The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1930
Page 2
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&A06AKB Publishers. Subscription Rates in Eosauth Cotintv j One Year, in Advance „. y w , Six Months, in Advance "" " »"-———-.fz.00 Three Months, in Advance *. ~~" " . Propped IttewneTiix (Kitten Ball Tiftnas FattnTuxeiJ Start Are _the Minnesota Read*, Display Advertising, 30c l»er Inch Composition 6 cents per inch extra. THE POLITICAL SlftTATlON. The political situation In Iowa, gleaned from exchanges and from conversation with men who travel over Iowa, would indicate that Congressman Dickinson will win the senatorial 'IN POttTICS. Religion and politics do not mix welL Proposed Brltfc." since that on taxation "by Ed. HI. Smith, I take this opportunity to .analyze some of the statements .put forth la said con* tnbutlon. The substance of the article Is as follows: Two brothers own a home in »*»«*, ** Si *«« *» Progressing rapidly, «gd Oft. the trews paring about 1,600 feet of Britt having an assessed of 42,,- 300.00 and having a taxable value of one-fourth of that, amounting to $576.00 on which they paid a tax for 1930 _ „„ scours. The managers mads a rule that all | *u. - ' be ' " " —, the crews feet or Jhe equivalent" of laid . sharp and that no teams can play J . . ftiatt who is a member" of any other L,™,? H * Met Construction company of team. If they do not have enough Orosb y n »s given contract for hauling Insurance Headquarters to start with they must take ?!? them from the spectators. The ' to Lundln Brothers of nation by a safe margin In the June primary. Frank Lund, who was the last to announce his candidacy, Is expected to pull some votes from Dickinson, but not enough to jeopardize his nomination. Governor Hammlll will poll, it is thought, a good vote In certain sections, but the popularity of Mr. Dickinson with the agricultural people of the state will give him a vote that cannot be overcome. The prediction from all sources Indicate that Dickinson will be nominated. A three conic-red fight for governor makes the outcome in the primary very i „,„,.,,, uncertain. Ed. M. Smith, secretary of state, is reported as Improving his Mr. chances every day. Dan Turner is very strong in sections of Iowa and is making an aggressive fight. Senator Lange of Dubuque is making a fight for the nomination using the chain store and the Income tax, to which he Is opposed ns Issues. Mr. Turner favors a state Income tax and Mr. Smith opposes It on the grounds that it will mean another tax and will not affect the tax on real estate. The fight is waxing warm and while It is conceded that either Smith or Turner will be the nominee, Senator Lange's entrance Into the campaign may have Its effects upon the rseult. The Tenth district has three good men running for congressman In Fred Larrabee of Fort Dodge, Senator Fred QJlchrlst of Laurens and Editor S G Ooldthwalte of Boone. Sen - was somewhat of an issue In the last presidential campaign and all law-abiding citizens became disgusted over some of the things thai Were said. The average voter does not care what religious faith a candidate may Possess, providing he has qualifications to fill the office and Is a clean and honorable person. It makes no difference If he be Catholic, Jew or Protestant but he must be a citizen and It was of the various nations of the old world and the various faiths hi religion that this nation was settled, grew and be- one of the leading nations of the One of'the first principles of [this country was freedom from the tyrannical rule of monarchies and the leading thought was freedom of religion. Why, then should religion he made an Issue in an election In this free country. -All had a hand In its growth and prosperity. All should be privleged to enjoy this freedom. WHY NOT USE DANDELIONS? Dandelions are plentiful In Iowa Lawns of blue grass have been taken over by the dandelion and where there was once a velvety deep green there Is now a rich golden yellow. Fighting the dandelion is up hill work. ^ It Is almost Impossible to get rid of them -r .TVkuw Mt^ V»1* 4GOU1U \Jt, WIG UlUUUlC tax. That Is the property party of the story. The Income is then figured