The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1930 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1930
Page 5
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V** Moiiies.Repubiid&n. May 21, OOTOFFT. DODGE Takes f ravel VrrvAJJ J_pj (J STARTED the Effort Bete* Made to Make sixteen a Federal Highway Between Kan- sag City and Canada. Highway Sixteen will be The Ladles* Aid are imited hofflte «f Mrs. Lester Wilson 6n Mrs. Clifford Schtader spent One 'evening st ths home of he* Roy Blythe and family. *.*£', aftd MW - Ste ** L ° S S ahd family ?! %** yfc'nlty spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe of Rich home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson and i family. ! Mr. and Mrs. Prank DitswortH of this vicinity spent Sunday at the homo of Mr, and Mrs. Edward Dltsworth and family. FORMER WEST BEND MAN KILLS BANDIT J« Bofwsiler fires Old Pistol as fhug Attempts id liddk Vault. STOPPED TO POT ON HIS GLOVES of ,w foad Between Port and , the ^tjaer vest of Badger been closed to traffic and the de* ?^ to »"* »«««» then north r> then west to the comer. . paved wad will run about six mUes north from Port Dodge to the BIytne. Mrs. Sever and 4 P od * e fere chiefs at Mr. and Mrs. David St. Paul Man Had Stolen Money In his Pocket. Wanted the Money to go to Denmark. Harry J. Dorweiler, a former West '23? * W *u £ ?A a * er > then west and north to the Hutaboldt .county line. Want Federal Highway. , k being made by Port to have sixteen made a fed- TJ^ « ^ tetmea Kansas City and international Palls. Hie belief Is that federal highways will sooner or later T» taken over by the federal government and built wider to accommodate the increasing traffic, should thte tete family ' """' "' *"' ? "* M>UU * ntl I s" 101 ana Killed a bandit while his bank »/n **,«.. „ « 2L? amel> a . SmaU town near the Twm Miss Mildred Spurgeon of this vlcM O 1 " 68 . Was being robbed last week. Mr. mty spent Sunday at the homo of her weiler has .been in the banking business fl^ th .f'^ r ' and M"-Robert Spurgeon at Hamel for about ten years. His and fftmilw , ' I triAfVinw oHn ii..~, «_j ui_ «r n «... and family. ___- --—— —s""fja, i U and 18, -.— cross Kossuth county and we will De on two transcontinental lines. Dele- Mankato, •WM«» . w "h Pred White of the state highway commission at Ames recently. • VUUUJ "° _—• — -«uu. *»*\J4 »AVUii ftUQ Mr o«J P t** Sl i n . day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Thornton of Armstrong. The Ladles' Aid will have a mlscel- laneous shower at the church parlor next Thursday ta honor of Mrs. o. V Schrader. A covered dish luncheon will be served; The missionary tea met Friday at the church annex. Mesdames Roy Blythe andjlarry Sabto were hostesses. For Algona Men See Night Ball Game. v ^ A. Bapy and L. a. Nemmers drove to-fSJw?S l « 1W) t -Thursday and took l^n ^! v b a« Bame at the Des Moines ha" Park between Des Moines and : 5h£?T? °"yjn toe western League They state toat,the.park Is lighted up «.»„.« ..—7- sandwl ches, olives, Ice cream and cake were served. Miss Maude Schichtl and Clifford Schrader, both of Milwaukee were mar- n!$« a Dodge. o S 80 Thu^day at Port Schrader returned to Mil ~ ~ ~ ' ™-w . jj»*»* jfc *o Al($iJl*7U UD as If it was broad daylight and «hif *?**&? the balls are hit the whiter they become, The lighting standards are ninety feet high and Illuminate the field in good shape. The night was very cold and the crowd was small, not overy 400 being present The game went thirteen ;tontags and was won by Des Moines by the score fiL ? v l' x 1 * started a* eight o'clock • and ended at eleven-thirty. "Kirl".it Hell Raiser For Dick, It Seems. Klrt Allen to Esthervllle Enterprise 1 We .walked into the Iowa Trust & Savings Bank last Friday with a bunch of large cards. We asked Mr. Hall If we could, hang a poster In th e/ bank: Jlft nAllfalir eolrl ~«-J—»-i__ Yflll 1i . - waukee but Mrs. Schrader will remain iw*t,.' Schichtl for awhile. and V. J Ha U> B 'i rranW ^turned home Saturday evening from Rochester, Minnesota, where she has been staying with her mother, Mrs. Pat Mulligan; who underwent an operation last week for gallstones, she is getting along as well as can be expected. Mr. and Mrs.. William alley and .. an daughter, Ida, Oscar Riley of West Mrs ' and sald A, ' i?? AJgona . and Mr. and Mrs. .King -and family spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons. Their son, Harry, also visited at their home. Mr. and Mrs. William Riley and fam- Sf SJ West Bend ' Mn and Mrs. Roy Hicklln and family and Dorothy Os- ^f 11 °J ^°? en ' *&• ^d Mrs. Oscar Riley of West Bend, Mrs. Ida Riley and , BrdweU of spent afc • . uess e thought it was baseball). But it was As -™w -• IIMW wnocwcu* /» J3Ub lb Just a big picture of Dickinson. will not guarantee on how long It will stay there." He also said hf would — —— " *•• ****** w 0|^CJAU at the home of Mr. and Mrs Douglas Riley and family. rtll be held Tues-, «h»».vr"*~—rr "" the Presbyterian church for the remains of Mrs. Geo. Beard^who passed away at her home |«f* <tf IMngtan' due to heart trouble! She leaves to mourn, her husband - 3 *S!!&£ 0 '3 a * and Lester, and tol «yrna, of Cherokee - and Henderson of'•Minnesota. Blossom tag and we put It to the window. We went- down town and got some crepe to decorate it with and not wanting anyone to think for a minute we are for aunmill we Inscribed it "I. p. Hall put tnls ta the window and we put the trimmings on It." - ton are Attended Funeral of Brother, _M. D. and Charles Reilly left on Thursday for Sioux Palls, South Dakota, to attend the funeral of their h^ e ^' P ! tert B ! 1Uy ' who toed at his home in that -city Wednesday Mr Reilly lived In this county near Lu- Verne a number of years ago. He was seventy-six years of age and had a family. His death was due to heart disease " • ' churcbT Sunday 'evening, a There — five stagers, toe^ew[tersian$"th* driver of the autobungaloafer to which they travel. Eltaora Boldridge, 'the youngest daughter of Mr, and Mrt. Wm. Boldridge, who live-south of XrvS tagton, is one of the stagers. A birthday picnic dinner was ' ——~™ «* MMWMV VWAA J^SO-iO. £110 mother StiU lives and his brother, Dr. Dorweller has been In banking business day The Minneapolis Tribune gave the following account of the robbery and the< death of the robber: "The robber had the money In his pockets, the He had the money in his pockets, the bank staff herded Into the vault and the next step would have been toward almost a sure getaway. But this bank robber wanted to be" wise—and hesitated. And a steel-nerjed bank cashier shot him down as the bungling thug raised his own weapon to shoot it out. Really wise bank robbers don't hesitate at crucial moments, so Ounnar Jacobson of St. Paul, the plain-dressed youth who gambled his life for less than $2,000 to an attempted robbery of the Farmers State Bank of Hamel, Minnesota, Friday afternoon takes ranking with the other pseudo hard boys who succumb early in their criminal careers. Jacobson walked Into the Hamel bank at 4:30 p. m. Friday and looked all the part of a professional to snatching up $1,483 from the cash drawer and the vault. ' ' Looks Bole of Crook. He made Harry J. Dorweller, the cashier, and Mabel Larson, the assistant cashier, He face downward on the floor while he removed the cash. There was nothing amateurish about that. And he still looked all the part of a trained thief when he backed Dor- weller and'Miss Larson with hands extended high to the air, into the narrow vault. The frightened pair still figured It was just another job by a slick crook even when Jacobson hesitated about ocktag them into the vault. But when le tried to equip himself with gloves >efore closing the toner vault doors Cashier Dorweller lost respect for the robber. While Jacobson fumbled with his gloves one of the two small swinging doors closed enough for Dorweiler to grasp an old-fashioned .38 calibre six shooter which was the only protection the small bank had