The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1930
Page 8
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THE ri AII cr •as ^ Northland Romance t>y ROBERT W. SERVICE II!uitrat!oni by It-win My«r* 1 conld never make yon I expected. Sorely <,,, ' «oon, and I wonld ..L 0 ^™'? ht h *« t r ^d. I'm not so I I wanted. My llfe-strnggle »as" n 7a7 flnc other ' " had let- It wns left me how you WNU 8«rrlo* (Continued from Last Wednesday.) The filrl 1'iifl recovered her onlm, nnd I must say she bore herself well.' As she giued nt my brother there was a proud, high look In her eyes. And Gnrrjr—Ms smile had vanished ; nis fnr.-e was colil and stern. No doubt lie saw In her a creature who madman Then again, j had reconciled Gam to Berna. When 1 told him of a certain secret 1 was hnppy to you had live with one of the a womnn who had made 'n the dnnce halls, nnd every one' knows no womnn over did not bene/eT'hfif f^r*' ' ^^ I nnd i 1 B ' M9 herl " *»* «'»'»°*ed I". ".. _ e '.'. bat now Iv e come to | out beautifully. Why wns she so frightened, so lonth would all be ( buy a fmnll estate near home, and we wonld settle down. But first we tvould spend a few years In travel Wo would see the whole world. What good times we would have, Benin _ • - — „ —,, ,. » • v* ^.v/iiic i\j see for myself, and It's nil true, It's n" true. Boy, 1 must save you. 1 must for the honor of the old name [«ncs never been tnrnlshed. I must •on come home with me." no," I snld, "I'll never leave her," let me go? 1 wondered vaguel nnd nicked np the horse so that i plunged s' Bother! In my elation I hnd for gotten to get off nt the Inn nnd rend „„ „„,«. Inughed. own -• "— ~- ••« uoc „. , .-...._ further words on me. He slehed wns preying OH me, nn Influence for ""'"" — .. " e Hl fe n «i. .evil, an overwhelming Indictment ;ngalnst me of sin nnd guilt. All tills I rend In his eyes; then Berna nd-1 with you vnnced to him with outstretched > speak to yon nt the wns Murray of Dnwson, nn old timer, nnd rather a friend of mine. "Hello I" Don't Judge her yet. ^niriTlTttle'" 1 I " He " 0 ' Sn J. Meldrura v this is Mur- He snw it wns of no use to wnste f/ spenkln s- Sny, Just wanted to t*J-l<i*.. — -t «.**3fc^ l Inf trrtM \rrtf\rrr i *•«_«!_ — _A _ _ .. •• . rar linnd. "How do you do? "Well, well," he snld, "hnve It your ™ way. I think she's ruining you. bad, or she wouldn't live ! Hint But hnve It your own wny, boy; I'll wnit nnd see." , you know Cere's a stage due some I've heard so you long She was so winning, I could tween Imd see i, n . ,.,-'" drn £Slng him to the house, but In a little while be before morning. Locnsto's on bonrd,_nnd they sny he's heeled 1 for better tell you so's you cnn get Bsed up for him." "All right," I nnswered. "Thnnh you. I'll (urn nnd come right buck." So I switched round the horse, nnd once more I drove over the glisten- Ing rond. A grim fenr was gripping, mo. Of n sudden the shadow of Lo- „ ,,,, - .-.Kossuth county: Te ty, Iowa- el6ctors °t KoBsuth coun- in compliance with the provision* of I SsctlOti 551 of the 1927 Cods of Jttvt'n f notice is hereby given to the qualified' elector* of KoMuth county, lows., that a primary election t"lll be held at the reguar polling places in the several It.. J>!; eclno l» of Kosiuth county, °wa, on Monday, June 2nd, 1930. , The polls will be open from eight ftlock a. m., to eight 5'clock p. m. At his primary election candidates are to ?«,52J5;Vi* tad b . y tn6 «tm»Heftn and offices' par " es tor lhe following] One Governor. One Lieutenant Governor. One Secretary of State. One Auditor of State. One Treasurer of State. One Attorney General. One Secretary of. Agriculture. Two Railroad Commissioners (10th I in oil engineers this test ur — —v.