The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1930
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—Twelve Pages. KOINES, «th Y3An REPUBLICAN, situ -TEAR ALGOKA, IOWA, AIRMAIL SERVICE ow Recent Died F^—^ ?™ ** I MWffiOMALGONA ^ ^^^T^ FT. DOME BANK .. ™M. P . ^A • SS^ASS^'S^&^S "I g m> rfn<sFniVTnMnAV ^'^^'sa AIR MAIL SERVICE NOWMALGONA Letters-Mailed Here in Evening Arrive at Los An, geles Next Evening, RATES FIVE GENTS FIRST .OUNCE, 1 . Connects With Airplane Scrylce at Omaha and Des Monies After Midnight. SSSS5SS5 . . srum a been .ailing for years and had bee quite in for the past three months. H was troubled with heart trouble ah dropsy. At the time of his death he wa 84 years and 9 month* of age. Mr. Ostrum was an old resident o Algona, having come here In 1880 with the Northwestern rallfoad. With-'hi >rother, John, he was the founder o the Algona Brclk & tile Company about forty years ago. Mr. Ostrum was a well known figure around Algona for years and the sympathy of all goes out to his children;" Andrew Ostrum was born In Lllla Alstad, Bweden on August 18, 1845, and died in Algona on May 16. On October 7, 1871, he was united In marriage to Helena M. Nelson who died In 1912. Mr. Ostrum came to the United States and to Algbna in 1880 work- tnereor. Mail for Eastern Points. Prank of Algona. A brother. John. lives in South St. Paul. Five Krand- 'Mall for eastern points In the Un-» on i ldren , also survive him. , \ Ited States should be mailed by 5-40k era 6ervlces were held at the p. m. and it cacthes the mail plane that home on North Jones street Sunday leaves Des Molnes at 10 a. m This ^ temoon at fou , r o'clock. Rev. C. E. mall reaches, Chicago at six am and °if ? I l °? th t Mrt *', Luth rean church „_. - '. . -js B1Jt «•• "»• ana I officiated.. The burial was in River- New Brunswick, New Jersey, at 4745 p. m. St. Louis mail will reach its destination at 9:15 a. Ohio, eleven a.m.; Plt,.™,^.,, r Klul . sylvania, 1:45 p. m.; Indianapolis, 10:15 a. m.; Cincinnati, 11:30 a.-m; and Detroit, 11:40 a. m. Southwestern Points. Air mail dropped in the Algona post The burial was I view cemetery. .'-'.• Out of town relatives and friends "" " " ' Mr. Hugh Roberts and son, Mrs. Nelle Mundhenck and Miss Anna Nelson, all of Sioux City. Nels Ostrum was unable to attend. at 5:3 ° p> m - ; Dalla M p, m. TOM!*™ p n i n *. Weslern Points. wt Home from West. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Peck arrived home i from California last Saturday after Air mail mailed at Algona before spending the winter in the golden state. 8.40 a. m. is dispatched north on the Mr. and Mrs. Peck left Algona last Northwestern and Is later.transferred September and drove by way of the to a mall train and taken to Omaha northern route, the Yellwostone trail wnere It makes connections with the as far as Rigate, Montana, where they airplanes.* This mail will leave Oma- left their car on account at bad roads,ha at one a. m., arrive at Salt Lake and made the rest of the WP by raS f-30 n ™' lS' Tm<: 4Sa n ^n^o at They spent the winter.atolig Bea!ch ( 4.30 jp. m ; and Los Angeles at 5:30 p.