a ser- Will be held at Corydon Wed- while ..-—, —„„ Irene Newel O. M. Miller went to 12L^ e &*&. * ewel h °»L e - Mrs. Newel on her Be , pMttnjts -Ofr * play was Blven at v theatre Friday and was attended by a full house. The was entitled "The Hoodoo", hr acts ' all did their parts well. The plav *" lder the direction of Miss Helen Johnstone. They cleared $120. Chris ^ j for a visit at thp hnmo"^>'f son, Superintendent RaeE.Cke° Mrs. Kate Newel and Mrs. C. F c i,aage were Armstrong visitors Tuesdav at the home of Miss Leona Blakefeld ^&S£TL$^>*?p« church in the absence of Rev ly Jacobson of Ellsworth came Monday to visit at the F. L. Pratt home. The Legion Auxiliary met Monday evening. Plans were made for a county meeting to berh'e1d~here in June. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Graham and children of Fenton were dinner guests Sunday at the William Peters home. Mrs. Clifford Parrlsh and Miss Bernice Stow of Newton are spending the week with then- parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow. .„„ The U. & I. Circle will meet Thursday *£ 4^.ti**^ l TTT41*-^*9 StX._*y 1 v m. were O f «, i,-~ exercises at the M. E. cnurch the h<~v. c~". —-"-"-'"dnt grand march high school orchestra; "America" by I cer and Mrs! Mrs. Frank Mathes, Mrs. R H SDPM T and Mrs wor™™^ rtfl.r. 1 "' B .P en ' te±?"n2££?j p res ^tation of dip- „,„ B .,:. and and Mrs. E. f. _„ „. City Tuesday of last week Rev. Ger- W" entered thu Methodist hospital at that place and will remain for some time for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Stoeber visited at the home of Mr. Stoeber's brother Dell. Mrs. Gerkin returned home.with them Thursday evening. The high school baccalaureate sermon was-delivered before the graduating class and a large crowd by Rev Raymond Kresensky of Algona Sunday evening. The following program was presented: a march played by Maxine Weisbrod as the class entered Beautiful Certified Watches I IV I ™ song prayer by Rev Fleeting Hou* _... , ^f* \,Uli4J President Maude Hana; music «v. v*.^ nigh school Orchestra nnrl Ho«a diction by Rev. J. E. Clifton nf^if ba f cala "reate services were held nLh? 6 th reS 5 y , terlan church Sun day night, the following program being given: processional, Miss Ruth Hodg" J^,* 1 }? 11 ' Rev - a H - Aten; hymn, Kindly Light"; music, M. E. ernlce ' L '«dsay returned to ?«er a short va? by y e girls glee, club; sermon, "Dimensions of Life" ,. Mi ? ^ aUa - Gerki n. biology instruct- MtentaBaUte" College; at o^ v, Vl ?. ltor ln the Parental Gerkta hom e over Sunday. i, i»>-«» •""* "• °" •"•• ^""c wiu iiieei, J-iiuisuay |^4*ae.Wilfred Chaffee home. Mrs. ;^<»fln»*!gJlen will assist Mrs. Chaf- p -, , . - i - »*w*» t J-'illlCl.iS by Rev. Kresensky; song, "Faith I and Love." by the girls' gl benediction, by Rev. Kresensky. The Home Economics class enter- IS &J^£ 0 itfZ a ftj£ O *\ Tuesday evening. The room^^L™ fully decorated in pink and streamers. Guests I * We are illustrating just a few of our extensive f, ^ fcl«n assortment. Come in and see the full Biiy Her an Elgin! Buy Him an Elgin! | Both Elgin and we stand back of every Watch. Clifton; hymn, "All Hail the Mrs> Ral P h Reimers of Whittemore WhUtemore at a ty contest. The foUowtag^riMs'were I awarded. Hazel Weisbrod, eighth gr^e first place of Fenton; Donald Parsons rr, £°? a ,' elghth •« nute . second place- third r?1 Pln ' £ AIg0na « ^ghth: ffin third place. The first prize essay will I be sent to Des Moines to be entered to ±^S EA3&SS*™** /ere, ssteftt-JJ ;e family, Mr. and and John An. C. Giddings . . , Miss Ruth Hodgson. 