The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1930
Page 4
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— —^.™« «,„ Avi/vticater. She ifi along nicely at this tone. a **»* fcrlSga and son of Cedar °^,*»siting her mother, Mrs. _ The Upper Pea Moines-Kegublicaii. Ma* 14 ——--— —— ^ """ 1 " " '''" r 1! ''"" ' \ntOiiii*ija*aii^™-» -Jr^*. .^...-^ *^f h . a !; d L has ,. b <*»<*afi**i ,„ *"•. U°d Mrs. fid. Bruns had their A second shot was B . ¥CJI uue p at school Monday for diphtheria. The senior class play will be given the Helton* theatre Frldav night , Jesse Harmon was a Sunday 8uest to the Jl p - Ne * el home. f«£?L a « M* 3 -®***- Bteinbach and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bettin a ?i < L famUy and **"• 0ftfH e Volght and children were entertained at the Henry Boever home Sunday. Mr- and Mrs. HE. Relmers accom- by Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Bruer of . May The little son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Carr Is Improving nicely at this time! George Manus 1 ents, Mr. and Mrs. week. ' Misses Lura Sewlck and Lottie Haw- LrS« W ' T I' k" et , m was at Tlton *a on >tt spent Sunday at the Grover R«*rt P™* 881 ™^! business one day the past " eea *";? k - Mrs. Peters visited at the Howard French home while In Titonka *,,>, Wnma . , clety wUl ttert a*t!!rt of i^Ln^Cus Volentu >e as assistant hostess M, and Mr, r, ,. Hobson and -— at 83*»»»»3SeM5^^ 8BSK93 *°* J"g« ? nd , **?• A> T " WW«°w and fam- «* Sunda y *»*« * the F. BaUey Btott vention. <3mith m * to attend a to attend fl on con- Ward, who has been her son, Herman, at Heron returned to Burt on " o R , e Y-, a f d Mrs - J - E - Clifton attended a district group meeting at Altronn. Monday. B«"» Mr. and Mrs. Trlmmel were dinner guests at the K. J. Smith home Tuesday evening. hs been Ht- Mrs. Peterson of Titonka spent Sun- Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brace and son ?, r guests afc ** home Sunday. dorf, „ —»«.„»• and Arnold ICoest- ler came up from Ames to spend the week end with their parents. Mrs. Pat Mulligan underwent an operation for gall stones at the Mayo hospital at Rochester last Friday. Walter Bunkofske. Charles nnffin on^ Clifford schrader l^ft iuntoy for Milwaukee where they will work. homes. «T. D. Jones, a former Fenton doctor, now of Rowan, was a business visitor In town last week. - an d Mrs. Sam Warner and <i», icLumea TO ±«urt on I aau Rhter, Lola and Dorothy Stlgman —_ is visiting her daughter, were visitors in Armstrong Sunday. 0lddinBS - Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hold Dr. and Mrs. Van Vrankin attended Wm - Holdorf of Ceylon were terinary meeting at Britt last Frl-1 v * slt ors at the evening. A banquet was served. Mr. and ^».i next meeting will be held in the Houston, park at Clear Lake. extended Rev. J. E. Clifton, Bruce Clifton, friends - M ~* W< T- Peters and °- p - McDonald drove to Nashua Sunday to attend .the funeral of Alf Nafus Mr. Nafus and Mr. McDonald were in business came this Week for an with relatives a sister of Mr. Bruer.' The county federation of Woman's • met at Burt Thursday, May 8. A luncheon was served by „ towns, Burt, Fenton, Titonka and LuVerne. About twelve members from here attended the meeting. The Misses Irene Newel, Maxine and Verona Weisbrod and Marjorie Bailey attended a meeting at the Methodist church in Algona on Saturday to get information concerning the vacation Bible school, which was given by a Miss tins from Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. c. G. Humphrey and I son, Sydney Bruce, visited with Miss Ellen Carlson 'at her home In Algona | ,«. . reoen |;iy re _ Texas, r, who was ill '"" " a ss " „ _._„„. v *u» M ?T Gl C 111 \J\ here together several years ago. Paul McCauley and Mrs. The high school base ball team played Graettinger on Tuesday at Graettinger, winning the game with a score of 5 to 1. The interior of Dr. E. w. Ruske's McCauley is getting along nicely at this ^W and Mrt!