|and enjoyed themselves'every minuted ^fflWJiyNfc^'AW »j m. . It wiU .arrive at JPorttand the'sec- &oy Scout program for veterans buried at sea, at north bridge" 8:30 a, m in charge of Milton Norton 9:45 to 10:0t> at Opera House. Music by Legion orchestra. m° : K° to 11: °0 the following program i" De. given. Loren Minkler, Post ommander, presiding. Singing of America by audience. Prayer by Rev. J. L. Coleman. Solo by Mrs. A. E, Michel Lincoln's Gettysburg Address by John Hargreaves. Memorial Day Address by S « Goldthwaite of Boone. Thirty seconds of silent prayer. Star Spangled Banner by the audl- nce. Parade,to cemetery. Program at cemetery- Music by Algona Military Band. Memorial Prayer by Post Chaplain, Dr. W. A. Frasler. Address, Rev. Hulse. Depositing of Flowers at veterans' graves by G. A. R.. Spanish-American Veterang and American Legion, Salute to the Dead. Taps. MISS GRACE E.,.TAYLOR AND CAMPBELL HUMPHREY. JR. Commencement of the Algona High School. Next Sunday evening the baccalaureate services will be held at the Congregational church, and as usual this FT. DOME BANK CLOSED MONDAY Security Trust & Savings Bank Now in Hands . of Receiver. WITHDRAWALS GIVEN AS CAUSE. Deposits Dwindled Over Two Hundred Thousand In Six Months. Expected to Pay Out. M. P. Murtagh's and l^rs, ieon- orefceck. TAKE NOTHING BUT MONEY. Hcmoved Screen and Pried Window Open at IlngsarCs, Entered Window at Peck's, Door at Murtagh'si Tn ? od P Messenger: The Security Trust & Savings bank, 1027 Central noff U6> dld , " Ot ° pen thls morning „ notice on the door stating that its of- W 5 e ,, a unlon meeting. will deliver the sermon. Rev. Frazler DICKINSON RALLY "Dick" Will Speak in Al- , * ,^na',yrw»BiTiLve,ai/'J3a*r5JjaKe« , -. S'fSO p,'m. and'the second'day 1 at Francisco at 4:30 a. .m.; Los Angeles, 4;15~a, m.i.Pasco, Utah, 3:15.8, m,; Seattle, Washington, .7:50 a. m. and ... Spokane at 5:40 a, m. Roy Moulds in Accident Near Spencer. While driving home from Spencer Monday evening Roy Moulds, state auto license inspector, had an accident with Ws car which kept him in the hospital for a day, and which will keep him convalescing for several days more. He had been on' duty and as he was clos to Spencer decided to go tjiere tp se Inspector Paul Anderson about scim car licenses.' On his-way home atoou eleven-thirty as he was anProaehine a corner, the lights of a car parked parallel to the road near the corner were flashed on and blinded him so that he failed to ipake the turn. His car went off the grade arid turned over twice. Mr. Moulds received a -severe scalp wound which required several stitches to close, and was otherwise bruised and cut by the glass from the two side windows of his coupe. He was taken to a hospital where he remained until Tuesday night. The top of the car and three fenders were more" or less battered, and the two window glasses were broken. Farmer Bound Over to the Grand Jury. C. E. Johnson of Irvlngton was bound over to the grand jury Monday by Justice A. Hutchison for obtanllng money under false pretenses, He is out on $200 bond, It seems that the McEnroe Brothers bought a cow from him and instead of paying cash for it applied the money on an old debt that Johnson owed them. They put the cow in another man's pasture to keep Jourri. heavy rains and the Over fifteen inches of ....,, _ In the ten days previous an'rt the coulP* try was covered with water. Mr?=!ftcjc has driven a car for twenty-five years and he says he never had such a terrible experience on the roads before'. He figures that he detoured over mud roads over 250 miles'and saw hundreds Of cars stuck in the center of the road. He came through without once being stuck, Jhowever, The Pecks have secured .apartments at Fort Dodge for the present,; their Algona home being rented. They expect to eventually make then- permanent home in California. Evening>at Wide Meeting:, r «.«.*. - 'CvJ? . 