The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, May 14, 1930
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—Twelve Pages. UPPER DBS MOINES, 44th YEAU ITHE REPUBLICAN, 88th TEAR ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1930 VOL. 27—No. 47 TRAGIC ACCIDENT LAST SATURDAY Mrs, J, B. Meuhe of Wesley Thrown from Car and Fatally Injured. HAPPENED NEAR CATHOLIC CEMETERY. On Way Home with Husband and Three Daughters After Shopping Here for Mother's Day. A tragic accident happened last Sat• unlay afternoon about five o'clock when Mrs. J. B. Meuhe of Wesley was fatally injured In a car accident north of the Catholic' cemetery on No. 18. She was returning to Wesley from a shopping tour in Algona with her husband and three daughters when it happened. A number of stories are going around as to how it happened but according to Mr. Meuhe, he was attempting to pass a car. also going east when he saw a car approaching from the east. He speeded up and got around the other car but in doing so his car, a Chevrolet coach, swerved and went onto the south shoulder of the road. This turned'the car around and It went Into the ditch still going at a fairly fast speed. The front wheels turned and were partly up the side of the road when the back of the car swung around. In some way toe door swung open and Mrs. Meuhe, who was riding in the front seat, was thrown out. The car rolled over on her and then righted itself with the front facing the paving. Neither the husband nor the daughters are entirely sure of the cause of her falling out unless she grabbed the door latch when the car swung and thus opened the door. Mrs. Meuhe and her husband were taktn to the Algona hospital by John Seefeldt of Wesley, who happened along at this time. The father and daughters did not suffer 1 any severe Injuries ex- Larrabee Was Guest of Rotary Club. Fred Larrabee of Fort Dodge, who Is a candidate for congress, was a guest of the Algona Rotary clu'o at their luncheon Monday noon, and gave a short talk In acknowledgment of the dniner invitation which had been extended to him by the club, many of the members of which are-old friends of the Larrabee family. Mr. Larrabee is making a dignified campaign for the republican nomination for congress from this district, and many Kossuth hbspii - It was found that Mrs. Meuhe had suffered a fracture at the base of her skull and that her chest was crushed. She never regained consciousness and died at seven o'clock that same evening. Father T. J. Davern administered the last rites of the Catholic church. The family had been in Algona shopping for a graduation dress for the oldest girl, Dorothy whl Is to toe graduated from the eighth grade In St. Joseph's school In Wesley and also for a first communion dress for one of the other girls. The girls had bought some presents for their mother to give her on Mother's Day. The sympathy of all goes out to the family who were called upon to part with a dear one In but a brief moment. To them the pangs of sorrow is keenly felt and her sudden passing leaves heavy and sorrowing hearts. Mary Elizabeth Mahoney was born April 16, 1877 In Edina, Missouri, and died May 10, at the age of 53 years. She came to Webster Oity with her parents when she was a small child. They later moved to Duncombe, Iowa, where she was united in marriage to J. B. Meuhe on March 30, 1910. They moved to near Wesley about fifteen years ago and four years ago purchased the Jack Cruise farm three miles northwest of Wesley and have made that their home ever since. Five children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Meuhe and all survive. They are, Robert, Dorothy, John, Agnes and Ruth. Besides the husband and children, four brothers and one sister also survive. They are Pat of Webster City, John of Duncombe, T, F. of Geddes, South Dakota, Charles of Fort Dodge and Mrs. Charles Daniels of Sherburn, Minnesota. Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at nine o'clock at St. Joseph's Catholic church in Wesley, Father Geo. Wessling officiating. Burial was in St. Joseph's cemetery. Beloved Woman Sent to Cherokee. Miss Nellie Taylor, who has all her life been one of the very highly respected and much loved women of the community was committed to the state hospital at Cherokee for senile dementia last Thursday. For the last year or more she has been failing in health, and her friends have been greatly concerned for her. The fore part of the winter she went to visit her brother. Guy, at Sioux Oity, and it was thought that she would remain there, but she returned after a few weeks' visit, and has. since been living in her home on North Thorlngton street. Friends and neighbors have looked after her most of the winter, as she seemed to have great difficulty in preparing her meals. It Is hoped that with proper care and treatment at Cherokee she will regain her health, and be able to return to Algona. county people feel that he would make an ideal man to fill "Dick's" shoes, when the latter goes to the senate. Mr. Larrabee made no mention of poll- tics in his talk $efoi* thfj Rotarians and is the last man to make claims of superiority over the other candidates. Ever since his father, the late Wm. Larrabee served Iowa as governor, the name of Larrabee 1 for'the'very pr(4»-r **UIW T¥vMW**»'VVV*t*#»'J i j»«"M»* Mnc^wiHjM prominent p'art'ltf legislatton'^for^the benefit of the farmers and dairymen, The Larratoees have owned a number of farms In Kossuth county for many years and regard this county as a "home" county for them. Fred Larrabee Is a man of ability and honesty, the same as was his father before him. He has no political tricks and his whole interests are with the common folks of this section. Kossuth county people should give Mr. Larrabee a majority second only to that of Webster county. Reports of the recent district Rotary meeting at Marshalltown were given by W. C. Dewel, Al Falkenhainer and Glen Buchanan. Algona in Favor of Razing Central, The voting on the question whether the Central school building should be razed of not took place yesterday in the City Hall. The votes in favor to- talled 400 ftnj tfte votes against were There were eight a total VOts ( rtirte* *mM few and *nwfB» w» MS- Mrs. Carl A. Larson Died on Sunday. A sad death occurred Sunday at the Kossuth hospital when Mrs. Carl Larson died of sleeping sickness. She was brought from her home in Buffalo Center to the hospital and was sick but twelve days, Mrs. Larson was well known In Algona having lived here most of her life until moving to- Buffalo Center two years ago, where her husband is employed in the creamery. Mrs. Larson was a loving wife and mother and her presence will be missed both In Buffalo Center and Algona. The bereaved family has the sympathy of all who knew her. Elizabeth Katherine Ellers was born In Algona October 19, 1898, and died May 11, at the age of thirty-one years, six months and twenty-two days. She was the daughter of Mrs. Otto Callles of Algona. She was married to Carl A. Larson at Algona December 11, 1919 in Algona. They lived on a farm near Algona until two years ago when they moved to Buffalo Center, Two children were born to this union, Andrew, five years old and Theodore, three years old. Besides her husband and two children she is survived by her mother, three sisters, Mrs. Sam Medin, Mrs. Sid Rosensteil, and Mrs. Walter Bleich and one brother, John, all of Algona. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock at the home of her sister, Mrs. Sam Medin, and at two- thirty at the Congregational church in Algona, Rev. B. M. Southgate of Britt officiating. The burial was made in Riverview cemetery, Out of town relatives who attended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Bedell of Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Bond of Rochester, Minnesota, and Ben Swanson of Buffalo Center. OPENING COUNTRY CLUB PARTY MAY 22 Thusrday Evening, May 22, Chosen for First Party. Plans Not Definite. .TO SERVE DINNER ON SUNDAY. Mrs. D. P. Smith and Mrs. Qulnn Moving out to Club House This Week. The opening party of the Algona Country Club will be held on Thursday, May 22. As yet it has not been decided what kind of a party It will be whether a dancing party or card party. This will be decided v/ithin the next few days. The committees for the year have been appointed and are listed elsewhere. The committee for the opening party is as