The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1930
Page 10
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**<"«' Aid met with Mrs. Er*«»» last week Thursday afte?- - attendance was had ahd 1930 Mr. and Mrs. John BaiT and trere callers In Titonka Stoday iuOOu* Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Smith of near Wesley were Sunday evening ' ladies have been L. J. Kutschara to her next meeting to be held afternoon, May 22. finuiftv^ti.^ 8 ' LJoyd Steven ^n* Bunaay with his parents, Mr. and Mrs te^pf^P 0 ^ .* town and his' NEWS, Mr. and Mrs. John Stell and children were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Arndorfer and family near Algona, Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Srethorst and children from east of town were Sunday dinner guests at the home of toe Mr * and at the home of . are both teachers at . „. . - the afternoon they all drove to West Bend to see the grotto. people at- rw£ e 2r e « Au **? Des Mohies Wednesday. business to 0-Dell visited at was not any. League meeting were: "*• ** and sons, Leo Six young people from Sexton attend- eel the Epworth League rally at Suit lost week Tuesday evening. They were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven, Lorn and Le ° Steven and Edith s, eo Wilbur and Everett and Neva blsen- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steven Edith home In Algona Saturday. ho°me SPent Sunday at the A* H! FtJ& L. F. Kennedy is driving a new Wild- so^eight sedan since the last ofthe Russell Saunders garage recently. h!s ttanson, *«»*<» Rich . the latter in Mr*. and nr Mn > - «"" ence Marie Phillips. This was the Frank and Ernest DeVary, Dorothy Evans and Lucille McGregor of Swea City were Sunday dinner guests at the florae of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wise east of town. Mrs. Wise is a sister of the boys. . of a series of home at Burt Sunday. WP^BI'^V ^^T HeUm an and Mrs.I ?t^^A loc ^ att *nded a funeral of a friend at Ashton Thursday. ,. M ^'- a ? d ***"• ^ ohn Bernhard left Noble on this farm. .— — Algona Thursday night at the - and^Friday at the former are ° A »e» adult class In Sunday School being otfanlsed and their organfeatlo meeting will be held Prldayaftemoo the L. A. ». Nattress home. Offlc ers wui be elected and plans perfect ed for a course of study. Mr. and Mrs. R. j. Hutchison of Al n?™^ l n * d Mrs> Bud La wsott o Corwith and Mr. and Mrs. P Dorwefl- er of West Bend were Sunday dinner guests at the horte of their son am brother, Mayor John Hutchison. ,. Mrs. John Ormsby, who has IRVINGTON NEWS. . and children, Jane and Mary, were Saturday afternoon callers at LuVjrne Genevieve Sanford came home with Jane to stay until Sunday and Richard Wadleigh remained at the Sanford home until Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Saunders left on Saturday for Mason City where they spent over Sunday with the latter's sister, Mrs. Henry Hawley and family returning home Monday afternoon Mrs' Hawley and little granddaughter, Constance Joy, came home with them for a visit. Mrs. Drusllla Noble left Tuesday afternoon for Woden, where she was call,ed on a case at the Martin Hinders :Sr., home where Mr. and Mrs. Hinders were both sick in bed. Both are very old and little hope was given for the . recovery of Mr. Hinders. *£• 5£**!h 0 l«2? a Wer and Mrs. Mrsf Smith^Tdaughter of'thf Low-' ?4?a M ^°,Sto2Mi?