The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1930
Page 7
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Ites Moines-Reptibliten, May 14,1930 days. •.tJ*'-* 4 - ?• ItoHley spent Sunday with iffiJSSJ&Siff* **•>«£ iSf^f^fffis Pterce Witmer. He is expected home Oharles Wagner, who lives on South Sample street cut a tendon r. Southgate of--- —.« »*«*»VA**I of Mrs. Cflrl I to •SSJt? ifl t**£ rt that theli> dau & h * JSSJS? 1 ^. 11 " t*" 1 ^-elected to her "*. £,"< "-"i"" J or th eY. W. 0. A. and public schools m Marshalltown. Keith came home Sunday --City where she had been f«'S..""r ^ esday befol>e ' she went to Mason city to attend a Mercy hos- P'tal alumni banquet which was held at the Hotel Hanford Thursday even!!!?•» 2ora ^a "Stored nurse and an alumnus of the **— Rev. Gladstone of tone Rock was a ltlng frle «ds. visitor in Algona Friday. Mrs. Anna Stockwel. came home o R. S. Blossom was a business visitor Tu^day from California where she has In Iowa Palls last Thursday. ^f 6 " 6 the last flve months. On hT Monday <« TIM I !•«.«*. ... ** ... r i r ' e nds and re business Prank Barker, who was formerly the Algona Monday. His home Is now in ^Brooklyn, Iowa. w m Mr- and Mtti Eugene Kepler of !f*j*!«L Su ?<fcy Prtdav" ' rYCV ° *" "" B u " y on I a lew aavs before going to Buffalo y- Ne * York, where he expects to lo i J. and r Welp ' on e of Bancroft's ? . Mrs - °'Haire and little daugh fading business men was a visitor in ter> Ann> win i° ln him later. ™ H * Frlday> Maynard Stephenson, Larry Mosbach Ed. Drpessler, one of Bancroft's sub- Magnus Lichter, Julius Winkel and stant al farmers was a business visitor £*"*" Newville were among the Iowa in Algona Thursday. State College students who came home El P> Relth ' "Ml Mrs. William Pixler were guests at the his eyes', but the , _ „„. was home for ftre °. ul te sure the other one" wilTbe' iw V ,? a , y vm ^th her mother. . M. J. Qulnn. Ro£ is managing a -Tenney'store in "Webster city Jesale storle, one the local teachers. Baker Was able te come h "^ J^-r 1 Mm W " °" Johnson of Ma i? r a short tlme from Mason * on Clty **» guests Sunday at the be well rememl «th« « City, but had to return for treatments. Thom * of their daughter, Mrs. W. S. time conducTed a r^staumnt hL e T? badly ^ Jui<ed last weefc when • er they moved to ' Bnd "•* aeor * e E «™' «- ^s. «»» f foVvedThe , « , few Ken eflck were In Des Molnes raonths a ^ they sold out there. trip. ° n a buslness i Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Skinner left nn and Mrs. Will Bailey of Marshall, Thursday In their car for chicaKO «ote. n «rt MV. « « »..._u<_. I „„.,» ttey v , sltfid ^ 0 \ h %™?^ mm, »»«- ««.**w,7 w* J.vj.a.ioi/.alj. Minnesota, and Mrs. H. D. Hutchins J to Ames the last of the week . —.__ they spent a few days. Mr. 7 „,*.!. Bailey went on business and the Knights Hutchins visted her two sons, nj«., »««,,"•"• "oaaen over wauey went on business and Mrs , ""°-" CI "y oecKer returned Monday mln^^Tl*^^^^ »utchlns visted her two sons, ^f ff; om Sioux City where she had spent Columbus banquet Sunday evening, and Eugene, who are students at Iowa £ e P, ast week vlslUn S her mother and 5r. R. w riv&mtn~a <_ i_ ; i. . __. Btate Cnllpcro Paul man ». nnn .,ii.. «_i tnendS. , where I Fred. Mrs. Henry Becker returned Monday from Sioux City where she had spen Dr. R. H. Crawford is to go to Mar•"Oi 'the state medical society He Is to give a talk on intestinal obstruction. ,- • • • Anita Andrews, a txmsln of Dr. W T>. Andrews, was a visitor In Algona ^Tuesday and today. She Is a home demonstration- agent In Brooklngs, TSputh Dakota. Miss Andrews attended the. Velshea at Ames, where she was sraduated a few years ago. Rev. and Mrs. B. M. Southgate were °" ge ' Paul was recently Inla « d " mill- ^Katherine Van Ness was home over - week, end visiting her parents, Mr. l_Mrs. E. J. Van Ness. She has been og ° f Iv0ry and pale **" ta Dorcas society of the First -—_.