The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1930
Page 2
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.._ HAGGARD & feA«3Kt;a, fcubHshers. feteMd as Sewnd Class tiitttttf *t flu Write it Algona, Iowa, under the n ; net of Congress of Matrt 8, 187S. t«6ued Weekly. One Tear, in Advance Biz Months, in Advance (Three Months, in Advance Patter son Attacks Smith's Idea of Collecting Taxes on Money and Credits P 1,201 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.60 Subscriptions continued tifHii rear. Display Advertising, 30c Per JEueh Composition 5 cents per iecfa Thinks Taxpayer* Wmiid Iteporfc on Income, But.Not on Batik Deposits. (BY SENATOR GEO. W, PATTERSON) How The Proposed State Income Tax Would Work at Britt. SCIENCE AND The old-time religion teaches us of ttie birth of the world, the creation of life and the early history of the world In parables. Scientists, with then- research and observations have about proven that the earth is many millions of years old. Dana, the well known I Britt Tribune: A great many people Scientist, in his treatise of zoology, says af e being told that a state Income tax that the Bible is perhaps correct, and W1 J 1 cure the tax evils because it will that a day in the beginning-was--equi- fr 86 J^* 68 from salaried folks, get at valent to a million of years of time aeente and^H^n™?^?^? Insurance txxiay. All of the discoveries t* *clen-1 S^em ^couSh *%K testate I ~. L^ t ??'. of ,.te.?2 i™*** 1 ^- Idaey for **« f * 1 • .-»*i.*»*io «* AWiouiB DUllie tax hoi imr state .and Jocal revenue, ttow sssKsssySFsSK^SffJf.ssi I curacies in the as an out for a be 1. Out constitution does nofT allow us to impose a gross income tax on corporations In lieu of the present real and igthrDrocTeds'ftnHlhT 0 of Persraal property taxes. If imposed It ig me proceeds and the sev- would have to be as » straight addition- tists add to the proof of the existence I treasury. of Ood. Dr. Charles Mayo, the fam- But an income tax will only be an ous surgeon of Rochester, sayst added tax, and if they get at the folks "I know that there are many to they try to make the voters believe they eral surtaxes wuum nave TO DeBsustraignt addition^T^^> Pfttemed ^\^S^ff^^&£f Sg the model that there is a human soul. propert y of an ^all .individuals." follows, "The for pecun- the same as Obviously as long Call it help the overburdened taxpayer? YOi by an nnme you want, there is some- partners who want to do some flgurinc thing In humanity that is above and take your assessment roll and SPP hn« beyond any science." material calculations of | your assessment roll and see how L it would save you. We have a home In Britt on which Robert InRcrsoll, who for year was we pay taxes which we feel are bur- famous for his lectures against Chris- densome—to be exact the tax we pay tlanity, sent his children to a Christian , 193 ° * s * 127 -88. Assuming that an Sunday School and at heart, no doubt, ~«i e ^ would relieve us of ten believed in Ood. There are few men'---" - P ro P ertv " would and women who are so Indifferent that I they do not offer up prayer to the Al- is assessed'at "$23o6!oo' and"the'tasTis mighty and when in dire danger plead figured on one quarter of that or with him for health. Science and re- * 5 75.00. Ten mills on $575.00 raises liglon do not conflict as many imagine f 5 ' 75> Our tax was $127.88 and if the « and instead of weakening the belief in Ood science proves the existence of the Supreme Being. News and Comment. &i It's a cinch that if the nation had saloons there would be fewer Fords and Chevrolet^ on the. highways. ^There's' many' a 'slfp'-twlxt the hip and the lip, with So many booze hounds on the streets arid 'highways. Supervisors_who are seeking 1 re-election are having a hard,fight this year. , Higher-taxes, and'm'ud roads take'a lot ' of t explaining. , V 5 " 1 '^* " ,.''