1QS Wants Marker for Wm. Gallion's Grave. Dan Crowell is around creating sentiment amonji the banks in the county to laise a fund for the erection Of a marker for the grave or William Gal- Mon. late Bancroft marshal], -wim was was killed while chi " burled . On Thursday evening the commencement exercises will be held at the Call Theatre at eight o'clock. President Mossman of Mornlngside College will deliver the class address. In the lost few years, Mr,. Massman has spoken several times In Algona, and he always has something to say worth -hearing and we feel safe in saying that he will have a message on this occasion. He is^a good thinker, a forceful speaker a man of good judgment and a man worth hearing. A good audience Is always appreciated by the speaker, and Weather." to" the High School Auditorium. Fishermen's Luck, Wet Pants and Hungry Gut. Borne of the Algona fishermen who went to Lost Island lake near Ruthven last Thursday for the opening of the fishing season were Wm. Dau, Frank Schallin, Robert Leisener, Wm. Becker Henry -Becker 'and Carlisle and Denn Becker, and W. J. Sigsbee. . The da was cold and no fish were biting, tha day, although a week or so previous Joe Harlg and a party came home wltl plenty of bull', heads., Joe always wa i lucky . cuss, however. If we remem- >er rightly It was Joe who made a hole n one on the Algona golf course some years ago while playing with Frank Seller, Joe didn't think enough abou .he matter at the time to take the rouble to report it to the golfing auth- ritles. No other man has achieved this ' . Congressman L. j. Dickinson will speak in Algona Friday evening, May 23. If the weather permits it will be an outdoor program and otherwise, it will be held at',the'high school auditorium. .-This? is..-a.'county-wide rally and a large crowd will be present from over Kossuth county! .to honor Mr., Dickinson, as.well as,to show their Interest in his. candidacy for the United States senate. J The Algona Military Band • will furnish the music, , wfll be vhnh a situation which had developed as a result of a tt£*^?.f d ? pp)nf? ln de P° sl l* durlnfr the past six months. Deposits had dwindled $220,000 In this period the ^n wsifaS 81 * when tlie bank cl °secl being $455,000. This is contrasted with deposits of $074,000 lasj; October "We are unable to acount for .this .persistent withdrawal of deposits," said toH^ p '- ,^ on . cashier of the bank today. "But. whatever the cause, It has been continuous and the decision to protect In- ated by^he class ofUBSO,, yycommencementrcwUlfgo - of the depositors, all of whom believe, will eventually, be paid to - The notice pasted on the door of the bank this morning reads as follows: At a meeting of the board of direc- nlnir < * ewse1curlt y Trust & Savings Bank, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, It was deemed advisable that to protect the interests of the . depositors, this bank must be closed and " department ' - - ' i Worked on North Thorlngton last night and the homes of M R? K J> Mur tagh were the Haggard home the .screen was taken .off and the Window M? «°" en - , Herc the latrndon found MIS, Haggard's purse, and relieved It of nbout ten dollars. They did not go up- W1ere was sleeping nnrH (rf , nor did they steal anything else so far n s I" 1 "™" but the . sideboard and other draws were opened and the contents strewn around. The family had re-tired about ten-thirty and although hoy seep directly over the room entered they did not hear thorn, At the Murtagh home they entered adoor that unlocked. Here they found MW Mur- taghs purse which contained a small siim of money and this was taken They also took what change might nave been in Josephine Murtash's purse. Evidently they were only" In seai oh of money as nothing else has been leported missing. It is eral opinion that