-.-.utJt^. '*«"*-»-*lS»YlJllClJB CttLUH «•«« uuuuu>r Vfc 1 UU lie was quite token nbnck. He took <I u "e willingly. His sunny chnrm re- cnsto loomed "»' sinister and menno- the little white hand nnd looked tllr ned, and with !t his brllllnnt smile g> Even now Ile n ' na speeding Dnw- down from his splendid height to the llls warm, endenrlng frankness ' sonwnrd with a great hntred of me eweet eyes tlmt gazed Into bis. He I niust sny I tried verv Im'rd h, ln llls henrt We "- 1 would get back- bowed with icy politeness. | reconcile Berna and fin-™ T «,.™ I an(3 Prepare for him. to my mind; a. comic the nwkwnrdoess of re- trtet) State Representative (86th DIs- | One County Auditor. Oiie County Treasurer. One Clark of the District Court. One County Sheriff. < One County Recorder. One County Attorney. One County Coroner. One Supervisor, District No. 1, Term beginning January, 1931. One Supervisor, District No. 3, Term beginning January, 193L One Supervisor, District No. 6, term beginning January,. 1J32. ' Township officers: One township trustee for each twp. I term, beginning January 2, 1931. I Ohe township trustee for each, twp, t erm beginning January 2,. 1032. I One township -clerk, for each town- I ship. J One township assessor for each town-' ship. l, Two Justice of. the Peace for each. I' township. Two Constables for each township. One party committeeman and one party commltteewoman. for. each, pro olnct, delegates to the county conven tlon are to be elected, as follows: .„ r , „ - —• i recol iclle Berna nnd Garry I thrpw i - - - -I fee flattered, I nssure you, that them together on every opportunity T lere cnme my brother should have mentioned for I wnnted him to understand and perce P tIon of " Ulfi to vnn " *„ I i - * ""UCIDLUUU IUIU furnlnn tn «.,„>. me to you." — "•" ""ucinLiinu UliU 1 ».. H t A to love her. I felt lie had but to turnlD 8 to ono » own home unexpecf- Here he shot n dark look nt me. know her to appreciate her at her edly ' ln tlle dead of nl e ht At fl «*Sit down agnln, Gnrry," I snld. true value, nnd, nlthoush he snoko J declded J would BO to a- hotel, then ^r™ "LI '™* t .°. talk . to yon." n ° ™<J to me, I wns soon consdous °1 r™ d " lou . ghts . ' "etermlnea- to tr* «„,« if j i . . . " tfWM> l . — —•*-» « »»«o ouuu COnSciOUB I He complied, but with nn HI grace, of n vnst change in him. Short of Ve all three sat down nnd a grnve brotherly regard, he wns everything constraint was upon us. Berna broke "»* could be desired to ber-cord al tlie sllence - ' friendly, charming. Once I nsked m , . on «I think he's splendid" -sh.. «nM Curlollsl sne Wfl s such a light sleep. Prairie "He's the handsomest man "I'ou will stay with us for a time, won't yon?" "Well, that nil depends—I hnven't Quite decided yet. I want to tnkel 1>ve ever seen, nnd he's as ~nice~as Atliol here home with me." "e's good looking. In many ways "Home—" There wns a pnthetic remln d me of him—nnd yet catch In her voice. Her eyes went a differ e n eo." round the little room that meant " f rcnlln( l you of him—no, girl, home" to her. He's ns much above me as I am above i Hlp , 1nnr 'Tea, < that will be nice," she fal- r say n shvnsl1 ' He has a " the vlr ' "Bernn ' tered. Then (r wlth n brave effort she tues; T> n " tlle fQUlts - He *> the self ' "' the house, for I had a. desire to be near Bernn. I knocked gently, then a little loud- . ^ utt , VICC ^ . , er, then at last quite loudly. Within- LuVerno '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.5 Precinct Algona, 1st Ward .,...„ Algona, 2nd Ward 8 Algona,, 3rd. Ward 5. Algona, 4th Ward 6 Suffalo township 5, 3urt township 7, Jresco 3 Bnglo 3 East Lone Itock 2 Penton 4 Garfield. .,. .