The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1930 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1930
Page 6
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eaa, May 7, Twenty Years Ago, A. L. Peterson was In Des Molnes attending & photographers' convention. George Falkenhalner of Milwaukee spent Sunday wtlli his brother, Al Falkenhainer. Airs. O. O.'Slmpson Went to Montana to spend some time on the Simpson claim In that state. Mrs. T. 8. Lantry spent a few days with Algona friends. She Went to Milwaukee to visit at the Tom Sherman home. Mrs. Janies Walters was here from Rock RapldS visiting her mother, Mrs. Mattle Stebblhs, and her brothers, Ross and Clarence. Nels Gronwall put nl a new hydraulic tire setting machine which was the latest Instrument for putting toes on buggies and wagons. The ary Cigar Company purchased the cigar business of Joseps Kuhn and planed oil continuing tl manufacture his popular brands. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Haggard were to leave that week for several weeks' visit In Watertown, New York, where a sister of Mrs. Haggard resided. A. Vanderllnden and D. D. Clapsaddle were putting up a building on the Vanderllnden property for the purpose of manufacturing cement blocks. The Presbyterian church people purchased the lot south of the church and Defends Hurt Voting Man in Accident, Burt Monitor: Virgil Schrader, Burt young man, had the misfortune Sunday night to figure In an automobllo accident when the car which he was driving rah Into ft new Chevrolet belonging to Guy Mantor of Algona. The accident occurred about ten-thirty p. m. on the northeast corner of the court house square, Virgil was driving east on his way out of town and Mantor turned the corner on Thorington street lust as he came onto the corner. The crash attracted the attention of Marshall Green and Marshall New- vllle came tip about the same time. Schrader was arrested by Marshall Newville and taken to the Algona Jail where he was held all night without any charge being preferred against him. Although Virgil's father, O. H. Schrader, and several friends were In Algona a couple of hours after the accident, Algona officers would not admit the young man to ball that night. The following morning 0. H. shrad er and Mayor C. O. Bailey Interviewed Marshall Newvllle before the hearing In the mayor's court and understood tha the charge brought against Virgil would be reckless driving. However, when the case was called before Mayor Albert Ogren, the charge was "driving a motor vehicle when intoxicated." This ^THROUGHOUT the country thl» A convincing underwater test Is amazing thousands—proving In dran&rtc fashion that the Sealed In Steel Unit Is free from the destructive •effects of dirt, air and moisture. Only the General Electric Refrigerator could withstand this severe underwater teat, t Only the General Electric , can boast of. hundreds of thousands of u*tr$ vuKo haven>f. spent a cent for service,- Fbf Only^Oeneral Electric has the He hieghnnlanry.J Foremost^ »the Gene '' valuelttt UgSSealed-In-Steel I capacity and MCOrt per year— ' the greatest i movable— nfe* General contemplated building a parsonage. They bought It for $550 from w. K. Ferguson. J. E. Lillle purchased a barber shop at Perry and Intended to take possession as soon as his term of sheriff was up. Elmer Hartshorn was to go with him and manage the shop. John Bohannon was having his big gramophone fixed In Des Monies. The patrons of the Crystal Palace bllllarc parlor missed the music and were wait Ing Impatiently for Its return. The business men of the town divldec the town Into districts and made recheck of the census as they believed a number of citizens living In Algona were missed on the first count. Lewis H. Smith gave the library a large telescope which he purchased from the Henry Durant estate. Dr. Fraser consented to give a talk explaining the use and care of the Instrument. The Boone Valley track meet and declamatory contest was to be held on Friday at Hampton. Melvln Muckey was entered In the declam contest and about a dozen boys were hi the athletic events. is a serious charge and Is punishable with a heavy fine or Jail sentence. Mayor Ogren heard several Burt citizens testify to Virgil's previous good character and then bound him over to the •<wH Oj? =<V EkftHEKMCEl ^.i' Wh WO*: •* A *«•**. i w& Wtft, ^, ",?