The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1930 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1930
Page 4
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•$&--*••£* j&tr'^rS.' 7 ''"" *^ ' ;:: ~^:»-^™ ; — :.' r *'*-•> >r ,.£ P !cn * c dinner was served In house due to the an Races and V* ' *£, Mr. and Mrs. John Ormstrt goests at tee James MacMto Brltt Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Braley Braley and family. Miss Marie Hanson drove to it ka Sunday to spend the day wltH Sister, Mrs. Carl Frit*. Mr. and Mrs. George AldMch and Jerrold drove to Mitchell Sunda* HteE* Witt, his cousin, Ed. Coen aAof fa^* and Mrs. E. Neuman art bus- last week "they toSV Sim"*;** 8 * *** 8Bd driv<! to p Swansea wert enter* t *"«* I I Miss Margaret Flaherty CarroU Monday after a ten *i_~^r~:r; °*. toe Junior high %."sa?aS!.«*»^s.«K; Sfcrth Edna Rltchmeler, who has been 2L£J ** »<>rt Dodge for derwent her sixth operation to a rib was removed to order to reach a* lung for the drainage of an ab? SSL, 1 " 16 tttmble stftrt « with mas- toiditia. James Uffle VWta Mother. f^"^, 1 * 11116 arrived here last week from Chlcaeo to visit hte ^^ —- _.. ^^..uu, uutne ft n( | ^jjjj jjjg gjgj S?J&S? n !? d fcnwth- Saturday they vwt*d Mrs. lauje's granddaugh £m£ d ^ U l h !!i? f ***• and Mrs. Lafj X'hciS'' 1 ' Wh ° «•*•*««* churcn Church day Miss Mabel Lawler, who teachp* in £l ^£? nd ^S 0 * W S M to were Sunday visitors with the parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Mrs. Rae Hutchison group of schoolmates «,S store, returned meet with Mrs. | of weather has delayed some nets from planting corn. ei^i "*r w start ed planting corn for! ^est^BaUer east of town Monday] twSS.f'"'* 11 Wlsc and daughter, Mrs I "^J^en drove to Woden Sah ' ' mernoon to see Mrs. Drusilla Nome I lome Martta Anders? sr,'j r ery ill. B ** Mr ' Binders, who , „_j closed JVidfty I fei h, ^L hd< LS* tee CaU Stete »n Algona. Three schools held together and everyone They're Scarce Many, good, fresh eatable are scarce how*a*davs, The *™f"y> gpod, fresh eatable are scarce how*a*days, The cold and wet weather has delayed the production of fresh vegetables and berries—especially. Prices are high but we try to keep a good supply for every dav. Many, mostly "DEMN0ON" customers buy tfcir Pure Quill Coffee, tea and spices and Iten's Fairy Crackers at AKRE'S. ' The Dependon Headquarters for "Richelieu" and "Baby Stuart" groceries. . B H««~~-r"«" ~ vcr a successful opera alL?oV R ° CheSter f ° r toe remo ^ for *f d Mf*- Alfred Erdman and home, to her own Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Saunders visited over Sunday at Mason City at the Henry Hawlev nnmo lutr* tr._t __j or Jump in H3 South Dodge. trip Receive First Communion, group of fifty children from the -„ - ° r f* «> eight received their first communion at seven o'clock mass at the St. Joseph's church Sunday Another group of seventy-two childrento ages ranging from nine to fifteen received solemn communion at 9 o'clock • •••• r'UlTi^' tf"?""™* to their home an a week's visit at toe Sanders home. Mrs. Pted Hamilton and little daughter of Illinois carno Friday afternoonto tne Home of her daughter, Mrs. Floyd '• *jj° niw been very sick to care •••••••»••••••»••••••••••••• dom't has been sick for about for an extended visit — —-— -n.v^fUV4 I^kUU^I WJj confirmation next fall P. C. Haynes and fam- Sunday dtoner guests at toe her sister, Mrs. Oscar Ben- husband. " VA number of people here attended hur — -...-UVM VA >rcu^ie church services and .toe cornerstone of toe Klemme and LcRoy Joha Mason City were week en_ parents, — _„ of town. They After toe banquet they attended a Ed. Scully and shnnr «Th,» TT.