The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1930
Page 9
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The tipper Pes Moines-Republicao, May 14.1930 High School News Items d Interest irom the Algotia High School Miss Grace Looft, who is taking a two business jllege at Waterloo her mother, Mrs. Berth Thursday night until on Mrs. Looft took her Genevieve Hartshorn, Editor-in-chief. Associate Editors. Mia Zumach, Max Richardson, Peter Chubb, Helen Morrow, Eleanor Backus, and Virginia Schnepf. Birds. The following theme written by Ruth Jiobtoson, freshman, took first prize to the zoology nature campaign contest. Did you ever ask yourself what the ivorld would be like if there were no "birds? Most of us consider birds as a matter of fact, as an "expected something" that should be there and generally is there. We do not take the trouble to study their homes and nests, -.and find out of what economic value they are to us. We say, for an excuse, that the world is too busy to bother with such a common thing as birds, but wise people are never too busy to enjoy the beauties of Nature. Look closely at any bird's nest. Is it not a fine specimen of workmanship? Each wisp of straw 3s woven in so carefully. Man, with his hands, could never build such a tiny network of straw and string as the bird family •can. The farmer, perhaps, should appreciate the birds more than anyone else. It is his crop which the birds keep from destruction by eating the weed seeds. It is he whom the owls help when they destroy mice and rats. And it is also he who may hear, almost any bright, •sunny morning, the birds singing so •cheerfully to the top of his pine trees. So important is the work of birds to the aid of man that it is doubtful whether we could continue to exist with out them. It is true that some birds .seem to thrive at the expense of man's crops, but to the majority of cases this is not true at all. Of course, almost •any bird will feed on our crops when its natural food is not at hand, but very few birds live on man's crops alone. They eat the seeds of weeds and insects that would otherwise destroy our crops and in the destruction of rats and mice, far surpass all other animals. damages wheat in all stages of growth from the sprout to the standing grain. It destroys fruits, buds, and flowers. It eats the young sprouts of the vegetable garden, it makes war on martins, wrens, bluebirds and swallows. It destroys their eggs and their young and If 1 !! 8 , the , old bws from the nest. In short, it is such a terrbile pest that the biological survey approves of the verdict of extermination for this sparrow. We that do not notice the birds, probably think We should not notice it if they were all gone. But we are making a mistake there, because even though we do not really see them or hear their songs, we should miss them ir they were not here, and it will always repay you to "Be a friend to the birds." "A" Club Boys Take a Trip. Mr. Bonham took the "A" club boys to Sioux Falls last Friday to attend the track meet. Those who took the trip were: Mr. Bonham, Joe Jordon, Lewis Moore, John Hargreaves, Clair Blossom, John Mangan, Everyal Adams, Nobody ever seems to doubt that the robin, the wren, the oriole, the larks, the bob white and the cardinal are allies of man to the war on insects o^ d *u eed ^* , Bufc the cr °w, the owl, and the hawk suffer undeserved punishment because too many people look upon them as outlaws of the bird community.. The crow is accused of robbing grain fields, killing useful birds and of sucking their eggs. But the mack bird that we see calmly flapping its way over our houses and voicing Its T "SS: W ' caw> " te ver y Justly accused. The stomachs of thousands of these birds have been examined and - — -o— _-p u»wi^i** jr__ieuiio. Kenneth Samp, Dick Cowan and Chas. Lindhorst. Senior Class Play Was Big Success. The senior class play, "Are You a Mason", under the direction of Mrs. Dennis Goeders, was a big success, and the students and director are to be congratulated. The music furnished by Miss Duhigg, Miss Fulton and Jeannette Goeders, was worthy of mention, and the domestic science girls deserve credit for their help to making the costumes. English Booklets Are Due May 15th. Miss Duhigg's eleventh grade English students have been required to make illustrated scrap books giving their interpretation of poems studied this year A group of children in ages of six seven and eight will receive their firs ^"n 0 ^ 11 atlthe st> Jose Ph's church next Sunday at seven o'clock. At nine °« £?? an °ther group of children of a slightly older age will receive a solemn communion. The Wesley high school base bal jam crossed bats with the Whlttemore high school team last Friday and came home with a victory by the score of 8 to 5. Lone Rock plays here this Tuesday night and Friday a game between Burt and Wesley on the local diamond is scheduled. Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson and family of Corwith were Sunday dinner guests at the Emil Wester home. Their daughter, Anna Wester spent several Hours at home Sunday, coming up from Kanawha with Marjorie McGuire with whom she had come home from Ames to visit over the week end. Mrs. Susie Gray, Misses Susie Pfeff- ner and Emma Studer, Homer Lawson, Mrs. Ihno A. Gerdes, Mrs. John Hutch- teon, Mrs. J, T. Meurer, Miss Esther Beck, Mrs. L. L. Lease, Mrs. Henry Kunz and Ivyl Marie, Misses Hazel Marie Conrad and Helen Reimer were Mason City visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lohr, Veva and . . . , Doris and Mrs. Chalstrum and Clayton Gould, Joe Rlcker, Mrs. Laura Hohen stein, Arthur and Edward Snyder Cloye and Fred Zentner, Cyril an Victoria Weiss, Victor Rochleau, Ber nard Hum, and Mises Ruth, Leon and Helen Steil. A very enjoyable ev enlng was had at dancing, music be tog furnished by Arthur Snyder on th accordlan and also music on the vie trola. Lunch that was brought by th guests was served at the close of thi evening. Several couples from Union attended a silver Jubilee banquet of the Knights of Columbus at the academy hall ai Algona Sunday evening. Those preseni were: Mr. and Mrs Jacob Iwinkel, Julius and Lavlna Winkel, Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobs, Mr. and Mrs. James Coady, Walter Coady, Mr. and Mrs [j. Gisch, son John, and Mrs. Mary Keefe. John Gisch was a new candidate and was initiated that day. Jacob Winkel, who Is a charter member, nltiated 25 years ago Is the father of Lawrence Winkel, present grand knight of the Algona council. Mr. Winkel proves a very capable leader which is hown by his second term he Is serving as grand knight. About 250 partook of the banquet, which was served by the Catholic ladles. Julius Winkel also ame up from his duties at Iowa State College to be present on this occasion. Vote 'er Straight and "Slop the Hogs." Rolfe Arrow: Throw the fear of de„„„ •w.c.juvu eat into the minds of republicans and j *..~"V, , Fort D °dge and Mr. I they become better citizens. Same is ana Mrs. Ernest Hutchison were Moth- true of the democrats where they pre- prs nov d i nner gu e s ts at the William dominate. Let the party get so sure of victory that it feels defeat is impossible and it becomes domineering •cut worm or some other in English literature. They are to contain at least fifty illustrations, and are due May 15. High School Student in Thrilling Accident. Carl Pearson, senior, had a rather thrilling experience last Thursday evening Just before the class play to which he had a leading part, when his car collided with Bert McCorkle's car. Carl' was completely wrecked but fortunately he escaped with a few scratches. Carl doesn't even care to However, he vcun. auuuv me uiuuiBUb, Aowever, ne »_^_H T " T «> • —; . -•«.»» .uuuuutuuj says he never hopes to experience an- S?^',,^ 1 ^-M* 8 - A - E - Oiddings fir^i.-..! ii..,in m l«_~ iT. *"***»**--'-*-*' »" Ml*, flnd Mrs ttnvrtfm n nt-i-ii..-. ZJ - ~ — * -«-----,* eu^ofo 0,11 UIB wiiuai Hutchison home. The Lohrs and Chal strums visited then- sister, Mrs. Clar ence Burgeson at Hobarton before their return home. Mrs. Leon Smith and two children returned to Fort Dodge Friday after a two weeks' visit with her parents, Mr and Mrs. A. L. Kleinpeter. Dr. Smith spent the past week at Des Moines in attendance at a dental convention. Dr Smith was 'recently elected . to act as vice president of the Junior chamber of commerce at Fort Dodge. George Lowers, instructor at the Fargo airport, Hew to on his friends here Monday afternoon for an hour's visit With him were Henry Doebel of Hanlontown, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Bergan of Mason City. Lowers was making a stop over at Mason City for the night. Mr •Mrs. Lowers have another daughter this spring, making them a family of two girls. There has been a change in the baccalaureate services to be held next Sunday night. Rev. Wessltag, who was to deliver the sermon is unable to be present and to his absence Rev. C. H. Moore will fill the vacancy. The program is as follows: Song, America, bv the audience; invocation, Rev. C. H Moore; Song, Crossing the Bar, trio- scripture reading. Rev. O. H. Moore- song, Come Holy Spirit, duet; sermon Rev. O. H. Moore; America, the Beautiful, audience; benediction. Tr™!