The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1930
Page 2
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see t£ »*;?*• Smlth ' whom see the next governor of IOWA, WAR VET PASSES One Year, ^^ Six Months, in Advance ».. kiiii ^ (Three Months, in Advance -*."~~~~~~~~~- r tions Outside rVit>>vt« *«V/r~~~""~~*"~'' ' , ^. Subscriptions Outside Cotihtv~*9 Subscriptions continued I while oft his way to Fort City Mr. Smith is m and honorable campaign does not attack the personalit opponent but dwells upon advance. LIBELtma THE CATHOLICS. •DICK" GAINING STRENGTH. As the primary campaign draws near j teueof the A5gona Ad ' Window J ' a "P eared an artclle called written by w. D. a close with less than three more weeks of campaigning by the candidates, it Is evident that Congressman Dickinson is gaining strength daily over his opponent, Governor Hammill, for it. _, ,. u ~ the republican nomination for tTnited I Deliberately attempts to create rell- States senator. The governdr has play-1 8lous Dre J ud3 <« against " ed politics during his tenure of office in I Catholic church, many ways and has blundered tnnn» I Those who knn ' ' - WasW ngton, D. 0., a for* from Iowa m which the Roman at stake. Mr. Smith zs h«:T°* "" ° Fn campaign expenses and has refused to accept contributions, attacks upon his record by his nents are unfair, unju His record is oiaoj, *,„,> h*~~*-i.i ^n ana nonorable and dirty type policltian support of self-thinking now beginning to under„.,; .^m situation in Iowa tfp i« campaigning for Ed. M. Smith only and OWeS no allprinn/m *,, /•*»«»»*». i - to Governor Ham- candidate regardless *. out ' ' • are i, Aged Eighty* Participated itt Many Battled. On the contrary, he cut a I .Tfikf j**! 6 ¥ M U8lli * Jt *«• * started to Join his company away, which distance he WOUNDED HOSPITAL owes mill c « any e o oce n . many ways and has blundered many I Those who know Jamleson were not times. The big blunder was his sudden I surprised at his vaporlngs In this ar- change from a "pay-as-you-go" road I tlcle because they know him to be a program and numerous ugly rumors, I narrow-minded bigot. The only wonder which we hope are untrue, have been I ^at a country newspaper could be so circulated in his home county as the I casU y imposed upon by a fellow of his cause of his flop. The paint stor Is I caliber. sented. smith Is a conservative Had Many Experiences in War. Was Resident of Swea City Since 1902. Herald: A. P. Tienan, Civil war veteran and a colorful figure in the life o - s ho * ever . reached his com, l, did ' but whefl captain his company saw Mr. Tlenan approaching he yelled: One of the leaders U; — known as a great fisher- S? ZL** ^.*™*« he*! .-v.,c -W.AUI jiguie m me are o to the conservation this community for twenty-eijtht vears , trees and fin™,, died Thursday at the home of h? daughter, Mrs. J. E. Kelly, having pass ed his eighty-seventh birthday. Pun « « , ' °wers d all things pertaining to nature. One organteatlon Is fighting him on uvuoe ui iuo iiujj. .me paint srory is i *•»«"«• . 44 ««»uc m » position In true no doubt and Is another evidence I Any person of ordinary intelligence nnmin t * should a certain man be of his zeal to save money and a lack of cannot believe that the Catholic church n h , . ' Its a11 the bunk with sel- foresight of what would result. When has its "mind set on securing control of *nm I 6 .? 515 ' Everv b ody knows of the legislature pnssed the salary grab the United States," and only plnheads 'an™ rotten conditions existing bill that cost the taxpayers of Iowa and peace disturbers make such a ' s i*h° ° ne knows them as well as Mr. $75,000, Governor Hammill signed the claim. The record of the Catholic jj™, th he , becomes governor of — -tr — — » •»•««** *SU l/JJUClj'l f UH era! services took places at the Bap ««* church Friday afternoon and bur *v/» vo»6 1A V i/A rv VYUUIU ICOUllr. WliGll the legislature pnssed the salary grab. _.. bill that cost the taxpayers of Iowa and peace disturbers $75,000, Governor Hammill signed the claim. The record of the Catholic bill that made it a law. The governor church since the first settlement In the is decidedly unpopular at Des Monies United States contradicts the belief that where he has resided as governor for they desire to