the wor! by home talent, althoughsMSupja? of strangers were In the- ••* arat?S8H * ffi * i * The home of MttLJL also entered and'aff Mfl . k *f4 a field and Drought aown''by'*a"as}iot in thejieggfromJae deputy^ "^ then blew out his, praxis yith.alre- volver, "? *" \ >' ''At that time a purse of three or four thousand dollars was given to Gallion's mother by the different banks through- Srh'-th 116 ,.l tate> We have nov heard whether the movement for a monument has been successful or not. distinction 'since the ut ten . years ago. links were laic Car Misses Corner Four Are Hurt. Four Algonians were Injured last week Tuesday when the cp,r in which they were riding failed to make a turn on the road east of Humboldt. They for awhile and Johnson went to this were returning from Fort Dodge where ,had attended a dance, and in the place and said that the McEnroes had sent him for the cow. He obtained it and sold it in LuVerne to some- J - else. Algona Defeats . Elmore 4 to 1. The Algona base ball team proved to be, better, mudders than the Elmore team Sunday and won 4 to 1 In an abbreviated six inning game. all through «ie contest and u._ „,__ were muddy and sloppy. Lefty Cayou who pitched for Algona, struck out seven men and walked six. Petersen, pitching for Elmore struck out five and walked three. Algona got eight hits in three times at bat. A good crowd from Algona drove up to the game.- In fact it was almost as large as the crowd Algonians Attend Bankers' Convention. At the meeting of group two dis- Class, side Morning- --'MuslcXa) God'Iftf With You * - (b* Memories Presentation of Diplomas ..T. P. Harrington, Pres. of Board Benediction ......Rev. J. L. Coleman trict two,of the ciation which was Bankers' Asso- held at Spencer S?r rda Vv D ' Wmfcrns-, pTesid'ent' of the Iowa State Bank was elected chairman of group two for the next two years ; -•" •; There was a large delegation from Kossuth county and all of them enjoy„ a ** n< ? u - et »t the Tangney hotel and of them attended a danc the Country Club Those ~ "'— i were: H. E. Rls Auner, C. R. La Nicoulin, H. L. Gilmore Junior-Senior Banquet Held Last Friday. The junior-senior banquet of the Algona high-school was held last Friday evening In the Methodist church. There were about one hundred and sixty present. The dinner was at six-thirty after which the talks and soness were eiv- en. resent Mr and Barre r fnd P nh ) W /, Ulain! ' < Mr " and Mrs Ohrischilles drove over and at All reported a very from Elmore. the game. W. P, Hemphill umpired .The Algona boys play Woden here Delegates for the • *««? «<BU«» uoys piay yvoaen nere r» i i. ~, next Sunday and expect a large crowd Republican Convention turn out. They have won "one and lost pne game so far this season for an average of .500. A night game will be played here June 2 between the locals and a travelling team called the Call- >~ fornla Owls. This teams carries their' own lighting, equipment on three rucks. They also have t. ^j he flrst war(J a ?' e E. J. Van H ' N ' Kruse . p red Wehler, x»' MrSi Gl D ' Brundage and „,' Malone Delegates ^ elected at the republican ° a " ous ln rucks. They also have a'girl playing , ous n e second ward are: first base for them. It should be an in- p " on - E - Jl G "more, Marie ' teresting game to watch. second ward are: A. l G "more, Marie Habe?