follows: Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Weaver, chairman, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Horigan, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Buchanan, J W. Haggard, L. E. Linnan, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ogren, Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Steele, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Towne and F. D. Williams. Mrs. D. P. Smith and Mrs. M. J. Qulnn, who are to be In charge of the club house this summer, plan to move out this week, and will undoubtedly do some of their moving today. They plan to serve a banquet to.the Bode high school Juniors and seniors on Thursday evening and will have to Ret thing8*iii readiness. The roof ha? been reparled-for a time at leas^with an asphalt preparation., The, «floor in the-dining room was reSnlshed and an the floors were waxed,., Thfe, kitchen has 1 been painted, an oyster club house^every Sunday. R for Sunday.dinner are to be made--T)y Saturday noon. .The Rotary club plans to eat at the club house'every other Monday as has been their custom in the past, and undoubtedly a number of the other clubs will have their luncheons there, too. At a meeting of the board of directors which was held Monday evening a motion was passed whereby any Algona person, or one living In the vicinity, can be a guest at the Country Club three times only in one season. This rule is to be strictly enforced. The club will have a "Work Day" Friday afternoon of this week when the mebers are to go out and make a general clean-up around the club house and over the grounds. Dr. P. E. Walley and ©. H. Williams were voted new members bv the board of directors Monday evening. Work Started on Court House Grounds. Work has been started on the park- Ing north of the court house. Grounds on the east side of the court house have been overlaid with manure and dirt Is being hauled from the parking onto the grounds giving them more fill. The paving on the north side of the court house will be .approximately eight to ten feet wider after the parking is cut off. It is planned to widen the paving on the north side of the block east of the court house on Call street and also to make a gravelled parking space there. Gypsies Thought Jake Burt Monitor: After a strenuous recheck by representatives of the Algona Commercial Club, It is found that the county seat has several more to add to the recent census total. The coveted mark of 4,000 was not reached, however, although it was reported, but not verified, that a band of gypsies, enroute Vacation 1 see the president is planning his summer vacation. If that whole bunch down in Washington would take a vacation for about two years, stop spending so much money, quit making any more" laws, quit investigating things and let the country run along in a natural way we would-soon adjust ourselves. Cutting down expenses would lower our taxes and reduction of taxes is the only hope of relief the farmer has. Every law they pour Into the hopper comes out against the farmer. If the Hawley-Smoot bill becomes a law it will cost the average family in Kossuth county $7.50 more each year for the shoes they buy. This a new brand of farm relief, it relieves each farmer of $7.50. This income tax they are talking about will make jobs for a lot of lame ducks and what is left after expense of collection will make spending money for the boys in Des Molnes. It is a queer way to lighten our tax burden by adding more expense. We have too many expenses now. I know I could not sell shoes cheaper by hiring two or three more clerks. We elected John Hammill on the "pay-as-you-go" platform. He was only in office a short time when he was lying awake nights figuring on new ways to spend our money. I think It is time for the farmer to get out his lead pencil and figure his own way out. If he waits for legislation he will die of dry rot. I am in the shoe business, the farmers' prosperity is my prosperity. I am not running for office, nor talking for any party or any candidate. I just like fairness, equality of people. Bight now there is a lot of apple sauce in the higher circles. A common man cannot even get a bottle of beer. The other day a travelling man left a two ounce bottle of his product as a sample. Before using it I thought best to test it out. There is a