against robbery. „ , Dorweller lowered; the wteaponj, squeezed*the trigger and the,rusty old flrcarm Clicked to attention. t The noise from that click couldn't have been more OUTSTANDING FEATURES OF THE MEW Fo»» .tre.Bhae bodte.. Choi*, of MU^Uve eol. ra . Adjure from «»„ ta mo<l bodlc .. Full, enclo^, rilen, Awheel brake. Fo»r H. M d. Ule dooMe™,^ hydrnoho .hock ..,„*««. Br-gte, enduri,* Ro,,!e M Steel lor m. ny c«eri O1 . me,.! p. rtg . cUro-ae .ilico,, alloy valv M . Chrome. Uoy .ration gear, and 8 l,af l8 . Threader fl oaUng «„ n]de . Mo re U M n lW e Wy ban. n d roU erbea ring9 . steeUpoke »heel.. 55 lo 65 mile, an Uour. Tornuo-.uhe ,Wre. Trip,*, B h alte , 1>roo r glass wiudlblel(! . Quick .eceleraUou. R, 8 c of conttol. _ «- -....*»•«• JUUBU ui vuniroi* Low first cost. Economy of operation. Reliability and long life. Good dcalcr 8ervice . THE NEW FORD TUDOR SEDAN $435 . . $440 Sport Coupe Do Luxe Coupe . . $550 Convertible Cabriolet $645 Three-window Fordor Sedan $625 De Luxe Sedan . *650. Town Scdaa , . $670 AU prices f. o. 6. Detroit, plu, freight and delivery. FORD MOTOR COMPANY The^drlve or'fthe lone, bandit* tVl/Wlt hV»Al.»l.k.._ « _•_ . .. .C- . TS almost ^.helpless bank , ' brinks the vault ah- tight. Perhaps he was afraid we might be suffocated. • . 'JltaH^Oim Click., t \ 1" "But he'closed 1 the one on hte'left. That was tiuftme behind which I was r'tw ' ner twenty-third birth GZo p n^ were ??• • Gibson of Algona, Mr. , . and Mrs, Nick Decker of St. Benedict. t"~""™'»»" "( 1 ** B V*<$ i <Tf»M*» " #«U» HQIMOMMJty W*30 once before htfd gone through the same experience,,heard the click and so did the bandit. 'He pulled the door open and began to lift his own weapon, a small, blunt-nosed automatic. But he wasn't dealing with helpless humans then and on the showdown he was overmatched and dropped dead ta his *---•-- as ; Dorweiler senf - - I his neck that veto. Skating Rink Opens the total There defense displayed ^ btasdale, five miles away. SSfiS been employed on the night shift at the Pord plant, as; a painter. He worked there until 11:52 p. m, Thursday night and then went home. Born In Denmark. Friday morning, according to Nielsen, Jacobson left the house saying he was going to paint a house somewhere near the Pord plant. Nielsen said he didn't see him again, his parents still live there. According his parenst still live there. According to Nielsen, Jacobson has no relatives to this country. Dorweiler, who showed rare marksmanship for a man who hadn't shot a pistol to 25 years,-la entitled to $1,000 from the Minnesota State Bankers' association which met the recent outbreak of bank banditry with a standing offer of $1,000 ta cash for every outlaw brought ta "dead or alive." Third Holdup Try. It was the third time the hand of outlawry had been laid on the little bank. On May 23, 1024, while the same Mabel Larson was alone ta the place, a robber got $1,069. In March, fat Rob-1 1 *®? he swung the\door partly open •"""""•"i "•"" UIUGB away, wnere a'one- »*"» ne raised his gun.' I dropped my man hold up attempt on the Security ri sht arm and pulled the trigger. He State Bank, April 19, resulted ta death dropped without a word, to the robber when he was trapped on The P 15 * 01 used was loaned him by his attempted getaway by the town con- ?• p - Hughart, vice president of the stable and shot down at the door of bank> who carried the weapon during the bank. his service ta the Spanish-American Struts About Town. %* ££$ S^SSfSffSl The robber who perished at Hamel en P- m - Friday was to put the five good Friday began to take the village as he sh^ls back into the rusty'firearm and ™ed to take the bank. He wanted to P !ace ifc rieht back where he had picked a big shot ta a small town. He ifc U P wlfch death dealing results two reached Hamel about one p. m and hours before. I after ordering two egg sandwiches at change. Two hours later he strode into the at Fair Ground*. Roy Mcauire of Bancroft, -who has sen-conducting a successful