The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1937 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1937
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 29,1937 Public Enemy No. 1 As far as high prices nre concerned Jimmie Neville" is public enemy No. 1. We fight high prices from Monday morning to Saturday night. Live and let live is my motto. I have my own plans and ways of doing business. I tend strictly to my own business. I do not meddle or mix with my competitors. They have a right to their ways and I have to mine. I have always sold lota of goods. I buy lots of goods. Forty years of volume buying has lined me up with some of the big boyo. When they have a bunch to dispose of I am always in on it. I do not back up from 1,000 or 2,000 pairs of shoes if they make the price to suit me. Last fall I bought over 3,000 pairs in one bunch and that on top of my regular buying. That is why you find bargains at Neville's that are not possible for the regular merchant to offer. If I can make money on 16 to 20% profit there Is no reason why I should ask the regulation 40%. It is a well known fact that we sell 5 to 10 pairs of shoes while the 40% merchant is selling one pair. We cut expenses to the bone. Even time is a factor with us. We have to sell so many pairs every day. The cash register has to ring just so often every hour. We are after volume and giving bargains to get it. When I make a good buy I pass it on to my .customers. Real bargains are what draw trade. One customer tells another. It is an endless chain. Jimmie Neville With everything going up in the newspapers . . . It's Nice to Know--- that price raises here and price raises there do not affect this huge stock that we own and pass along to you at low, original prices . . until it's gone. We'll charge you more when we have to pay more and not a second sooner. We got in on the ground floor and we're inviting you to share our good fortune. Remember this, in your Spring buying, that this stock is large enough in size and low enough in cost to take care of all our regular customers and about 250 new men . . . who have been missing us . . . but not as much as we've been missing them. Get Ready for That Banquet And Graduation, Young Men's Suits Shirts 1(5.50 to 27.50 1.65 to 1.95 The Finest Line of Ties We've Ever Had 65c—$1.00 MISBACH'S MOTHER OF TWO ST. JOE WOMEN DIEDSATURDAY Mrs. Joe Thilges, Mrs. J. and Will Thilges Are Bereaved St. Joe: Mrs. Margaret Etringer, mother of Mrs. Will Thilges and Mrs. John Thilges from West Bend passed away at Clinton, Iowa, Saturday evening. Funeral services were held Tuesday morning. Mrs Etringer was a sister of Mrs. Susan Berte and Mrs. Henry Zelmet, Sr (Sponsors of Infant Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kellner were sponsors last week at St. Michael's church in Whittemore for Lee Ann Huberty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Nick Huberty. They now have a family of two boys and one girl Mrs. Will Thilges, mother of Mrs Huberty, spent last week there. Hail Storm Damage hail storm Friday evening broke a number of window panes in this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. William Haglind moved to Bode Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elbert and son from Algona spent Sunday with relatives here. Regina Thilges from West Bend started work at the Orville Wagner home Thursday. Regina Thilges, West Bend, spent last week Monday and Tuesday at the Leo Thilges home. Mrs. Lucy Wagner and Mrs. Orville Wagner were visitors at the home near Whitte- News Items of Wesley Vicinity Nick Reding more. Mr nnd Mrs. Nick Eischen and family from south of Algona were Sunday dinner guests at the John Thul home. Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Fuhrmann from Algona were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Adolph Fuhrmann home. Rev. George Theobald announc- cd Sunday that beginning on Sunday May 2nd, masses will be at 7:30 and 9:30 o'clock. and Herbert Hammer „» »•. , W ! ek end at the h <"ne of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Benge near Bradgate. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Reding and Mr. and Mr* Peter Borman and family were Sunday afternoon vis- tto^at the J lm Redin8r home ln number funeral Miss Alvlna Johnson spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents at Randall, Iowa. Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Richardson drove to Blooming Prairie, Minn., Saturday afternoon for a week end visit with her parents. Bernard Erdmann returned to his school duties at Cedar Falls Sunday noon after having visited with home folks since Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alne and three children drove to Hubbard Sunday where they spent the day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lars Sever- sike. Miss Irene Hayncs left for Titonka Friday night where she is engaged as registered nurse at a home where her patient is sick with pneumonia. Rev. Arthur Bottom held Rally Day services at the Sexton Methodist church Sunday and a substitute speaker filled the pulpit in the local church. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baade are the parents of a girl born to them Sunday night. Mrs. Anthony Johnson is being employed in the home caring for mother nnd baby. Mrs. Frank Johnson assisted by her mother, Mrs. Lena Larson, were hostesses to the Priscilla Phoebe society at the former's home Wednesday afternoon of this week. Mrs. Tlllle Loebig returned home donday from Britt, where she had een since Friday helping welcome new baby girl into the Art Fisch- r family. Mrs. Fischer is the ormer Grace Angle, daughter ol larry Angle. The Henry Funnemark family nd the Ole Flom family drove to Jason City Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Funnemark at the ifercy hospital. The Olaf Funne- marks and Lester Larsons drove lown Monday noon to spend the afternoon with her. Mrs. Henry Funnemark, who un- lerwent a major operation a year ago, return to Mason City for a check-up Friday and it was dis overed that another operation wa! necessary. She is In the Mercy lospital and her daughter, Alma, ins been with her. Miss Lelia Wester spent Satur- lay and Sunday here with her parents. Miss Lelia is the possessor of a new Chevrolet coupe just received this week end while at tome. She is employed as secre- ary to one of the officials at the Iowa State College at Ames. Union services with members and here at- Mrs. Barney Devine at the Sacred Heart 7K In Llvermore, Saturday. Mrs. Devine was the mother of Bernard Devine, who lives here. Several New Arrivals baby> > nnt oaby, a daughter wai ..! to *£?,!?** Mrs - ^Koy w»n " elman . FWday. A son. also the nrst child, arrived at the Ernes Zeutlau home, Sunday. A baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mel ziva Saturday but It died soon aft er birth. Mr. Melziva is the new cheese maker at the factory cas of town. THE OLIVER ROW-CROP"70 ^t^-ftS/ The amazingly washable Wall Finish YOU CAN SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING WITH THIS NEW SPEEDIER TRACTOR Here's the sensational new Row Crop "70"—the six- cylinder, streamlined tractor everybody's talking about. Due to its famous Tip Toe wheels there's unusually great clearance under the tractor so that planting and cultivating equipment can be mounted amidships—al- way» in full view of the operator. You can see what you're doing. The work's easier! Here's great power, too, with light weight—only 3,000 Ibi. And, under ordinary soil conditions, you can plow •with two 14-inch bases at over 4 miles an hour! That's great speed that gets the work done sooner—and gives tho operator more spare time for other things. There are two "70V 1 . Come in and see them. One for 70 octane giascline—the other for kerosene or distillate—each setting new standards pf fuel economy. There is, of course, a complete line of mounted listing, busting, planting and culti- voting equipment. Klassie Motor Company ALGONA, IA friends of the local Congreenttonnl church, the Upper Flnt nnd the Evangelical church in Britt attending, were held at the Britt church Wednesday night with the Rev. T. J. Back, of the Scandinavian Alliance Mission, as principal speaker. A large group of the Catholic Daughters of America lodge members are planning to attend numerous sessions of the state convention of that lodge to be held in Mason City at the Hotel Hanford this coming week end. The local group are among six courts who are acting sis hostess courts, and several from this lodge are serving ns chairmen of various committees. The Sunday Register carried a picture of Miss Johnette Looft of Wesley, daughter of Mrs. Bertha S. Looft, who up until two years ago lived at Wesley. Johnette is a recent graduate of n business college in Des Moinen nnd is employed by the North American Accident Insurance Company. She has an older sister, Margaret, vho is home economics teacher in the Ward-Belmont school at Nashville. Ten., and a sister, Grace, who is stenotype instructor at the American Institute of Business in Des Moines. A brother, Henry, lives near Scnoca. Mr. nnd Mrs. Prior (loslin of Charles City, spent the latter purl of last week with a sister of hers at Sirmx City, leaving their son, Freddie Bill, here with his uncle, Carroll W. Ooslin for n visit until They spent thr night with the local their return Sundny. While in the Ho-Jini nnd then went on to their western p:irt of t'io stnte they wore home Mondny morning. Pete detained on ;urrmnt of the snow storm of tho week end and wero belated in thrir nrrivnl i'i Wesley. lin i* also employed by the Iowa Highway rvn\mi.