The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1930
Page 9
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a Wars on the Barfjeiry ft ttftt Ma ISHploytd fey the umwa Stales fiefftfttsent 6f Agriculture ar- rWw i& £ossut& etrtffity the flftt fjftrt Mvt 6df«^ fot the common barberry, -i ti * MH ^^ establish headquarters if, the Gotirity^ D. ft. Shephefd, state leader la charge if this work, stated that K-nawn* ^^! •Of this'Work, stated that Kosgutfa d coinv states. en found and destroyed northwest cooperating this same period the LS*,*" 1 "? 1 b y Wa <* i has decreas- —,—,—„ „, ,,10,000,000 ac- the state leader. -~o-"~ MB !j:forest fiennettc to charge) SiTrheo ^ Walte * ™"«w*S . a i 5ancfofti afe: ^ arr y Bametberger ef/e&f -\'t Thursday, Friday and Saturday ORIGIN Thursday, Friday and Saturday bxoK, NE «6wwidiittta7 Uwtto DtueCo. Cream , th« kface cool f »nd smooth. or //? for the of ' *or "scab SPray> K ^ ^^necefflMy first of the arst brood coddlhiK mote . _ ^^ wicy ili£lI(Cjil» xvCCGXlfc I"fllHV Weft WlCr llftS b&PTl 1 rf 00 1 4V%M *• *K «_ j fection.. . weal * or *"* m - iJS^yjS 1 I"? has rou °wed :.r** t T-~/"* .yw.Miuo VL vua Cu ,to one and one-half r* arsenate to fifty gallons i Mrs. Heinsohn Died in California. we^k r of W «?A r r^ d ^ Algona this wees or the death of Mrs Hmnr Hetosohn at Long Beach, ototoSSf Mrs. Heinsohn, was for many years a' ..Tf 6 "mains are expected to arrive In Algona Sunday morning on the at ai th? KT^ 1 s ^ wlU b two «ftr^™f n , Lutheran chur ch at two-thirty o'clock and burial made Si toe family lot jn HlwJto^ BbZ & S , tw 2 8ons - Flia ^ a «d Valter, B^n^l Wl ? om r ^ de ta t" 6 west Mrs Hetasohn Is a niece of August Huen. (In charge), Merle Campbell, Arlo Hagge and aien Hlnde. These men are all authorized agents of the United States Department of Agriculture anc carry cards and badges to identify them as. such. . Anyone knowing of the location of bushes suspected of being harmful barberries, can help the men along by reporting the bushes either to the men stationed at Algona or Bancroft or by sending, the report to the Barberry office, State College, Ames, Iowa. Mrs. Malueg Is to be hostess to the Woman's Home Missionary society this week on Thursday afternoon. Arrangements have been made for conveyance of those who wish to go by auto. Any such are Invited to tele- Phone Mrs. Malueg or Mrs. Vigars, phone No. 7. .Union baccalaureate services for the class of 1930, Algona high school, will oe held, next Sunday evening at the Congregational church. 7 V2* The vacation Bible school will 'start on Monday morntag, June 2nd. at nine P*& a L m " J1 < An efflclen^corMfiof teachers in ore ftna-encourage-the! to be present, regulMljre ^ *$, Nazarene €hurcliu^ Sunday School at 9:4S a. m. 'l^bS title, Jesus describes the future of the kingdom Golden text, "Take^e heed! watch and pray: for ye know not when the time Is." Mark 13:33. Morning nv. R ? V ',. A<J . R< Bro< * e . the evangeUs^ who is holding meetings for the local PBfitor. Mrs. A. R. Brooke is doing splendid work in leading the song ser? vice, and also In special solo work, you are missing a great treat by not hearing this man and his good wife preach and sing the good old gospel The, meetings will continue on through the month of May. Where will vou spend eternity?