-..,..... .2. German 2 Grant 3 Greenwood ........4. Harrison ; 10, Hebron 3 Irvlngton ....3, Ledyard ','.'.'.t Lincoln ., 2- Rep, Dem what she thought of him "" , was 8tl "' dark as a ' sepulcher. 2- khp knocked. she not hear me? I decided to go to the I se^IcT lore that vague, Indef- I Sexton Precinct assailed me nnd ngnln 1> Sherman 2 And now my fear wns be- Springfield".'.' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 3" I hnd my latch-key l Swca 3 very quietly I 4 2. 2. 4 3 2. 3 4. 3 S: 2 & 4 5 s 2 2 3: &- L Tls a but the dramatf cresuitS'excite- even oil experts themselves.- A. quart off "toed?'New/ Iso-Vis, black with theusual! crankcase dirtj, is drained! from a car affer - manjr.'hun»- dreds of miles of driving:. Five minutes later we^Jb/ave.? a quart of oil that mieht have.' Tm&i experiment 1 . • ^ « flTf«r^%*haf Mpw T«r». come straight: ftom'ther-re- finery. It has th&clearamberr dbWD 'J " l * tb * "ank i rr<i t • i. , case. Awpecial filter color. The sameheavy toady, remores?.the crank- Yet it is exactty'the same S^SSwTiinTthe quart of oil that was just taken i oil'itself :is exactly from the crankcase! What has-ihappenedrfiss simply that a -special clay filterrhas'sremoved the dust and idirt* This'is->onetof itheemany tests that prove-beyond question:that New Iso-Vis will •not.thihxjutvinitMetcrankcase. New Iso-Vis.has pth'erfimportantmdvan- tages. It brings a<radical:reductioir.of carbon deposit. And-it givesJubricationsover a wider range/of temperatuTess.TMs^impor- tant combination^ of :qualities ; . means less wear and longer.dlfetforyourtengine; New Iso.-Vis Motor.OiLis^cuisale at all Standard GUI ^ dealers and' s em ce' j stations. LONG lubricatitlg-Tange. ew lso-Vis : >cov«£s the whole thermometer,.Some; oils are defeated 'by> heat- others by cold..New Js"o-Vis; fights friction at bdthjortremes. N O 1 whispered^ beaconed In h'er eyes. Her face, fine as a cameo,''became eager, rapt. As I watched, ier J/ thought what a per•feet t little lady she was; and I felt proud of her.^, He was listening carefully, with interest, Gradually his look "of stern antagonism had given way • to one of attention. ,,I could see ;. he was studying her. His Intent gaze ^ nerer moved 1 ,from her ftce. - - J ' r ^ £ ~ a-llttlS, he rose to goj \ Berna i gave us ft pathetically ani- B$ le look.'There was' a red spot each ^e 6 * a 03 her'eyes- were W. I could see she wanted to " ""**•'" " ' •" "'*'/ •"••< < - i ,,^ • j 1-1 "I'll be back In half an hoar, dear," .H said, while Garry gravely shook , tSiands_ with her, " kJBTfl \flJ3 not speak on the way to < his room. When we reached it he ' 'switched on the light and turned to ' " ' assured me with a caress, "and dearest in the world." "By the way, Bernn," I said, "you remember something we talked nbout before he came? Don't you think that now—I". "Now—?' "Tea." , "All right" She flashed a glad, tender look .at me and left the room. That night she, was strangely elated. I was head over ears la work. la - maU Just "arrived I^had a letter drop-light. the darkness for the In testimony whereof, I have- hereunto set my hand and: afflxedi tliO: seal of. the county of Kossuth this 8th I day of May A.. D., 1980. BBRXHA, B: JOHNSON,. Auditor, Kossuth County, Iowa.. Instnntly the cnbln was flooded' with light. In the dining room. 1 could see the remains of our supper lying untidily, ber. She BOARD PRO It was: set me pondeifig^ fiere me,; - > ;-v- v. 1^ , "Brother, who's this girl?" "She's—she's my housekeeper. That's all I can say at present, Garry." I "Married?" : "No." | "Good God!" "Sit down, Garry; light a cigar. We may as well talk this thing over quietly." ; He stared at me. His ruouth hardened; his brow contracted. "Now," I went on," "I