'Mrs. . her spent; D " rwood Eigler left Mon- for Omaha to attend a •buslneas •lowedfto •f°«»*5«'»«*MBV his eighteenth birthday. mother, Mrs. Josephine Mrs. Rose Arndorfer and family spent en Sunday afternoon at the home ofto ores ac_ school teachers ^Monday night and afterwards. All E1Ia Slmons and Bertha , tScouls will have a caurt v honor Thursday evening of this week. Mr. Price of Storm Lake will be present and play a xylophone solo. A good tune will be had. Miss Kathryn Needham is enjoying a visit from her mother at Rockford, Illinois. She will stay until school is out and Miss Needham and her mother will then drive to their home. Harold and Russell Clifton of Chi- Mrs. Mary Simons Announcement of the and Mrs. W. F. went to Esthervllle Saturday the home of Thev approaching Mrs. Lakin's son, F. w. Lakin returned home Sunday evening. Mrs. Agnes Vohs of West Bend was Fenton Friday looking up pros- In marriage of Dorothy, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Eisenbarth to Emil Arndorfer, was made at the church here Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Amdorfor, Mr and Mrs. Jule Arndorfer and baby daughter and Miss Marie Arndorfer drove to Ackley Sunday to spend the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs Joe Hanlg and family. 0«WjCOi*»»»»SS«3^ R C A-Victor Co., Inc. Victor Division announces The Radio Shop Dealer in VICTOR RADIO, ELECTROLAS RADIOS PORTABLE PHONOGRAPHS and RECORDS jjggggOKB^^ be remembered as Miss Agnes "Austin of Algona who taught a violin "^ here several years ago. Mary Jane Eigler, Mary Anne Bohn oris Walton, Helen Geronsin, Marie Fauerby and Irene Blackwenn were the guests at a birthday party on Geneva Glaus on her eighth birthday Monday afternoon at her home. Mrs. Adolph Gramenz and granddaughter, Clara, and Mrs. Agnes Walton went to Fort Dodge last week Saturday. Mrs. Walton left from there for I ne in Chicago. The others re- ' home the same day. ,u. zeroises will be held wn / SCh001 audlt °rium this week Wednesday evening at eight o'clock. A3- ^ ^-Morris of Mejikato will deliver tne address. A community picnic will of thls , , Mr - and Mrs. W. E. Stoeber enter- ta ned the following guests for dinner Sunday in honor of Mr. Stoeber's birth- W.M ^ r ' ? nd Mrs ' Ollver Stoeber, and Wilfred Stoeber of Armstrong; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoeber of Fenton, and Rev. Carter of DolHver. The body of Melvin Faulstich of Burt was buried in the Lutheran cemetery north of town Thursday afternoon He was accidentally shot and killed by a seven year old brother. He was five years old and a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jaskulke of this place M. E. Ladies' Aid society regular meeting in the M. E. church parlors Friday afternoon of last week. A arge crowd was in attend,„ Hostesses for the afternoon were e Mesdames J, F. and Kate Newel Dempsey, H. Snyder and Lakin. Katherine Wehrspan, who ler home with her daughter, if. Hantleman arose before any one else Saturday morning and ,nr^unknown way fell and struck itr neaci, cutting a gash requiring sev- f at'e heS ' She te ° Ver e ' ehty years lot i"m™=^7 I"," "j^iMwun^wwejwmcn 1 was Immediately drawn by Mrs. H. P. Weis- tJn ria ?i d WM flve dollars credlt on a ten dollar permanent wave at Mrs. Hoen's beauty parlor. tiJ 1 ! 6 , sf nl ° rs Presented a program in the high school auditorium Friday afternoon of last week, which was greatly enjoyed by the parents and friends ateo the seventh and eighth grades The program was as follows: Saluta- tary, Alice Dryer; History, Stanley Munch; Prophecy, Alice Dryer and Gladys Weisbrod; Class Colors, Elvra Wehrspan; Class Flower, Mae Zwlefel- ™m -, Yell> Verona Weisbrod; Class v!l!;L. X an , Huska «iP; Class Poem, Virginia Huskamp; class Motto, Durwood Eigler; awarding of letters, medals and cup, Miss Kleinhexal for the girls and Mr. Micklick for the boys- valedictory, Mayme Pederson; Class Song, entire class. The Women's club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. K Johnson with Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod as assistant hostess. Sixteen members ^ er ™, r ?