tame rabbit that has been loafing around our yard so I rubbed some of the stuff on his nose. Believe it or not that raUbit marched right across the street and licked the stuffing out of jJim Duryea's bull dog. There you are. If you talk to a politician he raises your taxes, if you get friendly with a bootlegger it means instant death, blindness or insanity JIMMIE NEVILLE THE SHOE MAN Algona, Iowa. TEN YEAR OLD BOY SHOOTS BROTHER Melvin Faulstich, Five Year Old Burt Boy, Dies Following Accident. BULLET ENTERED BRAIN NEAR EYE. IOWA ACADEMIC TESTS YESTERDAY Three Hunrded and Fifty Pupils from this District Took Tests Here. 1 . i) ALGONA TOOK THIRD V "f-WrfVv ' The FuitiTwo Students in jfiacV Class - f >'\, * f*«* "TV* - *>Will Go to Iowa City .to Compete in Contest. A week ago Tuesday the pupils of the Algona high school took state tests for the purpose of ranking the school with other of Class A schools throughout the state. The papers have not been sent In to Iowa City as yet. The two highest students in every study were picked to represent Algona in the district contest held here yesterday. Many local people are saying that the Algona high school Is not standing as high scholastically as in former years Last year it stood third throughout the state, competing with' schools from Des Molnes, Cedar Rapids and Sioux City This is a proof that Algona is still in the running. Yesterday approximately 350 pupils from this -district competed in the tests which Is called the Iowa Academic Meet at the high school. The first and second highest in each subject are to go to Iowa City soon to compete with Other districts. In Class A, Algona won seven firsts and four seconds, Estherville four firsts and four seconds, they also tied for one second, Garner three firsts and three seconds, Buffalo Center one second Britt one second and Estherville, Garner and Buffalo Center tied for second in one subject. In Class B Armstrong won three firsts, Klemme one first and two seconds, Ringsted one first and two seconds, Ayrshire one first and one second, Cylinder two seconds, Graetting- , _ t . i er, four firsts and four seconds, .Wes- Was a Policeman. | ley, two firsts and one second, Bancroft one second. The following is a list of those winning first and second in the various subjects in both Class A and Class B: Class A. First Year Algebra—Eliza Rhodes, Estherville, first and Norma Raney, Algona, second. English Literature—Norma Greiner, Algona Insurance Agcy. in New/Quarters. The Algona Insurance Agency is moving this week to the south room of the Haggard & Peterson building, perhaps better known as the Upper Des Moines-Republican building. This room, which was recently vacated by the Geo. Johnson shoe store, has been handsomely^ decorated and fitted up with modem office equipment and will be a fitting home for the big volume of business wKich.-' this 'well known firm 'handles. The 'Algona Insurance Agency Is owned by''Al; Falkenhainer and 0. R. LaBarre, and has had over fifteen years Child Is Grandson of Rev. Faulstich of Wlilttcniorc. Funeral at Burt This Afternoon. Melvin Faulstich, the five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fnulntich who live between Burt and Titonka. died in the Algona hospital Monday evening as the result of being shot ac- cldcntly by his ten year old brother. The two had been playing Sunday and found an old twenty-two gauge rifle in a woodshed. The trigger on the gun was broken, it seems, and the children fixed up a contrivance with a rubber band. Somehow the younger child was shot. The bullet entered his lead and lodged In the back of his head. The child was brought to the Algona hospital, but it was not thought advisable to operate. The child was conscious most of Monday, but died in ;he evening. The older brother was completely overcome by the accident. The funeral services will be held this afternoon at the Faulstich home near Burt at one o'clock and will be followed by services at the German Lutheran church in Burt. Rev. Faulstich of Whittemore is a grandfather of the child. Titonka Editor Out For Big Game. Editor tee O. Wolfe was down from Titonka last Saturday for the first time in months, jig say? that since he lost his foreman and local editor, Mr. Olemans, he and