The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1930 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1930
Page 3
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The Upper Des Moiimtte^blican, May 7,1930 FISHING SEASON OPENS MAY 15 Opened in Southern 2one on if oith Boundary of £olk Co, Division Line, OONB1TIOKS PAVOE SOME BI<j BATCHES. Limit Is Fifteen Game Fish ft Day. Tweatjr-tlve fcoll Heads May Be Taken. The fishing season opens May 1 in the southern zone and May IB In the northern half of the state. The dividing line is the tier of counties paralleling Polk east and west across the state. Story and Marshall counties, for example, are in the northern zone, while Polk and Jasper, are In the southern. Fishing licenses must be obtained as usual. State dame Warden W. E. Albert reports that conditions are good and the matching season this past spring has been Ideal. The weather has been warm and there has been no high water. Never has there been such a high percentage of successful hatches In the state fish hatcheries and million bass, in Addition to other fish 25 bullheads majr be taken. LakfeS in the ftorthetti part of the state attract the largest nnmbet of fishermen when the season epens. The upper Mississippi is another attractive region. Particularly this year If th stage of water continues low the bi river on the east border of the state will furnish good fishing, according tc all indications. There has been none of the rescu work required of the state departmen this season so far, that usually come in the spring when the waters., are high. After times of flood the state must employ a considerable force o men along the Mississippi rescuing fish left in the bayous as the water re cedes. of young fry will the coming weeks. be distributed in An unusually low stage of water prevails in all the lakes and streams. Albert, who has known the haunts along the Mississippi since he was a boy a Lansing, says the big river usually carries about,ten to twelve feet of water at this season of the year, but now it is runing only three to three and a half feet .Inland .streams and lakes are correspondingly low. For fishing along tho 'Mississippi the low stage of the river M an advantage. But conditions may change by the time the season opens, especially in the northern zone where rains may come by May 15, as they often do in such quantities as to make a considerable difference. The state had to watch some of Its hatchery lakes last winter to see that the water did not get so low the fish might be smothered by the ice. In Center, Welch and Diamond lakes, In Dickinson county, the state pumped wafer in at various times to keep a proper supply. 1 These lakes are known as nursery ponds and are kept free from predatory fish, so that the best of game fish can be propagated without being preyed upon. , Where the state formerly used fish cars on the railroads, trucks are now used for transporting fish from the hatcheries to the various waters for - distribution. The catch, limits are fifteen game fish in one "day, of which not more than eight may be pike or Michael Pfeffer, Sr. Dies in Ft. Dodge. Michael Pfeffer, father of Mrs. Frank Loss^and Michael Pfeffer, Jr., of Al- ;ona, died, Thursday morning of last ireek at the home of his daughter, Mrs. 0. J. Schoellen In Fort Dodge. He had been making his home there for about * year and ft half. Mr. Pfeffer was a ormef Livermore man. The Fort Dodge Messenger had the following account: "Mr. Pfeffer was born In Hungary •larch 12,1844, and came to this coun- ry at the age of thirty-seven. He set- led at Livermore where he lived for oryt-elght years coming to Fort Dodge year and a half ago to live with bis daughter. "Five children survive. They are Michael Pfeffer, Jr., and Mrs. Frank Loss, of Algona; Mrs. O. J. Schoellen, Miss Barbara Pfeffer and Mrs. Louise Debe of Fort Dodge. Two children died in-lnfancy and a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Kramer, died In 1910. Mrs. Pfeffer preceded her husband In death a year and a half ago. ^Eighteen grandchildren also survive.' "Funeral services were held Saturday morning at eight-thirty from the home of his daughter and at nine o'clock from Sacred Heart church. The body was taken to St. Joseph, Iowa, for burial in St. Joseph cemetery.." TRACK TEAM PLACES IN DAKOTA RELAYS fakes fourth l»lace in Half Mile and Medley and fifth in Two Mile, LEARNED MUCH ABOUT BUNKING, Students Celebrate Shakespeare's Birth, Since Wednesday, April 23, was the birthday of Shakespeare, the English Iterature students were required to do something to help celebrate in his honor. Several of the girls baked birthday cakes for him which the students enjoyed during then- class periods. Some very interesting talks were also given. Salesman Was ' : Fined for Speeding. Joe Brown, a salesman from Des Moines, was arrested by Marshal Floyd (fewville Friday after a chase up the Magonal street. He was brought be- ore Mayor Ogren and fined ten dol- ars and costs for speeding. '•r^C We sell you good reliable, up to the minute shoes and hosiery. ~ Brands that are,carried by the best shoe stores all over the country. . We sell you these standard makes for less money than any other store In the state of Iowa. We give your feet a perfect fitting. We are cranks on this subject. I would rather lose a sale than