-!. F. Metcalf, pks- $1.00 Assortment Liggett'* Chocolate* •MMh^n^ttMMM^MMMMi^M^^^i^M^^M 50c Lord Baltimore Linen 2 for Sle YOU SAVE 4*. " • ' H i 50c Marsala Pound Paper m&$ YOU SAVE 49o 50c Rexall Shaving Lotion 2 for Sic YOU SAVE 49, 2 for Sic SOc Jonteel Vanishing Cream ^^^•^Sta^ HUM sfiffi SOc Mi 31 Dental Paste Softens and diiiolvea the fitm. 2 for Sic YOU SAVE 4 Be TOILET GOODS CANDY—STATIONERY .».,_* «* vv .ra i wuwi — aiATHJiNiiKi HaraoayOltoSliaiapoo 2 for 51 c Wrapped Caramels, Harmony Quinine Hair !•&. pkgs. . 7 i R 2for61c , YOU SAVE 49e _ Jonteel Cold Cream 2 for Blc 50c Jonteel Face Powder YOU SAVE 49c — — —* -WMWW MBajtuajn •Harmony Quinine Hair Harmony Bandoline . Hiker's Briiiiantine . Riker's Egyptian Henna Medicated Sldn S«ap . Klenzo Tar Shampoo Soap .. . TTu Re*all Toilet Soap. •. Egyptian Palm Soap . Rexall Tooth Paste . Pearl Tooth Powder «.• i Klenzo Dental Creme Rexall Sharing Cream Recall Shaving Powik Rezall Shaving Stick Harmony Bay Rum ; . Harmony Lilac Vegetal . Assorted Toilet Water* . Bouquet Ramee Toilet Water ..... ^ Bouquet Ramee Talcum . Georgia Rose Talcum ; Nat-cine Talcum . . . Trailing Arbutus Talcum Harmony Cocoa Butter Cold Cream "93" Hair Tonic Lwuitira Salt 2 for SlC 2 for 1.01 2for26c 2for26c 2for70c 2 for Sic 2for26c Solvent .... 2for26c . Liver Pills . -. . 2for26c =• 2forl.01 F «x>* Powder . . . . 2for26c 2for76c GyPV Cream .... 2for41c 2 for 76c W0 " e Minute" Headache 2for76c , "^'"V ' ' ' ' * 2f°r26c 2for46c IV8C ° WT " bleU ' 2for26c afnrlT ThroatG " r « I «- • • • 2for26c 2for41c Mentholated Whita Pine 2forllcJ Tar 2for51c RUBBER-HOSPITAL «*'»*«««•.'• Syrup. 2for26c SUNDRIES M B±r H . 0t . W ' tw : . 2for20l| MSner ' IOa * ' • • • 2forl.01 Houtehold Rubber 2Dairsforl!oil Pf' lor °" 2for26c Mercurochrome ... 2 for 26c 75c Theatrical Cold Cream Gloves . «>uia v>ream . . . j 2fOrSlcl ••""• • ... . -...-..» ... <s j.ur ^OC Harmony Cream of, I Laborlite Rubber Aprons 2 f or 26c Ep *° m Salt • • • • '• 2for26c Almonds . . .1 ^ v 2for36c| M «™um Rubber Combs 2for51c G ' ycel§ln Suppotilorio1 • 2for31c "a=. I atv..: lte Js-r£;;«— •'•"•biSr*. • • 2for26 - 2 for Sic l-yd. rolls . .; 51 t 2 for 13c Boric Acid Powder 2forSIcj Ad _ he »i' r jPl««ter, Zinc Stearate' ... 2 for Sic ,2forBlcj 2for46c; Harmony Rolling i Massage Cream / Riker's Ilasol . :. '." Narcisse Face Powder Bouquet Ramee Face Powder ..... 2 forl.01 Bouquet Ramee Rouge 2for21c 2for21c 2for26c .B '<^-i w 2 for 26c YOU SAVE 24." S9c Puretect Rubbing Alcohol 2 pints for 60c YOU SAVE S8c 69c Puretest Aspirin Tablets 2 for 70c : <'s«* ^'\K>. tW'' •"~~"~>'™'*.~*i»W*rWMMVMfc<«)3JaJTO SWEA CITY NEWS. , VOU SAVE ££ $i.« Monogram Hot Water Bottle 2for $1.51 PURE FOODS TT» FooJ SpocUlf offered In o Lifgett's Olive Oil . . Liggetf « Fruit Cordials, % pints . BALLARDVALE BRAND Salad Dressing . Orange Marmalade Chocolate Sauce . Grape Jelly. SAV E WM S A F E T Y permitting „« f Wgh qualit , plus one Mot ? cu.tome», but the «rtfap fied, becawe we know that the»e goJS. wHI ,PRUG STORE ' f ~\ i I /WP: A rj'« 6**$t Pepton* '«%r f *p OwBertT^ J i •> fi'Vu^nj 2for;$^| I YOU SAVJE I H< •^v^fv-3? rr^?