want to say this. You remember, Garry, mother used to tell us of our sister who died when she was n baby. How we would have loved her, would we not, Garry? Well, I tell you this—If our sister had grown up she could have been no sweeter, purer, gentler than tills girl of mine, this Berna." He smiled Ironically. "Then," he said, "if she Is so wonderful, why, In the name of Heaven, haven't you married her?" His muimer toward her iu the early part of the interview had hurt me, had roused In me a certain perversity. I determined to stand by my guns. "Marriage," snld I, "Isn't everything ; often Isn't anything. Love is,' nnd always will be, the great reality! Such a love is ours. There's not ninety-nine In a hundred legally married couples tlmt have formed such n sweet, love-sanctified union as we have. Tlmt girl is purest gold, n peach of untold price. There has i never been a Jar In the harmony of our lives. We love each other absolutely. We trust and believe in each other. We would make any sacrifice for ouch other." "Oh, man! man I" he salil crush- Ingly, "wlmt's got Into you? what nonsense, what clup-tnip Is this? I'm almost glad mother's dead. It would surely have broken her heart to know that her son wns living in s j n and shame, living with n—" "Garry," I broke in, 'Tin younger than you, nnd I respect you; but lu the last few years I've grown to BUG things different from (lie \vny we were taught; brond«r, dourer, saner, somehow. We can't always follow In the narrow path of our forefathers. We must think and net for ourselves lu these days. I seo no slu and shame In what I'm doing. We love ea?h other—that la our vindication. "Balderdash I" he crit-d. "Oh, you anger me! Look bore, Athol, I came all this way to see you about this matter, You never told me anything of this girl in your letters. You were ashamed." ."You 'innst look put for Locastp. He waa In New York a week ago. He's down, and out Blood-poisoning set In In bis foot after he got Oat- side, and eventually he had to have It taken oO. He's got a false mit for the one Mac sawed off. But you should see him. He's all shot to plecesjjlth the 'hooch.' It's a fright the" pace he's gone. Seemed to have a terrible pick at you. Seems you have copped out his best girl, the only ope he ever care'd~a fed cent for. Said he would get even with you If he swung for it. I think he's dangecous, even a madman. He Is leaving for the North now, so be on your guard." Locasto coming! I had almost forgotten his existence. Well, I no longer cared for him. I could afford to despise him. Surely he would never dare to molest us. If he did—he was a broken, discredited blackguard. * I could crush him. Coming herel He must even now be on the way. He was coming back to the scene of his ruined fortunes, and God knows with what wild schemes of vengeance his heart was full. Decidedly I must beware. As I sat there dreaming, a ring came to the phone. It was the foreman at Gold hill. "The hoisting machine has broken down," he told me. "Can you come out and see what Is required?" "All right," I replied. "I'll leave at once." "Berna," I said, "I'll have to go out to the Forks tonight. I'll be back early tomorrow. Get me a bite to eat, dear, while I go round and order the horse." On my way I met Garry nnd told him I would be gone over night "Won't you come?" I asked. "No, thanks, old man, I don't feel like a night drive." "All right Good-by." So I hurried off, and soon after, with a Jingle of bells, I drove up to my door. - Berna had mode supper. She seemed excited. Her eyes were starry bright, her cheeks burned. "Aren't you well, sweetheart?" I asked. "Vou look feverish." "i'es, dear, I'm well. But I don't want you to go tonight. Something tells me you shouldn't. Please don't go, dear. I'lease, for my sake. I'm afraid, I'm ufraid. Won't some one else do?" "Nonsense, girl. You mustn't be BO foolish. It's only for a few hours." She clung to me tightly, so that 1 wondered what had got Into the girl. Then gently 1 kissed her, disengaged her hands, and bade her good-night. As 1 wiis rattling off through the darkness, u boy handed me a note. I put it lu my pocket, thinking I would read it when I reached Ogllvlo bridge. horse. Auditor's office, April 18, 1930.