The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1930 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1930
Page 4
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fhe typftef PM MofaM-lUfrnfett^ May 7,1830 """••^•^.MBaaii&fiBiaifaftjBi^BiMSji^^Mtoiia^^gi^^^^^^^j^^j^^^£.g~-^^^^^ ?"""• i*X H«re— Wesley junior-senior bantjuet held at the Algona hotel last Wednesday night proved to be a pleasure to the two upper classes of the school ftnd the high school faculty. Decorations In Japanese style lent much beauty to the incense filled rooms where the banquet tables were laid In f-shape farm- atlon for the twentythree guest. A large lighted Japanese pagoda graced the table as a centerpiece. Programs were printed 6n lavender and white pagodas and a yellow rose nut cup was pluced at each plate. Three courses were served promptly at six-forty-flve. Margfcret Haverly very ably and cleverly acted as toastmistress and gave a few Words of welcome. Virginia Benton responded with Worn Creek Sodal club— The Plum Creek Social and Literary the Kotnc of Willrett u re with Lillian Cook and Mae Fitzgerald as assisting hostesses on Wednesday, » £J \ 7 1 ? °P enl nS number was a. contest, Lelft Seeley winning the prize Roll call was answered with quotations. Beulah Seeley read a poem by Edgar CJuest. A talk on "Iowa Indians" was given by Mabel Tjaden. A oaper on "Reading and How" was read >y Lela Seeley. Twenty members and two visitors were present. The ne'xt meeting will be puest Day jtay 14 and will be held with Mrs. bmma McWhorter and Nellie and Christopher McWhorter as assisting hostessses. Each member is asked to give twenty-five cents to the president "Earthquakes." Ruth Mary Kunz talk-' £? e , tweat yflve cents to the president ed on "Coolies"; Margaret Flom icecream. Each member may bring "" "' ast preferabl a moth "Junks"; James Cooney, "Jlnrtcka-' shas"; Superintendent E. K. SWansbn, "Flgh Executioner": Gordon Kuriz, "Mikado"; Beverly Kterrlns, "Tea Oar- dens"; and Florence Reno, "White Ele- pants." Donna Cruise read the class preferably a mother. Roll call answered with "Tributes to our _s.' The program chairman Is Keith. Dclphlans to Meet— Rivet-dale club Meets— The Lone Eagles of Rivet-dale township met last Saturday at the home of Pearl Robinson. Roll call was ans- S 6 !! t b y "The Flower 1 like Best and How to Grow it." Uda Pattersno gave a demonstration on being well groom»»'« £ tVi! eth ' nalls and footwear were included, also dresses, as to color, patetrns and collars according to type and form of the individual. Bound button holes and pockets were made by each girl. Refreshments were also served. Camp Fire Girls Meet— The We-To-Ma-Chlck Camp Fire held a business meeting with Gertrude Long Friday, May 2. It Was decide that each girl should plant vegetable to lt 1 o--- "••««*« t/lctuv VCgCMlUle sell in order to earn money for ex penses on an outing to the lake this summer. Also, the following officers were elected: president, Gertrude Long vicejjresldent, Bernice bearchs; sec Schnepf; treasurer fil— «" i. "•»>- «ci*u me umss i veipmans to Meet— XKc^^^ wm meet the class will. The two .MAMM Jn£ at the home of Mrs. M. J. Streit at the class will. The two classes each gave their class yells and sang their class song In turn. At the close of the banquet the Juniors escorted the sen . . . two-thirty Monday, May 12. The lesson will be led by Mrs. A. E. Michel and will be on "Rome, Its Grandeur banquet the Juniors escorted the sen- £«H r> -- £ " Kome ' Its Grandeur lors and faculty to the Call Theatre £ nd »? ecay V £ ext reports win be * lven to : see the picture "Honey." £.^£, * 9™ 1 ™"?!