give anyone a misfit. . JBeyond this we do not give a great-deal of service. We do not use any .sales talk. We do not help you to decide or plan your ensemble. We figure the average- persons know what they want and when they want it. . The customer that Is honestly trying to buy shoes or slippers gets all the attention we can spare but the high brows get nothing. The male member with a bad case of swell head or the overbearing supercilious female does not get very far at Neville's. We treat a.lady like a lady if she acts like a lady. A gentleman is always treated as such unless, he starts something different. Some people's idea of-a good time is to leave their pocket book at home, and come up town and spend the afternoon at the stores. We cannot afford to entertain them. Our small profits will not allow it. We have to hustle and wait on customers that are buying. We have to sell nearly $100.QO worth of goods each day to pay store expe^nses. If we go to visiting on week days we would go broke. Take it from me we are not going broke for there is plenty of people that yke our way of doing business. They like the real values we dish-out and are willing to cooperate with, us for they know by doing so, it makes shoes cheaper for themselves and their neighbors. They know they are not paying for lost time spent on some cranky person that takes half a day to buy a pair of slippers and then has to change them two or three times. We get rid of all this lost motion. Efficiency is our watchword. ' Our efforts, our every thought to get shoes and slippers from the factory on to our customers' feet with the least fuss and the least expense possible. That is what makes good shoes cheap. . Jimmie Neville Big; Six Meet at Hampton Next Saturday and State Meet the Week After, Nine of the local high school track team accompanied by Coach Aubrey Bonham drove to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Friday morning in cars belonging to Frank Mathes and William Fixer. The boys were entered In the South Dakota relays. The ones participating were: Blossom, Moore, Samp, Idndhorst, Mangan,' Hargreaves, Jordan, Adams and Dick Cowan. They were entered In the class A section which was pretty fast company Inexperienced tracksters but Bonham is very well satisfied with their showing. In the'half mile relay they ;ook fourth place, In the medley they ok fourth and hi the two mile relay ihey took fifth. The mile team was not n the running as the boys were not used to starting out in bunch and con- equently were shoved around before hey knew what it was all about. The boys learned a lot about running hat would have taken them months to earn by picking It up themselves. They would watch the college runners and nconsclously imitate their style. The Ugona boys showed more class In pass- ng the baton than did most of the col- eges that were In the meet. Sioux Falls high school lost-two races because of faulty baton passing. The time in all the races both college and high was very fast. The track was a good one and was in excellent condition. Mr. and MJ-S; Herbert Peterson ant son, Bobbie, of Algona were guests of the Wm. Etherington family Sunday The Misses Francis Wlnkel and Lucille Bode took part in a musical recital held at St. Cecelia's academy at Algona Sunday evening. Mrs. Floyd Reibhoff, who has been suffering with a gathering in one of her ears ts better and will perhaps avoid an operation which was at one time feared to be necessary. Mrs. Louis Bode, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. John Lamuth of Algona, drove to Corwlth Friday and brought Mrs. Bode's sister, Esther Lamuth, who teaches at Oorwith home with them. Glen Jenklnson is one who believes in spraying apple trees. He sprayed ills trees last week but finds there are not so many of them in bloom this year. Mr. Jenklnson raises lots of nice apples each year. Anna Louise and John Coady are lust recovering from the measles. They contracted them from their older brother James, who had them last week. They are the small children of Mr. and Mrs. James Coady. Mr. and Mrs! Louis Bode and fam- ly and the Sam Zentner family and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nelson were guests it the Eugene Hofius home at Lone Bock- last Thursday evening. It was the seventh birthday of their daughter, Mary Jane. Miss Leo Taylor, who stays at the Wm. Etherlngton home, left this week for Des Moines and Red Rock, Iowa, on a business mission. Miss Taylor owns property in Marion county and will also visit with friends and relatives before returning to Algona. In writing up the Mothers and Daughters club item last week the writer unintentionally omitted that the calendar committee to make out the year books for the coming year 193031 have been appointed. They are Ada Hofius, chairman; Luella Schenck, Helen Vogel and Bertha Sarchett. Colleges and high school from both the Dakotas were entered also from Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa. There was a ISO-piece band and'a 125-plece band from the state schools In South Dakota as well as a number of other smaller bands. A large crowd turned out' for the meet and the Algona boys were very glad to have a chance to see some crack teams run as well as to learn how it is done.' Next Saturday the Big Six conference meet will be held at Hampton. Coach Bonham expects to take about fifteen men to the meet. The~schools entered are: Eagle .Grove, Hampton, Clarion, Webster City and Algona. On the following Saturday the state meet will be held probably at Fort Dodge.