•'' Income tax replaced ten mills of the real estate tax we would be relieved and our taxes lowered to $122.13. _ But that is only the beginning of the story. There are two of us to be taxed on income. The home stands hi the name of L. G. Roberts and R. R. Roberts. Assuming that we were fortunate enough to have an income of $2,000.00 each, or $4,000.00, and further assuming that the tax on income would be the low figure of that on moneys and credits of one-half of one per cent ($5.00 per thousand) we would be paying $20.00 to effect a saving on our real tax the property of Individuals also tax the property of cor- lowa there Is no group—not i farm group—suffering more Judge Sullivan is Right Says Editor, Tltonfca Topic: The baf associatior. through their represeiitative Attorney J. W. Sullivan, appeared before the board Of 'review hi Che matter of the raise of assessments on law books and according to reports left the impression that law books are" not valuable and therefore not taxable. There are perhaps three or four law firms at Algona that have libraries that cost from-five to ten thousand-dollars, and perhaps more,, but only the last statute books and the last volume of the Iowa reports and annotated statutes are of any va lue, if the reports are true. That bete the ease why don't the lawyers throw the old books Into a junk pile and bum them, or give them to the library or ge rid of them In some manner. The ma Jority of the common herd have alway seen of the opinion that a big law lib rary meftht that the lawyer knew ev erythlng hi the books and was a very educated man. This business of pay- Ing a lot of money for books that are useless should be stopped not only in the legal profession but In others Spending money for law boks Just for show is poor business Judgment and the Topic, in accordance with Judge Sullivan's argument, believes those old worthless books are not taxable. The Judge is right. ^^^gg^^^^^^^g^QBggjgB^QgjKg^ByHHnBUnOBM^^BBMHHHHHHBBBnUaMttlUHHMBlHi For Your Family—A FAITHFUL 1)00 Necking Party Fatal to Whittemore Heifer. -.„— v »., u .u».tti, iiiuny 01 tne morp rn it, i i~ ...- ^ ' ^," i Whittemore Champion: Some one ap- cent enactments have been mtternPd H excesslve taxaUon than the pub- patently staged a party in a pasture after this model act P^rned lc service group. The following data on the Schultz farm east of Whitte- Smlth endeavors to show that th P in D 2 1 thct re P° rt ? of the Internal more, occupied by Albert Meyer last come tax law of WiscoMhThas not been R ? ve ™ c department show the per cent Sunday, and from indications Albert a success. He might as wel? trv tn ° f « et P rofits taken by taxes other than stands to lose a nerfectlv eood helfnr prove that the mulUplicatolabM' ° me taX<3S fr ° m the dlfferent ' that failed. Of all the people in the country the .Wisconsin people themselves are the best qualified to They the worth of their Income tax gard it a decided success. „«, W(;1) to retain It. They have been using the net income tax to obtain a portion of their needed revenues for the last nineteen years. No bill to repeal it for ome fifteen years has even been duced in either house of the in legislature. All the stands to lose a perfectly good heifer was run into by an automobile. groups in Iowa for the year | Several malt bottles were found at the scene, but who was present is a mys- x , There is a long lane leading from highway north between the Car- ThPv "/iiort I m ' V ;; 27 ' 6% llsle and Frombach farms to the pas- They elect | Transportation and other ture and this lane has been a parking Public utilities 30.4% place for "spooners" or "neckers" or pS 1 s Ure . ' '• n2'? % w j? atey er it is that you call them, and Public Service 77.1% while there has been no objection to 3. A gross income tax applied to | this, it is going too far TIKE th« dog who vratche* over the JLj youngsters every minute of the" day. Northland Oil watches overyouY engine every minute that it til lit action. Wherever you drive, whatever the conditions, Northland gives your engine the priceless protection of SAFE Lubrication, The supremacy at Northland comes direct from pure Pennsylvania crude —the highest priced oil in the world — further intensified by unusually thorough refining. When'the world products a better crude, and science develops more effective methods ot refining, then —and not until then—will it be possible to produce an oil superior to Northland. And in cost per mile, it is the most economical oil you can use. THE BARTLES-8MEPHEBD OIL CO. WATERLOO, IOWA For Your Engine NORTHLAND OIL estate of $5.75. if make a larger use an »«f,,f,«l^ 1,7 T e "** "ppnea 10 mis, n is going too far when they sc wj«S^" f se publ , ic servlce corporations doing into the pasture and injure stock. Abou wiscon- a large volume of business on a small the only remedy at hand will HP tr icy is to margin of profit would be rubious to close the lane. 1. Gov- them. . it instead. Gov- | executive and a It is Smith's contention that the , to -which by the Tway are with other states Becretarv . Free Our Own Poet Laureate. on moneys There Js an insurmountable, this suggestion. In the Flapper in West Bend Journal: John first place it omits from consideration Bridges,' poet laureate of England is n/r _ ..., , entirely the personal service income in dead. If George Free of Algona only M. smiths comparison | the state. The Iowa farm bureau fed-1 Uved m England perhaps he would be of nroner tn'v" T °r. . owa arm ureau fed- confln ?nr th» ^ nilowa and Wls " eratlon has re <*ntly presented some honored. conln nr a fals would not be an added tax what would it be? „„„ , would effect the farmer and land own er Just the same as it would effect us. Ed ;_M. Jtaiith, one of the cand i date ocates uncoverini if.and taxing it anc re- +v.k -i«,.