* ' on ' IThe to : see the picture "Honey. Bttsy Bee Club Meets— The Busy Bee club of Union township met at the home of Eunice Relb- hoff last Friday afternoon. The program consisted of musical numbers. A piano solo, "Chimes" and "The Mock* tog Bird" was played by Marguerite Long. "The Edelweiss Glide" and "Star of the East" was played by Cloye Zent- ncr. A tray lunch was served. The next meeting Is a Mother's Day program and will be held May 16th at the home of Miss Esther Bahltog. — t/— Independent Eighty- Miss Stella Mae Broen entertained the Independent Eight bridge club at the Phillip Schemel home Thursday evening. Anna Buss won the high prii^e, Nellie McGtanls second high, and Elma Schroedfjr won the low prize. Punic Wars"; Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, "The 'Roman Conquests to the East and Results of the Coriquests"; Mrs. M. J. Streit "The career of the Gracchi"; "Marius and Sulla"; Mrs. Dana Paxson, • • ••-o-""» »j^iintiji, treasurer Mary E. Foster; reporter, Eleanor Keen Entertain at Keneflek's— Miss Gertrude Kenefick, assisted bv ;he girls who took part in the specialty numbers in the class play, entertained Sunday evening at the Keneflck home to honor of Mrs. D. H. Goeders who coached the play, and Jeannette Goeders and Esther Fulton, who had charge of the music for the specialties. After a buffet supper the group went to the Call Theatre. tus and His Career as a Ruler";Mrs. Raymond Norton, "The Julian Princes." "The Flavian Line"; Mrs. John McEnroe, "Diocletian to the Fall." D. A. R. Meeting— . The D. A. R. will meet at the home «,„, . . . _ ~ ! — of Mrs .Mabel Paxson Tuesday after- n * ertalncd Sunday- noon at three o'cflock. Mrs. iLepta I *&*• E - A - Schemel entertained twelve W. R. C.— The W. R. C. will meet Thursday evening -at seven-thirty at the Legion hall. A full attendance is desired because candidates will be admitted. | Royal Neighbors— The. Royal Neighbor lodge is having an initiation Thursday evening. Two candidates are being taken to. All members are urged to be present. Civil War Veteran Died at Swea City, Swea City, May 6. Special: City's honored Civil War veteran, August F. Tienan passed to his reward on May 1st at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. k. Ktelley near Swea City, has lived in Swea City for a period of twenty-eight years. Since the death of ils wife which occured several years igo he has made his home either with lis daughters or his grandchildren. Considering his age his health has been remarkably good until the past winter when he has been confined to his bed on several occasions. When able, every day he was up town and always wore his Civil War uniform. His gray hair, his uniform and a cane made a lasting picture in the minds of old and young, and his daily appearance will be missed by old and young alike. August F. Tienan was born August 4, 1842, In Germany and came to America to his youth. On October 2, 1886 he was united to marriage to Elizabeth Ann Wood. He enlisted to the Union army in 1861 and served for four years. He fought in many battles and saw much hardship during the war >eriod. At the age of forty-five years le became a member of the Baptist hurch of which he was still a mem- >er at the time of his death. He was 7 years, eight months and 27 days of ige and is survived by two daughters, 9 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchild- en and hosts of friends. A military funeral was held at the Baptist churc on Friday with the American Legio wife was burled, officated. Rev. Geo. Seiman Class Visits Industrial Plants at Mason City. Lone Rock, May 6. Special: The junior and senior classes went to Mason City Friday morning. They were "««" a* wucc vuiucK. iMTs. j-ieota i «vo. &. a., aunemei entertained twelve son city Friday mornine Thei Geigel and Ella Lewis will be assist- guests at a buffet luncheon Sunday ev- accompanied by Superintendent H£j£f teSS S s> , p ?» owl ns the business entog. Godfrey and the commercial geog . meeting and election of officers there will be a program. Roll call will be wm De a program. Roll call will be .,„ answered with current events. The West Bend Inninra stroy, "The WhistltoK Mother." will be r¥CSt *->ena JlUllOrs stroy, "The WhistltoVMotherT" will be given by Mrs. Lottie Whitney. Godfrey and the commercial geography teacher, Miss Sewick and several parents. Ward Hemllton of Hamilton Business College, furnished the group r» . m ~*. I wlth 8 very efficient guide, Mr. Walton, "lit On ClaSS Play. The flrst thin e was to go to Deckers' .