™,»«4^* T*-i-_r -i iU- gpg^ Friday " "»"-* ***^ */c»U\{UCl* bUCjr. ttVbCUUcU tt show, "The Vagabond king" at toe Iowa Theatre. Forty-seven were to attendance. The class coirs, lavender and Nile green were carried out to toe menu and place cards. Sweet peas were given as favors. The junior class had Mr. Johnson as their sponsor during toe past year. SOT1. RfftVO^rf «1a**«*l*t<MM YTM_»*_j. M * I — w€*ACB toe id' r, nu e Edward, daughter Winifred and fun, School here. Ffehing Party. ADd Mrs. Hcnrv and Lease, Sterling and Loren and Miss f^ the ritual services V and ^iup^! l^F *** were wests at the W. W. tende nt W. H. Lease delivered 'Sturdivant home toe same day. mn " rv * % *—- ' Ctecar Monson has accepted a position I ueu with an oil firm at Garner and will I ner. fV)n*ITn0nr\* amn1nn-r»A«A- xt_.*_ .* I e OIson drove to Klemme afternoon to attend the f ' > Swan Mbnson. tU® JoeBen^feSnfhf arm .I acat «d by Catoertoe Downs, teacher of toe Sex- «tf a babTb^biSM^" 16 ^ 8 ^ 23 * 5 ^ n scho ° 1 ' Mrtel Kent - te«^er of toe irirm ti^?2L *?5 ?Wday- He was CSeorge Pommer school and M B H» w^! «^_ - rr"* «»jr onm «iday HC ^ren the name of .Robert Donall Nathan Stoutet, ...-« *»u wu Auua at vjarner anc commenos employment this week. His wife and children will move up from Marshalltown, where they have lived for KPvomT vears, about June 1, when . ._- have finished their'school work. Schools Picnic at Algona. Catherine Downs, teacher of toe Sex- in SChOOl. Affihn? TTonf fAA«t««. ~* AY_. , —iv. Schneider of A male- quartete sang two sdn^! Win Base Ban Game. iflf 5 ? 1 ^ ! Ictc ? y - *?» ^^d- BAKCEOPT NEWS. . . J. Guide home on , en, acer of the George Pommer school and Marie Har" s - of the Herman Carlson school to- nf^f r ^ ^^ pupUs ^d K^OO! patrons enjoyed a joint last day school picnic at the Ambrose A. Call State four to four. Wesley made «™p g wS de go y^sss rpTy*^ &oni there to toe high school picnic -* cnc Call State Park. ^^ Attend Ledyard Commencement. -- —.. «^v«^ OUM> drove for toe services. r,i«,r % xton Sund ay School enjoyed a picnic dinner at toe church Sunday Everyone brought a full basket and toe dinners were all put together on a lonl table. Everyone enjoyed it ereatlv There were thirty-eight ~---*— W later on. are You eBers . - - _ SSSSi^S?^ a ^ •" to ' on *?"~?."ffl«2 E. H. Brink reCurned from Des Motoes Chursday where he attended a grocers' finnvpntirm convention. If- days of the ut ber when it ss^^sns, ?s,?a,niKSL,"S5 s^r» handltog five different lin^ n f^ P S? rt . sU ^ n - ^« have been have made up my Xj^ii ^ "^ support ^PP 6 ^ I to one toe, V '^ fcw^sS??"^ C ° Dflne ^ buslness any one that needs slS^Sfuf to arches" 6 bargato8 f ° f Monday, May 12. Mlss.Thecla Rlcken of Algona spent Sunday at toe home of her aunt, Mrs. Kate Vaske and family. Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Fangroan and children of Algona spent Sunday at toe Frank Fangman and M. J. ; Dyer homes. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grames returned from Des Motoes Wednesday where Mr. Grames had attended a grocers- convention. •-—— " •« *^*» w>atu0AACU W1U1 caught waU-gyed pike, uonnern puce I or pi^erel, and some large perch. The weather was very cold and windy, but while several came back on Thursday a number stayed over Friday 1 and Sat-f urday. About the largest fish caught I wa ? * wall-eyed pike welghtog tour and one-half pounds. ' — LILLIAN OILLrLAND, „« ' Vendors. Oavanaugh, their 48-51 f. OxScurr ^-^-5^. mtfte IT6^^^' ^^^ftJay^unttK on 'J'^dayt.wlth her twto'sister Mrs. J inere. M*. and Mrs. Ftoders were residents of Algona until two years aeo !!^. to , ey J? o y ed to the capital city Hemy at the • family. , and* Mrs. i Motoes j Ann Paiiie Weds Hollywood Banker, j JK^S*-.*'^**** ««ived at^. 