> lja ' Sj ^ Newel and time. ^ ' I sons, Warren and Franklin spent Moth- — — • - ^»ui£MG nave »»~i ~ f" f 101 " 0 fl t Anaheim, CaU- fbrnla, where they are now nicely locat- staying at the J. N. Holding home, has returned to her home at Farnham- viUe. Mrs. J. N. Holding left last week for Oakdale where she will enter the hospital. A banquet and program was enjoyed at the M. E. church here last Thursday by the Woman's clubs of the county. Abouft 125 were present. A very interesting meeting was held In the afternoon. L. S. Bleakley and daughter, Susanne, of Des Moines visited from Tuesday until Friday at the home of Mr and Mrs. F. H. Bohn. «~"j ^~V —"' Jr> J> W. McCreary attended her. Miss Elbert of Whittemore is assisting with the house work. base ball team and team played base ball on Saturday and attended the funeral of rJ^. *? ^ Nlcols and famU y and Mrs. Chipman's uncle, Alf Nafus M? S« i^ i° n 5 H . Umboldt and **' and Nafus had been In poor health for toe ^W \ * Morrison <* Algona were „„_». * ** "«"«'" i°r me | entertained at the W. J. Weisbrod home Sunday. Superintendent and Mrs. B. D Belken attended the funeral of Mrs. Bel- .ken s uncle, Swan Edwards, at Kensett They returned home the same day. Miss Florence Weisbrod of Sheldon arrived Friday evening via Emmetsburg to mad.-'Mother*,Day at the bora! _ J,'Cirde met at the home W1 S^£^ ee .^esd^ ^ter- as assist- Thursday to attend a district contention of the Home Missionary so- „ x--^ ;>~—*. 4 ^vfT*vn, v.iojlieu HI Kggleston home until Friday. ''Rewjf~ --'"•• , Reed, a brpther of Mrs. ' , "tft "••*•'•••'•"*<*« • \ ^ \t* 7 r'i*- | *—-—•• UK* ° *•**•>' *ywu | C* V' itn^sineVjMW- £•*»"' K^ 1 & **""* ' J I ££ **-*W& a ir djejl Sund Sp^^SrfsS 1 * 1 < ? < * B ^°liIpma»,randf •A'KPJoa at'the home of Mr. and Mrir'oeorge were .enimalneoTa?'the,E — seniors and school faculty were and entertained at a theatre party at the Call theater at Algona and refreshments at the Algonquin confectionery afterward by the Juniors last Tuesday night. The Willing Workers of the St. Paul's church at Ringsted entertained all the members of the church who are mothers Saturday afternoon In their church parlors. Mrs. G. M. Miller of this place was a guest. Mrs. Mary Harsch left this week on a trip including a visit to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Bunkofske at Burt, her granddaughter of Storm Lake |and her daughter, Mrfe. XBen Shultz at Cherokee. Rev. E. T. Gerkln, pastor of the M. E. church, who has been ill for the past two months, will leave this week for Sioux City, where he will enter the Methodist hospital for consultation In regard to his health. Miss Lucille Hantelman closed her school Friday of last week and on Saturday treated her scholars to a picnic dinner at the State Park at Algona and the matinee at the Call Theatre in the afternoon. The present Standard Bearer members entertained the former older members at a social In the M. E. church parlors Friday evening. Mrs. W. P. Weisbrod, first counsellor and organizer was You are cordially Invited ,» / B^^^r^^ 1 ^ & PeterS ° n Our new location will not only be more convenient for you, but it has been completely equipped to enable us to give your insurance wants a really worth while service. Insurance is not only the modern way of making the uncertain things certain, but it is a business that requires constant study and attention to detail by a well- trained experienced organization. You depend upon your physician for medical attention your lawyer for legal advice, and your" insurance needs should be looked after by someone who makes insurance his life s work and not merely a side line ! A l g fi?, a Insurance Agency has been serving you for the last fifteen years with an ever increasing volume of busness.. Prompt and satisfactory loss adjustrr?enS insurance counsel on every kind of insurance assTstance?n secu r i ng rate reductions, lowering of fire hazards auditing of policies-these are but a few of the items of service you in addition