The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1930
Page 6
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fit Thomas Guild— .On Thursday, May 22, St. Thomas ^Presbyterian Misslonary^- The Presbyterian missionary societv will meet with Mrs. Frank (Lgel on Thursday afternoon, May isthT Baptist Mission Circle— The Baptist Mission circle will meet with Anna Ingersoll Thursday afternoon, May 15. Mrs. L. M. Stoner will have charge of the program. Missionary Society— The missionary society of the Congregational church will meet with Mrs A. D. Richards Thursday afternoon at three o'clock May 15. ^t** of a club at the husbands. "After played. Mrs. A. Pi J. was and E. Kent and were the guests. dinner bridge E. Kresensky received the prizes. tfiiler, Mr. and'Mrs.' Mrs. R. H. Spencer Birthday Party Enjoyed— Mrs. Robert Liesener was pleasantlv surprised at her home in ASgona May in was 1 " ° f her blrthday - The even- men and Edward Hacicbarth won the %££'*& Ae A 'and ^r^Hac^ Fred Jenka Dies Suddenly at Ledyard* Fred S. Jenks, manager of the tele- heart attack about four-thirty Sun- ay afternoon while watching a ball ame between Ledyard and manager of the Ledyard ball team * Jrii Jenk f f? 1 to tne fifround near the side lines of the ball diamond where he l e ' n ™ flch ' n ? the PlayerM A caUed and he that H rf a death had been almost instantaneous. He had suffered a similar attack a year iood n,f most his had llved is Ledyard wo Entertains Hi-Lo Clob— Mrs. Maurice Bartholomew was hostess to the Hi-Lo bridge club Friday evening. Mrs. Burt Harwood and Mrs Aima March won the prizes for bridge. Naomi Circle— The Naomi Circle will meet Wednesday afternoon. Mny 21, with Mrs. C Herman. Mrs. Paul Clark and Mrs C C. Wright are to be the assisting hostesses. . Qflys. . • Refreshments were darida good time was enjoyed by ?£* friends a " departed wishing Liesener many more happy birth- Grace Taylor to Wed— The picture of Miss Grace E Taylor daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H Child Study Club— • :The regular meeting of the Child Study club will be held at the home of Mrs: <M. M. Morrow Tuesday afternoon May 20th. Mrs. A. Hutchison will have charge of the lesson topic. tlbrary Aid to Meet— , The Library Aid department of the Woman's club will meet 'Friday afternoon at the assembly room of the Library. The following program will be given: "Life and Work of Ruth Sawyer," by Mrs. R. H. Spencer; review of the book, "Four Ducks on a Pond " by Mrs, R. A..Evans. Six-Thirty Dinner- Father T. J. Davern entertained the the Des Moines Register iasriun" ;,,u'?? iS J rayl0 - r te to to married to ipbell Humphrey, Jr., of Chicago, Jie Stevens Hotel in Chicago May Miss Taylor was graduated from Algona high school with the class °l ii. Jt? d conned her school work at the Chicago Physical Culture Normal School. Since graduating she has been employed in Chicago as supervisor of a play ground, she Is one of AJgonas most talented young women and her many friends wish her much Margaret Window Married— The Des Monies Register of last *atzener, Omaha; Mrs. Robert ewton; and Miss Vida Jenks Iowa, and two sons, Earl of ijeayard. His parents, Mr. and Mrs t™^M en H are stul IM *«< although very old and are honored pioneers of the county. Mr. Jenks was a brother £L,°f.. Jen !5 s ' ^ dltor ° r thc Bancroft »-•"-*-- and who was clerk of the dis- strict court of Kossuth county for a number of terms. Mothers and Daughters Meet at Good Hope. Good ( Hope, May 13. special: The which was held at Good Hope commun- ~«, lty ,/* m on Wednesday of last week, «np- a Mother's Day tea, was of the special the cnaracter appropriate to the annual anniversary In memory of mothers. A group of sixty guests and members was inspired by a most interesting program or talks, readings and music. The meeting was opened by a short talk by the president, Mrs. Nan Ward. Then followed the various features noted. Addresses by Mrs. Ethel Johnson, county Federation president and Mrs. Harriett Warburton, vice president. Two Victoria numbers, "Old Folks at Home" and "The End of the Road" by Harry Lauder, were presented with appropriate comment by Mrs. Elizabeth Schenck. Two poems "Are All the Children In" and "Mother's (Apron Strings", were read by Mrs. Mary Wood. One of the outstanding features of the program was a series of tableaus entitled "The Seven Ages of Womanhood," represented by various individuals and accompanied by appropriate Instrumental and vocal music. The music was furnished by Mrs. Thompson Paul Damon ui x Charge of C. M. T. C. "e utc nant Paul A. Danson, who is county chairman for the C. M T c ' S the Camps. "The i along her picture of the secret nineteen people, who were in the cost of the play, "Gilded Youth," which was put on at the academy a week or so ago, at a five course six-thirty dinner at his home last Thursday evening A social hour was spent afterwards All enjoyed a very good time. Birthday Surprise— Mrs. John Hardgrove was given a pleasant Blrhtday surprise Thursday ny three of her friends Mrs Lorpn MInWer, Mrs. Hugh Post and Mrs. A. J,.Schnepf, |The ladies were served JrJ??? ft ™» "Agnes May" tea room 2?-.J? tehed the\«vening at the Call marriage of Miss Margaret Winslow Miss Winslow is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Winslow of Algona and is very well known here. She was married to Francis Ross, of Omaha and after June 1 win be at home in Onawa, Iowa. Miss Winslow was graduated from the Algona high school with the class of 1923 and continued her schooling at the Iowa State Teachers' College at Cedar Falls. She has since been teaching in the public schools In Rock Rapids. She has the best wishes for a happy marrisje from all her Algona friends. a copy of a «,», - 4 Hoover commend- Citizens' Military Training The letter reads as follows: Citizens' Military Training camps have through ten years proved themselves important agencies of physical and moral health to the Individual and of civic welfare In the nation. The men to devote a '•The man's At win be h communion' lol'taeeang of the Wo- ary of t the Episcopal church in Algona on May 21. Holy eleveni, o'clock in St. Thomas church will be Whitehead of Mason City. \ "-'— Conpie Entertains— by B. l* 0 "' and * Mfft ! Louis "Bode Served nep. ( mj'on Sun latteVs mother lie Riley and, Esther Monogram Men Hold Banquet. The monogram club of the Algona high school held a banquet at the Tibbets Tea Room last Wednesday night. The minor Jetter winners were invited as guests. Talks by Hoyl; Raney and William Cliff were highlights of the 'evening. They talked on sportsmanship, athletic ideals and scholastic standing. Minor letter men who also gave talks were John Mangan and Kyle Keith. Coach Aubrey Bonham made a very efficient toastmaster. This was the last.banquet of the year. Token week was discussed.' This means that •each letter man must bring a.letter made of wood to the high school. Tho letters are to spell out the two words, AlgonaTand,."A" Olub. Prosneeta fnr a winning football tern >%?££ f!oT nSf ^"J 57*5 *E d *£? toys, state that, next fall's team whl^ta «. ^Hn • month to this training program for better citizenship is proof of good-will In the generation which will presently de- vo ve the maintenance of our social and political institutions. "I commend the Citizens' Camps to all fathers and mothers and to the young men of suitable age In the hope and belief that the camps will show themselves as useful and in the future f,t!, ey , ha « e bcen ta the Dast - Y ours faithfully, Herbert Hoover." Lieutenant Danson advises all the young men who want to take advantage of this wonderful training and physical development available at these camps to submit their application as soon as possible, as it is expected that a sufficient number to fill the camp <-i1li-\f n v»f 11 ««_!« * ii. *^ ,at'the home of Eugene Hofius at —•a . - Others pre- and Mrs, Wm. Nelson, and Mrs. Lly< Hoflus, Burt, and Mr, of j and MJss Etta Bacon of Entertain Dinner Club— t ' Harry McCorkle entertained their dinner club Thursdav evening Following the oUer the yed bridge ' other s Present . members were Mr. and Mrs Ray McCorkle and Mr. nad Mrs Victor Young. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McCorkle each won a high score prize Club Entertains— Mrs. D. R. steele and Mrs. J. s. quota will apply early this summer, and those who wait may be too late. The government pays all the necessary expenses for attendance at these camps, including travel, food, lodging laundry and medical attention. For application blanks or further information see Lieutenant Danson or write to the C. M. T. C, Officer, 108 Federal Officer Building, Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines Fellowship Tour Conies Here. The 1930 fellowship tour of the Des Moines Manufacturers' and Jobbers' of the Chamber of Commerce and her daughter, Mrs. Katherine Leason. The tableaus, personnel, and accompanying music follows: Infancy- infant daughter of Mrs. Marie Jacobs, "Sweet and Low"; Childhood—Letty and Betty Sarchett, "Mother Goose"; i School Girl—Dorothy Ward, "School Days"; Maidenhood— Esther Madson, "Love's Old Sweet Song"; Wlfehood— [ Katherine Thompson Leason, "Loheti- i Rrin's Wedding March"; Motherhood- Mrs. Maude Nelson and the Marie Jacobs baby, "Mother's Prayer"; The ' | Crowning of the Years—Mrs. Lida Me- f 1 Ago." An gram, arrangements, I headed by Mrs. Ell- I zabeth Schenck not only provided the most excellent program but a tasteful | luncheon and colorful bower of flowers and decorations whlclTwere a source | of keen delight. The affair was but another example of the efficiency and I harmonious cooperation characteristic.) of this worthy organization which has meant so much to the social and cultural life of Union township. M. E. Ministers Gather in Algona. j The Methodist ministers of the Algona group, consisting of Wesley and Sexton, LuVerne and Llvermore, Titonka and Doan, Whlttemors and Cylinder, Good Hope and South -Cresco, Burt and Algona charges met at the A Big Success In Spite of the Rain Our May Sale was a big success for during the down paur of rain last Saturday we were rushed all day and evening with enthusiastic buy. ers taking advantage of the wonderful values. Folks have learned to know that when Christensens offer bargains that they are worth while coming for, rain or no rain, For This Week End Our Mr, Christensen Is in the Garment Markets This Week Selecting the Newest and Smartest in Dresses Which We Now Have to Show You, Christensen Bros. Co. parsonage in Algona Monday for conference and fellowship. A covered dish luncheon was served at noon. Those Roy Biustrom Won oresent werp RPV n TT T\T,«,,« —j ' ".I" 0 ««•»"« »Y un Philco Radio Prize. owner of the store in Hobarton ary society. ^P to & -Algona Wednesday, May «,, about 10:55 a/nt :A special train carrying 100 or' toore Des' Moines buU- ness men to addition to the Argorie Post h*,,* ™.ii -t^u. Des Motae | . at morning, May, u™ 4 w™,iMjB spring be^lni-, into the "A? club the latter part Xjnbath arid letteWwill i the home track meet seven o'clock i*a wilTbej tag^eM present were Rev. C. H. Moore and Mrs. Moore, Rev. H. A. Reymaa and Mrs. Reyman, Rev. L. G. Gartner and , „ _ Mrs. Gartner and their daughter Rev „ y J. C. Clifton and Mrs. Clifton, Rev. O. Fa ™ e F. s General „ „ „„„„-„„ E. Stevens, Mrs. W. H Lease and Mrs a , n ? , ° is the ph ilco dealer for this S. S. Beggs of Des Moines, Bureau Lu^' won a large ^h Prize from secretary of Indian work in the United Slf,, philc ° t company for selling more Woman's Home Mission- population. * The contest"'started tt "ri February and finished April 30. Mr Bjustrom is a go-getter and is making a success of his business In Hobarton. Fish Implement Shoo at Lone Rock Sold. Company sold the Lone to Fred Plate 'Bubbs" Burtis, Pet Dog, Lost and Found. Cotton Blossoms to Sing in Algona Vicinity. The Cotton Blossom singers from/the Piney woods school In Mississippi arrived in Algona Saturday and wfll make this their headquarters for about three week while they give concerts In' the ffiS^-v'S"*."" '&*«***?• the of the autobun- "Buubbs" Burtis, the pet little dog ) Betty Burtis on North ft, « -.. in . street - created a commotion the first of the week when he failed to appear for a day and night. The little bull pup is the pet of the whole neighborhood arid his disappearance was regarded with deep concern, approaching that of a child. Searching parties failed to discover the dog until some one thought to look into the Charley Murtagh playhouse, where he WM « "Bkowingly shut in by the children the day before. -Betty Is happy and the neighborhood Is again register- ' Ing normal. CEESCO NEWS. ArlrliV Voaflr Aad » ««g to be hostesses at'Algona in Oc- A. E. Spear family of Swea. City Saturday night and Sunday at w-.