obtain control. In the six years because of being penurious w ar of the Revolution, who was It that and other actions and the business and George Washington thanked for his professional men of that city do not patriotism and successful efforts in in- hesitate to express their attitude toward ducuig the French to become our allies? his candidacy for the senate. None other than John Carroll, the first Another thing the governor did was archbishop of the United States. Did to express his Ideas of "big I" and Lincoln think that the Catholic church "Little You" when he denounced the ) was disloyal when he declared that if entire Iowa delegation In congress with j the "Know Nothings", an anti-Catholic but one exception. He might not ex- 1 organization made up of such as Jam- pect cooperation from any of these men leson . which existed, for a short time in his ambitious campaign. On the I before the Civil War, ever became ram- other hand, Congressman Dickinson is P ant in the United States, he woul( "•"" "*"uwu mat ne nas . ——j oncmuuii ana our- this S*t ^ ade ° f a posltlon m 1? Wa , 8 , made at Nevada by the side of this Utah .„„..,.. I his wlfe Saturday Mrg Tlenan died four years ago. For many years Mr. Tienan, still wearing the insignia of the Union army was dally seen on the streets of Swea City. Possessed of forcn of character he usually was the center. rtT Q r\ 1ttti-it.A..i...~i _._ _ _. ——-'"•*.« guvciiiur ui there will certainly be a house cleaning in Humorous places. PARENTS AND TEACHERS. early every city and town has um has had for a number of years, a parent-teachers' association. The parents of children in the schools and the teachers entrusted with educating the children meet at stated " £i~ ."7 ""i" ul a tree and tney can I him a deserter. Be gobs, any man that will walk ninety miles on one leg to join his command is a hell of a deserter." when In battle near Chickasaw Landing, Mr. Tlenan became separated from his company. He went to I Lytles Creek and although his com* mend was only thirty miles away the ebels were between him and the camp nd they watched him so closely that _ took him two months to get back to ..hickasaw Landing and rejoin the boys 2 blue : On no occasion did he ever show the white feather; he was ever brave, fearless and buoyant and he returned with a most creditable military record, of which he has every reason to be proud. To such men the Country owes a debt of gratitude that it can never pay and this was asknowledged n the banner which was flnug across 'pnn.CVlvanf a A *»A«H«* _l. AI it .. Sd 10 ?^ group ° f told of his experiences in the Civil .. M . 0 unuiici wiucn was nnug across Pennsylvania avenue at the time the grand review was held in Washington, he banner bearing the words: "The >nly debt that the country cannot pay s the debt that she owes her soldiers " Upon his discharge from the army rr. Ti««n returned to Jackson coun Insurance Headquarters We inaintain & special claim paying eeitice All osses on ot£ policies are handledI diLtX wt insurance offices here at Algona. SPECIAL LOW RATES Otf AHD TEtJOK 1KSUBAKOE, Lu ty damage, collision^ fire, theft, and • Call on us for rates for your next expiring policy, The Algona Insurance Agency 0. RLaBarre ' AI t^w^T offing ~»> - T T» • m -t" ^Kennainer Pim^yS er Long Bros - Grocery Store. 1. xiuue oo A i , •*Algona, Iowa.- «Wt «H A ~^" j ^.w^Mim. iiio guuu judgment in the past, the logic of his arguments and other fine points of character make him stand out as a man. He has always been honest and sincere in his untiring efforts in congress. The agricultural Interests have had a true n Ool T *enan came to America with This nnr Arno 'd and Christina me!££ Was three years of °ge. His nTi P 2' St by trade - took U P Jnnk l and near Be "evue In . CT , __™,«.^ w **»t*«.iiig niiu W&RO making. In the years that followed h moved about Iowa until 1902 when h came to north Kossuth where he oper i ated a farm. In later years " ~" nans made their home In Swea city and for a time lived among their children. Mrs. Tienan's maiden name was Elizabeth Woods. The couple was mar- ~.«» u ^i e CAWWJ. Aigona nas ' ~""o**-»«»«**»* j-siuiuucKjii is *-—««. u« ***i; wjini^u oMtLca, nt: wuum sucn organization, but should have extremely popular. His good Judgment emigrate to Russia? Did it show that one - It would be better for the schools IH thp> TlQef. 