skating nk ta the Legion pavilion at Bancroft, fe^^rr^s^^/sewtw njv nto croft was conducted ta a very orderly I Mm Lin manner and the patrons ta_ Algona may' ^^ be assured of the same thing fcereT The equipment used by, Mr. Mcauire is new and up-to-date and no doubt he will have a large patronage. , -,_ - -™ 1 sent ware,' Noble Mlt and Mrs, ter, Mildu have been previous til "wfr. and ._ tained about „-„—i wag put i home on Tues- JMit; Those pro- t.'Ehnore family, 'V.VWm, Drayton nfon and rtaugh- All fanners of this community are now very busy planting corn. Mrs. L. J. Lowman has been ill for rheumatism and other frlends at thelr noor the mother 'i'demonstratlona i community at brayton enter~ relatives Gunnar Jacobson, youthful St. Paul -- bandit was shot and killed n e Fanners State Bank and talked about 5""? "S* 1 * « attempted bank rob- getting some cashier's checks. He be * Hame1 ' ^nnesota, will be Kathleen, youngest daughter of the arl Selp family has just recovered ,,, —^—"•*• —*-•*** 1*14.14 MfetiLuu ttuuui/1 Un«» * »T **« "~ —. *"*"•• —•**«» *\*M- i from tn& mpaslpR getting some cashier's checks. He was be T ^ Hame l. Minnesota, will be „ , ,!, 7 I going to work ta North Dakota and b ? r L e ,. d at the expense of Hans Jacobson Rh ^t yl ?' el ^ est . dau ehter of the Cruik he needed Rnmo nod, *„ ~J: "£._:: a Ji_ I of Starkweather, North Dakota. I shank family Arangements were made by the North Dakota man, an uncle of the dead ban- I Mr. and Mrs. Dray he needed some cash to get there. He talked wjth Cashier Dorweiler but the Propsed^ transaction didn't reach th the ^j^£ ' ^ ™^- ^» W W WWW 9 ^^W ^f tf ^ Chicago at the COMFORTABLE GRE4T NORTHERN HOTEL *w W Art Iris«tHt"e?IFIeJd V Museum, various sport* or dance In night clubi. New attractions every wetk. Our new service will make arrangement* In advance for your party. Write for free copy of "Thi» Week In Chlwgo" which Is a complete entertainment guide, personal in- JtywpM* rAffffMflflt. JACKSON, PEARBORN,QUlNCY,STt. Thot, Ht Sadler, Manager, Vnnn - f —-r— - o—r v*fvwtrt *** *U**4VM; 1927, a crew of cracksmen blasted then- way into the tiny depository and got I^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J H W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algona, low* Long Divtance Hauling. Every load Insured against loss or damage, Eqqlppecf to do all kinds of drayfog «nd hauling. 82-W stage where money changed hands be cause he lacked Identification. So the fact that the strange custom er had only 29 cents left after his expensive lunch wasn't revealed until he lay stretched out on the bank floor two hours later, The hold up didn't occur on the bandit's first trip because by the time his deal for cashier's check had reached a climax, Henry Stelzman, a farmer-had come ta to transact business with Cashier Dorweller. The thug departed, drove around town in his small coach and then headed west about a mile and a half where, to attempt- tag to turn around ta the road he drove the car into a ditch. Shortly afterwards Roy Osier, a farmer, pulled him out* Soaps Door Look. Evidently- realizing that the bank afSJSI f ? Se «? fc *} ve P- m - the robber strode into the place at four-thirty. He nad parked his car a block down the street. With a deft movement of his left hand he clicked the night lock 8 » n ^ S l l iE gla , rou , nd faclng the cashier's cage with his right hand holding the small, but business-like automatic. „ has been having j measles, but is now recovering. Irene Walker returned hjome last I Thompson of came on »n 6 W l l i,, anJd , John Blch Smiles, uiar- ence Schlndel and family of Buffalo , _ „_ vmmtf wtWMfVk M***4~ I ' * ' "« - w VhMA&VU 4JV111U JttQU I ^"'^^"'•l MM? W OAXl 5&Oill f£LDlll.V - w> complete funeral arrangements wee ^ Thursday evening after spending Editl h Rich, Alex Sabta the 1 Monday in a long distance telephone several days at the Ed. Rich home help- Thompson families or LoAe Rock, call to John Anderson, Hennepta county to S with the