£ "2 and Hoy Lowman spent Ki Dole 1 will be home Hi MaRUey of thls na was a call- ie Sunday af- ployed at the Bancroft for Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Kahler and Mrs. Kate Berks of Buffalo Center werel man s. visiting relatives and friends here on Sunday. Mr. anfl Mrs. L. F. Kennedy and sons John and Edward, spent Sunday at the da y- Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Robinson were nome or the lady's mother, Mrs. Mary expected to be present also but were Delaney at Fort Dodge. unable to attend because of threaten! „„?£; and , "** Frank Engessor and ' "* '" ~ Little uuutua «jison. snn <jf nfj\ And his second -.„ Grandma and Grand- £f£^«! a * 1 " te *°r s "pper ° Mrs. John Frankl of Algona was a Sunday at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eengessor. Peter Nemmers of Chicago left his home after having end wlth hls Parents, Nemmers and ^ nn ^ sota - ^nt , u Thos_l from this community, who took for the Wallace Ditsworth home V. J. trouble, who has been confined J° me tlme with heTrt slightly improving. ' Prank ^ornton and M r Sunday "TO" Mr- and Mrs. Martin Jordan of Plum Creek [••••••••••BHIMHBIB .'• " | 2 Bars | P. G. Soap | James of Algona and Harry Ditsworth had Sunday dinner with Monday spent MA and Mrs. Matt family. Mrs. M. L. Schiltz and daughter Margaret and Mrs. P. j. Schilte and Frances Berens spent over Sunday at the home of the former's son, John at Des Moines. ' ^SS^St^uSfS 1 ^* fMsxafas are ff John's auditorium at eight p. m. ,? 0 ^ r _ of , Waterloo spent a ""'at the home of and the eighth grade examinations at Al- S na w1i, Prlday Were Grace and Rus± Wa E e .!"\ A noth - er ' L . uElla WMker,' ANNOAt RETORT (MY OF AtGONA ***w. Xi6n$i Auditor of State? ' ThlS is m 66rtlf^ ttlftf. tttfi {eifa*4MJ»i.i*.«. *L* '^ ._. i«... * . . 1, County Tax— a. Oeh. aov. b. Ind. Div. c. Spec. Assmts, ApHl A .* 8,528.67 . 26,111.06 . 6,753.43 oierk. B O 6,528.67 26,111.06 0,758.43 E 2. Office b. Poll Tax ...... Business License.. d. Cigarette License e. Dog License , . . f. Pines, fees, and forfeitures ..... h. Spec. Assmts. . q. Other Offce Receipts, bank dlv. 456.00 857.71 825.00 41.00 328.00 816.14 456.00 857.71 825.00 41.00\ 328.00' 818.14': Total $8,383.26 '* Des Moines on where they attended the state _ . Street Department— b. Snow removal . . f. Sewers ahd Sewage disposal .... g. Miscellaneous . . Total 69.50 439.07 372.34 ». attended _ other was a banquet held 4. Municipal a. Water Works 13,229.38 t —.— »»w**vo .. j.o.^y.du b. Elec. Light Wks. 69,462.81 n. Bath. Beaches. 695.37 2,177.70 11,899.64 300.00 795.00 Total' I5,70T.08' 82,157.45 695:37' meeting held at the home of Mrs Ev I Mr - an d Mrs. J. P. Nickerson and H 8 ** Hutchison. Mrs. William Hutchi-" '""**»- Evelyn and Mr. and Mrs f on ?** assistant hostess and a nice „„,, A, lgJand ch »dren of near Britt ^^ was sen ' e d after the business and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lowman Jr m eeting was concluded. ™ s ™ss \ SES Sunday. April 27, at the Lurhl The H. M Fessler home near RIngsted. Mrs. Hul- familes drove I"" and Mrs. Fessler were formerly | visit and Irene Nickerson, respec- Total $ 83,287.56 68,459.90 Lee has been t _ school for some she has been measles. WESLEY NEWS. and 5. Sale of Bonds— b. Mun. Ind. Bds. . 25,000.00 Total 25,000.00 6. Miscellaneous— Total 1,000.00 ?- eW ^ e £ hodlst church which is being ed has the basement and founda- finished and-the laying of brick will commence this week. r±L ?