Mrs. Wolfe have been doing all of the work of printing and publishing the Topic.. Mrs. Wolfe is an expert linotype operator, as well as a former school teacher- She sets up the type so fast that-Lee finds it impossible to keep her supplied with copy, so she takes time off and writes most of it herself, while tee talks politics, Lee, who served a term in the etete „ latujre himself, Jg gunning for the boys who Vftted and .accepted the grab" fife Jjn&r tor J>aj' through the city, escaped being counted only because they became alarmed at the approach of the enumerators, whom they mistook for police officers. Peterson's go to Naval Academy Graduation. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Peterson expect to leave Algona May 24 for an auto trip to Annapolis, where they will attend the graduation of their* son, Mell Peterson from the United States Naval Academy, which will occur on June 2, .Mell will finish the academy course as an ensign, and after a thirty-day vacation at home in Algona will report to the battleship New York at Bremerton, Washington, for an extended cruise. Mr, and Mrs- Peterson will visit at Washington, P. and expect to be and other points absent something more than two weeks. Their son, Mell, will return to Algona with them. County Banks to Close for Meeting. bante in the county will be Algona, first; Wayne Osmundson, Estherville. American Literature—Marian Schts- sel, Garner, first and Chester Paulson, Estherville, second. Twelfth Grade English Correctness— Elizabeth Cole, Estherville, first and Josephine Murtagh, Algona, second. Eleventh Grade English Correctness •Berna M. Hanson, Estherville, first and Mary Rainey, Estherville, second. Tenth Grade English Correctness— Phyllis Parson, Algona, first and Everett H. Shaw, Estherville. World History—Chas. Hastings, Garner, first, and Everyal Adams, Algona, second. American Government—Betty Carr, Garner, first and Marian Schissel, Garner, second. General Science—Fernley Nolte, Algona, first, and Loren Abele, Garner, second. Physics—Bernell Meyers, Algona, first and Robert O. Hardln, Buffalo Center, second. Economics—John Dunham, Esther- vine, first, and Petty Oarr, Garner, second. Tenth grade plane geometry—Wm. Smith. Algona, first and Arden Devine, AJgona, second. American, HWgry—Harry Bishop, AI- gona, first, and SiJIdred Landsbury, , ._.,_, £the agency^takes* pride in gtttagl'qujcfc -personal service to all policy'holders. • O. R,. LaBarre received his first insurance-training in "the office of the Druggists'Mutual Insurance Company when it was still located over the present post office. Later on the business of the Algona Insurance Agency gradually increased in -volume so that it was found necessary to organize a separate office with Mr. LaBarre in active charge. He has built up one of the largest agencies in this territory and the present removal Jto the completely equipped office In the Haggard & Peterson building Is a further indication of the growth in volume enjoyed by the firm. All lines of insurance, including life, accident, fire, windstorm, liability and casualty insurance as well as bonds of all kinds are supplied through this firm in some of the leading well established companies. Mrs. Rawson Returns From the Holy Land. Mrs. E. J. Rawson is expected home home Thursday from her trip to the Holy Land. Mrs. Rawson has been abroad for several months and durins her stay visited relatives in London. Since her return to this country she has visited in New York and spent some time with her children wh oare located at Chicago, Anamosa, Ames and Dexter. Her daughter, Mrs. Maurice Neal of Dexter is bringing her home. Mrs. Rawson will talk on her trip at the Baptist church Sunday evening. While in Dexter she spoke at one of the churches there. Even the Churches May Become Wise. ALGONA GETS FIFTH IN BIG SIX MEET Des Molnes Register: Declaring that we have seen In America a great wave of both social and religious Intolerance in the last few years, the Rev. Charles J. Button, pastor of the First Unitarian church, Eleventh and High streets, discussed, "What Makes a Liberal/' at the morning service Sunday. Liberal Faces Life. "Liberalism," he said, "is a philosophy of life, a way of looking at reality. A liberal