9 r ftft ff of any pair to the store from AA to t l£,tao7 r -to« •» on sale You have the choice •" slze8 "^ "Mas :^^ffffM^f '5&yaB&&stex^*» There's a reason. Ton eat more r we seH more. Bev. and Ifi^'zinimerman and child•en WWR shoppers to "— -^ Mrand Mre - Miss Jimmie Neville Sentenced to JaU t v iftlT&SFSSSfsss for Vagrancy. ph Monta 8 and family. . TTnr™ a. of ^1^^ ^ James Evans, who was picked up a month or so ago as a suspicious character after he had grabbed hold of a local telephone girl, was sentenced to ° ne da? to JaU for vagrancy by Justice A. Hutchison last Thursday. Evans was not held on any other charge M local men investigated him and found out that his record prior to tuTSw good. He claimed he was leaving for MilwanirAe and get work when hi left h ', s were caUers tte Wm. Riley home Monday after! Include Cliocolates w* « wat • h - i A] X' m( l llin - As a further inducera. we are giving one camera absolutely free with of our business cards. One of our cards 10c jourchase. Cuine in and get yours whi ALGONQUIN Confectionery 101 East State Street Low Rate EXCURSION —to— Chicago Thursday, May 29th Good in Coaches only, Lv. Algona 8:06p.m. Ar. Chicago 8:00 a, m. Returning Tickets will be honored for return to leave Chicago to and including train leaving •ii'«M p. m., Sunday, June 1 Schedules are shown in Central time. Add one hour for next iiJ^V a 5 d ,, MrB - A ' D ' aeal a nd fam Hy of Rolfe spent Sunday at toe home of their Myron Bos and family. ^^^Rev. Ztoimerman preached toe bac- uate^ta thl^o^n^chS 1 ^ Su£ day evening at eight o'clock. )artment of the Presby- School will hold " ——*g at the home of Thursday afternoon, and •"•"»* o*»» «*M l*r«s u* W. >vg Hutchinson, Minnesota.. _Ma y er o^Waterioo left'''s«tnrday i^ri^'iT"!'"' and frien ds and attending to business matters. S' l?f £*$""** Mes <5her of Des rnln«, «w,«t the week end ftt the nicer. •™»i» PUB aeia i •Breakers" to —*• f-a-brAUUO MJ I i position at toe P. X. Mescher and with his sister, Mrs. A. A. Droessler and family. w^ n "»'crf i" of ohlca »«> arrived last Wednesday for a visit with his par!°. t f- Mf- and Mrs. Peter Berens and wito other relatives and friends Mrs. H. H. Kidder and daughter Doris of BrownsvUIe, Texas, aS toe first of the week for a visit at toe Notice of Forfeiture. To Ed. Ztoxbelman and Ellen Sinibpi .g^n, Husband and Wife, and Hany fied°t U h^ nd each °l you ^ hereby noti-1 man^ husband and wife, for the P u ' that by toe Large Box Shaker Salt banns of matrimony were pub- church between ' " ..-—by the Montag lamuy an Montag gets toe Schmidt prooert east or toe Lutheran church. propm Alphonse Yoch, eldest son nt M, and Mrs. Andrew Voch wasTuried W day morntag from toe St. Peters and Paul's church. He had been Won^? !LcT ?^ ys vith Pneumonia. Burii " 1 cemeter y wes * °f town. Home and One box with this and four cents. ad f -, Hayne Tuesday afternoon tostead of the regular day. Mrs. Georee Em ersori will be assistant hostess^ A liSch wm be served and a free^il offertSg Mr. and Mrs. Nick Peterson and •"- Pft111 Peterson drove to Burt on see Mrs. Peterson's " ~~... U( -»..».« UliU Chicago daylight time. saving Buy your tickets early at 'Milwaukee Road" Station THE MILWAUKEE BOAD Raymond Wilson is making a o ut of the residence^nd h « rece ntly bought from toe rothers ' The house te beta| painted, a cess pool pu t to and a bath w«m installed. Mr" and SS5. J^o "hen it rt,7^~ Alm » Kreimeirer received word MMW.2? the sudden death of The Ladles Aid society will meet wito Mrs. J. H. Jensen Thursday, May 22. i?h JSS hS. Va ^ ach > t / pent the week «nd Another shipment of Cape Cod Cookies and roasterettes. They're so good. .-.'- ] LONGS' Quality Grocery FEEDMOB-KIK, Miss Martha Potter of Cresco town ship spent the. week end at toe attended « ° sborn and son, Marion called B , rown home at Armsteon m t to '°° k * OT some soy beans From there they went to Swea City. A group of young folks met at to neca school house Saturday after fto ° r *anlze a 4-H club. Officer M fcto be chosen and the year's work V *° * ° n "' Mrs. Andy Burt has been h' , who has " w * ws *****ow»w«MWww*'UC8 Don't Wait Until The Last Minute Send Cleaning NOW Be Ready . It ment. tt •T; I T" 8nd wniors accompanied -, the high school faculty wentto Enuneteburg Wednesday eWntog" fo? heir banquet at the Kermorehotel Andersons a girl and a boy! »»» our „ and pleasure ~w M uuu D U4.UU1BS ' Cleaners Algona, Iowa,

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