to — - ™*» V*gW«i.li4llA/4 WOO present. After a pleasantly spent evening delicious refreshments were served. Mrs. O. H. Graham went as far as i Fort Dodge Sunday where she was met by relatives with her sister's baby whom she brought back with her. The home I of her sister, Mrs. De La Hunt, who lives at Ames is quarantined for the scarlet fever and .Mrs. Graham**will keep the baby until they are out again. | Dr. and'Mrs. E. W. Ruske left Mon- i day of .last week for; Des Moines to, Again we invite you to call on us and see for yourself the up-to-date equipment and the organization available to SS,«-AfF* ' COSt£ t an 3™ P a y ^ere your service ends with the issuing of the policy and the collection of the premium, and our service just commences. The Algona Insurance Agency , CR. LaBarre Al. Falkenhaincr. accompanied on their return Mrs. Ruske's mother, Mrs. J. L by Mrs. Earl Osborn and Miss Kathleen Lindsay of this place and Allie Meyer of Bancroft drove to Carroll Sunday for a visit at the Harold Steadman home. The girls' sister Miss Bernice Lindsay, who is employed with the Bell Telephone Company, of that place, accompanied them on the return trip for a short vacation at the home or her parents Mr. and Mrs H C Lindsay. A farewell party was tendered Mrs. Bromley on Saturday afternoon at Mrs ' J> T - Waite with Mrs. ^f^^^S^r^'^^^^^ Mrs, Wm. Schroeder, Jr., and her iBta^c 1 ?! ^ & ^' W ^° ^ a ^ n( ^ n ff Iowa _i.i _._. * . _ * f»b» JjQ18i &>Hu DOr™ I niS rfilfl.t.)v*a.Q f.Via m**^.. ai j. at relatives, the Chris Shaser fam- In BUTTER there's Sunshine and HEALTH rn ICH ' Crea ^, y butter ia more than a tasty de cacy . it's an essential food in itself Butter contains a generous percentage of Vitamin "A," a health element which builds vm- Tf 0 "{~" " ts rich> delicious flavor. Its always pleasing, it alwava adds something to other foods f! • cant be counterfeited. Use freely both on your table and m your kitchen. Its creamy richness adds so much—both in enjoyment and food value. --——-- — — —». w. 4.. rvalue W1U1 JVLTS. Wilbert Holtdorf and Mrs. Rex Wolfe as assistant hostesses. Thirty-flve gueste were Invited and a two course luncheon was served. The Bromley family will move to Lakeview Monday where Mr. Bromley will work with a gravel crew. Mrs. C. Gibbons visited over night * ™ e , ? 0n ] e of ner daughter Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod on Saturday of last week. On Sunaay forenoon they drove to the home of Mrs. Weisbrod's sister Mrs sotff' Tn ey A, at P° dge Center ' Mlnn e- sota. in the afternoon they all drove ™J?<,° < L heste . r to see a brother, N. C. patient in the hos- Mrs. Michael Winter and Mr. and Mrs M« r « n ?^? low and dau 8hter, Ruth, of Mason City. Mrs J. H. Warburton spent several days last week In the vicinity of Whit"—"•-*•"""•'& on the voters. Mrs. SVto&SS* 1 for the offlce «a/a sstistfs™ is /fann Crt 4-K n «. -it i . **»J. X111D , nMr V a » n /, Mrs - El K Worthlngton and son of Mallard spent Sunday with the n* m ° ther> "^ LUIlan Worth and baccalaureate sermon will Rev. Gladstone at the evening, May o» -»»wj iUl/AIJ WUlJ exercises will be~held at Commencement the Mr> d Mrs> Robert and ****• L - R- Roderick and fam- «y spent Sunday with Mrs. Marga^t °' Sheffleld ' and Mrs - N. L. Cotton and Mrs e cose for the day This • an rs - N. L. it±Ft!? **** aU bank employes^ wui |f Cotton drove to * oup meetlng wWch will a " end tne Veishea hrti «? oup meetlng wWch neld at Storm Lake. Priay and returned to Piopl. who try to save the ttw centt in pri(a Utwttn kulltr. and anyihint, uKd in. at'ad. an foolinc only ih tm . Mlvea. On Ihi baui of Ioo4 and health valuta, butler gives far more lor your money. In Iowa, this pound-foolith pot. Icy talcts double loll. It robs non.buller lanuliet ol lood cle. ments nial to health. The de. creased use ol butter decreases prices. robbm ( the slate ol "t-htlul return Irom dairying —a lactor important lo Iowa, LINIVKVALLED IN FLAVOR. AND FOOD VALUE j^Z* , -- - — «« V..I, VClOHCtt