^_i -i~it gfvwfmo character 01 ...&#** other.thing? tblererfi^SSS2S l W 1|l 't* 7 ? le ' JSMt *•*"* ^^w^i^S^m^^s^m^^'^^v^^^ov Evidently those who would have supported Eickelberg of Waterloo for the senate, will have to wait a few*^ as he:filed his nomination papers, 8 too late for ! this campaign. ~\f • Vollva saw'tbe'eclipse^bufc stili says the world is'flat, and that he does not understand what,the eclipse really was. The poor old sinner evidently Just does not want to understand. One of the problems of today is taking care Of prison Inmates. If they are ; work, labor is hard hit. If they are ;held in idleness they brood and rebel which results in riots. If all property everywhere was taxed in proportion the tax problem would be settled. There appears to be too much hidden wealth and we doubt if an income tax law would uncover it. Moines, Jtowa, May 7.—Voters of ' Weed Seeds Live ! For Fifty Year*. A seed of a butteprlnt or Fhoo-fly weed which grew more than fifty years ago may come up in a field this year, but that is no sign that the plant is a perennial, says R. H. Porter, extension plant pathologist at Iowa State College. Annual weeds which can live only one year from each seed's germination, usually have the longest lived seeds, he says. Because nature has provided the eeeds of annuals with such long Jives, farmers should never allow them to produce seed if it can be prevented. Germination of seeds in the soil should be encouraged and the plants should be killed in the seedling stage. Land which is to be planted to soy beans or corn should be harrowed at three to five day intervals for two weeks before time to plant in order to kill the young seedlings, suggests Mr, Porter. The Radio Hog. Ringsted Dispatch : It actually makes us laugh when we receive requests from some large concerns to call attention in our columns to the radio programs sponsored by these concerns. If radio advertising is so valuable why beg the newspaper for space In which to invite folks to listen to these programs. Why not place the advertising in a newspaper in the first place. These concerns do not ask the radio broadcasting companies to appeal to the people over the radio to read their ads in the newspapers. Gravel Letting to be Held May 20. The board of supervsors announce that the gravel letting for the county is to be held on May 30. This will be the largest one ever held in Kossuth county. They are contracting for 200 million cubic yards of gravel and it will be One million units. A unit is one-half mile long. an this state, will . v* *, M a replacement tax, according to reports received today from all sections at headquarters of Ed. M. Smith of Winterset, candidate for the republican nomination for governor hi the state primary, June 2. .Instead, the men and women of Iowa are coming to a realization that an income tax, if adopted hi this state, will become simply an additional tax, as it has in Wisconsin and other income tax states, where taxes on farm, city and town property have increased more than in Iowa where we have no Income tax. "In debating the question of the wisdom of a state income tax, the people of Iowa should be guided by past experience," Smith said in a statement issued at his headquarters today. "In recent years, Iowa has adopted a tax on insurance premiums, cigarette and inheritance tax laws, and in all cases, these new taxes were to replace a part of the tax on real estate, according to those advocating then- adoption. However, no sooner were these taxes adopted than our taxspenders found new usea for the additional income derivec from theiri. And instead of becoming replacement taxes, our cigarette, insurance and inheritance taxes really became additional taxes. "I am opposed to the Wisconsin state income tax law," Smith said, "because I am firmly convinced revenue derivec therefrom will not be used