<J Join us in the General Electric Hour broadcast every Saturday evening ooer a nalton-ialde N. B. C. network. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Chrsichllles went to Des Molnes on Friday for an over Sunday visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harv6y Ingham. They were entertained at the Prairie Club on Saturday evening. J,,the fourteen year old ,„, - w ,.jirsi,,Sohichtl, was the »; very .serious accident. While found |>young,horae he.was „ , _^,|flto' f the side*ofShe stall and received a fractured shoulder blade" and tnedf(ffll?ftttentlon' s ;'forfnear|y, v a ,,week ahdfthon : ;it was "feared, he; would have 1 .-- -^^^jft&wyig _ W^oTfhat we&- .„,_ „. fl*e;department was called before -the house-.caught on fire, but becauseiof the lack of, water were unable to save it^^Thc*.: buildings had Just been built apd wwe^no^fully, covered, by Insurance, ~2P;:tenant; John' Williams, had red from* an attack of the 'land' the loss' fell hard on him as he lost most of his household possessions and farm equipment. Filo Poarch was the defendant in a libel suit brought by E. G. Bowyer. The suit was for $2,000 and was brought because of an article which appeared in the Bancroft Register of which Poarch was foreman. Everyone was • slightly In the dark as to which item was the cause of the suit, whether it was one telling of the plaintiff's difficulty over his light bills or one intimating that Bowyer was a prohibitionist. Some of the county exchanges Intimated that the article in question injured Bowyer's chances for the nomination for sheriff, and was sufficient cause for the action. grand jury and fixed his bond at $500. Schrader said he was not Intoxicated I and there is some supporting evidence to this fact, although he was alone at the time of the accident. Mantor's car, a new Chevrolet, was somewhat damaged, one fender being broken. He was turning around at the corner and Schrader said the lights blinded him as he approached. He admitted driving rather fast, but there was no liquor found in his car nor on his person. Accidents happen every day and this was one that might befall anybody. Virgil has always been a nice quiet boy, well behaved, and it would seem that Algona authorities may have bee a little mistaken in pressing such serious charge. Because a man has perhaps had a drink Is no indlcatlo that he is Intoxicated nor is breath smelling usually considered sufficlen evidence to convict. Seek Befit Way of Fighting Bindweed ^The least,Is known about killing European bindweed, a weed which la becoming especially serious In north Western Iowa, of any of the Importan Weed pests of towa, according to R. H Porten extension specialist of lowi State College, who Is aiding Iowa farm era in the weed eradication campaign adopted as part of the 1930 program by most county farm bureaus. Ah Important factor hi eradicating the bindweed is to keep down top growth. In the absence of a better method, Which probably can be recom mended after tests now being conducted are completed, the following system Is recommended to Kossuth county farmers Who are bothered with the weed on their farms. A field infested with bindweed should be seeded down to clover, says Mr. Porter, and pastured With sheep. The clover should be followed with corn for two seasons. A spring tooth or ordi nary harrow should be used on the ground before planting the corn. After planting the crop, the field should be yilnd plowed and harrowed. It should be cultivated often with a surface cultivator to keep the weed down. Lambs run in the corn In the fall will keep the bindweed eaten off. Clover should be re-seeded and the same system repeated, suggests Mr. Porter. In southern Iowa two crops of small grain, wheat following oats with the sweet clover seeded In the wheat may be used. In other states sodium chlorate sprays have been used successfully and probably will be recommended In Iowa in small spots after tests have been made by Iowa I State College. '/( H.KVKOIF I IT'S WISE TO CHOOSE A SIX A demonstration tells yon why it's wise to ehoose a six Larrabee