« r> v, o ,'' H ' Klam P. W. O. Danson, A. E. Burt Man Was in Charles Olson I n in. narowly escan- heavy mist which was falling, they __ not realize that they were at the corner until too late. The injured were Lula Cole, high school student, Mar-, garet Palmer of the Ohrischilles & Herbst store, Ira Cole, attendant at the west Standard oil station, and James Elbert of the Kohlhaas garage. Miss Cole was thrown through the . «v,, . . . , . . The box score for the Elmore game is r,*' Raymon d Norton nad Nicolena s follows: Algona, 4 runs, 8 hits and M ? ds( ^' fl ' o errors; Elmore, i run, 6 hits and n , the third war d they are: Adah lb AB R H E tru * Arthur The room was tastefully decorated In the colors of boht classes which were rose and silver and lavender and yel- uu / As tne P r °£ ram was carried'out with the idea of being on shipboard the room was also decorated with anchors superintendent,.,.— late last evenln&of theL, directors of tnrse$urife'ba«&>t<?~ casei. Mr. Andrew/8>nt,Mr,,,EWs& here from Des Molnes 'to -take charge of the bank's affairs. Mr. Ernst arrived here early this morning. Liquidation of the bank to pay the depositors from the proceeds is expected to be started at once. As funds are obtained dividends are paid to the depositors, this procedure continuing until the liquidation is completed. Possibly the flrst dividend to depositors will be paid within several months, although It may. be a matter of a few years, judging by whafr-has happened in other cases, before full liquidation Is completed. - " The Security Trust & Savings bank was organized in 1915. Its capital stool is $75,000 with a surplus of $25,000 E G. Larson is president and B, P Lar, son is cashier. - courses choruses made UD of Junior and senior boys and girls sane songs with hits on the different pupils and teachers. These were received very favorably. The speakers were: ^.m Club Members Clean Up Grounds. Twenty or twenty-lwo members of the local Country Club were out on _. .. . Peter Chubb I the Bounds Friday afternoon doing Out to Sea Edear Finnell c ea . n : u P work - The lawn around the Ship Mates Gertrude Kenefick club nouse was eone over and the men The Grouchy Passenger spaded around the shrubbery. Two •••••• Genevleve Hartshorn *' gn , s wel ! e erected along the No. 18 The Cheerful Passenger highway telling passersby of the loca- . Burnell Movers "? n of tne grounds and the green fees A Sailor's Yarn ...... Harriett Smith ? he slgns are flvc bv eight. Number Ship s Crew Dorothy Taylor four gri ;? n was cleaned and also The Rime of the Modern Mariner ar .°«nd the barn which is located east _, • • • Edna Jordan ? f n " mber one green. All benches and Eight Bells and All's Well .. tee boxes were painted and fixed up au tiful" an 1 nounced The class was given Tii with James carrying the Gravel Contracts Let Tuesday. ™ ' V," o- ' ' ' ' Ode to the Seniors. Alberta Orosenba'ch The holes have changed around since last year The Ode to the. Seniors was written 2 . c i urse nas been ma de much >y Eleanor Backui «.,d was .sung i-\\ he harder. After work the men all enjoy- :imn nf "TtVm o* i «, . ° " J i ed fl. "nnf-/iH" li.vtnU i« ii__ _, . . J J rf ». VMAAUA Aj» anu wtis,sunK ni ae j—— -«v^» wvin. LUC nmn mi emov- une of "The Stars and Stripes Jl V- ed a Du t c h" lunch in the club house Vfir. ' Tho (r)^io' /.W n »..» * v . ver. The girls' chorus was composed f Sara Doran, Bernlce Harrington and leaner » o Aalfs, ?b .......'. .1 o Watts, 2b ...a x Marty, of , 3 o windshield and received cuts about the **• 3b . , .............. 3 Butler - ° .................... 