_ 0 5i,, Han S. »* ** **Z™ond | Fred Dlekmaan | corrupt and deceitful. "IT WAS KONJOLA THAT PUT ME ON ROAD TO HEALTH" Green Bay Man Says New Medicine Relieved Him After Suffering 2 Yrs. MARGARET WEYMOUTH JACKSON COPYRIGHT Tht BOBBS-MERRILL CO. ,?** 5 r *t'$L.^ >f ." . ^ 1*7* / * *" - wuu. soviet &i' £ f ^ r Of fifty varieties of hawks only three —the Cooper hawk, the sharp-shinned hawk and the Canadian goshawk— are classed as robbers of the chicken yard. The others occasionally kill chickens Jut spend most of their time reducing the vast numbers of rats, mice and KO- f fl 8 ' °,* M P e owls ' the horned owl Is the only outlaw. All the others subsist chiefly on grasshoppers, caterpillars frogs, mice and rats. The barn owl lives most exclusively on mice and rate It is said that one of them about ____.„_, v-_v*__ ChUUUU is as useful as an army of i,ff»ri J very ' ew blrds that seem ,-.-.— utterly condemned Is the Emr- Ush sparrow. n — • - K erica Shorthand and Typing Contest Results. The results of the typing and shorthand contest held at Mason City a week ago to which eleven schools competed, were as follows: New Hampton, first; Greene, second; and Algona, third. Algona was represented to short hand by Adele Bankson, Eva Brown and Helen Parsons and to typing by Juanita Potter, Gladys Rising and Mildred Ryther. Corridor Clippings. Alva Benson is out of school with the mumps. The local academic contest was held on Tuesday of this week at the high and Mrs. Gordon O. Giddtogs Mothers'Day^cnicwhichf planned; to >hpld at .Eagle Lake "state park, but owing to weather > conditions „_ .... it was decidedjto stay nearer home. The - ME. OEOBOE Z..OOFFABD. ' __—-T^^ tWW uvwjr AJU7CMC1, IMJUlVi MUD •party of twenty-eight went to the Hans M. Hanson home where the feast fit for royalty was spread out and enjoyed by all. The food preparations were made by Mrs. Diekmann, Mrs. G. C. Giddtags and Mrs. Raymond Hanson to honor of their mothers who were not allowed to raise a finger to help to any way "Ever since a severe^ illness of'Dec- ember, 1927; I have been a sufferer from stomach trouble and'nervousness." said Mr. George 'Z. Goffard, 926 South Ir- wto street, Green Bay. "Whenever I put anything into my stomach I bloated and suffered from accumulated gas. en f go toere T^° In thV Tn«i^ f & . ee BU W ect »J Results are not yet known. Wesley Happenings J o—rQuci* mvcit i (jrflriK6| -VHssouri. drovf* iLhi*mifyfi on Ttl !_»_ _ _ * _,_. _ . •_. *• . _ . ' _ •»••«• «**HJl*B** Uii took lost strength, energy and vitality cause my food did not nourish me properly. My nerves were unstrung and tn.6r& WES £t twitching in itiv f&c6 that __. was very annoying. I tried many medi- tJhlen- cines to an effort to find relief. . -j^w^, Donna "It was Konjola'and Konjola alone Oooney and Laura Nelson that put me tfack on the road to others who | health. My digestion has Improved so much since taking this medicine that W6e: James LIoyd> Alice w > e a e • medicin Alice Slemer, Helen Franzen, Cecelia I now feel hungry most of the Eisenbacher, Margaret Fiom, Carl Erick and Viggo Kiilsholm, Jr are recuperating from a siege of th R16EIS_6S« M, r - and Mrs. Leo Goetz and tw children were entertained at the John Goetz home Sunday. Miss Mamie Roadinger of the Kos suth hospital visited over Sunday with her friend, Mrs. Fred Looft. Mi}, and MM. John Ormsby and family drove to Forest City Sunday to visit her mother, Mrs. McOrodden. Dorothy Goetz went to Mason City Friday to consult Dr. Steve O'Brien to regard to her eye and headache troub- i6Si SSL'S* J^ S LA"" 10 ?* Orandjenett h of a boy, Mrs. foraierly Martha Grandjenett was Otok. The regular Auxiliary meeting will be held at the Legion rooms Thusrday night. Mrs. Frank Wolfe will entertain. Roy Kleinpeter drove to Mason City Sunda to take part to the initiation of nrteen candidates to the Knights of Columbus lodge. Edna Rltchmeier, who is at a hospital in Fort Dodge, is Improving gradually but runs a temperature which goes up from time to time. «- * —--» *•• •-•..,, -iiiuugl.! VU Monday and arrived Monday night to attend the funeral of Mrs. J. B. Meuhe held Tuesday morning. Miss Margaret Flaherty visited from Friday until Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Flaherty. Margaret is employed at the hospital at Carroll as a registered nurse. The Congregational church will observe Mother's Day next Sunday morn- tog at eleven o'clock with a special program put on by the children which includes recitations and songs. Ida My nerves no longer This is a dcllgliHoUy readable, life able, warm-hearted story. Best of ... _ • «»<* tihuromfh. Cionn. jtoriiriEfffiff? gem*, sincere, faUhfni to our tradl tlons, a real story of real peonle. 