oh each of the •brothers at $2,000.00 or $4,000.00, which at $8.00 per thousand gives $20.00 as the Income tax. Then by deducting the $5.75 gained by reason of the Income tax from the $20.00 lost by the same, gives a net loss of $1455 as a black eye to the Income tax. Then they say, "It would affect the .farmer and land owner Just the same as us." Also they say, "You, farmers who want to do some figuring, take your assessment roll and see how much it would save you." With my assessment roll at hand for 1930, I will show how the income tax would affect me. Assessable valuation of land and personal property, $19,032.00. Taxable valuation at one-fourth gives $4,758.00, tax for 1930, $317.03. °f 5£ afl i kat0 ' who have ft flfeet of thirteen mnnhi^ - i.--ic—— h * ve * n °*n K"?™ on the paving job at present. much interest In the games In the past Material is loaded on trucks at St. pet- Md 5 1 ! 8 J? ar ^t 11 a BWd system 'la er an <J hauled to the huge mixer on the regard to the playing they should show *°"j*«te»-belag suppliid by pipe" ***- Si Z£f? %£ & fi ? chWBe H^J d * Wl i tely thfce ftn <» one'half games which wfll be otoved on I ™e* from the Intersection of the Ka« "~" """ x " ' St. , - . c Ings. There are five teams In the peter street will be paved first league. They are the H1H Supply, , Standard Oil, K. O. Bank, Hormel and f ° r the be I Cut fey Bottle Thrown Through Windshield. I Saving by reason of a ten mill reduction due to the Income tax on the $4,758.00 taxable valuation, gives a saving of $47.58. Figuring the personal exemptions allowed In the proposed Income tax law would exempt me from any Income tax whatsoever, and I would gain by reason of the income tax the $47.58. It therefore follows that with an income tax as proposed, my tax for 1930 which Is $317.03 would be $269.45. I will add that these figures plainly Indicate that land and property owners would have a large reduction In taxes by the adoption of the income tax. The Britt case analyzed. It will be noted that In the Britt case two men Monday, May 19—Hill Supply vs. Legion. Wednesday, May 21-Standard Oil vs Hormel. Friday, May 23—K, C. Bank vs Hill Supply: / Monday, May 26—Legion vs. Hormel. Wednesday, May. 28—Standard OH vs K. O. Bank. Friday, May 30—Memorial Day. Monday, June 2—Hill Supply vs. Hormel. Wednesday, June 4—K. C. Bank vs MCrs. Ed. Scully were their home near Fort I s^^^^HSsL a D1 Hl e L w . IndshleW of *h« Scully car shat- Cotton BIoSSOITlS - glass and 'cutting Mr. Scul- We maintain a special claim ,,-„_„ .^ losses on our policies are handled direct Mtti.otit insurance offices hefe at Algbfla, SPECIAL LOW BATES Otf AUtfOMOBftti AND TRUCK INSURANCE. Liability, property damage, collision, fire, theft and windstorm protection at the lowest possible cost. Truck carf o -in* surance included, Call on us for rates for your next expiring-policy; The Algona Insurance Agency C. & LaBarre Al, Mlkenfiaiiier. First Door.North of Iowa State Bank.. Algona,, tbwa; 20 E. 0?.W. ; Phone 55 residents of Senwa.werdrlvlng^outh The near the Fisher bridge, when a car au- 1 ™ preached from the south at a fast nt fsMMn^ x%^_ _- .. *noi/ Legion, Friday, June 6—Standard Oil vs Hill Subply. Monday, June 9—Legion vs Standard of speed one of the-occupante got out on the running board and as the cars passed he threw the bottle over ™l & ^ direotl y Into the Scully Entertained Rotary. tary club met for the flrst season at the Country Club and and when one is cut off two spring up in Its place. The dandelion has its uses and was placed here for a purpose. People eat a great amount of spinach owned a home property with an as- Christ has' a wide acquaintance Is cot- "* greens and most of thls te Purchased gresslve to hi. campaign for the nom- fC0a " n ,?l » A. 8 ""A° b ? ri * to . cer - Inatlon and will no doubt carry his section of the district by a big vote. Fred Larrabee lives hvFort Dodge, the largest city In the district. If that city ,. Blves Mr,- Larrabee the vote It always ' Stave Senator DoHIver and Judge Kenyon when they were candidates and receives the vote expected to receive In Kossuth'and adjoining counties he Js a formidable candidate. Editor Gold- thwalte comes from BoOne,'* the south;• era,part of the district. He Is also' .'