—„.._,.„. , ,„, 11 coa. one nas oeen "«* "uiiaw society 01 tne First teaching at Jefferson for the past year Lutheran church will have a bake sale and a half in the second primary and at the Moe & SJogren store next Sat- nas Deen ra-plpntarl nHfVi n w n t«* ««- I IV^Tatr 1*7 nas Been re-elected with a raise for urday, May 17. her course this fall. She has THE ARISTOCRAT OP For High School, and College 2»5s^,^a»» young men's special of Hart Schaffner & Marx at $30 Style all the Whil^. ' Selioble Hats and Bostonian Shoes Kraft-Misbach Co. M™*™™^^ BLUEBIRDS fulfill all expectations '47 !»'*. Watch her look for the register number In her new Bluebird Diamond Ring. Immediately 11 , she recognfees its value i i i when the ring you are giving bears the Bluebird oamev She, too, knows that quality is standardized and guaranteed on all Bluebird diamond rings; A gift in season that is doubly worth the giving. F. W. Wehler & Co. Jewelers and Optometrists BLLIEBli?D ^\^L^^^t^tJ^^i OENufNlFplAMQND 4 #»*// 0?/><M# Held* Any Ring and Dennls P ent Sunday of bull heads. H. J. Lacy drove to Sioux City on Thursday and attended the convention of the Iowa Industrial Lenders. He arrived home Saturday. Dr. M. J. Kenefick and son, Paul left Tuesday for Marshalltown to attend a medical convention. They are expected "back Friday. Leonard Nelson, manager of the Erickson hardware store was 111 the first of the week with an attack of the flu and confined to his home. Attorney G. D. Shumway drove to Knoxville, Iowa, Thursday on a case. He was accompanied by Attorney Edward Kelly of Emmetsburg. Only one marriage license wao Issued in the county clerk's office this week. This was to Prank Ditsworth and Addle Mae Yeager, both of Bancroft. Mildred DeGraw, who Is a student at --- returned Prldav from. Des Molnes where he had attended the convention of Kraft clothing men. On Thursday he stopped In Amp«s fm« » visit with his daughter, Kath?r?nef < £ho is a student at Iowa State College and attended Veishea. 17 GRADUATED AT FENTON Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Auner, Mr. and fundamental in life's strugcle, the rr^A-T' V1 sars and Dr. and Mrs. A. second, and perhaps fully as Import- tJ. Adams were delegates from Algona ant & determination. With these two in attendance at the celebration of the I factors as a- guiding- star- success te Eleven Qirls and Six Boys Comprise Senior Class. Presented Class Play. TWO PACKED HOUSES SEE "HIGH FLYERS." Class Day May 16, Commencement May I. Address by A. B. Morris of Mankato, Minnesota. Reporter: Eleven girls and six boy omprise this year's senior class of tlit i taton high school, all of them fine oung men and women of this am e surrounding territory. Upon their graduation they have completed the first step in their education; the step which to a greater or less extent will determine the future course of their lives, A good education is the firsl fundamental in- life's strtigcle, the second, and perhaps fully as Import- Good Words for Hovey. Fenton Reporter: Sheriff L. E. Hovey was a Fenton visitor Monday afternoon and also called briefly at the Reporter office. Before leaving hp gave »* « nice order for printing which was _------ „.. ..... t-iuiuiMHuy. One thing may be said of Mr. Hovey that can- h» tH 0 snld , of man y office holders- *.t£ » to trcat an newspapers alike £r^ L C °?, CS to the tnatler of notlc es nnA lb ' catl ° n under h's jurisdiction, and besides he has executed the duties or his office to the best of his abilltv He will get a large vote in this voting precinct, judging from interviews with tne voters here. Wickwire Boyg m Runaway at Irvington. [ Irvington, May 13; Special: While on their way home lately from Irvington with their pony and cart, Ray and Wayne Wickwlre met with an accident by the big bridge west of town. , Pheasant Jumped out from the side ' S C r ° ad scarln(f th ^ Boys'pony. The T 7 Rave a jump ' causln » the * hAtt * i IS dr ° P on one sfdfe; alld then ran »**? ' " S "P- 861 "^ the cart. Both boyi ' W r° threwn from tnecart ' R *y recc1 ^ n a " e , wrc cllt m hls hcad> besldes ?"i", mlnor ctlts ' ****** rece!vcd <*• ly a f ew scratches and brirtses about hla body. . Hu uliw ^cicuittnuii 01 tne SMS of the P ° rt D odge Klwanls hnn n ,*; h banquet at the Country dub and .