'T. \ '°- - l ---<-X-i-.«ttv^. i ......•-.,.,.,. _^ HEAD THIS-TOE NEXT SERIAL OFFERING E? yy^Sfl^i' fc! 't%^j* *," to the state contest. The Wesley seniors will , .— give their six to eight weeks this medicine nro- class play Tuesday night, May 20. It is | duces amazing results. The countless , ... - . .... thousands of endorsements of Konjola prove that it makes good to the most stubborn cases. Konjola is sold in Algona, Iowa, at a mystery play in three acts entitled "The Yellow Shadow." This play will be produced by special arangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago. The cast is as follows: Nell Travis, housekeeper at Viewcrest, Donna Cruise; Gilbert Wright, Marvin es- Eisenbacher; Air . J chum, Dorothy Haverly; Mildred Marvin, heiress to the Mildred's cousin, Mira' Studer; Jed Travis, who believes to gilleyloo birds, Virginia Benton; Herbert Marvin, he ceivership of the County Savings Bank Algona, Iowa, and to whom it may I concern: You are hereby notified that there is now on file to the office of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth coun-1 ty, Iowa, the application pf Li A Andrew, receiver of the County Savings I Bank, Algona, Iowa, asking that he be authorized to sell to Frank Kohlhaas this entire section.-Adv. ft n l . > «* rer arv i, e and Evelyn of Armstrong and Mr. and has lived in Singapore, James Cooney; Mrs. Ralph Valentine and Mr. and Sheriff Macklta, "the detective", Bev- at J - the coroner, Margaret Flom; Wong Song, his past unknown, Ivyl Marie Kunz. the Charles Murphy home Sunday. Henry Bunkofske, who operated a •arber shop to the Kleinpeter building two years ago, has opened a shop of his own in the barber shop room back of the Algonquin confectionery to Al- ;ona, Mi-, and Mrs. Carl Emmons and. amily of Emmons and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Strayer and Mr A. B. Rasmussen and family of Forest and Mrs. Rudolph Wllrett motored to r»f,, 0 ^ »,„ „....__ „... . .. por( . Dodge Sunday an( j spent the day [at the amusement'park there. Miss Dorothy Keefe, of St. Paul came Sunday'to spend a week with her mother, Mrs. David Keefe. Miss Keefe is employed by the Brown & Bigelow Company of that city and not at Mont- Notice of Application. For Settlement with George L. Galbraith. In the district court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. L. A. Andrew, The South Six (6) rods of the north seven (7) rods of Lots One (1) and Two (2) to Block Eighty-five (85) of the Original Plat of Algona, Iowa, and also the two houses and garage'and all other improvements now located on the north Lot one (1) of __„„ _-«» (6) in Section Two (2), Township Ninety-five White's Grocery Friday and Saturday Specials -„ and Mrs. George Emmons of Al- >ert Lea were Mother's Day guests at the Harry J, Braley home. Cards have been sent out by the Sunday school instructors of the Methodist church to prospective adult attendants to meet Tuesday night for the purpose M*P and IWYa r 1 1 TO if A # 11 —*wwv «.u^uv*.v^ i,.&*.(t *m 1410 JJUrpQSB 1 ww *********J r w * v.*»v --iyj cum uuu ui> iVLUlll/* «f Titonka a^Mi- »nrt v?r Ha T o™. y °i oom P le ting plans for the organization e°mery Ward & Company as has been S.f!!° nKa *5 a M* and Mrs. Lawrence of an adult Sundav School previously reoorted. she has h PP n in . . Hansen of Thompson visited at their mother's home here Sunday. Jerry Sohutter of West Bend visited er> a Day wi h of an adult Sunday. School. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Monson and fam-1 j^ jly and Edward Monson visited Moth- previously reported, the ' She has beep in Sohutter, who makes her home with Jner daughter, Mrs, Bertha Looft. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Neuman of Sexton have leased the "Yellow Lantern" and took possession on Monday morn- tag. They will continue to reside to Sexton, Miss Charlotte Reibsamen, who has spent several months visiting with her -Piece, Mrs, Harold Tryon, and other relatives, has returned to Estes Park, Colorado. Some of the business men and the younger boys have began playing kitten bail, Their ball .diamond is located on the vacant lots north of Ihno A. Gerdes' residence. Mies Kate Schiitz has gone to Emmetsburg where she expects to make Mrs. past two and a half months! is a trifle better but is still confined to her bed. Mr. and Mrs, Glen Jenkinson and ' visited at the W. F. Jenkinson ., to Oresco Sunday. The day was the birthday of Mrs. W. F. Jenkinson and Reimer were an extensive visit, phe visit friends at EsthervUle and fetf 9^ ftw return. to • ^ •* -"•--• •!_«»•• i**v*V*4 AVVMliVA TTViC entertained at a six o'clock dinner at the L. W. Hauptraan home Sunday night. _ * ""Several ladies from the local lodge plan to attend a Rebekah district convention to held next Saturday afternoon at Britt. Several car loads of Odd •Fellow lodge members attended a meet- tog at Swea pity Monday night of this week. A large numberpf visitors were to attendance at theschool exhibit at the public school Friday. The audience was so large to the primary room that the program arranged by Miss geek was given twice to accommodate all present. Glen Jenkinson home, but on account of the muddy roads the event has been postponed until some future date. Quite a few of the ladies of the Mothers' and Daughters' club were able to attend the federation meeting held the past week on Thursday at Burt. The day was ideal and the program was very entertaining. The three rural clubs. Plum Creek, Oresco and Union wijl be the next to entertain the federation sometime to October. The date will be announced later. -Messrs, and Mesflames Verne Rut- jeoge and Ben Sorenson entertained the following people at the shelter house in the Call state Park last Saturday eventog; Mesjrs. and Mesdames Ohftries Oujberteonj Joe Aradojfer, B. en superintendent of banking of theTtate' norto, Rknge^TTeSy-ntoe^T of Iowa, plaintiff, vs Algona State Bank of the Fifth P, M known as the Lu™ "tfca.'SMsa,»_, Ja_sns yssnr* t ^ y ^ en th l!i there te now on flle flve Hundred Dollars ($350000) i in the office of the clerk of the above tog to the terms and conditions entitled court the petition }f L. A. in said application, to ^tab^you are I nS^Ti 6U P erin tendent of banking of referred for further^ particulars ' the state of Iowa, as receiver of the You are further notified that the! Algona State Bank, of Algona, Iowa, heartog on said application will be had asking that he may be authorized to at the court house to Aleona"r™f n „„ compromise a certain claim against the 21st day of myA D 1930 It two George L. Galbraith arising out of a o'clock P. M., of said day at which ' certain written agreement, by which the you may appear and show cause i said Galbraith, et al, agreed to take you have, why an order should ni certain assets out of said bank if same entered authorizing said sale wprfi rmf rinlri VM> a „!,,„„ j«i_ «""s oaiu oaie. Catsup, 14 oz. bottle Jam, 32 oz. jars for ___ 23c Macaroni, Noodles, spaghetti, 4 p were not paid by a given date. ..-. ^v,.^ „,, „, given uai/o. T. A ANnTJTTHr And you are further notified that by Superintendent of Banking of thV order of the Hon. F. O. Davidson, one State of Iowa, as receiver of the , of the Judges of said court, the hear- County Savings Bank AlKona la tog on said matter has been set for By R. H . MILLER Examtoer' ' TnpKrtnu fVio onfv. nf »••„., mon _i i rtv. n .». ««»*JijiJ4.v, .nAttimner Tuesday, the 20th of May, 1930, at two o'clock p. m. of said day, at the court house in Algona, Kossutji county, Iowa, at which time and place you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why said compromise offer should not ae accepted and settlement made with the said. Galbraith according to the terms as set out in application. And of this you will take due notice. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 5th day or May, 1930. L. A. ANDREW, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the Algona State Bank of Algona Iowa. I R. H. MILLER, Examiner in Charge. 46-47 j Charge. No. 10 Raspberries OQ. black or red O2JC Chick Mash, 50 Ibs. bags Prunes, medium size, 3 Ibs. 35c Peanut Butter, quart jar 39c «'in LumbBR FROM R&NORTDN&50N Notice of Application, In the dtetrict court of Iowa, to and for Kossuth county. In the matter of Hie recelvershlB of the County Sav ntes Bank, , . To all persons Jnterested in the re- Build a Home in Algona ^We can furnish material for your new home from basement to chimney top. ,F.S. Norton & Son Phone 229, „*.

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