.popular In that section 'and has 'been sessed valuation of $2,300.00 and a taxable valuation of $575.00, and having a tax for 1930 of $127.88. As to the Income of the two brothers the deception comes about by not taking Into „ ^consideration the personal exemptions tain vitamins needed by the body. Dan- the P ro P° se d Income tax law. It will Oil. Wednesday, June 11—Hormel vs K. C Bank. Friday, June 13—Hill Supply vs Legion. Monday, June 16—Standard Oil vs [ Hormel. Wednesday, May 18—K. O. Bank vs Hill Supply. Friday, June 20—Legion vs Hormel. Monday, June 23—Standard Oil vs K. C. Bank. Wednesday, June 25—Hill Supply vs ^ back and broke the rear win- where around and New- vJJle and Green administered first aid. They could find no trace of the culprits, however, and Mr. Scully's descrip- M? ™f? £* the !l vague> M a11 he «>uld tell was that it was a cream colored car. Mr. and Mrs. Scully were able iV?^*? 0 ^ to thelr horae afte r renort- ing the happening. house, now under the management ol Mrs. M. J. Quinn and Mrs. D. P. Smith and enjoyed a mighty fine dinner. The Cotton Blossom singers, six young ladles from the Piney Woods school In Mississippi, who are touring the north, entertained the club with a number of songs. One of the members of the party of young ladies is a daughter of Mr. ahd Mrs. Boldridge, who live south of Algona. The girls gave a very nice program. Car Crash on State Street Saturday. Quite a bit or excitement, was stirred up 'Saturday afternoon when a. Ford sedan driven by Mrs. Alfred Jer^ geuson ran into a Dodge sedan drfven ' bv a Mr, Weydert at the Intersection loriagton and - stteets7M7 Weydert was making a «tr- turn o back toward the west wherr Mra.fe? genson who was driving west on State street could not- stop her car and crashed into the othe? on^; A wheel' b ° ke ° n hn body. cftr was I dented along.- one was hurt. The hard to ot her Aunties; .,j» purely a-guess,,but It is WSKyfi«fc «Jejr-eaoh.nross^k'' delions make excellent greens and perhaps as rich In Iron an other elements as spinach. Some people even make a wonderful wine out of the dandelion. It is strange that some one has not hit upon the idea of putting dandelion greens upon the market. At present .this plant Is considered an,outlaw and not many take advantage of It as,a,healthful food, yet all — admit thaia dish of fresh dande- Hormel. lion greens Is a r dlsh flt-for a king., for shcrifr, Ll E ! Bovey, Eranfc Green, Perry Phillips' ' • *« OV, W« TT WiUl the -M~»««*U to Sheriff Hovey dlvded It mjght ap- that he naff an advantage but the, other candidates working incessantly, no one has the nomination cinched.' . t . Two ladles are contending for the •recorder's office, Mrs. Laura Paine of Algona and Mrs. Warburton of Lakota. Naturally Mrs,'Paine is expected to receive a nice vote in her home town and also at Hurt, where she grew to womanhood, and Mrs. Warburton, through her work with the farm bureau Is expected to receive a large .vote from that source and the result' Of this election is also a guess. Charles E. Chubb and Miss Bertha Johnson are opposing each other for the auditorship. Both are well known In the county and each has many friends. They are making a thorough canvas of the voters and Miss Johnson, by past experience and Mr. Chubb by his knowledge of engineering and clerical work, two well qualified candidates, insure the county of a flrst class official. For cornoer, the contestants are W. E. Laird find L. M. Merritt, two of Algona's undertakers. Both are workers and the winner will not be known until after the election. 