- This meet is held in sections all over the state and the schools are prfvleged to enter any section they care to. Bad Crash on A hard wind with plenty of rain and hail struck this section late Thursday doing considerable damage. Trees were blown over as well as telephone poles. Straw was scattered by the wind and some Uttle chicks not yet shut in were blown away from their coops. Some windmills were also damaged. However we feel fortunate that the storm was not of. a more serious nature. , Another one of those pleasant Saturday evening parties was held at the Charles Culbertson home last Saturday evening. This neighborhood has been having these parties all winter and show the right spirit for neighbors. When spring work started it was feared these parties would be ab r andoned but evidently they are hard to extinguish. Cards and dancing and the usual good lunch was the procedure of the evening. Whenever you are looking for something to cat, you don't need to look rery far—nor walk very far. Step to the phone and call 290 or 291 and that means the Dependon Grocery Ask us what we have in Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables or any other good Eatables. If we get your order it will be nicely filled and nicely packed, ready for delivery or your call. AKRE'S 113 South Dodge Street ^ Algona LUVEENE NEWS. Algona, Ipwa. Coach Excursion Only $8.00 Spend Saturday and Sunday, May 10-11 in Bound Trip See the wonderful Field Museum, the Art Institute and the Lincoln Park Zoo; Admission free. Take a motor bus ride over the greatest park and boulevard system In the world. Splendid attractions at the theaters. / ." Half Fare No Checked BASEBALL— CUBS VS. NEW YORK GIANTS Excursion tickets good only on Train leaving Ak gona 6;05 p. m. Friday, May 9 or Saturday, May 10, Returning leave Chicago up to 6:05 p, ni. Sunday, May 11. (Standard Tinae.) Pjfflt. mjss this splendid chance to enjoy a grand 'auttog in the Fpp fujrthyr partlouJare apply tg iftgent OHXOAGO * NORf HWBSWBBN Rf , eavwt rolet sedan which he was driving crashed Into a car driven by J?ert MoOorkle wit Ts&day afternoon. Carl, who WAS in the high schpol class play here, was driving to Wesley to bring his parents back for the show that night. Mr. McCorkle was coming out of his driveway east of Algona about three miles and failed to see the approaching car. The Pearson car swerved but could not get by and hit the right front side of the McCorkle car, and went end over end. The Pearson car was badly smashed up but Pearson escaped with a few bruises and cuts. He was able to take part in the play that evening. The McCorkle car was -not damaged very badly. Mr, McOorkle carried liability 'insurance. '. - Shirley Blumer is ill with the measles this week. The cemetery association met at the J. L. Lichty home May 8. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vaudt have a daughter since last week. Mrs. P. V. Janse entertained the bridge club Monday night. Mrs. Roy Wadleigh visited the Steussy home in Algona Thursday. The community club meeting was held on Tuesday evening, May 6. Mrs. Legler will entertain the senior Ladles' Bible class at her home May 23. Air. and Mrs. Darg and little son from near Lakota-spent Sunday^ with Chester Hull, A <. , » ;• iY v ' < 1 1BYINGTON 2OJWS checks - I the party. A general good time te re- The Presbyterian Ladles' Aid met at' P° rted Mr. and Mrs, Emke have rented the Mary Godfrey residence and will move here from Clear Lake about May 30. the home of Mrs. F. I. Chapman on Wednesday. Mrs. Chapman was assisted by Mrs. Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson arrived home Tuesday after spending five months in California. They report a pleasant visit there with Dr. and Mrs. Ward Hannah. A miscellaneous kitchen shower was tendered Rev. and Mrs. Koonce last Wednesday afternoon at the Easoii home. Mrs. Lee Lichty, Mrs. Eason and Mrs. J, L. Liohty served refreshments. A birthday party was given for Mrs. Anna Hansen, who was seventy-four years old April 28th at her home north . Mrs. Emke and daughter drove over from Clear Lake Sunday and spent a few hours with Mr. Emke, returning Sunday evening to their home. Those from a distance attending the funeral services for Mrs. Mary Godfrey were M. J. Godfrey and family and. Mrs. Eslinger, Chaptaj Mr.', and Mrs. Joe Craig and Mrs, Reeye?, Llvormorc; Mr. and 'Mrs. Arthur Craig andichild- ren, Galbraith Union. Sunday School at ten o'clock and morning worship at eleven, with the pastor filling the pulpit. Evening prayers at seven-thirty and evangelistic service at eight. MJd-week prayer meeting at eight o'clock Friday night. Everyone is most cordially invited to all of these services. The Sunday School is planning to give a Children's Day program the first Sunday in June. The free will offering to be taken that day will go to the work of the American Sunday School Union among the colored people of the- south. Be thinking of this and laying aside as you are prospered, so that that day may not take you unawares. We would like to make that offering just as liberal as is possible.