-i.-.ion as is the local Mr. Goslin. •Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, stairways, nurseries, recreation rooms, woodwork radiators. Whisk away finger smudges, dirt grease spots easily and quickly with soap and water S W Semi Lustre comes in 12 beautiful tints See them today QUART... Ottosen Defeats Renwick Team Ottosen: The Ottosen high school mseball team played Renwick there Friday and won by a score of 8 to 3. Jack Ryg returned from Rochester Thursday. Mrs. Cliff Landers and Mrs. O. Movlck visited at Humboldt Tuesday. Lull* Fish of Renwick visited at the Clarence Purdy home the past week. Mrs. Storesund and Mrs. Erick Dahl visited friends at Rolfe Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bergum and daughters were Algona shoppers on Saturday. Mary Jane Hoflus and Marilyn Kinseth visited friends in Algona Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stone of Alta visited at the John Stone home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ole Olson and family of Clarion spent Sunday at the Erick Dahl home. Mr. and Mrs. Knock Enocltson and family of Utica, 111., are visiting relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Olson and daughters visited relatives at Grand Junction Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hanson and family went to North Dakota last week to look after business. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watnem and Mrs. Peter Watnem and daughter, Lola were Fort Dodge shoppers on Saturday. Patty Ann Jacobs, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs of •Vest Bend spent Wednesday at the Peter Holt home. Mrs. Charles Hundertmark and Mrs. James Struthers were hostesses to the community Ladies' Aic at the church parlors Friday. Mrs. L. J. Bremsen and Mrs. Albert Hermansen will be hostesses to the Lutheran Ladies' Aid Wed nesday afternoon. May 5, at the church parlors. The Ladies' Rural club met a 1 the home of Naomi Struhters on Thursday afternoon. The Otttoset Progressive club and the Auxiliary were invited guests. Sunday dinner guests at thi Charles Daniels home were: Mr and Mrs. Jim Vinnas and sons Mr. and Mrs. Everett Nash an< children. Mr. and Mrs. John Vinna and Alf Lee, and Mr. and Mrs Donald Larson and daughters. week SHERWIN-WILLIAMS FLOOR WAX 1 pint S-W Flo Wo* and Lang Handle Applicator ttU POLISHING. HIGH IOSTIR - 79' 8HERWIH-WILLIAMS Furniture Polish Restore! luster Leaves no oily W« to Anger print. •VOX. (OTTU *i AC ••W rOLISH OL 17 Lusby's DRUG STORE LuVerne Typists Try New Contes LuVurne: Instead of sending typing team to the district contcs the local typing classes took a tes sent out by the State Commerce Asboi-iution in February. It was a every pupil test and the result wa received by Supt. Evans this week Of the <150 schools that purticipat ed, 76 were in class B, the clas LuVerne js in. The novice das here placed seventh in speed an ong the 76. and third in accuracy The amateur class tied for third i sp^ed and were second in accuracy Margaret Van Patten is the loca commercial instructor. PAINT HEADQUARTERS For many years you have been looking for a finish that is practical and very easily applied. 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This car is the same size as the brilliant "85" Ford V-8. Same powerful brakes with "soft," easy pedal. Same noise-proofed, all-steel structure. Same Center-Poise riding comfort. Same big bodies, with outside luggage compartments on all sedans. It's a car so fine and priced so low you simply can't picture it until you see and drive it! Come in and do this today. SEE YOUR FORD DEALER TODAY THE THRIFTY "60 THE QUALITY CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD AT THE LOWEST PRICE IN YEARS I FORD Bodie* in«ul«:«d *g«ln«tnol**, heat and cold Outcidelugqage computmants on all ••dan* Entlro body mounte.i on "pillow*" of rubber V-8 MiainM — smooth, quiet Sal* all-itMl-on-iU«l body Center-Pol** dd*{ Mate be» $B A MONTH, after tuual down ptrmeot, buys any 19)7 Ford V-8 car through Authorized Ford Finance Plan* of Universal Credit Co. KENT MOTOR CO. 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