•£• Olddln .& s . entertained a. Farm Fires b. Work Fund check account 90.00 90100 Week.) ri) dict 'v, and Mrs> T have moved Wood of St. Bene- from that vlctalty and Harry Is an em- M "y,. Ba PP moved into her i n the south P art of town on For the past few years she aking her home with her May devotions are being held everv evening at the St. Joseph^ churc Joseph church Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haverly drove to H. M. Hanson led In nravpr William Hutchison readZ i ess on next the held May 29 at Herman Ostercamp. 5^J H H tchlso n who is em- 2.000.00 Total .......... 2,090.00 7. in' o« a ^ °. f , cash on ha nd April" 10. Grand total for year i " EXPENDITURES'. From April 1st, 1929, to March 31st, 1930. A B Q Salaries Betterment Mlscel- . o em- Mason City Friday to spend the day g^f at Fort D odge came Saturday J> ployee of, George Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Seward Thornton and . '?• ^oifen. of Emmetsburg spent Satto& 3 $n t and Sunda y.^?l«n« with Mr. .and MJS, David of n,,n, ret umed home from Dubuque Thursday where he attended the installation of Most Rev. Francis nf^ h ™ e < Ctana , n M fourth archbfehop si ^L Met S >poU i an see of Dubuque at St. Raphael's cathedral. y y i SSSBBS •<"and~Mrs. IJe pupils" that took the eighth grade, examinations-were RalphLen*- Lucille*Dole/and Paul Watson. A , _, - their returns and will fall at ^^•Wffi^'SS'rt&S A. Anderson and Mrs. O. o. CORNER NEWS. .j ,x ^ Hbdap ..enjoyed, a Sun.,. ««* from her father-and sister Mrs, Paul Ellis of GranvlUe, Iowa; 23,506.88 2^01.18 ^Total'?; ?.'* :- -I5,762.d8^; and 1. General Government-'* 86 ' 5 a. City officials.. 2,543.00 b. Audits c. Prtg. & stat... d. Legal Exp. .. f. City Hall and other buildings .. g. Mun. League exp. h. Other Exp Total 2. Municipal Industries-^ a. Water Works .. 3,720.00 f'^ec- LlRht Wks. 10,271.20 1. Parks and bath. tog Beaches.... 346.43 j. Library ' T»»- or Outlay 20.00 laneous 297.55 538.91 400.00 1,120.66 288.38 2,645.50 Total 2,543.00 297.55 538.91 400.00 1,120.66 20.00 288.38 $288,055.60 - E Grand Total 25,810.90 800.75 on 677.34 29,750.92 30,108^4 40,922.87 H i by bringing this ad. One deal for each ad. May 15-16-17 ,Do you know we sell i "BLUE JAY" i BROOMS j —we do. "'•'". ! .Harry Simmons of Whittemore, Les- and two sons spent Sunday with ... . and Glenlce of *„„ at the home of his parente Mr and Mrs. Alfred Nelson, last Friday E. G. Dunn of Mason City ha procured as a speaker of the com mencement address Friday night, May Mr. and Mrs Douglas Riley and fam- I Mrs. Lurhl Fessler snont wo^ ,, I an d Mrs. Erl KJ^I. 1 ? i 1 ™™ Sunday where | at the J. P. NickeVson & W ^f S £ a . y I Kulsholm at the Algona hospiiaT M'^- ' Mrs Riley's sister, Annabelle, return- „ WM . ,„ • • • Bosedale Cottage cheese —phone early Saturday a. m. LONGS' Quality Grocery FEED MOli-KIK U. B. Frankl went to Tama Sunday more, to attend to business affairs. Mrs u. B. Frankl went to Rochester Fri$2 "STS 8 ".,,* 0 be wlth her mother Mrs. Pat Mulligan, who underwent an operation Friday morning at eight oclock. Mrs. ^ uJ S? 1 , MaU Carr ier Vee MuUln, wife of near Whitte- his luck at fishing on evening at Emmetsburg. Lake that place ^ *° be VWy good at hirth t Vu' WeUan d announce birth of a baby boy born Friday to,. Th«,.,.. have a ^ in ta y GOOD HOPE NEWS. — ~""^mmmmmmmm ROLLER SKATING Starts at ALGONA