3 ELMORE «^%^S^yS^\»">£ »X M^PataVrustam': Vi-on, ging a sewer main in Burt. About four ed , , three J )roken ribs « nd » sprained' uavou feet of dirt fell pn him and he was g 0 ** 6 ' she has been confined to her slowly 'being smothered when pulled' non}e slnce * ne »c°tdent. o\)t. it 1$ said that some good s,amari- tan appeared on the scene with a shot I n> i D i L *of. whiskey and Olson was then none " rank Parker to the worse for his, experience. lf ler, Mrs. A Schemel V n v;— . . T """ »-.u,i,o.uo. imcr uie uanouet a ^'M - ^»f ensky da n ce at the Knights of Columbus i. M. P. Weaver, hall. A. Freeh. L. S MU P .Overmyer and Mrs. E £& th o? bc r±,,t' Karel Horan Here Kerr, 2b .'. ,3 Eckelberry. o ,.3 Miller, ib ...:... a Peterson, p 3 Taylor,, ss i to Ai\trtm* coopernal.'cf a /•Ugona, Ronig, 3b 3 Mr. anl.Mrs, Frank F-Barker and ^ urt \ lf 3 family,pf Broqklyn are to return to Krosch, rf 3 A .1.0 Algona some time after school is out. Arre»ted At Spencer. | Mr._WMr_&w ceenfeansferred toV- 30-00 2000 3020 ABR HE Ernest Johnson Was Senator Gilchrist Was in City Tuesday Senator Fred O. Gilchrist or Laur 0 i ojens,'a candidate for the republcian 0 o 0 noininatlon for congress, was in Al 1 o Q 8°na yesterday and called upon a num- 0 1 0 ftP.o °J v c ters> Mr " GU ehrlst has many Q a friends here and no doubt will receive 0 0 Q » good support. He is a fine gentle- o l o T"' well ^«"«ed to fill ttti^posiUon J i g I aid°IcteT an Sh ° U ^ he ^ n ° min9ted Mason Cit; Is wejl a few months aio. »n to .Kowto ",.«JW» year jsJcjng f Wednesday ...:..'....,;« but he mw Thursday ....,.....« v t-••«••*'-' '-",•"»"—»»> Rart-p|ithe Frld&y /.. 15 state. Setore gonig to Brooklyn ^ut afltardav '" "M a ^ear ago, Mr, Barker was wunte^g- agnWa^ ^» ( """»»"«W ~ MKO*Ut4|DT,aeveS veflJ.* w-ISHBSS:'MM,'...,.,,,..*? Mrs, Barkerv WSlCWSd WPk to AlffSn^"^* ™*.^'M,*,S3WSfc?m«n.f*,> | Algona Lady Suffered Stroke, 62 68 48 66 69 68 .02 .02 .03 40 stroke ,>rsl»iuVdarar^ 8 hS d ta this pity a^ «er Wtipn Js Sd" ered dangerous 19 a$> has sta^Sn ^^Wf 9 ^^ §&i*S.«M b?e» »urse, Wesley C. D. of A.'s go to Emmetsburg. Wesley, May 20. Special: The local chapter of the Catholic Daughters of America sent a delegation of twenty to Gravel contracts were let Tuesday by fnnn ard rr?5 s "P ervlsor s which totalled The board let them to Paul of Fort Dodge and to W. h of Alg °na. It was stated that the bids were the lowest that had ever been received by the county. It was also the largest single gravel letting ever to be held in the state of Iowa. me letting consisted of seventy miles of new gravel and 150 miles of maintenance gravel. There were ten bidders for the contract. The work is to start immediately. Poppy Drive Next From California I "Saturda M" w candidates. Sunday to the The Wesley degree team e eam put on the work of the initiation which two o'clock A three course banquet at six-thirty was served ne nd euests who took no room very . The ladies who are members of the degree teajn here are: Mesdames Clara J. Raverly, Nellie Frlmmel. Minnie . Rosina Elseribacher, ' Blcl f e ' Anna K««w o Emma Olson, Viola stJder lose Hauptoan. Miss Agnes KUllan was onTof th.e oKsI of rom ten also members who Joined Daughters 1 ^? t SSSi. ™$ W*» Spencer, West Bend if wl|»tteinpre end Wesley, besides a laree •-ijwm'flMto ^^^wgnlw^y that he Is doing so well. Attended State K, of I He l ei ? Core y to C, Convention, Attorney and Mrg. L. Ac Winkel of I sf g °S a n a 2 d f Mr ' 8nd Mrs ' Ed - Rahm of St. Benedict wer* Iowa City visitors from Saturday until Tuesday. The S* er !, d fM^^,^.4te ^ vention of the r » Algona ot for Summer, Helen Corey pnme home Mon- Rippey where she has been the past year. She accom- le of the teachers, Miss Em;, to her home at: week en g5M3W«3r *TS tvn^HH *•..__'«?-*. where ahe_wPl spend; the !r£w f* ^? ly *^ SWBWfr rfsoxt PQltv,^ wh> WM «mplpyed'at S

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