-— — ,„.,, wi*A4i/i jf v^iuu &RcT dancing at Electric Park were on the program. M. P. Haggard and , P. P. Twogood, returned Des Molnes where Mrs. TWosrood had husband, who was-playing baseban witt cne BC. Joseph team of the Western league against the Des Momes Demons Mr. Haggard Des Moines- on Monday on business and attended one of the games. Mrs. D. H. Goeders and daughter Jeannette, Dorothy Sellstrom. Loretta Howie, Delores DeMott, Mrs. L M Iowa State Teachers' College, spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. DeGraw. S. G. Goldthwalte, who is publisher of the Boone News-Republican, will """'""». ""=«= ui uue iviisoacn, appear- i be the speaker of the day at the Mem- ? d in , Sunday's Des Molnes Register. ! orial day exercises here May 30. I ™ ss . Misb _ ac h._ who is secretary of the The home of the late Mr. and Mrs. , . . . Merrltf, Carolyn Todd and Gertrude Kenefick drove to LuVerne • Friday night where Eoretta, Dorothy and Delores gave their skeleton dance at the LuVerne class play, Jeannette accompanied them at the piano. The girts gave the dance at the Algona class- olav last week. Mrs. Mary Buse, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Arnold of Ortbnville, Minnesota, and Mrs. H. H. Barger of. Cedar Palls are visitors today at the home of Mrs. Buse-s son, J. A. Freeh. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold have been visiting Mrs. Arnold's mother, Mrs. Poster at Waterloo and at Mrs, Barger's home In Cedar Palls, and are taking Mrs. Buse home with them for a visit. Mrs. Barger Is a sister of Mr, Freeh and Mr. Arnold Is his half brother. A picture of Miss Wanda Mlsbach of Clarlnda, niece of Joe Mlsbach, appear- bound to crown their efforts and undertakings. The class consists of the following: Alice M. Dreyer, Durwood R. Elg- ler, Vivian C. Glaus, Russell J. Ger- onoitt, Virginia Husftamp, Reuben H. Leudtke, Mabel E. Laabs, Stanley- R. Gladys J. Welsbrod 1 , .. „, Lucille I; Zumach and' Mae L. Zwie- fer. The senior class- play, "High Flyers'*, was presented to packed houses at the Fenton Opera House last week Thurs^ day and Friday; Afr usual It was highly- successful and Was a credit to the participants and their- Instructors Each character fitted 1 the part asstgn< Theatre show. ore to plan to attend any time will see a trig WED., TIIURS., AND FRI., MAT 14-15-16 Rex Beach's "SOW OP THE GODS" Featuring Richard Barthelmess Matinee 2:30 Thursday—10c-30c SATURDAY SPECIAL MAY 17 Matinee—1:30, 3:30 and 5:30 Prices 10c-30c. Em II Chrlschilles in Whlttemore was sold last week to Alberf Schealer. The Schealer family will move to town next spring. Mr. and Mrs. M, E. Smith of Des Molnes were in Algona Sundayvvisitlng their daughter, Mrs. W. H,>Cummings. Mr. Cummings recently purchased thq ' hVi^^iTl'"^*'?'"*^^*'^''^ 1 **^*^*? 1 ^**^ '^Mrs.,Marr-Sorenson who recently purchased the former Mrs. Maud Tay•tar residence-on South ;Th6rington street, Is improving the house by adding a. new front porch.* The Marc Moore home is quarantined with scarlet fever. Wllma, the seven year old daughter, has the disease. She and her younger sister and their moth- Clarinda Y. W. 0. A., will BO to Fletcher's Farm in the Green Mountains. . Vermont, this summer to instruct handcraft In the national school for girls' secretaries which is to be held there beginning June 30. Miss Mlsbach .was graduated last year from Coe College, as one of its roost "representative woi men. 