—Board'. That Was not Hke I of supervisors of KsssutH, county met hnd a horror Of d , r(|J , J Pursuant ^adjournment with all ' JfoTlon by.- Mbrris* arid! second! ,. iHelXen that bill' of Dr. J. G: Clapsadfllo for medical aid rendered? Bert GodBen 'child is- hereby allowed! In-, ttta- sum- of tWtiSOt Ayeac: all:. ,. ' Motioni by McDonald' and: seoond! by. Funnemark that county-auditor is-here,;by authorised! to hajvasynopata of town- IshU? tnustee reports tbr-lSkfr n-—"-•—• a» provlfled- by la/w. Aye«: alt. .HSf 1 " . ., „ «Sjji>fT.WW|»irlT I JttJUV'Jvtr.l.l. U2. Jaji. &. MM 1 —BalBiwAi on handi all funds $ E7X)8>4fli I Total wjceJcts. aak ftwds, 4Bfl2i»8i '$iOErtt29 To.tali OlBb.tussemenftS' all funds.. !X)4-3Si01 Dec. 31,. 1929f—BaJaaao-ana haiadi alt lunds DISKtTR&EMEJNT& ... Alke,. diagslog Albert LpeBCbqou dragging L. fi> Hubert ditagglns • • •. Chris Brandt, draggtos and labor > Telka Stecker. ei-acltue Wm. Stott. repairs ... S. a French Lbr. Co-, repairs E- S. Gaynor Lbr. Co., snow fence Jno. Rode, dragging Wm. Schram, dragging Peterson Bros., dragging Clayton Dennis, dragging Harm Harrlnga, dragging Wm. Sohutjer, dragging Joe Larson, dragging Post Office, stamps .... Albert Trltge, dragging Robert Calltes, dragging Tltonka Topic, printing Aaron M. Hansen, labor Hew Polarln'eis-also affected • ey oar new refining processes — giving it an efficiency which it • exceeded only by Neur Iso-Vis. TBf pries it 25 cents a quart. S TAN » A a. B ISO-VIS 30?* aquart-r Then I whipped up the As I sped along, with a Jlugle of bells, my spirits rose. Things were looking splendid. The mine was turning out_far better than we had Curse the Vile Wretch That Wrote Such Words! dishes. I passed Into the bedroom— Ah! the bed had never been slept on. What a fool I wasl It flashed on me she had gone over to a neighbor's to sleep. She was afraid of being alone. Poor little girl! How surprised she would be to see me In the morning 1 Well, I would go to bed. As I was pulling off my coat, I found the note that bad been given to me. Blaming myself for my carelessness, I pulled It out of my pocket and opened It. As I unfolded the sheet, I noticed It was written tn what looked like a disgiilsed hand. Strange I I thought. The writing was small and faint 1 rubbed my eyes and held It up to the light Merciful God! What was this? Oh no, it could not be I My eyes were deceiving me. It was some Illusion. Feverishly I read again. Yes, they were the same words. What could they mean? Surely, surely—Oh, horror of horrors I They could not mean that. Again I read them. Yes, there they were: "If you are fool enough to believe that Berna Is faithful to you vlsli your brother's room tonight. "A Wellwlsher." Berna I Garry I—the two I loved. Oh, It could not be! It was monstrous. It was too horrible! I would not believe It; I would not. Curse the vile wretch that wrote such words. 