to replace part of jthe revenue derived from rea property taxes. An income tax in Iowa will be in reality an additional tax "I am opposed to the Wisconsin stats income tax law," Smith said, "because I am firmly convinced revenue derived therefrom will not be used to replace part of the revenue derived from real property taxes. An income tax in Iowa will be in reality an additional tax providing $6,000,000 or $7,000,000 more anually for our taxing bodies to spend Certainly that is not the way to relieve the tax burden of the people of Iowa "Our tax problem can be better met by making all wealth bear its fair share of taxation—by assessing heretofore untaxed wealth, such as our state board of assessment and review is now doing— and by strict economy In the conduct of our state government to reduce expenditures. If nominated and elected governor, I pledge my best efforts toward a reduction in taxation through such a program which is sound, sensible and practical." 1910 and 1928 gives I carefully prepared information show- I ™ for the following "teg that of the total income arising in the state of Iowa eight per cent comes First—Had he taken a period of from Intangible property, twenty-five, years Instead of Just one a vastly dlf- P er cent from tangible property and ferent situation would have been re- sixty-seven per :cent from personal in- ? u r m ? the ten years from 1914 , dust17 - A11 should admit 'that this c o«^f!ll? lve there were collected lar S e tax paying ability from personal some $8,000.000 more in Iowa with pro- ?{!7 lces should be contributing some- Political Announcements. a .. there were hi Wis- thing in a direct way toward the costs FOR TREASURER. DrOnert.V nnr)' Innnma Of State and . local Onvprnmnn* T* Thl> linrlorclrmo^ v.«..i._ .. . and'income \ ot 8tate and.local government* it; population of cann °t be done in any way except by riod exceeded IP 16 * 118 of a personal income tax. by some'900.- ' . A *-f»« present tune our present tax tAnl-M^^ft..^. -a f '•" I ntl tinrornrlMAet **4wt..*«. ~i r A» «*»-. --._ ii,»a*t. IT ~thatdur- °£-intangibles yields about $3,000.000. SSrfm^^^W* 'of-adverse ^estimated that not overten rW Ste h !fe^^^,_?P«^J^ fc &3XS*-%»*» MOOO.OOO different methods hi of-public improvements. Wisconsin ^ se ! y to the " Day « you go method." She imposes the taxes as she goes along. Iowa to a largeextent has been, following the exten . g High School Girls to Entertain Mothers. The local high school girls are to entertain the mothers of the pupils on Friday, May 9 at two o'clock at the high school. There will be programs in which the girls will take part and possibly the mothers will put on a program. A physical demonstration will be given under the direction of Miss Hjelle. The domestic science department and the manual training department will give a display of the work done during the year. This latter exhibit will be emphasised this year more than ever. the state and public debt of Iowa exceeds, that of Wisconsin by over $80,000,000, and yet ;he population of Wisconsin exceeds that of Iowa at the present time by over 500,000. The bonded public debt a ln 192 ° was $231,017,392.84, or for every man, woman and child n the state. These debts will all have to be paid. Temporarily they afford us a means of avoiding the imposition of a tax. A comparison of states as to ;axes levied is misleading unless popu- ation, public debts an^public services are also considered. '»»• At this point I anticipate that critics of mine, Io9king for some error will say that a goodly portion of our debts are for good roads. That Is true. But would remind them that on January 1930, Wisconsin had 2850 miles of Con n crete Paved highway and Iowa 568. In view of all these facts Smith's attempt to show that the Income tax of Wisconsin had caused profligate spending and extravagance must amuse the people of progressive Wisconsin. When Smith announced his candi- *• •* •> ~"~ ""*' *** A,yfr i~W*!P^T*"< l f*"*"*««B* 'never been.done taanjr state'at any time.' The effort has' 'always failed. Sometimes a drive to assess them results to a temporary gate—but they al-» ways vanish again in the course of a few years. Many states make" no pretense of enforcing thai kind of a tax. Many others have abandoned the effort and repealed the tax. Others have reduced the rate to a very low figure (Minnesota's rate is three per cent) hoping that people would be more honest in declaring then- property. Even this scheme has failed. The president of the National