* !.!/ *tf^ J-si V. • PURE D. JAMES The Swea 'FLOWERS FOR THEDMPARTED r -^v may have given their beloved in war, and • onheK'Tte t0 dl W6 WH16Xtend ^J e3 »««Sy We will fix up any suitable floral piece and deliver lito you or to the cemetery. We wire flowers everywhere for this purpose. »*v Ci .y We urge that you place plant and cut flower o ders early, • , , |^ Li^^ip 1 ,.,,,.,,; '..-._ ;., . : AJ g0 n 8 ,Iowa, ^m^e»a9»aiip»^^eea«Qs^^ — :* 8 - 49 music, orchestra; invocation, Rev. B L Weaver; music, girls' irlee Sinh- »H ; fc"B he M De r nds «ftwM£ •i Ln^^fv Re Y- Raymond - si The F 0 .d Sp..[.|, *«„ [ ncclion with our On«\i Opeko Coffee, 1-lb. pkgs . / '"* Opeko Teai, %.Jb. pkRS. . .' ." j SAVU«f SYMOND'S INN BRAND Peanut Butter , . _ .,„ Vanilla Extract . Ifefi? Lemon Extract. ... * f^if 0 Cocoa Powder. . . . ' ;i 0r ^ c Baking Chocolate. . . .' .' .' Ij^ff 0 BeefCub - - JSfJSS lf t ' •"*,.. ^ , i : f j -' ra h'*'*; '.A f^ i cl j? ck ^ hree course dinner The OOOD HOPE NEWS. should hnirt ^h e1 / 1 ? P re P are d which snouid hold the Interest of all the parents and guests of the pupils Thj is one of the important evente of thta progressive township and should have ,i etmoral and sympathetic support of w«]f fl r f P /5 esslng an ^erest in the welfare of the community, re nWfm?' 5' ^ Ito 5 e11 - wife of the --* jSiS»j«= l a i ssw SSC AT" ° ? ""^"«"» finn At*fVi*iM *,* a AHwt JVLitCnBll find OUZA, *irtnil|ri Or ArmRfrrtMrt »*• <• Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood and " ssa-sarKft'sas: ui rtigona ana the owner mav hnvo same by calling mil, Algon™ V ter M Helen h M nJ H C °? S a " d mfant d ^h- & SS? M? feKSW-«2 kel, and family north of Whitteniore. John Leninger caine last week for n -SSHM&aafea home ger> Wh ° Stays at the Will tangible In the form of a num Miss school -v MM day visitor in Mrs. William traveling —-« Lavina Winkel is home from teaching another successful year school at Tiffin, Iowa, near - * & i«5?^; JT r ** Yi **-' "'*** B*vs piajdress;. ; Th,e | 0 J. 1 baj bee« i(r|ftngeS' the ^ tea %pendftWe young and The services at Good Cresco on next Sundi oe the "I Want to Know" ^"^xrssa^s* «??8aa^SS dnti«« o^^ .flualificatdons? aI what •our cross really mean, as ,.-,-. Does Christ wish us to of it as a burden? 3. Why are jperty loathe to devote it ,..,„ ..opy? 4. What we our treasures laid up in heaven? 5 IfTt Is no sin for .a person to use tobacco ffi^^5^.t^g^ wpped slightly but It Is believed fcrSlP™B Leo and daugh- Mlnnesote, evening Mrs. Louis Bode I birthdav^Th a Pai t y In honor of h er h^^i y ' The event was to have been held several wnaL-c o™ u..i -" ftvo . eel ? w: \ seem to be com. O f the cold weather we having and the flu and colds that 8Uch ather, , Postponed. Those 1 - and Mr Mary Jane and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lone Rock; Mr. and Mrs Ru, dau ehter, Martha; fclr. Pfy. and chUc "ren; Mr. Jenkinson and chfldren- ^* Centner of Un- Graham of Algona

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