Should Receive Solid Vote of Kossuth. Whittemore Champion: Frederic Larrabee of Fort Dodge, candidate for the republican nomination for congressman on the republican ticket from the Tenth district, was a Whittemore visitor Tuesday afternoon, interviewing the voters and presenting his candidacy From all indications Mr. Larrabee will undoubtedly poll a heavy vote in Kossuth county. Kohlhaas Bros. Sell 110 New Chevrolet*. The Kohlhaas Bros, garage has sold 110 new Chevrolets since the first of the year. Among those who have recently purchased new Chevrolets are A. L- Peterson, O. S. Johnson, A. R. Gardner, C. D. Ward, Henry Geishecker, Ernest Mattoon, of Corwith, Nick Mertz of West Bend, Elmer Putnam of West Bend, Ed S. Frye of Qulncy, Illinois, and W. B. Williams, Algona gravel contractor, recently purchased four new trucks. Honored Veteran Dies at Swea City Swea City, May 5. Special: A. F Tienan; 87, Civil war veteran died this morning at the home of his daughter Mrs. Jake Kelly. The home funera ervlces' were held In the local Bap- list church ths afternoon. Burial will ake place at Nevada on Saturday. The ause of death was old age. He was born on August 4, 1842 in Cologne, Germany. He came to this country when he was four years old, amL.wlth-.hls parents came directly to Iowa and settled near Nevada. . '•''After' ser^rtngfc.hls 1 first * enlistment, which was, ; for-three years, Mr. Tienan re-enlisted for'the'duration at the war. His, ent]tre,> services in the army dated from May, 1861*.'to" August, 1865. Mr., TJenan was flftriember 'of the Fifth Iowa cavalry,,company^H.and;i. r-SfSfrSii inr'iff- SfiTi ^0rr&TM« Deep Rock Off "Corp-., distillate 24T.8J Nu-Way Corp:,;mdse. Av / 42.00 Great Stuff Fjwltasbr Ca, mdse.. ' 730 Geo. B. Mffler ? mdse. ..*."./•... 'r.oo Acme Petroleum Ca,' distillate-537:54 L. Ky,- CajifrtV'on dlsfe' 452.19 ''~'" ••"-- ' J&M. , I :The,Fifth Iowa, was a^.hard fighting organization and Mr, Tienan ssw plenty of excitement and danger*'during the war. ..Some of the battles and sMrmisn-- es in which be had "a* part* are the Battle of Stone River, Pittsburgh Land- Ing'and others. He was private orderly to'General TJ. S. Grant at the battle of Chattanooga. The last battle in which Mr. Tienan saw service was at Macon, Georgia. Following the war Mr. Tienan settled In Iowa again where he had previously lived. The Hawkeye state had been his residence almost continuously in the 86 years of his life. New Barber Shop to Open This Week. Henry Bunkofske, who has been working in Art Neitzel's barber shop for a year or more is opening up a shop back of the Algonquin Confectionery and will open for business the latter part of this week. The building is being redecorated and will make a very attractive shop. Algona Girl Will be Whittemore Teacher. Champion: At a meeting of the Whittemore school board last week Miss Esther Lamuth of Algona was elected to teach the grammar room of the local school next year. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lamuth of Algona, and has been teaching this year at Corwith. High School Students SELECT YOUR ENGRAVED VISITING CARDS NOW FOR GRADUATION TIME We have a complete line for you to choose from at reasonable prices. Our job department can furnish you with printed cards at a moderate price. Ask to see our samples, Upper Des Moines-RepubHcan Texas Would Tax the Chain Stores. Lower house of Texas legislature-last week voted 76 to 25 to levy a tax of one per cent on gross sales of chain stores operating in that state. This seems to be a sort of a straw In the wind relative to this subject. City Pays April Bills. Electric Fund. J. W. Kelly, salary ...$165.00 Leo Bellock, salary 150.00 Tom Halpln, salary 135.00 Walter Gorman, salary 130.00 Ray Barton, salary 130.00 H. E. Stephenson, salary 130.00 C. C. Wright, salary 85.00 Adah Carlson, salary 145.00 General Electric Co., mdse. .. 55.20 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. 121.59 Jlne Material Co., mdse. .... 15.42 Sangamo Electric Co., mdse. .. 32.85 Slectric Supply Company, mdse. 202.5T Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., mdse ' 253.62 ••ulton Iron Works Co., mdse. .. 