„„„. _ . ,, meat packing plant and special guides i,,S,, en -' 1 May 6 L Spedal: The from the plant took them around to iu» ™ ? lB L. was held at the Or - groups of twelve - » was very toter- pheum Theatre Thursday evening. The esting and instructive to watch the &/ S ™ ere , greeted by a crowded different processes and to note the house. The play was well given and the great rapidity to which everything was cedit - The play ° an d for done. "A person need never" have any fear of not receiving the best of meats V- g^ciaryricT:-.. ^^nakeinfine 24.75-75.00 pjpket" watch, fine 17-jewel in 14 K WMte llsrj -jase $27.50. Hamilton $50.00. Our lead- he Hallmark at $22.50—15 jewel in fine "w-niie case. Our new styles in rings, neck chains, Pearls and jewelry have arrived. You will want to see them. Come in and let us help you on your selection. Engraving free. Fred Wehler & Co. Jewelers and Optometrists. House Cleaning Time BUGS CURTAINS COMFORTERS BLANKETS FURNITURE There isn't a thing in your home which you cannot entrust to the Elk Cleaners. See us about storing, cleaning, repairing or remodeling your fur coat. The cost of insurance is small. Elk Cleaners Phone 330. We Deliver. ^1-. . Dr.. Ip M. Olson and Dp. '&. o. Baker are to Des Moines this week attending the dental convention 'which is being held there. _Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Johnson drove to Des Motaes Sunday and brought home their daughter, Edith, who had been in Des Moines a few weeks. Alma, fourteen year old daughter of Herman Helm of Woden, is a patient at the Algona hospital recovering from an operation for appendicitis. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith returned Monday from New Richmond, Minnesota, where they visited Sunday and Monday at the home of Mr. Smith's brother, E. E. Smith. The American Legion boys held their regular monthly meeting last night at their hall. They entertained the Algona Military Band at a luncheon. The Legion orchestra furnished music and everyone enjoyed a big time. George E. Johnson's shoe repair shop is now nicely located to the Slgsbee hardware store where his many friends will find him doing the same excellent repair work that he has always tlone. He also has a small stock of shoes, Roy Richardson and Mr. and Mrs Leo Spilles returned Thursday from Rochester where they had been receiving medical treatment. Mr. and Mrs Spilles had been at the hospital for about two weeks, and Mr. Richardson had been there a week. Both Mr. Spilles and Mr. Richardson came home feeling much better after finding out that they had no serious organic trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson and little daughter are still to Rochester. Mr. Wilson is recovering from a major operation performed last week Monday and the litlte girl Is recovering from a mastoid operation. into cement. From there they visited the Mason City Gazette building. Earl Hall, manager of the paper, gave some interesting bits of news about the lino- Jygf 8 ; Panting, etc. He also gave every .individual in the party a copy of the «aMy»_edltion'of the paperjjrhe classes " tftf^ti^fSSuet The NEW ANCH S^ Big, broad-shouldered, heavy duty, six-ply balloon at low prices. All- grip traction. Gum-dipped endurance. Drive in today— put on a set— learn what low-priced mileage really is. 30x4.50 28x4.75 31x5.25 29x5,50 33x6.00 31x6.50 $H.30 $13.90 $14.95 $16.10 $17.35 calved," '" ^ jC ° P ^ W ^ h they ^eTHeri they went tpHtie'bricrand Sfctf^Hfe: %S* $W. Gordon Blanchard,*^ Lawrence Newbrough, Clarence Macumber,' William Hobson, Ruth Householder, Russell j*™,' Naoai1 Wagner, Harriet Helter and Lilian Angus. Mr. and Mrs. L. R Roderick, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Morris, J. M. Blanchard and Rev, S. M. Gladstone went with party. Pioneer Resident of Swea Township Died. Swea City, May 6. Special: A. N. Anderson, pioneer resident of Swea township died Wednesday, April 30 at the home of his son, Arthur. August N. Anderson was born in Ostergot- and, Sweden, August 7, 1848 and came o America to 1872. He married Ida Maria Johnson, December 3, 1881. He was one of Swea township's beloved pioneers, a friend in need and always willing to help when help was need- d. He will be sadly missed by a host f friends. He is survived by his wife, wo sons, Arthur at home, and David of Swea township; three daughters, Mrs. Albert Farb of Albert City, Iowa, Mrs Oscar Johnson, Silver Hill, Alabama and Mrs. Drover Lippert of Madison, Wisconsin . One brother, A. G. Milton it Denver, Colorado and one daugh- er, Mrs. Henry Swanson preceded him n death two years ago. There are H rrandchildren left to mourn