is one who faces all facts with intelligence, seeks all the evidence before making up his mind, Is not afraid of new Ideas, and who endeavors to rule his life through knowledge, wisdom, temperance and beauty. "The orthodox believer divides men and women Into two classes—good and bnd. To him the bad are those who do not accept his Ideas or religion, morality or society. Both Good and Bad. "The liberal realizes men and women are a mixture of both good and bad. Instead of condemning their actions, he tries to understand them, and to act kindly at all times to all persons. "The liberal is tolerant, only little persons are intolerant, and Intolerance is caused by fear. The liberal remembers that though all intolerant persons claim they arc fighting against ideas and beliefs, yet they vent their punishment on human bodies and human minds, Need of America. "America," he said in closing, "needs more than anything else, the liberal philosophy of life.. Though BUYOUT thinkers, all writers, philosophers and scientists have It, yet It BtUI'is fix from being the ideal of the masses. Pome day even the churches;may'Tacoepfej-B liberal viewpoint. When<th6y;4o;;tbay; will put injustice; force;;and:.tatolex-, ance Impossible to Create Record Time Because of Rain . and Muddy Field.'",!'- Next Week the Relay Tennis gro to Mason City to Take Part* In * the State Meet. The Algona high school track team did not show up as well as was expected at the Big Six meet at Hampton last Saturday. The best they could do was to place fifth in the meet. It was a terrible day to hold a meet as it rained most of the time and the track was composed mostly of mud and water, thereby making it impossible to make any records. The time in nearly every race was very slow because of this, but the field events went nearly as good as they have in the past when the meet was conducted under favorable conditions. The breaks went against some of the boys but that is to be expected in any athletic event. Lindhorst had a chance to place in the low hurdles when he spilled over the last hurdle thus being eliminated. Blossom missed copping second place In the broad jump by three-quarters of an inch. Cowan in the pole vault has gone ten inches higher than 9 foot 6 inches, which was the height he was disqualified at. He could not get used to the takeoff. This all comes with more experience. Algona men in the past hold four records at this meet'and next year with most of the boys back, they will probably make more. The "boys who made the trip were: Miller, Jordan, Mangan, Cowan, Lind- lorst, Moore, Blossom, Pinnell, Norman, Runchey, Samp, Hargreaves, Adams, Cliff and Cretzmeyer. I Next Saturday Coach Bonham will hanna Piene, Algona, first, and Ardith ' probably take the half mile and mile Nobles, Estherville, second. Class B. General Science—Robert Horn, Ayrshire, first, and Prank Bartley, Lu- Verne, second. Physics—Ed. L. Vandenburgh, Armtrong, first, and Elmer Peterson, Graettinger, second. English Literature—Marjorie Uhlen- iiake, Wesley, first, and Helen Klidy, Graettinger, second. American Literature—Mabel Nygaard, LuVerne, first, and Cora Jacobson, iylinder, second. Principles of Economics—Elmer Peterson, Graettinger, first, and Doris 'earson, Bancroft, second. Twelfth grade English Correctness— Jertha Olson, Graettinger, first and Cearice Wellemyer, Klemme, second. Eleventh grade English Correctness -^Marion George, Graettingert firsti and Verna Grodland, Graettinger, sec- md. Tenth grade English Correctness— jloyd Johnson, Armstrong, first, and Paul Hughes, Klemme, second. Ninth grade English Correctness— Jaurine Hanson, Wesley, firsti, and Helen Thisted, Ringsted, second. World history—Arnold Larson, Ring- ted, first and Ruth Carman, Wesley, econd. Ninth grade Algebra—Carmen Hesse, uVerne, first and Alice Jacobson, Oyl- nder, second. American' History—Helen, Reidy, Graettinger, first, and Elmer, Peterson, Graettinger, second. Tenth grade plane geometry—Paul ughesV, Klemme;, first and George Cnox, Ayrshire, second. American Government—Edw, Van- enburgh, Armstrong, first, and Arnold Correctness, flth grade—Jo- Larson, Ringsted, second. relay teams to Mason City to compete in the district state meet. The following week the home meet will be held at the Athletic Park, in which individual records will be made and ribbons given out to the ones who place. This will be the last meet of the season for the boys. A summary of the Big Six meet is as follows: Hampton 44, Webster City 35, Clarion 33, Humboldt 32, Algona 11, Eagle Grove 9. 