Tax association said several years ago that, "In Baltimore, where the low tax rate on certain intangibles has been adminstered by officials of remarkable ability, there is no pretense of any idea that real equality in taxation is attained or that great evasions are not practiced. In the state of Maryland at large the system Is conceded to be a notorious failure." . The fact, of the matter is we do not dare rigidly enforce our six mill tax against bank deposits. v It amounts to a flat fifteen per cent income tax on a four per cent deposit. Bank deposits are a rather liquid form of property. They are easily moved. Any. scheme to clothe the assessors with high-handed and snooping powers re quired to assess all the bank-deposits would be disastrous to the state.—G W. Patterson. The undersigned hereby announces himself as a candidate for -• the nomination for office of county treasurer, Kossuth county, on the republican ticke^subject to the will of the voters J at the primary June 2, 32-tf N. KRUSE, a '-candidate' fpr tSe office of Kosauth -county on the republican ticket at the primary election to be held June 2nd; 1030. Your support will be appreciated.—!,. E. HOVEY. 32-tf I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of sheriff of Kossuth county on the republican ticket at the prlmar election to be held June 2, 1830. You support will be appreciated.—PERRY PHILLIPS. I hereby announce my candidacy fo the office of sheriff of Kossuth count on the republican ticket at the primar election to be held June 2, 1930. Your support will be RIDDLE. I am a candidate for sheriff on the republican ticket.—Frank Green 39-t FOB AUDITOR. Charles E. Chubb announces himself as a candidate for the office of county auditor of Kossuth county, subject to the will of the republican vot- Pure Pennsylvania MOTOR These Dealers Sell Northland Fenton Home Oil Co. ................ .'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.Fenton Swea City Motor Co. ....................... ' Swea City Lorem Serv. Sta. Kissing the Baby Now Real Sport. LuVerne News: Leon Merritt of Alona was out near Swea City the other day working in the interest of his candidacy for coroner and stopped at a farm house to leave his card and get acquainted. The lady of the house was very friendly and finally told him that she always made it a rule to make all candidates for office kiss her baby. Visions of dirty smeary face and a runny nose passed before Leon's imagination md he left immediately. On the way o his car he passed a beautiful young ady of some eighteen years and "asked whom she might be, to which she relied, "Ise the baby, and who are you?" appreciated.—C. O 34-t Algona Defeated Fenton Sunday Algona defeated Fenton In a pre-sea son ball game at the new ball park south of town Sunday by a score of ( to 0. "Lefty" Cayou on the mound for the locals was in great form, not a single hit or score being tallied against his fine deliveries. He is credited with striking out thirteen opponents and walking three. Alderson pitching for Fenton, struck out .eleven men and issued five passes. He held the Algona batters to eight hits but poor support by his team mates, who made seven errors, aided in the scoring for Algona. Jimmy Watts, acting as leld manager, showed skill in handling the Algona players. A good crowd witnessed the game. Algona AB R H Fenton AB R H Jonham, 2b.2 " " " Scanlan, 3b.l Watts, 3b Hill, ss ... tfarty, cf Butler, c . Alfs, lb .. Emory, If 'earson, If finson, rf Moore, rf Hull, rf .. 'ayou, p . Total .. 0 Stover, lf..i 1 Milick, If. .2 1 Engler, cf. .3 0 Krause, lb.3 1 Munch, ss. .3 1 Hend'n, 3b.2 2 Oiemaz, 3b.l 0 Leudtke, rf.3 1 Kucker, c..2 0 Gereson, c.l 0 Dits'th, 2b.2 0 Espe, 2b .. 1 1 Ald'rson, p.2 8 Total ,,.26 Burned Buildings Being Razed. Farmers to Put in Variety Test Plots. A. C. Carlisle of Whittemore and Charles Eggerth of Lakota are putting in corn variety test plots in cooperation with the farm bureau and extension service. Hybrid seed samples have been furnished for these plots by the Henry Field Seed Company of Shenandoah, Iowa, and the State Experimental Station at Ames. Open pollinated varieties will include Golden King samples by William McArthur of Mason City, Kossuth Reliance by A. C Carlisle of Whittemore and Early Yel- ow dent corn by Charles Eggerth of Lakota. Mr. Eggerth has included such a plot n his field for several years and states .hat he intends to try the other recommended varieties in the field with his own corn as long as he farms. Such trials are helping to identify he varieties best adapted to local soil md climate conditions. Each plot will 3e checked during the season and harvested and tested for moisture content and yield with assistance of E. S. Dyas of the Farmers' ension service. Coperative Ex- 7 irst Marriage Ceremony in Park. The first marriage ceremony to be leld in the Call state park was last Sunday afternoon, when Niels S. Rey- ers at the June primary. 