FAIRGROUNDS PAVILION MAY 20 and continues everv OPENING NIGHT Mrs. Verne Gross has been ill with an attack of the flu the past ten days but at this writing is making progress toward restored health. Mrs. C. L. Dittmer accompanied b" her son, Arie, drove to Iowa City Tues day morning. Mrs. Dittmer is sufferin from arthritis and will stay at the Uni versity hospital for several weeks fo observation and treatment. Arie re turned home on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Engstrom and son Howard and Herbert were at Iowa Cit recently for consultation concernlni the former son's health which has no been of the best. Lewis Broesder die chores and looked after the farm dur ing their absence. Mother's Day was observed at both South cresco and Good Hope on las Sunday and although bad weather and muddy roads made an almost complete re-arrangement of program necessary at botli points the services were wel worth wliile and were commented upon favorably by those present. Despite the increase of home duties, clue to the arrival of spring the Good Hope Ladies' Aid keeps up its important activities. The last business and social meeting was held at the Carl Madson Home, his four daughters, Urna, Marina, Catherine and Esther, assisted by Mrs. William Hath, acting as hostesses 1'hu meeting this week is to be at the riome of Mrs. Henry Engstrom, her siH- ;er, Mrs. Otto Engstrom assisting her n the entertaining. The society has indertaken the financing of needed mproveinenls of the church property which will go forward at an early late. GOOD USED CARS IOOQ P ° nil ™ coacl1 ' no ^ 1029 Ford "A" sedan jyjs I J ontiac coach 1 J>29 Ford " A " cour>c 1928 Chevrolet coach 1928 Ford "A" Hnni-t 1927 Chevrolet sedan fi oup« l 1927 Chevrolet coach 192G Ford roadster 1925 Ford coupe ALGONA AUTO MARKET Rf ^ ^ r> S ? n of Mr " and Mrs. R ith' pfl fZ" havlng the measles. Ruth Rich, the sister of Walter has Just recovered from the same malady. Kathleen, youngest daughter of the Carl Selo famiiv. i« HO,H^ the meas- John Kerrlns, who has spent the past two months at his parental home ' f -.. ,. :; —-•• and, visit folks the past six weeks « continue her employment, as a Istered nurse at Carroll. hi his willi reg- Ernest Hutchslon and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Otto Nelson northwesT o'^ritt?ffi , day. They had the pleasure of seeing ff| 4 a«Lajs:»sf*s ttSSZStSS"~^ Mrs. LeRqy chapin of at the 6. General Bonds— c. Spec. Assmts. . f. Miscellaneous . morning. Mi\ and Mrs. Geo. Aldrlch and Ger- drove to Mitehell Sunday to visit near ^ere. Umer ° US relatives wh o live 3. Protection of Life and Property— a.PcUce Dept. .. 3,167.90 b. Fire Dept 540.00 Total ......... 3.707.90 4. Health Department— b. Sewage and Disposal Pit., Sewers 976.86 Total " 976.86 5. Street Department— a. Gen. Exp 2,306.55 b. Street Cleaning 8,106.81 g. Street grading . 1,537 61 368.06 5,888.07 2,994.26 180.00 606.46 710.19 1,035.13 3,347.90 1,514.52 1,687.05 1,687.05 9,229.75 11,101.07 1,537.61 _ n.950.97 83 1,035.13 21.868.43 21.868.43 7,600.00 25,000.00 1,808.96 9,408.96 25,000.00 Total ........ • 32.600.00 1.8Q8.96 34,408.96 34,408.96 to le at t ' avn 8 e rneas- les at this time. Pauline, the oldest daughter of the Seips has Just recently recovered from the same disease Harry Lauritzen is now the farm Hall, principal of the school at Forest City, enjoyed an «»"-"" visit with her brothe" ' rh B their t and parents, , Robert Welter, Sunday, employed in Mason City arm hand for Mart Elmore. Paul Schneidw formerly worked there, but has been W6ek and unabl e to work ., Th ° Andrew hv te & brother of Mrs Bjustrom family and John Welter and Mrs are both daughter of Is experiencing a siege Her little brother was 193 ° Mesdames Emil Larson and Otto Rev. Raymond Swanson returned on been daay tterZ BUrl i n l 0n ' w here he had oeen attending a Lutheran conference eyman ' Mrs - Oscar Pehrso Issued During Year of cash on hand March 31st. 1930 1B 30 .'.';'.'.'.'.'.'. !$288"055;60 INDEBTEDNESS. Total Amt. Am « lAmt i, Issued Paid Amt. Outstandtag During During Outstanding Year March 31,1930 1,000.00 $ 4,000.00 28,000.00 25 000 00 m ht- ill with the measles last week. famlly Sun- R BJustrom home at Ho- Roy is a son °f the former and Bjustrom ls a daughtoof the Walkers. rJ» e hf Pou '' ucorn er Mothers and Daughters club met last week Thursday with Miss Lena Schultz. Roll "ail was answered by "Mothers' Quota- Fourteen members were pre- o A a , nd l ^° vlsltors . Mrs. A. O. Carlisle and daughter of near Whittemore. A unch was served by the hostess. The n . ext . meeting will be held May 22 at he home of Mrs. Arthur Cruikshank A spelling contest will be the main eature of the program. Roll call wl answered by "Spring Quotations." (Omitted Last Week.) the Jeme B> lowstone Oscar Pehrson and Were dele « ate « to the Johnson left last week Montana, where he will there in the for t Is M ^ in the play are- Hovey, Allen Poole, ArE Deta, card Krumm, Hazel Lundqulst Florence Olausson - and ™ ^ Mrs. Herman Lindeman visited the Chester Robinson home on last week uesday. Mr. Cruiksh'ank, father of Arthur ruikshank, spent Sunday at the home »f the latter. Leslie Walker has been 111 for some time with a serious case of quinsy but is now recovering. . The Henry Gettman family of Buffalo Center spent Sunday at the John uettman home. They are brothers. The Wilson family or near Whittemore spent Sunday at the Ed. Rich homo. Mrs. Rich is a daughter of the family. Mrs. Jessie and Mrs. Earl Dalziel _ _ * ,, ,- \ — w-—»*t UM*« 4~f«»i«J4C,| and the daughter of the latter of Alna spent Sunday at the Lloyd Pot- home. „„ . ,, wc eks' old infant son of and Mrs. M. P. Goetz was ban- a^th/w chrlsfc l ned Clarence Charles at the St. Joseph's church Sunday. o 3 !? r ;, and Mrs ' Pred Loo « and Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Alf studer and six months' old daughter visited at the Say ^ J ° hn L °°" at ^^ Mrs, Paul Erdman, Mrs. Wallace Bena/a ss-,aaBJst,«s gtyzsstts saus md putting in the shrubbery at the Immanuel Lutheran church property. Mrs. Albert J. Mumma returned home hnnrt «th^stensen is an experienced Monday from Iowa City where she had nletes th i h^ rk ttnd when she corn- gone the week before to visit her hmtiT il 1, • J the Property will be very er, Alson, and to renew ofd friendsSs' ""? topr ° Ved ' at her alma mater. v Cleon Williams, the two year old son Mrs. Anna Hildman has returned to sniH*\ a "3 d Mrs - WiUiam Nutzman, oi her home from Whittemoref where £ ffihto Cee m Pat8PbUtied0at . the « toiw » spent two weeks caring for her broth. ««„ & cemetery on Saturday after- ti-A'a i*n# n —i to.,-, °. _ * w*uwi noon. J,ii6 PiUtzm&ns \VGTQ fomiflr dents of Swea City. The mother, pnor to her marriage, was Hansel Saxton The bereaved parents have the sympathy of old time friends y Nine boys from the Smith-Hughes ass avrua/if * n an *« A.