4~V»*1 Tnrrtn ^.t !_>_ . 4-V»*» f1n4-\*r*11s* «t..._.1_ _J^_1 !»___!_ A O f f- 4n «!__.. J. i« i . "—"o*****- M* *vi*fc»oi(v i J./AU lu oiJUW iillaU — " ' the Catholic church desired to get con- -^ 't is, trol of the government when catholic nh '"' f tl Hungary elected Kossuth its glorious Protestant governor or when Catholic Belgium selected a Protestant king? The Protestant, Catholic, Jew and ' -..*vw AUAAUWCU lllS . died in girlhood; and sisters, Mrs. Maria Brown wife of - • - -...,,.„., , ruuv , 0 . iJJe uoupie was married In Jackson county In 1867. Of the eisht children born to Mr. and Mrs. Tlenan two survive, Mrs. Agnes Kelly of Swea City and Mrs. Ellen Doble, formerly. Mrs. Perry McKowen, who resides at Kansas City. The deceased children are Frank A., Fannie Elizabeth Bryant and Rose ~ Political Announcements. »»MS»»3»»«8»»»»^ FOR TREASURER. The undersigned hereby announces d™ self as a candidate for the nomi- Koss 0 uV 0 L°^ Ce * c ^^ tre <*A & FOR SHERIFF. ,*S™ b ? announce that I will b •_ior the office of sheriff Q ««>vw «UA I/11C UUltB -ossuth county on the -^ ^—*-*«vw MMTC u«u u tme j-ijc ^r^ui^£}L«ui/, t^tttiiuui;, ucw ana triepd In" Mr. Dickinson and his ef- I unbeliever have stood shoulder to torts are showing evidence of bearing I shoulder in every crisis in which the fruit In Washington he is one of I United States has been involved, and the acknowledged leaders in the house I sid e by side in good fellowship and and when he speaks his words are giv- I harmony they have fought her battles. en consideration. Hie has done his They should and would continue to HVP r P T?n h the parents of % several child- the Union army went west where h£ reni in school never know the teachers, was supposed to have been killed- of neither do the teachers know the par- hls °t he r brothers, Joseph was killed -—w .«M»uw*T«w£m4 jeuuere m tne nous and when he speaks his words are giv en consieteratloa. He has done his «* to the capacity of Mjaesenkitive. ^n the senate he i«waH JJSTC the ad- ftflVh Af «*IMMM nnnJiii; —*" M_ iy*jg i uiuw MJ- tuw^ wi gUUll 1C1J ii v _ (harmony they have fought ,i cl U au WC0 . They should and would continue to live in peace, fellowship and harmony, if it were not for the existence of such un- «i UK senate ce masn JJSTC de ad- we re not ror the existence of such un- wartag* of dose oooiaci with its mem- Patriotic undesirables as Jamieson who «H»., Perhaps aae-fabd of them have ^d it profitable to spread discord by HI; to the boose with: htm and know ^e"* unwarranted remarks. hte power and Inflnence. . , posttton to cany his flght into g no tnat body and accomplish his purposes. es. » would be a, calamity for Iowa to ?, 7' ~— *^ %^»tTMiiivjr ivf XUWO LG |md an f lnexperlenced man to the sen- j^*-'—^—"—>— t ——^—-~ — • * ,„ ~— MUTVMkACMXVCU AClUiU&S. ^ ««.w M**c UCOb UppOrCUnltleS OD. Mr. Jamieson concludes that because tamable. To get the best results they — * —o.v.uu»r c auu uiey aesire that the boys and girls in this community have the best opportunities ob- imitiDniA *T*« f~*±L. 1.1 • . -•*"*-* **.uww LUC i/eacner! neither do the teachers know the par ents. Meetings of parents and teachers reveal facts to the teachers that aid them in their work and acquaint the parents with a better understanding l^Tl^^. 1 " the s choo] f l^owIng^rghtTears^TS J erect a new i farmer north of Lamotte and attends spirit of the | t h _e district schools. At the age of flf- to earn his living — "•"•"•* wnijr went west was supposed to have been tn A°v her brothers ' Joseph was killed 2 nea^ sZT Frank bCCame a farm After his parents died Mr Tienan liv S&ra^saa 1 """ * » w^£S > ' H>rt E. HOVEY. 3 H. J. McChesne*y Writes from slinnnrV «rfii u " UB6 Z> 183 °- Yo «r IpHnSiPs be a PP re dated.-PERBY 33-tf ,, building. The and they desire . cause John J. Raskob called on the Pope, that he is conspiring, to deliver control Of t ' _.«. uv fa vuiioiJMujij, uj aeuver control Of the government'of the United States tO TftA ftntTinlln Ah*««M*ift *w_ , qaffioli 0 _ church. We .suppose, *** a»v KUC ueat results Uiey should understand better all conditions, and this can only be obtained by closer contact with the teachers and pupils parent-teachers' association should F/mMAr¥ 1«AT«.