— w . s, Mooro * boms. The E c 2?«?!; ^"y was also Sunday guests' at the Moore home. .^*5 S^r of Seneca spent Satur- her grandmoth- m,»» fc r. ». — Ctoach Bonham Is trying to get Brltt and Humboldt to comehere. if they cannot attend the meet will be between the different classes of the local school. Algona Girl Directs Seneca Class Play. The play, "I'll Explain Everything," vill be given by the senior students of he Seneca school Thursday and Friday, May 15 and 16, at the Seneca chool house beginning at 8:15 p. m The cast of characters Includes Arnold 1 Anderson, Lyle Schuler, Dan Enges£?•, Howard ( CBollig, Paul Crawley Wnifred Scully, Florence Helmke Es-' niH Ha lve f °n. Mabel Homann, Camilla SSriif-*F' >Tb S 3 P« s Jal - train wffl consist c-£.flve pullman cars, two din-' ers; a club observation car and a baggage car. Over fifty thousand balloons and over a ton of candy for the children, not to mention souvenirs and samples of other kinds, will be on the tram when it leaves Des Moines. . sangi-at Galbraith Sunday even- K , tag and at LuVerne Monday." They [Jr^ , and Lyle Osborn. There will . w Iso be several special musical num- ls dlrected asslsted and her sl s- V u ' eena Berens, teachers at Seneca, and is being pro- rm n t y s P e cial arrangement with the ramatic Publishing Company of Chi- William Murray Died Last Week. Lone Rock, May 6. Special: Friday morning May 2, William Murray passed away quietly at his home south of Lone Rock at the age of 82 years ten months and 14 days. Mr. Murray had been ill for several weeks. He leaves to mourn besides his wife, two brothers, John and Ben of Detroit; Mrs. ^J^ 0 ' d _ er _?' °5?»»to: Robert also sang one number at; ,-,,^ wtl church Sunday-morning. Etaora's older sister. Bemlce, is ono of the instructors at the Piney Woods school, as Is also Mrs. Lincoln Singleton, former Algona woman, who became associated with the school a number of years ago after the death of her husband. Mrs. Singleton and Bernlce, who was at one time a student at the Algona high school, expect to visit in Algona some time this summer. was owned by his i«r, who died last winter, been in business here for A -, L Mrs ' Chas - Brlele and Wllllam Lone home. ago. Wear White When in Doubt n u me. On March 2nd, 1927, a son Thomas preceded him in death. He' leaveTto mourn 14 grandchildren. William Murray was born at Fifeshire. Scotland J ' 847 and to merica In M T u, was unlted )n marriage to Miss Isabelle Burt August 22, 1872 Thev settled on a farm northeast of Lonf Rock. For the past twenty-five years have lived in Lone Rock where he Wn by a11 regret hls Hls ex, Ben and John i » ? etrolt ' Mlc h»gan and Mr and Mrs. John Householder of Oelwein came lost Wednesday to be with father. Sexton Woman Has Arm Badly Cut. Sexton, May 13. Special: Mrs. Dora Ferrigan, who lives north of town wn had her arm quite badly cut last week Wednesday evening, she had been do^ ing some sewing at the Ben Weber home and Mr. Weber and little daugh- r High School Holds Mother's Day Friday. A great many mothers of the pupils of the high school students visited school last Friday. They were Invited by their sons and daughters to see program in honor of Mother's Day an to see exhibitions in physical trainin and manual training. About seventy five of the girls put on a style shov and paraded in dresses they had mad in domestic science. There was music by the second girls glee club and Mrs. A. K. Michel sang a solo. Mrs. A. A. Bishop gave a very Interesting talk. Light refreshment were served to everybody and the moth ers received books of Mother poem which school pupils, good time. were composed by the high Everybody enjoyed - h her home ln 'heir trck the afternoon. As the wave! uncontrollable You simply can't go wrong in choosirm white foot wear for your wardrobe. A perfect nm c for tiio most glorious costume. You '11 find ray oi diversified styles. ar- Christe nsen Brothers Shoe Department ' and went into the ditch but'did no turn over. The top of Mrs. Ferrigan's head was bruised as she was thrown against the top of the cab. The win" Z br , 0ken '" that "We of the the glass ran up to points in the ne cab Shirley and Board Members Re-elected. Wm. Shirley was re-elected county superintendent of schools for a term ol three years at the school election which was held Tuesday at the court house Mrs. J. H. Warner of Swea City was nominated by J. H. Moulton and elected a member of the county board of education to take Mr. Moulton's place. The members serve for six years. Supt. J. F, Overmyer of Algona and H. J. Braley of Wesley were each reelected as members of the board for another six years. George Godfrey, who is a member of the state board of education, was elected chairman of the meeting and county auditor Bertha E. Johnson, served as secretary. The election was a very quiet one, all votes being unanimous. Fined $50 and Costs For Striking Woman down her arm sTmekT broten"S I , Ott ° Kasc hmitter, who runs a grain and the glass cut through her coat ele y ator ln Whittemore, was fined $50 •• B coat and costs in Justice A. Hutchison's the past twelve years and was always a very popular and prosperous business man. This community regrets the loss of this popular family and wish them much success in their new location. The new owners of the Lone Rock business are two young men who fiave lived in this community for some time and we are sure they will make a big success of their new business. Republican Caucuses to'be Friday Night. The republican caucuses will be held in Algona Friday night, May 18 at seven o'clock at the following places- First Ward, Elberfs garage, G. D Brundage, committeeman. Second Ward, Ford garage W H Godden, committeeman. ' ' ' Third Ward, Haggard & Falkenhain- er office, T. L. Larson, committeeman. Fourth Ward, Friday night, Sheriff's office, Loren Mlnkler, committeeman. Sentenced to Take and Mrs. Adam Ditsworth Bancroft were married Saturday / 10, at eight o'clock p. m. at the home of the bride, by the Rev. C. E Bryden of Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs E. J. Seeney were the attendants. Mrs. Seeney and the bride are sisters. The bride was born at Bancroft and was graduated from the Bancroft high school. For the past nineteen years she has been a successful teacher In the rural schools of the county. This smca, H. l^and O. H. ilies and Mrs. Alta stiles and'sons visited Sunday with Mrs. L. E. Potter Mrs. L. E. Martin of Algona spent Wednesday of last week at the home of her son, Charles. the Keeley Cure. Martin Brandt, a farmer living near Titonka, was sentenced to take the Keeley cure at Dwlght, Illinois, Monday He was brought before the Insanity commission on the complaint of his wife and was told if he did not straighten up after the cure he would be sent to Cheroked Brandt was brought up once before for druken- ness and abusing his wife. His case was then continued on his good behavior. Brandt is the father of five "Jiild- •en. Sheep Butts Child Against Barn. The five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. David King of Algona received a evere scalp wound one day lact week when he was butted against a barn by a sheep. The child had been play- ng with the old sheep's lamb when she vidently became displeased with him ind knocked him against the barn. His ather was nearby, and rescued him or e would probably have been more serl- usly injured. He was brought to the Ugona hospital where he received medical attention. year she has been teaching a rural school in Portland township which closed Friday. She also spent two years teaching in Oregon and Montana. Mr Ditsworth has spent the greater par of his life in Kossuth county. For number of years he was a glazier in Des Moines, but for several, years h has been a progressive farmer in th vicinity of Bancroft. Mrs. Ditsworth owns her father's old homestead a Bancroft and she and her husband have the house remodeled and have completely re-furnished it. After the wedding a delicious two course lunch(•on was served at the home of the bride by Mrs. E. J 1 , Seeney. The couple is now at home of Mrs. M. R Mrs. Ditsworth is an aunt of Mrs. M, R Seeley of Algona and Mr. Ditsworth is a second cousin of Mrs. Seeley. Nine Year Old Dies at Swea City. Swea City, May 18. Special: The funeral services for Melvih Thoreson age nine, young son of Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Thoreson, were held at Swea City Lutheran church on Wednesday afternoon with Rev. Raymond Swanson in charge. He had been critically ill for several weeks with heart trouble and complications. ana complications. He is survived bv his parents, two sisters and T one brother and many other relatives. Including rorty-one cousins. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their sorrow. Ledyard Man Loses Both Feet in Wreck. Lakota, May 13. Special: Mrs. Geo. Heetland of Lakota received word last week that her brother, Charles, of Ledyard had gone to Nebraska and fell while boarding a train. Both feet were cut off. His rather and two brothers left for Nebraska as soon as they received word of the accident. Licensed to Wed at Fort Dodge. The names of Clifford Schrader of Burt, and Maude Schlchtl of Irvinirton were among those listed as securing marriage licenses in Fort Dodge. The item appeared In a recent Fort Dodge Messenger. Swea City Boys Win Prizes at Ames. Swea City, May 13. Special: The boys of the Smith-Hughes department of the high school, together with their nstructor, J. L. Thorngren. returned from Ames Saturday, where thev had entered the state Judging contest. The wys of the farm shop department won first award in woodworking, which id t very good showing as there were 800 high school students entered in the Ifferent departments. Boys attending from here were farm rops, Everett Bexell, Edgar Price and Grades to Hold Track Meet Friday. Clarence Hovoy; animal husbandry, fm. Moore; Burton Thompson, Lenus Peterson and farm shop were Merlin Larson, Clarence Roba and Kenneth Seyler. John L. Thornuren. Smith- Hughes instructor deserves a lot of ere. dit for the work the boys have accomplished. > Her Brother Hen NeU m her to the doot °r and two stitches were taken in her arm to close the wound. Mr. Weber and the little g rl were not hurt although the little Birt was sitting between them Taken to State Hospital at Cherokee. Florence Kortum, 27, of Whittemore was adjudged violently insZ byThe insane commission Monday and wal , taken to the state hospital*at CheTo- . court, Tuesday for striking Mrs. Elizabeth Seaman of Whittemore and using obscene language in her presence. There was a dispute over a house, he had purchased from her and he couldn'l keep up the payments. Hold Meeting to Establish Drain 178. A Joint meeting of the supervisors of Kossuth and Hancock counties was held for oY 0 "!" 1 h ° U8e Tuesday afternoon, for a hearing on the establishment of drainage district No. 178 Retired Minister Died here Sunday, Rev. J. K. Reed, a retired English Lutheran minister, died at the home of Mrs. V. L. Stebbins Sunday morning. He was 76 years of age and had been with Mrs. Stebbins for about eleven months. His death was caused by olc age. He was a brother of Mrs. M. J Ryerson of Burt. Rev. Reed's home was in Emerson, Illinois, but he had spent several summers in Burt and WBJS fairly well known there. According to Mrs. Stebbins who had been caring for Urn he had been a missionary and had travelled extensively all over the world A brother came from Sterling, Illinois and took the body back to Emerson' where it was to be interred. Mr. Reed had never married. m £ h T 7 w ,5 e a P" 16 soh001 traok Achievement Day meet next Friday at the Athletic Park . n\' T »* n ~. at four o'clock. The boys are divided at BllTt May 20, m°tn on e tm e JS ht clas f es - LI ?ht weight The fifth annual farm bureau wo. ?» ™H" a « d !"* been devotin* Quite I ffi RiZrH^^ *L%* - Mrs ; itv, i and demonstration and the occasion will be one of great interest to all. v**w AUVUXC CVUU HOB UCUJl UCVOUnflf aUltft I WHOM 01rtV. n «^ i \ ~-,». *I«*B, Algona Lacks 13 Of Being 4,000. 1 E. p. Keith is laid up with a severe According to the last reports Al- qold> and when we sa y "severe" we gona lacks thirteen of having a popula- mean !tl Edi te »'t PU* out of commis- tion of 4,000. J. A. Freeh turned in two alon very easu y- ™°^r* y ? 8 M a y. but was inform. to ° for them to be * Algona Markets, .67U, . ,32 . 8.30 son at WeUs7M:uineso"ta." | Tony Doleschal home at Bancroft. ••••••••••MM'

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