—H. Nell Malen, pastor, ~ to luV-bsd *or .R.wees or more 'with a hearts attack. > At thisV writingfjje is still about the Bame.' M- ,o Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence rstoPhereon and family of Livermpre, spent13atur<- daj at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riley and family. Mrs. McPher- eon is a sister of Mrs. Riley. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riley anrl fam- lily spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Rlley's sister, Mrs. Beward Thornton and fajnily at Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and childien spentjSunday ot the home of Mrs. Spurgeon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilling and family of Algonn. Mrs. Rosa Spurgeon and daughter, Mtfdred, and Mr. and Mis. Wm. Rutledge spent Sunday n* the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allen in Mason City. Mrs. Allen is a daughter of Mr. anc! Mrs. Rut-ledge. Mrs. Joe Wilhelmt and daughter, Beverly, who have been visiting for some time with Mrs. Wilhelml's parents,'Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Schichtl and family, left Sunday night for their home in Joliet, Illinois. Three pupils, Lucille Dole, Paul Watson and Ralph Lemkee from the Irvington school, took the eighth grade examinations at Algona May 2. For various reasons, the examinations were given in the basement of the Methodist church. Mrs. Nellie Stoddard of Renwiok was I a guest of her daughter, Mrs. William Blguigs, Friday. "" * A large crowd attended the play on Friday night put on by the pupils of the grammar room. The Methodist -Ladles' Aid met hi the town hall Wednesday. Mrs. Merton Barton was hostess. Several members of the local Rebekah lodge of LuVerne attended a convention at Burt Monday. The senior class play, entitled "Who Wouldn't be Crazy" will be given Friday night in the gymnasium. Notice of Application. For Settlement with George L. Galbraith. In the district court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. L. A. Andrew, superintendent of banking of the state of Iowa, plaintiff, vs Algona State Bank of Algona, Iowa, defendant. To Whom It May Concern: Notice Is hereby given that there Is now on file In the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, the petition of L. A. Andrew, superintendent of banking of the state of Iowa, as receiver of the Algona State Bank, of Algona, Iowa, asking that he may be authorized to compromise a certain claim against George L. Galbraith arising but of a certain written agreement, by which the said Galbraith, et al, agreed to take certain assets out of said bank if same were not paid by a given date. And you are further notified that by order of the Hon. F. O. Davidson, one of the Judges of said court, the hearing on said matter has been set for Tuesday, the 20th of May, 1830, at two o'clock p. m. of eatd day, at the court bouse In Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, ftt which time and place you may appear and show cause, if any you have, Why said compromise offer should not je accepted and settlement made with ;he said Galbraith according to the «rms as set put in application. And of this you will take due notice. Datetf at Algona, Iowa, this 5th day Of May, 1930. L. A. ANDREW, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the Algona state Bank of Algona IOWA B. H. MILLER, Bxumjnw in Charge,' 46-47 Tornado "Senion" Tornadoes are more numerous In May and June than any other time of the year In the Middle West, according to records of the United States Weather bureau. The Progressive club ladles entertained their mothers at the Aaron Steussy home Friday afternoon. Rev, and Mrs. Koonce came Thursday from Omaha and are comfortably located In the Presbyterian manse Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schlpull drove to Hampton Sunday to see Grandma Schipull who is a patient in the hospital there. Glenn Godfrey from Fort Dodge attended the funeral services of his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Godfrey last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Peterson and Miss Leona Ramus from Mason City spent Sunday at the parental William Ramus home. Jack Delaney returned from Missouri We Have Moved Temporarily to the North American Engine Factory building on East State Street across the Northwestern tracks. As soon as a satisfactory location can be secured we will be back up town. Our experienced mechanics are still with us, and we ^expect to continue the same excellent service that you have received in the past. Wo are dealers for the Buick, OldsmobUe, Pontiac and Whippet cars. • 9 Algona Motor Sales North American Engine Bldg, Phone 714 ONE, TWO AND THREE WEEKS OLD White Leghorns, White Minorca, Buff Leghorns, White Wyandottes, S. L. Wyandottes, White Kocks, Barred Bocks, Buff Orpingtons, Heavy mixed, Light Mixed. Some Pullets. Come and see them. Behrends Hatchery and Brooder East State Street Algona, Iowa. wwwwwwvww^^ BARGAINS USED CABS Buick Master coach Buick sedan Buick coach 1926 Chevrolet coach 1926 Chevrolet coupe 1926 Chevrolet sedan 1928 Chevrolet coupe 1927 Chevrolet coach 1926 Ford sedan 1925 Ford truck Ford tudor Ford roadster 1928 Chevrolet truck Dodge coupe Star coupe Ford touring ALCOHOL, OIL AND QBEASE Kohlhaas Bros. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa,

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