«A X«_ 1 m "» t. » — ——*«•*.*» cKaouuiouuil auOUHl Ipe formed before the -next school year F^TTI— —•••.•» Is; considered a sane state and the voters will not make a mistake at'-thei June' primaries when they nom- .1nate:0ongressman Dickinson for the RPTmtA * * senate. . .'to the Vatican. Our suggestion to the country news- l£fnot*e mVtA U««. i_±. _.» . .J . -. v .-*-,-„„*,< ;«. t -- — w »~v», ucwa-1'»»O88utIi to nave papers, who have been giving this man v r . ^ ,-^.. ' space to air his nawow views and pay- , Largest Calf Club. HUT for thft nHirToo-a 4« *« «*i ._ ,_. ,«,.._ —** —" B «,** w caiu Ills llvlllff 11 %5! l %3?"?F* mlua *' When -. ._.„. ^i»iju. wnen me *iT" «'"r^ out "etween the North and * he South he attempted to enHst to the First Iowa cavalry, but was reject? ed because of his age •«-- - - H. J. McChesney, formerly county treasurer of Kossutn county, and lor | support i many years one of Kossutn county's RIDDLE, leading citizens, and more recently a' larmer near Lone Kock, who louc- he ticket at the primary d June 2, 1930. Your appreciated.—o. o. 34-tf ^^Sf^ssf£ FOR SUPERVISOR, ^"irst District b 40-tf FOR CORONER. •-•-.' 43-tf. FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. 45-tf the winter witn relatives, writes mat nineteen years of age he jy the command- at He states that- he drove' from California to Lone BOCK days and then on to Illinois e ran into the " March 26. He got : PRIMARY DRAWS NEAR. A little over two more weeks and the primary election will decide who will he our next national, state, county and .township officers. .Much interest is in evidence over the republican nomination of a United States senator, con gressman Dickinson is opposed by Gov emor Hammill, Frank Lund of Web «ter City and W. O. Payne of De, Mblnes. For governor three candidates . are in the Held, Ed. M. Smith of WJn- terset, Dan Turner of Corning and Otto Lange of Dubuque. Oscar ews an paying for the prlvlege is to relegate him to a rear window seat where he can comune with himself and impose his perverted thoughts on the guttersnipe and other alley occupants. News and Comment. e. scar d Wright county opposes Arch McParlane governor. As Congressman ens and S. G. J- H. Jensen of served one term in ' Laur- who the state has Ledyard. Numerous other Chicago, reported broke, is now practicing economy by saving daylight. Mads Christiansen and Jewell Patterson report a club of over twenty mem bers at. Alunno TV.,, j.__ t r : T^> ~ »SJA B ' "*T«n«i* comnfand went to 1 bers at Algona. The cow test associa- helped the cub th , S epe P rom °te the club there and they report an in- e Fifteen divorces were granted one day last week at Des Moines and they say that marriage is sacred. After the primary Is over and the census completed we will have to hunt up something else to worry over. It won't be long now. Plumb has organized a club at Lu- Verne. Swea City reports an increase of^fifteen over their last year's club Frimml at Wesley have twenty enrolled. Other clubs are being organized throughout the county or s a mzed Any boy or girl between the ages of ten and nineteen inclusive Is eligible to enroll in the clubs offered. While the dairy club enrollment is the larg- labv hW 1 *? f th , e ° nly club activities. Baby beef, fat barrow, sheep, poultry and corn Huh n/n^u ara _i {._. •*• ctl c FOR AUDITOR. .J? 151163 a Ohubb announces' him- Sell as a cnnitlriafn f or 4j- e —^^ -——-r~ -v. iic BU1/ uj wiinin twelve •nules of Miapnk and had to^urnTack Bod nilt Itn in o o««l< i L_- : . •"•>"» — nfiiiit tuiu JLUU W turn DaCK S? S? JK'? a ^all; town where he hereby announce my candidacy omce_ofj county auditor *-- McChesney states that he FOB REPRESENTATIVE. mm t^ shville, where for a nZ^l^^P. n C ° m toe last He says be met many in Oaltfornla enjoy driving in the heavy traffic and the h republiara OUnCe my candldac y SHSBSrSJL'S sssaa^Ss ZOOft. Wo ririAo ««4 lit.. ,. . **** o . zona. very weU. -._ _ • ----- v -•• ** » %• +**v\j fU, A~ He does not like that country 'ell At Glendale, they called Padd6ck - formerly o K - rmery w Gladys Tribon. Times are duU in the In Dlinols and he statel ---.- ..—.wi^ says the ea ft you go the worse it is. He with 'I sure don't know where , n camp, and He had at Wartrace, _-_.