33-tf I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of county auditor for Kossuth county, Iowa, subject to the will of the republican voters at the 1930 primary election, Your vote and support will be appreciated.—BERTHA E. JOHNSON. 42-49 FOK REPRESENTATIVE. I hereby announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for state representative of the 85th District at the June primaries.—j. H. JENSEN, 36-tf FOR REPRESENTATIVE. I hereby announce my candidacy for the republican^ nomination for state representative of the 85th district subject to the will of the voters of Kossuth county. Your support will be appreciated.—George D. Moulton, Ledyard, Iowa. FOR SUPERVISOR. First District. I hereby announce that I will be a andidate on the republican ticket for he office of supervisor district No. 1 of Kossuth county at the primary election to be held June 2, 1930. Your support will be appreciated.—John H. 'Kissing Bug" ShoulJ Also be Listed. Uvermore Gazette: Algona is putting a baseball team in the field this year and will Join the North Iowa League More than $600 of the necessary funds have already been raised and there is more in sight. They plan to play their home games on Sunday on a diamond south of the swimming pool. Not since the days of "Doggy" Woods, -^Rabbit" Burns, and others of the famous Brownies has Algona supported a ball team to any extent.- Nazarene Church, Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Lessda title, "Jesus Acclaimed as King." Printed lesson, Matt. 21: 1-n. Golden text, - "Hosanria to,the son of David; Blessed is he that cometh in -the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest" Matt. 21:9. Monung worship at eleven a. m. Sermon by Evangelist Rev. A. R. Brooke. Special singing by Mrs. A. R. Brooke. Meeting every night during ~ the week at seven-thirty p. m. Corns- and hear these folk preach and suit? the gospel hi the old tune way. The revival is now on.—I. P. Metcalf, pastor. First Lutheran Church, For Sale Silver King Seed Corn. Took first at county and state fair. This brand is a big ! yielder. • i . •• F. S. Thompson PERRY PHILIPS Plum Creek Farmer Candidate For Sheriff Phone 16-F26. Algona, Iowa. 43-49 Fraser of RIverdale Twp. 37-tf I am a republican candidate for supervisor of Kossuth county from the first district.—J. F. Balgeman, 40-42 I hereby announced my candidacy for supervisor on the democratic ticket for supervisor of district No. 1. Your ""* •- appreciated-JOHN p. 40-tf vote will be MERSCH. occupied by the Mayfleld Candy jobbers is about completed and the lots are being cleaned up. The property belongs to the National Druggists Mutual Ins. Co., and the ruins of the build- Ings after the fire last fall, is being removed by J. A. Vanderlinden. The site is greatly improved. nebago, Minnesota, were united in marriage by Justice W. O. Danson. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Halliday of Winnebago, "The ceremony was held in the shelter house and was witnessed by a number of picnickers and people from Algona who drove out to the wedding. FOR CORONER. I am a candidate for coroner on the republican ticket at the June primary and would value your support.—W. E, 43-tf. Laird. FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, I hereby announce my candidacy for Justice of the peace on the republican "-"-•* -» the June prtoarlesT-L. A, 484f WJNKEit, |W.E.Ward The latest patterns in Wall Paper, Painting, Decorating and Paper Hanging. AUTO LOANS $50 to $300 Also Furniture and Live Stock Loans Enquire about our new equal monthlv repayment plan. ' SSTTVr'SJi'iS. 0 ^' Oonf Wential Service CUNNINGHAM & LACY Algona, Iowa phone SOS Representing FEDERAL FINANCE CO. 200 LIBERTY BLDG., DE8 MOINES SO E-O-W COSIDENE will absolutely stop Coccjdosls. It will stop- and prevent many of the other diarrheas and bowel disorders. Contains more, digestive acids than Buttermilk. SoW by V. A', W, Behrendj Hatchery Polished Plate Glass Your brokeji auto glass TqtoMd wUle you wa Joe Greenberg wuvwwvwwu v . -

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