'be- in Cong. ed to him and 1 nothing but praise and favorbale comment crowned their efforts. The senior class day will be held at the high ochool auditorium at two o'clock on Friday, May 16th. The baccalaureate sermon will be given Sunday, May 18. Rev. Gerkln will deliver ;he address. Commencement exercises will be held at the high school assembly at eight o'clock Wednesday evening, May 21st. The program Is as 'ollows: processional Invocation R ev . Gerkln Amarylis Girls' Glee Club Address Albert B. Morris, Mankato," Minn. Will O' the Wisp ....Girls' Glee Club Presenting the Class ..Supt. Belken Presenting Diplomas ....Pres. Kranse -Jlass Song Senlors Paine & Sorensen Give Away Kodaks. In the event of the fiftieth annivei-say of the founding of the Eastman Kolak Company,' George Eastman gave out 500,000 kodaks to boys andgtato an over the country whose twelfth birthday was to 1830.1 The, distribution of the ko- ****™"> through his many agencies. with WARNER BAXTER in^ his most lovable border bandit "character role "of William Fox'Movietone f>r«entation ALFRED SANTELL Ing spectacle; Clara Bow's sweetheart, Chas: Rlchman, singing his , best. Ho was a George White Scandals star. Also a big program of special fea- tutw - ...;• • si.-.! 1 Music and' lyrics by ftrvlng Berlin. Directed by Edward a.'sio- maiii Written and produced; >hy John w. Consldlnev. Jr. , "Rlohman sings like a billion dollars"; said the New York Dally New*, and you'll thrill 'whto' you hear him sing "Puttlrtf On the Rita'" and "With You", Irving Berlin's greatest efforts, as -well ns the rousing "Singing? a Vagabond Song" and "There* Danger In Your Eye, Cherle." ,-.,, ,. , —and there's the twttant loveliness of Joan Bennett,"the charm, of Alleen Prlngle.'the sparkling comedy of Jimmy Gleason and Lilyon Tashman. to delight you. •The year's Peppiest show and the greatest entertainment the talk- Ing screen has yet produced. MON. & TUES., MAY 19-20 A big Treat—Zane Grey's thrill- Ing characters. Tuseday's matinee 2:30—I0c-30c. Another western like "The Virginian." RICHARD Za/t$£f>£if_ miiGHt er are In quarantine. Mr. and Mrs. E.;L. Wolcott are the parents of a fine baby girl who arrived Sunday morning at the Algona hos- p ini' T !i- e Wolcott s have one other child, a daughter, IjaVonne. J. A. Brownell plans to leave Thursday for California where he will spend the summer with his son, Clarence, who is located at St. Raphael with the state highway department of California, D. E. Dewel drove to Des Moines on Friday morning for a few days' visit He was accompanied by Mrs. M. J. Streit and Mrs. D . T. Nugent The ladies visited with relatives during their st&y. Mrs. Louise Hyde left Sunday morning for Oskaloosa, where she will make her brother, Lee Gilbert, a short visit ;^?i m ™ L she wln go on to Jacksonville, Florida, and other points In the soutn. Karl Shumway of this office made the home of his brother in Bancroft his headquarters last week. His neoh- ?,!;» B " dd y" wa « "1 with the measles here. Karl drove back and forth to school and work. H. E. Sorstedt Is again able to be uptown and at his store after an illness °nir« m f S U f W ^ eks ' Mrs ' Sorstedt was ,aken ill Saturday and has been confined to her home the last few days. Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Squires and aughter of Rowan were visitors in Algona Saturday. Rev, Squires was pastor of the Titonka Methodist church Tn ~ eight years and has his vicinity who are always glad to see nim. ^^—— —••""*»•••*«* v^v^i services* for one i graduating class of the 'Algona high •"""*« 4 school will be held in the Congrega- *Wday too tlonal church May 25 and Rev. W A dozen kids Prazler will deliver the address. ' ™»—- following Is a list of the graduates: Long came up from Grinnell I latter part of last week for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs AT, R,° n f TI i e / drove her to Des Moines Sunday. Mrs. Laura Paine accompani- I ed them and went over to Ames for a short visit with her daughter, Marie, who Is a student at the state college. Magnus Lichter, Lawrence Mosbach id Darold Newville were up from ti studies, at Ames over the week end. Mary Adams. Hazel Albright. Adele Bankson. Ruth Barton. Phyllis Benson. Harry Bishop. Lucille Black. Ella Boettcher. Agnes Brown. Eva Brown. - Bernice Burlingame. Mary Clapsaddle. William Cliff. Jean Cruilcshank. Delores DeMott. Margaret Dodds. Lewis Ferguson. Stanley Greiner. Laura Hilbert. Loretta Howie. Roberta Hutchison. Kyle Keith. Gertrude Keneflck. Pearl Leigh. Leona Lichter. Charles Llndhorst. Lennice, Link. John Mangan. Harold Martinek. Maxlne Mitchell. Josephine Murtagh. Burnell Meyers. Helen Parsons. Carl Pearson. Madonna Qulnn. Hoyt Raney. Mary J. Rice. Ivy Scuffham. Wilma Siepman. Katherine Simpson. Roberta Skilling. Harriett Smith. Leona Smith. Gordon Stephenson. Prances Steussy. Arlene Stewart. Mildred Sunding. Mary TJaden, Carolyn Todd. Harley Troutman. Clifford Worster. Lucille Barrett. Jack Burtls. Jack Hilton. Vincent Oxley. Dorothy Sellstrom. Alberta Grosenbach. °P ene(i «? out between four and five at that *ta out. On was a " , Also Talking Comedy v '*m «'|H SL-'SSL *«« °»" ?£r£r ners. mtautr, teAYu>." <v big attraction one day. Matt- pee at I;00 and, every two hours. Drive for 35 miles to see this one Chas Richmah The man with the "It" voice In I "PUTTING ON THE BITZ" with Joan Bennett Aileen Pringle Lilyan Tashman tn a fast stepping dancing, talk- ,^ 'p.l'i A fighting lover yoii r dkttt f resl( Out doors-where meS^art Ten- and women need fighting" for More thrills than "The Vlrgta- Also program of special features^ Phyllis Kuchynka Lucme Cat" Hutchins Mann, Leona a Jen- Methodist Church. llft up mlne unto the Montana this summer. er, Mrs. Walter Lur- J. McCorkle, Mrs. N. V. Maurice Bartholomew I a visit i7ith~M w "« ty Wednesday for ed in A? Mrs Burt Ballard. who liv- Mr VnfT abo # a y ear & S° when X 5i a was district salesman for I tne Firestone Company. WA^M* H 1 !,? 0 ? 51 ^ topital this R« £ ? ¥ rs- Albert Wirtjes of Lone noes, w whom a seven and one-half was born Sunday and 'Paul — "Igona, who was oper- for appendlcits. Mrs. _ „,,,„..«„ was able to return to her home Saturday following a minor operation performed last week* (Old Home Town is Appreciated. We climb the mountain to find out I wh ere we are> The ylew ™a ou elves us perspective. We know our pre sent location because we learn its geo Sh, ^^ Man reacheth in to know himself; he reacheth out to know I God. he reacheth "P ^ know He can know neither himself nor hi ows unless he knows God. Km God is climbing the mountain where we can see life clearly, and see it as a whole;- The view from the sum! mit gives us strength for the daily for the a seem e ^ "^ routine ' c °u«iee sight tato the moral IssuTsVdde'i^wHh-" in each day's business. The church points the way to the summits or life. Its weekly services L^iL"! 6 " ^ om , th . e . dr «dgery O f the SS Wm. week for a visit with and last their mother, and .. •• - ****** a AUI&Q, the Hackbarth's in Lotte Creek. The Funk te^W* n»«*lnteto in the em- our number of years Roba Divorce Case Was Happily Settled. say which IAWUENCE TIBBETT in BROGUE SONG A Rfnrv nf ln<r^..« _i IT . . ^^fc^^ ba vs Roba now only were closed down for a"'few days' "ast I week. The business of the | nothing. . „ for divorce and The Judge decided that return here and live with " h o would care for her, if return she would receive It's a treat for you : __^ Advance information—One day DECORATION DAY SPECIAL MAY 30 "LADIES OP LEISURE" show all day and wSn"*« outstanding release gona. *° s P end the day in Al-

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