£ ent ' Ro11 ca " was lowered by Childhood Recollections of Mother The lesson topic was "Places of Unusu al Interest Here and Everywhere Papers were read on the following sub jects: "The Holy Land and Easter Is land, Edna Weisbrdti; "Grasse th Land of Perfumes," Bertha Ohm Shakespeare's Country," Esther John son; "Astronomy," Alice Weisbrod A piano solo was given by June Weisbrod and a vocal solo by Isabel Weisbrod The club voted funds to care for on flower bed at the school grounds Mrs Hattie Weisbrod joined the club. Re freshments were served at the close o the meeting. Model No. 218 .. Price #50,00 LUSBY'S Accredited Elgin Dealers. Marietta Helgason, the I • teacher and Marjorle •"- - ' eighth ' William ItONJOLA PUT QUICK END TO STOMACH PABJ Happy Lady Eager to Tel How New Medicine Relieved Stubborn Ailments. ors wth of D "buque and Dr. J. H th uxTcit y w ere Friday visit- f Dr ; J ' T " Walte home - Dr. i t/?f terl ? ary and worke d here H Hanson, E. ' p - Weisbrod, J. B. . Fauerby, Carrie Voiet H ' g Bea Beatrice Kramer were entertained an afternoon luncheon at the Gramenz home Wednesday. Mrs at ' is, was guwt of honor. A repubilcan caucus was held at the CRESCO NEWS. %®&®%X^^ The Ladles' Aid society is to meet May 28th with Mrs. E. O. Potter. We are glad to report Mrs. R. G. Fry able to sit up. She has been suffering ten days with erysipelas. W. F. Jenklnson, one mile west of Algona, has installed bath room fixtures making their home modern. O. L. Miller from south of St. Benedict has rented the Jess Bedell farm near Irvington for the coming year. The L. D. and E. O. Potter families and Mrs. Alta Stiles and sons visited Sunday with their mother, Mrs. L. E Potte;-. The Will Runchey family also spent Sunday in Algona. The Mothers an,d Daughters club will meet Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Fred Zeigler in Algona. Roll call will be answered by conundrums. The program will consist of a cornet solo Wlllard Zeigler; piano solo, Alice Zeigler; paper, "Children of Other Nations," by Mrs. A. E. Clayton. Work wm also be done on flower baskets. MBS, OTTO PULASK1T. Titfatrl* Oytr • timti't meou Bu| l . dM' jrotf 'ever'iBhf 'RtKf ' for (the" ' ^Severe illness some throe years ego, condition," said Mrs. otto "pu'lasky 1 Mapleton, Minnesota. 'I have Buffered from indigestion ever since, until I began taking Konjola. No matter what or how little I ate, gas and pain followed. I had no appetite and forced my self to eat enough to keep me going. I slowly lost weight and strength and my general health was deplorable 'What surprised me most about Kon- lola was the speed with which it went to the very source of my health trouble, The very first bottle showed such splendid results that I decided to continue with the treatment. To make a long story short, it took exactly four bottles of this medicine to make an end of al my stomach troubles. I have regalnei much of my lost weight and, now that my food. Is properly digested, I am aining in strength and energy every ay. No wonder I am glad to tell oth- rs all that Konjola has done in my Although Konjola works quickly, six o eight bottles are recommended as a fair trial in most cases. Ills that have been months, or even years in development cannot be expected to vanlsn overnight. One bottle of Konjola lasts a week and six to eight bottles is the proper test of this great medicine. Konjola is sold in Algona, Iowa, at E. W. Lusby drug store, and by all the best druggists in »J1 towns throughout this entire section.—Ady. - Have You Seen the New g i • H t, Oil burning ranges which sell for little more than a flat top stove with cabinet and oven? Modern in color and design. Come in and let us demonstrate them to you. ' Why .not get that lawn mower today? We have them ranging in price from six dollars to twenty dollars, also Grass Catchers, Garden Hose, Sprayers, etc. Our stock of poultry supplies is very complete at this time. Chick Coops, Feeders, Waterers, Catchers and many other items. 0. W. Erickson Hardware L. J. NELSON, Mgr. Phone 274 • Algona, Iowa. mmmm*mmmmmMmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm\ USED CARS 1925 Buick coach 1926 4-pass. Buick coupe 1927 Star sedan 1928 Essex coach 1927 Essex coupe 1929 Oldsmobile sedan 1929 Whippet 4 coach 1928 Pontiac coach 1929 Ford roadster 1927 Chevrolet coach Algona Motor Sales V. E. Winter

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