^,^^ A . **ue*«!a 10 go to Ames to take part w« v, 1,1 *w J ud 8 J ng contest which will We held there May 7 to 10 Inclusive Ihree boys from each class will take part, farm crops, animal husbandry and farm shop. j. L. Thornaren th Smith-Hughes* instructor, wlU go t Ames with the boys. The boys Ipon sored a -feed" on Saturday afternoon and evening to help defray expenses STJ^v,^Sffi^vlto thVpub- 7,600.00 23,300.00 . „ April 1,1929 .1. General Bond $ 500000 2. Municipal Ind. bonds 3,000 00 4. Warrants Outstanding 3,60 1. Special Assessment Bonds ... 29,900.00 VALUATION OF PROPERTY SUBJECT TO TAXATION. On Assessment of January 1, 1929. Claw of Property . Taxable Value Assessed Value 1. Real Property, mult, by 4 for assessed value . ,$ 529.274 2. Personal Property , 92 300 3. Railroad Property 34*932 4. Telephone and Telegraph Property , 2 897 5. Express Companies 114 $ 2,117,096 369,200 139,729 11,588 456 „ ,, Total 659.517 0. Monies and Credits ., 1,005 066 TAX LEVIES Made in August, 1929. FOR WHAT PURPOSE LEVIED 1. General Fund ,.,. in 2. Grading , »' 3. Water =' 4. Light '.'.,'.'. ' ' " 3 , 5. Sewer , , .'.',' 40 6. City Improvement .....'..' 5' ' M's wife and j(ittle daughter, have had the measles. Mr. and Mrs. Ehlers of Hampton and Mr - and Mrs. Ehlers of Mason City vS- ited at the Guy M. Butts home Sunday. The Ehlers boys and Mrs. Butts are brother and sister. The annual senior class picnic was held Monday. The class enjoyed both dinner and supper at the Call state park and attended the show at the Cal Theatre In the evening. William Trafford, age six, was unable to attend school Priday owing to a severe cut on the foot he received Thurday night while delivering May baskets to his little friends. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers of Titonka were Sunday visitors at the George Benner home. They were neighbors of Mrs. Emerson, a sister of Mrs. Benner, before her death a few years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Studer and two children moved into the house vacated 2,638,068 1,005,066 Amt. of Levies 6,594 1,978 3,175 2,043 3,231 3,296 1,978 988 3,296 1,648 1,318 659 14. Fire Maintenance 3' 15. Fire Equipment " i' R 25. Library i 28. Park , S'n 37. Band , 38. Road Drag ., ?' 39. Swimming Pool J' 9 „,„ Total t, <s,tu( LIST OF OFFICERS'AND* OENEBA'L' 'iNFOBMATioN' ' I * 32 ' 841 ' 00 Name of City or Town, Algona; Date of first incorporation, 1872; population cor'oratlon 2 3913> d&te ° f 8eC ° nd tacorporatlon , 1888. Number of acres in the .OFFICERS Salary _, A1 . . Per Annum Mayor, Albert Ogren $50000 Clerk, Adah Carlson VALUE OF MUNICIPAL POSSESSIONS. Valuations ITEMS BO nnn nn 50,000.00 Born, Not M*d* If he has to develop his personality, the chances are he oever will have a personality that is noticeable.—FOJ-I Wayne News-Sentinel. 1. Municipal Buildings— a. Land find buildings , 3. Fire Department— b. Apparatus and other property , innnnnrv 5. Equipment of Street and Alleys wwo.oo 12. Electric Light Works 13. Water Works' 14. Libraries— ft. Land and buildings annnnnn b. Books, furniture and apparatus ...!,!;..! unrnm 15. Parks— ... a. Land and buildings , b. Other Property t ................. 8,000.00 Tbft II, as « psychologist tells U9, U»ere 1« no such Wog «9 P«lfl, what IB ti •otoe people give p?vAjbflny t BWlt n whjre fjjey g,

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