'next-year-regardless'of all this talk about taxes. ' Scientists or what ever you call them, say that Umburger cheese Is rich in vitamin A. Now we know that vitamin A can be found in the barnyard. A decision handed down makes it embarrassing to merchants selling bottle tops and malt. After awhile It will be dangerous to buy a fish hook out of season. be noted that the Income of each of the brothers was taken at $2,000.00 or $4,000.00 for both. Now if the exemption on each Is $2,000.00 there would be no income tax for them to pay under the income tax law as proposed, and the $5.75 saving due to the ten mill reduction by reason of the Income tax law would be a $5.75 bonus. Furthertnore, If their net income was even $8,000.00 for the two persons and the exemptions *•„„«« two thousand dollars each or $4,000.00, C. Bank. the Income tax at $5.00 thousand on I Mo to only $20.00. ]mcl. Hormel. Friday, June 27— K. C. Bank vs Legion. Monday, June 30— Standard Oil vs Hill Supply. Wednesday, July 2— Legion vs Standard Oil. Friday, July 4— Independence Day. Monday, July 7— Hormel vs K. C Bank. Wednesday, July 9— Hill Supply vs Legion. Friday, July 11— Standard Oil vs Gilchrist's Agricultural Record FOE TREASURER. h e n. underslgne(1 hen *y announces himself as a candidate for the noml- XV° r ofl l lce of Bounty treasurer, ator Qllohrln wera?" tha Ie ^«'«ure_.ome of tU law. written fry Sen- Bank Wednesday, July 16— Legion vs Hormel. In Friday, July 18-fitandard Oil vs K. -Hill Supply vs Hor- >T- - "—-—^-fjWMiWMHI/ W WJUJf 9£U,UU, I JHC1. ^ ' ss *s sffjwMfs teSr^- Ij * *± °.»i*> SfSSSSSjSSssyjS""** 1 ^"'-^*' FOB SHERIFF. I hereby announce that I will HP ££ and l date 10 F toe offlce * sheriff ol Ockefat'th ° Q the "P ub "«"» held June 2nd, 1930. Your^upport'wm be appreciated.-!,. K,HOV£T. 3 £tf L 1 h f" eb y announce my candidacy for ^ffS^SA&nfSS ; T ou« farm activities such o» the «?6 n J?^° prla l Ion .' 1 ln ««PPort of va- cluainu 4-H club work and thoilki ftn S\r orlt «'•£»••• «olleg«, In- r ° Plalonl ' * or governorA THE INCOME TAX. A report says that Iowa hatches 100% 000,000 chickens every year. At one dollar per that's a pretty nice sum. How much of the dollar does the farmer's wife get? While some of the voters are jumping upon members of the legislature for the salary grab, what about the executive, who made the bill a law before the ink was dry? Larrabee .in the Lead for Congress. FOrt Dodge, Iowa, May 21.— A survey of political sentiment In the Tenth ?! 18I S! stonal djstrict - just com by the Larrabee headquarters iere, shows that Senator Larrabee is ar in the lead In the contest for the epubllcan nomination for congress- ( ' ( 'Thesurvey was most gratifying" The survey was msot gratifying" quarters. .^ lack „, nB C.Bank. , Friday, August *—HiH glon, • -<••-• • , Monday, August 4—Standard Oil vs Hormel. Wednesday, August 6—K..O. Bank! ,0.-Touc I jwfc In Poultry dlaeaie control to «X;?» prepared and Introduced" m WU1 "e able to combat resolution collect. &£3&5SBB£x=£tt#i&-tasi& . I hereby announce: politics generally, which characterized the situation some weeks ago, is no more and in its place we find the masses of the people are now coming to take a keen and lively interest in the forthcoming primary. Everywhere we find strong Larrabee sentiment and in some sections this sentiment is overwhelmingly in his favor." "People recognize the importance of able representatition In the national congress," continues the statement, vs Hill Supply. Friday, August 8—Legion vs Hormel. Monday, August 11—Standard Oil vs K. C. Bank. Wednesday, August 13—Hill Supply vs Hormel. Friday, August 15—K. O. Bank vs Legion. - Monday, August 18—Standard Oil vs Hill Supply. Wednesday, August 20—Legion vs Standard Oil. Friday, August 22—Hormel vs K. C. Bank. support will RIDDLE. Paving Ruins North Kossuth Golf Links. North Kossuth Record: The fate of the north Kossuth golf course has been weighing In the balance ever since the paving of No. 9 became a reality, and appreciated.—O. o. 34-tf fho '?* wi candldate tor sheriff on) the republican ticket-Prank Green 38-tf | FOE ATJDITOE. Charles E. Chubb announces him-I self as a candidate for the offlce of county auditor of Kossuth county, sub JeCt tO the Will Of thfi l*Pmih11r*an tmf " •** **» v*«o iC^JUUliUUl VOt* ers at the June primary. 