12 61 Warren Electric Co., mdse. .... g!oO Acme San. Wiper & Waste Co., mdse 24.00 Supreme Mfg. CO., mdse. 21.00 Everywhere, buyers are agreeing "It's wise to choose a Six." And if you want to know why, get a demonstration of the Chevrolet Six. Learn what an amazing difference- two more cylinders make—iiu smoothness, hi silence, in flexi>* bility and in comfort. And learn what a difference all of Chevrolet's other modern features make —the four long semi-elliptic « ROADSTER springs—the four Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers—the weatherproof 4-wheel brakes—and the sturdy hardwood-and-stcel construction of the luxurious Fisher . bodies. It wfll take only a few minutes to confirm all thereasons why it is wise to* choose a Chevrolet Six. So come in today. See it. Andinvestl- Ott PHAETON Th*SportRoadtttr l55S\ TluSeaan '" * 67 * .... «, 7 jTK«Sj>«do/tfi<ten'..$725. Tla Sport Coup* .. .1655 J !<««*« wK<Ml, timdord) Trucki, Utht Delivery Cha,Hr.. t36S t : Thf Sfdan Delivery, tS9Sj 1M Ton Chattin tSW,: IMTon Ctuuiit with Cab, t62ti Roaditer Delivery (jflek^uf - box extra), 1440, ALL PRICES P. O. B. FACTORY, FLINT, MICH. gate Chevrolet's easy payment plan —one of the ' most liberal in the automotive industry. CHEVROLET SIX Kohlhaas Bros. Distributors, Algona Roderick Motor Co., Lone Rock Service Motor Co., Burt SIX. CYLINDER Fisher Motor Co., Tltonka John Hauptman, Wesley Bbirofe &• Schattschneiaer, Whittemore doetsch; Motor Co., Fenton SMOOTHNESS A.T\ LOW COST **t W7 Bell Tele. Co,, service 16,70 Testern Union, service V. 4.88 O. Kay Smith, meter reading V 65.00 w". HV Hbran, rndsel" r.v,'. 12.80 Cohlhaas Hdwe., mdse, '.„.?;.'£ t*3$ ". S. Fidelity & Guarantee- C&v treasurer's Bond ..-. ."... 25.00 leo. M. Bechtel & Co., coupons- 75.10 ublc Ownershp League of Am., mdse 20.00 y. Kxpress Co., Inc., express ... Iff.60 1 ilverberg Brothers, et al, ref: deposit 44.00 Elsie Cady, hauling oil 48;90 Sewer Fund. , W. Kelly, salary 35.00 red Hagg, et al, labor 122.75 totsford Lumber Co., labor .. 24.25 Elm, Dnrant & Linden St. Sewer. T. W. Roba, coupons I01.2T Water Fond. W. Kelly, salary 75.00 rank Ostrum, salary 130.00 ). E. Atcheson, salary 125.00 ,aura MJtchell, salary ........ 110.00 aura Mitchell, typing 2.85 Harry Winkle, et al, labor 242.90 Wigman Company, mdse. 201.21 ames B. Clow Se Sons, mdse., 106.72 Buffalo Meter Co., mdse. 12.10 'ittsburgh Equit. Mtr. Co., mdse. 2.55 ilueller Co., mdse 2.28 Worthington Pump Ss Mach. Co., mdse 57.58 jelghton Supply Co., mdse. .... 279.89 Teptune Meter Co., mdse 7.79 *. W. Post, frt. & dray. 33.70 iy. Express Agency, express .. 2.30 S. TJ. I. Water Labs., tests .. 2.00 Harry Barton, labor 108.00 General Fund. ?. A. Newville, salary 125.00 ?. A. Newvllle, use of car .... 15.00 ?rank Green, salary ,. 125.00 Tom Akre, rent , 10.00 B. H. Miller, refund 36.50 S. J. Backus, P. M., box rent .. ,75 Supreme Mfg. Co., mdse 53.00 Standard Oil Co, mdse 93.31 C. S. Johnson, mdse 1.85 G. K. Farrell, labor 10.00 Laing & Muckey, mdse 4.00 Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil .. 5.50 Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil .... 22.46 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service 5.00 I. W. Post, frt. and dray 10.29 Spear & McVay, labor 13.20 "'red Nurse et al, gravel 33.50 Dr. R. H, Crawford, salary, health physlcan 50.00 resse Umbenhower, care dump .. 5.00 totsford Lumber Co., mdse 14.75 Frank SchaHin, special police ,. 11.00 A. Newville, burying 4 dogs .. 2.00 Grade Fund. r esse Lashbrook, salary 64.20 Jesse Lashbrook, salary (adv.) .. 40.00 Slliott Skilling, man and team 113.40 Elliott Skllling, man and team, (adv.) 28.00 nils Hagg, labor 64.75 George Gunder, labor 66.15 3eorge Gunder, labor, (adv.) .. 7.00 Willard Gregson, man and team 140.00 Frank Skllling, labor 29.75 ?rank Skllling, labor (adv.) ,. 