UI] tneir home again Sunday. H. W. Roba was at Algona several L A , u ^ ust Lan >Pe left Monday noon for days the past week, where he is put- S arlyle - ^toois, to visit his parents, ti 8 nn» P ^ not u er ° U statlon which is gP e ?pects to be gone two weeks and ±S/?L^ e f? M ?y 12- This fev!P™" driving the oil truck The community B , prizes at the theater i " 1 &** J ece , Ived a *^° uo "« ni,V^ £** gold P'ece, Donald "Blanchard a box of candy, Mrs. Etel Acker- u, a , bushel of Co™. Emil Gustafson a chicken feeder. Clarence MMumbe? a hair cut, and Julius Jacobson a quart of ice cream. The movie for next Saturday night is the "Bishop Murder Case" and morp r,t.i» M ^H *t._ z.":~ urer Case" and more prizes will be given LEDYABD NEWS. makes the Mr durlng The business men sponsored a ban .quet which was given in honor of th high school base ball team at the TT^ 00 * M OUSe on Wednesday evening The table and other decorations were in keeping with the ball boys' color? maroon and white. The favors were autographed base balls. The banquet was served by the Mesdames E __„. ' _ " ~"O*^* C*1IU \ onsln, mothers of the boys. tn XU< LAKOTA NEWS . Bair. The Henry Olthoff children have all been having the measles the past wee " Arlene Pringle has been Past ne ° fflCe after at r TJ BMUU . *^ p lw o years. Mrs ttSfttSKKSuS - V.V.BWW family of> Algona, Forrest Rouse^and Frieda Krause of Ayrshire and Superintendent Orvllle Rosendahl of Haifa were guests at the Wm. Krause home last week Sunday A pancake supper will be held at the church basement Saturday, May 17th. The price of the supper will be 35c with all you want to eat. Supper begins at six - o'clock and lasts until all are served, The home talent play, "All a Mistake' was given at the school auditorium last week Thursday and Friday. A good crowd attended both nights and about seventy-six dollars was taken in. The play was put on by the teachero to neet the expenses of new velvet hangings for the stage In the auditorium. The Junior and senior banquet will be held at Hotel Kermore at Emmets" ' " The - •-'*"-v-v-VTWV*S>«S Mrs. Ed. Halverson and children were callers at Elmore Saturday. Fred Looft of Wesley was calling on relatives here the first of the week. Mr, and Mrs. L. J. Worden and son »~ business callers at Armstrong on Mrs. J. T. Welfare and Mrs. Charles Hilferty were business callers at Bancroft Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Garry and children spent the week end visiting her parents near Rochester. George Anderson of Chicago spent Mother's day here with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Gus Anderson. The senior class play, "The Path Across the Hill," was presented here on Friday evening. A large crowd was present. Word was received here last Tuesday that Charles Gabel had been in A train accident at Columbus, Nebraska and had both feet taken off. u ^e commencement exercises will be held at the school auditorium Thursday evening. Rev. D. E. Cleveland radio pastor of Yankton, South Datnfa will deliver the address ° t8 ' burg Friday evening, May 18th AJgona Co-operative Creamery PHONE 400 ALGONA, IOWA, Mrs. T. V. Adams enjoyed a visit BARGAINS John, one of the twin sons itor here Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Asche were a !S*P"». Ijtaloto, last week wherlfhey attended the funeral of a relative 'SS MrS- J £ genson and two sons f^ ^ ™ rmon t Sunday vis- t the G. A. Amelsburg home l" ra J? k Ol J °hnson, pastor of E. church here, visited with re- th the - ; .it LONE BOCK NEWS. this week. , .. _ .-- Janvrln and son, Ray_ left Friday morning to visit the Tony Doleschal home at Bftncroft 1926 Dodge sedan Buick Master coach Buick sedan Buick coach 1926 Chevrolet coach 1926 Chevrolet sedan USED CABS 1927 Chevrolet coach 1926 Ford sedan 1925 Ford truck Ford tudor 1928 Chevrolet truck Star coupe ALCOHOL, OIL AND i i i Kohlhaas Bros, Phone 200 ••••••••••••••••••„„„„„ T . low*.

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