his pass- ng. Funeral services were held at he Immanuel Lutheran church with Rev. Raymond Swinson in charge. Mr. ftnderson has been a faithful and life- ime member of the Lutheran church. ALEMITING CAR WASHING Service Glen McMurray Phone 856. Vic Lowe WEST BEND NEWS, $XOX8 Adolph Montag were at Ayrahlrt on Tues- 2jMrs. Homer Boevefs entertained the Book club at her home Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Harr and daughter, Jean, spent Sunday at the Arthur Simmons home. Mrs. Myron Boos is on the sick list the past week. Mrs. W. E. White is caring for her. Hv Wm V Banwart an d sons, who lived here a few years ago, are here visiting relatives and old friends. Wanted—Old tires. $1.00 allowed for ny old tire on purchase of new tire for one week beginning Saturday, May 10th. Also $2.50 for any old''batter, in exchange. Gamble Stores. 4 m- ..u Geor ee Foley will serve to the Methodist Aid society in the basement of the church Wednesday afternoon. The high school orchestra went to Emmetsburg Friday and took part to he ensemble held there that evening. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Montag and children and M. T. Munson were at Emmetsburg Thursday afternoon on busi- X16SS. Mrs. Stover went to Sheldon Satur& «ul spen * the wtoter to West Bend with her daughter, Mrs. O. O Miller. .- J. and I. bridge club met at the home of Mrs. Phil Dorweiler on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Bardsley was the hostess. • . * Mr. and Mrs. W. E. White drove to Pocahontas Saturday to spend Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Geist and husband. Means So Much Tell Her with Flowers we Here's a Tip on a Sound Investment WOLVERINE The Suit with a "Year of Wear" $38 An investment you can't lose on— guaranteed to pay dividends in long wear and smartness. And once you've worn a Wolverine, you'll never be satisfied with anything else. In new Spring styles, exclusive patterns— every suit guaranteed to give one year's satisfactory wear. See Them Today at MADSON & HANSON "The Home of Better Clothes." 3. Cleal returned to her home ... "uesday after spending a few who isT hM daughter ' ** Boos Mrs. Henry Marcellus of Humboldt spent a few days the past week visit- tog the Wm. Riley and John Marcellus homes here. Editor and Mrs. Koch and daughte returned the flrst of the week from Newhawka, Nebraska, where Mrs Koch's parents live. Little Eugene Salsbury, son of Mr and Mrs. Harold Salsbury, has been very ill with pneumonia. He is som better at this writing. The Women's Missionary society o the Methodist church met at'the horn of Mrs. Frank Loerke Friday afternoon After the meeting lunch was served. Mrs. Frank Sanders ana son, Keith returned the last of the week from a visit with home folks at Ocheydan Keith has been recuperating since hi siege of pneumonia . Msls Adeline Halverson and Miss Knuteon of Fertile attended the Junior class play here Thursday evening and spent Friday visiting school. They are both former teachers. Mrs. Earl Cobb returned to her home we the flrst of last week. She has been at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Satern, Sr., in Bode since returning home from Fort Dodge where she was operated on some time ago. She is feeling fine again. Word was received here of the death n Kansas City of a former West Bend young lady, Jennie Hoskto, who lived nere with her parents a number of ears ago. She has been living in Kansas City since her marriage. A brother, attended the funeral last week U ^ h<? i Mother's Day Sunday, May 11 For the Mother that lives far J away, let us send her flowers by wire. ' Just telephone 305 ALGONA GREENHOUSES Business is Increasing so rapidly that it has already become necessary for us to install a new shirt and dress pressing machine. The new equipment enables us to do your work promptly and efficiently, Send your family washing to the laundry and, spend your time doing the things you enjoy. Why waste hours over the tub and ironing board when we can do the work for you "at such reasonable prices. Let us back up our statements with proof to you. Phone 267 and have us call for your washing this Kirsch's Laundry J. honnfftnti fitfAo^- m TT •*-*• . - — ***B ""** W vl v v t. ®***^^

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