120-yd. high hurdles—Myers (Hampton) first, Kayser (Webster City) second, Ashpole (Clarion) third. Time :18 6-10. Mile Run—Simpson (Clarion) first, Nordstrum (Humboldt) second, Rhine- himer (Webster City) third, Jacks6n (Hampton) fourth. Time, 5:07 8-10. 100-yard dash—Holt (Humboldt) first Stevens (Eagle Grove) second, Lund (Webster City) third, Churchill (Clarion) fourth. Time :11 1-10. 220-yard low hurdles—Myers (Hampton) first, Lovrien (Humboldt) second, Beck (Hampton) third, Lewis (Eagle Grove) fourth. Time :29 3-10. 440-yard run—Randall (Webster City) first, Booth (Hampton) second, Cowan (Algona) third, Lewis (Eagle Grove) fourth. Time :58. 880-yard run—Brazelton (Hampton) first, Hicks (Hampton) second, Cleveland (Webster City) third, Wayman (Webster City) fourth. Time 2:17 8-10. 220 yard low hurdles, Holt (Hampton) first, Brazelton (Hampton) second, Lund (Webster City) third, Churchill (Clarion) fourth. Time :24 6-10. Mile relay—-Hampton first, Algona second, Webster Oity third, Clarion fourth. Time 3:94 5-10. Half mile relay—Clarion first, Algona LuVerne, May 13. Speclalf Mrs.'B. F.-ButtlB, who-Has tfeed. seriously ill with double >pneumontB,^pas8ecka:way early• Thursday^ morning Van ardent church member ofsthefMethodtet-fjiith and a so- " cial worker 'In the,,.community. One son, Godfrey,!(?U}je,;:from Texas''and a daughter from Co de Alene, Idaho, were- present'at jthe!tiihe'of iber death; One- daughter,, who^ lives in the state of to/-OQine. Services were from the Methodist church ^mteysaftarnoon at ( three/o'clock by , RJav gajeyman , after ' which her husband BaJ$ ^. f >Burtis and Mrs. • Cecil daughter, Margreth& MiSbmpanied 'the 4 remains to Pennsylvania; where will be laid beside .her first' . . i- . , , Stolen Car Found c! ' :i *- ; ,U the Next Morning. A model T Ford coupe belonging to Matt Zeimet of Whltt.emore was taken from in front of the Knights of Columbus hall Sunday evening. It was found Monday by Marshall Floyd Newvllle, parked by the county sheds near the fair grounds. The car was not damaged and nothing was taken except the ignition key. The officers believe some local youths in need of a car for a date or some such business were the guilty ones. "Dick" to Speak Here at Rally May 23. There will be a rally of the voters of Algona on May 23 in the evening. L. J. Dickinson, candidate for senator from Iowa, will speak. The place of the rally has not been determined as yet. Quarter Stretch is Being Filled in. The quarter stretch in the local fail- grounds is being filled with the dirt iaken from the hill as the south part of .t. The ground, formerly used as the aase ball diamond, was quite low and was not very well drained. This is being filled in and will make a fine diamond when finished. The grand stand is to be on the west side of the grounds and the spectators will not have to look straight into the sun every afternoon. second, Humboldt third, Webster City fourth. Time 1:47 7-10. Pole vault—Myers (Hampton) first, Henderson (Humboldt) second, Stevens (Eagle Grove) third, Curtis (Webster City) fourth. Height, 10 feet. High jump—Jacobson (Humboldt) first, Stevens (Eagle Grove), Samford (Eagle Grove), Myers (Hampton) and DeSmldt (Humboldt) and Stonebreaker (Webster City) all tied for second. Height ,5 feet, 2 inches. Discus throw—Nichols (Webster City) first, English (Clarion) second, Berrier (Humboldt) third, Cowan (Algona) fourth. Distance 109 feet, 10 inches. Shot put—Grouse (Clarion) first, Williams (Clarion) second, Curtis (Webster City) third, Nichols (Webster City) fourth. Distance 43 feet, % inch. Broad jump—Bramson (Hampton) first, Herrick (Humboldt) second, Blossom (.Algona) third, Gretel (Webster City) fourth. Distance 19 feet, 6% inches. Javelin throw—Williams (Clarion) first, Jones (Webster City) second, Brown (Clarion) third, Curtis (Webster 1 Oity) fourth. Distance 152 feet 7 inches (new record). Old 141-9.

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