—„ „„ ,» u ,i, race Alabama a hni" i besides automobiles, attendin?"mov)^? in/ira^^f Ahorse and ^:P U ^ silk "undies'- and so forto and tag it and -'"ing Mr. Tienan's left come down to earth again, go to work fell upon him but he an( * £ ave a doUar n °w and then." Mr. ^^^Sf'S^ |K^^rle^s PerSOnal "^ bur,, JonnirS"— " ^^ G- 0. Greenwalt of Chas. Hindley of Des ing this nomination. Considerable interest is also in ,,,i ?! nCe J°l Several c °"nty omces BO'.' E. , tion concerning the various clubs and «- - ?a"3™=^S£^S 1SC rl±, C ?:f el '. Laura Paine, has War- Russia will prohibit the sale of vod ka, wine and all booze on pay days we so- all. Rere not a ^ooit/y. is planned to take a car load of best club animals to the state . A committee will be selected to choose the most desirable stock. Worth- tv ?alr Prte w ^" be ° ffered at the cou " lL^' ^ e hope to make lfc the out standing club show of the state. Let boost for better livestock in Kossut causedVy-thrwe^nAKn? stoDDinf? «,« „, —P.!;... "L e an '- _, , --"»>•" uy tne weight of U n L 8t ?5 Ptog l he c ^ulaUon FOR REPRESENTATIVE. PEBEY PHILIPS Plum Creek Farmer Candidate For Sheriff by I, M. It is usually considered that the re- Pubican nomination is equivalent to election but in several instances titemo crats have been elected so the cam palgn will not end with the pdm n" for some of the candidates J County Treasurer Kruse and Coun ty Attorney Shunnvay have no op po ." tion for renomination One O f Dan Turner's friends remark- l the other day that Mr. Turner is getting cow feet on the income tax plan I I «l, rtfa T 11 £ and finds many taxpayers who fear it Lftkota Talks of W1 " ° nly mean "^ t«- Paving Streets mem which highways to pave. Of ™me of Bortaine. district engineer for hic | tne state highway commission, was in ^ Tue sday evening and toW the town council that' the material for No. 9 to Swea City will be un- R n , ""^u ' Thev wiu star t paving at Street ii ty tn 3n h d finlsh Up here so lf ma in a^t^i^ b ±, P . a ^ d , 1 l couId be done ~"O*«nfi*ja course the governor is doing all this votes th ° h ° PeS that Jt Wi " make him Farmers are now anxious to get the corn planted. The rains of the pas? Other Ways to Get Them. • l°,f rheasontwhy he should be pen- wlth an Income tax In order to tax slackers. There are oth^r S °V at ^ tag them «« that Thy KOlne after fhoin. ,,,i,i«u <_ ,. ; ."*. atod with;« inc^m'e ?£?& Qo ^P en - _ -' c «" or notary. catch tax slackers. There are other knonm ?. urce11 ' the iwpular and well i i j '«>"o m me past i — *« "<= yavcu n couia be done delayed the work, but they are as che fPly now while they are on thl the most persistent people in the world f fr ° (l L nd 1" any tlme ' " 1» said that ake u, P ^ f Ce ° f mSny ° bStacles the V I "-*• - 6 -"- t0 ' be PaVed l ° ur P nfn fi lances every ycar wlth nature and the markets. just one damn In California „ --••' ^"t-uittHOIl, H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algona, Iowa -~~ 6 Distance Hauling. Every load insured against lo« or diun- age. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. 82-fcf Furniture Loans As the Plane Flies You can go IOO airline miles by Telephone th!ghway , ^n^^lon could be °P aJve , from the tracks to No. „-_-- latest patterns in Wall Paper, Painting, Decorating and Paper Hanging. go fishing. Purcell Was Elected Head of Rotary. Tom Kelly Released on Forgery Count. COSJDENE will absolutely stop Coccldosls. It will stop and prevent many of the other diarrheas anc bowel disorders. Con- tafns more digestive acids than Buttermilk. Sold by A. W. Behrends Hatchery $50 to $300 E^H^f^ 116 and Llve Stock : or Long distance telephone rates are based on airline miles - . . and are iess pe: mile as the d.stance increases, Rates between many places have been greatly reduced in the last few years. Following are a few representative station-to- station rates (when you ask to talk with any , one available at the telephone :afi e d) for a three-minute conversation from this , PIERCING PAINS Stinging PHUonly NEURALGIA NEURITIS LUMBAGO To Clear Lake Arnolds Park Albert LeajMinn, Ame» Cedar Falls Marsrialltown NORTHWESTERN B city °y Stotion-to-StaUon Rate 35 45 45 55 60 • 60 COMPANY *&':

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