14.00 .Elsie Cady, labor , 7.00 Swimming Fool Fund. Botsford Lumber Co., mftse 11.30 Fire Food, 3. O. Wright, salary 45.00 Cunningham & Lacy, ins. on remen 93.00 kelly Oil Co., gas 8.63 H. W. Post, frt, and dray. ,... .60 ureka Fire Hose Mfg. Co., mdse C. M. T. C. Officer Visits A. H: s. MJoines. visited ttehlghK^odl last week to get some of the boys to take advantage o£ the offer of a month's vacation at t t >fr. T T* H1| tfl*y training camp Their car fare to and from the camp Is paid by the government, together with all other necessary expenses. This does not tnrilude spending money. The boys who attend the camp will receive thirty days of regular army ttraintng. A great deal of free entertaiment is provided at the camp and very little spending money is necessary. GAINS 15 POUNDS THROUGH USE OF MODERN KONJOLA Lady Eagerly Endorses New Medicine That Brought Health to Her. - MBS, GEORGE PASSMOBE. "I was in a badly run-down condition for months and lost over forty pounds," said Mrs. George Passmore, 1304 Douglas street, Ames, Iowa. "My meals did me no good and I was very nervous. I tried every medicine and treatment that I thought would help but nothing seemed to do mo any good. I had begun to think an operation would be necessary. About this time friends told me about Konjola. "Before I had completed the first bottle of this medicine I knew that it was helping me. Up to this time I have used four bottles and I am able to say that this medicine has done me more good than all the other medicines and treatments combined,! I have gained 15 pounds In weight, I can eat what I wish without discomfort and I sleep well at night for the first time in months. • I will always be glad to tell any one about Konjola." Konjola is a new and different medicine containing the juices of 22 natural plants combined with other known medicinal ingredients. Konjola works with the sufferer's food, eliminating the poisons and restoring normal activity to the important organs. Konjola la sold in Algona, Iowa, at E. w. Lusby drug store and by all the best druggists in all towns throughout this entire section. 46, Notice of Sheriff's ;3ale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss» Idirected?to~me*C the?clerk, of the _ _______ ^ __ „ district court of Kossuth- countyT Iowa; on a judgment renderjedi in,said, pourt on the 1st day or April, 1930, Ur, favor of John M. Witte, as- plaintiff, and against W. M. C. McEuenvin rem, as defendants, for the sum i of Two Hundred Twenty-Five and 1 25--100 ($22525)' dollars and costs, taxed at Twenty and! 16-100 ($20.15) dollars and accruing' costs, I have levied 'upon< the following described personal property as the property of the said W.'Afr.e; KDEuemta>8atr- isfy said execution; torwit: 20 dress caps- 9 work caps, 7 'boys knit caps, 25 pah* of men's dress socks; ITcardboard boxer, of Tiger brand' children's stockings; black and tan ln-colory.2ri}oxes of Tiger- brand and Ladles" lustre brand ladles stockings^ black- and' tan- to color; 5T pah* of men and' boyr blue denim overalls. 20 men's shirts; grey- in\ cqjor, 22 1 shirts of mixed 1 color; T dress: shirts of mixed and assorted colors; 38 pahr of rockford socks; brown and 1 blue- lit color, 8 boxes; containing several pairs of Bear brand' socks; one blanket ttne- blue denim men's jacket, 4 plate blue den- im work: jackets,.! box containing men's garters;. XX mnlrtliM, 5 bow ties, ,1 gen-, tlemenla. scarf, a pair of heavy work |0vershoes r i Stlmpson computing store , scale?, H National cash register,-8 lamp • 'chimneys, El- lantern chimneys, 2 small [tables atiout 41 feet square with an as- Isortmenfr of drygoods such as shoestrings, several spools of thread, flash- ilight bKfcteriesv. toweling, bias tape, crayons, elastic, shoe polish, buttons, etc., 3 house chttfrs and all other dry gqodfi; located! in the John M. Witte' store building, St. Benedict, Iowa. And! r will proceed to sell said prop* arty;, or aa rnmth thereof as may ba necessary to satisfy said execution, withi costs: and accruing costs at public auo«- tlbni. to' t&e Wghcst bidder, for cash, uv hand, on. the I3th day of May, 1930, at-, "* the east door of the court house in* Algona-, te Kossuth county, Iowa, at; the- tour of ten o'clock a. m, of saidl day; when and where due attendance- wilT Be gfraj by the undersigned. Bated 1 this 31st day of April, 1930; L. B. HOVEY; Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Everett L. Harris, Deputy, Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan,. Plain' tiffs Attorneys, 45-49 M Week End in Chicago at the COMFORTABLE GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL

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