1 would kill him. Berna! inj Berna I she was as good as gold, as true as steel. Garry 1 I would lay my life on his honor. Dazedly I sat down. The paper lay on the hearthrug, and I stared at it hatefully. It was unspeakably loathsome, yet I was fascinated by It 1 longed to take it up, to read it again. Somehow I did not dare. I was becoming a coward. Well, It was a lie, a black devil's lie. She was with one of the neighbors. I trusted her. I would trust her with my life. I would go to bed. In the morning she would return, and then I would unearth the wretch who had dared to write such things. I began to undress. (Continued to Next Wednesday.) € O M P AX Y Co: State Bamfcj drafts BLH^MoBg»a,,.tH& »nd labor S-- J -_ G1Imor e 1 tile and labor .. „-_B. Williarosj. gyawaliUns,.. Ellteer Potten;. road work ... Ed. Eggert,!. road" work Kohlhaa* Hdwe., wire ^ Morrow,. nlt>w shane . . . tmwft -prorit .. rtnce birfMIng The «ventog-;s«ertce..wJB'!l»»* Sundteg;. noad iror)t> wmany announced, at the mqrnjpg;hQiuy 51.66 14.00 76.80 146.00 124.00 17.20 16.60 6.00 1.13 82.40 100.73 4.60 20.00 4.00 67.22 4.00 2.00 Jno. Sachan, labor W. A. Worsley, labor & comm. Dr. Sartor, board of health.. Edith Budlong, notary fees .. County Treasurer, taxes and gravel assmt 3259.01 Hex Austin, road supt 290.35 Jule Selfert, grading 4476.00 A. H. HInmes. plow Frank Hott, dragging Austin Weotern Co., repairs David Shulty, repairs J. A. Huff, gravel Wm. Ricklefs, hauling Fred Eclden, dragging .. Beed Hdwe., repairs .... Cooper & Lawler, tiling Rasmus Hansen, cemetery work ...................... 1A4.00 Herman Bruns, tiling ........ 39.60 Homer Tlenan, dynamiting . . 8.00 Farmers Elev. Co., tile .... 42.13 Joe Wlbben, cutting bush .... 10.00 E. A. Zwiefel, dragging ...... 17.63 Frank Rackow, dragging ..... 67.60 E. A. Rlke, dragging ..... . 22.80 Heyo Bockelman, dragging .. 20.80 MInert Pannkuk, cutting bush 6.00 J. D. Adams Co., grader and repairs ............... . .... 269.92 John H. Ufkes, dragging .... 67.20 Wheeler Lbr. Br. Supply Co., snow fence ........ . ....... 80,60 Barton Warner Co., steel posts 26.00 Falk Motor Co., repairs .... 4.00 $10439.0.) CltESCO TWP. RECAPITULATION. Jan. 1st, 1929, Balance on hand all funds .................. $ 65.89 Total receipts all funds ...... (5852.88 I 4118.77 Total disbursements all funds 6687.67 Dec. 31, 1929, Balance on hand all funds .................. DISBURSEMENTS. A. J. Brown, patrol and road work ............ . , ........ 930.38 Donald Erickson, dragging . . 37.00 C. A. Heard, repairs ........ 8.13 P. M. Erlckson, road work . . 14. TO H. Sabln, tractor work ...... 8.90 Hobarton Elevator, tlle ...... 68.28 Chas. Runchey, snow labor . . 81.20 Casey Loss, dragging ...... 6.60 Kossuth County Advance, printing ................... 1.24 Upper DOB Molnes-Rep., printing .. ...................... 1.60 F. S. Norton & Son, snow fenco 60.40 Joe Koppcn, road work ...... 102.60 J. D. Adams & Co,, patrol repairs ............. . ......... 8.90 J. Wi, Donnelly, gravelling . 200.70 J. P. Simon, patrol and road work .................. •••• 666.16 Walter Barr, patrol and road work ................... ... 267.96 B. F. Sparks, snow labor .... 16.00 R. O. Brown, snow labor . . . . 9.00 Nick Wagner, snow labor .... 6.00 A. L. Smith, patrol and road labor ...................... 263.90 Ed. Palmer, tiling .......... 49.00 ROVE hi/the PUB LIC Thousands everywhere have seen and approved the finer Oldsmobile. They have examined the new features of style, comfort; and convenience found in its Fisher Bodies. They have tested It and found additional sources of motoring satisfaction. They have heartily endorsed these advancements .., and the way they have been added without changing proved fundamentals, Come and see this OJdsmobile. Learn why thousands arefindingit better than ever—and say Ing so, t-.. Sfar , $ 895 ALGONA MOTOR SALES P R ° D U CT OF GENERAL "MOTORS ^ i ou« tti/ nvun, 1 J.O1IV 11IIIIIU Ml. xu....~.

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