house work. =: •• • , morgue keeper Saturday night. the Unlted three years ago with the house work. Miss Edna Walker, who has spent "" 6 ttae at ^e home of her Mrs. James Walker of near to ployed in St. Paul and was making*^ cecif vmmiwwT- ««n «f ^ home at 1849 Brand stnwt. w« ««« «,^!5_ u ' y 5un?est son of the . v __ ^_ w «... _ **++*. MI*«V« vwata iitaiWUJg A lift home at 1840 Brand street. He was living there until Friday when he made the trip to Hamel which resulted ta his death. A letter found ta his room, addressed to his father ta Denmark, indicated — '• v ——-o****" **w»* v* vni? Andrew Bjustrom family, has been having much trouble with a sore throat and ear ach and Grace Walker is also having som trouble with an ear. Mrs. Herman Lindeman of Dakota ea TO nis ratner to Denmark, indicated ot f j " CI " m " "naeman or Dakota that the youth may have been prompt- CT ty dr °Y e to the Chester Robinson ed to try bank robbery as means of rate- S°S e on last weell; Thursday. Mildred insr monev to return tn nanmo^t rm,» Kobtoson returned home with Vior tv«o ng money to return to Denmark. The etter said that he would try and re- iurn to his home by Christmas time of ;his year. Eighth Grade Exams Held on May 1 and 2. " -w*^ ^.AAUAOUCftJTt AVi-ilUTCt Robinson returned home with her the same day and came home Sunday. Paul Schneider underwent an opera- on for appendicitis at the Kossuth hospital on Monday of last week. He is reported as recovering nicely. He has been the farm hand for Mart Elmore, The Four Comer Mothers and COSIDENE will absolutely stop Coccidosis. It will stop and prevent many the other diarrheas bowel disorders. (_-„ tains more digestive SPjcJs than •"••* - Spld by A, W. Befcreads Hatchery . He shouted 'Hands up,' said Cashier Dorweiler, "and walked through the two small gates to the left of the cage and made us He face down on the floor. but kept orderlng "• "He picked up the currency behind the cage and then walked to the vault. We knew that we were ta for it and were making the best of it. Miss Larl, for kept police "It didn't take over five minutes for nun to pick up the money and then n^"®" 8 *& «P and back into the f^Kf^ *? that tlme I had not thought about any sort of a defense But when my up-raised, hands touched the shelf where I knew the old revolver was, I felt reassured. "He worked very fast until it came " ] pc £ lng W e vault doo «- Then he ty, no town schools being represented. About 80 of them wrote the exams ta Algona and the rest wrote them ta the surrounding towns. The papers are not all graded as yet but Superintendent Wm. Shirley is confident that more than-eighty per cent passed. The normal training examinations start today at noon and continue until Friday. They will take place at the high school. About forty pupils will write them. shank family. i ,11 t^ l \ Udren and P a ' tr °ns of school In district number four of Lotts Creek township, better known as the Lloyd Potter school enjoyed a picnic at the school on Friday as closing day. Miss Bernice. Button of Algona is the teacher. AUTO LOANS .. „ „ WO tofSOO Also Furniture and Live Stock Loans Enquire about our new equal monthly repayment plan. oukN^GBS^LAay AJjona, Iowa K,OJW 098 Representing FEDERAL FINANCE CO. BOO UBEBT7 BLDQ V DES MOINES 30 E-O-W Ward m The latest patterns.. Wall Paper, Painting, Decorating and Paper Hanging. v you ta/ r, rather not lock The toner doors, which real , - ly are fire doors, lock Wghtjy and make First Lutheran Church. The Dorcas society will meet Friday aj two-thirty p. m. at Luther Hall. Mrs. BJelland and Mrs. Hawktason will be the hostesses. Service Friday at eight p. m. Rev. L. Herman will deliver the sermon For Sunday-fiunday School at ten a. m. Morning worship at ten-forty- flve a. m. Rev. O. w. Samuelson of Akron, Iowa, will conduct the services. Also service at eight p. m.—Rev. O. E. Olsson, pastor. Get our price before you dispose of your wool. Greenberg

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