3 record and whose atand" fo , announ ce my candidacy tor the office of county auditor for nty. Iowa, subject^ the n nn re P£ 1Ican voters at the 1930 primary election. Your vote and Of course it is an additional tax for those who have large incomes on which they now pay no tax and a subtrac- tional tax for the home owner and proprietors of small businesses and the average farmer with limited incoim For it is in fact a replacement tax an lessens the amount these people pa in proportion to what is collecte througn the income tax law from thos who are able and to pay. It is begging the question, if not ai attempt at deception to argue that th legislature would increase the budge to the amount of the proeeRds or tli income tax. The dissimulators or pro varicators or tax dodgers when discuss ing the income tax remind one of the culprit in court being tried on a crimi nai charge, who naturally being an xlous about the outcome oifered numerous BUgpestions to his attorney during the trial. With his patience about exhausted by the annoyance the attorney said, "leave it me—I'll see that, justice is done" to which the client replied 'That's what I'm afraid of." There would be nothing in our income tax law that would preclude lerretin" out the intangibles that so often escape the assessor, we can be assured and there could be no plausible objection on the part of income tax advocates to it's being done. In fact, they ought and probably will include that In their program for framing equitable T8.X iUVt'iS. The ever-preient and difficult problem is to equalize the tax burden and •in a proixjrly organized and honestly administered system of government the patriotic worthy-of-the-name citizen would deem it a privilege rather than a burden to pay his Just proportion of the cost of government.—Contributed , All we have to say is this, If Ruth Hanna McCormick spent a million dollars to secure the senatorial nomination in Illinois, she spent too damn much. The job is not worth it. When Iowa roads are paved and the wide intersections are filled with beautiful flowers and shrubs, eastern tourists will have a different story to tell when they get back home. A candidate for office must be mighty careful what he says and how he says it. One fellows hears with the left ear, another with his right and the each get a different story out of a state ment.- Eighteen foot paving is pretty narrow when two big trucks with boxes extend ing out on each side try to pass a forty miles an hour. If the paving wa. wider they would probably build thi trucks wider. Whoever becomes governor, Smith Turner or Lange, Iowa will have BOOC! looking governor with a good personality. Either one of them would nr doubt be outstanding among a group of governors. Joe Anderson Comes Out for Constable. Joe Anderson, for several years a night watchman in Algona, employed ay the business men, has announced his candidacy for constable. Joe has many friends who will do what they can to nominate and elect him. Fined $50 for Reckless Driving. John Sheets of Hutohins, was fined 0 and costs one day last week by uatlce A. Hutchison for reckless driv- 50 senate, and his numerous other activities, including a long and flrst hand association with farming and dairying, give ample assurance of his fitness for the position of congressman. Not a man who spends his energies In noise making tactics, Senator Larrabee Is a man who gets things done." "Countless progressive thinkers and leaders have volunteered their support to Larrabee. When men like Judge W. S. Kenyon, former United States senator from Iowa, who headed the list of signers of Larrabee's nomination papers, and Dr. Lars W. Boe, formerly of Forest City and one time leader in the Iowa senate, give their endorsement to Larrabee, the progressive character of his candidacy is clearly shown." "During the past few weeks and months, Senator Larrabee has visited every section of the district. He has discussed conditions with hundreds of men and women, farmers, laboring men, business and professional men. He has spoken at various meetings. Nevertheless, the size of the Tenth district make it impossible for him to personally visit and see every voter in the district, a fact which he exceedingly regrets." record of eight the -members have been wondering the Iowa what sort of damage could be asked under this particular situation. The Raising Potatoes in Eagle Lake. Swea City Herald: C. O. Peterson and George Moore are this year increasing their acreage of potatoes on the bed °^ for !2! r Eagle lake to Eagle township. They plan to plant between fifty and sixty acres this year, whereas last year they grew about thirty-eight acres Irom which they dug about 8,000 bush- fw ^ °* , sald ^^ay that between thirty and forty acres had been planted. He said he had put in twenty.four days cutting seed potatoes. A seed plot of three acres will be put In be- 'ore the planting fqr the year ends. W. J, Becker Buys Robert Stewart House. 8on!h W W ?*?* SteWart home < South Wooster street was sold by the survey of the new road practically eliminates six holes from the present course. In other words the course Is ruined. Buell Pearson of Swea City and E. R. Worley of this place held a conference with one of the. highway officals Tuesday, when several propositions were offered by the latter. However, it was finally suggested that they would send their surveyors here to survey and lay out additional ground to the west and south for a new course. It is hard to determine the actual damage in a case of this kind. The boys have struggled along for five years with an estimated expenditure of about seven hundred dollars per year. They have just reached a stage where the turf and greens are in good condition and it would take two or three years to put a newly laid out course in the same condition. The official admitted it was the first experience since' his time on the Job that they had cut through a golf course at least in such a large way and that the damage was JOHNSON. 43.491 FOB REPRESENTATIVE. I hereby announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for state representative of the 85th District at the June primarles.-pj. H. JENSEN. 36-tf I FOB f REPRESENTATIVE. I hereby announce my candidacy for I the republican nomination for state representative of the 85th district sub-, Ject to the will of the voters'of Kossuth county. Your support will fce ap, predated.—George D. Moulton, Ledyard, Iowa. ' FOE SUPERVISOR. ~' First District. , I hereby announce that I will be a candidate on the republican ticket for the office of supervisor district No. l of Kossuth county at the primary z:. ectlon to be held June 2, 1930. Your support will be appreclated.-John H! Fraser of Riverdale Twp. 37-tf The 1930 Fellowship Tour of the Des Moines Manufacturers and Jobbers Bureau CHAMBER OP COMMERCE Will Be in Algona Wednesday May 28th, About 10:55 A. M. FORASHOBTSTOP One tadred Des Motaes business men are spend- rather difficult to arrive at, however It I hereby announced my candidacv is the opinion of our local officials that for supervisor on the democratic tick, a satisfactory adjustment will be made, et for supervisor of district No 1 Your Former Algona vote will MEBSOH. be appreciated.—JOHN P. 40-W •nrU-1 with Lady Dead. FOR CORONER, Earl Vincent received a telegram ,.„«„??„? C ??2 t( ! ate1 . *° r coroner on the Friday from Earl Momyer at Des ' n P n " ,?IH Uc ? et Bt the June 43-tf. * **Mt«jr 4J.Viti f*(*ll mUJUVCI Ulf .UCD I an«4,1,4 1 •»•« f*M*iaiJ Moines, stating that his mother had L al, would value y° w ""PPort.-W. E. died and that the funeral would be' dl held Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Momyer were residents of Algona for FOB JUSTICE OF THE several years, Mr. Momyer being en- UK gaged In the real estate business. They I hereby announce my candidacv for ±f =? *2 *»> **»£•& »L?"- tt e # «£PS"? °». «» .^Publican sent reside on a small farm between Des Moines and Altoona. Mrs. Moms WINKEL, yer had been an Invalid for several at the June primaries [-1 " ** years and recently was In a hospital „, Oskaloosa. She leaves the husband and one son, EarJ, w W. J. , last week who w!21 move to it as soon as he haa it fixed over! The price was reported to be $440000 Delegates from First Ward Chof e n . mJBTON - FOR RECORDER. I am a candidate for the republican nonunatton for county recorder and would be glad of your Bupport at toe HARRIET WAR- 47-49 At a Friday were attend the county conon: . . V a n Nm MJ » N. voters Knwe, Fred Wehler, Fred Qorey Mrs sun^ ™ ' *« * , O. P. Brundage and O™B. sub- republican and customers in northern Iowa. ARGONNE POST BAND ATTENTION CHILDREN!! '...•' ' ' v ' «' ' The train will be a couplet 'pers, tejep ? ^or'S-lp^ *" *^w DON'T FOR01T THE DATEIU

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